Breaking Delilah 009

Breaking Delilah

[Ferius steels his nerves, after a cerntury hes going head to head with his advesary… the reason he wanted to recruit Delilah, everything comes down t this.] -11:15 Mar 19
[Delilah had a brilliant talent of being able to inspire anybody. Which meant despite a hoard of pirates being scared shitless of joining a crew manned by the Blood Pirate Ferius and sailing off to meet certain death at the hands of an ancient God, somehow Delilah made it all sound like a good idea.] -11:17 Mar 19
Ferius: Back abourd the heaving ship and thier prop pointed in parallel wut the compass Ferius cackles softly to himself his hand on the door the great cadin as he pushes it open. "You’re a remarkable woman Red, I don’t think I’vee seen men to eager to kiss the edge of the map." -11:22 Mar 19
Delilah: It wasn’t her precious Sea Raven, but Moira’s Gloom was adequate. At least Ferius knew how to keep a good ship, and Delilah took to running it like it had been hers the entire time. She had her feet propped up on the desk that -used- to be his while she was examining one of those very handy little swords. "It takes more than stomping around threatening to bleed people dry to keep a crew. Fear doesn’t exactly foster loyalty. Money and glory though… always does the trick." -11:24 Mar 19
Ferius: He nodded, standing legs apart and arms akimbo. "And it take more than a boatload of dock rats to kill a god. Though that would be why you have me. I’ve set out course and we’ll be there in… well lets just say all thse supplies we loaded up will be going to good use. Theses also the matter of this." he held up the bone blade from where it had been concealed on his person. "Whats your plan Delilah?" -11:28 Mar 19
Delilah: "Stab him through the heart and then slice him open from gullet to chin just to be sure? Better to avoid perfectly innocent women from opening boxes if he’s good and dead." She had two swords that could kill a god, Delilah had every intention of using them! -11:34 Mar 19
Ferius: "So take your sword and put it through his heart? Well now thats not goign to have any cosiquences is it? No one you knew, no one in this cabin tried that before…. do you really want the curse?" -11:37 Mar 19
Delilah: "What’s the likelyhood of another curse? Seriously? Besides, two swords is surely better than one." If not, well. Delilah was determined to figure out a way -around- the curse. There had to be a way. …Unfortunetly, the only knowledge she had was in breaking Ferius’ curse. Vardri was an entirely different entity all together. Delilah cast Ferius a scowl as she resumed examining the details of her first sword. "I suppose the High and Mighty Blood Pirate knows better than me, does he?" -11:41 Mar 19
Ferius: He tossed the blade onto her desk. "Theres a reason he follows this. It is bother the blade that must made the sacrifice and the ove that can remove hsi power. But hes not vulnerable to it just yet. Which is why we’re going north. Tell me have you ever been to Greenland?" He chuckled, even though she was in charge he was still the one with the answers. -11:45 Mar 19
Delilah: She made an expression that was pretty clear she had no liking for the north. "And why would we sail there, pray tell? It seems to me a foolish thing to go riding in to his territory. …And it’s miserably cold." -11:49 Mar 19
Ferius: "You’ve already seen the temple to one of the gods. Vardri has one too and thats where they’re going. Its bittersweet irony thats thats where he would have taken you if he had captured you. But its the only place where we can avoid the curse." -11:52 Mar 19
Delilah: Now she really wasn’t liking the idea, and was considering stabbing FERIUS through the heart. She pulled her feet off the desk and rest the sword on top of it before she gave in to the temptation. "And that is supposed to be the -good- idea? Avoiding wretched doom by awaiting it in the belly of the beast? I had to deal with all of your bullshit and now lets have a party at Vardri’s temple! Brilliant, really!"" -11:57 Mar 19
Ferius: "Looks liek someone didn’t read as much as they were meant to. The temple is the one place we can kill him and not end up with a curse worse than the one I suffered for over a hundred years. The was between the gods was meant to have been won by one eventually, I still have some of the spirit of the slain on inside me. At vardri’s temple, with that spark I can make him vulnerable enough. If you have any better ideas please share." -12:00 Mar 20
Delilah: "You’re pissing me off, Ferius." That want to kick the crap out of him everytime he had that tone of voice would probably never fade. But Delilah had to acquise to the fact he DID know more than she did about these sort of things. She leaned back in her chair, clearly unhappy about it, but there was little else that could be argued. "Fine. We will do it your way. And if I don’t like it, I’ll kill both of you." -12:05 Mar 20
Ferius: "ANd I thought we were past crossign swords Red, I’m glad that some things never change." he sat on the desk and once again picked up the blade. "All we need is bait… he will follow this and can always tell where it is so long as it isn’t in a charmed box… its perfect." -12:17 Mar 20
Delilah: "Not using me for bait, il mio amor, in your increadibly reckless plan?" she bit back with sarcasm. Though they had migrated to more… intimate terms, that didn’t mean she trusted him THAT much. After all, she wasn’t above using him to bait an evil god if she had to. -12:19 Mar 20
Ferius: "Indirectly I am since you’re the one who opened the box so are the one with the blade." he pointed out. "Though I’m sure Delilah Red: pirate queen isn’t afraid of a little danger now is she?" -12:22 Mar 20
Delilah: "There are very few things I fear." Vardri was one of them, but she wasn’t about to admit that to Ferius. Not when he was giving her that asinine smirk of his. "And for the record, I only give a shit because ancient gods tend to have a nice amount of gold. Otherwise, I’d leave you to have your stupid otherworldy battle without my neck in the middle." -12:26 Mar 20
Ferius: "Of course." he said "That and with Vardri on the loose he’d sink all the spanyards before you got your chance." he was just teasing her now. "You could leave me marooned with that clade and amulet any time you wanted couldn’t you. Delilah Red, the fairest maiden with the blackest heart on the high seas." -12:29 Mar 20
Delilah: "Such pretty words. Where were your stupid pretty words to begin with? We could have avoided a great majority of all this shit." Not to say that she would have been swayed by compliments from a rival. But at least an ancient god wouldn’t be loose and terrorizing the ocean, forcing her to do more than enjoy a little pillaging. -12:33 Mar 20
Ferius: "Theres a time for words and a time for action. You’re there sailign with me agaist the god I’ve know would come. The way I looks at it I’ve won in that point. Even if you’re in command of the Gloom." -12:37 Mar 20
Delilah: "You’re such a romantic, Captain Ferius." Her tone was sarcastic again, but she was amused. What lofty and grand ambitions he had, that she inevitably fell right in to like a total fool. Though, she supposed there were some perks to it all. "And don’t you ever forget who ~is~ in command of this ship, of you, and everything else for that matter!" -12:44 Mar 20
Ferius: He smiled the compliment, even if it was sarcastic. "You remind me often enough so that its impossible to forget Captain Red." he said his toe completely deadpan. "So by your leave may I do that which I already have don and set us on course for the only shot we’ve got?" -12:49 Mar 20
Delilah: "Yes, Ferius. And thank you so much for marking the course before I give the official command! Bringing to attention why I must constantly remind you who is in charge." Delilah shoved at him with her foot. She was already pondering whether or not she would hang him over the edge of the deck to drown him, or throw him in the brig without all of his clothes and only rats to keep him company. -12:53 Mar 20
Ferius: His eyes narrowed at the look in hers. "It seems you’re thinkign again." he pointed out ignoring her foot. "The last time I saw that look in your eyes I ended up naked on the floor of my own cabin and had to chase you down for weeks…." he held her gaze "Not plannign on making me make more storms, you knwo thats a lot harder now." -12:59 Mar 20
Delilah: "Il mio amore, I am not likely to flee from my own ship." she retorted with a wicked grin and a flash of teeth. "But you naked on the floor does have a very nice ring to it." -01:01 Mar 20
Ferius: He grinned back "I didn’t think you would, it would be nice to still have you around when I wake up, just once." He leaded forwards over the desk "Any more ideas?" -01:05 Mar 20
Delilah: "Appropriate ideas, or terrible things to do to you as punishment?" Delilah lift her foot up, this time aiming at that cocky grin to shove him away. If he thought being his wife meant she would be a compliant ball of mush with every pleasing smile and compliment, he had another thing coming! -01:10 Mar 20
Ferius: He dodged her foot and slid from the desk. "Alwasy the stubborn one." he said shooting her another grin. "Though if you truly think I have done wrong shouldn’t the punishment be personal?" -01:15 Mar 20
Delilah: "The thought has crossed my mind to chain you to a chair for suitable vengeance. Or chain you in the brig. But I am sure I can come up with something more creative." Certainly so. She’d have him backed to a corner with one of those swords, but that was unnecassry now! -01:23 Mar 20
Ferius: He cast her a glance and he turned back to face her. "You’ve been thinkign about this more than just while I’ve been in this room." he studdied her wonderign if she’d make good on her threat. and what he could do to turn the tables. After all hadn’t he said last tiem that rank meant nothign between the sheets? -01:26 Mar 20
Delilah: It was difficult to pull off that innocent expression with such a topic, but she did her best while leaning back in her chair and shrugging her shoulders. "We will be sailing for a while, I’ve got to do something with my time. And now that you’re meek as a kitten and at my mercy, I could string you from the mast or something equally as interesting." That -would- be amusing. In fact she was grinning rather wide at the thought and losing all pretenses of innocence. -01:30 Mar 20
Ferius: "Meek as a kitten?" he repeated. "You may have my ship but I’m still the man who terorised these waters Delilah, and just because I follow orders doesn’t mean I’ve lost the fire in my belly… If you were looking to marry a man who would roll over, I’m sorry to disappoint you." -01:36 Mar 20
Delilah: "I am so sorry, Ferius. Did you not like being a kitten?" she was grinning wider, leaning to rest her elbow on the arm of her chair and her chin in her hands. "I know it is hard to admit when a woman has bested you and made you look the fool. But that IS what you get in tangling with me. A sweet and meek kitten, here to amuse me." -01:39 Mar 20
Ferius: He saw she was teasing but it still got to him. "Are you sure you’re not the one to be turned meek?" he asked now walkign around the desk to stand before her looking down at her on her chair. He had half a mind to pull her up from it and kiss her or keep her in to and just strip her where she was… was this her plan? -01:43 Mar 20
Delilah: "No, certainly not me. ~I~ am in command of this ship and in the Captain’s chair. Where you…heh." she smirked and almost laughed. "You look like you are ready to cry, Ferius. I haven’t hurt your feelings have I?" -01:48 Mar 20
Ferius: He pushed the chair with his foot, turning it to face him. "Just because you want to to be your kitten and be a sensitive fop does not make me into one Delilah." he growled as he hand covered her mouth. "Rank does not buy you everything. Or did you forget that?" -01:55 Mar 20
Delilah: Delilah slapped his hand away, rewarding him with a wider smirk. "I don’t need rank when it concerns you, Ferius. I could cull you in to submission before, and now without your power you’re about as harmless as can be." -02:02 Mar 20
Ferius: he grabbed her wrist and forced her hand out of the way as his hand found her throat and squeezed. "SO thast how you see it, that was your plan? Get my ship and then get rid of me? Your revenge? Thats not going to happen….. He leaned down and ran to tongue aganst her cheek. Now who needs to punish who?" -02:07 Mar 20
Delilah: "Get rid of you? When I’ve finally got you captured? I’d rather have you swinging in the wind as a trophy." Taunting Ferius was never going to lose it’s magic. Still without losing her smirk, she was kicking out a foot again to shove him away. "It’s cute the way you flounder, il mio amore." -02:15 Mar 20
Ferius: He held on his hand moving down to her shirt to pull it partly open hos slide underneath so cup her. Half as a dare for her to resist and half as a test to see it she would… at eh did this his lips foun her and he spat the realisation. "It never ceaces to amaze me how you play me Red.." -02:20 Mar 20
Delilah: Delilah debated just how far she’d take the game, especially after his comments. She ended up grabbing his hand to pull away from her skin and twisting his wrist. She leaned forward, mimicking that smile her often like to cast at her when he was being antagonistic. "You are an easy fool. Wrapped around my finger like a piece of twine, and ever the obediant little beast." She kissed his cheek chaistly to add insult to injury. -02:27 Mar 20
Ferius: He glared at her, he wanted to pull her hair and make her squeal with a mix of pleasure and pain and the breath that washed over her was hot. "You walk a fine line Delilah… I could thro you out the cabin window, assume command and fight vardri myself. I have the blade, I’d have the swords… but I’d rather have you." -02:32 Mar 20
Delilah: "And I would come after you in a fury and take back what’s mine. You would do well to be pursued… it’d wipe that cocky look off your face." Beyond amused, it was quite hard not to laugh at him. Had she grinned any wider, she’d do just that. She was quite surprise his control hadn’t snapped yet, and made her want to press it all the more. She rose from her seat, pushing him a step back with her hand against his chest. "Kittens don’t get pirate queens, sweet. Perhaps next time." -02:37 Mar 20
Ferius: He grabbed her arm and twisted to behind her back turning her arounf and standing behind her. "And you say in what happens in this room right now is over." he said pushign her against the desk. "I think I’d like you bent over this… Its been a while since this room heard you gasp in pleasure." -02:42 Mar 20
Delilah: And there was the snap! …though she wasn’t expecting to be shoved over the desk, and that left her growling in surprise. "It was over, but now I am re-thinking stringing you from the mast!" She braced herself with her free arm, struggling to get her other one back. -02:47 Mar 20
Ferius: He pushed her down harder lettign go of her arm and drawing a dirk from his belt that still holdign her down he slid under her shirt and cut it in a line down her back. "You’re still talking, you might want to see to that Red…" -02:54 Mar 20
Delilah: "I am not going to be silenced at your whim, Ferius." The game she could play, but this infatuation with tearing her clothes was going too far! She was hissing in frustration again, swinging an elbow back to catch him across the face. "My CLOTHES Ferius…! We’re going to be sailing for weeks…!" -02:57 Mar 20
Ferius: The blow struck but it only made him grab her arm and roll her onto her back abandonign the dirk to open her shirt at the front. "And all those others you picked up in port not goo enough?" he scoffed as he forced himself on top of her on the desk his body sliding up agaist hers as he unded a her butting on his shirt. -03:01 Mar 20
Delilah: "They aren’t going to last long if you’re going to rip up everything I own!" In retaliation she grabbed the collar of his shirt, popping every button she could slip her fingers past. That in itself seemed not nearly enough, so she was using her own weight to try and roll him off her and to the floor. -03:06 Mar 20
Ferius: He grabbed what was left of her shirt and pulle her down with his his hand gripping her hair as he pulled her lips to his and pressed them home. "But then you’d ahve to stay in here and then wouldn’t the tables be turned…" -03:10 Mar 20
Delilah: Delilah was at least trying to resist his kissing. The debate about her clothing was more important than her previous enjoyment of goading him in to a tussle. "No. No I would just wear your things and leave you chained up on the floor where you belong, kitten." she muttered. In fact, now that she had him on the floor… she reached down to take his belt, intent on tying him up with it. -03:15 Mar 20
Ferius: "I think you’d swim in them." he pointed out as he slipped the torn rags from her body his leg tangling with her as he kissed her again. -03:18 Mar 20
Delilah: This time she was returning his kiss… only after a moment growling against his mouth and biting his lip in a quick nip. She pulled his belt free and went grabbing for one of his hands. "That is besides the point." -03:21 Mar 20
Ferius: He realised just too late what she was up to and broke the kiss his other hand comign up to her neck. "So you plan on backing up your threat, you’re a pirate through and through.." -03:24 Mar 20
Delilah: "Wouldn’t you love me less if I weren’t?" she challenged with that grin again. Of course, she had to release him to go tugging his hand away from her neck. Were she not careful, he might strangle her for real. "Be a good kitten and stop making such a fuss." -03:26 Mar 20
Ferius: He chuckled darkly. "There games you play." he cooed seeing to have recovered his spirits "You’re not one to give up.." he ran his finger over her thoat and bit her lip before her hand heaved his. "All the reason I fell for you." -03:30 Mar 20
Delilah: "You started the games, Ferius. I just learned the play them better." she chimed back, though her voice didn’t quite have that irritated tone of before. For all her posturing and fits, she really did like to hear his pretty words. Delilah abandoned his belt to the floor to take his face in her hands and pull him in for another kiss. -03:38 Mar 20
Ferius: His hands circled her and ran up her back as he kissed her back his tongue ficking softly agaist her lip. He could pretend he could still rape her, hurt her, back up his threats of killing her. But in truth he couldn’t. That didn’t eman that he didn’t know Delilah could take it rough… -03:41 Mar 20
Delilah: The lectures could wait… not that she remember why she had on the floor to begin with anymore. A soft sigh slipped out as she caressed his cheeks with her thumbs. Murmuring how stupid he was in a hushed breath when she tilted her head to get better access to his mouth. -03:49 Mar 20
Ferius: He rolled still holing her to him so that her back was on the floor his hed tilting in relation to her for him to push her lips apart and slide his tongue between them as his hands undid her belt and pulled it away. -03:51 Mar 20
Delilah: She bit his tongue, a wicked tint of laughter following. But she just as soon as she did, she was sucking on his tongue to ease the pain. She took the opportunity to push his shirt down over his shoulder. -04:03 Mar 20
Ferius: His lips pressed into hers hand as his hands slid up between them to brush her breast. Even not she was still teasing him driving him on and pushing his buttons. There really wasn’t another like her. He rakes his nails down her side as his other hand undid her pants a small plaintiff plea escaping his thoat into her mouth. -04:09 Mar 20
Delilah: "Something you want, kitten?" she muttered against his lips, that hint of a grin at the corner of her mouth. She rose her hips off the floor to brush against him, most purposely trying to drive him crazy. -04:14 Mar 20
Ferius: He grabbed her pants and pulled her hips back to him a grown forming in his throat. "I’m about to take what I want." he said as his hand slipped into the front of her pants and rubed down to her thigh pushing her pants down with them. -04:18 Mar 20
Delilah: Resisting a gasp, she pushed a hand against his shoulder. "What makes you think, I’ll let you?" Delilah grinned. Despite the comment she let her hand move to the back of his neck and squeezed. -04:26 Mar 20
Ferius: He moved dows to bite her shoulder as he puched her pants further down her legs. "Becuase of this." he said barely above a whisper as his hand brushed her crotch a fingertip sliding agaist her lips. -04:29 Mar 20
Delilah: "That’s… not a very good reason." she muttered through her teeth in a hiss. Her hand squeezed the back of his neck again before sliding up to grip in to his hair. He had her toes curling in her boots, but like hell she’d give him the satisfaction. -04:42 Mar 20
Ferius: He moved his body agasnst hers his chest running her nipples as he kissed her again replying to her words by pushign his finger into heras he still covered crotch moved to grind into hers. "I can always give you more reasons." he said as his thumb rubbed her clitoris. -04:46 Mar 20
Delilah: A groan and another hiss, Delilah attempted to squirm away but there was little room to move. She nipped at his mouth. "Dare you to try, Ferius." -05:22 Mar 20
Ferius: He grinned his lips brushing agaist hers as he freed himself from his pants and rested his member agaist her his fingers once again makign the plunge. "I dare, Delilah…" His fingers spreading her lips he pusher the tip of his throbbing member into her, his teeth locking onto her lip as he sucked at it. -05:27 Mar 20
Delilah: That sharp intake of her breath couldn’t be disguised. Neither was the movement of her hips instinctively moving closer to his touch. She tugged hard on his hair, though she didn’t pull him away. Just held him tight to continue that kiss. -06:17 Mar 20
Ferius: He pusjed his lips into hers harder aas he pushed deeper, a steady stream up thrusts pushing her agaist the floor. Then again there was a needy noise in his throat, it was only her that could fuel his passion so. His fingers wet with her juice moved between then to gently squeese her nipple saving some of it to bad on her lip when he momenteraly broke the kiss. -06:24 Mar 20
Delilah: "Shit, Ferius…" she groaned out, dropping her head against the floor with the rush of sensation running up and down her spin. Her hands released hair to fall back against the floor as well. Fists opening and clenching with every other jostle of her form. -06:58 Mar 20
Ferius: He braced himself agaist the floor his hand finding and interlocking with hers as he nipped her neck and continued to push harder and faster. He could feel her moving with him and her soft interiour pressign in on him. It was the tingling feeling builbing up that made him rejoin her in the kiss and haf pur half growl escaped into her mouth as he gripped her. -07:05 Mar 20
Delilah: His growling had her cackling. Curling her legs around his waist to trap him just as her hands clung to his. She shifted beneath him, moving in those subtle jerks and smirking in triumph any moment he caught his breath. -07:28 Mar 20
Ferius: Her cackle only reafirmed his belief that she had planned all this but far from making him stop the fact that she had gone through all this to get him to do what he was doing hand him bite her tongue and made him thrust deeper, his movements timed with her clenchine. He wanted to bite that smirk off her face of course and make her beg and scream… and the growl came again with more intencity… -07:48 Mar 20
Delilah: A startled yelp was definitely what he received when he bit her tongue, and her legs slipping off from her around him when she bucked upwards in retaliation. Still, his sudden ire didn’t stop her amusing snickering and now she was laughing all the louder! -07:56 Mar 20
Ferius: Locked as they were in thier struggle he never broke rythm his his plunged into her. His bite became a nibble as he gripped her hand tighter his hips adjusting her her posision. He was holdign himself back, if he couldn’t stop her snigger he could at least make Delilah climax first then gloat about it! -08:01 Mar 20
Delilah: It was increasingly hard to keep taunting him. The steady motion having her skin from head to toe feeling like it was on fire. Delilah strained against his hands, wanting to turn the tables before she found herself lost in him. "Ferius." she muttered under her breath. -08:22 Mar 20
Ferius: His hand mover to cup her head and hold her in a long kiss his tongue sliding between her lips to find hers. the growm became a grunt as he squeesed her hand in responce to her mutered word. His thrusts by not were takign him as deep as he could go and his face was strating to increase as well, his motion only pauseing when a tingle shot up his spine and ne whispered her name into her mouth. -08:31 Mar 20
Delilah: With at least one of her hands free, it followed his arm to his shoulder. Digging her nails in to his skin as she raked them down his back and pausing only when she reached his ass to give a hard squeeze. Her legs moved against his, that impatient, frenzied twisting growing all the more desperate as the tension mounted. -08:40 Mar 20
Ferius: His hand tighterend and saarted to grip her hair as his his mover faster in rosponce to hers. Breaking the kiss he let his breath wash over her. His hips pushed and grinded agaist her with urgency now and feeling welling up inside him even as he tried to keep it on a leash. "Fuck Delilah." he whispered agais her lips ""You’re like no other." -08:48 Mar 20
Delilah: That done her in. If anyone ever knew her weakness to sweet words, her reputation would be ruined. Her legs tightened around him when her back arched. Her breathy moan sound like a cross between pain and pure bliss. The few short phrases she muttered between gasps were everything from curses to confession of love. -08:57 Mar 20
Ferius: To feel her tighten and arch agaist him make him chuckle, but his planned victory was short lived as a few grinding thusts later he was akso forced to let go and gis hips pressed agaist hers he panted agasit her his mouth forming sweet utterences in every language he knew as he rested against her. -09:03 Mar 20
Delilah: Hot, sweaty, and most certainly sticky, none of which seemed to matter in the wake of ebbing passion and that solid feel of him against her. Chuckling or not, she cared little whose victory it was, leaving herself free to nuzzle against his cheek with a grin. -09:10 Mar 20
Ferius: He smiled and kissed her lips sloftly his hands running through her hair. "It always ocurs to me that you’re quite the woman." he whispered as his arm circled her. -09:16 Mar 20
Delilah: "Hmm…" was her first response. That over-pleased pamper cat grin never fading from her features. "And I am always surprised just how much I actually I adore you… Not an easy feat, Captain Ferius." -09:20 Mar 20
Ferius: That earned her another kiss longer but just as soft as the previous. "I could say the same to you and not be a liar." he said softly. It didn’t matter that he was lying with her on the hard wood deck, nothign coulf move him from where her was except to slide down to lay next to Delilah. -09:27 Mar 20

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