Since You’ve Been Gone 009: Marry Me, Yvaine?

Yvaine: Yvaine had ignored every phone call and every message sent to her. The only time she left her room was to speak with her boss about leaving. She hated to quit when a production was almost over, but thankfully there was a wonderful understudy and her boss, though confused, understood she couldn’t stay. Now she was just pulling on her coat and stepping out the door – only to run in to Maria! "Please don’t. I’n going to be late." She brushed past the woman. -07:32 Apr 05

“Oh no you don’t!” Maria jumped in Yvaine’s way again, grabbing her by the shoulders and pushing her back. Maria was at least a head taller than Yvaine, and if it came down to a scuffle, she could take her! “You’re gonna listen before you tear out of here like a bat out of hell! Don’t you even want to HEAR what happened?” -Yvaine

Yvaine: Yvaine was seriously thinking about slapping her. But by now, she was so resigned and so depressed about the entire thing that any more struggle was… too much! "What can you say? You knew I cared about him… you always do this to me! I meet someone I think is amazing, and you swoop in like a pteradactyl!" -07:35 Apr 05

“A petradactyl? Seriously?” Maria looked offended for a moment, but she got over it quick. “Those guys were all assholes, Yvaine. A guy that loves you isn’t going to bang her best friend. [i]HANS[/i] loves you. YOU. Granted I did get a little carried away with that whole practice proposal thing… but he was setting that up for you.” -Yvaine

Yvaine: She was still a little doubtful… "He was proposing to you for me? Maria, my -plane-." -07:38 Apr 05

“NO! To you! He was going to ask you to marry him and he asked for help! Argh!” She shooked Yvaine in frustration. “A handsome King wants to marry you! Why are you standing here! Run to him! Have hot sex in the back of his limo!” -Yvaine

Yvaine: Hans was going to ask her to marry him..! Yvaine was thrilled! But…! The feeling quickly sank. She couldn’t marry him. Those pictures… He worked so hard for his reputation… "I can’t. I’m sorry Maria. Can you tell everyone I said goodbye." Yvaine disentangled herself from the woman and continued on her way. She already had a cab waiting to take her to the airport. -07:41 Apr 05

“ARE YOU STUPID!” she screamed after Yvaine. Cursing under her breath when the cab disappeared down the street. Maria pulled up her cell phone and dialed the most awesome number in her phone book. “…So my talk didn’t go as planned, King Bigstuff… She looked elated for a minute, but then it was… sad face and run away. She’s going to the -airport- though! I can’t catch her!” -Yvaine

Hans: "I can." he said "Get the next cab you can and meet up there…." he covered the mocrophone with his hand "Get me her time and gate, we’ll beat her there…..L -07:47 Apr 05
Yvaine: It was the second worst cab ride she ever had! There could have been something amazing for her and Hans, but she had to go… Yvaine wouldn’t cry though, she was done with that. She spent her ride in silence all the way to the airport. Thanking the driver when he helped her with her suitcase. She would have to check in and get her ticket, but she would be out of the country within the hour. And she would probably never see it again… -07:52 Apr 05
Hans: HAns was flanked by no less than five of the rowal guard, behind him trailed curious onlookers and a tv crew who had been here to record somethign about the lack of warning labels on the peanut packets. Right now the reportes felt like the luckiest man alive. Hans signaled to the guard who locked down the gat and made sure Yvain hadn’t come through yet as well as keeping the crowd back… Hans himself waited in full view once again lifting his phone to his ear. "We’re here, she isn’t.." he waved to the camera as the reporter told the studio who had just gone live to him that no one had any idea what the king was doign here. -07:59 Apr 05
Yvaine: Yvaine was so wrapped up in her own thoughts, she had her ticket and was well on her way to the gate before she realized something odd was going on. The moment she spotted Hans she froze in surprise. But then she was very quickly trying to turn herself and her suitcase around before he caught her! -08:03 Apr 05
Hans: Hans spotted her and signaled, two of the guard cut her off as Hans jogged up behind her the crowd parting to alow him though as the camera turned to Yvaine. "Yvaine!" he called out. "Wait…!" -08:05 Apr 05
Yvaine: Guards in her way? Yvaine was exasperated. She didn’t fail to see a news crew nearby… this was exactly what she was trying to -prevent- from happening. "Hans… I can’t talk to you! I have to catch my plane." -08:08 Apr 05
Hans: He caught up to her and and signaled for the guard to step back. "I can’t let you go without hearign what I wanted to ask you that night." he saidputtign his ahdn into his pocket. "What I was asking maria how I should ask you…" he pulled out his hand and inside it was the ring box. "So I’m just going to ask it…" he wasn’t giving her a chance to respond on purpose.. because he was so nervous if he didn’t do it he wouldn’t "Yvaine.. will you be my queen?" he got on his knee and opened the box. "Will you stay here, with me?" -08:12 Apr 05
Yvaine: "I really want to but…" This was everything she ever wanted. Someone she adored that loved her too… but she couldn’t. Yvaine swallowed the lump in her throat and was having to wipes tears from her face with the back of her sleeve. "I just can’t! I have to go… Please let me go before you end up with pictures of you making some woman cry in an airport!" -08:17 Apr 05
Hans: "I know about the pictures." he said taking her hand not lettign her leave. "But I love you and I’m not losing you over what soem tabloids may or may not print. I’ve spent the past week convincing the major editors not to publish them, and they’ve all agreed. "He took the ring from the box and then once again took her hand and slipped it onto her finger as one of the guard stepped up nect to him with a briefcase and and holding it flat opened it to reveal the crown they found. "I’ve had it restored, you are my chosen queen, its yours." -08:22 Apr 05
[Yvaine enters.] -08:27 Apr 05
Yvaine: "You know?" That surprised Yvaine. If he knew the entire week, he had planned on asking her anyway, despite it all. And here he was. Slipping the ring on her finger in front of the world. The crown was also a surprise. Shiny and beautiful and hers..? Yvaine didn’t know if she wanted to laugh or cry…! She ended up with both, with a sniffle and a soft laugh. Yvaine nodded her head quickly. "I will..! I really would love to marry you, Hans..!" -08:31 Apr 05
Hans: He stood and threw his arms arounf her as the crowb clapped and the reporter added his voice to the din the guard movign to keeo them back. The hans took the crown and placed it on Hvaine’s head and kissed her maybe a little garder than he should on public television. "I love you Yvaine… thank you." -08:34 Apr 05
Yvaine: There was no way Yvaine could smile any wider, and she wished she wasn’t so teary eyed. The entire place was forgotten, and all she could think about was how happy she was. "I love you so much… we’re engaged!" She just had to say it out loud. Yvaine almost didn’t believe it. -08:38 Apr 05
Hans: "We are." he said, he didn’t care about the crowd, or the camera or anythign other than the girl in his arms. "And next week the aprilent comes into effect… it will just be us… We cold go visit your home…." -08:41 Apr 05
Yvaine: "You get to tell my father you’re going to marry me." That had Yvaine laughing! It would be an awkward conversation, but she knew Hans would win him over. Her Hans. She rocked on her feet, leaning up to kiss his cheek. "You’ve given me a fairy tale, Hans… I hope I can make you happy." -08:46 Apr 05
[Yvaine has timed out.] -08:49 Apr 05
Hans: "You already have.. " he said startign to walk with her away from the gate the gaur keeping the crowd back at they moved and the gate re-opened. "Now maybe I can finally show you the palace. Its a good thing you look good in that crown."" -08:49 Apr 05
Yvaine: Her hand rose up to the crown on her head… and now she was remembering they were surrounded by spying, curious people. It was one thing to be on stage for a perfomance and lost in dancing, it was entirely different to be caught in public with a personal moment. Yvaine was a little embarrassed and suddenly feeling incredibly shy about the entire thing. She definitely didn’t release Hans, though. She wouldn’t let go of him for the world! "I’ve missed you…. I’ll get to see you every day." Yvaine was smiling again. -08:55 Apr 05

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