Tower’s Calling 008: Shattered Glass

Tower's Calling

[Corona has discovered that having help makes things so much easier. Especially when you have to sneak in to a steel and glass tower belonging to an evil sorcerer…] -04:48 Jul 10
[Athos is tasting the lighter side of destiny for once.] -04:49 Jul 10
Corona: "I might have sent you alone had I known this was going to be a pain in the ass." By this she meant being pregnant, which seemed to come with bouts of occasional nausea and weariness. She was perpetually tired, which was NOT helping her at the moment with them sneaking through streets of the Old City hoping not to be spotted. -04:53 Jul 10
Athos: "You should be able to tap into the strength od the godling inside you by now." he said glaning at her as they hid in an abandoned show on the watch for those hunter things. "I’d tell you how but I’ve never been pregnant.. maybe the anulet will tell you." he glanced at her and then at her stomach. "Or I could carry you." -04:55 Jul 10
Corona: "I am not using my child’s power when he is so small and I don’t know what I am doing." Corona returned his glare before turning away to peer out at the streets. The jungle had long since reclaimed the Old City, but there were still a few roads actively used by the Sorcerer and the people he kept in his tower. "…and I don’t need to be carried. I’m tired not weak and helpless." -05:00 Jul 10
Athos: "Never said you were." he snapped back. "I was just trying to help and be nice. I guess I won’t do that then." he climbed out the front window and didging behind a tree made his way across the street and waited for her. "If we head up here I’ll be able to bridge the gab between this building and the next and we’ll have a grea view of whats ahead…" -05:03 Jul 10
Corona: He had the temperment of a woman. Corona was heaving a very frustrated sigh when she climbed out the window herself and followed after him. ..or else he was suffering the affects of her mood and could not differentiate the difference. A side effect of the amulet and his ghostly reentrace in to the world… One she could do without. "As long as we know where the trackers are it will be easy enough to get to the Tower. They are the worst to worry about…" -05:10 Jul 10
Athos: He headed up the stairs until they were a few floors up and looks out along the street. "And they smell the use of magic.." he said "Which it why I’m not going to be using any…" he paced across the room reasuring the distance and started running towards teh window. Jumping and curling itno a ball he passed though it and crashed though a wondow on the building on the other side of an alley and then looked back at her. "I can see the tower over that mine of buildings.. we’re not that far.. there seems to be people using the buildings as a watch post though.." -05:16 Jul 10
Corona: "They can smell more than just the use of it. The magic in your blood. I imagine we are very noticable now…" Corona leaned out of the window. There was no way in hell she was jumping that, and he was a maniac for doing it himself! "I wouldn’t worry about those people too much… they aren’t alive anymore." She seemed to be irked by it, unsettled. But didn’t make another comment about it. "What of the trackers? We’ll need to know what route to take." -05:21 Jul 10
Athos: The abominations of flesh and metal unsettled him but they had a distinctive aura that he could tak into and see coming. "There three that way.. theres been one of out trair for the past three hours which is why I’ve been trying the throw it off we should head that way." he said pointing. "In my time there was a subway line we can use if its still passable and we can block it up behind us." -05:23 Jul 10
Corona: "That should do well. I always have the best luck going the underground ways." Subways, underground garages… they were easier to slip through unnoticed. Going through the doors or windows tended to take a lot more finesse, and Corona just did -not- have that kind skill this time. "Better hurry, then. It doesn’t take them long to find me alone, it’s going to be worse with you and the small one in tow." -05:36 Jul 10
Athos: He looked around and then held out his hand and then closed it into a fist adn the wall around the windows was compacted into a ball, thne with another gesture the wall was formed into a bridge for her to cross and he held out his hand for her. "This way the enterence to the subway is just outside this building.: -05:39 Jul 10
Corona: There was a twinge of jealousy at how easy it was for him to cast magic. It would take her ages to learn a new method and be able to cast without channeling. Still, she crossed and took his hand in the process. "So much for not using magic, ex-Ghost?" She cast him a smug grin. -05:42 Jul 10
Athos: "I have to take care of my wife." he said holdign her hadn as he headed down the stairs and the bridge crumbled. As they reached the bottom floor he lookeda round the room and shook hsi head at the mess. "I rememebr this city… this bakery. He used to come here sometimes when we were sick of out own food. They had the best apple pie.. better than the crap I summon… Anyway." he pushed an overturned shelp out the way and pulled open the door and looked up and down the street. "Its clear… lets go." -05:47 Jul 10
Corona: "They say before that, this city was a metropolis. The towers were called skyscrappers because they reached so high. Only the power seem to have them now." Taking care of his wife. It was irritating how one moment she was pissed off at him for fussing over her, and the next she thought it was endearing. Maybe it was the way he said it. Corona squeezed his hand as they dashed across the street and quickly down the subway entrace steps in to the dark cave-like tunnels below. What used to be a railway was now a flooded system of streams under the city. "With the sorcerer gone there will be one less asshole in the world destroying good progress. Cities could be rebuilt…" -05:54 Jul 10
[Athos enters.] -06:14 Jul 10
[(Timeout) Athos was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -06:19 Jul 10
Athos: "A little more magic won’t hort.." he said summoning a memory from the depths of his mind and sharing it with her through a kiss on the forehead, of him standing on the deck of his ship as the city slipped past, the massive dock drifting further away. The skyscreapers shining boldly in the sun and… the amulet in his hand still red with the blood of the previous wearer because he hadn’t ahd the heart to clean it yet… He broke the kiss, that last part hadn’t mean to have slipped in and he refocussed on the tunnels ahead. "One less asshole… thats out mission." -06:19 Jul 10
[Corona enters.] -06:31 Jul 10
[Corona enters.] -06:36 Jul 10
Corona: Corona doubted he realized just how much he shared, even before he gave more than he intended. There was a lot of sadness and confusion, and she really wasn’t at all surprised. There was just so little she could do about the past. "We’ll get them soon enough. For now I just need the things he has in his vault. Should be so much easier to take them with your help. I haven’t before." -06:39 Jul 10
[Corona ] -06:48 Jul 10
[Corona ] -06:48 Jul 10
Athos: The tunnel was pitch black and he did not create ant light. Intead he relief on the fient traced of her previous excursions to guide him. "I know. Doing this your way. Gods what I wouldn’t give for the rescoursed the family once had… we’d have this over in a week tops… We.." he was once again reminded how he’d failed but instead of huffing he took her hand. "We will rebuild. Until then this is not my world." -06:49 Jul 10
Corona: She was itching to put light in the space, but with squeezing his hand she was trusting he knew where to go and where to step. That trust didn’t come easy. "It’s our way. Comprimising. I can comprimise. I have comprimised…" Corona was trying to make him feel better, but this was not something she was good at or had the experience in! It always came out like she was being contrary. She audibly sighed. "It’s still your world…" -06:53 Jul 10
Athos: "My world had people, not monsters, my world had hope, and freedom, and … not this. This is what became of my world after I left it. One day it will b emy world again. When I have hope, a family, when people don’t have to be afraid. I’d prefer the city was obliterated than to walk through it’s corpse. The only thing that gives me hope is you." -07:00 Jul 10
Corona: Corona smiled. "And aren’t you lucky you found me." Down the tunnel she stopped, tugging his hand to turn him. Corona didn’t need to see him in the dark to know where he was. She brushed a hand against his cheek and leaned up to brush a kiss over his mouth. "I didn’t ask for you. I didn’t want you when you appeared. And now I can’t imagine life without you. I give you hope, but you’re giving me a future filled with so much more than I ever imagined. You’ll remember that before getting all brooding, won’t you?" -07:13 Jul 10
[Athos enters.] -07:18 Jul 10
Athos: The kiss was a surprise but it brought a content sigh from the darkness where we stood. "Thats what love is, giving eachother something worberful simply be existing." he put a hand on her cheek to feel her expression before he continued on, his ahdn once again taking hers. "We just have to get through this." -07:21 Jul 10
Corona: "Suddenly, I feel my chances of defeating my enemies and the world’s evil so much higher with a god on my side." she was grinning. On her own, it would have been years. Decades. If she lived that long. His help was going to shorten that time, and maybe she was a little overconfident, but it was a trump card her father didn’t have. Far on down the tunnel she stopped again, gesturing inseen in the dark with her hand. "We’re very close now. I can feel the protection wards about his building. There should be hidden fire escape routes." -07:29 Jul 10
[(Timeout) Athos was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -07:37 Jul 10
Athos: He found the door and pushed it open before briefly putting and arm arounf her then putting her hand on the rain and mounting the stairs heading upwards. Then he let out a low growl. "I feel something.." he said "An artifact that was once…" this sorceror has stolen from his family and no one could do that and remain unpunished. "We take everything that couls be usefull.." he said "And everything Emidio.." because once they were gone there would be no tower anymore. -07:37 Jul 10
Corona: "It will be more than we can carry. You have no idea how large his vault is and how much he’s collected. I’ve been sneaking in and stealing things for years…" The fact he had not noticed yet meant his wards must have relied heavily on blood. She could slip in unnoticed. With Athos with her, it might be the last time she could sneak in so easily… She was going to have to make sure she took the most important things. At the top of the stairs there was another door that she pushed through. Almost immediately there was a sharp intake of breath from her when she jumped. …then with irritation let out the breath. "I hate these things… they are always in strange places. Stupid fools…" It was a person. A real, skin and bone person. Stuffed and posed like a taxidermed animal, awkwardly guarding the door. -07:44 Jul 10
Athos: He looked at the thing, then back down the staircase, then at the shing again and shook his head. "People should not end up like this. You might want to look away and get out of the way." The spell hi used was minute and subtle and at first seemed to have no effect. Then from below them there was a strange noise like a thousand tint squeaks as hundred of rats suddenly smelled something irisisatable… and came rushing. -07:51 Jul 10
Corona: She cast him a wicked grin. "I am not a delicate lady, Athos… you don’t have to protect my senses." And now her mood decided he was amusing. If her moodswings didn’t eventually drive him crazy, they were surely going to drive HER crazy. Corona stepped away, climbing up a couple flights of the emergency stairs. Pulling out her wand in the process. She counted the floors until there was the right number. And with a great deal of care opened another door and peered in to a dark hallway. There were more of those people. Poised motionless like statues up and down the halls. But thankfully nothing alive. -07:56 Jul 10
Athos: He moved along silently after her and felt the air around him. "Hes for a lot of wards up to nulify spells. I can’t teleport, create gates, attack or set up wards of my own without alerting him." he did however see a possible way to cheat them and he grinned. "What I wouldn’t give for your blood right now… this place resonated with magic. Given time… or a little luck…" There.. bingo, he now had an ace up his sleeve. "He doesn’t lack for confidence, does he?" -08:04 Jul 10
Corona: "No one defies him or has the power to challenge him. The last one who dared was my mother." She really did hate those things. Corona always felt like they were soulless shells watching and waiting. That they’d move at any moment. It made her movements tense and careful, like a wary cat. Down the long hall there was a huge vault door. Corona pressed her hands to it. "It’s funny, really… he wanted a wife that did him justice and to birth his own legacy. But his wife hated him and took his first child before he even knew he had one. And now here I am. Making the legacy…" There was a click of the mechanics behind the door. It slowly shifted open." -08:11 Jul 10
Athos: "No, you’re makig your own legacy, our legacy." he continued to read the magic around them and how the wards resonated inside the building itself. "You’ve summoned two gods and created a third. I’m sure he’d be proud. But I’m going to unjoy the look on his face.. more." -08:16 Jul 10
Corona: "The irony, dear heart, is that I am repeating history in a dozen different ways and hoping for a different outcome." she grinned at him. Beckoning to the large room as they entered. It was like a showroom of trophies rather than a storage vault. Pieces of shapes and sizes, from the smallest spark of enchantment to things that lay waste to a whole continent in the right hands. "The Sorcerer was a busy collector. He actively hunts down witches, mages, anyone with magic blood. Takes their power, their soul, and everything they own. It’s almost like he is trying to take magic back from the world. Keep it for himself…" -08:21 Jul 10
Athos: He gazed on the colletion and scowled. "Magic is a gift, from my family to the world and was never meant for one hand to wield. Thats why theres always more than one god… I wish you could feel what I feel the vast ocean of magic…" he turned his attention to the vault. "Take what you want. The rest must be destroyed." -08:27 Jul 10
Corona: Corona had her bag ready and was already confiscated some of the more important things she wanted. But she paused, giving him a wary look. "We snuck in here with good reason. I hope you’re not thinking of doing something stupid. I am not even sure if bringing you here has gone unnoticed. I don’t want the attention…" -08:31 Jul 10
Athos: He grinned at her. "I’m not going to put you in any danger, don’t worry. I’m just going to strike a crippling first blow." he lookeda t her. "He hoards power, its his one goal, his purpose. We’re fighting a gorilla war and I’m just going to make sure that after we leave he’ll never be able to use any of this stuff." -08:35 Jul 10
Corona: "A first blow, which is going to piss him off and send him off searching for the one that did it. Did you consider that?" Corona didn’t know why she was even surprised. The moment he popped out of that amulet, he was nothing but impulsive and running with it without the time to think and consider the consequences. Pissing off her father was going to have really bad ones and Corona didn’t feel ready enough to deal with it! More items went in to her bag, more than she ever dared to take at once. And now she was able to tell what was Emidio just by the feel of it. "Am I going to be able to change your mind?" -08:42 Jul 10
Athos: He was running his hands over various artifacts, feeling the magics within. "Hes going to find out about us sooner of later. And when he does I’d rather he didn’t have all of this at his disposal. We may not have the fleet at our disposal but we’re inside his stronghold and able to criple his power and knock him off balance. Its an opotunity we can’t waste. Thos who abuse magic don’t desurve my family’s gift to them." -08:46 Jul 10
Corona: "I’m not disagreeing with you, I just want to be careful. I kinda like us both still living." She was running out of room. Had she her way, she would take everything there. But at least she had all of the Emidio pieces. Corona snatched up one last thing. Too big to fit in the bag, the book was something she had wanted for a long time and never dared to take. "We can go." -08:53 Jul 10
Athos: He couldn’t create his own wards… but he could mess with the sorceror’s and turn them on eachother. He didn’t do the last step until he took her hand and they were almost all the way back along the subway line. Then there was a rumble above then as the tower shook, cracked adn even tually fell the artifacts held distructing in a series of explotions. Then there wasn’t just the two of them in the tunnels but thousands, images to comfuse the tackers as they split off into differentt directions and he pulled her along another tunnel and collapsed it beund them alonw with several others to funter confuse their trail. This wasn’t his first escape when he didn’t want to be followed. -09:03 Jul 10
Corona: How complex it all was was baffling. Both irritating and impressive. The Sorcerer being pissed would be an understatement, and had Corona known he was going to shatter the entire tower and everything in it, she would have argued a lot harder with him. Once they were somewhere she could take a breath and the sound wasn’t defeaning, she was swatting at him with her new book. "Are you insane…! The artifacts I get, but the whole damned building…! You don’t know how pissed he’s going to be!" -09:10 Jul 10
Athos: "The vault would have tipped him off anyway." he said "And I didn’t hant to do half a job." he said finally stopping to rest close to the edge of the city. "We should he okay from here. It would take a god weeks to sort that trail out and by then it will have faded. So did you get what you hoped for?" -09:14 Jul 10
Corona: She looked ready to keep hitting him with the book, instead she hugged it to her. Corona was still scowling, but she was making an effort to keep her temper. "I have something special and I hope it was worth us drawing a big bullseye on our lives. Magic Theory and History. It dates back before you family even existed, and before magic left the world the first time. Probably the most valuable thing in the world next to Dakota’s shard…" -09:20 Jul 10
Athos: "Then with both we can’t loose." he said before opening a portal back to her tower for both of them and pulling her through and sealing it. "You knoe you could use a few wards in here yourself. Other than the ones you have… He was all smiles no matter what her mood. He always was after a successful operation. "I just wish I couls see his face." -09:26 Jul 10
Corona: "I imagine if he was in the tower he is crawling out of the rubble now with the fury of hell on his heels…" Corona didn’t think she had seen him smile so wide before. Despite the fact she thought he was insane, was mad at his reckless, and still wanted to shake him, she couldn’t help but smile in response. "If you want more wards, then make them. I’ve raised gods and created one. I can’t only do so much, you know." she teased, dropping her new book and her prizes on her desk to examine and catagorize. -09:31 Jul 10
Athos: He raised his hands and let the magis of her wards flow around them then pointed at her and bound her to a new one he formed, her and the unborn got inside her, and himself. so that the tower could only be found by them.. the entire world seemed to alter around the tower at he loosened it’s ties to the matrial world and placed it in the sea of magic itself in it’s own little pocket dimention, safe from everyone… in theory, and it amplified the power of spells cast in it.. but exhausted him. -09:39 Jul 10
Corona: The shift had her grabbing on to the back of a chair to keep her balance. Nothing had physically moved, but it moved enough that it was a little alarming to her senses. And where it had moved… was almost so overwhelming in itself, Corona couldn’t quite let go of the chair yet as she pinched the bridge of her nose. "I meant simple wards…! This isn’t what I… blast it, warn me first so I can at least be prepared but all these sudden changes?" She finally let go of the chair, moved across the room to wrap her arms around him. He used too much of himself to do that. "You’re a god, but you’re not invicible. I am not bring you back again if you kill yourself doing something stupid." -09:43 Jul 10
Athos: He put his arms arounf her too and held on. "Keeping you safe right, where safer than nowhere at all." He smiled and burried his face in her hair.. then summoned the memory of the feeling of absolite power and rush when he expended himself like that and once again kissed her forehead. "I wish I could show you what being a god was like." -09:53 Jul 10
Corona: "Not everyone dreams of being a god, dear heart. Some of us are just fine co-existing with them." So much magic and so much power. How easy would it be to get wrapped up an consumed with it? He didn’t realize what he tempted her with. She loved magic and using it. The study of it had been her life. But she was far too aware of what the corruption of it could do. How a person could turn crazy with power… "You’ve given me enough. Just keep us all alive and I will be happy raising our son and making this world better." -09:57 Jul 10
Athos: He stayed here and rested his cheek against her forehead. "I don’t plan on dying this time. I know the limits of my own power and what I can and can’t do. I was born knowing it… Its almost sad to me you have to study for it even though I know you love doing so. I just with you could feel as in toutch with it as I do. I know you’d like it too." -10:01 Jul 10
Corona: "We all have a talent. And your amulet chose me for a reason. I may not be able to feel your magic as naturally as you do, but there is something special I do that you can’t and you need." Corona squeezed him tighter, leaning away from him just so she could plant a kiss against his cheek. "Destiny and fate, you know. We’ll figure it out." -10:06 Jul 10
Athos: He kissed her lips long and soft. "We will, one way or the other. All I know is I couldn’t think of anyone better for it to choose right now and a large part of me wished I never hand to enwrap my arms from around you." -10:12 Jul 10
Corona: A laughed slipped out, and Corona grinned wide. "If that’s the case, come to bed with me. We’ll sleep for a week and forget all about everything else." She rest her hands on his cheeks. "I love you, Athos." -10:18 Jul 10

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