Myth and Legacy 007: No Saying No

Myth and Legacy

[Raul is finally at the part of the journal hes been looking for. The informative stuff.. Ferius was far too long-winded when he wrote this thing.] -10:58 Apr 02
[Kate spent a couple days doing what she was -supposed- to be doing. Prepping supplies and preparing for a journey. She even got to see the almost completed boat today! …and now she is in a very, very good mood.] -10:59 Apr 02
Kate: Kate arrived back at their suite, tired from running around all day, but incredibly excited. The new boat was turning out even better than she expected. All shiny, amazing, custom… and he was building that for her BEFORE the whole very awkward dating conversation. Now she was itching to get her hands on him and show him just how much she appreciate it… Kate kicked off her shoes. "How long have you been reading that, Ru…" -11:02 Apr 02
Raul: [i]the creation of theses godslaying swords is long and complex. I have left my notes from the translation here, though have never created one myself. They are unable to be wielded by the gods themselves, nor any of thier line…’ "Not long enough.." he didn’t lift his eyes from the book as he turned the page… but then stopped. "Did you get everythign you needed?" he gave her a smile his finger marking his place. "I’m finally getting somewhere over here…" -11:05 Apr 02
Kate: "I got to see the boo-aaaat." She said in a sing-song voice, complete with sounding like boow-ahht. Kate’s prowling across the room looked less like a predetor cat and more like some wicked child up to no good. She leaned over Raul to brush a kiss against his cheek and plucked gently at his shirt. "It’s probably the best boat in the universe, which makes meeee a happy Kate looking to make her new boyfriend just as happy… Iiiif you know what I mean." -11:09 Apr 02
Raul: He shifted away from her payung up his hand to block her lips withough takign his eyes from the book. "I’m at the part I was looking for." he said "The part that tells me how to kill Vardri and what hes weak against… You don’t know where we can get a sword do you?" -11:14 Apr 02
Kate: "There’s stores everywhere." she reponded with some annoyance. Kate swatted his hand away and simply jumped in to his lap. "How about five minutes in heaven! You and me and a peppermint? Yeees?" Kate understood saving the world and all, but five minutes was all it would take! -11:16 Apr 02
Raul: He pushed her off of his lap and rolled over. "It has to be an old sword." he said "A sword that has taken a life." He was ignorign her, this was the crux of the issue, the sooner they got this sword the sooner they could leave barbados. -11:21 Apr 02
Kate: "…Raul. I want you to have sex with me right now." Clearly, she wasn’t being -obvious- enough. Kate advanced, snatching the diary out of his hands. "How about your forget the book for a minute and I’ll go looking for your sword?" She cast a wide, cheesy smile. -11:23 Apr 02
Raul: "I heard you the first time." he growled. "Any other time and I’d say yes but not now Kate." he turned over to face her and snatched at the journal. "Give it back.: -11:31 Apr 02
Kate: "….Are you telling me NO?" she responded, baffled. First of all, no one had ever turned her down before. And second… HE was the one that was all grabby mcforceful hands. "You are NOT telling me." She pulled the journal out of reach, shoving his hand away. -11:41 Apr 02
Raul: "Yes I’m telling you no." he said forcefuly "If you lose my place I’m going to spend MORE time finding it again. And then we’d haev to stay here longer.." So now of all times she was willing… GIRLFRIENDS! -11:45 Apr 02
Kate: Kate closed the journal with SNAP right in front of his face. Then she tossed it over to the night stand. "I am not taking no for an answer." Instead of pouncing on him, though. Kate rolled right off the bed. She stomped over to the closet where she dragged out her bag and dug around. In her hands were a couple of scarves. So when she returned to the bed, she was grabbing one of his arms and tying a knot to his wrist. -11:50 Apr 02
Raul: "Don’t throw a n iriplacable centuries old munuscript thats the key to saving the world." he snapped as she danced away to the closet and he made a leap for the journal. "KATE!" Now what was she doing, he twisted his wrist in his grip and and tried to break free. -12:03 Apr 03
Kate: Kate wasn’t the strongest woman in the world, but she was pretty damned determined. And annoyed. She had to SIT on him to keep him still, but she managed to get his first arm tied up against the bed post with a handy knot. Then she was struggling with him to get the other. "Stop fighting! It’s only going to take longer!" -12:05 Apr 03
Raul: "WHAT THE HELL KATE…" he pulled of the scarf and growled "You know some might consider this rape." it wouldn’t be surprising if days ago she had resisted him.. in fact at any other time this would be SEXY… sexier if reversed. -12:22 Apr 03
Kate: "I like to call it sexy surprise! Quit your squirming." It was a fight to get his other wrist tied to the second post, but she did enjoy how pissy he was being about it. Meant it was gonna be incredibly entertaining wiping that look off his face! -12:25 Apr 03
Raul: He pulled on both scarves until they cut into his wrists. "Kate." there was venom in his voice. "Let me go.." He was clearly serious.. and angry that his place and train of thought were already lost. -12:29 Apr 03
Kate: "Forget it." Kate stood on the bed, backing up a pace or too as she worked on unbuttoning her shirt. The grin she cast down at him was definitely wicked, and not at all apologetic. "And the longer you fight it, the longer this is gonna take. So you should just get comfortable!" -12:34 Apr 03
Raul: He glared up at her. "You really don’t enderstand how important that is do you?" he said once again ignorign her. "A weapon that can make him bleed, that can make any god bleed…" -12:39 Apr 03
Kate: "Hey. I get it just fine. …but I also get that the entire point of being alive is gratuitous sex with your girlfriend and a happy life." With her shirt unbuttoned, she slipped it off her shoulders and tossed it across the room. Then she was undoing her pants and sliding them down her hips to kick them away too. Kate modeled the simple string bikini she was wearing. As it turned off, if she was gonna keep getting dunked in the ocean, it was a lot more comfortable to wear that under her clothes than underwear. -12:42 Apr 03
Raul: He growled, partly becuase of her answer and partly because her stipping had its intended effect. "There will be plenty of time for living when Vardri is back where he belongs…" God damn that was a nice bikini. -12:46 Apr 03
Kate: Kate bounced on the bed a bit and a ridiculous little dance. Knowing exactly how it was going to make her boobs shake and how it would look. "I’m pretty sure he’s not going to be swooping in over the next fifteen minutes… twenty if you’re -really- good." Kate dropped to her knees with another bounce. Crawling forward on the bed until she was hovering over him and her hair was tickling the skin of his chest. "Now the question is… I have you all tied up, what to do with you first…" -12:51 Apr 03
Raul: He shifted on the bed as his eyes remained on hers. Her dance had him hard and if he was free now it wouldn’t be the book he’d be grabbing. His eyes wondered down to her boobs, nestled in the bikini top the showed them off nicely… "You didn’t steal that did you?" he asked… it would be so hot if she had.. -12:54 Apr 03
Kate: There was a sheepish look on her face. "…Maybe a did. …I have a problem, okay! I can’t just stop stealing in a day." she muttered. At least he quit blabbering about that stupid journal. Kate pressed a hand against the headboard at the side of his head. Her other hand had risen, fingers wiggling. Like unwrapping a present, she delicately brushed his open shirt further open and off one shoulder. Then ran her hand across his chest before pushing the other side off too. Then it was a matter of sliding one finger over his skin from the very base of his neck all the way down to his navel. With all the patience in the world. -01:02 Apr 03
Raul: "No.. I like that you stile it.." he said as she exposed his chest his eyes going back to hers his hands stoping thier struggling and holding the scarves. Of all the things she did he focused on that she stole.. "You should steal more.. maybe somethign frilly.." -01:07 Apr 03
Kate: "Yeah, I don’t think I can pull off frilly, Ru." He had a thing for pirates… it figured! Kate kept that in mind for later. She leaned forward, gently nipping at his chin. Kate nuzzled against his neck and flicked her tongue at his collar bone. She was following the path her finger had trailed. It currently hooking in to his waistband, with her thumb popping his pants button loose. "And thought you were mad about me stealing things." she murmured against his stomach. Kissing the skin with feather light softness. -01:11 Apr 03
Raul: He telted his head giving her access he breath waking over her as he kissed her neck his fingers flexing against eh scarves and his feet shifting as his toes curled. "Its one thing to steal…" he said "Its another to steal something to wear for sex.." his voice made it sould liek they were at different as munder and donating to charity.. -01:24 Apr 03
Kate: "Don’t assume it was for this. …not this time." Kate had pre-planned this little encounter. She didn’t expect him to be -difficult- about it. But it was a piece of information to remember for later! His pants were unzipped and she was taking both her hands to pull them and everything else down his legs. Kate tossed them away over her shoulder, an eyebrow raising in smug amusement. "For someone who doesn’t want it, you sure look ready for it, Ruuuu." -01:28 Apr 03
Raul: "And now you’re stealign my lines…" he looked at her his erection impossible to hide, but if she wanted to be this way he would not make it easy for her. Turning his hipson thier side he bought his knees up to his chest. -01:30 Apr 03
Kate: Kate growled. "Seriously Ru?!" She crawled over him, in no way graceful, until she was sitting on his hip and trying to use her leverage to force him back where she wanted him. "I’m about to steal a lot more from you in a minute!" -01:42 Apr 03
Raul: He looked at her his eyes and smirk isuing a changange as he resisted her weight, but he had no leverage and slowly they tipped. "I always knew you were a pirate Kate." he said low. "And you do make a good queen." -01:46 Apr 03
Kate: Kate narrowed her eyes at him. And NOW he was all compliments and soft voice? Kate wasn’t buying it. Now that his ass was back on the sheets again, she was straddling his stomach… but with her back to him! The only view he was going to get was strings and spine. "Raul, you’re a terrible prisoner. But, that’s okay… you’ll be begging for mercy in a minute." Reaching down, she let let her fingers spidercrawl over his lower torso. Brushing over his erection with that same gentle touch. -01:57 Apr 03
Raul: His hips twitched and leg bent "Well too bad, I never wanted to be one." he pointed out. He wanter to sit up and grab her grom behind… she was such a perfect target.. if only it weren’t for these scarves… he pulled at them again. -02:10 Apr 03
Kate: Curling her fingers around his shaft, she squeeze. Running her thumb over the head. "Too bad! You are one!" Caressing just enough to make sure he felt it good, but not enough so it’d be frustrating, she pumped him good. Kate reached behind her head to pull her hair over one shoulder. Might as well make his view good, right? -02:20 Apr 03
Raul: He hips tried to luft under her, adn laa he could watch was the way her shoulder moved. It did feel good. "Kaate." he purred still a dangerous edge to his voice. "You sure I’m going to stay that way?" -02:31 Apr 03
Kate: "I double knotted. I’mma have to cut you loose!" she responded, rather proud about it. Kate tilted backwards until she was laying on him Her bare back against his skin and head on his shoulder. It was much easier for him to see her smug grin that way, even if the bending was a little awkward. "The question is, do I torture you first or get it over with so you can get back to work?" -02:35 Apr 03
Raul: He moved his stomach under her and glanced her way. "Double knotted?" he gave one of them a tug. "You want to torture me?" his chest moved under her as he breathed in… his hands gripping the scarves and just a little zap.. his arms closed around her his left holding her on her back against him and his right going down to her inner thigh. "Tell me how you plan to do that.." -02:47 Apr 03
Kate: "Holy crap!" she shouted. Immediately trying to jump and roll away. How the hell did he get out of that?! …oh. Hrrm. Kate resumed trying to escape! "By driving you crazy, no less than you deserved!" -02:51 Apr 03
Raul: The burned ends of the scarves still hung from his wrists as he held her agaist him not letting her roll or escape as his hands brushe over her crotch feeling every detail. "You know I think I like surprising you like this. Now maybe it time fo me to ask you if I should torture…" -02:56 Apr 03
Kate: Now why did that sound terrifying? Kate tried to bullshit her way out. "…I wasn’t really going to torment you. All I wanted was a few minutes of you time..?" Her trying to sound sweet lasted all of two seconds before she was fighting to squirm out of his grasp again. He was making her whole body flush! -03:01 Apr 03
Raul: "Shhhhhhh" he said quietly. "Theres no need to fight I’m just giving you what you wanted." He bit her neck and continued to rub her crotch. "You want sex… you’re about to get it. Now what do you want?" -03:05 Apr 03
Kate: "Nooo, Ruuu. No biting!" Kate was pretty sure it was going to be revenge and not at all what she was intending. She was still squirming. Drawing her legs up and trying to twist away, even though it was so mind numbingly divine. "I want.. five minutes?" -03:08 Apr 03
Raul: "Five minutes of what?" he asked tonging her ear as a finger slipped inside her his arm pinning her hips to his. "Come now, amor mío, there must be somethign you’ve been wanting." -03:11 Apr 03
Kate: "I’m uh.. really not.. picky?" Kate was closing her eyes as she tilted her head back. …this wasn’t too bad! Her wiggling stopped, but she was still scowling. -03:15 Apr 03
Raul: He kissed her neck, then nuzzled into her. "Nothing?" he asked "Kate, the woman who so eager to rape her boyfriend is now as meak as a kitten? How about giving me a purr?" he slid out from under her his hand never stoppign rudding her as he lay on his side next to her his lips finding hers. -03:20 Apr 03
Kate: Kate siiiighed, and if he decided it was a purr, well. She couldn’t stop him. Now that he wasn’t holding her down, she could resume trying to pounce on him, but he had her by the…! Kate grumbled against his mouth, reaching a hand up to dig in to his hair. "Meek, nothing. I just wanted to fuck your brains out for a minute or two." …In fact, forget being meek! Kate shoved his arm away, climbing over him again and stealing a kiss while she had him! -03:25 Apr 03
Raul: He places his hand firmly on her ass and squeezed his other hand going to the back of her head nad pulling her deeper into the kiss as nipped her lip and slid his lips against hers roughly before tryign to roll to regain the top, his motion carryign them over the side as they ran out of bed. -03:29 Apr 03
Kate: There was a yelp from Kate as they hit the floor, and a growl when she found herself the bottom tier. She went grabbing the scarves still tied at his wrists to hold his hands captive, and pushing up her torso with her legs to send them rolling again. -03:32 Apr 03
Raul: He landed on top of her but before her would get stable she was rolling again and he was on the bottom. He was getting frustrated and it showed as he forced his tongue between her lips and pulled against her grip on the scarves. -03:38 Apr 03
Kate: His tongue all most got her. She warred with his for a moment before she was sitting up. "HA! Haaaa! Kate White wins." She held tight to those scarves, scooting over him until she could feel his erection pressing up against the fabric of her bikini bottoms. "We could have been done fifteen minutes ago if you didn’t have to be a shit about it." -03:41 Apr 03
Raul: "Its been fun though hasn’t it?" he teased. "Poor Kate getting hot and bothered.." he grinned but knew he was more than ready too his hips shifting in anticipation. "Just one thing in the way of your victory.. I wonder how you’ll get past it without letting go of my hands.." -03:45 Apr 03
Kate: "Imagination, Ru. Imagination." Kate inched her way back up again, until she was pushing his arms to the floor and bracing her knees on his arms to hold them down. That was step one! She rose up a bit to wiggle out of the bottoms… the tricky part was how would she get them off without letting his arms free… -03:48 Apr 03
Raul: He tilted his head making full use of the view in front of him his eyes trailing up her hips and up her body. And now?" -03:53 Apr 03
Kate: "Shh. I’m thinking!" …it took a lot of bending and awkward balancing. But when she lift one knee, she held that arm down with a single hand. Then slipped her leg through the first hole. Then Kate was doing the same to the other. It was definitely awkward and she doubted the view was the best, but she was cackling in triumph! -03:56 Apr 03
Raul: "Bend over a little more… widen those legs Like that Kate.." he was obviously enjoying himself too. And there was an almost disapointed "aww" when she was done. "Wel done." said "I guess now you’re going to claim your prize?" -04:04 Apr 03
Kate: "That’s the plan, Ru." Delicate rebalancing, she pinned his arms with her hands again and slid down his body. Now there was nothing between her and his erection, so it was with pure delight she rocked her hips over him, not quite taking him in, but enjoying the expression on his face. -04:08 Apr 03
Raul: His hips shifted trying to press into her as he bit his lip to sto[ himself from making noises that would make her cackle. "Well..?" he askes impasience showing in his voice… -04:15 Apr 03
Kate: "You’re really making me want to go the torture route again, Ru and I’m hella losing my mind here!" Kate released his arms, reaching down to grab his shaft to guide it exactly where she wanted it – and wasn’t being gentle about it! She sank down on top of him, that relieved rush of breath being a surprise even to herself. Why’d he have to go and make even sex complicated! -04:20 Apr 03
Raul: His hips rose up to her as he entered her and he rewarded her with a low sound close to a hum. "Then we’d never finish.." he said his voice cracking with suppressed passion. "You don’t want that do you?" -04:29 Apr 03
Kate: "Hell no." she growled out. Kate was remembering exactly what she wanted in the first place. A nice quick banging, which was -supposed- to be his reward for making her all happy. Kate almost slapped him just out of spite, but instead rode him faster and braced her hands on his shoulders. "…such a pain in the ass!" -04:33 Apr 03
Raul: The slap made him put his released hands on her sides adn bog his nails in as his hips moved against hers. "Such a vixen.." he retorted though clenched teeth. -04:39 Apr 03
Kate: "That’s what I’m naming my new boat~!" Kate chimed back. Gods, she loved it when he gripped her tight. "Get off the floor ravish me hard, Ru!" She leaned forward, whispering in his ear. If he wanted to call her vixen, she could be a vixen! "Make me scream if you can." -04:46 Apr 03
Raul: He slid out frm undernearth her and pulled her into a rough kiss. "Lets soo if you can take the force do a sea god." he teased Guiding her to the edge of the bed and pushing her onto it her back on the bed and her feet over the edge. Then he was coming up between her legs and pushign into her roughly with no pause or hesitation. "If you want to be my pirate queen you’ll have to take being fucked like one." -04:53 Apr 03
Kate: That was so much better! Kate threw her arms over her head, gasping in between her loud giggling. Her hips would move and turn in his grasp, and her legs hooked at the side of the bed trying to keep herself stationary and grinding against him. -04:57 Apr 03
Raul: His hands gripped her hips he his pushing in harder. Allt eh frustration from the battle for domination and being interupted being worked out on her as he drive in deep. But there was also lust and love.. He did love every second with Kate, making her growl and fight, making her gasp and moan. -05:01 Apr 03
Kate: So hard and so rough, and Kate took it all! Every thrust making her body bounce, and sending her stomach churning. Her hands went in to her own hair, digging her fingers through the strains as she let a quiet groan slip out. -05:06 Apr 03
Raul: One of his hands mover to her boob to squeeze and rub it though the bikini top, then to slip under the fablic and tease her skin and his other pressed her hip into the bed, his thrusts getting fasted, a sence of despiration rising in him. "No, not yet!" -05:10 Apr 03
[Kate enters.] -05:25 Apr 03
Kate: His words brought her momentary confusion, but she was so lost in at all that they were just as quickly forgotten. The touch of his hands felt seering hot against her skin. Kate’s back arched as her body rose to meet them. She finally curled her legs around his waist, the soft sound of her moaning and whimpering getting increasingly louder. -05:27 Apr 03
Raul: He grit his teeth and sucked in his breath throwing his head back, then forwards his eyes closign as he forced himself to wait. Its was a whimper that excaped him and then… "Tan bien amor mío eres la mejor…" barely above a whisper… "Yo nunca voy a dejar. Quédate conmigo para siempre." -05:33 Apr 03
[Kate has timed out.] -05:41 Apr 03
Kate: "Christ Raul…" she hissed through her teeth. "Si–Siempre me quedaré c-con usted..!" she gasped out in a stutter, not realizing she let it slip out in spanish and she revealed the one secret she was trying to keep. At the moment Kate didn’t care. Her body was writhing, shaking. She was screaming his name and slapping her hand over her mouth trying to muffle the sound as climax took her. -05:41 Apr 03
Raul: He words did it… he came into her and his eyes opened. He didn’t even realise the language she had spoken them in until he was panting, mouth agast… "Always with the surprises kate." he said as he masaged her neck. "What am I going to do with you?" -05:45 Apr 03
Kate: Kate was still trying to catch her breath. Still not realizing she let the words slip. She brought her arms down to brush against his cheeks. "I have a few ideas…" -05:48 Apr 03

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