Breaking Delilah 008

Breaking Delilah

[Delilah Red was once again back on Ferius’ island. But this time it was her leading the way to the temple. She was offering very little in terms of information… and why not? Ferius himself never explained things to her either.] -03:10 Feb 16
[Ferius follows wanting to ask questing but he never gets any answers out of this woman. If this is then working togetehr its off to e great start.] -03:15 Feb 16
Delilah Red: Swatting away leaves, they were already approaching the stone steps of the temple. Delilah was incredibly aprehensive, but along with the details, that was also something she was keeping from Ferius. After getting a bit of the translations from the temple walls wrong already, she was a hundred percent sure if she had the details of the curse correct. She was going to have to hope she’s as smart as she thinks she is! -03:19 Feb 16
Ferius: He had had enough and put a hand on her shoulder. “Whats going on Delilah?” he asked “There something on your mind.” he knew people well enough to know they were worried… was this a trap? -03:21 Feb 16
Delilah Red: He stopped her almost at the top step. Delilah turning to cast him that wry smile she so often liked to use. “Maybe I am just trying to breed an atmosphere of purpose and suspense before we dive head first in to changing your entire life.” Her tone of was sarcastic, but not biting. She motioned towards the stone door. The one that weeks ago was her vexation to learn only he could get open. “You are the one that told me the ultimate evil is now free on the ocean waves slaughtering every one it meets. I just don’t want to waste the time talking..?” And it was the truth! -03:26 Feb 16
Ferius: He decided for the hundreth time to trust her. There were easier ways for her to kill him. Letting her go he followed her inside running over everything her had read and everything she had told him. If this didn’t work… Thier plan was unchanged. Get men, kill Vardri. Only he’d be calling the shots. “I hope you are right about this Delilah.” -03:30 Feb 16
Delilah Red: “Me too.” she muttered inaudibly under her breath. There were very few things she were afraid of, and dying certaintly wasn’t one of them. But leaving it all up to someone else to make a choice for her… Squealching those thoughts before she had herself second guessing, Delilah continued leading the way inside the temple. Before long they were entering the main chamber where the former god sat in his chair, now nothing more than bleached bones. She went straight for him, leaning over the throne to flick away the dust until she found a stone chipped dagger. “There should be a large circle carved somewhere on the floor. You’ll need to find it.” -03:36 Feb 16
Ferius: There was only one thing for it, starting at the center of the room and working his way outsards ho began clearign the floor with his hand until his fingers found a deep groove. “Here.” he said folowing it around slowly, definatly and arc….. -03:39 Feb 16
Delilah Red: Delilah pulled the necklace off from around her neck, slipping the piece of gold over the stone through the hole at it’s center. The amulet was apparently a guard for the daggar. Securely tightly in place by the leather string. Still concealing her edgyness, she approached Ferius and beckoned him closer with her fingers. “I need your blood, then I give my offering. The rest from there will be entirely up to you.” -03:46 Feb 16
Ferius: He frowned. “Your offering?” he asked.. -03:47 Feb 16
Ferius: ((oops -03:47 Feb 16
Ferius: He frowned. “Your offering?” he asked.. “You are the one who knows that to do here.” His eyes penetrated hers and he help them there for a full secing as he aproached. Then he took her hand and raised it to his lips hissing it softly. “And I trust you will not leave me to fave my demons alone.” he sighed. He had no choice but to listen to her… this really was the only way. Pulling back his slieve he held out his arm. “As you were Delilah. I hope that thing is still sharp enough to cut.” -03:50 Feb 16
Delilah Red: She offered him a smirk. Though his concern seemed genuine, deep down she was wondering if it was still all a mistake. Delilah turned his hand over, palm up. Dragging the stone blade sharply over the palm. It was indeed still sharp! She brushed each side over his palm to coat it in blood. Then she was handing it to him. Wrapping his hand titling around the hilt and holding his hand tight over it with both of hers. “And I am trusting you.” she muttered. Before he could question her words, she jerked his hand and the daggar forward. Piercing herself straight through the stomach with a grunt. -04:01 Feb 16
Ferius: He looked hoorified, it made no sense. His hands were on the handle but it was her who had done the motion. He let go and caught her in his arms… and thats when the smell hit him. He blood,,, th ecraving returned seemingly a hundred times stronger and around then the air began to change. “You fool.” he spat. “That have you done? You’ve…” he stopped the smell intoxicating but he wouldn’t let it overwrite his concern. “Delilah?” -04:06 Feb 16

Blood poured from the wound to drip in dark splotches on the stone floor. The air grew so hot it almost crackled with the energy. Beyond the circle a deep, rich laughter began to echo. There, right in the stone throne, red wisps rose up from the skeleton perched there. Taking the faint outlines of a man, it drifted near the edge of the circle on the floor. A dark skinned and dark hair male just barely visible. “No power achieved without sacrifice. No curse broken without sacrifice. Here you have spilt blood twice on my palace floor…” -Delilah Red

Ferius: He was glad to have something to focus on other then and blood poaring from Delilah’s wound. Standing he turned to face the aparition. “You have no hold over he.” he said. “I bring back your ‘gift’ and choose death over your brand of evernal life. Take it back.” -04:16 Feb 16

Eyes glinting gold beneath the hazy red smoke that seamed to envelope him, the god merely smiled a sardonic smirk. “The blood is not pleasurable? To smell, to taste..? Imagine having her blood forever. You have the power to make it so…” -Delilah Red

Ferius: He looked down at her form, how words were true. She was helpless and he could make her his playthings. “You words will not sway me, now will they make me betray her. She and I made a deal… And I will not sit here while you watche her die.” -04:26 Feb 16

The delight on his face only grew. “She is already dead. Gone. A sacrifice has been made. Keep the power and take her blood. Make her eternal. Refuse it, thrust it back at me after you dared to take my life – and you will die a slow, miserable, mortal death.” -Delilah Red

Ferius: He spat at the ghost. “If shes dead rather join her in hell than curse her like I am. I refuse to carry this nurder any longer no matter the fate that meaves me facing.” -04:34 Feb 16

His delight vanished. The energy of the room crackled again as his roaring scream bounced off the stone walls in a deafening snarl. His form disappeared in the red wisps of smoke, rushing forwards towards Ferius until it crashed in to him with such a force that it nearly took him off his feet. …and just as suddenly as it began, the chamber was silent. Leaving nothing but Ferius standing and Delilah still with the knife through her. -Delilah Red

Ferius: It was gone, the slemm of her blood no longer affected his, it was just worrying. He fell to his knees and pulled the dagger from her placing it on the floor. “Delilah..” he whispered pullign her into his arms and cradling her “You shouldn’t have done this, you should have told me.” -04:40 Feb 16
Delilah Red: After a moment, she gasped! A soft groan escaping her, though she hadn’t yet opened her eyes or attempted to move outside of her fingers clenching in to fists. The wound from the knife was compltely gone. There was not even a scratch left behind. Only the blood covering her and floor was any indication she had been stabbed at all. -04:44 Feb 16
Ferius: He looked in disbelief his hand going to twhere the wound was. “Do not do that again.” he said beofre he pulled her closer and planted his lips on hers. “Mortality would be hell without you.” -04:47 Feb 16
Delilah Red: “Getting sentimental, Captain…?” Delilah was pretty surprised herself that she was still alive, if all the blood was any indication of just how bad that all looked. Still, she was giving him a wry grin, raising a hand up to his cheek and pulling his mouth open with her thumb. “Any fangs in there…? Otherwise we WILL be doing that shit all over again…” -04:50 Feb 16
Ferius: He smiled wolfishly showing off his teeth. “Thres no need for that. Whatever you did worked, which means I owe you a ship, and my life, you whink you can handle both of those Captain Delilah Red?” -04:53 Feb 16
Delilah Red: “Il mio amore, I can handle just about anything of yours.” Never had a threat ever sounded so sweet. Now she would be the captain of the Moira’s Gloom, command Ferius as she damn well pleased. Her wicked expression shifted serious. “I am glad I didn’t misplace my trust, Ferius…” -05:02 Feb 16
[Ferius has timed out.] -05:26 Feb 16
[Ferius enters.] -05:26 Feb 16
Ferius: “Likewise Delilah.” his voice was soft as he leaned down to kiss her again “You I had a feeling I could count on you I was still worried. You’ve shown my that a life well spent counts for more that an eternity wasted.” -05:30 Feb 16
Delilah Red: That grin grinned. “Of course, this means I can kill you whenever I please.” she muttered against his mouth. Not that she was planning to now… Somehow, through all of the sheer insanity of everything, Delilah had definitely warmed up to the idea of keeping him. “As long as you do not strap me to any more chairs… or any other women, for that matter.” -05:35 Feb 16
Ferius: “Strapping you to another woman would be a most foolish move indeed.” he teased. It was going to be hard accepting her in charge of everything, least of all his ship.. her ship now. “But I think you’ll find being able to give orders means that a lot fewer chairs will be properly modified for chaining unless of course the carpenters become attatched to the design.” -05:41 Feb 16
Delilah Red: With a sly expression, she slid her arms around his neck. “I promise you will not miss those stupid chairs. And if you do start to long for those days of being a total pain in my ass, I will be glad to hit you with the nearest bottle and start a fight.” -05:47 Feb 16
Ferius: “It would be like old times. You, me, a few choice words between us. One of us gainign the upper hand and exploiting it without mercy. A few more choice words and finally we go our seperate ways.” he said. “Though I think I’d prefer it withut that last part.” -05:50 Feb 16
Delilah Red: “I did not just bleed all over this goddamned temple to have one fight and leave, you shit.” she scowled at him. Did he really not understand the whole bit? She could strangle him! “I swear to ever god on the seas, you are the most dense, son of a bitch I have ever had the stupidity of falling for!” -05:56 Feb 16
Ferius: “And you are the most stubborn, fiery, compulsive, sadistic, iresponsable, sceming and downright daring woman I have ever realised I have strong feeling for.” he replied “And if you don’t get when I’m teasign you then this is going to be a long life together.” -06:00 Feb 16
Delilah Red: She was definitely going to strangle him. That was her intention when she advanced on him and pinned him to the floor. Maybe even stab him a few times to test and see if the curse really was broken. But… hovering above him to kiss him strongly and grumbling against his lips about him being an asshole was just as good. -06:04 Feb 16
Ferius: He slid his arms around her and pulled her in deeper rubbing the back of her neck. So he could have said something different after she removed his curse and admitted to liking him, but that wasn’t who he was but the truth was he felt as strongly about her and she did about him and his smile agaist her lips reflected that. -06:10 Feb 16
Delilah Red: He was frustrating and infuriating, but Delilah was quickly finding that was exactly what she adored about him. She growled in response to his smile. Nipping at his bottom lip with her teeth. No bloodlust and no rage to cloud her thoughts, all she was left with was a very satisfying knowledge of just having him. -06:15 Feb 16
Ferius: His head tolted back in response to her nip. He was fully aware of ehr and no nonger drunk on her. His ahdns slid down and grabbed her shirt pulling it up before they slid along her bare skin, savoring it. -06:19 Feb 16
Delilah Red: Lacking any sense of urgency, there was a benefit to her taking her sweet time. Bracing her hands at his jaw to brush her thumbs against his cheeks, before drifting down his neck to grip his shirt. Giving it a sharp tear in retaliation for all of her similarly lost items of clothing. -06:29 Feb 16
Ferius: She has odviously enjoying herself and more than a little bit, so why would he ruin her fun? He let her rip his shirt and even muttered a curse when she did his eyes finding hers. “I’m running out of those.” he said “Cary on like that and I’ll be going without.” his hands trailed down her back and over her ass as he grinned. “I surpose you could help me choose new ones.” -06:34 Feb 16
Delilah Red: “You’ll be sailing these seas naked before I start picking out your clothes, Ferius.” and what a delightful idea that was! She tilted, nuzzling against his cheek until her teeth found his ear. Nipping sharply before soothing it with a flick of her tongue. “And you’ll be damned if you if try to get me in another stupid dress.” she murmured. -06:40 Feb 16
Ferius: He loved under her her attention only fueling his appitite. “You’re right these clother are far more flattering.” he pulled her shirt up the rest of the way and over her head. “But if I’m sailing naked I would humble request my captain dressed to match.” he chuckled as he tensed under her the though of turning the tables fluttering though his mind. And then he acted on it pushign off of the stone floor to roll on top of her. -06:45 Feb 16
Delilah Red: Cold stone at her back made her gasp, but she was just as quick to repair her expression and narrow her eyes at him. “Ferius, you’re forgetting who is in charge here…” It was incredibly difficult to supress a bawdy grin at the thought of them both sailing a ship without a stitch of fabric. Delilah made sure the rest of his shirt was torn away now that he was kind enough to give her the room to do it. -06:51 Feb 16
Ferius: “And you’re assumign that matters here.” he replied softly kissing her lips them moving down to nip her neck then her shoulder. “Here if you want to be in control you take it.” his hand hent between them to unparsen her belt and pull it free along his her weapons which joined thier shirts to one side. “And we need to finish what we started on the beach.” -06:55 Feb 16
Delilah Red: “Aah, and the Captain reveals the technicalities of the agreement..” There was no anger in her voice, only a very amused smile. That would keep life ever so interesting. Delilah played coy, running a finger down his chest before hooking it in the wasteband of his pants. “Were we doing something on the beach, Ferius? I seem to forget…” -07:01 Feb 16
Ferius: “well let this serve as a reminder.” he leaned down and hressed his lips hard against hers while at the same tome pressed his hips into hers his ahdns runnign though her hair as he kissed ehr hard his teeth niibling her lower lip. -07:04 Feb 16
Delilah Red: There was that familiar feeling. Being so breathless that it left her head tingling just as much as the pit of her stomach. Delilah returned his kiss with a soft sigh, jerking hard against the waistband of his pants until she had them yanked open and the freedom to slip her hand inside. She gripped his shaft, running her thumb down the length of it with a promising invitation. -07:11 Feb 16
Ferius: “MMmm” the sound from his throat vibrated agaist her lips his his hips loved closer to her allowing her to toutch him to her lips as he pressed hard into the kiss. His hadn moved to her hip running up and down ther curves as he continued to grind slowky agaist her. -07:15 Feb 16
Delilah Red: “I think you should take off these pants, Captain, or you’re gonna be losing them too.” she murmured against his mouth, followed by a flick of her tongue and finding herself lost in kissing him again. She released him long enough to go pushing his pants down over his hips and squeezing his ass when her hands roamed back up again. -07:24 Feb 16
Ferius: He pushed his pants further down then pulled hers free too scatterign them across the floor as he continuet to feverishly kiss her between her words. “Still thinking of being a naked terror on the seas.” he asked “Because I could stand spending more time seeing your skin bared.” his hips met hers again and his shaft toutched her causing his breath to catch. “Espesially if I’m looking by touch.” -07:29 Feb 16
Delilah Red: She let out a slow breath, which was really just her way of trying not to let that impatient feverish burn whisk all her senses away. Legs free of trappings, she pushed hard against his shoulders until she had him rolled on his back again and her straddling his lap. Delilah slipped a hand at the nap of his neck, drawing him up to sit by gripping his hair. Nuzzling his cheek again as she curled her arms around his neck and pressed up against him. “I’m thinkin’ I don’t like the idea of sharing.” -07:35 Feb 16
Ferius: She had takes back control and it sent a shiver down his spine. “I think I like the sounds of an exclusive relationship myself.” he said as his lips alighted on her ear his one hand proppin himself up as the other ran up and diwn her spine. “One where we can share openly with each other, and be together.” -07:40 Feb 16
Delilah Red: Delilah made a sound very much akin to a purr. Her fingers stroked lazily through his hair, as she adjusted her position over his lap. “Are you proposing, il mio amore?” -07:43 Feb 16
Ferius: He pulled back lookign into her face his finger tickling her spine. “Are you accepting?” we arced a brown as his hand continued to feed her back attention. “You have after all captivated me more than any other woman in my very long life.” -07:46 Feb 16
Delilah Red: She might have been flushing! Delilah blamed it on the way his hands were tickling the skin of her back. She mimicked his expression, before tilting forward to brush her lips against his. “I may be. …it’ll be the last time you ever see me in a dress.” -07:50 Feb 16
Ferius: “As a captain you could do the ceremony anytime anywhere.” he said pressing his lips into hers lightly “And the moment you belong to no one but ourselves.” He kissed her again harder. “And we will be the most feared union on all the seas. The slayers of ancient gods.” -07:55 Feb 16
Delilah Red: “Hmm. I may have just been convinced.” He had her with belong to no one, but being fearsome and slaying ancient gods had a very nice ring to it. “I’ll be your wife, Ferius.” she muttered against his mouth with a smirk. Delilah shifted over his lap again, moving her hips until she could feel his tip pressing up hard against her center. -08:01 Feb 16
Ferius: He smiled agaist her as hiw hips shifted forewars welcoming her and givinf her better access. “And I’ll be your husband Delilah.” He nipped her neck in anticipation before kissing her again as his let his nails run up her spine. -08:05 Feb 16
Delilah Red: Delilah shivered, despite the fact her entire body was running hot. She slid down his body, her breasts being crushed up against his chest as she welcome him in. Hissing through her teeth when she settled and could pull him no deeper. She rest there a moment, savoring that feeling before gradually rocking her hips. -08:10 Feb 16
Ferius: He closed his eyes with the feeling of her drawing him in his hand on her lower back as his breath shuddered. His eyes opened and he grinned his hipps wippling under her his entire shaft in her soft embrace. “You alwasy feel amasing.” he whispered into her lips. -08:16 Feb 16
Delilah Red: “Good to know your taste has not changed along with your immortality.” Delilah took his mouth in a rough, passionate kiss. That bloodbond seemingly having never been the issue, as her desire for him was just as strong as ever. Her pace quickened as well as her breath. -08:26 Feb 16
Ferius: He kissed ehr back his hips moving under her matchign her pace. “My tases have always been satisfied by you.” he said before biting her lip his tongue running against it, his body tensing and relaxing with every breath. -08:29 Feb 16
Delilah Red: She laughed, it coming out in a breathy chuckled. All the wickedly mean things she could say in response, were just getting lost as a jumble of words in her mind. Every rise and fall of her body left her throbbing. Pressure building between her thighs just as tight as the grip her hands had on his shoulders. -08:34 Feb 16
Ferius: He sucked in his breath his bodt pressed harder agaist hers as she moved as he kept his lips sliding against hers. He really meannt it, she satisfied his every need and with his hips beginging to rise and a groan rising in his throat hed be satisfied very soon. His lips parted the only words left in his mind uttered as he let go into her. “I love you Delilah.” -08:38 Feb 16
Delilah Red: The unexpected words, left her reeling. The pleasure of hearing them mixing with that sudden shudder of bliss. Gasping out a small cry of his name, she was left clinging tightly with her arms around his neck until the muscles of her body stopped quaking. Once she could catch a breath, she nuzzled her face against his ear, letting out a soft breathy laugh. “And I love you, il mio amore… for all the insnaity it means.” -08:48 Feb 16
Ferius: He circled his arms arounf her and kissed her passionatly her pet name for him once mocking was now something more. “Thank you.. for ending my curse, and for showing me a life without it.” -08:52 Feb 16

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