Tower’s Calling 007: A Proposal For The Future

Tower's Calling

[Corona has slept and slept and slept and slept and she might even be dead!] -04:13 Jun 25
[Athos is waking up and hes hungrier than he has ever been in his life.] -04:17 Jun 25
Corona: She may have slept for days. Which would explain why her stomach was churning and why her body was screaming at her to get up, despite the fact she couldn’t bring herself to move. There was someone in her bed, which was such a foreign thing… Almost a kind of nice thing. For the past few weeks she had grown used to a presence in her tower. But now he was a -physical- one. That was different. -04:21 Jun 25
Athos: He had her in his arms and was breathing easy. It had been a long time since her had had anything link this. His nose in her hair he sighed and stretched draying her closer. No matter how much his stomach rumbled he wanted more of this. Then he was letting his hand sroke her hair as his eyes slowly opened. “I missed being able to do this with someone.” he said softly. “So many small things you can’t do when you’re dead.” -04:28 Jun 25
Corona: She didn’t expect it to feel like this. All warm and safe. Especially considering all that happened and all that could happen. And all she had to do was let go and trust him. …it was just easier said than done! “I’ve never done this with someone.” she muttered. -04:32 Jun 25
Athos: He nuzzled into her hair without stopping stroking. “Then you havn’t lived.” he kissed her scalp and sighed. “I have a body now. I could do whatever I wanted. But right now all I want is this, and maybe somehting to eat.. but I’ve missed this, this feeling of safety, or comfort. Do you mind if I carry on?” -04:35 Jun 25
Corona: How oddly sweet. He asked if he could continue, which was so ridiculously weird Corona couldn’t help but laugh. “So polite all of a sudden? I haven’t the energy to move. Carry on.” Granted, it wasn’t just because she was still so weary. Being petted and held had a very nice effect. Soothing after spending so much time feeling a million other less pleasant things. She curled in to him, slipping one of her legs between his. Physical contact with a solid man was definitely a new experience. -04:43 Jun 25
Athos: He kissed her scalp again and sighed closing his eyes. “I’m alive thanks to you, and do you fik I forced all my girlfriends? I was a loving man once. I just let war change me too much.” he sighed and disnquised shaking his head as nuzzling into her. “Is strange how he behave sometimes. But I do know I enjoy your company when we’re not arguing or running for our lives. Its been so long since I’ve had that…” -04:47 Jun 25
Corona: “I suppose having this once and then being without for a few hundred years can be a pain in the ass.” Especially with how easily it was caving in her resistance. Feeling every breath he took or having his arms around her. How easy it would be to get used to it, love it, and want it. Corona grumbled under her breath. “This amulet puts people together. Is it natural chemetry or just timing and experience?” -04:55 Jun 25
Athos: “Only the bearest know how that thing works.” he said moving his hand from he hair to he chest to look at it before sliding his hand back behinher ear to rub the back of her head. “I know almost nithing about it, if I did things would have been different. I tried to force to choose. And thats where things started to go wrong.” -04:59 Jun 25
Corona: “So you are an idiot.” she grinned. Wide and cheeky. With the expression on his face, though, she leaned to brush a kiss against his cheek. An apology, even if she was still smirking. “You weren’t at fault for that… the amulet was always passed to someone by a descendant. Until something important was going to happen, then it disappeared and wound up where it wanted to be. …I just wonder why it is here now.” -05:03 Jun 25
Athos: He swallowed and looked at her suddenly nervous. “It disappeared didn’t it? And now its where it wants to be, with who it wants to be.” that wasn’t why he was nervous. “And I know why.” the arm around her tightened and he looked at her something in his eyes that might be fear. “That god on the hill. Thats the one I died to kill.” -05:07 Jun 25
Corona: Well fuck. Corona had nearly forgotten about the second god. That was enough to make her shift and sit up. “It was sealed with you, and I brought it out. I knew nothing good would come from raising gods..! I’ve done what my father has spent his life trying to do!” It wasn’t his fault, not really. But now there was no longer an evil sorcerer to worry about, there was a star god unleashed on the world. -05:13 Jun 25
Athos: “Its not your fault.” he said stilling up too and pulling her into a hug if she wanted it or not. “You were trying to help me, so maybe this is why the amulet came to you, together I won’t have to die this time.” -05:15 Jun 25
Corona: “There was a good three hundred years of people it could have chosen. So why me and why now? There’s a method to it, reasoning… it’s not at random.” In the end it might’ve been the only thing that really vexxed her. Having her strings pulled by destiny didn’t concern her. But not understanding why would drive her crazy. …this hugging thing, though, had a mysterious affect on her bristling mood. Easing that tension with reluctance. “I will fix it. I just need the time to study…” -05:29 Jun 25
Athos: He pulled back to put his hand on her chin and press his lips into hers. “Some though you just have to feel more than understand.” he whispered before putting her go and looking at her. “And you could just ask me how I did it last time.” -05:33 Jun 25
Corona: Kissing was definitely a kind of enchantment. It had her teetering a few moments before she remembered what she was talking about. “…last time you died and was sealed for a couple hundred years. We’ll do it my way this time.” She couldn’t let him kiss her again, or they were going to get anywhere. Corona pushed him gently out of the way so she could scoot to the end up the bed and get up. Only getting up left her feeling dizzy enough to hold her head with a hand. Major spells and babies were a horrible mix. It was like having a hangover! -05:37 Jun 25
Athos: He saw her teater and moved to catch her. “I’ll cojur us up some food.” he said standing and walking towards the straircase, still stark naked. “What do you want, anything special? Any cravings?” he was hungry enough for be shaky and needed fo eat. But asking her what she wanted was the least he could do. “And somehting to drink too, coffee would be nice.” -05:41 Jun 25
Corona: “The things I desire I don’t even know the names to.” she grumbled, tilting a head to watch him walk. Men were fascinating things! Sure she had seen plenty of them before, but not like this. Not where she could touch if she really wanted to. “…besides conjuring is not such a great idea for food. You can’t just use magic for everything it’s a lot of energy.” -05:46 Jun 25
Athos: He was leaning agaist the wall a mug of coffee in his hands a showing off grin on his face. “For someone with a gog in them you don’t seem to have much of a clue as to what gods can do Corona.” he said still grinning. “What do you want. Name it and I’ll summon it. You desurve somehting nice and you need food so no arguing, just make it of I’m getting us both what I want.” he looked at he and his grin became a smile. “You know I should feel like this for you, but whats a guy to do?” -05:52 Jun 25
Corona: “You don’t even know how your own power works, you smarmy bastard.” Corona was itching to knock that grin off his face, just as much as she wanted to return it with a smirk of her own. She flopped back in to bed, lifting a dissmissive hand. “All right there. Spaghetti with lots of basil. Iced tea with lemon. Anything with chocolate. Almonds. Little sour gummies? Hmm…” She was tempted to think up something impossible, but whatever he was drinking smelled amazing so testing would have to wait. She needed food before she just ate him. -05:58 Jun 25
[Athos enters.] -06:11 Jun 25
Athos: “I know how to work it, thats what matters.” he said taking another sip before going back to the bed and sitting on the edge. A cold pitched of iced tea and a glass handed to her, spagheti and pesto, chocolate cake with almonds and butter icing and a bolt of sour worms. His grin was gome replaced with a look of tired concentration before he make another bowl of spaghetti appear and dug in putting his still panf full mug down. -06:20 Jun 25
[(Timeout) Athos was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -06:29 Jun 25
Corona: Clearly she was over emotional, because for a split second she was ready to declare her love and undying devotion to the man just for a plate of spaghetti. Even her hesitant taste test yielded perfect results, which left her taking another bite and sighing in a way that was really inappropriate over food. “Our son is going to know how it works. How all of it works to the best of my ability to teach it. Maybe future generations won’t be so careless.” She couldn’t even fake a scowl at him, she was temporarily appeased by food. -06:29 Jun 25
Athos: “And so the family grows stronger, better.” he said takign another bite. It was summoned as his ideal dish but she seemed to like it too. “With knowledge and power theres no telling what they’ll be able to do. We’ll have to make sure they do that right things.” he grinned at her and then looked at her stomach. “So if I die again, thats it, no more cming back.” he sounded almost sad to say it. “I still wish I could have… done it the right way.” -06:34 Jun 25
Corona: She slowed her chewing, reaching to take a drink of tea. Ice cold and wonderfully satisfying. It had been a really long time since she had tea! “We can’t change what’s happened. But we can change what’s going to happen…” Corona wanted to hold on to her anger, but every moment spent with him was eating that away. The voice was right, thought. History repeated itself all the time, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t choose what repeated and what didn’t. “I want our son to grow up in a better world and know it’s his responsibility to help make it that way. I want him to have both his parents and live in a loving home, and not have to worry about his own family trying to hurt him.” -06:41 Jun 25
Athos: He looked back up at her and lifted his mug “That last one is rare if our family, but then you knew that.” he sighed and took a sip. “But it is a gift I’ll give out son. He will grow up an Emidio, with both his mother and father watching over him. ANd maybe they’ll even love eachother.” he looked at her. “Maybe.” he reached out nad toutched her shoulder. “In a world as good as we can make it.” -06:47 Jun 25
Corona: “Hmm. Maybe.” Corona wanted that life. The family, the love… but there were things they had to do first. Maybe then she would see… The meal was easily devoured, and did her well to refuel her energy. She was plenty well enough to get up and get started on her researching. But she found that desire to sit in bed with him really hard to let go of. “We started something before that was never finished…” -07:00 Jun 25
[Athos is a god in a long line of gods known for pilaging and raping and has just let an almost virgin scorceress make the first move.] -05:45 Jun 27
[Corona for the second time, it’s Corona that is making the offer… Funny how that happens!] -05:45 Jun 27
Athos: "We do.." he said looking at her. It didn’t help the situation that he didn’t have any clothes and would need to summon some. "But with all that research you have to be doing…" his tone was teasing and the look in his eyes and he grinned at her was pure interest as he put his hand on her hip to push her onto her back. "So I’m just going to pick up right where we left off." -05:50 Jun 27
Corona: "I wouldn’t suggest rushing if you want to do it right. In a couple months there may not be any more chances." It was a tease, but it was also truth. For all she knew, having a kid might cure her of any curiosity or desire she had. In the mean time, he was wearing nothing and she was taking the opportunity to touch him. Real, physical and warm skin… nothingly ghostly about it. Men were interesting things! -05:53 Jun 27
[(Timeout) Athos has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:44 Jun 27
[Athos enters.] -06:45 Jun 27
Athos: He put his hand on her cheek. "Well you are the smart one.." he said leaning forwards to kiss her hard his lips pressing into hers. "But theres also the fact that I havn’t had a good fuck in centuries. And while technically this will not be out first time its very different when you’re willing and I really really want that. You might be the best looking woman I’ve ever seen naked and that doesn’t help me take things slow. I want you." his eyes were on her the rntire time "I feel things for you that are not just because you have by son. So lets make love however it ends up happening" his hand was sliding up the front of her robe as he said that last line and when it was done he pressed his lips into hers again, softer but still needy. -06:55 Jun 27
Corona: If this was what being romanced was like, Corona definitely wanted more of this. She curled an arm around his shoulders, nipping gently at his lips with a lot more confidence than she even expected out of herself. She might have been a virgin sorceress, but she knew the jist of things very quickly. "I might be charmed in to believing those pretty words if you hadn’t been seal for a few hundreds years without a woman." Her hand slid in to his hair, gripping tight. "Not that I want you to stop saying them…" -07:02 Jun 27
Athos: Her tease earned her an arm around her back pulling her aganst him as he kissed her throat slowy nibbling around to her shoulder his hand running through her hair. "Its not just pretty words. You are beatiful, and daring, and not afraid to take like by the horns. I misjudged you. I’ve never met anyone like you Corona, and I’ve already got you in the sack so I have nothing to gain by lying when I say I’m falling for you." -07:09 Jun 27
Corona: Corona never thought she was the type of woman to be apeased by a stroke of her ego, but he had done it so easily she was left grinning. Yet, that didn’t even have as much impact as his confession. Something so simple shouldn’t have been so thrilling. "If you’re not careful, descendant, you are going to make me love you. And I am not so sure what good is going to come of that…" Another breathless tease, as curl both arms around him. Finding his mouth to ravish with hers. -07:19 Jun 27
Athos: He ravished her back as his hand moved forwards to puls her robes up to bare her stomach and slowly rub it with palm. "All the good needed to raise a child together." he said moving his hand further up slowly. -07:24 Jun 27
Athos: He ravished her back as his hand moved forwards to puls her robes up to bare her stomach and slowly rub it with palm. "All the good needed to raise a child together." he said moving his hand further up slowly. -07:27 Jun 27
Corona: "Or many children if I deem to keep you.." There was a world of possibilities she could consider, but for the time being she was lost to the way his body felt against his. Her leg moved to brush his, toes tickling the back of his calf. Corona had both of her hands in his hair, holding him captive so she could nuzzle his cheek and nibble at his mouth. -07:35 Jun 27
Athos: He nippled her lip as his hand reached her bresat and he cupped it letting his thumb slide over her nipple. "We do have a clamn to start." he agreed hefore catching her lips in a kiss and loving a hand down to brace her hip as he let his stomach brush against hers before listing it and poising his hip his tip pointing at her crotch. "I do want to keep you you know." -07:41 Jun 27
Athos: He nippled her lip as his hand reached her bresat and he cupped it letting his thumb slide over her nipple. "We do have a clamn to start." he agreed hefore catching her lips in a kiss and loving a hand down to brace her hip as he let his stomach brush against hers before listing it and poising his hip his tip pointing at her crotch. "I do want to keep you you know." -07:42 Jun 27
Corona: A soft sigh of breath escaped her. Funny how she had so many doubts about everything else, but this felt right. That desire would be what took precedence over everything else. "Then I suggest you make sure I won’t want anything else." she whispered in to his ear with grin. Teasing the back of his neck with a delicate slip of her fingers. -07:49 Jun 27
Athos: He let his hand slide down her bacj as his other arm circled her soulders as he leaned forwards pushing her down onto her back before he finally releave her of her robes entirely and brough his hips up against hers. "You’ll want just sex? No I want you wanting more than just that.." he kissed her his hips sliding agaist hers as his hand wondered around to take his tip and push it agaist her. "But its a good start.." He pushed sinking in and pushing her apart. "… very good." -07:53 Jun 27
Corona: There was a big difference being taken like this, compared to their first encounter. Enough that her surprise at that rush of warmth flooding through her, made her give a small gasp. Her hands tightening at the back of his neck and shoulders. Her very clever response died on her lips, leaving her forgetting words in favor of locking her legs around him. -08:02 Jun 27
Athos: The warm feelign of her around him and feeling her nuscles tense and he grip tighten made him push his lips into hers and bring his hand up to tenderly stroke her cheek before he pushed again a nip landing on her lip with a rush of feeling that crept up his spine. very differnt from taking by force… so much better. -08:05 Jun 27
Corona: Corona wasn’t passive before, and she sure as hell wasn’t passive now. Every little movement had it’s own curious sensation, and she wanted to feel all of them. Her hips would move to greet him and her hands took no hesitation to wander over his shoulders or down between them. To see where she could touch to make him react, and to smile with that smug grin every time he did. -08:12 Jun 27
Athos: Her curiocity and exploration made him smile almost as much as the sex did and made him take his time and move slowly enough to make it last but fast enough for the sensation of pressure to build antagonizingly slowly. His hand wnt to her hair to run through and then grip it as his hips met with hers and he kissed her ear whispering sweet nothings into itthis had to be the best thing he had done since he had been released. And the first tiem he’d call himself happy since then. -08:17 Jun 27
Corona: Not even magic was as thrilling or satisfying as this, and that was quite the accomplishment. Before long it was like torture! Fantastic and fiery, coursing through her blood and skin. Leaving her writhing and digging her nails in to his skin just for something to feel tethered to. -08:25 Jun 27
Athos: Her grip, his teth gripping her shoulder in response as he pushed harder, faster going for the finish with a needy sound in his throat and then he was locking his licks against hers. A god could grow adicted to this, dangerously addicted but he didn’t care. He wanted her to feel it as much as he did. -08:27 Jun 27
Corona: When she thought she couldn’t stand it any more, it let her go. A sudden wave so surprising, she cried out against his mouth when it siezed her. That was bliss…! Pure unadulterated bliss, with every shudder and tightening of her body around him. -08:35 Jun 27
Athos: He felt her let go even before he heard her and pushed harder his breath shuddering into her before a second after her he was finished his seed poarign into her as he nuzzles his lips agaist hes and gripped her close to him. She really was amazing. "If you’re not careful you’ll end up with a god wanting to do what with you al the time." he mused before kissing her gently. "I might not be able to get enough." -08:38 Jun 27
Corona: "Starting to think that’s not such a bad thing.." she was breathless. Reeling. Still savoring that delicious feeling of contentment. If he had done that the first time, she might have given him the world just to do it again. Her smirk mirrored those thoughts when she curled against him. "I can safely say, you are forgiven." -08:44 Jun 27
Athos: That erned her a hand on her chin and a long, lingering kiss, soft, gently, loving. "Thank you, I can safely say you’re amazing." he closed his arms around her and sighed. He wanted to hold her forever but knew that was imposible. The lest time he had faced a god he had died and if it happened agai he was gone for good. "I’m glad we’re doing things your way." -08:50 Jun 27
Corona: "You’ll find that my way is often the best way." She loved this, and if she weren’t careful she would love him too. That didn’t seem like such a bad thing anymore either. Corona was happy to slip an arm around him and stay that way. "All you have to do is worry about me, and I will take care of the rest." -08:56 Jun 27
Athos: A kiss to her forehead. "I’ll keep you safe, and happy. Don’t worry about that. I lost on person, I’m not losing another. You’re in safe hands Corona.. and if there were some way for me to take you hand I would. But there will be, once we fit this." -08:59 Jun 27
Corona: She laughed, soft and easy as she tilted to examine his face. "Are you proposing marriage, Descendant God? Promising me a husband, a family and a future?" -09:03 Jun 27
Athos: "And are you questioning a god’s intent?" he teased "Because I am offering, and I hope you’re not questioning. Because gods are mean jerks who only take what they want. Unless they’re not full god and only in a family of half gods."." -09:05 Jun 27
Corona: "I was going to accept. But if you are only half god and not going to take what you want…" she was still teasing, moving to sit up. "I don’t want a half assed husband, after all." -09:09 Jun 27
Athos: "Want me to take what I want?" he reached back and grabbed her ass while at the same time kissing her before nuzzling his nose agaist hers. "Welme to the family Corona Emidio, May you bare me many children and teach them well." -09:13 Jun 27

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