Zerospace 008: That’s Not Dancing

[Tremdorias Is just getting home from hs first day of work. Money in hand!] -04:22 Nov 28
[Phaedra has arrived home from a day of job searching excited and bouncy! She nearly runs over Tre when she barrels through the door!] -04:22 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "Well you’re happy!" he said rubbing his elbow where the door had hit it. She must have been running for him not fto have seen her and only arived a few second before she did. "Here!" he said smiling hid and holding out an envelope. "I got a small advance for pay for things." -04:25 Nov 28
Phaedra: "Oh good…! That is extra good news then! Work went okay?" Phaedra took the envelope, but she didn’t look inside. She was near bouncy on her feet, trying to contain herself. His day first, then she would spill her news. "Did you boss give you trouble at all?" -04:28 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "No.." he said "And it was okay. They mainly had me packing shelves but I got a little reading done too… OH! And…" he turned around to pick up a packet, open it and take out one of the glass owls fro the shop. "Since people here seem to worship owls I got one of these. I’ll set up a small shrine to Athena soon and make it look good." He looked at her then tilted hsi head. "What are you excited about? You have news?" -04:32 Nov 28
Phaedra: "A shrine to…" Phaedra laughed…! One shop that just happened to have many owls, and now he thought that was the human norm. Good thing they didn’t visit one of her Papa’s favorite kind of shops. Who knew what weird thing Tre would bring home. Phaedra was bouncing on her feet again, though! "I found a job…!! It’s just like my mother’s place, but well.. I guess a lot small. Like a LOT smaller, but the manager was really nice and said he could really use someone just like me and I can start tonight!" -04:35 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "That’s great!" he said…. then looked aorund. "Hey, I’m done with work, want to go in early and show it to me? I’ll stay there all night until you until you go home so if you need someone I’m right there. Okay?" he was grinning af he pulled her into a hug. "This is great." -04:43 Nov 28
Phaedra: Hugs… now she was just giddy. Phaedra through her arms around his neck, even curled her tail around him, and squeezed him. It really would make her feel a lot better knowing someone was there with her on her very first job. "That’d be awesome… I could even serve your table and you can pretend to give me a tip!" -04:47 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "The biggest tip you could ever want! So I’ll need my money back…" he looked sheepish. "You knwo so I can pay from me, and you when you sit down. A night out with just us is good for celebrating even if you work for most of it." he smiled and kissed her forehead lightly. "When do we leave?" -04:52 Nov 28
Phaedra: Leaving would probably be a good idea, but there was that fluttering in her stomach and those smitten feelings again. Phaedra didn’t want to let go. In fact, she kind of wanted a snuggle. How did she ask for snuggles without making him uncomfortable? … and it really was a good idea to go on to work! Reluctantly Phaedra was letting go and handing him his envolope back, casting a wide grin in the process. "We can go now." -04:55 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He smiled and put the envelope into his pocket and paused long enough to kiss her on the cheek and then take her hand. "Okay, I can’t wait I’m going to love seeing it. What kind place is it?" he was grinning ear to ear and didn’t really want to go either. He wasnted more hugs but if she said they had to go then they had to go. -05:58 Nov 28
Phaedra: "Kind of like my mother’s night club, so there is a bar for drinks and food. But it’s reaaaaaaally small, so I don’t think they are as popular as hers." Phaedra tugged his hand, leading the way out the door. …only having to double back and make sure she actually locked it. There were still worries about things sneaking in. "I’m going to dance! The manager says he’s had a hard time getting dancers, especially demon ones. I’m not so sure if I’ll be good at dancing, but he says trying is all that matters." -06:10 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He didn’t know her mother’s night club, but that demon seemed to be against phaedra going anywhere dangerous. "Okay, so I can eat there, you should too before you start." he plipped his hand out of hers and around her waiste as he smiled at her. He liked being close to her and couldn’t help but grin whenevr hr felt her against him and he sighed. He was crushing on her so hard he knew t was a bad idea, but she needed him and his job to survive for now. -06:18 Nov 28
Phaedra: "I’ll eat, don’t worry. I should know the food of the place I work, right?" Phaedra bumped against him, but she was right back to bouncing again. This was her first official job. It was exciting! And she could share it too, which made it more fun and less scary. -06:25 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He smiled more, and wanted nothing more than to stop her and kiss her again and this made him a little sad. "Phaedra." he said quietly. "Would you mind if we kissed, I mean not now but sometimes, like when I want to and you here and so I don’t have to ask every time. You can say no if you want to It’s okay. I know it’s not the best idea to be kissing and… but… I don’t want to kiss anyone else and I like kissing you." -06:29 Nov 28
Phaedra: "I think I said I didn’t mind last time…?" Maybe angels were mind readers, and they could tell what you were thinking. That left Phaedra turning read and trying to clear all those thoughts out of her head, just in case! Only… she really did like the idea of kissing! "You can definitely kiss me whenever you want to and you don’t have to ask me. I trust you?" ..maybe that’s what he was worried about. If she’d be scared about it? Phaedra grinned and hugged him again. "I do! So don’t worry!" -06:32 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "That’s not why I’m worried." he said "I want to be opne about everything i am feeling and I think if we keep kissing I’m going to feel.. I like you Phaedra. I really do and if we keep kissing I’m going to maybe… love? I’d want to be your boyfriend." he stopped and moved his hand out from arund her. "And I don’t know if we should…" -06:37 Nov 28
Phaedra: "Oh… I see." …so he didn’t want to be a boyfriend? Phaedra looked disappointed for a moment, but hid it quickly. This was exactly why she was trying to behave herself and not get too attached to him! She was going to end up talking him in to things he wasn’t at all ready for or interested in! Trying not to let her feelings hurt was difficult, but Phaedra smiled anyway. "…then we don’t do any kissing at all. You don’t have to do anything with me Tre. I promised I wouldn’t take advantage of you, and I won’t." -06:46 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "Nooo!" why did this have to be dificult? "I want to kiss you, and I… I understand you don’t want to be my girlfriend." HE sounded dissapointed. "Come on we need to get you to work." he walked forwards without taking her hand, without putting his arm around her, without looking back. -06:50 Nov 28
Phaedra: What..? That’s not what she meant at all! She was trying to do the right thing for him! Phaedra was pouting now, following behind him, half wanting to grab and shake him and the other half just wanting to…well, continue pouting. They didn’t teach how to handle moments like this in school, and her Papa would just tell her to jump on him and drag him away. That wouldn’t work! Crossing her arms, she remained silent until she needed to direct him down the correct street towards her new job. -06:56 Nov 28
Tremdorias: Well now everything was ruined, by him. She didn’t like him and now he was sad. His chest hurt and he didn’t want to breathe because that made it worse. Hse was right too, which was the worst part. He didn’t desurve her. She didn’t dirurve someone who did what he had done to her but couln’t he e happy? Was he destinged to be sad? Maybe it was because he was an angel. Maybe if he wasn’t it wouldn’t hurt so much. -07:02 Nov 28
Phaedra: It was just not going to work this way, and Phaedra was desperately thinking of how she could fix it. He felt upset… and she didn’t have angel mind reading powers to figure it out. Asking would be kind of rude and… Bother! Phaedra ended up dashing forward to take his hand again. Hugging him would be better, but squeezing his hand would have to do. "I think we should talk about it after work before bed? That way there is time and no interruptions." -07:13 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He looked at her and nodded. What was there to talk about. Hse had already made her position clear. He was going to sleep on the couch if he was going to sleep at all. "Fine." his voice was quiet. "I’m still here for you Phae." he sounded distracted now, but he would be there and do his best to put on a brave face to make her forst day of work the best she would have, -07:21 Nov 28
Phaedra: Phaedra had already decided that they would somehow talk that out until she understood what he meant and he understood her. Honesty was the best way to work and keep from being confused. …and he was definitely confusing her now. If he was scared of her and wanted to leave afterward, then she would just have to live with it. Once she found the building, a place called Joe’s and just Joe’s, she pointed at the sign and led him inside. They place really was a down-trodden, not so great looking place. It wasn’t clean, wasn’t popular and even Phaedra knew the atmosphere wasn’t too good. But that’s how she knew they really needed someone like her working there. "You can picked out a table, okay?" -07:27 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He… he didn’t like this place. It had an unseting air of familiarity that put him on edge. "Okay…" he held her hand tightly and mooved to a table near the back and looked out over the bar and then it slowly seeped into his mind. "Is this a strip club?" he looked at her. "Did you get a job at a strip club?" maybe he had read her all wrong and she was a demon through and though and though, but the more likely answer was she didn’t know. "You’re getting a job as a stripper?" -07:32 Nov 28
Phaedra: She looked at him with some confusion, he was uneasy again. ..not that she blamed him, the last time they went to a place similar, he wound up in the bathroom with her Papa pretty annoyed. "A stripper of what? No, the manager said he needed a dancer, so I will try dancing for people and maybe waitressing. There are special uniforms and everything!" -07:35 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "A stripper od clothes, your own clothes… that is what dancers do here.. or in places like this." he took a breath. From the neon outlines of busty women to the waitress bringing then a menu… "We’ll eat and watch until you start your shift, you’ll see what people do here." he shok his head. "Is that what you want to do?" -07:39 Nov 28
Phaedra: "Oh! I see. …Wouldn’t that get chilly?" Phaedra was still failing to see a problem. As far as she was told, there was nothing wrong with being naked and nothing to be ashamed of! You just made sure to do it in appropriate places! And this was a place that didn’t seem to mind nakedness, so where was the problem? Phaedra looked a little less sure now, though. "Well… Maybe it’s like tribal dancing styles? They never have clothes." -07:51 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "Look around." he said. "This place for for men to come when they want to look at naked women, nothing more. That is what a strip club is. I can’t telll you not to work here but bad people come to this kind of place. Ones with poor self control and who want women to be naked and you might get hurt on your way home or…" he looked at the wall next to him. "I’ll keep quiet. It’s not my choice. I’m not the definition of right and wrong." -07:55 Nov 28
Phaedra: "I don’t want to work in a bad place…" she started slowly. "…but the manager said I would just be dancing and that people here weren’t allowed to touch dancers?" The place really was a lot like her mother’s club, and so far she hadn’t seen much difference. Her mother’s club was always perfectly safe! …but she DID trust Tre’s opinion… "I’ll watch and see what they do here, then! Okay?" -08:08 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He was ruining her first day at work. "Okay." he couldn’t make the decision for her, be could only support her even if he would rather be at home and asleep or anywhere else. "Order what you want. I’ll eat later." he leaned aganst the wall and closed his eyes he was suddenly feeling very tired. Then he forsed himself to sit upright and smile. -08:12 Nov 28

“Ciao and welcome to Joe’s, No not like in the Simpsons here we like to have fun~!” the waitress was hardly wearing anything and could barely be legal to work in a place like this. She was shewing something and looking at them. “Well aren’t you a cutie pie, I could just…” she was looking at Tre and reaching out to run a finger down his shoulder. “You know the buffalo wings here and my favorite, why don’t I get you an order? Then I can sit next to you and we can talk or whatever.” she flashed her best grin, guys like that liked it when you appeared to just want to talk but that didn’t stop her leaning down low and pushing her breasts together. -Tremdorias

Phaedra: Phaedra had every intention of watching and learning how the waitresses worked here. But… she got a bit distracted. The girl touched Tre, and she really wasn’t sure if that was a surge of jealously or over-protectiveness that was making her want to jump up and nudge that girl away. Phaedra just huffed a bit. "UM…" she made sure to get her attention. "_I_ would like something to drink. The special drink of the place, since I might work here and should try things?" -08:22 Nov 28
Tremdorias: Tre was lost for words… "Uhh, yes, and one of those drink for her too." he looked at Phaedra and then at the girl. He could see he was right about this place. ‘See?’ he mouthed at Phaedra. -08:25 Nov 28

“Alright, that would be the Concognito… our special little gagleblaster as Joe calles it.” she wrote down the orders on a pad and then smiled at Phaedra. “If you want to work here I know a guy who can hold you with your…” she grabbed her own breasts and lifted them up to show off thier size before placing a hand om Tre’s shoulder. “Not that mine are fake, but some of the girl here needed a little help.” she flashed him a grin and slid her hand up his chin with a giggle. “Maybe I’ll let you feel them if the boss isn’t looking when I get back” he dashed forwards to give him a quick kiss on the chin. “You have the cutest chin I have ever seen. Anyway be right back with your drinks!” she turnes and with an exagerated display from her hips walked towards the bar half turning to flash Tre a grin. -Tremdorias

Phaedra: She had no idea what the girl meant about her boobs, but she got the feeling she should be insulted. …or maybe she was just mad cause she kept touching Tre, and he looked so uncomfortable, and giving her that ‘Please save me!’ look. Phaedra couldn’t hit a potential coworker! ….But she -did- scoot closer to Tre. And only their earlier conversation kept her from climbing in to his lap to be a shield. She was frowning. "Touching is against the rules, so It wouldn’t be a good idea to touch. You’ll get in trouble." -08:33 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "I mean tdo you really want to have to act like that?" he asked looking at phaedra. "I mean I…" he was cut off by a slim figure slipping into his lip and putting a glass in fron if pheadra and with and arm around his neck putting his in his hand. He really wanted to keep talking but it would be rude and he reallu didn’t know what he could say now or what he could do! "Umm.. Hi…?" -08:39 Nov 28

“Hey stud.” she said leaning against Tre and wrigging in his lap to get comportable. “Sorry I didn’t tell you my name. I get excited then then I meet new people.” she was still flat out ignoring Phaedra! “I got myself an orange juice, hops you don’t mind paying for it?” she stuck out her chest and blinked slowly while rubbing the back of his neck. “Then you wouldn’t, You’re a hero.” she pushed a wet kiss into his cheek. “I’m Amythest by the way. Ask for me next time you’re here and I’ll give you special treatment. You know we have a VIP room in the back where thing can ger pretty wild.” -Tremdorias

Phaedra: Phaedra very quickly took her drink and swallowed it down as fast as she could, just so she could keep her hands busy and not do anything too rash. She hadn’t put together this behavior with the job yet. This waitress was breaking house rules AND being inappropriate with Tre! Her glass was empty, though and it hit the table pretty loud when she pushed it towards that waitress. "I’d like another one, please…!" Get off him and get it!! Shooo~! Slightly wicked waitress. Phaedra stared her down until she moved. And if she didn’t move, Phaedra debated shoving her anyway… -08:53 Nov 28
Tremdorias: Tre drunk his quickly too! Anything to not look at her and then placed his glass next to Phaedra’s before the waitress took them both and headed back towards the bar just before the rights dimmed and the light above the stage came on. "I’m not having fun." Tre coplained. It was funning he remembered that girl from another life, or it felt like another life. He remembered puttig his hand between her legs as she was in his lap, he remembered her wetness… he didn’t want to remember. "We should watch." -09:06 Nov 28
Phaedra: Phaedra scooted closer to him again. This time close enough to be touching and if that girl jumped in his lap again, she’d practically be in hers too. She shouldn’t have drank something so fast, it made her stomach burn a little bit. Especially after not eating! ..she’d rememdy that later when she wasn’t busy protecting Tre from coworkers. "If I do work here, you won’t have to come. In fact, it’s probably much safer for you if you didn’t! I don’t think she understands personal boundaries or rules at all." Did she sound mad? She didn’t mean to! Phaedra tried to soften her expression, but in the end she still looked huffy. -09:10 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He wanted to put his arm around her but she had made it clear she didn’t want to be his girlfriend so he just his his hands in his lap and waited. "Maybe she doesnt know how to be friendly any other way." he wasn’t defending her he was just trying to understand why someone would act like them, then there were buffalo wing on the table, two fresh drink and a waitress sitting next to him sith her legs folded in his lap her arms around him and her lips on his cheek as the show started. -09:16 Nov 28

“Here we go. hansome.” she said leaning against him and cuddling close. “You’re here to see the show so I’ll tell you the names of all the dancers and if you want a two person show in the back with me and one of them you just let me know. Rosemary is a freaky bitch. You like freaks don’t you stud?” -Tremdorias

Phaedra: On the bright side, the waitress wasn’t in his lap. On the downside, she was still touching. Kissing even! Kissing was not for strangers…! Even on the cheek, that was too familiar. That fresh drink was in her hands again. Phaedra didn’t have much of an appetite at the moment, but if she didn’t keep herself busy she might give in to sudden impulses. …Ones that were getting stronger just listening to the lady talk. Another empty glass was down and Phaedra was reaching over Tre to shove that woman’s legs off him. "No thank you! He came here to see me at my first day of work!" -09:20 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He wanted to cuddle phaedra an ddidn’t want to be cuddled by this girl and now the dances were starting and it was exactly what he imagined. "Amethyst… could you come back later I need to talk to Phaedra." surprisingly that worked. There was just anither cheek kiss, a Sure sweetie.’ and the waitress was gone. "Phae.." he said when they were alone. "I don’t want you working here, but …" the music started adn the dancer was gyrating on stage but he cut that out of his mind. "Just do what makes you happy, okay?" -09:28 Nov 28
Phaedra: Phaedra was glaring at that girl as she left, which really wasn’t a typical expression for her at all. "I like dancing and I need a job, but not this much…" He wouldn’t be able to come and visit her at work here. Not if waitresses we’re all touchy. WAS that what they were supposed to here? Now that she was staring down that other girl, she seemed to be doing it with all the men at tables. Phaedra didn’t want to crawl in -anyone’s- lap! Just on to Tre’s! "The manager is going to be really disappointed, but maybe he should more strictly enforce his rules about touching!" -09:35 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He broke the rules. He put his arm around her and rested his head against her. "I’m sorry. Maybe a theatre is more what you’re looking for. I want you to be happy Phaedra. I want you to be yourself…. do you want to go home? We’ll go to the bar to pay so we don’t get sat on again." -09:40 Nov 28
Phaedra: "Why are you sorry? She is the one that keeps touching and kissing on you when you don’t like it! I ought to go slap her and explain that’s not right!" That actually sounded like a really good idea, only she wasn’t thinking so much about slapping as much as…pushing her over a table! That was a little violent, Phaedra didn’t even like fighting. She just hugged Tre, he needed it! "Yes, we’ll go home and tomorrow I’ll explain that I can’t work here. I can find another place! One that you can visit." -09:45 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He sighed almost happily. "No, I mena I’m sorry you didn’t find what you were looking for." he hugged her back with both arms. "I don’t care about girls like that I only care that you gt your dream and get a job that you want and live the life you want." With or without Tre. "he put the envelope back into her hands and slid with her.. after drainign his glass, waste not want not… and stood, a little ensteadily leaning on her for mutual support and then bade a beeline for the bar. -09:50 Nov 28
Phaedra: He was sweet. Really, really sweet. And when he said things like that it made it really hard for her to resist doing things that he very clearly said he didn’t want. He was swaying. Or she was swaying. Either way, Phaedra kept a hold on him both so he stayed up right AND so she could move him away from evil touchy-feely waitresses with grabbing hands. "You say things that make me want to kiss you. If you don’t want me to, you shouldn’t do that! I should take you home before you fall over." -09:53 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "I do want you do!" he blurted out. "I do, and I do and.. I do." how did she think he didn’t. Hut yes, they were unsteady and half stumbling over eachother. "Why would you think I don’t. I ask you if it was okay and you said we shouldn’t and.." he stopped, one hand on the bar as the barman hot thier slip. "You’re an insanely kind girl lost in a big world but holding her head up high and good enough to trust someone like me when all I do is upset your… dad… mom… both of those. And Jayden too. I shout at people when you don’t want me to and they are biggoted assholes and… you’d be a beatiful dancer and you’d have fun with it. I want to see you dance." -09:58 Nov 28
Phaedra: "But you said we shouldn’t? Or you shouldn’t. Or couldn’t One of those! You said so first, though!" This man did not make any sense. This was exactly why she wanted to sit down at home and have it all explained. Once she knew how much they owed, she was carefully counting it out of the envelope and handing it over. Pulling the exact change out of one of her pockets. Then she was grabbing Tre’s shirt to pull him out! "I think you are the one that’s lost, Tre. And if you want me to dance for you, I’ll dance. I could dance right now!" -10:06 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "No… I said if we kissed, and snuggles, and hugged and…" he kissed her forehead as they walked. "Heee… if we did all that.. if we do all that and touching and smiling and holding… I’m falling in love with you Phaedra. I don’t know if you want that and… more… sex… I’m an angel but I know about sex. I’ve…" no he didn’t want to think about that… "You’re soo great, but you’re.. innocent and I love that about you. You’re so wonderful, and caring. I wish I was more like you and there… that’s everything. That is.. everything I feel.. right now." -10:13 Nov 28
Phaedra: "Oh…!" Well, that wasn’t what Phaedra was expecting to hear. And who knew a few words could make her so dizzy and so weak kneed that she couldn’t even walk straight? It was good she had a grip on him, but now her face was flushed and she didn’t know what to say! …other than grinning ridiculously and maybe squeealing ‘Yay!’. "So it isn’t a bad thing that I have a crush on you so fast? And want to touch you and gold you? And kind of wanted to hit that waitress? I’d like to try all of those things. Even try the sex too, I wouldn’t be afraid to try it with you. You wouldn’t hurt me." Touching..! His confession was pretty much full permission to touch him as much as she pleased! Which meant Phaedea was immediately hugging him again, no matter how awkward that made walking. -10:18 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He hugged her back and sighed. He would never hurt he… her words echoed in his head and he closed his eyes. "ou can touch, you can hold, you can do anything you want." he said still walking with her and reaching the corner to turn and still holding onto her. "You’d never hurt me. I know that." he stopped her in the middle of the street and drunk kissed her, hard, lifted her ching and pushed his lips into hers. :Just promise me if you ever want me to stop of you feel uncomfortable, you’ll tell me." -10:22 Nov 28
Phaedra: What did he say? Something about telling him things, or being uncomfortable… which she most certainly wasn’t! That must have been what being kissed stupid felt like, because she hadn’t any other thoughts in her head other than wanting him to do it again. Phaedra nodded slowly, having no control over that silly smitten look on her face. "I promise I will always tell you everything I am thinking? I won’t ever lie to you." -10:25 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "I know you won’t. You’re the best person in the world." he kissed her again and then with his arm around her started walking again. "We should go home, and get to bed, do you want me to sleep with you again?" he grinned. "All night nuggles and waky up snuggles and and… oh.. did you know I have two days off a week, and tomorow is one of them. Week ends are nice." -10:29 Nov 28
[Tremdorias still wth Phaedra in his arms is flumbling with the door handle and lock forgettin ghe needs a key!] -09:02 Nov 28
[Phaedra has no idea she is drunk. But she does know she is smitten and now has permission to gratuitously touch as much as she pleases!] -09:02 Nov 28
Phaedra: Phaedra giggled, his struggle forcing her to actually let go of him so she could pull out the keys. It was delicate work trying to get the door to be still so she could unlock it. Somewhere from the bar to the street back to their apartment, she had gone from perfectly fine to swating dangerously. As and as far as she was concerned, Phaedra thought it was infatuation! Once she got the door opened, though, she nearly feel right in to the room! -09:04 Nov 28
Tremdorias: Phaedra was unsteady and he fixed that by putting his arms around her from behind and walking in with her. "Your wings feel nice like this." he said closing the door with his foot and stumbling with her and nearly falling. "Bed? Bed sounds nice." but he didn’t move, instead he was nuzzling into her hair from behind and sighing. "I’m happy." and he was, the drink had just the right mix alcohol and fruitiness to leave someone feeling blisful, but it wasn’t the drink he was feeling. It was her. -09:09 Nov 28
Phaedra: "They are too small to fly and always in the way!" Phaedra giggled anyway, hugging his arm and tilting backwards until her head knocked against his shoulder. An embrace no matter from which direction was always so warm and fuzzy. But he asked for bed, so she was trying to pull him along towards the bedroom. "I’m happy too! Permissioned snuggling is a good trade off for no job!" -09:14 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "You could always snuggle me." he said… Umm…" he consentrated and brought out his wings almosy knocking the light off the ceiling. "You can snuggle those too." in the bedroom he let fgo of her and stood there swaying slightly and grinning. "Hmm…" he moved onto the bed and wihout taking his clothes off flopped down on his back with his wings spread still failing to realize it was another shirt gone. "There! Snuggling is easy now." -09:19 Nov 28
Phaedra: Phaedra clapped, tilting on her feet and admiring the view for a moment. Angel wings were so big, soft and fluffy looking. So different from demon wings! How could she resist something soft and fluffy? It was impossible? And with her new all-hands-on permission, Phaedra didn’t hesitate for a moment to move forward and crawl on top of him. Sitting on him and bracing a hand on his chest as she leaned to stroke feathers with that curious, fascinated look. "Do you shake feathers loose like birds do, Tre..?" -09:23 Nov 28
Tremdorias: "If I keep them out I have to, yes." he said reaching out to touch her cheek before looking down at another part of her, his tail. "Do you? I mean, you have feathers." he wanted to see hers too by they hadn’t turned on any lights and he didn’t want her to get up. Her touches on his wings were heavenly, and he knew where it was leading even if she didn’t. They were growing closer! -09:28 Nov 28
Phaedra: "Sometimes I lose feathers… more often people have tried to pluck them, though!" Petting his wings were abandoned in favor of hugging his arm and nuzzling his hand against her cheek. Phaedra hadn’t realized how much she craved the physical contact, and now she just wanted to roll with it. Her tail was even ticking back and forth in perfect time as she swayed with his hand. -09:31 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He slid his hand down to her shoulder and pulled her down against him to run his other hand through her hair and down her back. "That’s not very nice." he said finally deciding to get light to see her even if it was only the soft glow of a halo. "Then I walk with you I’ll have feathers too so they’lll think twice. And I like faving them around you." -09:39 Nov 28
Phaedra: "I love feathers…" How did that halo thing even work. Phaedra was always confused by it! But for the moment he was holding her and petting her, and curiosity in a shiny thing was forgotten. Replaced by nuzzling in to his neck and brushing her fingertips against his throat. He was warm and sweet, and nothing had ever made her feel this good! "I wouldn’t let them pluck your feathers, Tre." -09:44 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He smiled and rubbed his hadn along her spine. "If they do what does it matter? It’s only rude, that’s all. And angels are a lot rarer here than demons. Maybe seeing one around with you will show them demons are not all bad." he kissed the top of her head and moved his hadn up to rub the back of her neck. "I’ll make sure no one tries to her your feathers." -09:54 Nov 28
Phaedra: Phaedra half hummed, half purred. Burying her face at the crook of his neck and brushing her lips against the skin. Curiosity was sneaking through again and on impulse she flicked her tongue out for a quick lick. Did not taste like sugar… but he did smell very very nice. "It’s all right if they don’t like me. As long as you do…?" -10:00 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He shivered under her with the kiss and then with the tongue and he smiled wiiiiiiide. Bother hands were ing her back now rudding and exploring with soft pushes and kneeding as he nuzzled into her hair and sighed. "I do, but you’re a wonderful person and desurve to have people realize that. I… you just be yourself, I’ll be myself, and we’ll be happy. I want to be happy with you." he hooked his hands inder her shoulders and pulled her higher against him to nuzzled her cheek and slide his hand down to gently brush against the base if her tail, seeking permision to touch it. -10:07 Nov 28
Phaedra: She smiled against his skin, wanting to say she was never anyone else but herself. But she hadn’t expected that physical response from him from just a little lick, and now she wanted to see what else he would do! Her tail curled around his arm as she shifted to brush a kiss against his ear and mumble softly. "I’d like to be happy with you. We would never be list and this is a nice way to go to bed…" -10:14 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He turned and caught her mouth in a kiss the hand in her hair gently holding her in the kiss as he gently nibbled hi lips against hers his eyes sliding closed and a wing enveloping her. -10:22 Nov 28
Phaedra: Another surprising response..! Phaedra melted, pressing in to him to deepen the kiss and sighing all too contentedly. Feathers were so soft… Her tail uncurled from his arm to swish like an over-petted cat’s. She captured his face with her hands and brushed her thumbs against his cheeks. -10:27 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He opened his mouth to masage his mips into hers and the tip of his tongue delicatly touching her lip as his grip around her tightened. This was bliss, having her against him, kissing nad snuggling and all the things in between. And he was fit to purr! -10:41 Nov 28
[Phaedra enters.] -10:49 Nov 28
Phaedra: Her toes were curling in her shoes, leaving her kicking her feet a but until she was nudging the shoes off with her toes and letting them fall to the floor. She was tiiiiingling, a different sort from what she had since having those drinks. This one3 -10:50 Nov 28
Phaedra: Her toes were curling in her shoes, leaving her kicking her feet a but until she was nudging the shoes off with her toes and letting them fall to the floor. She was tiiiiingling, a different sort from what she had since having those drinks. This one had her stomach doing flips and her breath catching and every little bit of skin being warmed with his touch. Her mouth broke away only to follow along his jaw. Fingertips curiously brushing over his neck to feel his pulse and move down to gently tug at what was left of his shirt. -10:53 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He losened his hold allowing her to move freely and looked down at her. But she was right, he still had his shoes on too! Kicking those off to join hers he squirmed under her and sighed very contentedly. "Want that off? You can." his hand were sliding up and down what he could reach of her sides. This would end in sex, he knew it even if this was so wonderful on it’s own. He was already swelling under his pants and… He rolled taking her with him and now on top placed her hands on his shirt button as he slid his cheep past hers to nip her ear and then kiss along her cheek. -10:59 Nov 28
Phaedra: Now she was under him and there was no sense of alarm… just that curiosity, and now the weirdly shy feeling of trying something new. All of her thoughts and wanting to touch, and now she had free reign to do so and she felt shy! That was ridiculous! …wasn’t going to stop her though. Her fingers make quick work on the buttons of his shirt, not that she was rushing, but it did make it easier for her to slide her hands under the fabric and touch more skin. How could someone’s body be so hot and not burn… His nipping made her giggle! -11:05 Nov 28
[(Timeout) Phaedra was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -11:16 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He smiled and shrugged the shirt off his shoulders and let it fall to the bed. Then he slid his hand under hers to slid up her stomach and sides and then pulled her shirt up to her chest and presed his stomach against hers as he kissed her again, his head tilted and his tongue running along her lips. -11:16 Nov 28
Phaedra: She couldn’t fathom how warm hands made her shiver, but they did! Did hers do the same, she wondered? Phaedra would test and see. Mimicing the way he touched her on his own skin, but getting herself distracted and lost in exploring the contours of him with her hands. Soft places and hard places… Where muscles moved as he breathed or his spine bending when she shifted. Her own breathing was shallow and soft, so hard to keep under control when he could so easily kiss her in to a stupor! -11:24 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He was losting himself too. There was a squeak as she passed her hand over a ticklish spot that made his entire side clench and pressed his hips against her and… that felt good. He did it again and started grinding his pants against hers in a low cycle as he moved back to remove her shirt entirely and… her breast was in hsi hand and he was kneading it his kisses wondering down the side of her neck and to her shoulder taking his breath with it at it washed over her skin. -11:30 Nov 28
Phaedra: Oh. Ooooh. That was a new feeling. One that had her sucking in a breath, tilting her head back against the mattress and her eyes falling closed. She moved too, sliding a leg up and down against him. Her tail curling around his waist and tickling his side again. She could feel him breathing… Phaedra brushed her fingers in to his hair as she sighed. -11:38 Nov 28
Tremdorias: He moved up to kiss her again his tide tensing under her tail before he moved down to kiss her breats softly ash his hands slid down to undo his pants and push them down, then on his kees and with a ahnd next to her head he moved up to suspend himself over her, hsi hard member hanging down and pulsing with his heart before slowly reaching down to undo her pants too, giving her ever chance to back out. -11:43 Nov 28
Phaedra: A soft squeak might’ve slipped out when his mouth was on her breast. Like a jolt of electricity on super sensitive skin. Her eyes opened again when her moved, and her hand curled around the arm that was braced by her head. Phaedra chewed on her lip with that nervous indecision. She really, really, really wanted more touching… so much so that she could feel the need all the way down to where his other hand was tugging her zipper. But she was still worried too, and she did promise she’d never lie to him! "I’m… a little scared? I don’t want to stop.." she mumbled softly. -11:53 Nov 28
Tremdorias: Scared? He tpugged her pants down and slid his hand back up her thigh and over her stomach up to her bears and leaned down he kiss her softly. "It’s alright." he whispered. "I’m nervous too. If you want tme to stop you can say." bacj to was already lowering his hips and sliding his hand back down to touch her folds and guide his tip to herbreath catching and then shuddering as he sunk in., and then slowly, gently push his -11:57 Nov 28
Phaedra: Phaedra gripped his shoulders tight, the split fear that it would hurt almost over-whelming. But it didn’t hurt. It was so the opposite of hurt that Phaedra made a surprised gasping sound. Her body relaxed and her hands found their way in to his hair, pulling him close for a sudden kiss. -12:04 Nov 29
Tremdorias: He kissed her back as his back curled against her, then uncurled pulling him out before her thrust again. Her arms hooked behind hers and gripped her shoulders from behind he his skin slid against her from where her sink into her with each thrust all the way to thier chests. he wanted to feel as much of her as possible, to experience as much of her as possible. This was for her, and for him. And he was lost in it. She would know what god sex felt like… and he would know he loved her. -12:09 Nov 29
Phaedra: This was so different… an intoxicating mix of sensations, and all of them heady and heavy and consuming. Gentle movements seeming to make her throb from the inside out. Hot skin, and cool wet mouth being her only tether. Phaedra wrapped her arms tight around his neck, wanting to touch, but being so caught up in feeling she was stucking nuzzling against his cheek as she sighed louder. -12:16 Nov 29
Tremdorias: He moved faster, his hands clinging to her and driving deeper, legs shifting and a sigh and small sound escaping him. He wasn’t worried abou what had happened before, he coulsn’t even think further back than this moment, this wondrful exquisite moment. He moved to capture her mouth in another all consuming kiss nipping her lip gently. -12:23 Nov 29
Phaedra: Everything just seemed to make her climb higher. And no amount of clinging to him made it relent, nor desperately kissing him and nibbling on his mouth, or locking her legs and even her tail around him. Spiraling so quickly it was almost alarming. "Tre, I…!" Even before she could mumble the words, her resistance broke. A startled sound slipping out, followed by an even more surprised, pleased cooing. Her whole body was shaking, even the fingers that were clinging to his hair, and her gasp of breath she was trying so hard to take in. -12:33 Nov 29
Tremdorias: His name, the gasp, the felling of her shaking and at the same time losing direction and reisistanke. He pushed through deeper sespite her tighteneing arounf him and he was done. Emptying into her as he tightened his arms around her nad crushed his liks into hers. Then when a shuddering moan he relaxed, the kiss sofening until he was just drushing his lips against hers and breathing hard. -12:38 Nov 29
Phaedra: She felt like she had just ran for miles and all her limbs were useless. But instead of tired and achy, she was in pure blissful heaven. Floating and tingling, and wrapped up in something so wonderful… Phaedra was lost in his kiss, even when it softened and she was gently nibbling his lips and curling closer to nuzzle his cheek. She was still breathless, but she smiled wide. ",,,again..?" -12:42 Nov 29

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