Genetic Bride 026 009: Bathroom Dash

[Baldor is about to go on a date, and is feeling guilty as hell.] -02:18 Nov 09
[Khloe is going out with her husband. At least her husband as far as she is concerned!] -02:23 Nov 09
Khloe: Khloe had been very tempted to wear one of her new costumes. She could be a cute witch, or demon, or nurse… but this was a special date! With her boyfriend. Dates needed cute outfits. After the date they could play and consumate again! So Khloe was wearing a dangerously short skirt, and a top that hung on her arms and exposed her shoulders. And at the moment she was bouncing on her feet waiting for Bai. "I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready!" -02:29 Nov 09
Baldor: He was in a long sleeved shirt and jeans and prettymuch looking tho oposite of her, but he smiled even if he didn’t feel it. "Me too." he would never know where she kept getting her clothes but it was her money so he couldn’t stop her. "I was thinking we grab lunch and then a movie." he said "Sound good with you?" he offered her his hand and pulled open the door. He would have to call his gir… ex girlfriend later, if she would even talk to him. She desurved to at least yell at him at least. -02:32 Nov 09
Khloe: She had his hand in an instant, smiling up at himwith a world’s worth of affection. "It sounds perfect! Will we make out at the movie and consumate in the back row?" She was pretty sure that is was what you did at movies. Khloe was glad she wore the short skirt! -02:38 Nov 09
Baldor: He went red and looked away. "I… how would you even do that without being… in public?" he put his face in his hands and then decided it would be better to just get going that to point out everythign that was wrong with that. "Let’s focus on lunch first. Since I’m paying, we have a choice between food court or the diner on thierd street." -02:41 Nov 09
Khloe: "Would you like me to pay? I have money!" Khloe still felt bad that he didn’t have his job… She could make everything so much easier for him if he would let her. She squeezed his hand. -02:45 Nov 09
Baldor: "The guy pays for dates." he said. "That’s how it is. You’re already paying for prettymuch everything else so…" he felt like he had taken advantage of her. She was all about sex and he should have stayed strong but he had slept with her and now she could never find another boyfriend with that mark. His mark on her. "I’m in the mood for waffles anyway so the diner is good." waffles smothered in butter and maple syrip. Comfort food. -02:48 Nov 09
Khloe: "I think waffles." Khloe was very carefully watching his face. Naturally attentive, it wasn’t hard to see that he wasn’t entirely happy. It made her frown just a bit. Did she do wrong? In the morning he seemed pleased… "Do you prefer being the provider…? I could not work once you have a new job?" -02:51 Nov 09
Baldor: He stopped and looked at her. "No, you can do whatever you want, you like wonking so don’t let me stop you." he was being selfish and letting his bad mood ruin the date for her, that was for her. "I’m just feeling bad that I probably made someone sad. But I won’t let that affect me so long as we’re on a date. Okay?" -02:55 Nov 09
Khloe: "You mean your girlfriend?" Khloe was having a hard time understanding that one. With everything that he told her about what girlfriends were supposed to be, and how his was… Well, she didn’t think that girl deserved any sympathy! Bai was sweet and kind, who wouldn’t want to be with him every day? "You’re going to smile, then? No more frowning?" -03:02 Nov 09
Baldor: He put on a smile and nodded before continuing to want he grabbed her and pulled her into a hug. "Look, I know this is probably for the best and that she will be happier without someone like me, and I’ll be happier with someone I can touch and talk to. But it’s going to take a little bit of time to adjust. But I’m happy, I really am." -03:06 Nov 09
Khloe: Khloe almost announced that the girl was stupid and didn’t deserve him, but he might not appreciate her saying bad things. Instead, she let go of his hand to wrap her arms around his waist as they walked. "I’m glad you’re happy! I promise I’ll keep making you happy! Every morning and every night and sometimes for lunch!" -03:09 Nov 09
Baldor: "Your inuendo is becoming more subtle." he said "Good, people don’t usually talk about sex directly, it’s strange. I never really talk about it and have enver really had it until…" he changes subjects… "What do you want for lunch? If you want something I can’t afford you can pay and I’ll just get the movie tickets." -03:11 Nov 09
Khloe: Was she making innuendo? She had no idea! Khloe hugged him again. "Waffles do sound good, with blueberry syrup… Many of my dates wanted to talk about sex. I think maybe you are just very special, Bai." -03:14 Nov 09
Baldor: "That’s probably because sex is all they wanted from you, they didn’t care who you were or what you wanted they just wanted sex and that really…" he was on a half jealous rant and he stopped himself to breathe out slowly. "I just want you to be happy, that’s all. We can worry about who pays for what later, let’s go get waffles." -03:17 Nov 09
Khloe: "That’s easy then. I am always happy with you." Khloe was smiling wide again. She liked that giddy feeling he always gave her. Even without consumating being involved. Khloe stopped her chirping at him, now stuck on grinning so ridiculously pleased that by the evening her cheeks were going to hurt. -03:22 Nov 09
Baldor: He exited out onto the street and headed looked both ways before starting to cross the road with her. "And not just because I’m the one that found you, and the only non-douchebag you’ve spoken to?" she would probably meet more good guys if she dressed differently. -03:26 Nov 09
Khloe: "Some of my dates were very nice and polite! But they were not… um… I am not sure how to explain it…" They were not interesting? But some were very interesting! Khloe liked them very much. They just lacked… whatever it was that made her feel like there was something skipping around in her stomach. Or made her want to do things for them. "Maybe if you consumated me in the beginning I might wonder a little bit if it was only because I belonged to you. But I am very confident that is not that case!" She even nodded in affirmation. -03:35 Nov 09
Baldor: "Good, because I don’t want to take advantage of you" he said looking at her. "You really are too kind and…" she was offering to pay for everything and he could just easily inagine someone taking everything she had and using her. She really did need someone to look out for her. "You have me." even if it was just as a friend, ot as a boyfriend, or.. he was getting comfused but he just needed to protect her. -03:40 Nov 09
Khloe: "And you have me. I’ll take care of you, Bai." Like he had taken care of her, without requests, without conditions. Simply because he wanted to and was a good person. …Khloe was biting her lip. That urge to pull him away, or even better just jump on him right there and wrap her legs around him, was pretty strong. But he had said none of that was good in public! They barely started this date, and it was already much different than her previous ones. "Bai, do diners have rooms for conumation?" -03:47 Nov 09
Baldor: He blinked. "No, they’re just for eating. In fact they have seperate bathrooms for boys and girls so no one looks at eachother while they’re in there." he looked at her and wondered what she was thinking. "I’ve heard sometimes people.. do that… in resturant bathroms but… I don’t know I’d hope it would be a clean one." -03:51 Nov 09
Khloe: "I see." Now Khloe was grinning even wider. She did not have a costume with her to pretend to be a waitress, but this time it would just be Khloe poucing on a boyfriend. She had a sort of wicked look like she was plotting. She had his hand once again and was swinging it back and forth, occasionally skipping as she walked. -03:53 Nov 09
Baldor: "You should also decide if theres anything you want to do for fun, other than the movie, I know you grew up away from things but there has to be somehtign you want to try. And if we can’t do it today then we have a lot of other days to try things." he was watching her. "I don’t have a job so all my days are free." -03:56 Nov 09
Khloe: That distracted her. New things to try… oooh, she had so many things! "I would like to go to a carnival. And on a cruise! Oh, and visit a beach. To try driving a vehicle. Hmm… I want to taste every fruit in the world!" Khloe laughed, smiling again. "I’m glad we have time. I don’t think we could do everything today. I am content with lunch and a movie and spending time with you." -04:00 Nov 09
Baldor: "You’ll need a teacher to teach you how to drive." he said. "I could do that, if I had a vehicle." he stopped at the corner to push the button on the traffic light and wait. "We’re almost there it’s right across the street, I think I can smell waffles already." -04:03 Nov 09
Khloe: "I bet making waffles doesn’t take very long." Khloe was tilting her head and pondering again. Ways to get him alone. Or maybe she didn’t need him alone… Maybe he was in luck that her stomach was growling! -04:06 Nov 09
Baldor: He clossed the street with her and sat down in a booth oposite her and looked out the window. "What do you want to drink?" he asked when he realized we was getting distracted again. "I think I want coffee." -04:08 Nov 09
Khloe: "Coffee is good!" He was on the opposite side, which meant it was now impossible for her to crawl on his lap or slip her hand between his legs. ….so khloe slipped off one of her shoes to rub her foot against his leg, and leaned forward with her elbows on the table. It was impossible not to grin. All she wanted to do was touch him and be close to him. -04:12 Nov 09
Baldor: He jumped and looked at her, and caught the look. He turned her and looked away and again mumbling their order to the waitress when she came. "You like making me shy and embarresed don’t you." he said peeking at her and taking a breath. -04:15 Nov 09
Khloe: "I want to touch you. I would like to try making love again." Not just consumate. Khloe paused for a moment while the waitress was there, but then she was right back to sneaking her foot up his leg. "Do you not want me to touch you?" -04:18 Nov 09
Baldor: "I doo…" he said with a tone of voice he had never used before and he gave him pause. "But we’re in public, people can see and you’re there dressed like you really really want to be touched." he hid his face in his hands. There should be a rule, sex and bathroom before leaving the house. -04:23 Nov 09
Khloe: That just made her smile even wider! So he did notice her clothes! "I do want to be touch! I would like very much if you held me, and touched me, and made love to me… I want to see you smiling and show you how you make me feel…" Khloe slid low in her seat, letting her slip her foot between his knees and against his thigh. She was almost giggling! -04:28 Nov 09
Baldor: He closed his legs and hid behind a menu. "People will start looking Khloe, I know you’re my girlfriend but we can’t just make love where everyone can see. That’s not what people do." he was sliding in his chair towards the window to be more hidden in the booth because she was clearly not stoppign and if she didn’t he was going to need to go to the bathroom! -04:32 Nov 09
Khloe: Khloe sat up straight again and put her foot back on the floor. But she was reaching across the table to pull down his menu. A very interesting mix of devious and wanting look on her face. "…then we should go somewhere they can’t look and see? I am educated for maneuvering in tight spaces!" -04:36 Nov 09
Baldor: Never had a simple sentence sounded to sexy. "What about our food? What if it arives adn we’re not here." he didn’t want to have sex in public even though he was red as hell. "Where could we anyway?" -04:38 Nov 09
Khloe: "People go to the bathroom before their food arrives all the time. I have set plates down on lots of empty tables and the people come back." He was uncomfortable, but… he was not completely unopposed to it. She could see it in the way he looked at her! Khloe leaned forward. "We can… go to the bathroom?" -04:42 Nov 09
Baldor: He looked at her and bit his lip not trusting himself to answer. She has taken his virginity and now was being a complete deviant. What had he gotten himself into? "You really want to go and have sex in a diner bathroom?" he asked. Should never have told her that was a posibility. -04:46 Nov 09
Khloe: "I would make love with you right here on the table, but you said I am not allowed to and that isn’t what people do?" It was hard to think of the words to explain her want to touch him. And she certainly was never taught about self control and appropriateness of sexual desires. All Khloe understood was that she wanted him, and it wasn’t just to please him. She wanted him. -04:51 Nov 09
Baldor: He looked at her before finally he gave in and nodded, holding out his hand to let her take the lead. There was no way out of this without directly saying no and this date was for her. Let her get it out of her system so that she didn’t do what she said and have sex with him in the back of the movie house. -04:54 Nov 09
Khloe: Khloe almost gave a joyous yay! but since he wanted to be subtle… Taking his hand, she led him across the diner. Thankfully the bathrooms were around a corner in a small hall which meant no one could see where they were slipping away to. Figuring he would be more comfortable in there, she pushed her way in to the men’s bathroom. No males seemed to be in there at the moment… which gave her the freedom to immediately throw her arms around his neck and jump on him! -04:58 Nov 09
[Baldor enters.] -05:26 Nov 09
[(Timeout) Baldor has timed out.] -05:28 Nov 09
Baldor: He fell back and his the door with a bang. "Ow.." he said quickly putting his arms around her and held her against him his eyes on hers. He wondered if they were designed to be sexy, to draw you in until before you knew it you were leaning forwards to press your lips into hers… or if that was just him, right now. -05:30 Nov 09
Khloe: She giggled, but that was shortlived as she ravished his mouth. Before she had always been thoughtful, decisive, very deliberately -trying- seduce to and please him. But now… all she wanted was him! Uncontrolled, instinctual wanting. Khloe nipped at his mouth with her teeth, drinking in every sound he made. Her feet were off the floor when her arms tightened around his neck. Quickly circling her legs around his waist. -05:35 Nov 09
Baldor: He didn’t know how to take this, she was so rough, so raw. He reached up to grip her hair tightly and turned so that it was hur back pressed against the wall. He was making small sighs and grunts with every new sensation, she had done an expers job of working him up. -05:38 Nov 09
Khloe: This was a new feeling too! And Khloe went with it without hestitation. Unlinking her arms only to slip them down and tug impatiently at his shirt. She was gping to pull it right off him! There would be wonderfully hot skin and nothing in the way… Her breath had shallowed in her rush, but she was trying really hard not to rip anything and that took a lot of concentration while she was invading his mouth with her tongue. -05:46 Nov 09
Baldor: He made another sound when he felt her tongue and was struggling with holding her and pull her shirt up at the same time. He wasn’t any good that this… sex… thing. Finally he had ti pulled up above her mound and cupped one in a hand to squeeze. -06:01 Nov 09
Khloe: Ooooh, he made her feel like her skin was on fire and all the oxygen was sucked out of the room. With the wall braced against his back she was grinding her hips against him. Somewhere in the process his shirt was gone and dropped to the floor. Giving her perfect access to run her hands over his skin. But even that was short lived when she was reaching down between them to jerk on his belt. More things off, she needed the gone! -06:26 Nov 09
Baldor: He grabbed the hemm of her dress to pull it up and flip it up. "No underwear again?" he asked in a panting breath as he pulle dher shirt the rest fo the way off and leaned back giving her access to his pants while still trailing kisses along her collarbone. -06:30 Nov 09
Khloe: "This is a date with you, none is okay, right?" She wasn’t really seeking confirmation this time, though. His belt was undone in a second, followed by the button in his pants. Then her hand was stealing away inside to caress and grip. The slow quick of a grin at the corner of her mouth to find him responsive to her. -06:44 Nov 09
Baldor: He flushed and pushed his lips hard against hersand pressed his hips forwards. He couldn’t even answe, not with her toughing him like that. This time it was his tongue coming out to run against her lips and draw her lips between his teeth. -06:48 Nov 09
Khloe: A soft sigh.. followed by an impatient groan. He was amazing. He made her feel like all her limbs were filled with electricity. Khloe guided him to her, releasing him to wrap her arms back around his neck and draw him closer with her legs. Khloe nuzzled against his cheek, softly muttering his name. "Bai, I want you in me.. that would mae me very happy." -06:57 Nov 09
Baldor: "Me too." he whispered before he thrust into her and his handts tightened digging his nails into her. It was okay for him to do that right? Grinding her agaisnt the door he groaned and bit his lip before he started thrusting. Why did she have to be so intoxicating? -07:01 Nov 09
Khloe: This was what she was craving! She was wet and more than ready for this. Setting out a far too loud groan in his ear as she twist her hips and turned her body to take him in. She still couldn’t breathe and her cheeks were flushed red. Khloe nibbled and sucked on his ear when she wrapped tighter around him. Drawing her hands up and down the bare skin of his back. -07:07 Nov 09
Baldor: He was all too aware of where they were but that didn’t seem to mater anymore. He thrust harder and faster adsorbins every sound she made and moaning in responce. Hearing her let him knos he wasn’t completely useless, and he loved the sounds she made. -07:13 Nov 09
Khloe: "Oh Bai, please…" there was no telling what she was begging for, what he was doing was more than enough! She squeezed her legs, locking him tight. Gasping as she bounced against the wall. Khloe wanted to make sure he was well pleased, as happy as she was, but she was so consumed by that rushed needy feeling, she was far too gone to realize it. Her nails dug in to his back when it struck her without warning. Making her scream out in surprise and echo in the tiny bathroom, as she shuttered and squirmed around him. -07:21 Nov 09
Baldor: He pulled her head aside and moved as fast as he could, nuzzling into her ear and grigging her tightly. Then he was gone with a long, low moan that was acoompanied by a shudder and him hetting go of her hair to pushed in close to her and put his lips to her, ravaging them. -07:31 Nov 09
Khloe: Fullfillment, wonderful, tingling, blissful fullfillment. Khloe was nearly purring, with that soft pleased sound she was making as she curled her arms and legs tighter around him. Returning his kiss without hesistation until she was pulling back to finally catch her breath. She was panting so hard her chest was heaving, but the grin she wore was so wide as she nuzzled him. -07:34 Nov 09
Baldor: He placed his hand on her chest to feel her breathing and heart. "That was different." he said softly catching his breath. But be had done it again. Had sex with Khloe before properly breaking it off with… he was an idiot. But it was hard to feel bad when he could place soft kisses on the corner of her mouth. "What were we needing to get back to again?" -07:38 Nov 09
Khloe: "Waffles!" she chirped, laughing in the process and too unwilling to let him go. Of course, that was when someone was trying to enter the bathroom and met with resistance. The door was shifting against her back. … Khloe started laughing louder. "Occupied…!" -07:42 Nov 09
Baldor: Resistance, a girl’s voice and the sounds that had just been made, there was no way the person could not know what was going on. Baldor leaned forwards to kiss her again before he rubbed her thigh and pulled back slightly to grin at her. "I could get ued to this, but we should eat so we can catch out movie." -07:45 Nov 09

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