Bloodlines 009: A Promise Kept


a week later aboard Jarrods new ship in Zere’s new room with HEAPS od clothes layed out for her a worried Jarrod sits on the foot of her bunk. -Jarrod

Zeren: Zeren’s sleep had been do deep that it could have easily been mistaken for death or a coma, had she not been steadily breathing. With in a couple days her body had healed as if nothing had happened at all. Leaving only the wonder if her mind was still the same after being twisted by an ancient evil and then taking it’s power. She didn’t even dream, her sleep was so deep… so when Zeren awoke to a warm room, with cozy lighting and soft blankets, she was pretty sure she was dreaming. -06:43 Apr 20
Jarrod: He was holdign her hand and watchign her stir “Zeren?” he asked movign closer. “You’re safe…” the regular motion of the ship on the waves was calming but he was still nervous.. shes was waking up, but what was she? -06:46 Apr 20
Zeren: “I can feel the sea.” Her eyes went closed again and she tugged his hand back and forth with the soft motion. Then she stilled. “Do you have to kill me now? The lady said I don’t have to die if I don’t want to.” What she really wanted to ask was if he wanted her to. Zeren remembered what she took… everything Vardri had and was. Now she was the only one left and it would be so easy to end the world… -06:49 Apr 20
Jarrod: He remained silent for a moment before he spoke, the words sounded liek they had been thought about all week. “No, because I trust you.” he said sowly and softly “If you can forgive me.” he sounded worried, and he was. He had been willing to kill her to save the world and not doing so might but he wasn’t going to kill her, if he was she’d be dead already. -06:54 Apr 20
Zeren: Her eyes were open again. Zeren sat up, leaning close to his face as she examined his expression. She was trying to see if he was lying to her. Finally she tilted back, looking a bit doubtful, but conceeding. “I forgive you. What I have now is… it’s not something good. So I’ll take it somewhere and bury it with me. And you won’t have to worry for the world.” -06:58 Apr 20
Jarrod: “I wasn’t worried for the world.. I was worried for you.” he said “You already saved the world… and I’m proud of you for doing that, and now… now its all over. Forever.” he smiled, “Time to worry about what we want.” -07:00 Apr 20
Zeren: “You have a boat on the sea now.” She tilted her head to look towards the window. It stretched out forever, with sunlight glittering over it. Perfect and beautiful, and nothing top stop her from jumping in it! Zeren tugged his hand to her, brushing her fingers over his skin where she could see the faint outlines of his veins underneath. “I didn’t want to hurt you and I thought I killed you. At that moment all I wanted was for you to be alive, and I got my wish? I can’t ask for anything else.” Even though she really wanted to. The world was safe, open, and free… and Zeren could have everything she wanted and more if she took it. She just… was afraid she would take too much! -07:06 Apr 20
Jarrod: “You can ask for more.” he said “You desurve to be happy too.” he stepped closer only the thickness of thier hands seperating them from eachother. “I want you to be happy Zeren.” he looked away out over the glittering sea… “Its ours now, your and mine… all of it.” -07:10 Apr 20
Zeren: “So I can ask for a kiss and I won’t get in trouble?” Ours. Zeren liked the way that sounded. As if they would be together with it, and she wouldn’t be alone. And the way it felt to hold his hand and be so close to him. Warm, pleasant, and safe. “We could make a home somewhere to live by the sea?” -07:15 Apr 20
Jarrod: His answer wasn’t words, it was to lean down and fress his lips into hers, slowly brushing them across as he nuzzles against her and his hand left hers ro allow his arms to close around her. He lingered for close to minute before he pulled back. “Yes, a house close to the sea.” -07:18 Apr 20
Zeren: Zeren decided she definitely liked kissing. It made her knees feel weak, but it was a good feeling. Zeren smiled wistfully. “Thank you, Captain. When we get there I can help you find a wife and kids.” -07:22 Apr 20
Jarrod: He blinked, “Zeren.. you know what a kiss means… and you know what a wife is… don’t you?” he put his hand on her cheek and looked into her eyes. “It means I some day want you to be my wife… if you would accept me.” he was being ernest “Thats why I decided I wasn’t going to kill you, because I love you. I really meant that part. Kissing, sex, marriage, kids… I want with you.” -07:25 Apr 20
Zeren: “I am not entirely sure what a wife is…” she admitted, but she had quickly figured it out. A wife was something special to him. The rush made her feel dizzy, but again it was a good feeling! Something that delighted her and made her smile, and a little embarassed too. She didn’t know what to do with confessions of love. “I love you…” she started, a little unsure of how she was expressing it. “I knew it was love when I felt my heart breaking for you… when I thought the was no you anymore. And when I saw you alive, I knew i would do anything to make sure you stayed even if it meant I had to be a terrible person…” It wasn’t eloquent and Zeren wasn’t sure it made sense. -07:33 Apr 20
Jarrod: Durign her entire confession he smiled at her then he leaned forwards and kisse her again his hand moving to rub the back of her neck slowly. “I’m sorry.” he whispered again “That I made you run and what happened to you.” he didn’t knwo if she even knew what had happened to her. “But I’m going to make if up to you, so ask for somethign else.. I got you clothes, and food and the sea, what else do you want?” -07:38 Apr 20
Zeren: “He tried to take my soul from me and he did not succeed.” Zeren was proud of that. Through pain and terror and everything, she had not been taken. …but it did draw a peculiar expression to her features. Zeren looked unsure again. “You told me that sex is better than kissing. That it’s what you do with people you love. And he… agreed with my mother that it was for taking souls. And it was awful, but you… You wouldn’t hurt me?” -07:45 Apr 20
Jarrod: He was still holding her close to him. his hand idly running through her hair at the back. “No, I wouldn’t… sex starts with kissing, long kissing usually and gets.. more btu its like a lot od kissing and other things that people do when they love eachother.” he was trying his best to explain “Its important to love eachother because its where kids come from.” -07:51 Apr 20
Zeren: “We make new souls with love.” …this she understood! An act of evil to take a soul, and love to make one… Zeren curled her arms around his waist and rest her head against his chest to hear his heartbeat. “We have enough love to make a lot of souls, don’t we? We could share with the whole world and make life everywhere?” -07:57 Apr 20
Jarrod: He laughed, it ahd been a long time since he had “Love is meant to be shared between two people.” he said, “Somethign they give only to eachother, love for family is different, what its shared between two people, well, its liek this.” he kissed her cheek as he sat on her bed with her “And not even death can break it.” -08:01 Apr 20
Zeren: “Something special just for the two of us?” Zeren liked the sound of that too. It would be theirs and only theirs. They could share the sea and the world, and help make the world better. But for the two of them, they’d have that special thing. “And you can show me? The more than kissing parts?” -08:07 Apr 20
Jarrod: He nodded “I can show you, I can lead you through them…” he said quietly “You con’t have to worry.. I can take it slow and if you feel like you want to stop you can tell me.” he sighed and ran his fingers through her hair again. “When you want to do it. If you do.” -08:11 Apr 20
Zeren: She loved how she felt when he touched her. Not just liked, loved! Zeren hesitated a moment before she leaned against him, tilting her face up to his and gently brushing her lips over his, mimicing a kiss. “I want to now…? I want you to show me.” -08:14 Apr 20
Jarrod: He caught her lips in a deep kiss his lips moving against hers and parting slightly as his hand slid up to the back of her head and held it as he pushed against it. “Then I’ll show you.” he said against her lips before he nipped her lips lip softly. “I’ll show you the more than kissing.” -08:19 Apr 20
Zeren: If the more part would also make her feel like she were floating, and give that sweet twinge of warmth through her just like the kissing did, Zeren was eager to learn. Zeren moved to crawl in to his lap so she could feel him around her, and curled her arms around his neck. She nuzzled her face against his cheek with shy affection. -08:23 Apr 20
Jarrod: He ran his fingers through her hair yet again as his hand brushed against her cheek and slid down the side of her neck and across her chest and he caught her lips in another kiss then slid his cheek against hers as his hand readhed the first button of the shirt he had dressed her in and undid it before sliding unberneath the fabric to brush just under her collarbone. -08:27 Apr 20
Zeren: His touch was soft and warm. And made her breath quicken. Zeren wanted to touch too, though. She brushed her knuckles against his jaw, planting a soft kiss there as she did. Before drawing her finger tips over his mouth and brushing a kiss there too. -08:34 Apr 20
Jarrod: He kissed her back his tongue flickign against her lip as he popped another button, and another this time when his hand slid under he toutched her breast cupping it and caressing it as he deepend the kiss againand a sigh escaped him. “How does it feel?” he asked her softly. -08:37 Apr 20
Zeren: Her response came out as a soft sigh, almost a purr. Zeren had never felt anything like it! Being unafraid, content, and so curious for more. “I think I might still be dreaming..” she mumbled softly against his mouth. -08:41 Apr 20
Jarrod: “This is no dear Zeren.” he asured her his thumb brushing against his nipple as he moved his kissing to he neck and down to her shoulder before he undid the rest of her buttons and opened her shirt. “And we’re still far from done.” -08:46 Apr 20
Zeren: “There is more than this?” Of course there was. She could remember what the ancestor did. …but this was certainly not like that. His breath moved over her breath and shoulder, making her giggle softly when it tickled. She plucked curiously at his own clothes. “…do you take off yours too?” -08:51 Apr 20
Jarrod: “You take them off.” he said “This time.” he rubbed her stomach and nuzzles his lips against hers “Eventually all our clothes will be gane, and we will be toutching eachother everywhere, its baout toutching and being toutched and makign eachother feel good.” he moved his hand up her side and back down. “ANd showing them how much you love them.” -08:54 Apr 20
Zeren: Zeren looked a bit doubtful that it was something so simple. She was expecting more magic… Still, she tilted back far enough so she could tug and pull at his shirt. Until it was over his head and she was tossing it backwards far out of the way. That curious expression was back on her face again. She had never seen a man without his clothes before. Her hands dropped to his shoulders, touching so softly as if she thought he might break or bite. -08:58 Apr 20
Jarrod: While she was leanign back he opened her shirt more and pushind it from her shoulder, down her arms and let it drop to the bed, then his hands rubbing up and own her sides he looked at her, from the expresion on her fa, down her subtle neck nad shoulders, to her collar bones, over chest and down her stomach. “You’re beatiful.” he said softly his hand coming up to cup and brush her cheek, and you can toutch more, feel, explore… I won’t hurt you and you won’t hurt me.” -09:03 Apr 20
Zeren: With the confirmation that she wouldn’t hurt him, it was enough encouragement for her to be less wary about touching. Zeren mimicked his movements at first… but mimicking was quickly replaced by the more thoughtful inquisitive look of that same strange girl who was interested in every little detail. Zeren moved close, and where her finger trailed she was watching curiously. Her breath falling over his skin, until she was moving off his lap to tug at the rest of his clothes. -09:10 Apr 20
Jarrod: He encouraged her more bu undoing his own pants and letting her pull then down revealing himself to her as he rubbed the back of her neck slowly then slid a hand down her stomach to return the favor, sliding the pants he had chosen for her down her ass and legs. He was hard, there was no hiding that now, and his eyes showed the want for her he was feeling as he looked at her. -09:14 Apr 20
Zeren: “This is not what I was expecting…” …Zeren isn’t sure what she was expecting. But it was very different. Zeren examined his face, before she reached down and gently poked at his member. Glancing from it, to him and being very observant to his reaction when she went from poking to brushing her fingers over him. -09:18 Apr 20
Jarrod: And she couldn’t know how it felt to have her touch him. Its had to be sinsitive that much was clear when she pokes it and his face reacted, the poking wasn’t the most enjoyable expecience but it was far from unpleasant. And the stroking.. he bit his lower lip and leaned forwards to kiss her again letting out a low “mmmm” sound “You have no idea how that maked me feel.” he whispered. “Its enough to drive me mad and its very hard for me to not show you how I can make you feel too. “He ran a hand down her stomach to her hair and gently, barely toutching her brushed a finger against her. -09:28 Apr 20
Zeren: For such a small motion, the sudden rush nearly had her tilting. Zeren sucked in a breath, that tingly warmth spreading through her. Maybe there was magic involved after all! Zeren shifted to take his face in to her hands, planting a messy but heartfelt kiss over his mouth. She wanted to show him that she loved him. -09:38 Apr 20
Jarrod: He kissed her back and his hands coming up to her face too he pushed her back his body pressing against hers and pushing her into her back where his hips pressed in on top of hers. -09:41 Apr 20
Zeren: Blankets soft and cool were such a contrast to his skin. Warm and solid. Zeren was unsure again, the expression only faintly coming across her face mixed with that strange new feeling. She wanted him to touch her more, guiding his hand from her cheek to caress over his skin. Even while she explored his mouth with hers. Gently flicking her tongue over his lips in a curious test of response. -09:45 Apr 20
Jarrod: He ran his fingertips against her skin lightly as his lips parted and his tongue flicked out to slide against hers. Then his fingers were enter twining with hers as his hips shifted against hers, slowly grinding as his other hand slid over her shoulder, down her side and up between them. -09:48 Apr 20
[Zeren is enchanted… in the good way!] -01:08 Apr 21
[Jarrod is being gentle.. as much as he can.] -01:10 Apr 21
Zeren: Zeren was finding a whole new world of experience opening up for her. Being so close to someone through touch and taste and scent and everything else had her swimming through so many different thoughts. She was lazily enjoying while impatient to try more all at the same time. She squeezed his hand, gently nipping his tongue. And why not? He had nipped at her too! -01:14 Apr 21
Jarrod: He moves agaist her his hips still grinding against hers as his tongue found and flicked agaist hers, he nip made him push deeper his other hand squeezing her breast and sliding down to her hip as he moved the tiniest distance from her breaking the kiss and looking down at her… searching her face. -01:20 Apr 21
Zeren: So different…! Like her blood was on fire instead of being chilled. Even her skin was flushed, and every little touch was drawing out such a needy feeling that she didn’t know how to vocalize it. He pulled away she leaned upwards. Nuzzling against his face and curling an around his shoulders. -01:27 Apr 21
Jarrod: He moved her kiss her shoulder his hand squeezing hers as he moved his hand down to his member pushing it against her and pushign in slowly at first, then faster he thier hips met again, he was inside her and his lips brushed her cheek as he nuzzled her and whispered her name. -01:31 Apr 21
Zeren: Her arm tightened around his shoulders and eyes widened in surprise. The breath she let out was a small squeaking gasp… but this was a good feeling too! A strange, and definitely involving magic feeling. The surprise was gone and she was moving with him. Every shift of her legs or rising of her hips making that jolt of energy run up her spine. And it was so consuming she was forgetting that she wanted more exploring..! -01:38 Apr 21
Jarrod: He moved with her letting her set the pace at first, his hot breath rolling over her shoulder the down her body, then he took controll of the pace pushing faster as he nipped her, then pushed his lips into hers. -01:42 Apr 21
Zeren: Zeren returned his kiss with ferver. What she couldn’t conjure words to say, she could easily express in a kiss or a gasping for breath, or the squeezing tight to his shoulder. There was a wonderment in her features mixed with desire. And the slowly building sensations were coiling so tight that Zeren was sure it would drive her mad! -01:50 Apr 21
Jarrod: He pushed harder against her his breath rushing into her, he quezzed her hand and pulled it closer as the madning buildup of pressure caused his control to slip further to the edge. There was no more going easy on her, there was only the desperate buildup and fererish need of a man on top of a woman. -01:53 Apr 21
Zeren: She couldn’t stand it. She loved it! Frustrating, but wonderful all at once. Zeren would push at his shoulder, only to hold tight when she sighed or groaned. He slid so easily in and out of her, and every thrust of movement felt like it reached all the way down to her toes. …but it was the sudden tensing that surprised her most! Zeren yelped with her body seized and all at once the wave of sensation hit her. Sweet and electrifying. So strong, that she couldn’t think it anything other than love as her rose off the bed and she bucked beneath him. -02:07 Apr 21
Jarrod: He thust a few more times with savage need before he bit his hip and shuddered against her he nails grippign her and his hip squirmed aginst hers, it was amazing, she made it amazing. He moved his hand to run though her hair as he kissed her his the sould of his breath a pant as he opened his eyes. "And that Zeren… is sex." -02:12 Apr 21
Zeren: Sex was tiring…! But so nice… That feeling didn’t subside right away. It just sort of swam through her body in lazy flowing streams. Leaving her still tingling from the sensation. Breathless, languid and above all feeling very very loved… Zeren circled both her arms around him and buried her face at his neck. Her voice coming out in a soft mumble. "I will let you have my soul, if we can keep doing that." -02:16 Apr 21
Jarrod: He nuzzled against her and rolled off to press his body in next to her. "No man will have your soul." he said "I only seek your heart." he cradled her in his arms and kissed her forehead. "And I’ll always keep you safe." -02:20 Apr 21
Zeren: "You can have my heart and the world and everything I have to give you!" Zeren was grinning as she curled up against him. Safe. And more importantly… loved. It was more than she ever thought she could have, and for this… she would give him the whole universe if she had the power to. -02:26 Apr 21
Jarrod: "It works bth ways, you know that right?" he said quietly, I’ll give you a home like I promised and a life that you help make with me…" he looked at her "Up to the challenge?" -02:30 Apr 21
Zeren: "A castle by the sea with animals and children and no bad people allowed. We could have a family and take vacations, and have dinner and lots of this sex stuff on the beach." Tucking her face at his neck, she giggled softly. "I want to do this forever." -02:33 Apr 21
Jarrod: "Then we’ll have all those things for the rest of our lives, and build our own kingdom and pass it on the our children.. We’ll never be apart again, I promise you that." -02:36 Apr 21

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