The Captain’s Wife 007: Truth in Premonitions

The Captain's Wife

Telara: Telara was already in the research tent, and had been for at least two hours. After her scuffle with the doctor a few days ago, she made sure to be on time regardless of how she felt in the morning. Or the fact her husband was still feeling the effects of poison and should have his wife. Today was one of those days she wished she hadn’t left bed. All morning long her stomach had been churning, she had a wretched headache and she was dizzy on top of it. Trying to squint through microscopes was making it worse. And she was pausing to lean against the table and rub her head for a moment. -07:40 Oct 23

Doctor Heilemann was not pleased with Miss Sammy’s work ethic the past few days. Always ducking out to check on that man she brought with her. He never had any time alone with the woman for ….work. There she was again, not working. He siddled up to her with a clipboard under his arm and scowled. “I don’t believe it’s lunch break just yet. These samples must be catalogged by the end of the day.” -Telara

Telara: "Of course, I am doing that right now." It was what she intended to do, anyway. She pushed away from the table to turn back around… and hit the floor instead! Doctor Heilemann looked shocked! …then panicked! "BOY…! Call the medic in here!" he shouted at the nearest person he saw! -07:45 Oct 23
Nicholas: He was being forsed to rest, nit with Te;ara working there was no one to make sure he stayed in bed and so he was sitting and writing his notes at the table. That’s then he heard it, the sound of a ship getting closer. It was here, three days later, exactly like in his dream or was he hearing things? The ghost sounds of things he was very familiar with while his mind was still feeling the effects of poison… -07:45 Oct 23

Unfortunately it was that damned blabber mouth soldier Thomas. He ran off first to shout for a medic, then he was scrambling off for the Captain. Looking just as breathless and alarmed as he did days ago! Only this time, much worse… every one knew what happened when the Captain got worried about his wife. “Captain…!” He gasped for breath again! -Telara

Nicholas: He looked at teh soldier and was suddenly worried. "What is it? A ship?" he asked standing. So it wasn’t him hearing things, or was it? -07:50 Oct 23

“No sir..! Something wrong at the biologist’s tent, sir!” -Telara

Nicholas: In an instant he was on his feet and staggering, but he steadied himself and charged out the door to head towards the work tent. he was worried not, the dream, the ghost sounds, everything. He stormed into the tent and looked at his wife his face full of worry. "What happened?" if he had touched her he would skewer him without a throught. -07:58 Oct 23
Telara: The medic had gotten here first, a very sweet older woman who was speaking to Telara. Still lying on her back on the floor, now with something cool against her forehead and sipping from a box of juice with a straw. "A little fatigue, but we’re doing okay, aren’t we? The scan is almost done." She had a little scanner in her hand, and put a hand on the girl’s shoulder when she saw Nicholas and tried to rise. -08:02 Oct 23

“For lord’s sake, this a research tent, what’s going on doesn’t concern you!” Doctor Heilemann looked a little perturbed, though. Maybe afraid the wild half dressed man was going to blame him for all this. Either way, he was shooting a glare at everyone in the room. -Telara

Nicholas: Me shot the man a furious look. "You assistant collapsed in the middle of the day. The least you can do is show a little concern and not act like she did it to spite you." then moved to kneel next to his wife taking her hands in both of his. "Are you alright?" he asked. "What happened?" -08:06 Oct 23
Telara: "I just got a little dizzy is all… He didn’t have to go screaming for the medic." she mumbled. And especially not her ill husband that belong in bed. The Medic’s device beeped, and the elder woman was looking it over. A smile spread across her face. "Okay, up you go, sweetie." Tugging Telara up in to a sitting position, she patted under the girl’s chin affectionately. "You haven’t a thing to worry about, you’ll be just fine. I don’t reccomend skipping any more meals, you’re going to need all the nutrients you can get. Eating for two and all." Telara looked a little confused by the statement for a moment until… it clicked! Her pale face tinged with a bit of red. -08:12 Oct 23
Nicholas: He thought the statement over and then looked at her and put his arms around her tight. It wasn’t to keep her upright but because of what taht meant. They were going to have a baby? Then he heard it again, the sounds of a ship and he furrowed his brow. "Did you hear that?" -08:16 Oct 23
Telara: All she could hear at the moment was the sound of blood rushing through her head. Telara didn’t know if she were going to cry or start giggling! Or maybe even pass out again. It didn’t matter, she was curling her arms around him and burying her face against him. If she grinned any wider she’d never feel her face again! -08:19 Oct 23

“Disgusting…” snorted Doctor Heilemann. His intern was pregnant. Well, that kill any and all interest he had for this one. However, he DID seem to hear something, wandering to the opening of the tent to take a look outside. “Good gods, there were no ships scheduled for today! What is with all this nonsense?” -Telara

Nicholas: "A ship?" he said halping Telaria to her feet and walking to the tent flap to look up. "My word… it’s the Sea Dragon." he knew that ship, he has once been in a convoy with her and hed started at ehr outsid his cabin for eight months strait. "A baby, and three days later a ship." he whispered before looking at his wife. "I think they’re here for me." -08:24 Oct 23
Telara: She gave him another look of confusion before she realized he meant that odd dream he had. "Ah… an interesting coincidence…" Almost even a little eerie but if she were pregnant, she had definitely been showing signs for awhile… that could’ve just been instinctual knowing! The ship though… "…If they’re here for you, you’ll be going to command your own ship?" -08:28 Oct 23
[Telara enters.] -08:33 Oct 23
Nicholas: "It eans the admiralty wants to see me, we’ll sind out what for when they send thier boat." and sure enough one was being lowered and there was a man in a captain’s uniform looking down at them. He took her hand and stepped forwards to salute as the man stepped planetside and got one back. "Captan Burke?" Nicholas nodded. "That is me." "I have here orders for you to return to the first lord and take comition of a ship of his choosing/" he held out a sealed envelope and Nocholas took it, bloke the seal and shook it open with one hand. "We will await your embarcation at your convenience." "Thank you Captain… I will be ready by evening." He looked at Telara, looks like he would be leaving after all. -08:35 Oct 23
Telara: She was resting a hand on top of her head, not simply because she was still a little light on her feet, but because it was happening so fast…! "So you are leaving then. A new ship and everything." And of course she was happy for him. This was what he loved, his career and his life. She knew this was coming eventually. "Um… I guess I should be helping you pack your things…" -08:42 Oct 23
Nicholas: He waited until the otehr captain was out of earshot before replyng. "I could refuse commition." he said. "It would be deriliction of duty but I’m not reaving you here alone." he looked at her. "I’m not leaving your side, not when so many parts of that dream have come true." he placed his hand on her cheek. "I said I would stay here with you, and I don’t like to break promises." -08:45 Oct 23
Telara: "You can’t just throw your career away…" she said softly. Telara put on that brave smile. She couldn’t let him do something stupid for her sake. She could handle this. "Besides… if we’re going to have a baby you need your job, right? It’s not as if I won’t ever see you again…?" she just… hadn’t thought this would happen so soon! -08:50 Oct 23
Nicholas: "My family is independently wealthy." he said stubbornly. "I’m not leaving here without you." that was the key issue. "I can’t abandon you just as we find out you’re pregnant, not for a ship, not for anything. I want to be at your side every step of the way and patrols can last over a year. Maybe I am eing selfish but that is the way I feel." -08:54 Oct 23

“Let me solve this problem for you.” snorted the Doctor. He scribbled for a few moments on a slip of paper before he was thrusting it in to Telara’s hand. “Consider your internship over. I can’t have some pregnant woman wasting my time medical issues and sick leave and weeping. By all means, get off my planet.” -Telara

[(Timeout) Telara has timed out.] -09:00 Oct 23
Nicholas: Well that was enough, he stepped away from Telara and with a deft swing, well practiced and strong despite his weakened state sent his knuckles slaming into the doctor’s face. "Sorry." he said more to his wife than the man. "Poison must be playign havoc with my restraint." he shoot out his bruised knuckles and put his arm around Telara and started walking towards thier tent. "So what about it? Are you ready to be my ship’s botanist?" -09:00 Oct 23

The Doctor was in the background wailing and gripping his nose. “This is exactly why husbands are not allowed on expeditions…!” -Telara

Telara: Telara looked down at the paper as they walked away, fully expecting it to be a firing notice with some horrible review of her work. But it was a declaration of her internship being over including an actual reccomendation. The doctor, despite crushing a great deal of her hero worship by being a jerk, really wasn’t so bad! She grinned wide up at Nicholas. "I’m looking forward to the new adventure Captain Burke…" -09:04 Oct 23
Nicholas: He entered thier tent and immediatly started looking around and packing everything back into thier bags. He hadn’t expected it to be so soon but that was life and now he and Telara were on their way towards a new life together, with a child. His parents would fient with the scandal. "Once I have my commition we will probably stop over at the family hall for a couple of weeks." he said looking at her. "I will introduce you to the family then." he was nervous and knew she would be too. "I think my mother will be glad that I have manaed to produce her a gandchild." -09:10 Oct 23
Telara: She stood there lost for a moment, the idea of meeting family and breaking news.. it was a little daunting! Especially since they hadn’t told them they were married. …or how they were married! But she quickly regained her senses to gather up the few things she owned. "I’m not sure what’s more intimidating, yelling your family or spending weeks out on a boat." -09:13 Oct 23
Nicholas: He moved over to hug her quickly. "Let me worry about the family, you wory about making sure you have what you need to do what you need to do once we get started." he gave her a quick kiss before me moved away to continue packing. "You’ve faced ‘savage’ natives, I’m sure you can handle country nobility." -09:18 Oct 23
Telara: "I don’t know about that… Another kiss might steel my resolve?" Because with everything happening so fast, at least the one thing she felt sure of was him. From the moment she thought he might die, she was sure of it. Telara moved to catch his arm. And suddenly she was feeling far too shy for someone who just jokingly asked for another kiss. "Nicholas… I love you." -09:23 Oct 23
Nicholas: He stopped what he was doing and turned to look into her face. She had said it and from her look it was clear she meant it and he threw his arms aorund her and kissed her hard. "I wouldn’t give up a commision to be close to you if I didn’t love you too." he whispered quickly, in a rush. "I can do anythign, so long as you are there. -09:26 Oct 23
Telara: He could take her breath away with just one kiss, and make her feel like everything would be fine. Telara smiled wide, savoring that moment where they had the whole world to look forward to. Who wouldn’t? "So we are it, then? Meant to be in love…" -09:32 Oct 23
Nicholas: "If we’re meant to be or not, we are." he said moving his hand to run his fingers thought her hair. "We are and that’s all that matters. I’m very happy we are too." -09:34 Oct 23

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