Zerospace 009: No Regrets

[Tremdorias is asleep in a bed covered in feathers!] -09:24 Dec 02
[Phaedra was in the kitchen bouncing. Making muffins. And bouncing!] -09:26 Dec 02
Phaedra: Dancing along to music in her head, she was pulling muffins out of the oven. Tail swishing to the words she was making up. All sung in her head to avoid anyone actually hearing her. Maybe she didn’t have a job yet. But she had a boyfriend! A first boyfriend! And he was an angel covered in feathers in her bed. Finally things were looking much better! -09:28 Dec 02
Tremdorias: He had had dreams, he was sure they were dreams. Phaedra and sex and wings and her gasps couldn’t have been real. Still it had been a nice drea and he was rolling onto his side and reaching out to feels the empty space next to him… wait. He was in the bed!? -09:35 Dec 02
Phaedra: "Ow!" The pan was still hot. Why couldn’t she get heat resistance too? What did she even have besides a busy-body tail that made her a demon? Hrmph! It didn’t matter, as a few muffins were dropped on to a plate anyway. Phaedra poured two glasses of milk. And with the plate in one hand, a glass in the other and her tail wrapped around the second glass, Phaedra bounced and balanced back to the bedroom. ..and he was awake! And naked! Phaedra grinned wide. "Good morning, Tre!" -09:39 Dec 02
Tremdorias: He tunred and saw her in nothinf but a shirt and put his hand on his forehead. He has slept with her, again, and she didn’t even know it was wring, He had taken advantage of her and now she was going to be heartbroken for real instead of just scared and paranoid and he was going to have to leave! "Phaedra!’ he said doing his best to be bright and happy like her. "You made breakfast!" maybe they hadn’t actually done anything…. maybe, please?" -09:44 Dec 02
Phaedra: "It’s not a fancy breakfast, but since you’re working now I can do all the cooking until I find something too." Phaedra set the glasses down on the side table and plopped on the bed next to him. She gave a wide eyed, curious look at the few feathers that flittered away. …she made him molt! "I didn’t hurt you at all…?" -09:49 Dec 02
Tremdorias: She was worried she has hurt HIM… "Noo…" he said slowly moving up to sit against the headboard and pull the blanket along with his to cover at least up to his stomach. "Did I… you…?" he was worried he had, and laybe it was better if he had then she wouldn’t want to have sex with him ever again. -09:54 Dec 02
Phaedra: Modest squirmy angel… he was really very cute and Phaedra was trying not to giggle at him and hurt his feelings. She set the plate down on the table too, then scooted closer and closer until she was crawling to sit on his lap and placing a kiss against his cheek. "No, Tre… Very much the opposite, thank you." -09:56 Dec 02
Tremdorias: That was the worst thing she could say and do! Why did shat do that and make him put both arms around her and kiss her back and pull the blanket over her legs and… this wasn’t fair! He picks up a glass to hand to her to keep her busy and picked his up too. "I was worried I had gone too far." -10:03 Dec 02
Phaedra: A glass was in her hand and she took a sip, still grinning, and still leaning to kiss his cheek again. "You gave me permission to touch and maybe said you are a boyfriend..?" That she had to say in question, Phaedra wasn’t one hundred percent sure he really meant it and was ready for that. He seemed a bit surprised and hesitant this morning. "…do you regret what we did? I won’t feel bad if you’ve changed you mind, Tre." Well, she -would-, but better to know the truth than have them suffer through pretenses. -10:08 Dec 02
Tremdorias: He coul hear in her voice that she was very worried. "No, I don’t regret what we did." he said looking at her and putting a hand cold from the glass on her arm. "If I said I’m your boyfriend then I am your boyfriend and I’m happy we had a special nightogether even if it didn’t start well. And you can still touch me. I just want to make sure you have no regrets because.. I love you." the final three words were muttered into his glass as he averted hsi eyes and his cheeks redened. -10:17 Dec 02

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