Since You’ve Been Gone 007: Something Suspicious About Gunther

[Yvaine was waiting for Hans in a public park, but a perfectly subtle an rarely travered area. He was so late that she was starting to get concerned.] -01:34 Apr 05
[Gunther Parks the car adn steps out, but strangly no one else does nor does gunther open the door for anyone else, it seem to be just him.] -01:35 Apr 05
Yvaine: Gunther alone didn’t bode well for her date, but Yvaine crossed her arms that Hans was just going to be late. She even waited until Gunther approached, because she was really hoping maybe Hans would pop out and be surprising. ….she tried not to give Gunther a disappointed expression when it was just him. "Afternoon, Gunther!" -01:38 Apr 05
Gunther: "Afternoon." he said glasping his hands behind his back. "I’m afraid the king cannot come today due to other arangements. I’m here to take you back to your hotel." -01:41 Apr 05
Yvaine: "Another broken date." Yvaine sighed, but her tone was and she was still smiling. After all, she was in love with a King and Kings had more important business to worry about than secret girlfriends. "It’s too bad… I can walk back though, I enjoy walking through the city. I’m sorry you had to go through the trouble." -01:48 Apr 05
Gunther: He nodded. "Then I will get to business." he stood waiting for her to go and made no move to get back to the car. It seemed like he wouldn’t do anything until she left. "The king isn’t the only one with big ideas for this country." -01:51 Apr 05
Yvaine: It was an odd comment, and just as odd that he was waiting. Was she missing some sort of cultural politeness? Yvaine hesitated. "I know that Hans cares a lot about the ideas of other people. He’s been working very hard to create a Parliment so the country can help decide how to run itself." -01:54 Apr 05
Gunther: "Either way he’ll have more time to spend with you soon enough, now if you will excuse me…" he clicked his heels and focused his attention on the passers by. "If you don’t need me I have places to be." he turned and began walking in the oposite direction the Yvaine needed to go leaving the can behind. At the corner he stopped and looked back, making sure she didn’t follow. -01:58 Apr 05
Yvaine: Yvaine stood there for a moment, her brows furrowed as she chew on her bottom lip. Maybe it was her own paranoia, but the encounter gave her an odd feeling. She almost started on her way back to the hotel, but on a whim she skipped quickly down the sidewalk to follow Gunther. She peeked around the corner to make sure he wasn’t still watching, and proceeded. -02:01 Apr 05
Gunther: Gunther would be a lot warder to follow if he wasn’t to emense. He parted the crowd easily but still turned back ever so often to make sure he wasn’t followed. Then he ducked into a resturant and without talking to any waitors make his way towards one of the private rooms. -02:04 Apr 05
Yvaine: Yvaine was very good at making herself invisible. The benefit to being short and tiny on a crowded street. …he really was acting strange! Of course, maybe it was his natural instinct being just as paranoid as she? At the resteraunt, Yvaine also stepped inside. There were one or two curious glances in her direction, but she quite confidently behaved like she belonged there and knew what she was doing. In the back where it was more private, no one was there to question why she was lingering and now tiptoeing up to doors for a listen. -02:12 Apr 05
Gunther: "And his reaction?" came a voice from one of the doors. "Hans in unsure of what to do. He knows he is in a tight spot.." Gunther replied. "He has moblised the guard under his personal authority. Not that they will find anything. I’ve made sure of that." "New orders from Bardulf. Blame is to be hinted at the dancer. No solid proof but a seed. Hans will sing our tune soon enough and have to step down." "I’m sure he knows what hes doing but that will be dificult." "Are you refusing to odey the true ruler?" "No I’m sayign leave it to me Emil. I’ll handle it." -02:19 Apr 05
Yvaine: Yvaine recognized the name of Hans’ Uncle in the conversation. As she leaned against the wall and door, her confusion was only growing. Blame the dancer for what…? Did that mean her? There was a chance she missed a vital part of the conversation, though… -02:26 Apr 05
Gunther: "Good Gunther, you will be rewarded when the true ruler is on the throne. Now you should get back." "Yes Emil. Until next time." there was the scraping of a chair. "One more thing. If the dancer becomes a problem. Deal with her. I trush that isn’t a problem." "I’ve been waiting for that, don’t worry.." footsteps aproached the door fast, the heavy tread of Gunther. "You don’t have to worry about Yvaine." -02:31 Apr 05
Yvaine: Yvaine straighted in alarm. Before she had any time to mull over the words, she was making a quick escape out of the hall and through the restaurant. She didn’t even realize she was holding her breath until she was outside on the sidewalk trying to catch it. She was the problem. For Hans…? …that didn’t fit. Yvaine didn’t like the tone either of them had. Or that they mentioned a ‘true ruler’ twice… It sounded like an issue with Hans’ Uncle. She just… wasn’t sure. Yvaine didn’t realize she was still lingering outside of the restaurant. -02:36 Apr 05
Gunther: A hand clamped on her shoulder, the strong grip of Gunther. "You seem to be lost." he said. "I’ll take you back." he pushed her ahead of him back towards the car. "You really shouldn’t be in this part of town alone." -02:38 Apr 05
Yvaine: She tensed, but at least she hadn’t screamed in the middle of the sidewalk like an idiot. Yvaine did try to shrug his hand off her shoulder, though. Not appreciating being so forcefully guided forward. …something about his voice reminded her of something, then. Or was it what he said? Yvaine couldn’t seem to catch the memory though. "…I am a little lost." she lied. "But actually since I have run in to you again, I remembered that I wanted to ask you about Hans’ Uncle…" -02:42 Apr 05
Gunther: His grip tightened."All the public records are available in the library, if theres anything you need to know I could drop you off there." he was skilled with handling noser types who knew nothing. "Or you could ask the king next time you see him. -02:45 Apr 05
Yvaine: "Records don’t know people personally or give insight." she responded, a hand rising to try and pry his hand from her shoulder. "You knew his Uncle very well, right? Do you suppose he would still try to hurt Hans, even while he’s imprisoned? Could he do that?" -02:48 Apr 05
Gunther: He stopped. "I don’t know what you’ve heard but out prisons are secure. It is my job to safeguard the rightful ruler’s safety and I will remove any threat to his rule. That includes upstart relatives and nosey foreigners." -02:51 Apr 05
Yvaine: Yvaine turned around to eye him. …she didn’t mean to look like she was mistrusting, but it had never been easy for her to mask expressions. "We both want what’s best for Hans. …don’t we? I wouldn’t do anything to put him in danger, and I wouldn’t let someone else do it either if I knew they were up to something…" -03:01 Apr 05
Gunther: "Leave his safety to those who’ve been trained for it." he said "You would only get in the way. And if you put him in danger I will act. Now you were going somewhere…" -03:06 Apr 05
Yvaine: Yvaine opened her mouth. Ready to mention what she heard him oversay to that Emil person. But quickly decided against it. She couldn’t accuse him of something and not back it up. "…yes. I think I will take your suggestion and visit the library. I obviously don’t know enough about your country here. If I want to stay, I should learn… Which direction is it?" -03:09 Apr 05
Gunther: "Its across town overlooking the public park. I would gladly take you there. My business here is finished and it would me remis to let you get lost again." he obviously knew she was up to something, or knew somehtign but wasn’t sure of himslef to act either, and wanted to know what she learned. -03:14 Apr 05
Yvaine: "No, it’s alright. I’ve wasted enough of your time already. …but could you pass a message to Hans and tell him that I would really like to talk to him tonight? Even if it’s just a phonecall to my room?" If anything, she could speak to Hans about the incident and ask him if he knew what Gunther was up to today. There was always the possibility that she was misreading the signs. -03:20 Apr 05
Gunther: "i will deliver your intent to the rightful ruler." he promised "Until next time… number 35 bus will take you right to the library, it stop the next street over." he would make sure he knew what she was lookign for and how much she found, even if it wouldn’t be him watching her. -03:22 Apr 05
Yvaine: "Thank you, Gunther…" Yvaine was a little wary to turn her back to him. But she did finally continue on her way, exactly where he instructed her to go. The entire conversation felt so hair raising, even thought they hadn’t discussed anything -really- serious. At least at the library she could investigate who the Emil person was, and what it had to do with Hans’ Uncle… -03:25 Apr 05
Gunther: Gunther pulled out his phoen once Yvaine was out of earshot. "Shes headign for the library, I want eyes on her and her activity logged, and recordings of the security tapes. If shes going to be digging I’ll make sure hans is suitably horrified…" -03:28 Apr 05

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