Bloodlines 008: Zeren Unleashed


[Zeren is dreaming and it’s one hell of a nightmare.] -01:18 Apr 20
Zeren: Darkness and starlight and a dark red moon. It was the Captain’s face she was staring at, but he wasn’t moving at all. The veins in his skin had gone dark blue, blood frozen solid in his own body. She was trying to melt it but the world was just getting colder and every step she took the sea beneath her would crack. Until she was falling and falling… Zeren awoke with a gasp, finding herself on a cold stone floor in a giant dimly lit room. Crumbled pillars, broken bones… It looked like she had woken up from one dream and landed in another. "Captain…?" -01:23 Apr 20
Vardri: "The captain is dead." voice as cold as death. "You killed him, froze him and left him to die…" heavy footsteps coming closer "You’re home now, home with me my child. And now its time." -01:25 Apr 20
Zeren: Dead. It wasn’t a dream. Zeren remembered now… she was so angry, and so sad… but she stopped didn’t she? She didn’t want to hurt him! Zeren sat up and climb to her feet, shakey and confused. "What is this place…?" Home was a strange word for it, yet it almost felt like she belonged there. But it was just so… empty. Heartless…? Her thoughts went back to the Captain. "I don’t think I killed him…" -01:30 Apr 20
Vardri: "You did.." he held up his hand and Jarrod’s face appeared in a flurry of snowflakes his eyes frozen and lifeless, then the image shattered revealing skull and brain fragments. An illusion of course. "But you don’t need him anymore, you have me, your ancestor come to bring you home at last." -01:42 Apr 20
Zeren: Frozen and shattered. It wasn’t a dream after all. Maybe she didn’t know what love was after all. She hurt him, because she was exactly what he feared her to be. A terrible terrible person…. Tears were streaming down her face as she wrapped her arms around herself. She should be scared. Fighting. Something… but she did a terrible thing… "This isn’t my home…" Zeren finally muttered. "I was going to have a new home." -01:47 Apr 20
Vardri: He put a hand on her shoulder squeezing tight. "I know what its liek to have no home. For centuries they have trapped me and put me though hell every time… you are the one who can give me a place here, forever. You are going to help me." -01:51 Apr 20
Zeren: She remembered this feeling too. Cold and empty. But such an underlying rage that it was overwhelming. Zeren broke away from his grasp, taking several paces back. "You make the grendals. You take people’s souls and you twist them up so much that they aren’t human anymore. I don’t want to hurt people…" -01:55 Apr 20
Vardri: Ice rose up around her trappign her and digginginto her sking. "You don’t have to do anything, you are mine, he knew it he could see it ever since that night you almosr killed him and his ship.. that cut on your arm…" he moved closer his hand grabbing her hair. "You just have to die." -01:58 Apr 20
Zeren: She almost killed the Captain that night? He didn’t tell her… but now it was too late! She killed him after all! The fear was starting to hit her. The all consuming need to escape. From instinct alone she made the ice melt almost instantly, the water dropping to the stone floor with a splash. But his hand still had her hair and she was grasping at his arm to pry him off. "I don’t want to die! I just wanted to be happy…!" -02:03 Apr 20
Vardri: He dug into her head showing her the events of that night, thier fight, her attacking Jarrod her trying to destroy the engine. "This is your purpose, you have been mine since the day you were born." he hit her knocking her to the ground then kicked hr so hard she flew across the room and hit the wall. "What you want doesn’t matter." -02:09 Apr 20
Zeren: Zeren crumbled on the floor, the pain in her body seeming to be an after thought to the invasion of memories in her head. There was more to it than what she was being shown…! Zeren braced herself against the wall, climbing to her feet again. She did remember. What you want, not what he wants. …but what she wanted was gone now. What was left? "I am not like you!" she shouted back. "I don’t have to be!" Right? Zeren pushed away from the wall, making to run for the doorway. -02:16 Apr 20
Vardri: The doorway froze over, he was stronger than her, much stronger, then her feet began freezing to the ground. "You don’t have to be anything, not anymore, once you are dead my presence here will be solidified and your world will be snuffed out. Really, what do you have to live for anyway, why not just die… before you do I could show you so much…" -02:29 Apr 20
Zeren: Zeren managed to shift the ice to slush, but couldn’t stop her forward momentum and ended up toppling to her knees. What did she have to live for? The Captain was gone, her family were gone, and soon the world would be slayn too. Zeren was quickly running out of reasons to fight and she hated that feeling… "If I die would it all be over..?" -02:34 Apr 20
Vardri: "Your sould will become part of this place and you will rest forever." he lied, a souls like hers, with her powers would be too valuable to waste. "It will all be over, no more pain, no more suffring, no more lonliness." he picked her up "Once I make you mine…" he tore her miniskirt and her panties. "He never toutched you there, did he?" -02:43 Apr 20
Zeren: Her head was screaming for her to run or fight, but Zeren was so startled she seemed to be frozen in place. With fumbling hands she was trying to tug her shirt down, as she shook her head. "No one has touched me anywhere." -02:46 Apr 20
Vardri: "A virgin.." he breathed, "Never had sex or been toutched by a man.." his breath reached her even where he was… then he reached to her neck and tore her shirt from the collar down. "Your mother told you about sex… that a man could steal your soul by it. She was right." he placed his ahnd on her stomach. "And now I take yours." -02:50 Apr 20
Zeren: Zeren felt exposed and vulnerable, and that feeling was almost as bad as she sudden twinge of fear. She shook her head quickly, pushing his hand away. "No. That is only for people who have love? You don’t love me…" Zeren didn’t care if it might’ve been a lie. She wanted to believe it. The Captain made it sound like something special, and she didn’t want that memory taken from her…! Zeren cast her wind, trying to disentangle herself from him. -02:57 Apr 20
Vardri: He laughed, a cold, cruel sound "You can’t use that on me. I’m the reason you ahve it." he turned her power on herself, everythign she tried to do to him would be done to her. "Its usless to fight, and you’re right, if you fight it its not sex, its rape… and it will hurt more than anything you have even felt." -03:04 Apr 20
Zeren: If words had power, just the sound of his made her shiver worse than the wind. Zeren shielded herself with her arms, before swinging one out in her frustration. She threw it back at him as sharp shards of ice, and then blocking him from her with a whole wall of it. With the distraction she dropped to find a weapon… her hands circling around a broken and sharp piece of human bone. -03:12 Apr 20
Vardri: The entire wall rushed towards her to curl around her exposed body the cold driving into her flesh to the bone. "You can’t fight me Zeren, or should I just remove your power entirely?" -03:17 Apr 20
Zeren: Zeren held her weapon tight to her, the cold biting in to her skin. She never thought she could feel so much cold. It was getting hard to combat the power. Every time he pushed it back, it was even more difficult for her to break through it. This time she shifted the ice wall to snow and had to stumble her way out of it. "You can’t take anything else from me! You already took everything that was important!" she screamed back in her anger. What did she have left? Her power? That meant nothing to her! The only thing that had made her feel anything was gone! And it was his fault… The fear was still there but her anger had returned. Instead of running from him, she was stalking towards him, slashing at him with her shard of bone. HIM she wanted to hurt! -03:25 Apr 20
Vardri: The bone did nothing other than bring more laughter from him. He reached out his hand and gripped her head his palm covering her entire face. The he locked it inside her, freezing her power so she couldn’t use it as he lifter her by her head and tossed her aside as effortlessly as he would a dead leaf. Then ice crept along the ground towards her, rising up to grow over her ankles. "Make it easy on yourself Zeren.. give up." -03:31 Apr 20
Zeren: It had knocked the breath out of her. By the time she had risen to her elbows and was trying to swat away the ice… nothing happened! No water, no wind, no ice… It felt like her mind was trying to slam up against a door that wouldn’t budge. In her panic, she bent forward trying to crack the ice away with her hands. -03:35 Apr 20
Vardri: He rushed forwards and backhanded her hard enough to knock her back onto her back. "You can’t escape, you can’t even move." the ice grew over her arms, biting into her skin "If you give up or not it doesn’t matter anymore, you are mine." -03:40 Apr 20
Zeren: Zeren yelped, tugging hard against the ice and meeting resistance. She struggled harder to break free, her heart pounding so hard it ached. Despite the tears streaming down her face she was growling him. "I am not yours! I’m not and you can’t make me..!" -03:44 Apr 20
Vardri: "Yes, I can…" he reached into her mind, feelign her feer and leeting her feel her intrusion "You’ve always been mine and I can make you into a grendel at any time…" he chuckled. "You have no idea how much control I have.." he gave her a taste of it by twisting her thoughts into those of grendel, only for a few seconds but enough for her to feel what it would be like. "You are mine." -03:49 Apr 20
Zeren: It couldn’t have been long… but it felt like a lifetime! The churning and the rage, the pure hate and lust for blood and violence… So over powering, for a moment all Zeren could do was scream. When it passed, she was sobbing shaking her head and begging him not to do it again! She would take anything but that…! -03:54 Apr 20
Vardri: "Then…" he put his hand on her cheek and turned her head to face him. "You’re not going to stop me taking what I want." he was cold against her, as cold as his power. One had to wonder it he wore the furs to keep warm or to keep the warmth out. Then he was reachign down an uncovering himself, his shaft and tip coming closer to her. "Are you?" -03:58 Apr 20
Zeren: Zeren was so afraid and there was nothing she could do. Her hands balled up in to fists, nails digging in to her palms. But she shook her head. She wouldn’t stop him. Even though she wanted to, she couldn’t stop him. -04:01 Apr 20
Vardri: He entered her, as cold as the ice around her, and slid in deep. There was no punse, no warmth, just a large mass that pushed into ehr and made her bleed. And it pushed again, and again, and again, harder and deeper. He had done thing countless times to countless women, and now came the sweet part, to leach into her mind as he raped her and leak in the same grendel-like thoughts he had given her before, slowly.. only enough to alarm her at first but slowly more and more. -04:04 Apr 20
Zeren: It hurt, it hurt so much that she was gasping and straining under him despite being unable to scoot away. He was invading every part of her. A frost burning chill clawing through her blood, and the hail of violence ripping at her mind. Zeren opened her mouth to scream, but could only let out a startled gasp. -04:10 Apr 20
Vardri: Her face, her thoughts her feelings, the feeling of her around… he pushed harder, pushign more madness into her brain. "I control everything, beign mine will be the last thing you even feel. And I will do this again and again and again when you are what you can feel yourself becoming." -04:14 Apr 20
Zeren: Zeren felt ill. Consumed, paralyzed from pain and fear. Her will was slipping and so briefly she thought it might be better to be a grendal and then never having to feel this anymore…! The endless rage and anger would surely be better! Her palms were bleeding now from how hard she clenched fists. Despite it all and her sobbing, Zeren was trying to resist it. That slipping of her mind in to oblivion. -04:20 Apr 20
Vardri: The harder they fought the better it was, and harder he fucked them. The cold hurt but it refused to make her numb as he pushed ever harder his hand reaching out to take her breast in hsi cold grip. "Scream, scream and it will be over. Scream for me to stop." -04:23 Apr 20
Zeren: Such a simple thing to do and it would be over…! Zeren was trying to scream, but all that she could get was the choked sobs or a whimpered plea begging him to release her. Her tossing as she strained against the ice holding her down, and struggling to find her voice! -04:29 Apr 20
Vardri: His coldness filled her and he crinned, she handn’t done what he told her but the ice around her was melting anyway. Then his hands were either side of her head and he was pulling her up, the cold of his hands numbign her cheeks. "Now see what you did for me.." he said grabbign the back of her hair and forcign her mouth open his his other hand before putting himself in her mouth.. his hand seeming to freeze her jaw. "Taste what you did for me." -04:35 Apr 20
Zeren: Now she was screaming, the futile sound coming out as nothing more than a muffled cry. Zeren squeezed her eyes shut trying to pry his hands away or push him back, but she hadn’t the strength and her body was growing weaker with every moment. -04:39 Apr 20
Vardri: He pleyed his her mouth around him pushign and puling inhis hand tighting in her hair as he reached further into her mind and picked at her sanity. "Too late for scream now… far too late." -04:42 Apr 20
Zeren: Too late. It was too late and she would die like this. She was done shouldn’t do this anymore. You are not his. You are not done. As long as you have a breath, you are yourself and you have a choice. Zeren didn’t know where the voice came from, the amulet burning against her skin when it echoed in her head. Above everything else and despite it. Zeren struggled again, fighting against his grip until somehow her hands circled around something again. Bone or dagger, she didn’t know if she had pulled it from him or from the ground. But Zeren gripped it tight and slashed the blade against his skin, breaking her mouth free from him and scooting away as she spat on the ground. -04:49 Apr 20
Vardri: She cut him, and it HURT. He half screamed half growled in pain and pulled back looking down at his cut member. "You.." all his hold on her mind was broken along with the lock on her power but he was angry, and his hand went for his axe. He went for her his power crackling in the air melting all ice in the area so she couln’t block, then he swung. -04:56 Apr 20
Zeren: She was released…! It was like her body melted and dropped like the ice of the room. But there was no relief as he was swinging a weapon down at her. By a hair Zeren rolled out of the way. He retalitation coming by a stab with the blade through his foot. -05:00 Apr 20
Vardri: The axe sparked in the floor and he howled in rage as she stabbed him, but he wasn’t done. He ingored the pain and kicked at her with his other foot then swung again , then punchedm then kicked. You didn’t beat a centuries old god by being lucky. -05:02 Apr 20
Zeren: Zeren could not seem to get herself off the floor..! Every time she nearly got to her feet, she was knocked back down. Through ingenuity and quickl reflex, she was able to keep the axe’s blade from lobbing of vital parts, but when it did hit she was screaming out in pain. She was using her power again trying to slow him, block him, so she could stumble and scoot away. So much blood.. she was seeing spots everywhere…! -05:07 Apr 20
Vardri: He laughed, she was slowed, she was weakened and soon she would be dead. "See everthing you have done has been useless…. now beg for mercy.." -05:10 Apr 20
[Jarrod to save the day! Kinda.] -05:10 Apr 20
Jarrod: "Shes not the one that should be begging…" the voice came form the doorway and jarrod stood, sword drawn as he advanced "Zeren.. you’ve made him bleed, now you can kill him, I know you can, then you won’t have to die…. I think…" -05:12 Apr 20
Zeren: She couldn’t move, it was too hard to move! Zeren was on the brink, fallen to the ground surrounded by her own blood. She thought he was an apparition. One of the loose souls stolen after death… but he wasn’t… he was solid. "I can’t… I can’t…!" She was too weak. But he was alive…! If she died it would be okay! -05:16 Apr 20
Vardri: Vardri saw Zeren’s weakness and grinned. "Now watch as I kill him.. since you failed to." he stepped awa from zeren clashign with Jarrod axe agaunst sword. Jarrod was quick enough to dodge but… -05:19 Apr 20
Jarrod: "Zeren!" my sword can’t hurt him it has to be you.. it…." he looked at her, there was blood, so much blood.. tpo much, hos got distracted and the axe chaught his shoulder and sent him flying crashign into the throne and over the back landing in a heap. -05:21 Apr 20
Zeren: Stop…! He was alive and she hadn’t hurt him. She was so tired… if she closed her eyes she could die and then he could save the world? Do you know why Vardri takes women? Because women have the power to give life. All he knows is destruction, but YOU have his power. You can take it. Take it and give this world life. The voice again and that warmth of the amulet against her skin. Her ancestor twisted souls and took them away. Turned everything to death… and she had that power too. It was a strange feeling when it all seemed to click in to place. When the fear was gone and something else took it’s place. Though she hadn’t risen fully off the ground, she was sitting, her palms on the stone floor. The temprature was dropping and ice was forming over the polls of her blood. "I can take it. I can take all of it." she repeated, looking up to glare at her ancestor. -05:31 Apr 20
Vardri: He was advancing on Jarrod to finish him off when he heard her. "You’re up.. then watch,: he turned away again axe in both hands as he gripped it tightly, standing over Jarrod’s crumpled form as he raised it high. -05:35 Apr 20
Zeren: "You watch." she hissed back. A sharp piercing wind hit the room. Wrenching the axe from his hands, freezing so solid as it flung through the air that it shattered in to pieces when it collided with the wall across the room. "This temple is mine… my inheritance…" she started as she rose off the floor. Her frosted over blood even rose off the floor with her, breaking up in to little red snowflakes to swirl around her, and then to circle him. Holding a hand out, it was HIS blood she was calling. His blood she urged to feeze and still. To pull from his wounds like little tiny knives. "You have no soul… no heart… you do not exist. Will not exist. You will no light of day, no star in the sky, not of a drop of the sea… You will not rise. Never. Again." Be it a curse or a spell, she wove it with such certainty and resonance. Drawing his power from him as easy as pouring water from a glass. -05:43 Apr 20
Vardri: Withough his power her was nothing, he couldn’t exist without it. More red snowflakes drifted from him as he stared, his skin meltign away and drifting in the wind.. "Nooo…" he turned to her and lunged, his leg freeezign and snapping like a twig, he hit the ground and his arm shattered chunks of the ice he was born from dancing along the floor. Without power he was only ice and snow… -05:47 Apr 20
Zeren: "You do not exist in this world any more." she murmured. It was hers, all of it hers… every soul he ever took, every life he ever twisted. All of those anguished voices that he savored and tormented to bind himself to their world. Zeren released them! There would be no more grendals, no monsters! No evil tainted souls, or eternal madness. And with the wind she blew him away. Every fleck of snow brushed aside and ice melted to puddles on the stone floor. -05:53 Apr 20
Jarrod: He had seen it all as he had struggled to his feet from where he had fallen. Zeren the small helpless girl had unmade a god.. taken his power and destroyed him utterly. He stared at her unsure of himself, then.." hes gone." he said… "You did it.. you savesd the world… you…" he wasn’t sure if she still hated him.. or of anything… "I’m sorry." -06:26 Apr 20
Zeren: She could breath. She couldn’t breath. Her ancestor was gone and now the Captain’s mission was completed. "I kept my promise…" It took her all at once and she slipped to the floor with a loss of consciousness. The bloodloss, the night, the power, everything too overwhelming. -06:29 Apr 20

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