The Demon and Angelle 007: The Angel and the Sword

[Angelle is with the boss, and they’re doing something totally illegal. If only she could have ice cream and watch TV in bed instead!] -12:59 May 09
[Virote needs to get that relic into her hands… or they’re both dead. And it will not be a quicj of pleasent death.] -01:01 May 09
Angelle: Angelle was totally dressed for this mission! Black slacks and a black shirt… only she looked more like a really well-dressed bartender than an international thief. Or sidekick to a demon. Still, all her bravado at raising hell (or in this case reforming it) had quickly fizzled in the face of having to steal a historical artifact from what had to be a heavily monitered place. This was crazy. Why did she think this was a good idea. "…I so can’t do this…!" -01:08 May 09
Virote: He had already brought her before the basillica and stood next to her in street clothes, they were on the dome and he was already feeling the effects of holy ground. "Neither can I.. but together we have to. But as soon as I go in there.. I will lose everything that makes me look human, I cannot hide what I am before the divine… and I’ll also loose all my power.." -01:12 May 09
Angelle: "That doesn’t seem fair…" Then again, in the battle of good and evil letting the evil side have power is a bad idea. Angelle was a little more concerned about being off the ground, and what would happen should everything go horribly wrong and he didn’t have any crazy demon powers. "…so if the police catch us, we run like crazy?" -01:15 May 09
Virote: "Theres no police here." he said "Theres the swis guard… trained soldiers, and more. But they shouldn’t expect up to come from above.. luckely flight isn’t a power…" he took her hand. "We’ll be okay. I promise." -01:17 May 09
Angelle: At least she knew he kept his promises. Still doubtful, Angelle just took a breath. Whether she liked it or not, she’d have to get over it. Jump in (hopefully not literally) and just do it! She finally nodded her head. "Okay… I’m ready, I guess! Time to be a criminal!" -01:19 May 09
Virote: "You’ll be surprised how these things work.." he said "If you were not meant to have the sword you wouldn’t get it and we’ll fail tonight so.. if we do.. and we will.. it was meant to be.. demonic manipulation asside but.." he looked sheepish "I’m not manipulating, I’m making you safe. Now get on my back and we’ll glide down." -01:22 May 09
Angelle: "That’s really not all too reassuring…" As instructed, she hopped on his back. Mindful of his wings and keeping her arms tightly, almost too tightly, wound around his neck. Flying was definitely not her favorite thing to do. -01:24 May 09
Virote: He slid down the side of the dome and landed on a balcony, then warnign her to watch out for his skin entered the interior of the dome. It only took a second, his horns lengthening, smaller ones rising down the back of his head as his hair receeded and his skin bacame scaly and a dull red in colour, his eyes became black and fangs sprouted and his voice changed ash his tongue forkes and his feet elongated into tallons and behind her a thick stron tail sprouted. Then he was looking down into the dome like a predator.. "We need to get into the catacombs.." -01:30 May 09
Angelle: She was never going to get used to him looking all scary. Angelle huffed to herself. "You are the one that thought from above was a good idea… we couldn’t have just snuck in through a basement?" -01:35 May 09
Virote: "There isn’t a way in though there that I can cross, there are rules." he said before jumping from the bancony and circling under the dome searcing for a door that would lead to below. "Its changed since I was here last…" -01:38 May 09
Angelle: Hiding her face so she didn’t have to see the world swirling, Angelle grumbled at his ear. "How long ago was that..? There are windows at least, if you can fit through them…" Angelle didn’t doubt he could crash through a wall if he really wanted to. …or were there rules for that too! -01:42 May 09
Virote: "I can’t damage anything without makign us into targets." he said "I am not an iconoclast…" he landed and lifted her over his solders pulling her on the floor. "Try not to look at me.. but its through here… and I guess since they brought int he sword.." -01:45 May 09
Angelle: "I’m not afraid to look at you…" she responded. He must have caught her cringing, and now she felt bad. And to prove it she took a good look at him, holding back that desire to squeal and run. She did start walking, though. Stiffly and wary, half wondering if it would all turn out like the movies where skulls and statues came to life… -01:49 May 09
Virote: "Maybe I just don’t want to be seen like this." he said "There was a time I liked the fear it caused.. " he trailed off "You bring a torch?" it was dark, and narrow as thew descended the spiral staircase his wings scraping the side unadle to fold small enough. "This is where the bodies and relics of saints are kept. I am not anowed to enter but.. I can’t follow all of thier rules, I am after all a demon and any other time I wouldn’t listen to any of them.. but today I’m not looking to start a war." -01:54 May 09
Angelle: "I didn’t really think about torches…. oh wait!" Angelle fumbled in her pockets to pull out her keys. The sound echoing eerily in the place. First there was a little beam of red, then the space lit up dimly with a weak flashlight. …Angelle kind of liked it better when she couldn’t see. But she stepped carefully and kept moving foreward. "…do those kind of wars happened often..?" -01:58 May 09
Virote: "Once every hundred hears or so, the last on was around 70 years ago so we’re not due yet." he said putting a hand on her soulder "But what we’re doign might be seen as getting ready for one, a demon, leading a mortal to retrieve a powerful relic and remove it from it’s rightful place. They might thing I didn’t want them to have it…" -02:02 May 09
Angelle: "You could be lying to me about everything.." she responded, pausing in her steps when she spotted a rat, but continuing when it wasn’t a crazy angeldemon monster rat. Normal rats were fine! "That’s what they’ll say, right? That you are manipulating me and that I am stupidly trusting you?" Angelle even still wondered it herself. She wasn’t sane, that was for sure. -02:05 May 09
Virote: "That is what they will say, and nothing I say will convince them otehrwise but Angelle. You saw into my head when I was in yours.. You tell me if I’m manipulating you. Yes I get my safety out of this but I’m not hiding my motives.. and I’m not …. I .. here.. this door." -02:08 May 09
Angelle: "I believe you." She just hoped she wasn’t making a mistake in doing so. Angelle was chewing on her lip as she stopped in front of the door. With a tentative reach, she touched to push it open. Shining her light inside in a slow, curious motion. -02:13 May 09
Virote: Insides were coffins and chests and shelves on bones with enscriptions in many languages. TO a human it would be creepy but to Virote it was oppressive, everything in the room presed in on him and tried to forse him out like an invisible force. Ever the walls hated him and he brought his wings up to shield himself from the sight of them. "Keep moving… I can’t spend long here." -02:18 May 09
[Angelle enters.] -02:21 May 09
Angelle: Ded people. Angelle was sure she had a dream like this. Cautiously stepping forward and keeping moving, Angelle made sure to keep a wary eye on any layed out bones. She supposed coffins wouldn’t have vampires in them down here, if it was a holy place… She cast a look over her shoulder to be sure he was still behind her. He looked even more uncomfortable than she did. "Where will we find that sword?" -02:24 May 09
Virote: "Her statur is holdign it out.. to give it to the next person destined to carry it.. these people are big on symbolism." he said.. "Just a little funther.. look for the girl in armor with another woman standign with her ahnd on her shoulder." there was somethign else, somehting watching them… and as they neared the statuethere was a glowing light agead of them, then a flash as a figure stepped out, white feathered wings and lights seeming to fall from his very skin. -02:28 May 09

“Girl you are welcome here but your cohirt is not…. why are you here with him?” his voice though soft and serene carried with it strength adn command. “What relic have you come to steal?” -Virote

Angelle: Angelle saw the statue first. Her fascination with it almost making her miss the tall… bright..! form that stepped out. She took a step backwards, clicking off her flashlight as if she could hide in the dark, but finding there was still light to the room. "Um…! I came to steal that sword, but if I could borrow it I will bring it back…?" This was an angel, and the contrast to Vir was astounding. -02:33 May 09

“Borrow? You cannot borrow destiny adn you cannot steal it. You are mere under the machinations on a demon. Do you know why you’re here, what you need the sword for?” -Virote

Virote: "Gladio nisi vitae et mea bene si io erit eam habere. Est non dolum et non ludum ludere. Si habeat eam qui tibi vult dare, quid verbum id ominus uoluntatem suam." Virote spoke standing strait and anafraid in front of the angel.. "You have my word." -02:38 May 09

“Let her speak for herself..” he spat back before turning to Angelle, “Well, what do you say?” -Virote

Angelle: "I don’t really need destiny…" she murmured, taking a slow look at the demon next to her. Angelle didn’t have a blasted clue what he had said and the confusion on her face wasn’t very well hidden. She blinked back at the angel. "There’s a demon trying to kill us, and I thought it would be a good idea to kill him first. ..and… Honestly I don’t really like hell all that much the way it is, so I might need it a little longer to teach a few demons better manners?" -02:41 May 09

“You choose them well demon. she must be so east to get what you want out of her… tell me girl when you have a demon after you did you even once whink about prayer?” -Virote

[(Timeout) Angelle has timed out.] -02:51 May 09
Angelle: That was a question that caught her by surprise! Angelle had to stop and think about it. …slowly she shook her head, a grim almost bitter expression on her features. "…That never helped me before. No one has ever answered a prayer, or even a plead or a please… I had more success chosing to help myself, even when the choices weren’t all that great." Something about the way she said it hinted that the demon wasn’t the only experience she had on the subject. -02:51 May 09
Virote: "Shes smarted than you give her credit for, now instead of asking loaded questions why don’t you aske her the only one that matters.. you’ll be able to tell if shes lying … read her." -02:54 May 09

the angel looked at Virote then at Angelle his eyes bringin into her sothat she couldn’t look away until they were all she could see. “Angelle.. that is your name. Who will tell you how to use what you are looking for? Whose hand will guide yours?” -Virote

Angelle: She kind of felt like she was having her soul examined or her mind read. Like she was being judged or criticized. Which made her very much want to take another step back and hide somewhere. "…I don’t know." she responded honestly. It was how she felt. "I want us to be safe. He said he would help me and I trust him. …and if I made a mistake I will deal with it and try something else." -03:04 May 09

the feeling stayed with her and she could feel him going htough her mind, her memories… “No one but you must guide your hand..” his voice was in her head now “No one but your own will.” the light around him was getting stringer “And don’t let any demon tell you what to do if it doesn’t agree with what you want to dooo.” then he was gone, nthing left but a few feathers, glowing golden as they drifted towards the floor disolving into nothing. -Virote

Virote: "They never forgive you when you win one war." he cursed "But if we’re still here then you must have passed.." he put his hand on her back. "I guess its time for us to get what we came for." -03:10 May 09
Angelle: "Everyone would probably be a lot happier if you had less wars." Angelle still felt a little put on the spot. It wasn’t even the angel, or the soul reading, or the voice in the head that bothered her… it was the question about prayer. Angelle was still overly thoughtful about it when she stepped up on to the base of the statue, eying the way the sword was place. Almost afraid it was going to do something crazy like strike her with lightning or make her head explode, she was very delicate about taking the hilt and pulling it free. Holding a breath and squeezing her eyes shut waiting to be smited. -03:13 May 09
[Angelle enters.] -03:17 May 09
Virote: "He won’t come back and kill you." he said waiting at the respectacle distance as if physically impossible for him to approach the sculpture of two saints and a holy relic all in one place. "Is he wanted to he would have dome it already…. we’ve the sneaky ones." he coul have sworn the statue of Joan of Arc looked at ehr as she took the sword but was sure that wasn’t meant to happen… "her nose it too big… it was smaller in real life." -03:18 May 09
Angelle: Angelle hopped down, clutching the sword to herself and taking one look back at the statue. She wasn’t so sure that angels couldn’t be sneaky too. "How old are you, exactly…?" It was a little strange to think of him being around that long! At least she had the sword and that was one difficult thing down. -03:20 May 09
Virote: He shook his head and walked with her back towards the staircase. "Old enough to remember the death of the old world and to have seen first hand a lot of the things you’ve read about in books." he said "I couldn’t give you an exact number of years since deong a young demon isn’t exactly a holiday in the mortal world ever summer. "But I think you’ve read about the forst man to kiss my hand and ask for my guidence… in around… 450 ad.." -03:27 May 09
Angelle: "Are you crazy…?" It’s not that she didn’t believe him, it was just that. … was kind of unbelievable. "That’s a really long time to be a demon…" And how could someone be alive for so long, now change his nature so quickly. Because of an accidental situation gone wrong? It was starting to give her a headache thinking about it. "…do you hate me for all of this?" -03:36 May 09
Virote: He didn’t answer immediatly, not until they were halfway up the stairs and he was away from all those saints and relics. "I don’t know how to feel about you Angelle but hate is not on the list. I’m trying to survive here and kill a demon a lot older than me and if I start worrying about feelings at a time like this… when we’re not alone and somewhere safe. I’m not going to be much use to you." -03:41 May 09
[(Timeout) Angelle was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -03:47 May 09
Angelle: Angelle wasn’t sure if that was a comfort or even more confusing. She was expecting the hate, or regret, or something to that nature. But it did remind her that once leaving this place, their next step would be facing off a demon that even he didn’t seem to have a lot of confidence in defeating. "If I don’t make it very well with the killing and I get all maimed and arms taken off or legs lost, will you kill me? I don’t really want to die, but I don’t really want to be a pile of mush brought back a million times either." -03:47 May 09
Virote: "I you’re ever in a situation like that.. I will make sure you soul goes to heaven.. Do you kneo how they make demons Angelle?" he asked "Do you know how I was made, and what I used to be?" It was almost time for them to fly again, and for him to loose most of his features what made him what he is.. "And do you know how they make angels?" -03:50 May 09
Angelle: "I was a little curious… you said some demons were born and some were made…" She definitely had no idea about angels. Everything she had learned had been in a big blur over the past few days. Still clutching the sword to her, she kept up with his pace. "How?" -03:54 May 09
Virote: "To make a demon, you take a human soul and you teatch it to hate, you torture it. Souls with sin are the best to use.. sould that have lied, or cheated, or killed. You torture it until it forgets everythign it ever was. You turn it into a pile of goo on the floor… and then you remake it into the demon you want it to be. I was human once.. but I remember nothing of it. Angels… your guess is as good as mine." -03:57 May 09
Angelle: "A soul with sin…" He was human once. And she… she understood now why a demon would want her soul. It was enough to make her stop walking, looking down at the sword in her hands and trying to wrestle back the threat of tears. If they didn’t succeed, she would become a demon too. Forget everything that she was now and her whole world would be nothing but dismal grief. -04:03 May 09
Virote: He almost bumped into her, then he closed his arms around her. "Thats not going to happen to you." he picked her up and carried her the rest of the way his wings opening up and takign them upwards. "You will never be a demon." -04:10 May 09
Angelle: "You don’t… understand." Having him hold her while flying was a lot less scary than being on his back, and she was awkwardly trying to keep that sword at an angle that wouldn’t give him trouble. …But all the while, Angelle was struggling with tears and burying her face at his shoulder. "If we don’t win, I’ll be a demon. It’s too late…" -04:14 May 09
Virote: "You still remember who you are, you still remember what good is. Its not too late." he said "It takes years to make a demon.. it takes longer than a human lifetime… and you have me looking out for you. I will protect you." -04:20 May 09
Angelle: But if they didn’t win, he couldn’t protect her… Angelle conceeded, if only for his sake. She took in a deep shakey breath, willing all of those thoughts to go away so she could focus. They couldn’t win if she didn’t believe they had a chance. If she dwelled too much on what would happen if they failed… "Do you promise? Promise it won’t happen to me." If he promised, she knew it would be true. He kept his promises. -04:27 May 09
Virote: "I promise that whatever heppened to me will never, ever happen to you." he said "Even if I have to take you up to the gates of heaven myself." they were already back and he was landing, his features returning to how he usually kept them. "Because I do not hate you.. I am confused and don’t knwo what I feel… I could never hurt you." -04:33 May 09

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