Since You’ve Been Gone 008: The Worst Timing

Yvaine: A little bit of research could go a long way. Yvaine’s library snooping, and a few well placed questions to people in the know gave her a lot more insight to the identity of Emil and his connection to Hans’ Uncle. What concerned her was the kind of connection and how it all involved Gunther. Yvaine was seriously suspecting Gunther was not a loyal friend to Hans at all, and rather making plots with Bardulf. Yet, every time she tried to make a date with Hans or bring it up on the phone, he had to cancel or leave suddenly! It was so frustrating. Worse, no one at work had seen Maria. So between work and Hans, Yvaine was stressed all around. …But -finally- she recieved a message to come visit the castle, and Yvaine hoped she could finally talk to Hans about it all. She missed him! -03:56 Apr 05

It was all planned perfectly. Gunther met Yvaine at the gate and escorted her in, leading her right into the palace itself. His earpeace let him hear what was going on where hans was. “He will see you momenterally.” he said stopping in the waiting room next to the door. “He has one more peice of bisiness to take care of first.” -Hans

Yvaine: Yvaine didn’t feel comfortable waiting with Gunther at all. It showed on her face and the way she stood at a distance with her arms crossed. "Have you spoken to his Uncle Bardulf lately? I know that you are Captain of the Royal Guard and probably have to speak with heirs, even if they are in prison. Some of my co workers at the ballet were talking about some of the riots from ten years ago…" -04:14 Apr 05

Meanwhile, Maria was casually entering the lovely little room that seemed all set up for an intimate encounter. With candles and flowers, and King Hans himself! She was a little banged up from an unfortunate incident a few days ago, but how could she pass up a a rescue and offer from a handsome King? She was dressed to impress in a slinky little get-up, and sure… she knew Yvaine liked the guy, but if he wasn’t that in to Yvaine, Maria wasn’t above stealing a King. “…The room looks lovely, Your Highness! Were you planning something special?” -Yvaine

Gunther didn’t flinch or show any emotion. “I have spoken to him only enough to ensure hes where he needs to be and will remain there. You may be Hans’ guest but questioning my loyalty is unwise.” -Hans

Hans: Hans looked nervous, he hadn’t spent a lot of tim ewith his house guest after rescuing her, not had he spoken to Yvaine much. It was telling on him. "Yes… I am." he said with a smile and gesturing her closer. Maria was Yvaine’s friend and if anyone could help him it was her. There were things he needed to know. "You know I’ve been going out with Yvaine he said. But shes been asking questions, acting suspisious. Gunther has been keeping me informed. Before I go on, do you know if shes been up to anything? Anythign at all." -04:22 Apr 05
Yvaine: "I am only making conversation…" she replied slowly. His response was so defensive. If he had nothing to hide, why respond to her in such a way? Yvaine rocked on her feet, not liking the tension. "I was only curious. I’ve been thinking about staying here when the play is over and joining one of the local ballet houses. It’s important to learn about the local politics, doubly so since Hans is important to me…" -04:23 Apr 05

“Hans is a capable man.” gunther said “He is more tham capable of keeping a man behind bars who desurves to be there. “If you plan on staying your time is proboally better spent learning German and proper behavious in front of rayaly than past political tensions.” He kept listening on the other room his attention only half on Yvain. -Hans

Maria laughed! “I’ve been here and hadn’t even thought to call Yvaine. I feel like such a bad friend. …but I’ll tell you, she’s absolutely obsessed about this place. Did you know she can speak fluent German? I always thought she could never keep a secret, but ever since arriving here she has been one surprise after another!” Maria picked up one of the flowers from the table. Casting a big, flirting smile at Hans. “Do you want me to ask her what she’s up to?” -Yvaine

Hans: "No, no, its fine." he said "Its not going to matter much after tonight." he smiled back, warmly but not overly friendly. "I’ve been thinking about asking her to stay." he said putting a ring box on the table. "But I don’t know how to go about asking.. and now.. my guard tell me shes been looking into what hapened ten years ago. Without asking me." -04:33 Apr 05
Yvaine: "I will keep that in mind." Yvaine responded. She didn’t correct him about her language abilities, and was surprisingly not as insulted by his other comment as she usually would have been. Maybe it was because she didn’t believe Gunther was behaving properly himself. "I’ve every intention of learning everything though. I want to be someone he can trust." -04:34 Apr 05

“Then you wouldn’t. The king has matters in hand and if he has to trust you it might be best if you wait for him to tell you matters himself rather than digging through public records. Maybe you should ask yourself if you trust him enough to let him tell you in his own time.” -Hans

Speaking of not asking, Maria’s eyes were opening wide as she snatched up the box. Manners were not an issue for her. “…are you getting -serious- about her? Oh my god… That’s just! I don’t know…” Maria looked a bit doubtful, but how did she put it delicately, without betraying Yvaine’s trust? That girl was a little delicate! “Yvaine is so sensitive about the things that happened back then… I mean, she doesn’t really feel comfortable talking about it. Gets this whole dark and quiet thing going on, you know?” -Yvaine

Hans: He leaned against the table. "But why now? Why… There are players movign against me, I want one good thing in my life that I don’t have to worry about turning sour." he looked at her. "Before we eat, and before I ask more questions, I’m sorry for being a terrible host and its taken this long for us to talk but.. could I practice on you?" -04:44 Apr 05
Yvaine: That struck just the right chord with Yvaine. Suddenly she wasn’t so sure what if what she was doing was right. Was she doubting Hans’ opinions by investigating Gunther? And not trusting him to know how and when to tell her things? She turned away from Gunther, slowly pacing a bit in the waiting room. "I do trust him. I just…" Maybe she didn’t really trust him? But that didn’t feel right… -04:46 Apr 05

Gunther put his hand to his ear and listened smiling both at that he heard and the fact that he had put Yvaine in her place. “Hes amlost done, I’ll lead you to him.” he opened the door and stepped back out ingo the coridoor. “Then you will hear the happy news. Hans will be thrilled to see you.” -Hans

“Honey, Yvaine is about as good as it gets. I’m more worried she’s gonna like… explode in to a ball of crazy one day, like those like little girls with tragic pasts, you know? I mean, she can’t even sleep without a night light!” Oh god, he WAS getting serious with Yvaine! That was just the cutest thing ever! Maria sliiiiid up to him, putting on her best foxy expression. Unlike Yvaine, Maria was an excellent actress. “King Hans, I would -love- to be your practice girl. For aaaanything you want to practice, if you know what I mean.” She winked. -Yvaine

Hans: It was probably a good thing Hans was too nervous to catch Maria’s thinly vieled invitation. "Well then…" he took the box from Maria’s hand and slowly knelt on one knee… "Umm… so.. I guess I should call you Maria for practive.. Maria would you.." -04:56 Apr 05
Yvaine: Yvaine hesitated, but she followed after Gunther. …she felt terrible. She decided she would HAVE to be honest with Hans about what she was doing. He could make his own choices about Gunther, and after that she would leave it alone! -04:58 Apr 05

Gunther led the way to the end of the corridor and placed his hand on the handle, waited a second. Then with a single motion opened the door and stepped to the side. “He will see you now.” -Hans

“Oh Hans! I am so thrilled!” Despite being a badass actress, no woman could contain her enthusiam when a foreign King was on one knee proposing. ..even if it WAS just for practice for another woman! “I would LOVE to marry you, Hans!” …and then she got a little -too- enthusiastic and pounced a King with a very big and -totally- inappropriate kiss. Yvaine would forgive her! -Yvaine

Hans: The box almost fell from his hands as Maria pounec him, it wan’t even open but she was already kissing him. Was this ok during practice. it then that the door opened and he had an excuse to break away… "Yvaine….?" -05:05 Apr 05
Yvaine: …and that is what Yvaine walked in to. Hans on a knee with a ring. Maria’s exclamation…and then a kiss! A kiss that looked WAY to real to be fake! "You…" Yvaine wasn’t sure what hit her the hardest. The confusion, the anger, betrayal… or just heart break! "Don’t. …Just… Don’t!" Yvaine spun on a heel and fled. They would try to explain it, or make excuses. Yvaine didn’t want to hear any of them! -05:07 Apr 05

Maria looked stunned. …and then tactlessly laughed! “Oh shit… that was the WORST timing ever! The only thing that wouldn’t made it better is if I had you pants off!” -Maria- thought it was funny, anyway. It’s not like the scene was real. -Yvaine

Gunther didn’t move to stop Yvain, by he did stop Hans, shook his head then set off after Yvaine pulling out his radio. “The girl is on her way …” he amde sure Hans was out of earshot. “Let her leave she’ll make her own way back.” -Hans

Hans: Hans wasn’t in a laughing mood, he felt like and idiot and the look on Yvaine’s face is what hit him the most… "I don’t see how this could be any worse." he said. -05:12 Apr 05

“I can think of a lot of ways it could be worse.” Maria’s casual response was so inappropriate, but she was completely unapologetic. …but the fact Hans looked SO upset did seem to draw her out of her snickering amusement. “…Okay, okay! Wipe that look off your face. It’s SO not that bad. A misunderstanding, right? All you have to do is talk to her. Hell, I can talk to her too. I’m sure once she realizes we’re not having a sexy, sexy affair, she’ll get over it…” -Yvaine

Yvaine: She left the castle, hailing a cab to get back to her hotel as quickly as possible. Yvaine was so upset, she was numb with the feeling. What was even the right response? Beat up the girl and throw stuff? Maria had told her once before that’s what you do when a guy cheats. …Maria! How could she! But then… Yvaine hadn’t spent much time with Maria since arriving in the country. And she had been so charmed by Hans that she never thought he might be doing something other than business when he wasn’t with her. Was she really so stupid! -05:20 Apr 05
Hans: "So then what do we do?" he asked trusting gunther to stop Yvaine and bring her back, "Try to call?" Gunther however had made sure her room ahd been prepaired, incentive fro ehr to leave. All he had to do was wait for Hans to crack or fall to th whims of Maria…" -05:24 Apr 05

“You -do- have it bad. …I’m kinda glad. It’s kinda nice knowing Yvaine’s met someone she can trust like that.” Aww, damnit. Maria was feeling all soft, and now she was -really- feeling guilty about how it all played out. Yvaine really was delicate, and it might not be so easy to repair it. “…crap. I don’t know, let me think. We SO need to talk to her A.S.A.P though, because I dunno if she’ll like, hang herself in the bathroom or go all stabby girl or what…” -Yvaine

Hans: "The guards should stop her." he said looking out the way she had gone "I’m sorry you had to be a part of this." he tood adn looke dout the window… he had to do SOMETHING. -05:38 Apr 05
Yvaine: Glad for a cab, instead of the long excrutiating walk back to her hotel room. Yvaine was back somewhere safe and alone and quiet! She could think and then figure out what to do. …Maybe she shouldn’t have run away. Still… it hurt! Yvaine dropped on to her bed. Confusion hitting her again when her hand hit a large envelope. "…Where did this come from." Yvaine glanced around the room nervously, before she opened it up. -05:40 Apr 05

In the package were photographs. High quality, clear photographs of their trip to the summer castle. Unlike the ones that appeared in the paper, these were all comprimisng. Every picture she flipped through got progressively worse until she was looking at pictures of her and Hans naked and making love! In side was also a note. Leave the country. You know where these will go. -Yvaine

Yvaine: Yvaine choked back a sob. After all that happened today…! This just made it that much worse. Her cheeks were burning with embarrassment couple with the betrayal of believing she might not have been nothing more than just a brief affair… ! Yvaine tossed the pictures aside. Going home was probably the only smart idea she had for weeks. She would leave as soon as possible. -05:53 Apr 05

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