The Demon and Angelle 008: The Demonsire

[Virote fellt the pull as soon as the spell began, at first he though it was his master.. then he heard a female voice… ] -01:24 May 13
[Angelle ….did not expect to suddenly be somewhere else!] -01:26 May 13

“Here I thought that the rumors were exagerating… Virote running away with a Master’s Prize and then stealing a Holy Relic. Yet here you are, all together.” The voice did not make an appearance yet. Nothing but a dim room with stony walls and the nauseating scent of sulfur. -Angelle

Virote: His nostrils flared.. he knew that voice, he knew where he was and his body changed in a natural reaction to being home. He wished Angelle wasn’t here… His eyes cast around the room and he snarled. "You have no right to summon me here, nor this girl, show yourself." -01:32 May 13

There was a laugh. “I have plenty, little demon. More than you new Master ever has.” There was a hiiiiiisss and a movement, but nothing could be seen yet. “I’m bored and I’ve missed you oh so much.” -Angelle

Angelle: This wasn’t going to be good. Angelle warily stepped closer to the demon, but didn’t say a word. …though she was already thinking about how she was going to escape hell a second time. Who gets that lucky? -01:38 May 13
Virote: He turned her sound seened to be coming from all different directions. "So its a game you’re after.. or maybe you wanted to see the mortal I gt to steal the sword that almost killed out all thise years ago… she gets sint back. Then we talk." -01:39 May 13

“I don’t want to talk. Such a waste of time.” Hissing movement in the dark again. And without warning chains shot out from the dark to wrap around his arms and legs and even wings from several directions. Worse, some clamping through his skin. The her form appeared behind Angelle, arms wrapping around her and the sword. Crimson lips muttering in to her ear as a rattlesnake tail swished behind her in amusement. “Poor frightened human. I can get your soul back for you and save you from this monster. All you have to do is sign a little contract…” -Angelle

[Angelle enters.] -01:54 May 13
Angelle: It went from bad to worse, and Angelle was so horrified she couldn’t seem to will herself to move outside of clutching the sword tighter to her and squeezing her eyes shut. The last time she were here, Virote was turned in to a pile of mush right before her eyes. She finally shook her head furiously, trying to pull away. -01:56 May 13
Virote: Trapped…. he paniced and struggled but it was of no use… " Bored of me already, but I just got here… she knows better than to sign anything… and if you really wanted her sould you’d be talking to me. I’m the one who holds her contract…" -02:03 May 13

“Bored of you? Never. This is all for you, after all.” She cradled that frightened little human in her arms, grinning as she kissed her cheek. “Such a nice pet. A guilty, guilty pet… Oh Virote, you were guilty like this once… Having done such a terrible thing, that it eats away at your soul. Have you forgotten how scintillating a human’s fear is? Here, let me help your guilty conscience human and spare you the trouble of trying to be brave.” Without warning, she shifted. Digging her poison-filled claws in to the human’s shoulders and letting her weakening body drop to the floor. “What do you want to do with our pet! We can do wonderful, wonderful things just like we used to…” -Angelle

Angelle: Angelle gasped! The pain was sharp for the shortest of moments, leaving her knees collapsing out from under her and the sword slipping through her fingertips. By the time she hit the floor she couldn’t get her body to move. Not a twitch of her toes are a wiggling of her fingers. She was almost numb from parylization. -02:14 May 13
Virote: "Harming my property… I could kill you for that.." he said trying to hold back the fear from his voice. Trying to sound like he once did. "My claws around your throat… squeezing… can’t do that chained up.." -02:15 May 13
[(Timeout) Angelle was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -02:20 May 13

“Please. Is that concern in your voice, dearest one? For a toy?” She stepped over the human, her snake’s tail making sure to turn her little face so she could watch. An audience was fun. “I want your hands on me. But how can I trust you, dearest… You’ve betrayed our kind and don’t even want to help me play.” Standing before him, she curled an arm around his neck, tapping her claws over his chest before dragging them down to rip the fabric of his clothes. “Play with me. Or should I fuck her first? You used to love that…” -Angelle

Virote: He hardened he couldn’t not, it was his nature. "You can smell the sin on her soul can’t you? But still she carries a relic that it would burn you or I to hold. Isn’t that.. rare.. exotic..? Witht hat sword she could strike down my master. A mortal killing a demon as old and strong as he is. Guided to that point by my hand. And once I am free and had my fun watchign the peices fall into place. Her contract.. her soul.. will be of no further use to me adn I’m sure there will be some way we can come to an agreement. I’ll also be needign a new master.. or mistress… after all. Or even a partner." he leaned his head forwards towards her. "But until then I need her able to hold that sword." -02:31 May 13

“Do you hear that, human? That is demon nature for you. Your friend and protector one moment, and then trading your soul the next. You learned from the best, Virote …but you are spending an awful lot of time speaking about her, and not me….” Smiling wide, she gripped the collar of his shirt and ripped it further. Exposing chest and skin for her to run claws over. And she did! With delight at drawing long bleeding lines. “IF she can use the sword. Touch it maybe… but a murderer weilding a Holy Relic. How ironic. Oh…! Little human thing, have you not shared your sin?” She laughed, curling her claws in to the back of his neck. “I won’t kill her. But we can play..” -Angelle

Angelle: What was worse? Hearing him so easily disregard her and offer her for trade? Or hearing that demon woman call her a murderer. Angelle struggled to move, a soft whimper escaping her as she tried to will feeling anything other than the sudden, sharp burning in her chest. Her sin was bad and she deserved to be here… she didn’t want to remember this! -02:44 May 13
Virote: "You want me to talk about you do you dearest? Why don’t we start from the beginging and how you made me what I am. You know more about my human life than I do beign that one who made me. All the fun we had, your sweet, terrifyingly lecherous tortures that tore my soul apart? I bet that was fun… tell me what you did, in every detail." -02:46 May 13

“Deflecting. Noble… do you care about the toy, dearest?” That she sounded surprised about it. Her amusement faded and immediately she was digging her claws deep in to his side. “We’ll talk about you. Self righteous, noble man. You thought you were so wise. But I showed you the truth in your soul, didn’t I? The darkness. The sick pleasures you tried to deny…” She twisted her hand, claws still dug in and blood spilling over her fingetips. “But why tell you a story when I can revigorate your memory by making you do it to her. You forget what you are. A demon, through and through.” -Angelle

Virote: It hurt… of course it did. "I’m not noble.. never have been." he said though the pain. "And why would I deny what I am? What you made me, its been other a thousand years since you sold me, maybe two… what makes you think I’d ever change or are you seeing things?" -02:58 May 13

“I am starting to think you don’t even want to hurt her…” Her claws retracted from his side. Her hand raising up to lick the blood from her fingers. “I’ve seen many try to change their spots. So many try to escape what they are… But I am growing very bored with this conversation.” Gripping the waistband of his pants, she was ripping again. No patience or subtly to it. There wasn’t a scrap of fabric left on him when she was done, and she was left circling him. Running her hands over his skin until she reached down to grab his dick, allowing her claws to prick the skin but not penetrate. “We will play. I’ll even let you loose if you obey. If you don’t… that will just make it more fun.” -Angelle

Virote: He winced.. "I’ve always held a clack spot for you sweet. After all the torture you put me though theres no choice but to hate you. Thats what makes this fun. Until it cuts into a timetable that if not followed leads to my destruction. So how about we pick this up when it snows outside?" -03:31 May 13

“As if I cared at all about your destruction…” she released him, only to step behind him. The chains loosened only long enough for her to kick a foot against his back and drop him to his knees. The chains jerked until his arms were pulled taunt and straight behind his back, her foot still pushing roughly against it. “How long did it take your wings to grow back last time, hmm? You won’t be flying out of hell with her this time.” She grabbed his wings and pulled hard, the sound of bone and tendons popping filling the air. -Angelle

Virote: He screamed then bit his lip blood flowing from beneath his teeth. "You can’t fuck me so you torture me.. you havn’t changed.." he sucked in his breath again ".. this is why I never call if you you know.. you’re boring…" he was only making it worse for himself and he knew it "And least this mortal here made it interesting. Yes I fucked her and then turned you down." -03:43 May 13

That might have been the wrong thing to say. Growling, she shoved him to the floor. Stepping back around him to Angelle who was still immobile on the floor. She dropped, to her knees above the human, gripping her jaw in her clawed hands to turn her face upwards. “Do you hear that human? He thinks you’re a better fuck than me. Maybe we should find out. Because if he doesn’t play with me, I have to entertain myself somehow…” Gripping the human’s shirt she ripped to expose her shoulder where the marks of her claws had left punctures. She added to the marks, slashing a line of red over the girl’s collarbone and shoulder. “I know you understand.” she mumbled, letting go of the girl to crawl across the floor back towards Virote. “Fuck me or fuck her. Or I kill her, taking her soul, and leave her writhing for eternity. Or don’t. Maybe I will do it anyway.” She grabbed his head and kissed him hard. Fangs pricking the skin. -Angelle

Angelle: Angelle would have screamed if she could squeak out more than a whimper. This was almost worse than before…! Her body wasn’t numb enough, because she could feel the searing pain of the claw marks on her skin. She had to move. She had to get that sword and do something, anything. A vague amount of feeling in her finger tips left her fighting to move more. -04:01 May 13
Virote: "Fine.. I’ll fuck you. And let you have my wings. They’ll be back in nine months anyway… give me the pain I crave and I’ll give you what you crave. But if you hurt her I’m taking you with me." -04:05 May 13

“What a sweet, sweet promise.” she purred against his mouth. The chains released, all of them. Except the ones that wrapped tightly around his wings, jerking and tugging him back. He wouldn’t be going anywhere and they would be ripped right off his back if he tried. “I won’t hurt her at all.” Her hands moved down to his sides and hips, digging her claws in again while she licked his lips and up the side of his cheek. -Angelle

Virote: His wings had always been sensitive, but then she knew that. He tilted his head to bite her neck and momenteralu concidered clamping down harder and tearing her flesh.. but she would survive and he angry. "Theres one thing for demons, they can take more punishment…" his hand came up to glip the back of her head as his other gripped her arm. "You know shes watching… we cou;d show her while survivel isn’t guarenteed when demons get together." -04:16 May 13

“She’ll beg for it. Plead for this. We can always use her too…” Her hand slipped between them, cupping him in her hand and squeezing hard. She pressed her body up against his, circling her legs around him and using her tail against the floor to balance herself. His shaft in her hand, her grup tighted hard, guiding him to her opening with a jerk. Teasing both him and herself with it. -Angelle

Virote: His habds gripped her shoulders claws extending. "You know I raped her, and she came back to me for more. You may be right.." he would pushe her down and hold her, squeeze the fife out for here but she was far, far older than he was. "Every time we fuck I’m trying to thik of ways to kill you, to hurt you like you did me. I’ve tried several times and I know you’ve loved agary time…" he ran his teeth over shoulder before fining his fangs into her tasting her blood and feeling her reaction. "Is that why you kept me for so long before selling me?" -04:31 May 13
Angelle: Tears were streaming down her face, but anger was a powerful source. Angelle remembered this feeling. Being so filled with rage and hatred and sorrow… blinded by it, fueled by it. Angelle managed to shift one arm. Pushing against the floor until she rolled over. Now she could see the sword laying against the stone floor. She struggled to reach out for it. Seething a hiss of exertion through her teeth. -04:38 May 13

That demoness groaned, relishing the feel of his teeth, rewarding him with another hard pull and sinking his shaft deep inside her. With an arm curled tight over his shoulder and her claws dug in to his back so deep that she could feel spine, she grabbed a hold of one of his wings. Bending, breaking. “So violent, and so futile… Oh try, dearest, do try. Take my blood and skin and I might take you back.” -Angelle

Virote: The popping, the breaking sound, the feeling of him inside her. He rakes his claws across her back leaving long red lines the dripped and ran. His other hand gripped her side the claws peirging the skin and sinking in almosy craching her lowest rib. There was an animalistic growl in his throat at his hips moved to hers and he licked up hershoulder to bite her neck. -04:46 May 13
Angelle: Angelle cringed at the sound. But her fingers finally curled over the sword’s hilt. She gripped tight, trying hard not to make a sound, but hands being so shakey it was hard to keep control in her effort to move. Just a little more. -04:51 May 13

Lost in the violent motions of crushing her body against his, the scent of blood and sweat, she had little care for paying attention to a small human. The pain was glorious, making her laugh and return the favor. Ripping his wing free from his back with such a sudden snap that it was almost effortless. -Angelle

Virote: His entire body cinvumsed with the pain driving him deeper into her the wing swinging away ling a grotesque ordemant straying blood all over the room as it’s smell filled that air. He pulled his hand from her back adn stabbed his claws into her stomach between them as his teeth closed arounf her throat and bit down his. "I’ll have yout horns for that…" -05:01 May 13

Gasping, followed by laughter. Loud, insane cackling, marred by the teeth in her throat and the throwing back of her head. Both of her hands went around his throat to strangle him. Thumb claws digging in to his chin. -Angelle

Angelle: Shiiiink. It was hard to lift, almost too hard. But it didn’t take a lot of force once Angelle had the momentum. On her knees barely a few paces away, she swung. Catching the demoness head with the sword right through the neck. The head went swinging somewhere, but Angelle was swinging back again. This time stabbing it up through the woman’s side to pierce lungs and heart. Angelles eyes were squeezed shut, and when she finally blinked them open, the look she cast Virote was anything less than friendly and for a moment it looked like she was about to start swinging at him too… -05:10 May 13
Virote: He felt her shudder as her head came off and that made him release, his seed flooding her in the same moment as the sword peirced her again. The he was letting go of the body and letting it fall to the ground. He locked eyes with Angelle as he stood. He was still bound by his remaining wing bet tried to take a step towards her. "It was this… or you." he was bleeding from just about everywhere. Weakened, his world was swaying and the wing fell from his hand. he was bleeding from everywhere, weakened.. "This is the demon who made me one of her kind… thank you for doing what I couldn’t." -05:20 May 13
Angelle: "Don’t thank me." her voice was low, angry… a dark tone that wasn’t normal for her. Watching him as he stood and swayed, that sword still clutched tight in her hands. She could move fully now, her blood rushing with that burning feeling. Angelle stood slowly, looking very much like a cornered animal that was about to go batshit crazy on someone. "The things you said…" -05:26 May 13
Virote: "If she thought I was weak she would sell me back to my master and keep you for herself, and tortured you just like she did me and turned you into something like us. I’m a Demon Angelle, I dusurve to die so you’re fully justified doing it…." he spread his arms. "I have one wing, I’m useless against the goal of getting you out of here to kill me and enslave another. Thats what a demon would do." -05:32 May 13
Angelle: "I don’t want to kill anyone..! I didn’t mean to…" That dark look was broken, replaced by the pain and the fear. A distant look as she turned her gaze downwards at the fallen body of the demoness. Blood pooling everywhere on the ground and dripping from the sword. She killed without thought. That’s what demons did too. "I think I belong here…" Angelle let the sword slip from her hands. Everything here was normal. This is what demons did… She was cracking under the pressure, feeling that burn in her chest again. -05:42 May 13
Virote: He stepped forwards and there was another sicening pop as his wing torr free from the chain to lie ripped and broken down his back. He closed his arms around her and whispered. "No one desurves this. TO gave thier nature subverted and replaced. But then I don’t know it that happened to me. She was the only person who knew what I was when I was human." -05:47 May 13
Angelle: She cringed when he touched her, her body stiff and unmoving until she finally caved to tears. Shaking arms curling up around his waist, and fists balled up against his back. Angelle could feel the blood and smell it, and the fact it didn’t make her sick and seemed like it should be natural… it was wrong. "I took away your chance to know… I killed somebody else and I have to do it again… This will never end." -05:55 May 13
Virote: "I gave up finding out a long time ago." he said "And it will be over soon." he picked her up and cattied her to the next room before sitting with ehr on the floor. "I can’t take you back this time. No wings and with me in your body we wouldn’t be able to take the sword. So I need to heal…" -06:00 May 13
Angelle: "We’re stuck here." He needed time to heal. She needed time… if only to get her thoughts back under control. Angelle curled against him, crossing her arms against her chest and digging her fingers in to her own arms. Everything felt so dark, and she didn’t know if it was Hell calling her or simply her own mind going crazy that made her feel like she was slipping. They needed time and she wasn’t sure how much time she could give… "It will be over soon." she repeated what he said, but her idea of over was vastly different from his. -06:06 May 13

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