My Demon Roommate 008: Photoshoot

[Cupio has his photoshoot today, and is getting ready to go to it with his -girlfriend- that he still can’t believe he has.] -04:15 Aug 18
[Jayden is hiding the fact she’s in pain with lots of aspirin and maybe a little gangja. It’s not like SHE has job, nobody needs to know!] -04:20 Aug 18
Jayden: Jayden didn’t even want to think about the fact that it only took a day or two for all the cuts, scrapes, bruises, and soreness to mostly go away. Whatever was left over felt more like a hangover crossed with a bad period, and apparently left her with the moodswings to match. She was glad that Cupio was excited about his new little modeling thing… while at the same time she kind of wanted to kill him and every other man in the world. Why was adorable Mcboobs always getting the attention? -04:25 Aug 18
Cupio: He was stepping out of the shower with his hair still slightly wet and all over the place when he saw her, his nostrils flaring as he smelled something and gave her a long, though not disaproving, look. “Are you ready to go?” he asked “I have the directions it shouldn’t take us too long. Thank you for coming with.” -04:29 Aug 18
Jayden: Jayden crossed her arms, tapping her elbows with her fingers as she watched him. Wet haired Cupio was always a very nice image for pouncing… Jayden quickly nodded. “I’m ready, I’m ready. You’re the one being a total chick and taking forever…” she muttered. -04:34 Aug 18
Cupio: He stuck his tongue out at her. “I wanted to give you time to finish, don’t think I couldn’t smell that.” he offered her his hand and a grin. “Next time share, okay?” he could also smell somethign else on her, somethign he couldn’t place but felt like he should be able to. If he didn’t know Jayden he might suspect it was the smell of another demon. -04:38 Aug 18
Jayden: “Oh that…” she mumbled sheepishly. Why she was even embarrassed for a -demon- to find out, she had no idea! “…not that it was for fun, mind you! I just feel a little shitty still.” Jayden took his hand and stepped up close to kiss his cheek. It was just supposed to be a moment of affection, but one deep breath of freshly cleaned Cupio, and she was really regretting him having an appointment. “Do you really -have- to go do that photoshoot? You could always do me, instead.” -04:44 Aug 18
Cupio: He grabbed the back of her neck and kissed her on the lips, a hard lingering contact. “Yes I do, but its not going to take very long then we can come abck here and take another shower, both of us.” he stepped away and pulled her along by her hand. “Also I might need yout to teach me how to drive a car before I try to get us one.” -04:47 Aug 18
Jayden: “There’s not a lot to driving. Probably take fifteen minutes to teach you.” So she was going to have to suffer through who knew how many hours, of Mcboobs having her photo taken. Jayden almost sullenly lagged behind him. “What kind of photoshoot is it, anyway?” -04:51 Aug 18
Cupio: “Its just a demo shoot with differnt clothes, no underwear shots don’t worry. They said they’ll provide all of them and makup people too. All you have to do is meet the guy and see how much money you can get from him. None of these pictures will end up in the magazine they’ll just be handed over to the editor to see if he wants to use me.” he exited the door and waited for her to lock it before setting off. “Do you want me to carry you, it will be faster.” -04:55 Aug 18
Jayden: “I guess faster is better. I want it over and done!” Jayden locked the door. She had no idea why she was even being so pissy about it. Even just at the words ‘use me’ she was bristling and ready to lock Cupio up in her apartment and never let him out again. Sure, she was a little over-protective of McBoobs, but this was a different feeling altogether. -04:58 Aug 18
Cupio: He stooped to allow her to get on his back then once she was on was walking down the corridor. “I’ not fure if this is allowed but I want to try it.” he was grinning almost ear to ear as he passed right by the starcase and headed for the fire escape. “You’re not scared of heights are you?” -05:02 Aug 18
Jayden: Jayden was STILL frowning, even when she was nuzzling his ear. “Afraid of heights? Naw… I don’t think so anyway. Just don’t do anything that’s going to make me throw up.” -05:03 Aug 18
Cupio: He pushed open the window at the end of the corridor and stepped out into the fire escape and started heading upwards. “I’ll try not to but we’ll see.” he liked carrying her like this and he liked flying so this should be fun. He hadn’t flown since ariving here and he suspected it was against the rules, but demons and rules… what you going to do? -05:06 Aug 18
Jayden: She took a look down, and her arms tightened around his neck. She hadn’t ever been afraid of heights, but she sure as hell didn’t like the idea of getting dropped either. “Okay then, make me barf if you dare. It just means skipping the photoshoot and staying at home in the shower all day!” -05:08 Aug 18
Cupio: “You’d make me go alone?” he asked takign a nip at ehr arm and then getting tothe top floor and looking down, there should be enough space here. “Carful…” his wings erupted from his shoulders and spread out. “Holding tight?” -05:10 Aug 18
Jayden: “Nope. I’d make you stay with me.” Jayden eyed his wings with interest. She hadn’t ever seen him use them before. ….besides for sex! This ought to be interesting. She made sure her grip was solid before she was nodding and mumbling in his ear again. “I’m ready.” -05:16 Aug 18
Cupio: The pushed himself up until he was bamanced ont he rail, then tilled forwasrds catching himself with his wing in a long downstroe his tail coming out for balance.. and he’d need a new pair of pants, he should have planned for that, but it was too lake now he had three coty blovks to fly, not very far but it was still fun. “I miss doing this.” -05:20 Aug 18
Jayden: Christ! It was a little unnerving to be on someone’s back and not secured with seatbelts or something! Still… once the initial shock was over, this wasn’t too bad at all. She even slackened her grip a bit so she wouldn’t flat out strangle him. “So why haven’t you been flying around to places? It’s not like demons don’t do it all the time.” -05:26 Aug 18
Cupio: “We don’t not in your world. There are rules.” he said. “They told me all the rules when I got my papers filed and my ID card. There are a lot.” he wuld look at her but he was soaring int he thermal upcraft of the city and feadign down the street withough having to flap. “Its about not letting humans be able to tell demons from humans and how many of us there are so you don’t get shocked. I suspect there more peperwork to do if I’m going to be a demon for photoshoots but they said they’d take care of that.” -05:30 Aug 18
Jayden: “Basically, just a bunch of political bullshit, then!” Okay, maybe she could see where letting the entire population know just how many demons there were out there might be a bad idea… but on the otherhand, it was all still pretty stupid. “I bet there will be paperwork. Are you sure those people are trustworthy and not trying to take advantage of Mcboobs? Photographers and Film Directors are particularly sleazy…” -05:33 Aug 18
Cupio: He chuckled and shook his head at her nickname for his other form. “They have other demons, or so they said and I made it very clear I wasn’t going to he humping the boss. I have a girlfriend, and human girlfriend who isn’t afraid to use a bat.” -05:36 Aug 18
Jayden: “I’m not afraid to use a gun, either, just to be clear.” And if he didn’t quit snickering about it, she might use the gun on him too. “But good. I’ll make sure to reiterate the fact while I’m there bullying them about your contract too!” -05:40 Aug 18
Cupio: “You know I like it when you get fiesty.” he said bringing them lower and landing a short was in front of a startled taxi driver stopping to pick up passengers. “Here we are, the photography studio…” he didn’t wait for her to get off and just carried ehr through the door to the reciption desk. “Cupio and manager… I’m Cupio.” -05:44 Aug 18
Jayden: Jayden would so show him fiesty in a minute. Now if they weren’t in public with a confused and crossed looking secretary staring at them and typing away at her computer. “Second floor. They are already waiting for you.” -05:47 Aug 18
Cupio: “Thank you.” still with Jayden on his back he headed for the elevator and pressed the call button and waited for the door. “So you’re going to meet the guy I’m workign for and intimidate him into treatign me with respect whil I get changed?” -05:51 Aug 18
Jayden: “That’s why I’m wearing the power suit, Coop. Our new mobster friends said it makes all the difference for intimidation.” Of course, so did packing a gun. But she wasn’t able to get her hands on one of those yet. Next time. Jayden was nuzzling his neck now. Why the hell did he smell so good? What a shitty day for an appointment! -05:53 Aug 18
Cupio: He stepped into the metal box when the doors opened and then stooped again. “As nice and distracting as that is being carried in is not the best for intimidation.” -05:57 Aug 18
Jayden: Jayden let out an annoyed breath. “I guess not.” Huffing again, she slid off his back and took the time to straighten her clothes. Then it was back to arms being crossed and looking a mix between bored and angry. There was still nothing for her to be angry about, she was just stuck with that mood. So much for the ganja calming her down! “I guess you better get Mcboobs on too.” -06:00 Aug 18
[Cupio enters.] -06:18 Aug 18
Cupio: “Why do you call me that?” he asked just before changing and suddenly being in very ill fitting clothes and tying the shirt to bare some midrift and stop it hanging down to past his croth and just abbandoned the torn pants completely standign there in short boxers. Then he circled his arms around one of thens and rested his cheek against her shouler. “You smell good.” -06:22 Aug 18
Jayden: “Because you’re pretty much nothing but a walking stick with boobs like this.” It was so annoying how the shift seemed to change her entire response to him like some sort of switch being flipped. Jayden wondered if it was some weird demon thing, or if it was just her personally that was doing it. Either way, when the elevator doors opened, she was stepping out with a short girl on her arm and probably looking like she’d stab the first person to eyeball her girlfriend. “Who exactly are we meeting?” -06:26 Aug 18
[(Timeout) Cupio was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -06:30 Aug 18
Cupio: He couldn’t help but smile with excitement even though her words made him wonder if she really though he was unatractive. “He said studio 2, on the right. There it is.” he was pulling her by her captive arm and still keeping his cheek against her shoulder to get more of her smell. “You didnt use a new soap did you? I’m serious thre is something to your skin today than makes me wish we had stayed at hime in the shower.” -06:30 Aug 18
Jayden: It was the first smile Jayden had cracked all morning. She took the opportunity to lean and whisper in his ear. “You should have. Because nibbling you chin to tail would be so much more fun than taking pictures.” -06:34 Aug 18
Cupio: That actually make him tingle. “Fuck you for saying that. Now thats going to be on my mind and… hmmm…” he paused and slipped behind her to push her hair aside and flick his togue agaist the side of her neck. “Now how would it look if I had to drag you in there. You first, then we can get this over with and I can fuck you for saying that.” -06:37 Aug 18
Jayden: “You’re awfully short like this. I think it might be fucking you instead. All too easy to bend you over my lap and-” Jayden cut off deliberately, she was the first one walking through the door after all. And now she was smirking wide, as if she had this entire thing under control the whole time. “Where is the boss of this little operation.” she announced. “No one is using my Cupio until terms are set.” -06:44 Aug 18
Cupio: And so he followed her through and stood next to her practically brimming with excitlment, enough for his tail to swish from side to side and to bite his lip. And frankly the though of Jayden taking charge sounded delectable and he eyed her with a predatory gaze for a little too long in front of everyone. Take charge Jayden was sexy. -06:47 Aug 18

Tehre were several people there, a photographer, a director, a custume artic who didn’t seem happy seeing what the new demonette model came in wearing. “I am honey.” the man was overwieght, that was for sure, not obese but definatly hanging our and but he wore a clean suit and expensive watch adn it was clear the suit was cut to fit adn his haircut couldn’t have been cheet either adn not the typical thing comeone in thier mid 40s would have. “So you’re the manager Cupio told me about, or [i]girlfriend[/i] as she put it, and you must be Cupio nice to meet you in person. Sandra over there will sort you out with wardrobe… Now Jayden, was it? Do you want to look over our standard contract?” -Cupio

Jayden: “You can call me Ms. Green.” Jayden already wanted to kick this guy in the balls. Luckily, no one there could tell she was totally bullshitting through her teeth this whole business manager thing! Reluctantly she was unhooking Cupio Mcboob’s arm from hers. The faster this was over, the better! “I do, as a matter of fact. All shoots need to be approved by me first. As for payment… Hmm. That’ll depend on the work required.” -07:02 Aug 18

Cupio jumped up to kiss Jay’s cheek an bounce off towards the wardrobes still as excited as ever, practically skipping away as the man grinned at the display. “Today is just a strait shoot, your girl puts on the clothes picked out in the orcer picked out, we have a few props, backdrop. Just to test her out, I’ve worked with demons before sometimes they can get tempramental. We might have her pose with one of them later. You have no idea how well demon on demon sells right now. Though for today being a demo shoot, there is no payment.” -Cupio

Jayden: Demon on demon. She was getting all sorts of touchy about phrasing today. Despite Coop’s bounciness, Jayden looked just as scowly as ever. “If there won’t be payment today, then I want a copy of all photos taken to add to her portfolio. She doesn’t work for nothing, demo or not.” If he thought demons were tempermental… -07:10 Aug 18

He shook his head. “Everythign we shoot today is property of my company, it all in the waver you’ll sign. If you want portfolio shots I know a cheep photographer, hes right over there. I run a tight business and even if your girlfriend is as cute as hell.” he grinned at his own pun. “You should read the contract before you make adendums, unless I get soem alone tiem with her, or you, I guess you’ll do.” -Cupio

Jayden: She grit her teeth. Cupio was excited about this job… she couldn’t punch him in the face. “Then you’re going to make an exception today. I will get copies of the photos.” She was snatching that contract to give it a quick look over. Pulling a pen out of her jacket pocket. One she was currently imagining stabbing him in the eye with. “By the way, if you even so much as breathe on her, I’ll be digging your lungs out of your chest to give her as a present.” Jayden didn’t even look up from the contract as she spoke, she was busy crossing off items and circling important things. -07:20 Aug 18

he didn’t brak his grin. “I’m not one of thoes niave enough to believe demon eat human meat.” he said “I’ll let you pick out ten pictures, if you sign and exclutivity clause sayign you’ll never sell them to other publications.” he was eying her differntly now. “You know I’ve never seen one that acts so happy to be bound.” his voice almosy has a tome of profesional respect. Almost. -Cupio

Jayden: “I don’t think you understand. We don’t need this job, she wants to take pretty pictures. So I let her take pretty pictures under my conditions or I can take her to another gallery who would be happy to fullfill my simple little requirements in order to have a very flexible demon subject.” Jayden handed him the ‘corrected’ contract right back. Now she was smiling herself, a rather sardonic look! “I will, of course, be happy to sign an exclusivity contract and not work with anyone else, provided she’s treated to my specifications.” -07:31 Aug 18

He read over the contract and then crumpled it up. “Do you think I’m an idiot?” he asked “I’m not going to be able to scedule a shoot with those requirments. I run a business and I need to know you’ll have her show up when I need to and be able to shoot what I need to with her.” he reached into his jacket and pulled out another contract, a more generous one he kept in case the first one was refused. “Agree to this and I’ll make sure she doesn’t do anything [i]she[/i] doesn’t want to.” -Cupio

Jayden: Jayden kind of liked this! Being bossy and in charge. She never really cared about amition or power before, but getting this guy all riled up was entertaining. Jayden took the new contract and looked it over. It was a lot better than the first. Not ideal, but better. “I can work with this. As long as I get a copy of all pictures, she can be available when ever she’s needed for a public shoot. I’ll even waver having final say over what gets published if I get to be present for any shoots she wants my company in.” -07:43 Aug 18

“He looked at her. “Fine, I’ll get that added into the contract, we’ll sign once this shoot is done. But if any of those pictures get published by a rival I’ll sue you to hard you won’t be able to affors the tissues to dry your eyes and I’ll unbing your friend, that soon to be illegal you know.” -Cupio

Jayden: “Then it’s a good thing she’s my girlfriend and not bound to me, then, huh?” Jayden’s grin was awfully smug. “Don’t worry, I have no intentions of selling the pictures. Were it up to me, she would be in my bed, not taking photos for the world to see.” That really just reminded her how much she hated this whole photoshoot thing to begin with, despite how amusing ‘negotiating’ was. Cupio better appreciate this! -07:51 Aug 18

He gave her a sceptical look but apreciated the mental image of a half demon lesbian couple in bed. I’ll get the revised contract drawn up, wardrobes are though there if you want to talk to your [i]girlfriend[/i].” he moved off and headed for an office, he would get his little revenge when the other demon got here. -Cupio

Jayden: “Uh hmm.” Jayden definitely wanted a gun. Then again, it was probably better she didn’t have one. She moved off to wardrobe to check on Cupio. Arms crossed again and feeling just as annoyed as ever. To top it off, she was starving! Thoughts of taking a bite out of that guy actually sounded appetizing. -07:59 Aug 18
Cupio: Cupio was having his hair trimmed into shape and brushed to frame his face, they apparently thought the color was good as it was since they left it as is. He was reating a courset that really made the nicname Mcboobs more apropriate than usual that ended with a small skirt at the bottom. Cupio was unsure about it though especially since the top was breatening to either burst or he was going to have to push his chest back in again. “Jay!” he called out making the makeup artics click his tongue. “How did it go?” -08:04 Aug 18
Jayden: “A second ago I was thinking about eating him, but I think he’s reluctantly agreed to my demands.” Her hands uncrossed to rest on her hips, there was that scowl again. Why did McBoobs Cupio have to be so -cute-? There was no way Jayden could pull off a look like that! “You’re barely dressed. Is that thing even comfortable?” -08:07 Aug 18
Cupio: “Not really, its tight and they had to put on poweder so it wouldn’t rub on the skin too much. I could make it more comfortable but they said I shouldn’t. They said I’b be wearing a costume next.” -08:10 Aug 18
Jayden: “If something isn’t comfortable, you shouldn’t have to wear it. You can tell them no when you want to. It’s going to be in your contract.” That, and she’d beat the hell out of them. but Jayden was trying to get that sudden need for violence under control again. Clearly she had been hanging around a demon far too long. “I can’t wait until we are home and alone.” she was even eyeing the makeup artist. Even he would want to steal Coop from her. Coop was the best of both worlds. -08:14 Aug 18
Cupio: “I want to see how the pictures come out and how I look.” he said before having his head turned and hair sprayed. “Why are you looking so mad? We’ll get home soon enough and I’ll have a gurprise or two waiting for you.” -08:18 Aug 18
Jayden: “Because I don’t like to share, for one. People are going to be touching you and taking pictures of you and I just have to stand around and watch.” Nothing beat honesty, there was no reason to lie or pretend about it. “And second, you look like a sleezeball’s dream girl. All it takes is one asshole trying to paw at you. Hrrm. Maybe I should have brought some of the guys from the club…” Bodyguards. That might help. -08:21 Aug 18
Cupio: Hes stood and walked over to her making the makeup artist sigh and call the job done. “Remember what happened to the last juy who tried?” he asked “And if you worry all the sime you’ll tire yourself out with stress, your recond is three, I want to break that some day.” “When you’re finished there the crew is ready.” -08:24 Aug 18
[Jayden enters.] -08:26 Aug 18
Jayden: “I don’t care what happened to the last guy, I don’t want anyone even -thinking- about touching you.” He didn’t really grasp the extent of this rage-issue she seemed to have. Then again, she really didn’t get it either. Jayden leaned forward without touching him, to mumble in his ear and not mess up his pretty hair or makeup. “Then lets get this done fast, Coop. I’d rather spend the rest of the day getting fucked unconcious than standing around wishing I could rip your clothes off.” -08:33 Aug 18
Cupio: He grinned wide and let a hand slide over Jayden’t cheek. “Well then lets get started.” he moved throught back into the studio and wens to sit where the photographer indicated, in a crypt set on a sarcophagus, and then draped himself over the stone top, beign handed a plastic skull and looking down at it contemplativly. “Is this normal for shoots?” -08:39 Aug 18
Jayden: Jayden stayed out of the way, letting the crew do what they would. She just kept an eye on things. “Photoshoots always have weird themes and settings they’re going for. Stuff gets paired with holidays, or topics in magazines and stuff like that. I guess they are going for the whole… grimdark demon thing.” Aside from the fact he looked like a trashy goth slut. Jayden was frowning again. -08:46 Aug 18
Cupio: He sat in cross-legged ont he ston and rested the skull in his lap. “I never though they had themes, that actually cool, and stop frowning you’ll make me pout…” and he did, and the camera got it. -08:48 Aug 18
[(Timeout) Jayden doesn’t post enough.] -08:56 Aug 18
Jayden: Her hands were resting on her hips again, and she cast him that raised eyebrow look. “Don’t think for a second that pouting is going to work on me. If I want to stand here glaring like a jealous boyfriend, and threatening to kill people, I’m gonna do it.” She even made a point of squinting at one of the lighting crew. This was taking forever. “Bah… lean forward like this.” Jayden finally mumbled and tilted forward as an example. The photographer was going to want the ‘perfect shots’, might as well help and get it done faster. -08:56 Aug 18
Cupio: He did lean forwards and squeesed knowign what Jayden was getting at, then looked at the camera at an angle and tried a her expressions. The was told to lie plat on the top like sleeping beauty. -08:58 Aug 18
Jayden: Those mcboobs were gonna pop out of that thing if they weren’t careful. Jayden had the brief thought of tossing her jacket over him and carrying him out. She wasn’t exactly strong, but she had enough leverage to sling a girl over her shoulder. “What IS the theme of this shoot anyway?” -09:01 Aug 18

“Alright next costume, our other is here, so is the revised contract.” he made a beeline for Jayden and handed it to her and cupio ogt up and heaved back towards the changing room. “While your dove is changing, you may as well meet Dragus.” Dragus it turned otu was a demon, a tall demon who looked like he would ahve to duck to get through doorwards and had deep deep skin all over his body. He had no wings but two lines of horns ran down from his forehead all the way back to the base of his skull. “Dragus you head to your wardrobe, alright people hospital set lets go.” -Cupio

Jayden: Jayden actually had to lean backwards just to get a view of this ‘Dragus’. She even mouthed the word whoa, watching him head off to wardrobe as she took the new contract in hand. She liked her Cupio better. Even little McBoobs. ….who could probably be snatched up and squished by someone like Dragus. Jayden was scowling all over again as she looked down at the new contract. “Hospital set, huh…” she muttered. -09:07 Aug 18

There is no real theme today, then a could of sets, one alone which is what we just did and one with another model, that you just met.” It seemed Dragus didn’t need makup, he just came otu wearing a white labcoat big enough to make a tent out of. He also didn’t seem to speak much. “Its got the clauses added so you don’t need to worry. and since I like your little girl so much I even added a hundred bucks on for today.” -Cupio

Jayden: “Aren’t we lucky.” she grumbled under her breath. Jayden was eyeing that demon warily, waiting on Coop. This was another new feeling. It was one thing having a bunch of regular people around, but now there was a demon. She felt…. threatened? Like her territory was being encroached on! It was insane, and she was fully aware of it being insane. Gritting her teeth, she went ahead and signed the paperwork. Cupio wanted this, she would have to deal. -09:16 Aug 18
Cupio: “Dragus?” it was cupio’s voice and it sounded surprised. He was in a nurse’s outfit with hsi hair in a bun and wearing glasses and the first thing he did was go up to the large demon and take his huge hand in both of his. “I havn’t seen you since… hell.” the large demon looked down at Cupio and cracked a smile. “Didn’t expectto see you here either, it was been a while.” -09:20 Aug 18
[Jayden enters.] -09:21 Aug 18
Jayden: Jayden handed the contract over to the jerk. Which was more like thrusting it at him than handing it. Then her hands were on her hips again, tapping slowly. If an expression could kill, that demon should have been bursting in to flames by now. But he wasn’t and Jayden was stalking forward like a cat getting ready to pounce. “Cuuuupio. So you have met before?” -09:23 Aug 18
Cupio: Cupio looked at Jayden letting go of the demon’s hand who want to sit on the ward bed in the set. “A long time ago before I was summoned, maybe.. eighty years. Hes great, its always good to see familair faces.” [color=yellow]”Alright Nurse Cupio, you need to go and sit in Doctor Dragus’ lap.” Cupio gave Jayden a goncerned look then went and complied. “Poses people.” Copio went to a lookign at the camera over his glasses quile holding the stem look for the first set of pictures but was then grabbed by the demon she was sitting on with one arm around him and the other pullign her hat off and and hail loose, the look of suprise the camera snappign away madly caught was all too real. -09:30 Aug 18
[Jayden enters.] -09:30 Aug 18
Jayden: Ooh. That was like hitting a blackout button. There was only two thoughts left in her head at the moment. One was setting the whole place on fire, the other was seeing how much blood that demon could spell all over the floor. Jayden was standing so still, the only part of her that moved was the single single that lifted to point. “I don’t like him touching Cupio.” Her voice was soft and she was trying not to growl. That was her only warning. -09:36 Aug 18
Cupio: “Alright, thats enough, next pose.” the man was grinning seeing Jayben get so wolked up but he couldn’t smell what cupio could, or what Dragus could. Cupio slid off of his lap and stopped when a hugs and caught his arm and turned. Dragus lifted cupio to stand on the bed so that thier head were just about level. “You… how?” “I don’t know…” they were having a whispered argument all of a sudden. “Its not meant to be possible… I’ll make sure.” he pulled off his heels and hopped off of the bed and started walking wowards Jayden his sace set but was intercepted by the director. “Shoots not over, get back into place.” -09:44 Aug 18
[(Timeout) Jayden doesn’t post enough.] -09:50 Aug 18
Jayden: Without a word Jayden turned to walk away while Cupio was speaking with the demon. She stepped just outside of the room. When she returned, she had a fire extinguisher in her hands and the director was getting in Cupio’s way and telling him to get back in place. No. That is not what Jayden wanted. It took two seconds to cross the room, and there was the loud THONG when she cracked the man over the back of the head with it. He dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes. And for a second, it looked like she was going to make sure her was dead when she rose the thing over her head and was preparing to hit him again with it! -09:50 Aug 18
Cupio: Cupio wasn’t playing around either. He grabbed Jayden’s arm tught and pulled her away from he director. “We’re going home. NOW.” he said pulling her out of the room not bothering to change. “And then you’re going to get all the sex you could ever dream of.” -09:53 Aug 18
[Jayden wants to go back and rip a demon’s horns off.] -04:36 Aug 28
[Cupio is barefoot, with ruffled hair and in what ismeant to be a sexy nurses outfit. But His Jayden desurved a good fucking.] -04:38 Aug 28
Jayden: "I wasn’t done!" Jayden was practically snarling by now, and fuck if she knew why she was so mad. Aside from the fact she hated people touching on her tiny McBoobs, especially giant horny horned demons. "I wasn’t actually going to kill anyone." …maybe. -04:41 Aug 28
Cupio: Cupio was grinning and his tail was swishing madly like a cat’s as he put one hand on each of Jayden’s shoulders and jumoed onto her back to nuzzle her neck as they neared home. "I don’t want you to think about them right now. I want you to think about me. She was practically cooing already smelling Jayden’t scent and how different it was, and then licking the back of her neck. -04:43 Aug 28
Jayden: That caught Jayden a little off guard. Grumbling as she tilted forward to compensate for the extra weight on her back, and stiffening a bit at the licking. That would have been a lot nicer of Jayden wasn’t pissy and feeling a smidgen on the murderous side! "I AM thinking about you! You and some massively HUGE demon with dicks and boobs everywhere!" An exageration, but knowing the few things about demons that she did, Jayden wouldn’t at all be surprised. -04:47 Aug 28
Cupio: Claws were run down the side of her neck and then she was sniffed. "I’m thinkign about me too, me, and you." he nipped the back of her earlobe and then closed hsi arms aroung her neck and shoulders. "My Jayden, who I would choose over any demon, and who smells better than them all. -04:51 Aug 28
Jayden: "You’re not going to sweet talk me out of going back there and sawing that demon’s horns off. I bet they’d make great beer mugs." If he didn’t have the mcboobs right now, she might have been a little swayed. Like this, though…. Jayden had the idea of tying him up and leaving him in bed. Yes! In fact, that was exactly what she was going to do! Mcboobs was never leaving the house again! -04:57 Aug 28
Cupio: That actually shocked him. "You know threatening to take a demon’s horns is just about the worst things you can do, and actually doing it would shame them forever." he couldn’t leave her neck alone if seemed. "You know you should have told me, Should have… Mmmm I’m going to… Do you want to be able to walk tomorow?" -05:01 Aug 28
Jayden: "I can’t take care of you if I can’t walk. And GOOD. I’m glad you think that’s the worst I’m gonna do to him, cause it’s going to make everything else I do a fun surprise!" Boy, Jayden was checking off a whole list of things. Just needed a gun, some chains, maybe some cacti… Jayden had to hold Mcboob’s legs just to make it up the small hill to her door. "Scratch that. Neither of us are leaving the house tomorrow." -05:06 Aug 28
Cupio: Cupio was grinning madly at that and nuzzling into her neck like it was the only think in the world. "Then we get to fuck as much as we want tonight." they were barel in the door and he was reacing down to grab her boob without getting off her back. "I don’t think I’m getting any sleep tonight." -05:08 Aug 28
Jayden: "You’re going to be too busy being tied up for any of that." It was a really weird thing to have a woman groping at her, but only because sexing him was the last thing on her mind at the moment! Cupio was hers and Jayden was going to make sure he stayed that way. The door was kicked clothes and Jayden was stomping off to the bedroom. At least the good thing about Mcboobs was that it took no effort at all to suddenly throw her body weight and flip Cupio over her head in to bed. Now what she needed… Jayden looked around in her bedside dresser for something useful. How do you tie up a demon? -05:15 Aug 28
Cupio: Jayder was being so… fun! Cupio rolled on the bed and scrambled to his feet to jump at her in order to kiss her. "Yes tie me up, I always knew you’d like that." so a horny demon couldn’t catch that she was not talking about sex. That shouldn’t come as a surprise. -05:18 Aug 28
Jayden: Jayden dodged the kiss and the bouncy demon! Scowling even as she shoved the Mcboobs back on the bed and resumed her search. "It’s not for sex! I’m gonna make sure you never leave the house and get groped by someone other than me EVER again!" -05:25 Aug 28
Cupio: There was the predatry look in his eyes. "Jayden jealous a demon I didn’t even sleep with?" she was being silly and yet it was strangly attractive. He stood and moved slower this time taking hold of her arm. "Come on jayden you knoe I’m all yours, and this time could be better spent consumating that…" -05:27 Aug 28
Jayden: "Didn’t sleep with but COULD sleep with, whether you liked it or not!" Damnit. Could he not sit still for a few minutes so she could do this. Jayden was pulling his hand off her and pushing him back on the bed. Mcboobs was easy to shove around. …and this was exactly why she was pissed off! "Stay there! I have some zip ties in my closet!" -05:33 Aug 28
Cupio: "I could have killed him you know, just like that mob man." he sat and watched her. "Why do you think then just because I look like this I’m suddenly a delicate flower that need thelter when all I want to do if fuck my girlfriend. So you’re going to stop look for zip ties and you’re going to get naked." -05:36 Aug 28
Jayden: "I don’t think you understand the monumental difference of auras you put out from guy form to chick form!" Jayden paused long enough to gesture at him in frustration! "Like this I want to protect you and take care of you and pet you! You’re small and cute and snatchable. And mine. Yet every asshole with a dick is trying to grab you! Have you any idea how much that drives me insane?!" -05:41 Aug 28
Cupio: He stood and just started unbuttoning his top to pull it open. "You need to calm down Jayden." he took her hand and held it in his pulling it up to put on his cheep, then her other to put on his chest and then he put both is his on her sides. "I’m yours, and nothing will change that, especially not now." his eyes drifted down to her stomach then back up to her face. "If doesn’t matter what I look like, I can still kick ass and I can still fuck you senseless." -05:47 Aug 28
Jayden: Jayden snatched her hands back, holding them up over her head. Nobody fucked mcboobs and that included her! At least… right this second, when she was seethingly mad and he wasn’t getting that she was in kill-mode, not sex-mode! "I am not going to calm down! You are not going to fuck me! I am going to tie you to bed, go back to that shoot and pre-emptively kill anyone that looks like they’re going to touch you. THEN I -might- let you leave this house." -05:51 Aug 28
Cupio: "No, you’re not." that was meant to sound firm but even Cupio didn’t think it did. "I don’t want you going to prison, or getting into trouble because of me." there was poutiness, she said she didn’t want to fuck and was ignoring everything he threw at her so it was time to show her that Cupio, mcboobs or not was not helpless. Jayden could for five him later. He pulled his arms around her tighter and suddenly his wings were a lot bigger. The pushed against the air and then the wall knocking a side table over as he pulled her with him landing on his back on the bed and clamping his arms around her and grabbing the hair at the back of Jayden’s head to pull her into a kiss. "You’re not going naywhere tonigh and no one else is allowed to touch me but you. Anyone tries you’re more than welcome to kill them if I don’t first. -06:05 Aug 28
Jayden: There was a loud growling huff from Jayden. If that whole grabby display of demon strength was supposed to prove something, his pouty-face was ruining the entire effect. So Jayden was trying to push herself back up on her hands, leaning only long enough to kiss his forehead. "That’s cute. You’re adorable even, Coop. Too adorable. How about I promise not to murder or get caught? I’m sure a few thugs from the club can give me a hand…" -06:13 Aug 28
Cupio: He clung to her. "You’re not going anywhere." he insisted. "I want my Jayden to stay right here with me and…" dammit! He was slipping out from under her to right the table and then turning. "You’re not going anywhere, and I mean anywhere, without me." -06:16 Aug 28
Jayden: Jayden sat up and ran her hand through her hair. Even casting angry little Mcboobs a smirk. "Well I could drag your around tied up. You’re not that heavy. Hmm…" That was a good idea! Who was to say demons wouldn’t show up here to the apartment trying to snatch him? Better with her than alone! -06:33 Aug 28
Cupio: He moved back onto the bed to sit in her lap and put an arm around her. Humans really got weird when it came to stuff like this. "You’re not dragging me through the streets tied up Jayden. I’d rather just change into a form that would leave you in no doubt that I can look after myself. Now are you going to fuck me or am I going to get changed and drag you back to that club and fuck you there? Oh and if ts the latter I’ll be going like this." -06:40 Aug 28
Jayden: "You’re driving me insane." Which was another really good reason that Jayden didn’t do girls! Such high maintenance! There was only room for one girl! She was reluctantly wrapping her arms around him, though and resting her chin on his shoulder. "You’re not going to a club like this. We’ll stay here and I won’t go terrorizing the streets. Does that make you feel better?" -06:47 Aug 28
Cupio: "Much." he was grinning and giving her a kiss as her reward and then went to stroke the side of her neck with his claws. "Though tell me Jay…" he didn’t want to have to ask this but the way she acted… "Do you find this attractive, or are you just embarresed to be out with this form?" -06:50 Aug 28
Jayden: She eyed him with a look of dubious surprise. "Do you really think I am embarrassed with you as a woman? It’s not the boobs that bothers me, Coop. I’ve told you that a million times now." -06:52 Aug 28
Cupio: "But you act like you don’t even find me attractive. I want you to like me for what I am, both forms." he was moving to place his hands on her shoulders and push her down. "I want you to like all of me." -06:55 Aug 28
Jayden: Jayden plopped on her back if only because she was exasperated! "I DO like you like this! Why do you think I am so damned pissed off when everyone keeps putting a hand on you? It’s just… like, hum…. pure insane jealousy in every way shape and form. About everything."" -06:58 Aug 28
Cupio: Now he was on top and looking down at her a hand playing with the top button his her shirt and then pulling it open. "Do humans feel that a lot? Would you feel it if a woman hit on the other me?" he was rubbing the exposed skin lightlyletting his claws slip under her shirt. "Would you put your hands on me?" -07:01 Aug 28
Jayden: As ever so slightly awkward as it was having a girl on top of her, it was also a comfortable feeling. Not the electrically charged thing she seemed to get while he was a man, but it was a nice fuzzy feeling. Though it might’ve just been cause she was still pissy, and thought his whole female insecurity thing was amusing. Jayden lift a hand to brush her knuckles over his collarbone. "I would punch the shit out of a woman hitting on man-you too, yes. Jealousy in humans is pretty normal, yes. My jealous about Mcboobs is.. hrrrm… I don’t know. I think it’s just you." -07:05 Aug 28
Cupio: She hadn’t answered his last question. But he didn’t re-ask, inteas he put his ear to her shest to listen to her heart as he kept rubbing then he looked up at her and moved to kiss hew chin. "I don’t think I’ve felt jealous but it do know I want you all to myself and anyone putting a hand on my Jay would loose that hand, and them a lot more." he pricked her skin with his claws just to make his point, then straddles her stomach to let hsi hair trail along her face and he leaned down to kiss her. "How did you manage to ensnare the feelings of a demon?" -07:15 Aug 28
Jayden: Her breath hitched at the pricking, and she frowned just a bit. Jayden really doubted he knew what jealously felt like for real, or he wouldn’t be such a pain about it now. And she couldn’t pitch a temper tantrum and have a fit about it when he was being such a chick! Jayden took his face in to her hands instead, returning the kiss with a soft one of her own. The scowl was still there. "I don’t know. I’m lucky, maybe? Or maybe because you’re weird and the only one that likes a Jayden instead of everyone else’s prefferences for a Mcboobs." Okay, maybe she couldn’t stop herself from bitching about that too. -07:23 Aug 28
Cupio: "Theres different types of people right? So I get the creeps and you get the demons with a strange liking for.. whatever it is you have." he ran his claws down the side of her neck and then kissed her again. "I should be jealous of you for beign so lucky but I find it hard to be when I have you instead." -07:25 Aug 28
Jayden: Jayden sighed. At some point her anger had dissipated. How did he even do that? He had weird girl wiles. Jayden ran her hands up his arms, that slight frown on her face again. "What IS it that I have? I know what you have… sticky-factor." -07:40 Aug 28
Cupio: "You have great looks, great smell, great touch. But if it were only that I would ahve unbound myself and left. You make me feel warm and content, and make me want to sigh." he kissed her again. "And I would stay with you even if it wasn’t for…" he nipped her lip. "Its not every mortal that can take a demon, and not every human that can make one feel. You’re kind, you look out for me… What don’t you have?" -07:45 Aug 28
Jayden: "Hmm. Repeat all of that again later when you’re a man so I get the sexy voice with it." Jayden was pacified, though. Enough to circle her arms around him to the point of squeezing and nuzzling against his cheek. He was too soft! But he did smell good, and it really didn’t matter if he were man or woman, she wanted to be close to him. -08:11 Aug 28
Cupio: He ran his hand though her hair nad nuzzles her back his other hand still caressing the side of her neck. :I will Jay." he promised, though right now he just wanted to be close to her and deal with the serious cae of the hornies he was still having. He moved his hips to rest on hers and caught her lips int a kiss that he deepened as he pushed hard. Why did she make him feel like this, she had even without the smell of demon on her. -08:15 Aug 28
Jayden: This was like making out with her best friend! She hadn’t did that since high school! Stupid Mcboobs… Jayden nipped at his mouth, running her hands down his back to grip his behind. There was a small debate on whether or not she’d roll him over and escape for a shower… or if she’d rather just stay like this! This wasn’t terrible! -08:24 Aug 28
Cupio: His butt tensed as she grabbed it, well not Jayden was getting into the swing of things. He nipped hand and then flicked his tongue against her lip his hand moving from her neck to her boob just lightly brushing over it. This was getting good, it seemes she did like this form after all. -08:27 Aug 28
Jayden: "Are you trying to seduce me, Coop? Pretty sure I said I was too mad for the fucking…" Too mad before, but now bitey mcboobs had Jayden wanting to pin him to the bed and show him how you really fuck a woman. She wasn’t sure she had the energy for that right now! She did slide her hand back up his back until she was gripping the back of his neck and digging her hands in to his overly red hair. -08:32 Aug 28
Cupio: "Maybe…" he said grinning against her lips before kissing her again. "I have a big problem with your smell turning me on and you being estrememly sexy when you’re riled." he moved his hand to masahe her scalp behind her ear and sighed. "No matter what form I’m in I like it when you toutch my hair Jay." -08:35 Aug 28
Jayden: "Me being angry is not fun, and one of these days I’mma direct it at you and you’re going to be stuck as cute little Mcboobs, and not gonna be able to defend yourself." Jayden was pretty much just bullshitting now. He had her resting her eyes closed, even as she was stroking a hand through his hair and rubbing the back of his neck. Affection was that other thing she always got with Mcboobs! She nuzzled his cheek before grinning against it and giving a slow liiiick. -08:45 Aug 28
Cupio: The licks cut of any reply and replaced it with a low laugh and him leaning closer his hand wondering down to pull at her shirt again, then undo the next button. He likes Jayden being like this. "And I’m sure I’ll love every minute of it Jay, because it will be you. And You;re the one being I’d let do anything to me." -08:49 Aug 28
Jayden: "Anything? Cause the things I think up aren’t always so nice." Leaning up just a bit, she was nibbling on his ear and running her tongue against that too. Her hands dropped from his hair to run up his legs and steal underneath that stupid nurse’s skirt her was wearing along his thighs. "You should take off this silly outfit." -08:56 Aug 28
Cupio: "Anything." he said letting her explore before he sat up and moved off of her to push the outfit from his soulder and look at her though and he wanted her to take it off of him and wondeered if it showed on his face as he looked at her biting his lip. "And what would you do to me if I really was completely helpless and at your mercy?" -09:01 Aug 28
Jayden: Maybe she was wrong. Even with Mcboobs, there was still that impatience to get her hands on him and frustration at this sudden pouty face. Jayden grumbled as she reached up, tugging at the fabric not at all concerned about being gentle over it. "I’m gonna fuck you stupid if you don’t biting your lip at me. I’d make sure you were screaming so loud, everyone in the complex would think you were being murdered." -09:07 Aug 28
Cupio: That made his grin and avert his eyes for a split second. "Big words for a human." so her helped fer with the outfit and was now completely naked other than a pait of pantied he had had in his pocket on the way over. Jayden’s panties. ANd he was looking at her resisting the urge to pounce on her and turn her threat around and even now was rubbing a hand up and down her upper arm. "Can you back them up?" -09:12 Aug 28
Jayden: Jayden rolled her eyes at him. …at least until she realized her was wearing -her- panties. Clothes snatching demon..! When the hell did he get those? Growling, Jayden was shoving him off her and rolling on top. Snatching his hands to pin at the sides of his head. "I can back anything up! Where the hell did you get my panties from? Were you carrying those around?" -09:16 Aug 28
Cupio: "From your drawer. he said settling into place with a wriggle beneath her. "I had then in a baggie on my way over, I wanted somethign to wear under the outfits since they’d be short enought to see up and I didn’t want you attacking anyone. So yes, I stole them, because I’d rather wear yours than some pair that belongs to the studio." -09:19 Aug 28
Jayden: "Nothing is going to stop me from attacking someone." she grumbled, leaning down nose to nose. "And you wearing my panties isn’t a turn on either. But you seem to think I can’t rise to a challenge and everything today is pissing me off…" Another growl and she was kissing him hard enough to bruise that soft pouty mouth he was sporting. She made sure to add to it with a sharp nip of teeth before she was invading with her tongue. If Coop wanted angry Jayden, he could have angry Jayden! -09:25 Aug 28
Cupio: So this was a suprise, he hadn’t even been thinking of turn ons when he has stolen them, but there was no space for thought in his mind when she kissed him like that and he circled his arms around her to push back and lick his lip where she bit him. He had meant to growl back but with her kiss there had only been a soft whimper that didn’t sound threatening at all, just.. wanting as his lips parted ans his tongue slid against hers. This was so hot coming from Jayden. -09:30 Aug 28
Jayden: Jayden decided she must have just been around a demon far too long, because one soft whimper from Mcboobs, and her own wicked streak kicked in to overdrive. It was a slow, dirty grin that curved it’s way on to her face. Jayden lay a hand over his collarbone, her touch was soft as she drew her hand down, brushing a hand over one of the breasts to squeeze. "You’re in trouble now, Coop." -09:37 Aug 28
Cupio: So now he had goaded angry Jayden into sex and she was takign it roughly. It was a good thing thier lips were togetehr where he could nibble at hers instead of makign a suprised face. Though his ahnds on her back were gripping and trying t find purchase on her cute secretary top. -09:42 Aug 28
Jayden: "Lets see.. I believe I mentioned something about making you scream.." she murmured, breaking away from his mouth to lick down his jaw and sink her teeth in to his neck where it was most soft and vulnerable. And he was getting touchy, that wouldn’t do… Jayden snatched his hands to take in one of hers and pin over his head. It was lucky Mcboobs was small! She slipped one knee between his legs and then another to push them open. Leaning her weight to keep his hands pinned, she softly flicked her fingers over his bare stomach and hooked one at the hem of her panties. -09:48 Aug 28
Cupio: His neck tensed and he clenched his teethsquirming under her as he whimpered again. He was pinend and trying to pull his arms free AND keep his legs shut at least until he could figure out what Jayden was planning but it was a losing battle and when Jayden took hold of his last civering he couldn’t do anything except look at her, waiting, tensed and already wet. "Dammit Jayden what do you do to get me thise way." it was a soft murmer that was darely audiable and he didn’t even realize he said it until it was alreadt out there. -09:53 Aug 28
Jayden: "Hmm… some kinda sciencey mumbo jumbo about auras and response and scent and all that crap… Explain it later." Because right now, Jayden was very focused on how he responded to what she did. She pulled the ban and snapped it. He wanted to steal them, he could wear them! So without pulling them off, Jayden was shifting over him to get a better angle. Sliding her hand between his legs to rub and caress through the fabric. Watching his face with heavy-lidded interest as she did. -09:59 Aug 28
Cupio: The snap almost made him jump. "W-what is I don’t belive in science.." it was nonsense really, a reply just to have one. "It can’t e-explain demons can it." Okay her attention was making it hard to talk so he just closed his eyes and kept them closed biting his lip and tried to keep his hips still. He was a demon he should be able to take more than this without a sweat, how Jayden did it was really a mystery. -10:03 Aug 28
Jayden: Jayden narrowed her eyes, and for a brief was second was a little annoyed. If only because the whole how these feelings worked really did pique her interest, and she couldn’t debate about science while fucking him! "Science explains everything, even demons. It’s cause and effect, action and reaction. Like if I do this…" she muttered, slipping one finger beneath the fabric to push between his lips. He was definitely wet! That made her give a wicked grin. " will…?" Jayden pulled out and pushed again, waiting for the response. -10:09 Aug 28
Cupio: He tried to pull as arm free, one tiny tease wasn’t enough he wanted to touch her, tough himse, change and turn this around but he couldn’t. Was it her desire that kept him in place? This wasn’t fair! But his hips definitely shifted and his lips parted for the briefest moment and he let out an involintary tiny gasp. "How?" what he was asking about was far from certain! -10:14 Aug 28
Jayden: How was a good question! Because Jayden really didn’t care for girls at all, but this…. him like this? She really like pressing his buttons. Jayden pushed in again, this time adding a second finger and putting a little force behind it. "Because you’re a girl that was asking to get fucked, Coop." -10:21 Aug 28
Cupio: He tried pushing his legs closed, it just felt so… There was a soft whimper which was almost as surprising as the intensity of the feeling. Wasn’t he Cupio, the demon that demanded more even after other demons were tapped out? Who sexed other demons to death and here a mortal had him helpless and cooing. "Then fuck me Jayden, make me scream like I’m being murdered." -10:29 Aug 28
Jayden: "What was that? I don’t think I heard you." Jayden widened her stance, effectively pushing his legs further apart with her knees. She pulled her fingers out instead of thrusting again, she was very softly running her fingers up and down him. Circling her thumb against his clit. "Say it louder." -10:36 Aug 28
Cupio: He tried to close, tried to do anything but turn his head to the side and moan but that what he did. It was torture. "Fuck. Me." he said before turning to face her. "Fuck me and make me scream as I cum, treat me however you want to just please Jayden. FUCK! ME!" -10:40 Aug 28
Jayden: "Say it again. Say my name." Oh, she was definitely loving this! See him squirm and getting the pleasure of watching and giving without being distracted! Jayden was smirking wide. She dipped her fingers inside him again, pushing in deep and relentlessly hard. Even leaning her hips in to him as she bent to lick at his neck. -10:48 Aug 28
Cupio: Bloody hell if he could he’d grab her and fuck her brains out. "Ooh." he anched his back and tried to look down at her hand and then up and to the side giving her better access to his neck. "Jayden… Fuck me. Fuck me silly. Please just… Fuuuck meee." there was the obvious tone of pleading to his voice as he tried to keep his breath steady. Only Jayden could make this hot. -10:55 Aug 28
Jayden: Jayden was thrusting her hand harder, but still made sure it was agonizingly slow! He wasn’t near screaming yet. Another flick of her tongue against his neck, and then she was kissing. Sucking… nipping sharply with her teeth. Jayden finally released his hands to run down an arm and brush over a breast. Thumbing a nipple until it peaked. -11:03 Aug 28
Cupio: His hips were pushing back against her hand, or trying to as he moaned again. It was getting uncomfortable downstairs and he was caught between wanting to cling to the sheets and wanting to pushe her off on him and.. No, not enough strength in hsi lehs to do that, se with his back arched and his shoulders turned to raise the nipple getting the attention closer to her hand and he bit his lip as he grippd ther sheet with one hand and put the other around her. -11:11 Aug 28
Jayden: Picking her favorite spot at his neck she nipped and sucked hard enough to bring blood to the surface of the skin. When she was satisfied with the dark mark left behind, she kissed a trail over his collarbone to the soft mound of flesh her hand was gently kneeding. There was a flick of her tongue over the nipple and a soft rush of her breath over it as Jayden gave a small laugh. A twist of her wrist changed the angle of her thrusting and she sped up the rhythm. "I don’t hear you, Coop…" her mumble fell soft over his skin before she took the full breast in to her mouth. -11:24 Aug 28
Cupio: His lips parted and he groaned, the attention to his nipple and the thrusting making every breath have it’s own sound. "Jaaay." it was all he could manage to say his hands gripping tighter as he whimperes again and bucked his hips trying to encourage her to go faster. -11:34 Aug 28
Jayden: "Jay what?" she asked before gently biting the nipple and pulling. Jayden pinned his hips down with her free hand. Pushing hard and faster now that she had him stationary! -11:40 Aug 28
Cupio: He cried out gripping the back of her top and finding himself almost completely imobile. "Jay.. I’m going to.." his voice held a desperate pitch There was another cry half muffled as he tried to hold on his face turned to the side. -11:48 Aug 28
Jayden: "Scream it, Coop! Scream my name!" Jayden rose up on her knees, letting go of his hip just to grip the back of his neck and his hair to make him look at her. Oooh, the wicked look on her face, pushing him hard behind the thighs, a thumb circling that senstive nub. Who knew that dominating the hell out of Mcboobs would be so damned hot! -11:52 Aug 28
Cupio: He did look at her and the look in her face was familiar, one he had worn so often. "Jeez, fuck…." he tensed his hips giving a desperate twist before he screamed "Jaaaaay." he couldn’t keep his eyes open and the way his hips shook as he came almost his entire body lifting off of the bed as his back arched. He was going to have to try this again sometime. -11:56 Aug 28
Jayden: Jayden could feel him squeeze around her fingers and didn’t relent until his body fell slack. She pulled out, leaning down to plant a hard kiss over his mouth. "I love it when you scream my name." she smirked! -11:59 Aug 28
Cupio: The returned kiss was weaker than he thought it would be buy it was still hard. "I love it when you make me." and so now his cum was staining her pantied adn this little fact, along with that he had just experiences made him smile. I’m lookind forwards to all day tomorow together." -12:02 Aug 28

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