Myth and Legacy 009: An old Ex and an Island Wedding

Myth and Legacy

[Raul only has pants… hes going to have to send kate out to get him some clothes.] -12:05 Apr 08
[Kate docked their boat in Dominica and left to pay docking fees as quickly as possible. Their wedding wouldn’t be big or beautiful, but it would be a real ceremony…. and Kate was kind of excited!] -12:05 Apr 08
[Kate enters.] -12:12 Apr 08
Kate: In fact, she was so excited she might just wear a dress for that ceremony. Something Carribean and colorful. And afterwards… Kate would make sure Raul remember what he had to live for! As she walked down the boardwalk, she was a little wary about sea demons popping up, but nothing was going to get in the way of her current mission. -12:13 Apr 08
Raul: Raul remained on board rearanging the cabin and seeing if there wasn’t a shirt on board, he had been naked most of the voyage to keep his one peice of clothing fresh but it was still dirty and ripped, he needed soemthign to get married in. And so in torn jeans and pendant he emerged onto the deck to search the foot lockers. -12:16 Apr 08

Out in the shipyard, not far away at all was someone else spying in surprise. Dark sunkissed skin and a look that screamed siren, she was narrowing her eyes at the boat across the dock. A face – and a body! – she recognized. Hopping off her own boat and crossing the dock, she snuck aboard the other without any invitation or warning. Her approach so quiet, she was behind him before she even spoke. “Rauuuul. It’s been a very long time.” she purred. -Kate

Raul: He frooze, it had been years but he still knew that voice. "Not to long that people forget it seems." he said closing the foot locker and standing. "Didn’t expect you here, or anywhere. Last I heard you ran foul of a storm, or feds, I don’r rememebr which.." -12:22 Apr 08

She gave a fluid shrug of her shoulders, stepping closer as he stood to run her fingers down his arm. “The sea is unpredicatable but I make it out all right. I see you look very well, Raul.” She was already pulling up her other hand to brace against his chest. “What do you think about getting reacquainted?” -Kate

Raul: He put his hands on her shoulders to push her away. "You are right, th sea is unpredictable, and fickly, you think you have it one moment and the next you’re lost." he paused as the sound sof the dock filled the silence "Its been a long time, and I’m on a job, only stopping here a day at the most. Besides theres someone who would object." -12:30 Apr 08

“Sweetie, please. When have -you- ever objected?” Her laughter rang out before her mouth turned in to a sly smile. “Hard to get isn’t your style.” Shrugging his hands off her shoulders, she moved up close again. Gripping the waistband of his ripped up shorts and pressing herself close. “You used to make me do all kinds of things. I want to return the favor.” -Kate

Raul: He had to admit she was right, he never said no, not until he met Kate. "You’re right, I don’t play hard to get.. This isn’t hard to get." He stepped back, away from her. "And if you stay my partner will be back." -12:37 Apr 08
[Kate has timed out.] -12:41 Apr 08

“Oh? No reason why we can’t have a little fun with your partner too.” When he stepped back, she stepped forward. Popping open the button on his shorts and slipping the zipper down. “I kind of like this Raul. You being all shy and bashful. Now I understand why that turns you on…” She gave him a little help in backing in to the cabin, by shoving pretty hard at his chest. -Kate

Raul: He grabbed his shorts and tried to push her back with his other hand. "No, you don’t get it.." he was frustrated, there was a time when he would have loves this behaviour from her, and the though of the two of them plus Kate all… "No.. You need to get off this boat, I have someone." -12:46 Apr 08

That did seem to make her pause a moment. A dubious look of surprise on her face before she cackled out loud! “A girlfriend, Raul? Really? This is a fun game…” Clearly he wanted to make a production about it. She knocked his hand away again before full on tackling him to the ground. She stradled his waist and leaned over him to give him a hard kiss. “C’mon sweetie. Show Daisy why all the girls call you a dirty pirate…” -Kate

Raul: He bent his legs upwards and tried to push her from him. "I’m serious we’re getting married today.." damn her for knowing his buttons.. he’d be lying if he didn’t want to if he wasn’t with kate. But he and kate had made it clear, there were no third parties. -12:56 Apr 08

That seemed to make her laugh even harder! So much that she couldn’t seem to formulate any sort of reply. “You…! Married…!” The new smirk she wore was evil at best. Bent over him with her voice real low, she flicked her tongue over his mouth. “I’mma fuck that nonsense right out of your head, sweetie.” -Kate

Kate: Kate’s trip took a little longer than expected. There were a couple shop stalls close by the dockhouse. and she figured Raul could use -something- to wear. Not that she minded him roaming around naked on her boat. But getting married naked? Naw. So when she returned, she had a bag in her hand. "Ru! I gotcha some… Hmm. What do we have here." There was a peculiar look on Kate’s face. -01:02 Apr 08
Raul: He was still trying to push her off when Kate arived. "Kate!" he rolled the girll off of him and sat up quickly… "Adoncia.. this is Kate.. my fiance." -01:06 Apr 08

She didn’t look apologetic at all. Leaning to Raul’s shoulder playfully. “You didn’t tell me about your fiance! And here we were about to… Well.” She cast Kate a sanguine sweet smile. -Kate

Kate: "Have hot sex on my boat? I charge a service fee for that." Kate was eyeing the woman for a moment, but whatever she decided, it was decided quick. She leaned in the doorway and crossed her arms. "Are you done? Because we have plans." -01:16 Apr 08
Raul: "I said I was here to get married." Raul snapped, his eyes staying of Kate, she wasn’t reacting the way she expected her to.. He stood shrugging thgril from hi shoulder. e -01:20 Apr 08

“-Actually-, you did kind of interupt.” Raul stood, so she stood. Slinking closer to him to grab on to his arm. “He and I used to be very well acquainted. I thought he was joking about the whole married thing. Cause ‘cmon… my sweetie and one woman..?” She started laughing again. -Kate

Kate: "Me and timing have never gotten along. How about you step outside with me for a sec, and we’ll work out how long you want me to vanish while you guys have some fun. I’m not kidding about the service fee, though. I expect cash." Kate said it all with a straight face, only leaning for a moment to set down that bag she had in her hands. -01:25 Apr 08

The woman pat Raul’s stomach affectionately, breaking away from him with a cat-eat-canary smile. “I knew Raul had good taste. I’ll be back in a moment, sugarpie. Then we’ll continue our conversation.” She walked past Kate with a swish of her hips, leading the way to the deck. -Kate

Raul: By now Raul had done his sorts up and was about a confused as he could be. "Don’t I get a say in this?" he asked. "Because I don’t know how to feel about my fiance pimping me out on our wedding day." it was true, he had no idea what to feel about it. threesomes he could understand, if Kate was really wantign money then.. maybe she was more of a pirate.. -01:29 Apr 08
Kate: Kate eyed Raul for a second. "You just shut up and stay here." Kate didn’t explain as she left, following the girl out on to the deck until they were on the bow. Kate crossed her arms again. "Now, about my fiance…" -01:32 Apr 08

“He’s a total dish. How much did you want for him? A couple hundred for an hour?” She was serious, already pulling cash out of her back pocket and counting it up. -Kate

Kate: Kate just plucked the cash out of her hands. "This will take care of the time you’ve wasted. About the rest-" And there it went! Kate’s balled up fist cracking the girl in the jaw, and with a a violent shove sent her against the ship’s railing and flipping right off the boat in to the seawater below. Kate pocketed the cash and leaned on the railing, grinning down at the woman now coughing and sputtered and trying to splash back to the dock. "Step on my boat again, or lay a hand on Raul and next time we meet isn’t going to be so friendly, bitch!" She even gave her a little salute. -01:38 Apr 08

Climbing up on deck, the lady spit out sea water as she pointed up at Kate. “He’ll be bored with you in a couple days, tops! Then he’ll be right back in my bed where he belongs.” -Kate

Kate: "Come up here and say it to my face, you cocky little slut. I DARE you." Kate might’ve been smiling, but her tone was dead serious. Kate even waited, beckoning with a hand for the girl to climb up on board and make good on it. -01:49 Apr 08

The girl looked unsure now. Finally the whole confrontation ended with her growling and stomping back down the dock to her own boat. -Kate

Kate: Kate watched until she saw exactly where she ended up. Made a mental note of the boat name, and waited longer still to make sure she wouldn’t go trying to sneak back. Once satisfied, Kate returned to Raul. Stepping through the cabin door with that peculiar expression again. "And that was…?" -01:51 Apr 08
Raul: "Raul was ooking through the bag Kate has put down the shirts and pants layed out on the table… "Adonia.." he said turning towards her. "We met a while ago when I was running guns for the family, havn’t seen her in seven of either years. There were rumors the sea had got her." He looked Kate over. "You finally got to throw someone overboard then?" -01:56 Apr 08
Kate: "You could say that…" Kate rest her hands on her hips, still examining him. …she seemed to be debating. "I don’t have a problem with exes, but… I don’t want you to see THAT one ever again. She’s batshit bonkers. Like… not my kind of crazy. The scary kind of crazy." -01:58 Apr 08
Raul: "We’re here, we’re getting married, we’re leaving. Hers and mine wasn’t a buniness arangment, I have ne reason to see her again." he said pulling one of the shirts on to try it out. "I’m getting a ring on my finger, that means I’m not going to be running off with exes." -02:01 Apr 08
Kate: "You aren’t the one I’m concerned about." …however, the statement appeased her. Most of her concern WAS about that girl, but apparently Kate was a little jealous and a little worried too. Raul definitely didn’t seem like the getting married type, so she was going to have to make sure he never got bored. "I’ll change my clothes." Kate snatched a colorful slip of fabric out of the bag and skipped away. -02:05 Apr 08
Raul: Raul was lookign forwards to see what Kate would wear for thie wedding, he had a nice shinrt and pants, blue and black respectivly along with the shoes kate had bought him. He couldn’t believe he was getting married and to a woman like Kate. He stepped out onto the deck to wait for her as in the distancethe horn of a ship sounded. Today would be thier day of sanity, before they faced hell. -02:10 Apr 08
Kate: Kate was taking this wedding business seriously. Yes, their entire affair had been a whirlwind and came on so fast. But Kate liked to trust her instinct. If she were wrong… well, they were probably going to die anyway! When Kate finally stepped out on deck, her hair was pulled up in to a messy twist and held in place with a bright red hibiscus. Her dress fell just above the knees in such a wispy thin fabric in bright colors, it was a surprise not to see through it. "Now to charm a preacher!" she announced, debating whether or not she prefered dirty scruffy Raul better, or nice and handsomely dressed Raul… -02:17 Apr 08
Raul: HE turned and smiled. "You’ve transformed…" he said "The pirate queen is replaced by a maiden.. a bride.." he was teasing her and offered her his hand "Lets go find one, there seems to be a chenrch over there. I’m sure with enough of a donation we can get one of the preasts for an hour or so…" -02:20 Apr 08
Kate: "Pirate queens are women too, christ." Kate was a little embarrassed and did not hide it well. Still she took his hand so they could leave. "How about fifteen minutes at most, so we don’t have to listen to an old man giving a very boring speech about commitment and God? I’m thinking we’ll have enough of gods later." -02:24 Apr 08
Raul: "You know, I think I agree." he said walkign with her towards town. "We just need to say our vows, then we’re back on your boat and consumating out marriange." he gave her a grin. "Sounds like a good plan to me." -02:28 Apr 08
Kate: A slow wicked smile spread across her face and Kate didn’t even bother to hide it. Their honeymoon night would be special indeed. Kate was pleased as hell as they walked through town, saying very little as her thoughts were more focused on possible futures. Tours during the day and sexy nights… she could get used to that! As they neared the church, she tugged on his hands. "So I’m gonna be Kate Emidio? Or is that just the scary name you terrorize locals with?" -02:32 Apr 08
Raul: "It is the one we legally adopted a while ago.." he said "ITs the only one I know, no one knows what Ferius’ last name was. Not even us. But scarign the locals is nice." he smiled at her, "Or Kate Red…" he grinned "Kate Emidio has a nice ring to it though, a very nice ring.. speaking of rings. Did you get those along with your dress?" -02:37 Apr 08
Kate: "I hadn’t thought about rings." Kate confessed. If she HAD, Kate might of very well spent every ounce of cash she had on her getting something overly shiny and totally impractical just on impulse. She really liked shinies. "I guess we’re picking out rings like responsible married couple do?" -02:40 Apr 08
Raul: "So we’re at the church without rings.." he smiled in spite of himself. "I guess we are.. Unless we do that after the ceremony.. but we should have them before." he looked around "We should find a jewelery shop thats open." -02:43 Apr 08
Kate: Kate grinned. Who knew she’d be so pleased at the idea of Raul wanting to do it all ‘right’? "Going to make sure so more crazy sluts hit on you?" Kate tilted to point down the street. "There’s tons of open business over there." -02:45 Apr 08
Raul: "I’m walking hand in hand with my fiance who already has bruised knuckles. Whose going to hit on me?" he asked as he went down the street adn spotted a promising looking shop and steared her inside. "And retty soon I’ll be wanking with my wife whi habd a ring on her bruised finger." -02:48 Apr 08
Kate: "That amuses you, doesn’t it. Me knocking out some dumbass for you." Speaking of bruises fingers, the minute they were in the shop Kate was having to keep her itchy fingers to herself. Now was definitely not a moment to be stealing things. …she could always be a pirate later. -02:50 Apr 08
Raul: "I like a girl who can stand up for herself." he said as pulled her over to one of the displays and looked down throuhg the glass and the keeper moved up to them. "Weddign bands." Raul said "I like that green stone…" -02:53 Apr 08
Kate: Kate wasd chewing on her lip, trying to surpress what might’ve been a lecherous smile. "Alexandrite… it looks a lot like the Carribean sea. I like it." Kate definitely liked the color… she -so- wasn’t traditional, that’s for sure. -03:05 Apr 08
Raul: He let go of her hand and slid his arm arounf her. "Its a nice colour, ." he agreed pointing at it so that it was brougt out for them to see, he held it up next to her and smiled. "It does contrast your eyes.. though blue might be nice too.. or rudy red.." -03:09 Apr 08
Kate: She blinked, the smallest of frowns coming across her features. "Ru, if you don’t quit saying things like that, I’m going to molest you right here in this store and then we’ll never get around to getting married." -03:12 Apr 08
Raul: He gave her a grin. "Hell what if I say you don’t get to molest me until we’re married." he leaned forwards to kiss her lips softly. "Stones with the colour of the sea then…" he oulled away he take her hand again and push the ring onto her finger. "Just to make sure it fits." -03:17 Apr 08
Kate: "You remember what happened the last time you told me no.." Kate didn’t linger on the thought for long. She was admiring the ring on her finger, that surprisingly felt like it was made to be there. That stupid sense of romanticism kicked in again and Kate found herself smiling and sighing like a total idiot. "…yeah, definitely this one! Now can we hurry up and get married?" -03:22 Apr 08
Raul: Raul seemed to agree as he puleld out HIS money to pay for two rings and makign sure his was the right size. "This isn’t a no Kate, it a lets get married first…" he took her hand again and startd headign back for the street, only stopping long enough to make sure there were no crazy exes waiting in ambush. -03:25 Apr 08
Kate: A cheeky grin was her response. Kate should have been more concerned about what was going on around her, but the excitement was much more overwhelming to her senses. Even when he stopped, she was all but dragging him by the hand. "Then we should be getting married a little faster!" -03:29 Apr 08
Raul: He walked with her back to the church and inside. It had been a while since he had been in a church and the rast time there had been bullets, it was best if he didn’t think back on it. " Well here he are…" he said walkign up to the alter where a priest was busy changing candles. "Disculpe padre, mi novio quiere casarse." -03:33 Apr 08
Kate: Kate couldn’t even remember the last time she was in a church. Probably during a vague wish to be religious, that ended just as quickly as it started. Still, the excitement didn’t waver, but being -in- the building left with her with a very odd, this is for real that seemed a lot more serious than her realization that she was helping to fight evil sea gods. -03:40 Apr 08
Raul: Raul spoke questly to the preacher who nodded and smiled at them, accepted the fold of bills Raul slid into his hands and then spoke some more. He was focused on the marriange, making it happen. "We’re either going to have to say our own vows or you’re going to have to tell me you can to this in spanish.." he said. "Father Veras, doesn’t speak any english…" -03:43 Apr 08
Kate: It was a sly enigmatic look Kate gave him. "He can speak in Spanish, and we can say our own vows. Always better making personal promises instead of generic ones right?" And if Raul didn’t remember her little slip a few days ago… she wouldn’t remind him. Sometimes a woman needs a secret. -03:46 Apr 08
Raul: He smiled and nodded to the preis then took her and slidign the ring from her finger and pressing his nto her palm. "Agreed, we’re no generic couple…" he sighed as the priest began talking, and straitened his collor and nervously hiddled with his hair.. "Definatly not…" -03:49 Apr 08
Kate: "They make movies about weirdos like us." Kate whispered with a grin as she leaned forward. He was nervous…! That was awesome! ….that priest needed to talk faster. Kate didn’t know much longer she could resist jumpin him, especially if he kept doing stupidly attractive things unwittingly. -03:52 Apr 08
Raul: "Well theres an idea, write up our story and sell it to hollywood." he joked squeezing her hand straitning his posture. "We’ll be famous!" -03:55 Apr 08
Kate: "Not the best of ideas for a couple of pirates, Ru…" He straighted, and all she wanted to do was lean closer. Casting him that wide, promising smile. -03:57 Apr 08
Raul: The priest stopped but Raul was too busy gazing at Kate’s eyes adn grin to notice at first, when he did he caught himself. "I.. er.. Raul Emidio.. promise to .." he took both of Kate’s hands in his " To take you, Kate White, excrlusivly and irivocably, to be my pirate queen, to look after you when you need it, to not blow up your boats or hit you with lightning.. especially those last few.. for the rest of our lives.. and never go back on my words." -04:02 Apr 08
Kate: Kate almost laughed! And it was pretty damn lucky that priest couldn’t understand english, because this was probably the weirdest ceremony he’d ever hear. "And I, Kate White, promise to never steal from you, try to murder you when you’re sleeping, or betray your trust in me. I’ll be there when you need to save the world, and I’ll make sure your life is never, ever boring for as long as we live. You’ll be the one promise that I keep." -04:07 Apr 08
Raul: He smiled wide as he took her hand and slipped the ring onto her finger for the second time and waited for her to do the same. "Yo os declaro marido y mujer, se hace besar a la novia." Rual didn’t even wait for the end of the sentence before he pressed his lips into hers… -04:11 Apr 08
Kate: It only took a second to slip the ring on his finger, and he was kissing her before she could think twice. Leave it to her to feel stupid romantic about the whole thing AND want to screw him right there in the church. Kate threw her arms around his neck, returning his kiss with much more passion than was appropriate for the setting. -04:14 Apr 08
Raul: He tilted his head forwards. -04:14 Apr 08
Raul: (DAMMIT) -04:15 Apr 08
Raul: He tilted hsi head forwards breakign away from the kiss. "Save that for the boat." he whispered before pulling back and thankign the priest. He tooke her hand and began thier journey back. "I’m really suprised at you for coming up with this.. but I’ve never been happier." -04:17 Apr 08
Kate: That grin never left her face. "Living in the moment and all that jazz. Find something good and keep it, right? And I think, IF we actually survive… that we’ll have something really good. Worth taking a risk for." And it was definitely a risk. Not the sort Kate was usually used to running with… this was her life she was messing with. -04:23 Apr 08
Raul: "You may be right." he said as they left the cherch. "I know I like what we have.. and through all of this I know I’d liek somehting to fight for, can’t think of anything better then you." -04:26 Apr 08
Kate: "Not what you expected when you decided to kick my ass for stealing?" Kate gave him a cheeky grin. He sure as hell wasn’t what she expected either. Kate was pretty damn serious about dumping him in the ocean, especially after blowing up her boat. Hell, she was STILL mad about that. -04:30 Apr 08
Raul: He put his arm around her. "Not at all… You are full of surprises." they were within sight of the boat now, no close to privacy and consumating thier marriage though if he was honest he was close to pushign her down to the dock and havign her there… "Now lets get to that private time.." -04:32 Apr 08
Kate: "Honeymoon private time." Kate broke away from him to turn around and walk backwards in front of him. There was her smirking again. Very wicked smirking. "A special honeymoon. You’re sure as hell not going to get bored of me, Raul Emidio." Kate cackled, running ahead to skip up the boat ramp and across the deck. Disappearing in to the cabin along with a bag she snatched up. Without explaining a word of what she was doing! -04:36 Apr 08
Raul: "That even a thought?" he called after her before shaking his head. He had just married a funny our, ut the good kind of funny, he could only wonder what she was thinking up.. somehting kinky maybe… this made hims grin wider as he mounted the ramp. -04:38 Apr 08
Kate: In took her a few moments. Locked up in the bathroom throwing off that dress and taking her hair down. When Kate slid the door open, it was a whole different kind of transformation. A loose white shirt with a tight corset belt. A ragged slip of fabric as a skirt and boots up to her knees. Her hair was tied back with a scarf. And if it were for the fact she wasn’t wearing any pants, she might’ve looked very authentic pirate. When she stalked out and strode over, she stopped at a fair distance and turned. Using one finger to pull up the edge of her skirt at her thigh. Kate wasn’t wearing any panties either, and her grin was a sly one. -04:45 Apr 08
Raul: He looked at her as she immediatly captivated his attention. he had loosened his shirt but seeign her it wasn’t his shirt that was tight. "Kate.." he said as he took a step towards her.. "When I called you my pirate queen I was being affectionate…" -04:49 Apr 08
Kate: He got a few places closer and she pulled out a switch blade to poke against his chest. Kate could not get that wicked look off her face. "What’s the point of doing anything if you’re not going to do it right? You want a pirate queen, you get a pirate queen. Now I suggest you take off all those clothes before I get mad and stabby." -04:53 Apr 08
Raul: he loo at her as he reached up to unbuttom the rest of his shirt. "You’re robbing me of my clothes on out wedding day? Gods help me I think I’ve married a woman whose trying to take advantage of me. -04:59 Apr 08
Kate: "It’s not your clothes that I want, Ru." Kate helped expidite the process by unbuttoning and unzipping his pants with her empty hand. She kept that knife trained on him, though. That was part of the fun. -05:02 Apr 08
Raul: His hand brushed the hand holding the knife. "then you’re goign to rob me of my innocence?" he grinned "Big bad Kate stealignt he virtue of young married men…" he couldn’t keep a treait face. -05:05 Apr 08
Kate: "Fuck that, I’m kidnapping a Pirate Sea God and breaking his spirit, so he’s a meek and mewling servant to my commanding wiles." He was taking too long, so without any sort of gentleness, Kate was turning him and shoving him down the cabin towards bed. "Get those clothes off before I tear them off!" -05:08 Apr 08
Raul: He stepped out of his pants and sat on the bed to pull his socks off, his eyes staying on her. "You know you look really good dressed up.." he was naked now, and still his eyes were upon her. "Promise me you’ll do it more often." -05:11 Apr 08
Kate: "Oh, I promise all right." He had his clothes off and she was climbing on to his lap. She was definitely not wearing anything under that skirt. Curling an arm around his neck, she tapped his knife against his chin before leaning down to kiss his cheek. "Now this is what we’re gonna do…" she spoked softly, running kisses along his jaw. "You’re gonna call me Captain Kate and if you’re a good prisoner, I’ll let ya see my booty…" -05:18 Apr 08
Raul: He leaned away from the knife.. "Yes.. Captain.. he put his hand on her back at hus eyes looked over her. "Anything else?"h hsi lap wa moving under her as he shifted on the bed. -05:25 Apr 08
Kate: The fact he was being obedient had her snickering! But his movement was very distracting… she was going to have to something about that. Kate opened her legs wider, bracing her knees on the bed. She pulled him right back to her, pressing her body flush with his as she nipped gently at his ear. Flicking her tongue at the sensitive place just underneath. "I want you begging for mercy." she whispered softly. -05:29 Apr 08
Raul: His hand slip up herback and into her hair. "You to do you? You wish to tame the sea and make it your own?" he gripped her hair as he nipped her neck "I want to proove that even pirated are at the mercy of the winds and waves…" -05:32 Apr 08
Kate: Ever so often Raul had a way with words that was just down right sexy as hell. Kate almost tossed the game to the winds and fucked him right there. Instead, she tilted back just a fraction, resting her forehead against his. Her knife tapped gently against his cheek before she was drawing it down his neck and over his chest. "Big words for a prisoner. But I’m the one with the knife." The phrase was murmured against his mouth before she brushed her lips over his in a feather soft kiss. -05:36 Apr 08
Raul: He kissed her back his hand grippign her hair "I’m on your bed, in your cabin, on your boat Captain Kate. But you’re on my sea and if you’re not careful the sea will get rough on your boat and leave you looking for somehting to hold onto…" -05:40 Apr 08
Kate: "Like that scares me." she grinned against his mouth. Biting his bottom lip before sucking away the pain. Then just as quick, she shoved him on to his back, having to tilt forward with his hand in her hair, but not at all looking worried about his words. Grinding against him with a subtle movement of her hips, Kate cast him a lopsided smile. "Better shush now, or the Captain’s not gonna let her prisoner have any fun until she’s all done." -05:46 Apr 08
Raul: He couldn’t hide his smile as he looked up at her, expectant, eager. "That might not end well.." he advised his hands pulling her further down on top of him and his hips shifted under her again. "But on a ship a captain is god.." he let go of her hair as he continued to look at her… -05:52 Apr 08
Kate: "Goddess Kate has a nice ring to it." She took his mouth in a hard kiss, forcing her tongue past his lips to flick at his. Her empty hand ran over his and chest. Deliberately grazing her nails over a nipple as it traveled down. Kate shifted, lifting her body off him with her knees until she grasped his cock. The stroking of her fingers were gentle, but she knew exactly where to give pressure and how. -06:00 Apr 08
Raul: The quid died on his tongue as his muscles tightened and his hands went to her sides. "Captain Kate.. godess of the seas…" he purred as his hips moved with her hand and his went to the back of her neck. -06:04 Apr 08
Kate: She loved it. Every little expression on his face when she did things like this. Her hand pumped up and down. Ever so often brushing his tip with her thumb, and thruroughly enjoying the way he’d tighten every time she did. She tilted again, pressing her lips against his neck before nipping his skin with her teeth. -06:12 Apr 08
Raul: He pulled her closer he back riding from the bed. "This is unfair.." he breathedas he tried to find her lips for a kiss. Then hi shands moved up to her shoulders and he ran his nails over her skin a smirk crossing over his face as he roved to roll on top of her. "Maybe its time I made it fair." -06:16 Apr 08
Kate: "Hey…! There’s no such thing as fair for prisoners." She released him, only to push up against his chest. That knife not forgotten when she brought it up under his chin. "I’m not done tormenting you yet." -06:20 Apr 08
Raul: He pus his hand on the writs holding the knife. "So the fing on my finer is a shackly holding me to your will?" he teased lifting his chin away from the knife. "And if the catpain want to torment, she just does… so…" he moved his hips against hers. "She should.." -06:22 Apr 08
Kate: Kate had a really good response. She did. Except it just wasn’t coming to mind as she squirmed beneath him. Arcing her back so her hips and stomach met his skin and curling one of her legs around him. "…hum… y’know, I think we can skip the torment part…" -06:30 Apr 08
Raul: He grinned as he kissed down at her his fingertips ticklig the back of her neck as his other hand moved to rub up and down her inner thigh. "Its ok, you’re still Captain, Kate, my pirate queen." -06:48 Apr 08
Kate: "So smug when I’m letting you free." she muttered, dropping her knife down to the floor so she could grab his head and drag him to her for a rough kiss. She might have abandoned her ruse, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t gonna rough him up. -06:53 Apr 08
Raul: He kissed her back equally rough as he grabbed her hair again and help her there. His body shifted position against hers as hi hand lifted the miniskirt out of the way and he nipped her lower lip. "How its time to see what sea gods do to pirate queens…" he chuckled flicking his tongue against her lip. -06:57 Apr 08
Kate: "..should I start screamin’? Cause I know your family history.." she muttered back, unsure if that was sexy as hell, or potentially terrifying. One of her legs slipped upwards and the look on her face as she bite at his tongue suggested she was more than ready to give him a good fight for it. -07:03 Apr 08
Raul: "Depends on the kind of screaming." he advised pressing himself into he thigh so she could feel him throb. He bepayed the bite to his tongue with a nip down her neck. "Its a pitty I like you in this outfit.. or I’d have you naked…" -07:09 Apr 08
Kate: "And I was gonna let you take it off me too…!" Her voice was coming out breathy, more than she wanted it too. Kate took advantage of the moment, throwing her weight against him so she was back on top again. Swooping over him to bend down and run her tongue down his chest. -07:16 Apr 08
Raul: He let out a low growl the melted into a sigh as his hands went to her shoulders and his eyes watched her. Beneath her tongue his chest sightened his body flexing. "How do you make me feel like this?" he asked out of the blue. -07:21 Apr 08
Kate: "Comination of sexy and madness?" she breathed against his skin, a gentle nip at his stomach followed by a wicked snicker at the response. Kate continued all the way down until she was kissing a trail up his shaft. And without warning taking him deep in to her mouth. He’d be the one begging for mercy yet! -07:25 Apr 08
Raul: There was only one place for his hands to grip, the bed, and the seetes were pulled tight around the corners as he gasped in surprise. "First you hands now…" his voice was breathless as he sucked in between his teeth and his hips rose without him meaning them to. "Mmmm Kate… Never stop suprising me.." -07:28 Apr 08
Kate: She hummed in response. That along with the way her mouth was grinning being felt all too easily. Her tongue ran over his head in slow teasing swirls as she sucked. A hand drawing her nails over his stomach and pressing his hips back down when he moved. -07:33 Apr 08
Raul: He raised his shoulders up on his elbows to watch heras he sucked his bottom lip beteen his teeth. Then he threw back his head and moaned he couldn’t help himself. He fact the she wouldn’t let him move his lips seemed unfair. He whispered her name again and fem back down… she was really good at this… -07:37 Apr 08
Kate: As pleasing as her name sounded whispered, that wasn’t near enough. Her hand shifted to grip the base, her thumb and fingers helping to caress where her mouth and tongue couldn’t reach. The bobbing of her head was slow and deliberate. Making sure her felt every caress of her tongue and gentle grazing of her teeth. And the more he shifted on the bed, the quicker she moved! -07:42 Apr 08
Raul: He couldn’t stay still, with every rie and fall of his breath his arms tensed and relaxed. His hip tried to do the same bet with Kate’s hand where it was they couldn’t move. He lifted his head to watch her again and sucked a breaht between her teeth. THis was not what he pictured her doing on thier wedding day but he couldn’t find room in his head to complain. "You’re alazing at this." he managed to whisper, though her slow pace was getting to him "Faster.. more.. Kate.." -07:46 Apr 08
Kate: Kate gave another hum, which might have been a laugh. He was lucky she was kind enough to consider that a plead. Adjusting herself for a better grip, Kate did just as he asked. She quickened her pace. Faster with her tongue, sucking him harder and taking him as deep in to her mouth as she could. -07:52 Apr 08
Raul: He pulled on the sheeat and bit his lip. then was forsed to open his mouth as a shuddering breath came out of him and his back arced. "Fuck…." his legs twowtchedas she moved and he could feet pressure building alarmingly fast. -07:55 Apr 08
Kate: If she didn’t have her mouth full of him, she’d be taunting him. As it were, Kate was trying not to giggle, her lips firmly around his shaft, now slick from her attention and letting her hand and mouth move with ease. She could taste precum, leaving her aware just how close she had him…! Her free hand shifted to grip his balls and give a gentle squeeze. -08:01 Apr 08
Raul: His eyes closed and he gunted his hips shifting under her. God this has so good he was having trouble thinking anythign at all. He sould feel his mind slippign and what little he didn’t growled, thatsexactly what kate was after…. "God.. Kate.. I…" he came his eyes openeing as his back arched again…. his hands ballign into fusts as the pulled the corners of the sheet from the matress. -08:06 Apr 08
Kate: She squeaked out of reflex more than surprise, but her mouth never left him. Kate sucked and swallowed and licked until there wasn’t a thing left, and his body stopped jerking to fall still against the bed. She finally lift her head, leaning on her arm and brushing her thumb over her mouth to wick away any lingering wetness. "Any good Captain can bend the sea." Kate was grinning like the devil. -08:13 Apr 08
Raul: He was panting as he looked bown at her and grinned back. There was n space in his head for comebacks or witty retorts, he simply sat up, grabbed her and pulled her into a needy kiss hia kipps pressing into and sliding across hers. -08:15 Apr 08
Kate: Kate was laughing all the way down until his mouth was on her. Her giggling quickly faded to a soft sigh as she returned his kiss with equal ferver. -08:21 Apr 08
Raul: He rolled pissing her down with his hands on her shoulder as he flicked his tongue against her lip his hips sliding up against hers. Then hi shands were after the lases of her outfit to pull them loose and pul the hem of her top down explosing her breasts. -08:25 Apr 08
Kate: "Now you take off my clothes." she breathed out in a taunt. Knowing she had him melting in her hands before had Kate on a power high, and his sliding up against her was getting her all riled up. Biting her bottom lip, she squirmed beneath him. Running her hands up his arms. -08:29 Apr 08
Raul: "Maybe waiting makes to sweeter?" he breathed softly as he leaned forwards to kiss and suck on her nipple as he gathered the bottom hem of bothe layers of her top and pullsed them up over her head, thne he has back to holdign her down and grinding his hips into hers hi hand going to guide his tip to her lips. -08:34 Apr 08
Kate: Kate sighed, her head tilting back against the bed. Her muscles were already flexing and twitching in anticipation. Kate brushed one of her hands in to his hair. "…hard already, Ru.. and I thought I had you so good…!" -08:38 Apr 08
Raul: "You did." he admitted kissin up her neck. "But you foret I’m more than human." he pushed into her has his lips reached her, slifing in easily thanks to the attention she anready gave him. "There are benefits to dating a demigod.. and Its not just a botfriend who throws lightning." -08:40 Apr 08
Kate: "Oh!" she responded first in a gasp. It didn’t take long for her body to adjust to him. Solid and fullfilling, Kate couldn’t help but rocking her hips against him just for that subtle movement. "That’s… that’s pretty damn awesome…!" she was practically purring. Curling both of her hands through his hair now in a soft pet. -08:44 Apr 08
Raul: He pushed in deeper and ran his tongue over her lip. He loves the warm feeling inside her and the way she moves when he did. "You’re telling me.." His hand ran his nails up her side so that his hand could curl under her shoulder and his chest moved against hers. -08:51 Apr 08
Kate: "So freaking hot.." she murmured, before pulling him in to a hard kiss. Kate nipped his mouth, growling playfully against him. Her skin was tingling from her head to her toes! "Then you better fuck me all night or until I pass out Ru and prove it." -08:59 Apr 08
Raul: He kissed her back murmoring against her mouth. "WOuld I spend out wedding night any other way?" His hans moved back to pul her leg up next to him and he pushed in deeper with another thrust and let s half purr half growl escape from his thoat. -09:02 Apr 08
Kate: She loved that sound. Throaty growling Raul. Kate nuzzled against his cheek, kissing along his jaw until she found his neck and breathed in deep. Her tongue grazed over his skin, followed by another long sigh. "Shit, you make me feel so..!" Kate couldn’t even think of how to describe it. Her whole body was vibrating with the sensation. She braced a foot on the bed so she could push up and grind against him. Every muscle in her stomach was coiled tight. -09:10 Apr 08
Raul: He put a hand on her hip and pushed in deeper loving the attention to his neck ".. you too.. Kate.." he was talking between breaths ne he pushed his body as close to hers as he could trying to feel as mush of her skin as possible. -09:14 Apr 08
Kate: Kate twist, locking her legs around his hips by hooking her ankles together. She couldn’t keep her hands from roaming. Grazing his arms, his shoulders. Tugging on his hair, or dragging her nails down his back. Squeezing his ass to push him harder. Kate was all but whimpering against his ear. That churning in the pit of her stomach rising to a frenzy. -09:20 Apr 08
Raul: His hips moved, his back and legs bending to allow him to go in deeper, to move faster. "Mmmhmm Kate." he breathed as he kissed at every part of her he could reach and sweat colelcted on his skin. He was in heaven. -09:35 Apr 08
Kate: "Say my name like you really really love me, Ru.." she hissed in to his ear. Her teeth clenched tight trying to keep herself from gasping or moaning… but failing terribly when one slipped out. Kate was writhing under him. Her head tilting from side to side as her arms dropped above her head to clench in to the wrinkled sheets. -09:39 Apr 08
Raul: He pushed in harder his hips sliding and pushing into hers. "ooog Kate." he purred his hand going to the bakc of her neck to grip it. "I love you Kate…" his hips pushed and shook he has close, do cnose he could only press his face into her as he continued to whisper her name. -09:45 Apr 08
Kate: "Oh my god, I so sooo love you…!" The gasped phrase came out in a rush, followed by a cooing squeal! Both of her arms being thrown over her face to muffle the sound of her sudden screaming. Her body jerking upwards as that coiled up tension released all at once. She tightened around him, all the way from her core to her legs. Locking him closer with every toss and shudder. -09:50 Apr 08
Raul: He moved to her his shart sliding as deep as it could with her shuddering and he released. "I love you too." he whispered as he kiised her shoulder his panting breath washing over her sweaty skin. "I married on hell of a woman…" -09:53 Apr 08
Kate: She couldn’t breathe. And it wasn’t because he was on top of her, or because she near smothered herself in near bliss. Kate wrapped her arms tight around his neck, nuzzling his cheek with such a pleased sigh. It was just the only sensible thing she could respond with! -09:57 Apr 08
Raul: He pulled her close and up next to him under the blanket. "We’ll take a short break.. then see about all night…" -10:00 Apr 08

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