Cassius has a plan for rescuing MacBeth and has Bronwen say she won’t shoot the place up in teh process. But the plan goes terribly wrong when Duncan is freaking out under the pressure. Quicking thinking gets McRaven distracted with Duncan long enough for Bronwen to get MacBeth of out the coffin he’s stashed in. They’re going to run back to the ship, but Bronwen doesn’t think Duncan can handle himself. They both head back upstairs to fetch him. They pull another con that results in McRaven getting stuffed in his own coffin and escape down the stairs. They’ve got to escape via shooting their way out of the lobby downstairs. They are almost to the ship when McRaven makes a reappearance. Bronwen and MacBeth have a nasty fight with him, and nearly lose when Cassius shows up with the ship for a pickup. They escape!

On board, MacBeth can’t seem to pick himself off the floor, and for once Bronwen isn’t shouting at him. She brings the supplies to him for doctoring him up, with a small lecture for scaring her death. He returns the favor of patching her up and both remain on the floor discussing how they’re going to get a little revenge on Cassius for his moving in on Bronwen’s ship and trying to take over. A suggested romance sounds fun. Meanwhile Cassius is teasing Duncan again about his siter and tells Duncan that he has to match-make Bronwen to a husband to save her life from a broken heart. When he comes to check on them, he gets pissed off pretty quick about the subtle flirting and throws Bronwen to bed. He threatens MacBeth, telling him he’s no good for his sister and to back off.

Bronwen: *Ages later, or what felt like ages to her, Bronwen was stomping back in the control room looking ready to murder.* Forget it! I’m not doing it. I agreed to color my hair, this blasted makeup, this stupid night gown you’re trying to pass for a dress, and shoes I can’t freaking walk in – but I am not going to flirt around like some Ghilbresh whore! *As described Bronwen looked like a completely different women! Cassius managed to color her hair black, beading it up with some bits and pieces he probably dug out of his pockets, something he wouldn’t admit really WAS a nightgown likely left by one of Duncan’s lady friends, and a pair of shoes she could barely stand in. She was trying to wipe off the lipstick.* -03:57 Jun 03

Duncan: *Turns when the Cap’n returns–and his jaw drops! That couldn’t possibly be her!*

Cassius: C’mon, Brownie. You’re a Danash princess, not a whore. …I think. Besides, no one will recognize us like this! *Cassius himself was dressed equally as – pretty! Where he managed to get a dress in his size was a mystery, but he had himself in a frilly purple, some fancy make up and gold dangling earings. He was ever so lady like!* You have to distract them while Duncan and I fetch MacBeth.

Duncan: Um … *Blink blink. He raises his hand.* I did some research while you two were … away … about that McRaven guy …

Bronwen: Why can’t Duncan do it, he’s pretty! *Damned Cassius and his stupid plans! She flipped him the finger and turned her attention to Duncan.* Please tell me it’s something useful and we don’t have to go out in public like this? -04:02 Jun 03

Duncan: You’ll have to define “something useful.” He’s an S-class merc. Badass. He has a mercury-class cruiser so we can’t outrun it in open space and he’s trained in at least several martial arts and weapon uses.

Cassius: Then we better make sure he can’t take off after us once we get MacBeth. You’ll have to stall for us a little longer than expected then, Brownie.

Bronwen: *She pointed an accusing finger at Duncan.* HE can stall. I will help grab MacBeth and immobilize mister high-class mercenary. -04:08 Jun 03

Duncan: *Sighs softly.* It’s a shame we can’t just steal his ship … Or at least his engine. It must be one sweet piece of metal.

Cassius: Except you can’t carry a body-… Hey! I like this guy, Brownie, he’s a genius!

Bronwen: *Her jaw dropped. Duncan an genius? …Hrmph. It WAS a great idea.* Then Duncan can be the distraction, I’ll take out the engine and you grab MacBeth. -04:12 Jun 03

Duncan: *Blink blink! Him?! A genius?! Wow. No one had ever called him a genius before!*

Cassius: You can’t carry out an engine for a ship that size, either. I’ll get the engine, Duncan gets MacBeth, and you make sure everybody with eyes has them all for you.

Bronwen: I can carry a man out over my shoulders if I have to. I bet Duncan would look twice as hot in this stupid nightgown and he’s a hella lot more charming! -04:16 Jun 03

Cassius: Tell her she’s pretty, Duncan. She’s insecure. *Wisely, Cassius stepped out of swinging reach.* It’ll take me a good fifteen minutes to take apart that engine, and we’ll need time to get in and find where MacBeth is being held. Both Duncan and I will let you know through my newly designed highly impressive com links when we’ve got the goods. Then you just bat your eyelashes and say goodbye. Or start shooting people if that makes you feel better. You just get back on the ship quick.

Duncan: … *Puts his head down on the control panel. Man, what he wouldn’t give to be at Danaris right about now …*

Bronwen: *Gritting her teeth, she conceeded to defeat. For now.* Are we there yet? *She growled, probably intent on asking every five minutes until her first mate was back on board and she could strangle Cassius.* -04:29 Jun 03

Duncan: *Turns his head slightly to glance at the Cap’n.* Isn’t there anyway we could find out what fancy hotel Morgan is staying at to plan out whatever the hell we’re going to do?

Bronwen: *Frowning, she leaned against the panel.* The most outrageous expensive slut house there is? -04:36 Jun 03

Duncan: There’s gotta be something she looks for when she stays somewhere. Like a spa or a certain restaurant or a certain clothing store … If we can figure out which hotel without asking questions, we can get Mac out sooner.

Cassius: …That sounds about right. There’s only three places in Danaris Morgan bothers with. *Cassius rubbed his chin while he thought it out…* If we beat McRaven there, you and Brownie can follow him and find out where he stashes MacBeth until his meeting with Morgan. He’s going to want him close, incase he tried to escape.

Bronwen: But if we don’t, we’d have to hunt down his ship and Morgan… Oh! Is that Midsummer Night place still there? It was one of those fountain of youth spring places, and Morgan so desperately wants to look human again. -04:47 Jun 03

Duncan: … Oh. Yeah. *Huffs.*

Cassius: *He refrained from snorting in amusement.* I’m willing to bet money that’s where she’ll be. So then… all we’ll have to do is have you and Duncan camp out there. Find out where he stashes MacBeth. Brownie can immedietly distract him before he goes off alerting Morgan or decides to check on his prisoner early, and you sneak in for the rescue. Piece of cake.

Bronwen: Of course, if he doesn’t even bother to hide Mac somewhere and is meeting Morgan right away…. can we just jump him in the hallway and bash his brains to smitherines? -04:54 Jun 03

Cassius: …Yes, you can bash his brains in. IF the plan falls through. There ain’t gonna be no sneaking out of that place if a gun fight breaks out…

Bronwen: Good. Then we’re all settled. … Except… why the hell are you dressed all pretty if Duncan’s the one going with me. Where’s HIS dress? -04:59 Jun 03

Duncan: !! *Blink!* … Can’t I just stay with the ship?

Cassius: *Cassius looked at his fingernails, which he apparently took the time to polish and match to his dress.* It’s a lot easier for pretty girls to sneak on mercenary ships. And Duncan doesn’t need a dress. He’s your brooding, mean, and unapproachable body guard who will conveniently run an errand while you chat it up with McRaven.

Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked at Cassius. Then she turned to blink at Duncan.* …. brooding and mean? -05:06 Jun 03

Duncan: *Blink blinks back at Bronwen!*

Bronwen: ….Can’t I just stay with the ship? *They were going to die!* -05:07 Jun 03

Cassius: Everybody is clear on their objective, right? Good! Let’s get this boat landed and this plot underway before MacBeth gets to know Morgan’s sensual side.

On another ship, already docked at Danaris, a door opens and McRaven’s body blocks the light. “It’s the end of the road for you, MacBeth,” he announces before stepping forward to grab Mac, blocking out the rest of the light …

Duncan brings the Briar Rose in for a landing, choosing somewhere a safe distance away from Midsummer Night. Safe distance meaning close enough for a getaway but far enough to escape being detected by any of Morgan’s goons.

Cassius: Here we go. *He says once they’re docked and leaving.* I’m going after his ship, and alert you the minute I’m in and taking that engine apart. You stick to the plan, Bronwen. Promise.

Bronwen: *She scoffed, but nodded her agreement.* Distracting only. No gunslinging. C’mon bodyguard. *Bronwen led the way to Midsummer Night, despite having to take her sweet time to keep from tripping in those damned high heels. How was Cassius walking in them so easy?!* -05:22 Jun 03

Duncan: *Practices his gruff, unapproachable, brooding expression as he waits. Unfortunately, even he can tell he’s not pulling it off. He blinks! Time to go! He dashes after her.*

Meanwhile … “Are you certain you can get the prize here with no obstacles?” the voice says over the frequency again.

“No. There will be obstacles. But I know I can get your little prize to you with time to spare.”

“You had better.” And the transmission is cut off.

McRaven turns and smirks. “You heard the woman,” he says before leading the way.

Cassius: *….She didn’t say promise! They were probably screwed. Alas, like a lady should, Cassius followed Duncan’s clever instructions to find that sweet little ship.*

Bronwen: *If Cassius had any sense, Duncan would be in this stupid nightgown and she’d be the one carrying the guns! Inside Midsummer Night, she at least stopped her scowling long enough to appreciate how lovely the lobby was. She fanned herself with a lacy thing Cassius had shoved at her, as she surveyed.* See anything useful yet, bodyguard? -05:28 Jun 03

Duncan: *Looks around and finally shakes his head.* No. *And it was hard to spot anything because it looked like Morgan was having some kind of party here. People were dressed in costumes and had on their best.*

Bronwen: *She blew a few strands of hair out of her face. She prayed that mercenary didn’t get the brilliant idea to play dressup too, or this was going to be twice as hard.* How the hell am I supposed to distract someone we can’t even find. *She hissed out between her teeth.* -05:33 Jun 03

Duncan: *Scratches his head.* Hm … Morgan has to be at the top, right? I don’t suppose just anyone is allowed to go up there so we can keep an eye on elevators or teleporters or hell, even stairs. This place looks old enough to have them.

Bronwen: You are brilliant. *She glanced around quickly.* You take that side, and I’ll take this one. We can comlink if we spot him, and then follow him. -05:40 Jun 03

Duncan: *Huffs. Anything to get back to the ship as soon as possible. Being called smart was great and all but not when it meant you were in danger more often than not! He moved around in the opposite direction the Cap’n went in.*

Bronwen: *Flipping the fan ever so often, Bronwen moved close to the far end where there seemed to be a few sets of elevators. Easier to drag along a prisoner that way right? She tried to examine people without seeming like she was staring…* -05:44 Jun 03

No one dragging along prisoners. Many people came with dates but no one seems to be going anywhere unwillingly. In all the costumes, it is hard to tell who is male or female. An exceptionally tall man in black bearing a coffin on his back steps into one of the elevators.

Bronwen: *This was clearly going nowhere fast. There was no way she could see him in thi- …. Bronwen practically tripped over herself as she shuffled to the elevator with the coffin carrying man.* Hold elevator please! *She called out in some ridiculous accent before hissing behind her fan in the comlink.* I think I got him! -05:51 Jun 03

Duncan: *Standing guard at the stairs, he blinks and scrambles to the elevator. He just narrowly avoids getting shut out as he slips in behind someone and finds himself right next to Bronwen.*

The elevator isn’t full. Everyone has opted to not ride along the same elevator as the one in black, with the exception of Duncan and Bronwen. The elevator is pretty spacious but the man stands at the back with the coffin between himself and the elevator.

Bronwen: *Now she was going to pull out her gun and shoot his face off! …Except she doesn’t have the guns, Duncan does. ….Damnit. She was going to jam her fan in to his throat! ….Instead she flipped the fan casually, trying to keep her violence in check. She wasn’t an idiot. She could do this… right? To test the waters, she cast a subtle smile at the stranger with the coffin!* -05:56 Jun 03

Duncan: *With no idea on what to do now, he tries to act casual and look at anything but the guy with the coffin. This couldn’t be their guy, could it …?!*

The man with the coffin only looks straight ahead but its difficult to see his eyes. They’re hidden by a wide-brimmed hat.

Bronwen: *Ha! Cassius was an idiot, clearly this guy had no interest in girls. Maybe she would have to fake choking? No, no.. mercenaries wouldn’t give two shits about that… How the hell do you distract someone without shooting at them?! She fanned herself. Hopefully she’d think of something by the time they figured out where he was dropping that coffin. …If it was even McRaven!* -06:05 Jun 03

Duncan: *Oh crap, the suspense was killing him! It was one thing to have to do something dangerous but to do something dangerous when they were in a small, enclosed space?! He starts breathing deeply.*

Bronwen: *She could hear Duncan breathing. He was going to freak out on her. She spoke quickly, to draw attention.* Party is very fun, yes? I thought I overdress, but it seem many men have large props! *She gave a shy nervous smile, that she hardly had to fake. She was horrible at small talk!* -06:12 Jun 03

Duncan: *Before the man can even reply–if he was–he starts to hyperventilate! It gets so bad, he actually loses his footing somehow and falls backwards! He hits a button on the control panel that causes the elevator to screech to a stop. The man drops the coffin and it lands with a heavy THUD! Whatever is in it, it certainly isn’t hollo!

Duncan: *hollow

Bronwen: *Fuck! Shitfuck and damn!!* Oh! Mister bodyguard, do start breathing! *She’s going to kill him! Bronwen leans over Duncan and fans him!* Man is so used to big spaces, old buildings are much stress? *Nervous laughter from Bronwen as she fans quickly! Idiot! Get up and stop being a pansy!* -06:19 Jun 03

There is suddenly the feeling that he is about to do something violent at any moment. All he does is glare, turn and pick up the coffin, turning back to the elevator doors and beginning to press a single button over and over.

Duncan: Uh … Heh heh … *He grins sheepishly up at Bronwen.* Um, forgive me … Miss … *He slowly gets to his feet but he doesn’t look very steady and has to lean against the wall.*

Bronwen: No fears, bodyguard. Our floor is near and you may rest. We so lucky to be on floor seven. *Just incase Duncan was going to have a seizure on her and not pay attention to made sure to mention the floor number the man was pressing so violently.* -06:25 Jun 03

Duncan: Yes … Um … Exactly. *He finally gets himself together.*

The elevator starts up again and the rest of the ride is quiet. The elevator finally stops and the man starts walking out.

Bronwen: *Ragh! She should just snatch the guns and blast his brains to bits and pieces! Bronwen took Duncan’s arm to escort him out, using his freakout as a reason for them to be moving so slow behind the man.* Come along. I will guide you, poor thing. -06:29 Jun 03

Unfortunately, it looks like they’re running out of time. The man steps out of the elevator and begins to head down a long hall way. It is quiet here but there are paintings of Morgan all over the place. Creepy paintings where the eyes feel like they’re watching you.

Bronwen: *….she was having a hard time thinking of a curse word to express her horror! …Cassius’ plan wasn’t working, if this was Morgan’s floor-…. She tripped Duncan!* Oh no! Dear bodyguard! Please come to aid, my guard has fainted! -06:35 Jun 03

Duncan: Hey! Oooff! *He lands face-first into the floor. What the hell was that for! He looks up at the Captain, silently asking her exactly that!*

“You should get yourself a more competent guard.” The man says. He pauses but he doesn’t turn and he starts to walk away.

Bronwen: *She dropped to the floor and slapped Duncan across the cheek, hoping he’d get the damned hint!* He is not breathing! It is dire emergency! Please help, or I must call swarm of medic! I lost without him! -06:42 Jun 03

Duncan: *Finally gets the hint and falls flat on the floor! He does his best to look pathetic and in need of medical help!*

The man sighs loudly and puts the coffin down. It will only take a minute, right? He then walks back to the two and kneels next to Duncan. He makes sure he is facing the coffin.

Bronwen: Praise you, praise you! *Now how does she-* He must need air or water! Could you take to balcony there? *She pointed down the hall where there was the floor’s balcony sitting area right around the corner – hopefully out of sight.* I can not carry him. I run back to room and fetch medication! -06:49 Jun 03

The man sighs loudly and picks up Duncan. He’d be right back and there was always the locks he placed on the coffin just in case … He disappears around the corner.

Bronwen: *She can’t believe that worked. Bronwen rushed to the coffin and tried prying it open. Locks on a god damned coffin?! She pulled off one of her shoes and tried busting them open! Duncan better look good and helpless!* -06:54 Jun 03

The coffin starts shaking. Was someone in there, trying to open the coffin, too?

Bronwen: *Christ, someone better be in there, cause it would suck to get blown up now! Shit, there had to be something useful with all that junk Cassius used for her hair! She pulls out pins, bits, and anything that looked useful and tried every single one!* -06:58 Jun 03

Just when Bronwen is about to hurl the coffin over the balcony in frustration, the last hair pin finally does the trick. Oddly enough, it’s shaped like a bow. This must be one of those special locks or something. First one lock, then another, and the last lock opens. The coffin lid opens with a click! and opens–

MacBeth: *Kicks the coffin lid open completely. He coughs and drags in some breaths.* What. Took you. *He mutters as he manages to crawl out of the coffin and starts getting to his feet, his hands still bound behind his back.* -07:02 Jun 03
Bronwen: Mac… *A huge sigh of relief! She shakes that off quickly, and doesn’t waste time untying him yet! Grabbing him by the collar she drags – carefully drags – him for the elevator!* if Cassius woulda let me shoot him, you’d been out fifteen minutes ago. -07:04 Jun 03
MacBeth: You know that isn’t his style. *He says as he gets dragged to the elevator. He does what he can to help, though.* Wait, are you here alone? -07:06 Jun 03
Bronwen: Duncan is playing the damsel. *She presses the bottom floor button a dozen times until the elevator door finally closes, then she hits the comlink button for both Duncan and Cassius* We’re in the elevator. 10 minutes to get to the ship, tops. -07:09 Jun 03
MacBeth: You left him with Duff? *He raises an eyebrow. Then he finally shakes his head. On the bright side, maybe they’d find out if he really could fly or not.* -07:15 Jun 03
Bronwen: *She moved to untie him.* I was supposed to be the distraction, but he was freaking out like a fruitcake. ….Damn, maybe I should go back up there and get him! -07:16 Jun 03
MacBeth: I’ll go back and get him. You get to the ship. You have a gun on you, don’t you? *Once he’s free, he rubs his wrists.* -07:18 Jun 03
Bronwen: I didn’t go thru all this trouble of rescuing you, for you to go back up there and get captured again. And no, Cassius thought it was better to give Duncan all the guns. *Duncan could get himself out of trouble right?* -07:20 Jun 03
MacBeth: You know what, we don’t have time to argue. How about we both go back and rescue Duncan? -07:22 Jun 03
Bronwen: No, we have a freaking plan and I promise Cassius I’d follow it… despite the fact it’s all backwards now! …At least he has some weapons. *Yes, that is better than what she would have had stuck up there alone with a top class mercenary.* …Shit. *She hit the button for the seventh floor!* Maybe if you hide around the corner while I fetch him. -07:26 Jun 03
MacBeth: … Did you say ‘promise’? -07:30 Jun 03
Bronwen: *She blinked, a slow wicked grin finding it’s way across her face.* Suddenly, I remember why I like you so much. Shall I play decoy and then you jump him? -07:32 Jun 03
MacBeth: *Smirks.* I thought you’d never ask. -07:33 Jun 03
[Bronwen steps out of the elevator doors the very moment it opens!] -03:36 Jun 04
[MacBeth follows her outside of the elevator and lets her go first.] -03:42 Jun 04

“Curses!” McRaven growls. He clenches his fist in the collar of Duncan’s shirt and proceeds to drag him toward the open coffin. His prize had escaped and it was obvious that this pathetic excuse for a male and that bitch were behind it.

Duncan: *Gulps and shuts his eyes! Back at the ship! Why didn’t they just leave him back at the ship?! He was going to die. Oh yes, a painful, awful, painful death.*

Bronwen: *Now acting was going to be so much easier! Fanning herself she walked quickly down the hall and looked all the horrified at her poor dear bodyguard getting dragged away!* No, no! Can it be guard is dead?! Please do not coffin him, sir! -03:45 Jun 04

McRaven turns. “You. Opened the coffin. I want the man who was in here back or I will kill this ‘guard’ of yours.”

Bronwen: *She gasped, covering her mouth with a wide eye look of surprise!* A man in coffin? A very clever costume indeed! To win contest for sure. Alas, I have only fetched medicenes. *She held out her hand, a few little round pills. They weren’t really pills, just some candy she had stashed, but it sure came in handy!* -03:51 Jun 04

Duncan: *Nearly faints dead away! This is way too close for comfort! He uses every prayer, mantra, and chant he knows. Someone, anyone, please save him! He shuts his eyes, gulps, and suddenly feels very light-headed …*

McRaven still looks ready to kill someone but he drops Duncan. “Give him these ‘pills’ of yours. I want answers and you two are going to give them to me.”

MacBeth: *Closer … closer … He stops and waits. If Duncan and Shadowstar play their cards right, maybe they could avoid getting in a fight with Duff. He got ready just in case, though. You could never assume something was in the bag when it wasn’t.* -03:56 Jun 04
Bronwen: Well, he has very bad Ardocoa syndrone. Take much medicene or prone to fits! *She explained easily, kneeling next to the poor idiot and stuffing some of the candy in his mouth.* I am too attached to get new guard. Very silly of me. *She moved to subtle take up one of Duncan’s guns.* -03:56 Jun 04

Duncan: Hmmphfff! *His eyes grow wide and he nearly chokes on the candy. Was she trying to poison him or something?! Fortunately, he avoids coughing it up until he actually tastes it. Mmm … Garooroo Melon!*

“Your new guard is coming with me.” He grabs Duncan by the collar of his shirt again and lifts him just as easily as he’d been carrying Mac. Then he throws him into the coffin and is about to shut the lid!*

Bronwen: No. no! You can not take him! *She was up on her feet and grabbing on to his arm with a grip of steel!* I harm you if you take him! -04:02 Jun 04
MacBeth: "You and your guard have cost me a rather valuable prize." McRaven paused but didn’t release Duncan. -04:08 Jun 04

“You and your guard have cost me a rather valuable prize.” McRaven paused but didn’t release Duncan.

Bronwen: I sorry, very sorry! If wishing, repayment can be given! Oh please don’t take guard. *Now here was some real acting… big sparkling tears and a quivering pout! It was good enough to make her brothers cry!* -04:09 Jun 04
MacBeth: *So much for avoiding a fight … It was now or never. He spotted her with Duncan’s gun and dashed forward, grabbing it as he past. He stopped right beside McRaven with the gun against his head, ready to fire.* -04:14 Jun 04

McRaven was, for the first time in a long time, at a loss on what to do. He was about to say something when he saw something from the corner of his eye and found himself with a gun to his head, courtesy of the very quarry he was missing.

Duncan: *Close … much too … He swooned!*

Bronwen: Dear me! Is this the missing friend? He is much handsome, why to put him in a coffin? *…Duncan was ruining her acting debute. She caught him by the arm to drag him to his feet.* …get up, you pansy. -04:17 Jun 04

Duncan: *Slowly comes to. A little TOO slowly … From down the hall, a door opens and there’s the sound of heavy footsteps. Possibly Morgan’s goons finally making it to the scene!*

MacBeth: Toss him over the balcony, already. *Suggests, not taking his eyes off of McRaven.* -04:19 Jun 04

McRaven is quite still. No sudden moves. If he does anything, he’ll be certain it finishes things quickly.*

Bronwen: I’m thinkin’ about it. *Taking another of Duncan’s guns, she ushers the buffoon out of the way, and if he can’t prop himself then he can go ahead and be captured! She makes sure to aim her gun.* I for one would love to blast your brains all over the walls for trying to take not one, but two of my men. But I think we’re going to stuff YOU in the coffin instead. If you’ll be ever so kind as to step inside. *Or give her a reason to shoot him. That would be nice.* -04:22 Jun 04

McRaven glances from Mac to Bronwen and back again. At first, it looks like he’s about to resist or say something smart but he slowly does as requested. He steps into the coffin but he’s much larger than either Mac or Duncan. There is no way the lid will close. And the sounds of men approaching are coming closer.

MacBeth: Cover me. I’ll get Flyboy. *Mutters. He moves to Duncan while not turning his back to McRaven and manages to get him over his shoulder.* Let’s get going. *He starts walking backwards to the elevators.* -04:28 Jun 04
Bronwen: Get in the elevator. Both of you. *She’s tempted to jump up and down on the box and break some of the guy’s bones in the process. …But she has a much better idea! She keeps the gun well aimed as she grins, flipping the fan back and forth.* -04:28 Jun 04

Duncan: *Is murmuring incoherently. It looks like he’ll be out of it for awhile!*

MacBeth: *Gets to the elevators and wonders what Shadowstar is doing.* Will you hurry up already? -04:30 Jun 04
Bronwen: *Bronwen stuck the end of the fan in her mouth, snapped off the end of it and spit it out down the hall.. Then tossed the pretty part on the coffin. She backed quickly in to the elevator, and pressed the bottom floor button a dozen times.* I said I wouldn’t blast his brains out, but I didn’t say anything about not blowing him up. Au revoir, Mercenary! -04:32 Jun 04
MacBeth: You’re enjoying this. *Not in the least bit surprised she is. He finds Duncan’s com-link and "borrows" it for a moment.* Cassius, where are you? -04:34 Jun 04

Cassius: She damned started shooting people didn’t she.

MacBeth: No. *There is a muffled BOOM! and the elevator rocks!* She blew up people. -04:37 Jun 04
Bronwen: *Of course she was enjoying herself. She was still pressing that button. That was only going to be about 30 more seconds and hopefully that wouldn’t take out the whole top half of the building. That WAS one of the bits she stole from Cassius.* I didn’t SHOOT anyone, and for the record, Duncan is the one that screwed up! -04:37 Jun 04
Bronwen: And your timing systems are totally off! That wasn’t 30 seconds at all. -04:38 Jun 04

Cassius: *There’s a long silence!* …I’m back on board Briar Rose and will get us ready for take off. If you can restrain from making any more scenes, we should take off as soon as you step through the doors!

MacBeth: *The elevators doors open and he raises an eyebrow at the dozen of Morgan’s men running about. They are armed to the teeth and one of them happens to meet Shadowstar’s eyes.* … So much for not making any more scenes. Shall we? *He glances at Shadowstar and raises his gun.* -04:43 Jun 04
Bronwen: Good riddence to stupid plans. *She covers herself from the elevator corner and starts shooting! And screw friendly fire, she’s going to head shot every one of the jerks!* -04:46 Jun 04
MacBeth: *Takes cover behind the elevator control panel, opposite Shadowstar and adjusts Duncan. He would love to put Flyboy down but they might leave in a hurry and he can’t be dragging him.* -04:50 Jun 04

Bronwen takes a couple men who weren’t ready to duck and dodge fire so soon down. The others quickly take cover behind pieces of furniture and the bodies of the innocent and not-so-innocent lie scattered across the floor.

Bronwen: Put Bronwen in a nightie *Blamblam!* make Duncan the bodyguard. *Blampichew!* Don’t shoot anybody. *Pichewblamblam!* Great plan, Cassius! Just great! -04:53 Jun 04
MacBeth: *Yes, Shadowstars were, most definitely, trouble. And they still had to rescue the other three. He gives a couple of shots, takes cover, a few more shots, and cover again.* -04:57 Jun 04
Bronwen: …Screw this! *Bronwen stepped back, plucking through her hair she searched for something and gave a small HA when she found it! An odd little tube of which she twisted and tossed out in to the middle of the lobby.* If you don’t want to get blown up, get the hell out of the lobby! -05:00 Jun 04

The men look up and see the strange little thing. Survival forces them to immediately flee the lobby and the trio find themselves alone.

Bronwen: *Absolutely nothing happens! She peeks around the corner to make sure there’s no one lurking, and leads the way out in to the lobby! …She makes sure to pick up the little metal tube on her way.* Hahaha, bunch of suckers. -05:07 Jun 04
MacBeth: *Adjusts Flyboy over his shoulder again and follows Shadowstar. He keeps an eye out for anyone else but it seems that every one of Morgan’s men have fled.* -05:10 Jun 04
Bronwen: *Bronwe was just as wary… not about Morgan’s goons, but more about Mister High Class Mercenary. The chances of him getting blown to pieces were pretty slim, if he’s as good as Duncan said. But she makes sure to get rid of those damned heels and make it back to the ship as quickly as possible!* Cassius, we’re almost there! -05:12 Jun 04

Bronwen’s wariness is for good reason! As they walk outside, a missile comes out of nowhere and takes down a large bronze statue on a pedestal. No one is hurt but the statue does fall in front of Shadowstar and Mac. “A Shadowstar and Mac. That should fetch me a pretty price,” McRaven says from behind.

Bronwen: How about we trade you Duncan and call it even? *She spun around quickly and aimed her pistol. Should have dropped the bomb in the casket with him.* -05:33 Jun 04

McRaven has his cannon aimed for them. “What would I want with some low-class, womanizing, wimp of a smuggler?”

Bronwen: You’re right. Suppose we’ll keep him after all. *She holds up her little tube!* Are you looking to get blown up again, because I’m more than willing! -05:40 Jun 04

McRaven chuckles softly. “Miss, I would think you would recognize someone who has nothing to lose …” He suddenly fires his cannon and another missile heads straight for them!

MacBeth: *Quickly jumps out of the way, although Duncan ends up rolling off of Mac’s shoulder and a few feet away! He winces. Yeah, being punched, hit, kicked, locked in a coffin, tied up, shot at, and a few other things did wonders for you …* -05:46 Jun 04
Bronwen: *Bronwen dashed quickly to the side to avoid that missile and crashes to the ground! Who the hell carries a cannon around anyway?! She quickly tries to regain her barrings and start shooting!* -05:47 Jun 04

McRaven holds up his cannon which fits his build perfectly, acting as an excellent shield as the bullets ricochet off of the large gun. As he holds the cannon upright, he pulls something out of his coat and a grenade goes flying toward Bronwen!

MacBeth: *This would be a wonderful time for Flyboy to get moving! He growls into the com-link.* Cassius, where the hell are you? -05:54 Jun 04
Bronwen: oh hell. *She half rolled, half scrambled across the ground for cover! Behind a large screen billboard that took the grenade blast with… a lot less bracing power than she had anticipated! She covered her head as half of it went blasting off!* -05:57 Jun 04

Cassius: I take it, you need a pick up. *So said Cassius, sounding much too casual.* Five minutes.

MacBeth: *Knowing it would be a waste of energy to start yelling at Cassius, he aimed and started firing at Duff. He just needs to draw his attention away from Shadowstar.* Nothing to lose, Duff …? I think Nate would disagree. He would think someone’s life would be something to lose. -06:05 Jun 04

“I warned you never to mention him.” Instead of opting for a missile, McRaven grabbed the cannon and charged forward with a speed that defied his size. He swung and swung and then lifted that cannon over his head and slammed it seemingly right on top of Mac!

MacBeth: *Dodges the first swing but gets caught by the second. He flies backwards a few feet and barely manages to roll away when Duff slams the cannon down on him! As he takes a sharp breath, he clenches his jaw. Something is digging into his side. A broken rib?* -06:10 Jun 04
Bronwen: Don’t taunt the mercenary, Macbeth! *They didn’t get this far for him to get crushed! Bronwen hopped to her feet and sprang from behind the screen. Leaping on the mercenary, she linked an arm around his neck and pressed her gun to his ear deciding she was definitely going to shoot him!* -06:13 Jun 04

McRaven adruptly stops and smirks. He suddenly goes for Bronwen’s gun to grab the wrist of the hand holding it and throw her off his back!

Bronwen: *A monkey! It was very much like flipping around like a monkey, only that damned dress was making it a lot harder to avoid getting thrown off his back! Still, she managed to twist, grabbing on to the arm that grabbed her, hoping to crash him to the ground along with her by sheer momentum!* -06:24 Jun 04

Amazingly enough, McRaven proves to be quite the match. He must have legs of granite because instead of crashing to the ground in sheer momentum, he stands stock still, his arm still in her grasp! He pulls her toward him and one leg comes out in a roundhouse kick!

Bronwen: *How in the bloody-! It was a bad idea and she earned world of pain and the wind knocked out of her, but she wrapped her other arm around his leg and aimed to shoot him right through the spleen!* -06:34 Jun 04

Too bad she had to learn the hard way that he wore some type of body armor under that coat of his! Not fazed in the least, he pulls out a gun with his other hand and presses the muzzle right up against Bronwen’s temple. “Bang.”

Cassius: *There was the sound of strong engines. Infact it sounded almost exactly like McRaven’s, but the ship that appeared hovering dangerously low to the ground and apparently with all weapons systems armed and ready was not McRaven’s ship but the Briar Rose!*

Duncan: But … Mommy I dun wanna … *Smack! SMACK! He slowly opens his eyes and shakes his head.* Wha … Huh …? Am I dead? *He looks up at the Briar Rose in awe.*

Bronwen: *Sonofabitch played dirty. But at the sight of her ship, Bronwen grinned wide.* Bang indeed. Back off or my ship is gonna do the backing for ya. -06:44 Jun 04
MacBeth: Not yet, Flyboy. *He helps Duncan up.* -06:44 Jun 04

McRaven slowly eases his gun off of Bronwen.

Bronwen: *She eased off herself, backing up slowly towards the ship, not daring to turn her back to him.* Open the doors, Cassius! -06:47 Jun 04

Cassius: *As if he weren’t already landing just low enough and opening up the doors and ramp so they could board!*

MacBeth: *Keeps his gun handy as he and Duncan move for the ship. They waste no time in boarding.* -06:49 Jun 04

McRaven hasn’t moved a muscle yet. He stays perfectly still.

Bronwen: *As soon as her boys are on board, she darts in after them… not without giving Duff McRaven a salute…with her gun!* -06:50 Jun 04
MacBeth: *Hisses between his teeth as he sinks to the floor in the corridor outside Flyboy’s room. He lies his head against the wall and closes his eyes. No break. This is what he gets for getting mixed up with Shadowstars. Again.* -06:51 Jun 04

Cassius: *Wisely, Cassius is shutting the doors and taking off before anything else can go wrong! He’s already grumbling some curses under his breath and practicing his lecture!*

Duncan: *As usual, Duncan is out of it and doesn’t have a clue what’s going on! Things appear to be as normal as things are around here Mac is injured, the Captain got to blow something up and shoot at people, and a Shadowstar is cursing.*

Bronwen: *Doors closed, mission accomplished, and no one is dead! She leaned against the wall for a moment, taking in a few deep breathes before she sucked it up and marched down the hall.* Take this. *She said, shoving the gun at Duncan and stooping grasp MacBeth’s collar with the same arm.* C’mon. Doctoring time. -06:57 Jun 04

Duncan: *Blinks as the gun is shoved into his arms. He barely manages to catch the thing but he does, without it hitting the ground and firing at someone.*

MacBeth: *Clenches his teeth but he knows better than to argue.* Like hell if I’m getting up. I’ve just been shot at, swung at, nearly blown to smithereens, stuffed into a coffin and a hole in the wall, tied up, kicked, punched, kidnapped, and rescued. -07:00 Jun 04
Bronwen: All right. I’ll treat you in the floor. *She releases his shirt to go and grab supplies. She just doesn’t know how she’ll get back up off the floor once she gets down there!* -07:02 Jun 04
MacBeth: *Raises an eyebrow. Just like that? No sharp comebacks, no barking orders … But she had risked her life and the lives of everyone else to come get him … Unfortunately, he still can’t get himself to move. Ah well …* -07:05 Jun 04

Cassius: *Cassius presses the intercom button. He can’t leave the controls until they’re well out to safety, but that doesn’t mean he can’t yell at them.* That was a right disaster. You’re all grounded. Every last one of you.

Duncan: Grounded …? *Murmurs sheepishly. Being grounded is not fun.* But … but … I said I wanted to stay with the ship. *He sighs.*

Bronwen: *Rolling her eyes at Cassius, Bronwen returned with a medkit and a few supplies under her arm.* You’re not grounded, Duncan. *Ungracefully she dropped on her knees, not without a wince, and dropped the supplies at her side.* You can at least help by taking off your damned shirt. -07:08 Jun 04
MacBeth: *Sits forward slowly and manages to get his shirt off without too much trouble.* … You know you didn’t have to rescue me. *He says after a few moments of silence.* -07:11 Jun 04

Duncan: *Blinks when he’s told he’s not grounded!* Oh. That’s nice. *He grins in relief and curls up on the floor. It looks like Mac isn’t the only one reluctant to move much.*

Bronwen: You didn’t have to go get all beat up either. I’m pretty sure I told you not to do that. *There he went getting his bones crushed. One hand in the supplybox to pull out a medstick, and a very complicated trick of trying to pop off the end without using her other hand. She used her teeth. Then stuck him without warning!* -07:16 Jun 04
MacBeth: Gah! *Growls at the sudden surge of pain! He clenches his teeth.* You tell me a lot of things. -07:20 Jun 04
Bronwen: The two of you bloody scared me to death. *She growled, not feeling the least bit sorry! She was pulling out the antiseptic and some cotton swabs. Cotton swabs were easier to manage with her other hand, and she made sure to forget warning about those too when she dabbed any open bleeding wounds.* -07:23 Jun 04
MacBeth: *Clenches his teeth again. She wasn’t being very gentle but he hadn’t figured she would.* -07:26 Jun 04
[Bronwen wasn\’t being gentle.] -04:18 Jun 05
[MacBeth sat there and is still taking it.] -04:19 Jun 05
MacBeth: *Clenched his teeth and laid his head back.* I’m not gonna hear the end of it, am I? -04:20 Jun 05
Bronwen: *She eyed him a bit, and eased her tending. Being nice enough to blow on wounds after dabbing on the antiseptic.* You were only in a coffin getting carted off to the wicked witch of the skies. -04:21 Jun 05
MacBeth: You have to admit. It was a pretty good idea. *He suddenly lifted one hand and brushed a strand of hair away from Shadowstar’s face.* Cassius’ doing? -04:24 Jun 05
Bronwen: Black hair is most definitely your thing and not mine. *With wounds disinfected, there was the bandaging to do. She plucked up a roll of the guazing, chewing on her bottom lip as she tried to figure out how she was going to do it one handed and not have to ask poor worn out Duncan for help.* I think he just wanted to play dress up. -04:29 Jun 05
MacBeth: *Chuckled softly and his hand dropped back down to his side.* It’s … different. How are you feeling? -04:33 Jun 05
Bronwen: Probably not as bad as you. *Which was perfectly true. He now had wounds on top of wounds.* You should have just let me fetch Duncan. *She was just going to have to do it carefully. She unraveled a bit of the gauze, trying to wrap and reach around him without any painful touching. It took an annoying amount of concentration.* -04:41 Jun 05
MacBeth: You could do it the easy way and just let it heal. *He knew it wasn’t an option but he put it out anyways.* Where’s Cassius headed? -04:43 Jun 05
Bronwen: Heals better when it’s wrapped, and I have no idea. If he’s smart, it’ll be somewhere we can take a vacation for a few days. *There! …that was hardly properly wrapped. She scowled. Well it was the best he was gonna get. Now she was trying to tie it in a neat little bow.* -04:46 Jun 05

Duncan: *Finally finds the strength to get up. He wants to check on his poor ship and the best way to do that … He heads into the control room.* What did you do to my baby?! *He wailed, knowing right away something had happened.*

Cassius: *Cassius was perplexed. Especially considering the ship was flying better than ever, and he wasn’t flying like a madman.* I’m only flying her?

MacBeth: You realize at the rate we’re going, you’ll either have to find Cassius his own ship or get a bigger one so you two can have your own little corners to steam off in. -04:51 Jun 05

Duncan: *Blink blinks!* You did something to her! She’s not flying the way she usually is! What did you do! *Better or not, he couldn’t stand it when people started tinkering with the Briar Rose. Expect him, of course.*

Duncan: *Except

Bronwen: I suppose we’ll vacation on a gambling planet and you’ll buy me a new ship. *Perfectly messy. She handed him the gauzing and held out her left arm while she dug in to the supplies.* Now, fix me. -04:55 Jun 05

Cassius: Oh, that! A little modification to the engine. An upgrade. Well, about twenty upgrades. McRaven’s engine was a very classes better than your old one. Doesn’t she run like a dream now? Just wait until I tackle the computer systems!

MacBeth: *Took the bandage and started fixing her up. Of course, he had to go through cleaning her wounds first. Swab, swab here, spray, spray there. Less painful than what she’d made him go through. He smirks a bit.* Me? You’re the one who keeps winning the drinking games. -04:58 Jun 05

Duncan: *Nearly falls over!* WHAT?! The computer systems! What’s wrong with the computer systems we have now?! *A dream. This had to be a dream! No, nightmare. Definitely a nightmare!*

Bronwen: *Wince! Whine! Okay, no whining, but she wanted to! She played tough, but it still hurt like hell.* So I’ve got to do everything around here, hmm? What do I even have you for? -05:01 Jun 05

Cassius: *Cassius snorted, getting up from the pilots chair and motioning to it, so Duncan could reclaim his ship.* You let Brownie tinker with it, and not Cassius the technical god? I see how it is. Alas, if you don’t want to see Briar Rose out fly, out class, and out shine every other vessel this side of the galaxy…

MacBeth: Because you have someone like Flyboy around. Although now you have Cassius to handle. Good ol’ Cassius who likes to play around with things and dismantle every piece of technical equipment he can get his hands on. Powers be praised if he doesn’t blow you up trying to put his toys back together. -05:03 Jun 05

Duncan: *Is just about to drop into his pilot’s seat–it’s a bloody miracle he hadn’t changed that too!–when he freezes. He slowly stands up, studying Cassius.* … Did you say, out fly … out class … and out shine …? *Or were that his ears ringing?!*

Bronwen: *She frowned, suddenly having the desire to flop over on the floor and sulk.* He’s taking over my ship and stealing my crew. *Stupid brothers! He’s probably in there right now converting Duncan!* -05:07 Jun 05

Cassius: *Cassius was placing his hand on his hip and looking at those pretty painted fingers nails – why was he still in that dress?! – and looking all too much like Bronwen when she’s shmoozing to get her way.* Out fly, out class, out shine. After all, I am the best engineer and technician in the galley. Even Morgan had me primping her ships. Imagine the Briar Rose surpassing one of Morgan’s destroyers!

MacBeth: I have no clue how you handled him back then but I’m sure it’ll come back to you. Your brothers always said you knew how to handle things. *Bad move to mention Cassius like he had! But she couldn’t possibly be feeling insecure about her ability to lead and keep what was hers?* -05:14 Jun 05

Duncan: *Blink blink. Cassius’ words sunk into his brain. Cassius had been locked away by Morgan all this time. She wouldn’t have bothered to keep him if he wasn’t worth his weight in gold …* So … if I let you fix up the Briar Rose, you’ll do just that?

Bronwen: Right after they sent you to babysit, right? *She scoffed!* -05:20 Jun 05

Cassius: *With a broad grin, he nodded.* That and better. We’ll need her in top shape to fetch my brothers, after all.

MacBeth: Chances of me finding you were slim. And … they didn’t send me to babysit you at all. In fact, they were against the idea. And they told me to quit thinking about it or else. -05:22 Jun 05
Bronwen: That sounds like a whole lot of crock, MacBeth. *And she didn’t believe a word of it! He’s about as bad as they are! Well… he was a lot more obedient. Actually, he was a lot better than her brothers, he wasn’t a pain in the ass at all up until he gets himself near killed and kidnapped! She was frowning again.* -05:28 Jun 05

Duncan: *Looks at Cassius quizzically. He scratches his head.* Yeah … That’s a real good point. But you’re talking a lot of credits, squid, whatever you call it to fix her up … *He was still having doubts.*

MacBeth: It was their bright idea for me to go out and find you. But when they found out I was dead serious, they changed their minds. You were Morgan’s only trump card and she was going to do whatever it took to keep it that way. You know what Morgan’s like. Do you think your brothers would send some kid up against that if they had a choice? -05:31 Jun 05

Cassius: Ah, that’s true… I can only do so much without getting new equipment. *He rubbed his chin as he thought about it…* There’s always gambling…

Duncan: *Shakes his head.* Not much of a gambler. The Cap’n and Mac grabbed some cred that way, though.

Bronwen: **She graced him with a skeptical look.* You don’t look like a kid to me. Despite the fact, you’re still their man. -05:34 Jun 05

Cassius: Of course they did. You can’t out gamble a Shadowstar, and MacBeth learned all he knows from us! *With that same wide grin he dropped an arm around Duncan’s shoulder.* So, where’s the best planet to gamble us up some cash? Prefferably somewhere we don’t walk in to too much trouble.

MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* We haven’t run into Aaron yet. There’s still a chance I could lose my hide. -05:39 Jun 05

Duncan: *Blink blink! He hadn’t known that!* … Wow, really? *He was silent for a moment.* Um … um … *He snapped his fingers.* Gamnen on the planet, Orlu! It’s casino city around these parts!

Bronwen: Hmph. I’ve had enough of you getting your ass kicked. It’s strictly forbidden, and you’re mine now, so I might just chuck up right back to Morgan if they try. -05:41 Jun 05

Cassius: Perfect! We’ll make a vacation out of it! Money, booze, and women! *He slapped Duncan roughly on the back!*

MacBeth: *Tilted his head slightly at her.* Yes, Captain. I’ll heal up and be back to kicking ass for you. -05:44 Jun 05

Duncan: *OOoff! Boy did Cassius hit hard! He nearly chokes and clears his throat. Women …?! SWEET!*

Bronwen: Smartass. *She sighed, dropping her head against his shoulder. Yep, now that she was on the floor she wasn’t getting back up.* -05:48 Jun 05

Cassius: Now, *Cassius cracked his knuckles.* How much damage did my little sister do back there, and who am I going to blame for it?

MacBeth: *Laid his head back against the wall. He snorted.* Next mission, let’s make Flyboy do all the work. -05:53 Jun 05

Duncan: *Blinked! He wasn’t exactly following Cassius now.* Um … Damage …?

Bronwen: He’ll just faint when it gets tricky. I told Cassius he would. We should have put Duncan in the dress so he could be the damsel. How am I supposed to shoot a gun proper now with a snapped wrist? -05:56 Jun 05

Cassius: The plan, the plan. Bronwen distracts, you grab MacBeth. From what I gather you were knocked out and Bronwen blew things up. That’s not how the plan was supposed to go. *Anothe cracking of his knuckles. In reality, he wasn’t actually mad, nor had any blame placed on Duncan. Apparently Duncan was just a lot of fun to pick on.*

MacBeth: Especially with Duff still out there. Unless Cassius has a mech-suit. Because if not, we’re screwed. -05:58 Jun 05

Duncan: *Gulped! Now he knew precisely what Cassius meant!* Um … uh … I can uh … explain …?

Bronwen: If Cassius can fit a mech-suit in his pockets, I’ll be amazed. *She muttered. She had a strong disliking for that McRaven guy. He was a little too good for comfort. She lift her head back up to give him a wicked grin.* I saved your life from a badass mercenary. I think I deserve praise and a reward. -06:03 Jun 05
MacBeth: *He did owe her that much. But he had to keep in mind that this was Shadowstar he was dealing with.* Lots of praise. What kind of reward? -06:05 Jun 05

Cassius: I trusted you with my helpless little sister, who is now wounded and likely to be uppity that my plan backfired. Do you have any sisters, Duncan? Sisters like when your plans backfire. Nasty business.

Duncan: … *Gulped!* Um … no … I uh, have a mother though. Yeah, a real sad mother … somewhere … you know …

Bronwen: *She thought about it for a moment.* Hmm… Most things I can get myself. So it should be really special. Maybe… socking Cassius in the nose for me. -06:08 Jun 05
MacBeth: *Arched an eyebrow.* You can do better than that. -06:09 Jun 05

Cassius: Now, if I didn’t find you prime husband material, I might’ve had to feed you your own feet.

Bronwen: Strip him naked and throw him in to honeyant gulch? Can you think of anything better? -06:11 Jun 05

Duncan: *Gulped again and shrunk in his chair!* Prime … husband … material … I uh, well … I don’t know if I’m good enough for your sister, I mean. Well, she is your sister!

Cassius: You’re right! No one is good enough for my little sister! *An over dramatic sigh! He pulled off that wig he was wearing and tossed it at Duncan.* …But, she’s going to be heart broken she can’t have you.

MacBeth: Even Cassie’s got a weakness. *He thought for a moment, then turned to study Shadowstar and smirked.* Brennan told me stories about him "defending your honor" lots of times. Not a single male, human or otherwise, could get close to you when he was around unless he approved of them. Was that all true? -06:19 Jun 05

Duncan: *Sighed softly when Cassius mentions the Captain’s broken heart over not having him.* She is one of your kind, your sister. Why, she’ll have my respect until my dying day!

Bronwen: *She wrinkled up her nose.* It was. He’s the entire reason not a man would dare to date me. But I don’t see how- Oooh. Ohoho. You are worth keeping, aren’t you. -06:22 Jun 05

Cassius: I can only hope that she doesn’t die from her grief! Perhaps if I find another man to fill the hole in her heart? *He was having much too much fun with poor Duncan.*

MacBeth: … I try. We just have to find the right guy to hit on you who won’t go overboard … *He went silent while thinking.* -06:26 Jun 05

Duncan: Oh no! *He started to look panic-stricken!* She won’t die from grief, will she? I mean … she has to live. She’s one tough woman!

Bronwen: Hrmph. Duncan’s out. Cassius is already harassing Duncan, and I think before long he’ll be too scared to even look at me. -06:28 Jun 05

Cassius: A woman’s heart is so delicate. We must find her a husband, Duncan! To save her life!

MacBeth: We can’t pick a complete stranger off the street and Cassius can spot an android posing as a human in no time. -06:29 Jun 05

Duncan: A husband! *He quickly started to nod!* Yes, of course. A husband! To save her life and restore her to her old, spirited self!

Cassius: *Cassius couldn’t keep a straight face anymore, his resolve cracked and he burst out laughing! Not only could he tease Duncan, but they were going to ‘husband hunt for Brownie and drive her crazy. It was a hoot.* I trust your judgement in finding her the perfect mate.

Bronwen: I’d rather not hire a crew just to flirt with them, they’d get the wrong idea and I’d have to kill some people. -06:33 Jun 05
MacBeth: Unless you can think of someone who knows when to stop, someone you’re not likely to blow a hole into … we’ll have to think of another way to get back at Cassius. -06:34 Jun 05

Duncan: *Blink blinked!* Uh?! Wha …?! No, not me! I can’t possibly! *He falls over and lands with a THUD on his back!*

Bronwen: *Damn, and it was such a good idea too. …Bronwen suddenly started snickering!* Actually, there is someone. -06:36 Jun 05
MacBeth: *Arched an eyebrow.* Yeah …? *Right now he was coming up with a blank. He wasn’t going to admit it but he had liked the idea of ruffling Cassius’ nerves a bit.* -06:37 Jun 05

Cassius: *Cassius stood over knocked and leaned over to stare at him.* Why not you? Her trusted pilot and former love. There couldn’t be anyone better to pick her a husband!

Duncan: *GULPED!* But uh … I … I don’t know anything about match-making! I mean, I uh–I tried but uh … look at me!

Bronwen: Yes! Someone I trust, someone who can handle the heat, and someone that is sure to piss off Cassius so bad that he’ll be spewing fire. …and he won’t be able to do a damned thing about it! *Oh that wicked mischevious grin. She leaned a little closer to MacBeth.* -06:39 Jun 05

Cassius: But if you don’t try, my poor sister my die of a broken heart. We don’t want that to happen do we? If I lose my sister, well… I might just go mad and start killing people.

MacBeth: … Damn. *He muttered, realizing just who she met. Although even he couldn’t argue against the points she’d just made.* -06:43 Jun 05

Duncan: *Eyes grew wide and he glanced this way and that before looking up at Cassius.* You’ll seriously do that …? *He asked, all quiet.*

Bronwen: It was your idea. But… if you’re much too afraid of Cassius, I guuuess I could settle for something else. *She siiighed.* -06:46 Jun 05

Cassius: *Cassius nodded. He didn’t even have to lie, it was the truth!* I would seriously do that if something happened to my sister. We don’t want anything happening to Bronwen. Ever.

MacBeth: You can cut that out, Shadowstar. I’ll do it. -06:48 Jun 05
Bronwen: *He was rewardd with a brilliant grin!* Oh Mac. You always say the sweetest things. -06:49 Jun 05

Duncan: Okay! Okay! I’ll do it! I’ll uh … I’ll try and find the perfect match for your sister!

Cassius: You’re a good man, Duncan! A very good man! *A real riot! Bronwen had herself one class-act pilot.* You better get us on the way to that planet, while I go make sure there’s not a bump or bruise on my sister.

MacBeth: And I’m not even trying. *He smirked a bit. He couldn’t help it. Shadowstar was making him look forward to playing this prank on Cassius. It’d been awhile since he’d had any good, clean fun.* -06:53 Jun 05

Duncan: *GULPED!* Ye–Yes, sir! *He saluted and scrambled back into his chair to do just that. His mind is a-whirl with the responsibility of playing matchmaker. To his hot Captain no less!*

Cassius: *Chuckling to himself, he pulled off his costume jewely as he head down the hall.* All right, Brownie! What’s the damage and how many days is it going to take to heal up?

Bronwen: *Oh yeah, Cassius didn’t know the shape they were in, unless Duncan tattled. …And Cassius was still in a dress. What a fruitcake.* We’re mortally wounded and dying cause your plan was a bust! I hope you’re happy. -06:58 Jun 05
[Bronwen things revenge is sweet.] -03:17 Jun 07
[MacBeth refuses to move off of the floor.] -03:17 Jun 07
MacBeth: Cassie … How nice of you to join us. Me and the Captain were just comparing who had the most serious injury. -03:18 Jun 07

Cassius: *Cassius stared down at the two of them.* I’m amazed you made it out alive. I’m pretty sure blowing things up wasn’t part of the plan.

MacBeth: *Smirks a bit.* Is it ever …? Did the job, though. -03:21 Jun 07
Bronwen: I think we gave that McRaven a bad day, don’t you? Will think twice about grabbing my crew. -03:23 Jun 07
MacBeth: He’s a stubborn bastard with a twisted code. The job was to turn me in to Morgan, wasn’t it? It’s not done yet. -03:24 Jun 07

Cassius: He’s not going to be too happy about that stolen engine either. *Cassius crossed his arms, rocking back on his heels.* We’re going on a vacation. A little rest, relaxation and gambling. The two of you look worse than a couple of cats in a blender.

Bronwen: It’s so nice to see you barking out orders on my ship, Cassius. *How much trouble would it be to give him back to Morgan? Ah, but the plan! Bronwen smiled!* Sounds perfect. MacBeth needs some tender loving care. -03:30 Jun 07
MacBeth: You flatter me, Captain. *Leans slightly against Shadowstar, rubbing his shoulder against hers briefly.* I’ll be certain to give you the best care I can. -03:33 Jun 07

Cassius: *Cassius frowned.* We’ll leave MacBeth in a hospital with some rented nurses. You can take Duncan out and play some cards.

MacBeth: *Arched an eyebrow.* Tch. Flyboy couldn’t shoot if his life depended on it. He was the reason the plan backfired, remember? -03:38 Jun 07
Bronwen: *Bronwen just grinned!* Duncan needs a break. MacBeth and I did great the last place we stopped. We’d clean up nicely. -03:40 Jun 07
MacBeth: If worst comes to worst, we can always "rent" Flyboy out. But yeah, we did. Drinks, cards, dice … -03:42 Jun 07

Cassius: It’s too bad you’re not fit to be up an walking, MacBeth, let alone out boozing with my sister. And now that I think about it, you don’t look so great either, Brownie. Bed rest is what you both need. Nice private rooms.

Bronwen: I’m not wasting good cash on extra rooms we don’t need. One room is enough if we have to be holed up alone all day. I’m sure MacBeth wouldn’t mind the company, right? -03:50 Jun 07
MacBeth: Not at all. *Playing it casual and calm.* In fact, there’s no one else I’d rather spend time with. -03:51 Jun 07

Cassius: ….On second thought, it’s dangerous for any of us to be left alone. We’ll all go out. Together. We’re bound to pickup something interesting that way.

MacBeth: *Thoughtful expression.* Hm. What do you think, Captain? -03:55 Jun 07
Bronwen: *MacBeth was sounding so ridiculously smooth. she was having a hard time not snickering out loud.* I think together we’ll only get so far and we’d have to seperate at some point. Teams are better. Cassius can take Duncan, since Cassius knows all the best places to introduce Duncan to women. You and I would fare better at a local bar. Somwehre queit and low profile. -03:58 Jun 07
MacBeth: Point taken. There’s not a doubt in my mind your com-links won’t be able to handle the distance we put between them. You are the best, after all, Cassius. -04:02 Jun 07

Cassius: Yeah, yeah I am. *He was still frowning.* In the meantime why don’t we all get some sleep.

Bronwen: *Bronwen leaned and rest her head on Macbeth’s shoulder, not having to exagerate tiredness.* I’m never walking again. I’ll sleep here. I guess you can have Duncan’s room, Cassius. -04:08 Jun 07
MacBeth: I’m comfortable right here. *He closes his eyes and leans his head back against the wall.* -04:11 Jun 07

Cassius: …If you want to sleep on the floor. *He sounded gruff as he stalked on down the hall, not bothering with another word or a look back. There was a door slam!*

MacBeth: *At the sound of the door slam, he opened one eye and then another. He smirked a bit.* -04:15 Jun 07
Bronwen: That worked quick. You hardly even said anything. *She didn’t bother to move, they were already in the floor, might as well stay there.* -04:15 Jun 07
MacBeth: *Still wearing the smirk.* Don’t have to. Gambling and drinking aren’t the only things your brothers taught me. It’s probably biting him in the ass right now. -04:17 Jun 07
Bronwen: Passed on their manwhoring skills, did they. *Bronwen finally snickered.* You pull out any lines, and I don’t think I can keep a straight face. -04:18 Jun 07
MacBeth: Not like I had much of a choice. It was either learn or die of embarassment. Anyways, I can’t resort to lines. Cassius will figure out I’m faking and we’ll never hear the end of it. -04:20 Jun 07
Bronwen: Subtle is definetly better. *She yawned.* of course I’m not sure how t do subtle… It’s not like yanking Duncan’s chain. -04:26 Jun 07
MacBeth: *Closed his eyes again.* Speaking of Flyboy, are you gonna whore him out again? -04:28 Jun 07
Bronwen: If I need to… he does like the girls. Want me to whore you out too? -04:30 Jun 07
MacBeth: Nice try, Shadowstar. But no. I’ll play cards, dice, even fight a match or two but I never mix money and sex. -04:33 Jun 07

Cassius: *A reopening of the door alerted to Cassius’ presence again, as he stomped back down the corridor. With only a snort, he seized his sister and marched back down the hall!* You’re sleeping in bed. *He practically tossed her bed as he slammed the door behind him and marched back for MacBeth.* And YOU are sleeping in a locker.

MacBeth: *Chuckled softly as he looked up at Cassius.* Locker, eh? I don’t think so. *By the tone in his voice, there’s no mistaking the threat in his words.* -04:38 Jun 07
Bronwen: *That damned man was like a whirlwind! She was sitting there blinking for two minutes before she started laughing! It really did work a lot better than expected!* -04:39 Jun 07

Cassius: Locker, cargo bay, medroom, you’re sleeping somewhere, and not in the damned floor. *He grabbed MacBeth by the collar of the shirt and hauled him up to his feet before releasing.* My sister was worried about you, and she ain’t thinking normal.

MacBeth: *Let Cassius haul him to his feet and arched an eyebrow.* You should try sleeping on the floor. It’d certainly change your mind. *He doesn’t move, though. And it’s obvious he’s not about to budge.* -04:43 Jun 07

Cassius: *He pointed a finger at Macbeth’s nose.* Boy, I’ll knock you out and drag in the back if I have to. I know exactly what you’re up to and it ain’t gonna work.

MacBeth: And what am I up to, old man? *Seriously considering grabbing Cassius’ finger and breaking it but … he hasn’t gotten to that point where he’d actually do it. Not yet anyways …* -04:51 Jun 07

Cassius: You’re thinkin’ my sister is a right catch. Able to run a ship, get things done, shoot like a man. But she’s not interested. Bronwen doesn’t like men, and you’re just gonna wind up good and broken. *Of course, Cassius is gonna be the one to do all the breaking.*

MacBeth: *Smirked.* I see. So, first you trust me to find your sister and now, you don’t even trust me in the same room as her. That’s ironic. -04:55 Jun 07

Cassius: *Cassius stepped back and shrugged his shoulders.* I trust you. Hell, you’re practically another brother. And that’s why I’m not snapping your neck and throwing you out the window. Bronwen doesn’t need to get mixed up with men like us.

MacBeth: *Finally sighed.* Relax, old man. I found her for you. I’m not about to steal her away. *He straightened up and walked past Cassius, into the control room and dropped into the seat opposite Duncan’s for the rest of the trip.* -05:03 Jun 07

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