Myth and Legacy 008: The Beginning of the End

Myth and Legacy

[Raul has finally put the book away havign gotten what he needs from it. Its back in it’s case!] -01:21 Apr 07
[Kate is sleeping. Because it’s a fantastic bed, and she’s hella tired no thanks to Raul!] -01:22 Apr 07
Raul: He snapped closed the case then turned to the other side of the bed where Kate lay, sliding closer and runnign his hand down the side of her neck. “Kaaate.” he whispered softly his lips a fraction of an inch from hers his eyes on her closed lids. “Kaaate…” his hand went blow the covers to her side… “Guess what…” -01:25 Apr 07
Kate: Having already done everything -she- needed to for Raul’s little quest, Kate was getting to enjoy a vacation. A vacation involving sleep. …that Raul was now trying to ruin. Kate swatted at him as she moved to roll over. “Dun care… call me when the boat is done.” -01:27 Apr 07
Raul: He frabbed her shoulder and rolled her onto her back, She was talkig that mean she was awake enough to hear, and feel… He put his lips to her as he pulled the blanket off of her his hadn going to her hip. “Book is done.” he said efore his lips alighted on her throat. “Now I’m lookign to do somehtign else..” -01:29 Apr 07
Kate: Kate grumbled wearily, reaching for her blanket with one hand and trying to push Raul away with the other. “Buggar off. I’m trying to sleep! Go to bed…” Kate resumed her grumbling. Did he EVER sleep? She spent all day running HIS errands while he sat around reading…! -01:33 Apr 07
Raul: He threw the blanket onto the floor then slid his hands under her shirt pushign it up. “Come on Kate, it time to wake up…” who cared if it was almost midnight, he nipped her neck and pulled her shirt over her head. “Its time for sex.” -01:36 Apr 07
Kate: She snorted out a soft laugh. “Time for sex…? worst come on ever…” Wait, where the hell did her shirt go? Now her eyes were open and blinking wearily. Kate caught him by the hair to pull his head away from her neck and scowled at him. “Sleeping. Kate sleeping time.” -01:39 Apr 07
Raul: “Very articulate of you.” he teased grabbign her hair with both hands and trying to pull her into a kiss. “You were vocal enough about wanting it earlier..” -01:42 Apr 07
Kate: “I was -awake- earlier.” she complained. When the hell did it get so hot for a guy to be annoyingly persistant. Kate allowed herself to be pulled in for a kiss. But it was a chaste, quick one. Then she was trying to shove him away so she could roll over and go back to sleep. A very wicked smirk across her features. -01:48 Apr 07
Raul: He let her roll over, all the better to pull whatever she was wearing on the bottom down her legs and let it join her shirt and blanket on the floor. Then get his hands rubbing her ass… “If you want ot from behind thats fine by me…” he said as he bent down to nip her ass cheek. -01:51 Apr 07
Kate: Kate jumped. Then she was hitting the mattress with a fist and groaning in to pillow in annoyance. “You’re such a jeeeerk!” Kate rolling again, this time sitting up as she did and kicking a foot out to send him off and away from the bed. “You want it, then bring it! But I’mma make it as hard as possible and then your ass is going to passed out for the next week!” -01:55 Apr 07
Raul: He caught her foot and used it to pull her closer. “Do you have to make it so dificult?” he asked “Don’t you want to make me as hard as possible instead?” he kiss her the leg he held just above the knee. “Or does kate want me to have to tie her down?” -01:58 Apr 07
Kate: “There’s an idea.” Her tone was sarcastic, but… tying down huh? Kate kept that idea for later and masked her amused grinning behind another scowl. “I’m tellin you, Ru…. Don’t get me all feisty, cause it’s not gonna be me tied up in this bed.” In fact, where were those scarves? She could tie him down now, fool around a bit and then sleep! Let him waste the night horny as hell and he’d be all the more appreciative in the morning. Kate scrambled for the edge of the bed. -02:02 Apr 07
Raul: He grinned. “Because that went so well last time…” he said his hands sliding up her thigh and back down. “Or did you like what happened after that so much you want to do it again?” he pulled her closer again his ahdns sliding up to her hips before he jumped on her his hadn going to pin her shoulders down. “I personally want to be on top.” -02:07 Apr 07
Kate: Kate was pounced and there was a soft squeal from her. Her squirming was minimal though… His body was warm and as much as she did want to sleep, Kate was quickly forgetting why. “Oh? What makes you think I like anything you do?” Kate twitched her fingers. Since she was awake now… her hands slipped under him to get rid of those pants. -02:12 Apr 07
Raul: He looked down at he hand as they stripped him “I have my reasons for suspition…” he said before pressing his lips into hers his hadn going to rub against her hip “I personally love what you do.” -02:25 Apr 07
Kate: Between her hands and a little help from her feet, she had his pants stripped off quick without even having to move away from his mouth. Kate’s scowling was long gone and replaced with that wide assinine grin. One that grew even more smirky when she grabbed his balls and squeezed without any sort of warning or trepidation. “Love me now, but you’re gonna be begging me to stop in a minute. You have no idea the things I’mma do to you…” she murmured, throwing an arm around his neck as she took him in a hard kiss. -02:31 Apr 07
Raul: There was a surprised purr into his throat he as nipped her lip. “Is that a promise?” he asked his prip on her shoulders tightning. “Because you know I do love you, and thats not going to change.” he wiggles his hips against her his legs slidign betwen hers to push them apart. -02:36 Apr 07
Kate: Aww damnit. There went her fight and feist. All because he had to say something so unexpectedly sweet that stupid inner-romantic Kate was squealing in delight. Kate released him, so she could curl her other arm around his neck. Nuzzling against his cheek so he couldn’t see that sudden smitten, love-sick expression that fell over her face. “Do you have to say things like that…? You get me all stupid when you do…” she murmured against his ear. -02:44 Apr 07
Raul: he kissed her neck and ran a tickling hand down her side. “Maybe I like that…” he whipered movign to kiss her likes “Maybe I like Kate when shes my Kate, adn not against me Kate…. sometimes.” -02:48 Apr 07
Kate: “Your Kate.” she grinned against his mouth, letting out a soft snicker when he tickled her side. She loved the sound of that. Just as much as she loved the sometimes tacked on to the end. “Didn’t realize romance was your style, Ru…” She never thought it would be hers either, for that matter. Kate kissed him soft, pulling her arms down to brace her hands at his cheeks. -02:53 Apr 07
Raul: “Well it would have to work both ways…” he pointed out as he moved agaist her his lips brushing hers as his hips began to grind. His quickie was turning into somehtign else… something sweet. “That doesn’t mean I won’t still tie you down. -02:57 Apr 07
Kate: “I’d love to know why that makes me love you more…” Kate tossed all ideas of frisking him up and leaving him unsatisfied out the window. He had her wanting a lot more than just a fast fuck. She nibbled on his lips, sucking gently on the lower as her hands curled gently in to his hair. “How about making love to me and we’ll talk about typing up later.” she whispered. -03:03 Apr 07
Raul: “It would be a pleasure.” he whispered his hand sliding to her hip as he moved into position against her his tongue sliding against her lip. and his tip pushed against her…. an it was then that the window shattered and SOMETHING hit the wall above them and hent strait through. -03:08 Apr 07
Kate: Not the kind of screaming Kate was -wanting- to do. But she was pretty quick to shove Raul and roll them both to the floor, where it probably wasn’t safe, but at least within grabbing distance of a weapon. A shattered window and a hole in the ceiling. There was nothing she could -see- yet, but now very audible screams could be heard in the distance. “Well FUCK!” -03:14 Apr 07
Raul: First thing Raul grabbed here pants, throwing Kate hers and pullign his one fast, second was his gun and the case with the book… Then he listened.. adn felt.. “Its him..” he said without any doubt, it didn’t break into his mind like last tiem but Raul could feel Vardri’s presnese. “To the boatyard… he need to get off this island..” -03:20 Apr 07
Kate: “Something’s always gotta ruin the good shit!” she was bitching, but only so she had something be angry about instead of giving in to panic. The last time Raul mentioned Vardri he had gone all scary defeated Raul, and Kate wasn’t sure how she’d handle that yet. She had her pants on quick and pulled a shirt over her head. Anything that was loose she stuffed in to her small bag. …then it was all about grabbing her pistol and making sure it was loaded. Kate wasn’t forgeting she had it this time. -03:24 Apr 07
Raul: He only seemed to grab two things other than the book and his gun, and that was his wallet and satellite phone, then he was out the bedroom door and gun in hand waiting at the front door. Then when Kate caught up he opened it… and the burning city greeted thier eyes. It looked liek Vardri had brought and army of his pets… and gunfire was sporadic as overhead a news helicopter circled in the night “Right lets move!” -03:27 Apr 07
Kate: Kate was hoping on one foot trying to get her other shoe on, and nearly ran back in to the room once she saw the hell in the distance. “What kind of shit did you get me in to?! ….don’t answer that!” Kate didn’t want to know and the faster they left Barbados the better. Kate didn’t get far on to the boardwalk before one of those humanish creatures came darting out like some sort of speedy demon. She didn’t think twice about raising her gun and firing. …and Kate was a surprisingly good shot for someone who thought a conch on a stick was a good idea. -03:36 Apr 07
Raul: The gunfire woulf only attract more of them and Raul grabbed her and and bagan to run, ignorign the noisr then here making. “When you saw your boat did it look lik it would sail?” he asked “Because I think its time we took it for a test drive.” He fired at one of the things moving to block thier way hitting it int he legt despite being running. “We grab fuel and we get out of here.” -03:40 Apr 07
Kate: “Just missing a little spit and polish and far as I — Fuck!” There had to be some sort of monster magnet on them, because it wasn’t just one or two of the things popping out now. More and more were creeping right up out of the ocean and on to the docks, and Kate made the mistake of looking behind them. She didn’t have enough bullets for this! By the time they reached the shipyard, the shits must have been psychic as they were trying to demolish everything that was already waiting out on the water. Tearing other fleeing people apart and blocking the walk to the boathouse where her new precious was -hopefully- hidden and waiting to be launched. -03:46 Apr 07
Raul: Raul cracked his knuckles and handed Kate his gun. He didn’t want the bunnets to go off in the magazine accidently. “Stay close behind me and kill any that get too close he sait the the wind started to pick up around them, the gusts in time with Raul’s breathing. “This is not going to be pretty…” WHat he did pick up was a peice of steel reinforcing rod… comethign conductive and heavy, Thing were going to get bloody before this was done. “ANd we have to hurrym hes getting closer.” -03:51 Apr 07
Kate: “Here I was looking forward to a midnight tango.” Kate hissed back. For all her coolness, she was freaking the hell out. Kate readjusted her bag so the strap was across her chest and it was out of the way. Somehow she thought it would feel a lot more badass with a pair of guns about to face down a hoard of monsters, but she was really just terrified. …However it didn’t stop her from popping one in the face with a bullet when it jumped at them. And never did she step out of Raul’s shadow. -03:55 Apr 07
Raul: Raul swung the bar with both hands catching one of the creatures across the face. Then there was a flash of blue light and the cackle of eletricity as he pushed the creature back into it’s felows and several of them fell, dead. The storm was picking up too, a miniture reverse tornado forming aroudn them, the constant flow of air pusign away from them instead of sucking towards. “We should grab a few cans of fuel just in case..” he said over the gathering gale. “We don’t want to run out before we get anywhere.” -04:00 Apr 07
Kate: “Just get us in the goddamned building!” she spat back. Kate only had so much she could focus on at once. If Raul didn’t want her slipping in to a puddle of crazy, she needed to keep feeling like she was being effective! Kate didn’t waste bullets. She relied a lot on Raul being quick enough to swing at most. Those he missed or got too close she let get just close enough so when she shot, they went down and weren’t getting back up. No itchy trigger finger, despite the fact she -looked- like she was flipping out and two toothy bastards away from running off screaming. -04:07 Apr 07
Raul: “Gettign in is easy.” he said right before a lighting strike sent most of the creatures to the ground and Raul dashed forwards pulling kate along with him. He kicked one of the then looked like it might be getting back up in the face on his way past. “Hope the boat is still intact…” he ducked through the door into the workshop where it was being built and immediatly turned to baricade th door once Kate was though. Not that there wern’t and uglies in the workshop, but there were less of them than out there. -04:11 Apr 07
Kate: “OH HELL NO, GET THE FUCK OFF MY BOAT.” …Nope! Panic over. The minute she saw one of those things jumping on to her shiny new home, Kate was ready to rip them apart with her bare hands. The boat was tied and tilted, ready to slide off it’s bracers for launch. Kate was running up the ramp, shooting the first bastard she saw and then ramming the second with her shoulder until it toppled off the side. She unhooked her bag, letting it drop to the deck. Immediately heading to the controls to make sure everything worked and COULD leave. -04:15 Apr 07
Raul: Raul threw the case onto the boat followed by a coupel cans of fuel, he didn’t join Kate on deck though. His job was to launch the thing. There had to be a lever… There.. adn only three between him and it. I/ll have your boat in the drink in ten seconds.” he warned her as the bar crackled with energy.. “Come on …” they charge him and he swung… sidestepped, and kicked the level sindign the boat sliding downwards.. without him. -04:19 Apr 07
Kate: Kate couldn’t think about what he was doing and where he -wasn’t- yet. She kept her footing as the boat groaned and slid it’s way in to the water. There was that first holding of her breath, hoping it wouldn’t sink as soon as it hit. Breathing out in relief, Kate got the engines going. The tank was already full and the controls seemed to be working okay. Navigation was spot on, her wheel was okay…. And then she felt herself colliding in to the wall as something rammed in to her. She scrambled to reach one of the dropped guns, as a clawed hand circled around her ankle and was trying to drag her out of the cabin. -04:28 Apr 07
Raul: Raul was in the water and swimming to the boat, grabbign the side and pulling himself on board. “KATE!” he called out looking for her. The he heard a crash from the cabin and ducked inside. “KATE?” he could hear splashes as more of them came for the boat.. shit they needed to get out of here. -04:31 Apr 07
Kate: Raul was met with the sudden swinging of a clawed hand slashing towards his face. Kate was released and scrambling across the ground to turn and aim her gun… but if she fired she’d hit Raul! Trusting that he could protect himself, Kate climbed to her feet, wiping blood from her forehead with the back of her arm. Pushing the gas on the speed control to propell the boat forward and out of the dock. -04:38 Apr 07
Raul: Raul took a gash to the throay, only just deep enough to peirce the skin, his reataliation was a jolt and a blow with the bar, the boat moved beneath them and he pulled the thing out on deck, hit it again and threw it overboard, then a flash of lightning his the water and fried a good portion of those in it… they were moving there was no way those left would catch up… and raul fell onto the closest bench panting.. then Looked over at kate.. “We made it… are you hurt?” -04:42 Apr 07
Kate: Kate didn’t leave the helm. Eyes glancing from the sea in front of them back down to the navigation. Everything had to work. Their lives depended on it! Once she realized he spoke to her, she blinked a moment in dizzy confusion. A hand rising to her head to check just how badly she got herself banged up. “Less than I thought…” -04:49 Apr 07
Raul: “The island…” he said “My family’s island we need to go back there… I know there the Moira’s Gloom is hidden.” he stood again walking up to her. “You’re going to see the ship from all those stories you sell to the public.” -05:32 Apr 07
Kate: “…I’m pretty sure we’re probably going to die.” Kate responded. Everything seemed to be hitting her all at once. Just how bad it really was, and how much worse it could get. “There’s no way we’re gonna live through that! Look at you. Look at me! We’re so fucked!” -05:36 Apr 07
Raul: “Hey!” he grabbed her shoulders and shook her. “We can do this. We’re still alive and together aren’t we? We got a boat… YOU have a boat, plenty of fuel.. and I know how to get magic swords. We can do this.. together.” he put his arms arounf her and pulled her close, still only werign his pants and nothing else.. “Who else kicks more ass than us.” he had nown this moment would coem for her, it had come for him back when he learned his family was dead. That was the moment all of this became real… -05:41 Apr 07
Kate: Kate didn’t want to be comforted! She wanted to steer the boat off to Africa and hide somewhere in an elephant graveyard where no one would find her. But she leaned forward, bury her face at his chest, trying to reclaim some form of indignant anger so she could function. “This is too fucking hard! I am not the one supposed to be doing this! I give tours and steal shit! I don’t battle monsters and kill sea gods!” -05:48 Apr 07
Raul: “N one knows more about the legends than you, at least no one that didn’t grow up living them. And to fight legendary monsters who better than someone who knows them, can use a gun, and can tame the heart of the man who once loved nothing but the sea. You are more than qualified to be a pirate queen, and it was a pirate queen who defeated him last time…” -06:37 Apr 07
Kate: “Bunch of stupid bullshit and it’s just my luck to go and DIE just when I finally get something awesome!” She could hear the words, and it helped to hear them. But at the same time she was pretty damn sure most of her stories ended with tragic sacrifices. Kate pushed him back to punch his shoulder. “You better not fucking die and pull some crazy heroic shit! If we do this, nobody is dying!” -06:42 Apr 07
Raul: “No one died last time.” he pointed out. “I promise no one will this time either. We’ll survive this, and move to the island, hire some people, and do what we do best. We’ll be rich and heads of the biggest gun running empire this side of the russian border… just you and me for the rest of out lives. I promise.” -06:46 Apr 07
Kate: “I’m going to hold you to that promise. I know some voodoo Hatians…” That wasn’t going to help her if SHE died, but it was a start. Kate pulled back, examining his face for a moment. “…Hey Ru…. You wanna marry me?” -06:53 Apr 07
Raul: He looked at her surprise on his face… “You are a captain, technically…” he said “You could to it right now, if you’re willing to rebuild the family with me…” his voice was soft. “I do want to marry you… I do want to be yours forever and have you be mine.” -06:57 Apr 07
Kate: “I want to get married, not make babies.” Kate hadn’t even meant to just blurt out asking him to marry her. It just… happened! But it felt right, and it was easy imagining the rest of her life with Raul, even if all they did was screw around on the sea and jumped from island to island. “I want a real ceremony though. With a preacher…. before we go face ancient evil. Then you’ll remember you have a wife who freaking insane enough to go with you and we’ll both survive.” -07:01 Apr 07
Raul: “Then set a course for an island with a preacher.. and a jewelers” he leaned down and kissed her softly his lips lingering in hers. “We’ll get everything sorted out… And have that wedding.” -07:04 Apr 07

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