Genetic Bride 026 008: Waking up Happy

[Khloe is curled up sleeping with (as far as she is concerned) her official owner, husband, and boyfriend.] -02:42 Jul 29
[Baldor might have just made the biggest mistake of his life, or the best move of his life.] -02:43 Jul 29
Khloe: For Khloe, the world had been set straight! No more questions or concerns. She was quite happily snuggling in bed with not a worry to think about. -02:46 Jul 29
Baldor: Baldor was sleeping off the brink he had had last night, and snuggling the form next to him very closely, the even slept through the phone the first two tomes it rang chosing instead to nuzzle Khloe and rest his arms around her. AFter all snugglign wasn’t cheating. -02:50 Jul 29
Baldor: Baldor was sleeping off the brink he had had last night, and snuggling the form next to him very closely, the even slept through the phone the first two tomes it rang chosing instead to nuzzle Khloe and rest his arms around her. AFter all snugglign wasn’t cheating -02:50 Jul 29
Khloe: Khloe giggle softly, tilting her head to kiss his neck and nip gently at it. There was nothing stopping him from waking up happy this morning! Khloe let her hands sneak down over his skin. -02:57 Jul 29
Baldor: He sighed and settled against her a feeling of deep satisfaction sitting deep in his core. "Khloe.." he mumbles still mostly asleep resting his head as close to her as possible -03:01 Jul 29
Khloe: "Yes..?" Her name sounded like an endearment. It was very sweet. Khloe shifted away from him just far enough to brush a soft kiss over his mouth. Her hand, though, was being less sweet… more like deviously wicked as it crawled over his stomach to caress much more sensitive areas. -03:04 Jul 29
Baldor: His hips shipted and his hand slid up her arm as he kissed her back with smalll movements before he opened his eyes to look into hers. She was naked and so was he, her hand was… had they? Did he? "Morning…" he mumbled trying not to think himself into a headache. -03:08 Jul 29
Khloe: "Good morning." she responded with a smile and another kiss. Her fingers circled around his shaft, but didn’t grip. She nipped at the corner of his mouth. "Did you sleep well?" -03:12 Jul 29
Baldor: He looked down at her hand, then slipped his to where her mmark was as if he might be able to tell if it had changed by feel. Not that he needed to see it to remember now, he had cheated and it wad felt great.. he groaned and fell onto his back covering his face. "Well enough." surprisingly. -03:16 Jul 29
Khloe: A touch on her thigh was a very tantilizing thing. When he rolled over on to his back, she crawled on top of him. Resting her elbows on his chest and her chin in her hands. She was smiling wide! "Would you like to sleep in today? I could go and fetch us something for breakfast and we could stay in bed." -03:21 Jul 29
Baldor: "That sounds nice.." he said looking at her. It really did, havinf her as his gorlfriend didn’t have to be a bad thing… even if she desurved somone who didn’t cheat… "Can I see your mark?" he asked "Its meant so shoe me now right?" -03:24 Jul 29
Khloe: The request wasn’t unreasonable at all, so she had no problem sitting up, and rising up on to her knees. Her legs were already open, braced at each side of his waist, so it was easy to see the little lines and dots that looked like a barcode now over the owernship line. "See? If I am ever scanned it will say I belong to you." -03:28 Jul 29
Baldor: He looked and then up at her face. "SO you’re my girlfriend.." or his sextoy on the side, but he could never think of her like that. "I should tell… " he should but wasn’t looking forwards to it. "food on bed sounds great.. maybe I’ll get a call about a job. -03:32 Jul 29
Khloe: "Don’t be sad. I’ll be a good girlfriend." Khloe leaned down to kiss him. A soft compress that was shifting harder when the phone rang again. She huffed, rolling off him to take care of that blasted thing once and for all! "Hello!" she answered. "….Who are you? Khloe blinked. "I’m Khloe. Can I help you?" "Where is Baldor." Khloe glanced over at the bed. "He’s tired after a night of consummating, can I take a message?" There was a gasp on the phone followed by a growl. Khloe found herself hung up on and peered confused at the phone. She hung it up and bounced back to the bed. "I’ll get dressed and fetch us food, then?" -03:40 Jul 29
Baldor: "Who was it?" he called not having heard what she said as he ran a hand down her arm "And don’t forget panties, okay? Its not goot dor anyone other than your boyfriend to see your… " his eyes wondered downwards. -03:43 Jul 29
Khloe: "They didn’t say." she followed his gaze, and gave another wide grin. Khloe knelt over him again to kiss his cheek and brush her mouth against his ear. "You could touch if you want to. I am yours…" -03:46 Jul 29
Baldor: "So food can wait?" he was still feeling bad for cheating, very bad. "You’d better go do tht first." he said looking up into her eyes. "Then we can talk about our relationship." -03:49 Jul 29
Khloe: Khloe sat on the bed instead, brushing her fingers against his cheek and casting a small frown. He wasn’t exactling smiling either! "Are you changing your mind about me…? I promise I won’t do anything you don’t want me to!" -03:52 Jul 29
Baldor: "I cheated on my girlfriend and now I have to breat up with her, she desurves better than a guy whose cheated on her, and I do want to be your boyfriend, but I’m a cheater." -03:55 Jul 29
Khloe: She was still frowning and she kind of understood. Barely. Khloe was still pouting. "She is never here, and you never talk to her… it isn’t much of a girlfriend." Khloe huffed, That other girl was always going to be a problem…. and she was never here! Bai was Khloe’s now and… and despite conditioning, she really didn’t like the idea of him possibly choosing that other girl. -04:01 Jul 29
Baldor: He lifted his head to kiss her softly, "Don’t worry, right now being with you is the wrong thing, but I’m going to do the wrong thing in the right way." He kissed her again and ran his hand through her hair. "You’re my girlfriend if you want to be." -04:04 Jul 29
Khloe: "I don’t want to be the wrong thing. But I want to be your girlfriend…" Not quite conjoled, but on her way, Khloe returned his kiss and leaned in to it until he was pressed back against the pillows and she was half laying on top of him again. -04:07 Jul 29
Baldor: He placed his hands on her back and sighed. "You are nt the wrong thing." he said. "But I didn’t do the right thing." his finger traced up her spine. "But maybe I’ll be happier now, with a girlfriend here I can see every day." -04:10 Jul 29
Khloe: "I do want you to be happy." Being touched made it all the better, especially like this where she could only feel his skin against hers. She finally nuzzled against his cheek and down to his neck. "And I will be here every day. And we’ll do this every morning, and have dinner together and go for walks?" Every time she said ‘and’ she paused long enough to kiss and nip her teeth at his neck, moving upwards to his jaw. -04:16 Jul 29
Baldor: He grinned wide and rubbed the back of her neck. "Any time spent with you…" he heaved another deep sigh as he nipped in the exact right spot. "You make it so easy to love you…" he pulled her into another kiss nad held her there flicking his tongue against her lip. -04:20 Jul 29
Khloe: There was that word again. Now to hear it gave her chills. All the good kinds. Khloe captured his tongue with her teeth, sucking on it gently to sooth the bite. "Would you like to explore me, boyfriend? I am here for you.." -04:25 Jul 29
Baldor: He slid his hands down her sides in response cupping her round ass and squeezing. "I think I do." he rubbed her thigh and kissed her again nipping her lip. "So it will be like this every morning? No matter what?" -04:29 Jul 29
Khloe: "Always! Unless you are sick, then you will have to rest. But I’ll give you all the snuggles you want?" she grinned, nuzzling against his cheek and brushing her fingers over his neck in a soft tacing motion. "You’ll smile every morning and be too tired to go to work." -04:33 Jul 29
Baldor: "That last one could be a problem." he said "BUt not today… but you desurve to be happy too, what can I do to make you happy?" he rubbed her shoulder then slipped his hand down between then to feel her breast. -04:39 Jul 29
Khloe: "To make me happy?" There was that question again and Khloe was a little bit baffled by it. However, being touched was definitely a wonderful first start. She leaned in to his hand as she bit her lip. "Hum.. I am already happy. I have everything I hoped. A place I like and someone who is nice to me and makes me feel giddy." Khloe pulled her hand down over his chest too. Splaying her hand over his heart to feel the way it beat in response to her other hand, stroking teasing fingers to tickle his side. -04:44 Jul 29
Baldor: He was tickinsh and recoiled anlost tipping her off and he moved, then grinning did tip her off and rolled on top ot her to lean down and kiss her sweetly. "You know what? Spending the day in bed sounds great. Before we get fod what do you say we try that consumating thing again, and let me hear you call it making love… hmmm…?" -04:49 Jul 29
Khloe: Exciting…! Having him making the offer was like a brand new thing! Khloe almost wanted to tease and play coy, or hard to get. But she was so pleased, she didn’t want him to get away. "Making love? Hmm, I think I would very much like to make love with you." she mumbled with a grin. -04:53 Jul 29
Baldor: He kissed her again and moved his bdy against hers runnign his hand up her thight before to wondered down her forearm and gripped her hand. Then he was pulling her up and heading for the bathroom. "Come on Khoe I thing its shower time, for both of us." the grin he gave her was laced with want and mischief! -04:56 Jul 29
Khloe: Khloe was eying his expression with surprise and curiosity. She had never seen that look before, and it was very intriging. She followed him in to the bathroom regarding him with a tilt of her head and a squeeze of his hand. "We are going to wash first?" -05:04 Jul 29
Baldor: He pulled her into the shower and turned on the water. "In a way.." he grabbed the soap and lathered it in hsi hands before placing both of them on her breasts and rubbing then in circles. "We are going to rub eachother… everywhere.. like I wanted to when you were in that maid dress. -05:12 Jul 29
Khloe: That made her grin even wide. He did like her outfit! "You liked it a lot then?" She was biting her lip again, being touched like this and with that look on his face… it was a lot different than the typical shower. Did she always look like that when she was trying to consumate him? -05:33 Jul 29
Baldor: He rubbed her stomach and up her sides."I don’t think I’ve seen anything on you that I didn’t like." he siad stepping closer and pushing his lips into hers. "Don’t you want to touch too? Go on, I’m yours too." -05:37 Jul 29
Khloe: Oh. Ooooh. Hers too. And he said it. Khloe thought she might melt to the floor from adoration. Wasting no time, she had the soap in her hands. Then she was rubbing it in to his shoulders and down his arms. She was getting a free pass to touching, and she intended to touch everywhere! "No more no touchy rules?" -05:41 Jul 29
Baldor: :THose rules were because I was not your boyfriend." he said rubbing her hips and drawing then to him before going to rub the sides of her neck. "I am now.. riight? So you can." he kissed her then nipped her lip. "That is if you want to… I won’t make you.." -05:47 Jul 29
Khloe: Khloe smiled against his mouth. It was a very wistful thing and affectionate. A sharp contrast to wear she was dipping her hands. "I want to touch you. And kiss you and make love with you. You make me feel a lot of things." Rising on her toes, she pushed a kiss against his mouth and slipped her tongue over his lips. -05:50 Jul 29
Baldor: He pushed her back against the shower wall his replay lost as he drew her tongue into his mouth with his. He gripped her thigh and drew it up next to him as he pushed his hips against hers not caring if her hands were in the way. -05:54 Jul 29
Khloe: The tone had shifted, which didn’t bother her in the slightest. In fact it was giving her those twinging butterfly feelings in the pit of her stomach. Returning his kiss with a soft sigh and teasing his tongue with hers. Her hand gripped and needed his sack, slick with the soap and water allowing for ease of movement. Her other hand move along his side with a soft petting caress. -05:58 Jul 29
Baldor: His hand descended, sliding down her side and across her hip to her crotch, he wanted to feel her lips, to rin his finger along them and push and wiggle in between. He loved feeling her and it put a warm feeling in his chest. Using two of his finger he pushed her lips apart and dhe rubed his shaft against them, grinning against her. -06:04 Jul 29
Khloe: Her reaction was very physical, nearly slipping her footing when her knees wobbled and she gave a wide-eyed gasp over his mouth. The surge of feeling was electic, almost leaving her senses vibrating. Even her grip slipped, forcing her to grab on to his keeps just to steady herself. "You surprise me…" she mumbled, her infatuated smile brushing against his cheek as she nuzzled him. -06:11 Jul 29
Baldor: He Guided his tip to push against her and nipped her lip affectionatly. "You did too." he said "More thna I was prepaired for. "He nuzzled into herkissing her ear, then her neck, then with a move of his hips he was in her, pushing her against the shower wall." -06:14 Jul 29
Khloe: Khloe moaned softly, turning her face in to his wet hair. Her arms were up next, digging her fingers through tendrils as she nuzzled. There was a slight hop from her when she pushed off the ground to wrap her legs around his hips. Drawing him closer and sating that need to be wrapped around him. -06:26 Jul 29
Baldor: He held onto her keeping her in place as his other hand caught the top of the wall to kee himself stable as he pushe against her his heart begining to pound as he -06:28 Jul 29
Baldor: He held onto her keeping her in place as his other hand caught the top of the wall to kee himself stable as he pushe against her his heart begining to pound as he slide his hand up between then over her breast and then around her arm to retunr her hair clasping gesture. He was in the lead this time, and he liked it. -06:33 Jul 29
Khloe: He was making love to her, and not her trying to consumate him. It was such an amazing, tighening feeling! Khloe gently tugged his head back, planting soft kisses along his jaw until she found his mouth and kissed him deep. Her eyes were heavy lidded but open, watching his with unhidden adoration. Loving to see every little expression he made as she moved her mouth or twist her hips in greeting to his. -06:41 Jul 29
Baldor: He pushed, loving eyes move she make in responce to him with sucj intensity it make his lips curl and almost made him lose his grip in the wall, but he kissed her back so hard he pushed her head back against the wall and ravaged his lips with his as his hips started slipping out of his controll and pushed her purther up the wall. -06:53 Jul 29
Khloe: Her eyes never left his, even when she was gasping and groaning. Matching his intensity with fevered passion. Khloe held him tight to her with the squeezing of her legs and the clutching of his hair. His body sliding up against hers and her breasts pressed hard against his chest was even to make every nerve in her skin come alive. -07:02 Jul 29
Baldor: It was almost too mucj, almosy. The smell of the soap, the feeling of her pressed up agaistt him and her movements in response to his. There wasa groan against her lips as he quickened and pressed both hands agaist the wall either side of her and bit her his eyebrown lowering but his eyes remaining staring deeply into hers. It was a moment of perfect bliss. -07:05 Jul 29
Khloe: The pressure had build so much, Khloe couldn’t kept herself still. Squimring and clinging in ways that made it all the worse. It felt like fire rushing through her skin, making her flush and curling her toes. Before she knew it, it hit her. Her entire body siezing as her back bent and pushed away from the wall. She couldn’t even breath to gasp, but it was amazing and flooding through her like a wave of sparks. -07:13 Jul 29
Baldor: "I love you Khloe…"he spilled into her his head tilting to press his lips hard against hers as he breathed hard and made contented sighing sounds against her. :Bes mornign I’ve had in a long time." -07:16 Jul 29
Khloe: Loved her. She could kiss him forever. Khloe’s arms and legs were much less tightly wound around him, but she didn’t want to let loose at all. In fact she was burying her face at his neck, wearing such a wide smile. "But I am too tired to fetch your breakfast now… can we go back to sleep?" -07:20 Jul 29
Baldor: "Sounds wonderful" he said reaching to the side and shutting off the water, then moving away from the wall, still holding her and stepped out of the shower before kissinf her neck. "We’ll go out on a date this afternoon for food and fun." he nuzzled against her before grabbing a towel. "And you can wear whatever you want." -07:25 Jul 29
Khloe: Whatever she wanted just made Khloe grin wide against his skin. She had the feeling he wouldn’t approve of one of her new outfits if she tried to wear it in public. But she was awfully tempted! "I’m glad you found me, Bai. I don’t want to be anywhere else." -07:27 Jul 29

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