My Demon Roommate 009: Pleasant Payback

[Cupio Is still shorted than Jayden but immensly happy and rready to cook breakfast!] -04:54 Aug 31
[Jayden didn’t even get the sexing, but she’s still all tired and worn out! And cranky! And hungry!] -05:04 Aug 31
Cupio: Cupio was having the unique pleasure of handing his back against Jayden and having pulled Jay’s arm around himself in the night. Demons never slept, not fully, but with the sun on the curtains he turned to look up at her and grinned at her closed eyes. Jayder had sexed him in the form he was snuggling against her as. Nothing could have made the demon. He couldn’t help bue squee at the memory and kiss her, thne pull away to slip out of bed and tail trailing behind him head for the kitchen. -05:10 Aug 31
Jayden: Jayden was kissed awake, which might have been okay if she weren’t so tired and if it weren’t a giggling McBoobs doing it. She rolled to watch him bounce and swish out of the room and rolled her eyes before she rubbed her head. Great. He was all puffed up and post-sex happy as a girl! Clearly boosting his ego was a bad idea! -05:13 Aug 31
Cupio: He heard her stir behind him and half turned to grab something off the sideboard at her before spinning and fibling with the music player in hsi ahnds as he entere the kitchen and putting on his music and leaving it on the counter. The tiny speakers didn’t to the untrasonics justice but it was good ehough to dance to as he bent low his tail sticking strait into the air and nothing hidden from view to grab a pan for the cupboards. “One egg or two?” he called to herlooking at her between his legs and grinning again. -05:20 Aug 31
Cupio: He heard her stir behind him and half turned to grab something off the sideboard and grinned at her before spinning and fibling with the music player in hsi ahnds as he entere the kitchen and putting on his music and leaving it on the counter. The tiny speakers didn’t to the untrasonics justice but it was good ehough to dance to as he bent low his tail sticking strait into the air and nothing hidden from view to grab a pan for the cupboards. “One egg or two?” he called to herlooking at her between his legs and grinning again. -05:20 Aug 31
Jayden: “My girlfriend is a bimbo…” she muttered to herself, grabbing the blanket to pull up to her chin. “Two and more than just eggs! Fajita omelettes.” Jayden ran her hands over her face. She was starving lately, and she felt like she had a hangover! Maybe she was sick again. That’d be her luck. -05:25 Aug 31
Cupio: He took out four eggs and put the pan of the stove. “I have no idea what a Fajita omlet is but I’ll cube some salami and pre fry it sothat its scrispy then add the eggs and maybe a couple of veg?” he was already moving to the fidge to get the meat and pull a knife from the block before jumping to pull a cutting board down and put it on the counter. The music was gaining in tempo and he spun smiling to himself knife still in hand. -05:33 Aug 31
Jayden: She’s heard this song before. Some of Cupios crazy demon music, although it sounded a little different today. Remix? Bah.. she didn’t care. His perky good mood was annoying her, but she didn’t have the heart to harass him about it. Stupid mcboobs. “That’ll do, I guess… And your music is too loud!” -05:43 Aug 31
Cupio: Without breaking stride he grabbed the music player and turned down the volume then started cubing the meat and tossing it into the pan and grabbing a spatula to spreat it out to an even layer to cook evenly with occational stiring. Then he was festing out coffee and bread to toast and a few vegitables to cut up and add to the egg when it was in. He hadn’t even notived Jayden’s mood. “Oh Jayden.” he said. “Do munand fo anything when they want to spend a long tim ein a relationship?” -05:53 Aug 31
Jayden: “They get married. It’s kind of like a binding, but you do it by choice instead of summoning. ….Or at least most people do it by choice.” There was that stirring of jealousy again. The one that wanted to tie him up and leave him in bed so she wouldn’t have to worry about someone stealing him. But for the time being, she pushed that thought aside. -05:57 Aug 31
Cupio: “Hmmm..” the eggs went in and he lowered the heat so they would cook evenly all the way through. “Marriange? Like binding? So they can’t act against eachother and have to do everything the other says or does that only apply to one?” -05:59 Aug 31
Jayden: “What? No! Not like that!” Jayden sat up, scratching her head and running her fingers through her hair. How the hell did you explain the concept to a demon? “It’s like… uhm… a mutual commitment to each other and only each other. There’s no obeying involved, and you’re you own people. You just promise to make a life together.” -06:03 Aug 31
[(Timeout) Cupio has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:42 Aug 31
[Cupio enters.] -06:48 Aug 31
Cupio: His tail flicked as he thought his hips swaying slightly to the music somehow giving the imprwssion of wieghtlessness. “And that is different from what we have.. how?” he was tendign the the eggs and pulling out the coffee at the same time, then puttign the omlette on a plate, folding it in half and then slicing it in two sliding the other half onto another plate, then adding toast and jam then takign them to the table and putting one in front of her and going back for the coffee. -06:52 Aug 31
Jayden: He was so damned girly! Even Jayden herself wasn’t that girly, and it was a total threat to the household dynamic. Yet, it was really hard not to just watch him bouncing around and being all domestic as they sat there talking about marriage of all things. Jayden was immediately eating though. Food was apparently the cure to her foul mood this morning. “It’s mostly just symbolic. A representation of love and commitment and all that jazz. Plenty of people stay together forever without being married, and others feel like it’s a cherry on top of the relationship cake.” -06:58 Aug 31
Cupio: “Love.” the word seeme foriegn. “Relationships have love?” he brought out a mug of coffee just gor Jaydem liked them and placed that nect to her plate then sat down with his and sipped it with both hands and set it down before taking up his knife and fork and cutting off a peice of omlette to eat. “So I don’t need to worry about marriange then?” -07:03 Aug 31
Jayden: “Most of them do… it’s usually a big part of them, but not all of them.” She picked up her mug to take a sip of coffee and for a moment looked thoughtful. Love wasn’t exactly something she was familiar with either… When had she EVER loved somebody? Did she even love him? “I don’t think I am the marrying type…” -07:12 Aug 31
Cupio: “Demon…” his way of saying ‘me too’. In the moment she had looked away in thought he had changed back and had abandoned the knife to sinply cut the egg witht he side of his fork. “Humans are wierd and complicated. I’m plad I have one that I can at least understand.” -07:15 Aug 31
Jayden: Jayden wasn’t sure about the love part, but she did know she cared about him and would kill anyone that tried to take him. That was a pretty strong feeling! Whether he was Mcboobs or Cupio! Speaking of which, by the time she glanced at him again he was a man again. And that one small thing seemed to make her relax a -lot-. Another thing for her to think about. “Demons are complicated too, you know. This whole gender back and forth thing is weird, and demon culture, and just you in general.” -07:24 Aug 31
Cupio: “Its our nature I guess.” he said. picking up his toast and biting a large chunk out of it. “We do what we want to do and be what we want to be. Its when theres a lot of us together that hell lives up to it’s name. It can be great, or it can be not so great. That club was tiny compared to what I’m used to. I…” he put down his toast then pusged it into the exact center of his plate. “We’re from two different worlds. Literally.” -07:36 Aug 31
Jayden: “That club was pretty badass… totally intimidating and scared the shit out of me in a kinky sort of way. But interesting.” Demon stuff in general was interesting, which was half the reason why she was sitting there sipping her coffee and eying him. “Now that demons are more common on the human world, what do you suppose is gonna happen in the future? Hell on earth? Something else?” -07:44 Aug 31
Cupio: “That club was nothing, nothing by comparison. Thousands, and I mean literally thousands all in one place. Demons laking music with it being channeled out of the ouths of statues… that is what my part of hell was like.” he made it sound like it was literally his. “Demons naturally change thier surrounding to suit themselves. A trait humans share, but no. I’ve been told numbers are being limited to avoid big changes to your world. Thats how we see it. Its your world, we’re guests here. Even with some of the things that happened…” anger flashed accross his face. “We know, and we act.” -07:51 Aug 31
Jayden: Jayden tapped her fork on her plate, still watching him warily. “Do you wanna go back home? I know you stayed here because of the summoning, but the bond was broken ages ago.” For a very brief, crazy moment the little voice in her head was saying she’d kill him if he left. Why the fuck was she so violent this week?! Seriously! -07:55 Aug 31
Cupio: “No.” he said “In fact I’m filing for eternal residency.” he smiled at her. “I’m not leaving you Jayden. You’re stuck with your demon room mate. Cursed with a demon for the rest of.. however long we choose to remain together.” -08:01 Aug 31
Jayden: She finally cracked a grin. How she responded to male him was much better than female him! “You know humans can live almost to a hundred, right? That could be a longass time.” -08:02 Aug 31
Cupio: His first reaction was ‘Is that all?’ but he didn’t voice it. “Well then I’ll have to savor every moment.” he said lifting his mug one handed and takign a big gulp of coffee before restign the mug on the table and drumming his fingers against it. He was wonderign when she was going to tell him she was carrying his child, thats what the smell on her was, that why she was healing faster. He had let her drink demon blood at the club to experience things like a demon would but this had to be ten times stronger. “So you want to go back to the club?” -08:06 Aug 31
Jayden: “Uuum… I want to but…” Just how she responded to that one demon putting his hands on Mcboobs. What if that happened again? Now that she could think a little clearer, that was a totally insane thing for her to do. …and she was pretty sure in a whole room full of horny grabby demons, she’d raise hell in ways those demons would never expect. “Maybe that’s not such a good idea? I am like… insane lately? Sick I guess. I’d feel bad if I killed somebody…” -08:13 Aug 31
Cupio: He furrowed his brow. “You’re not sick.” he said. “You don’t smell sick.” he picked up his toats again and crammed all of it into his mouth and chewed then took another gulp of coffee. “And we won’t go while you’re like this don’t worry Jay. It will be demon male me and my sexy little Jayden. Though I’ll resurve a private room with a view of the action. And now I’m turned on. Counter?” -08:17 Aug 31
Jayden: Not sick, huh… she felt sick. And a little crazy! Like she was on drugs that screwed with her emotions a bit. She could use some now. Maybe some of that along with their private room being voyers with demons. …then Jayden nearly spit out her coffee when he went mirroring her thoughts and she connected the dot to what ‘counter’ meant. “What no romance and buildup? After I fucked you stupid last night too!” she teased with a wicked grin. -08:24 Aug 31
Cupio: He grinneda t her. “Demon. When I want sex I’ll either seduce you and fuck your brains out. Or I’ll just say I want to fuck your brains out then fuck your brains out.” he said before standing and putting her up by her arm and into a kiss. “Jayden, I’m going to fuck your brains out.” -08:26 Aug 31
Jayden: “Cupio, I really want to say no, slap you and run just for the fun of it.” That would have been really entertaining. But now she was close to him, could smell that very Cupio scent so much stronger than usual. He was hers. And now she was so glad she had breakfast, because he was going to be brunch. -08:36 Aug 31
Cupio: “I’d chase you down.” he said putting an arm around the small of her back. “I’d hold you down.” he grabbed a fistful of her hair. “Then I would fuck you harder than you’ve ever been fucked. Club night included.” he pulled her into a deep kiss by her hair and pushed her back against the table. “Then I would tie you down with your ass in the air.” he bit her lip hard. “And I would fuck you again without you being able to do a thing about it.” he tilted his head an forsed her lips apart to dip his tongeu into her mouth. “Then I would turn you over, blindfold you, tie your legs open, and fuck you for a third time, and if you’re still awake after that I’d untie you and fuck you slowly until you screamed.” -08:40 Aug 31
Jayden: Her ears were burning and if a man could make a woman come with just words alone, that might’ve done it! Jayden lay her hands on him, drawing her nails over his skin and trying to take a deep breath just to keep her heart from beating so fast. “That sounds like a fun day, Coop. If you could catch me and all.” Who was she kidding? Jayden was busy throwing her arm around his neck and locking her mouth against his! -08:47 Aug 31
Cupio: He lifted her and sat her on the table so happy he was still naked, her though…” he unded her buttons and pulled the shirt from her shoulder returnign her kiss with every bit of pressure she gave him as he pulled her top off and rakes hsi claws over her back as he slid his hips against hers. “I wouldn’t let you get too far Jayden. I wouldn’t want you tired before the main event.” -08:50 Aug 31
Jayden: “I had a pretty good night’s sleep.” Jayden didn’t know if she wanted to kiss him until he was gasping her name again or just shove him to the floor. And she was suddenly grinning wide against his mouth at the memory of him screaming her name. Even if he was a girl! One arm locked around his neck, her free hand was dancing trails down his shoulder and then to his side. “Though I wonder who will really be the one screaming.” -08:56 Aug 31
Cupio: He lifted a hand to run his claws down her throat his hand momenteraly closing over it to give it a queeze. “You are sexy Jayden. On body and mind.” he lifted her from the table and turned to kneel and put her back on the floor. “But you can’t beat me.” he unclasped and unzipped her skirt tp pull it off of her. “You got a free pass last night, today is mine.” -09:00 Aug 31
[Jayden riled up Cupio and is now on the floor! She still has every intention of making him scream her name, though. She’ll be two for two!] -09:18 Sep 03
[Cupio Is having a great morning, Sex, breakfast, sex, and soon, more sex!] -09:19 Sep 03
Jayden: "That didn’t seem like such a free pass to me, Coop. More like a squealy demon begging for more." She enjoyed teasing him. Perhaps the only good thing about Mcboobs was making her scream! In the mean time, though… Jayden pushed against his shoulder, with every intention of being difficult just for the fun of it. "And I haven’t gotten my shower yet." -09:23 Sep 03
Jayden: "That didn’t seem like such a free pass to me, Coop. More like a squealy demon begging for more." She enjoyed teasing him. Perhaps the only good thing about Mcboobs was making her scream! In the mean time, though… Jayden pushed against his shoulder, with every intention of being difficult just for the fun of it. "And I haven’t gotten my shower yet." -09:23 Sep 03
Cupio: He was grinning down at her his tain making an apprearence to wiggle the tip ainst her crotch, this morning she wasn’t getting a break, even when he wasn’t fucking her. "You’ll get your shower after sex. I’d hate for you to get clean just to fuck you dirty again." he ran his claws through her hair. "You are an entracing creature Jayden." he said grabbing her arm and pulling her up to carry her onver his shoulder a wing cradling her making sure she didn’t slip off the side as he headed for the bedroom. "Your record is three, I want five, at least." -09:27 Sep 03
Jayden: His tail sneaking up on her made her yelp, and then she was near upside down! That escalated quickly, and she was trying to surpress a laugh. "I’m surprise you can even keep count, Coop! I sure as hell can’t." Jayden knocked on his back with a fist and kicked her feet trying to get loose. Not that she was trying too hard, this was amusing! -09:35 Sep 03
Cupio: He chuckled. "Come on Jayden, its not that surprising. I’m a carnal demon, sex is the sole purpose of my existance." he dumped her on the bed and crawled up next to her. "And here I am living with you… arn’t you a lucky mortal?" he leaned down to kiss her deeply. "Though I think I’m the lucky one." -09:41 Sep 03
Jayden: "Here I thought you sole existance was to make me breakfast in the morning." …and the sex! If ever an accidental spell summoning was a -good- thing, he definitely was. Jayden slid her arms back around his neck to return his kiss. A slow and lazy pressure followed by a nip of teeth. -09:44 Sep 03
Cupio: He ran his tongue against her teeth. "No that would be a cullenary demon. Too bad for you I never came with a reciept so theres no taking me back to be exchanged. Besides I think you like the sex more than the food." he nuzzles against her then paused raising his head his hand tightning on the sheet. Then he lowered his head again to nip her lip. -09:50 Sep 03
Jayden: "I wouldn’t try to exchange you for all the hot demons and all the money in the world." What a weird moment to suddenly feel very affectionate towards him. Lately it seemed when she felt something, she felt it hard! And now she was stuck smiling broadly and running her fingers through his hair with a soft pet, while she kissed him again. -09:56 Sep 03
Cupio: He wondered if she really meant that or if it was the pregnancy talking but it still made him smile broadly, before he lifted his head again and looked at the window. There was something in the air, and ultrasonic cries… his body responded before he did. Lang razor-sharp claws. Fangs, his skin reddened in a spiderwed pattern and his worns grew and curles as his hair blackened. As he moved slowly from the bed as if in a trance a starp barb appeared on his tail and short back spines appeared on his shoulders and joints of his wings. Then he lifted his head an gave a feral screach before moving to the window, where several other winged forms were circling in the sky. -10:03 Sep 03
Jayden: It happened so quick, Jayden was stuck in a startled silence watching him move, before she rolled off the bed to follow. Since he had been around, she was annoyingly sensitive to the atmosphere… or was it his moods? Either way, something had her skin prickling. It sure as hell wasn’t sexy times. "What’s the problem?" -10:06 Sep 03
Cupio: He let out a low growl… "Blood." he was at the window and pushing it open before he mounted the sill. "Demons been killed. Revenge is called." He made it sound like in inter-species gang war but that was their way. talloned feet on the sill he pumped out landing on a nearby fire escape and headed upwards. -10:10 Sep 03
Jayden: "Are you serious?!" she leaned out the window calling after him. And that meant what? Show down on the streets? Of course, all she could think about was him getting in trouble with the law! Jayden scrambled to tug on a pair of pants, then she was climbing out the window, barefoot and all to at least try to keep up with him. -10:13 Sep 03
Cupio: He reached the roof and strambles up and was soon joined by other demons, and they kept going jumping to the next roof in a group and then, around half a dozen in all waited. None of them said anything but all of them were looking at an apartment aross the street where ears pricked drunken laughter could be heard. Another low growl as the entire group tensed. The smell was stronger here, demon blood, death, decay. They were on the hunt, there was no need for words. And then as one they launched themselves off the edge and glided, as silent as the grave across the street, several people stopping to watch as then landed and clung to the sheer walls around the windows of the offending appartment, still invisible from the inside. -10:18 Sep 03
Jayden: By the time Jayden had climbed her way up to the roof top, they had already lept to another. Which was leaving her bitching a whole lot about demons and their wings. She had to settled for leaning over the edge bracing a hand over her eyes to shield it from the sun to spy what they were up to. She recognized the building though! Some of the assholes she had been drinking with weeks before lived in that building. -10:24 Sep 03
Cupio: They waited, tense, then without a sound passing between them they all busts through the windows. Howls, shouts and scream errupted from inside as every living human inside was leapt upon and killed. Then there was a flash and a bang, a gunshot, then another, and then a third and final one before there was one last, long scream that was cut mercifully short. -10:27 Sep 03
Jayden: Holy shit! She could hear that all the way across the street! And when she looked down at the people below, they clearly did too. People were scattering, which meant someone was going to call the cops and… Jayden swore she could almost smell the blood, but that had to be her imagination going. "Cupio!" she screamed out to get his attention. Stupid ass was worse than Mcboobs! -10:30 Sep 03
Cupio: There was silence once again, just hints of monement from inside as the bodies of the humans were torn onen and thier essence collected, and the petite. broken body of demon was filfted and carried outside to be taken away and the demones scattered in different directions one of them flying to circle her and land on the roof, covered in blood, and still very naked. -10:35 Sep 03
Jayden: Now the smell of blood was almost overwhelming. And not even in the sickening way like she would expect, just… Jayden turned to eye him. "What happened…?" she asked slowly… It wouldn’t be hard to take a good guess at it, but she wanted to know for sure. And it looked pretty clear to her somebody just got their asses murdered. -10:39 Sep 03
Cupio: He shook himself returning more to normal. "Revenge." he said. "They summoned a demon and bound it, then killed it while it couldn’t act against them. Now they are ours. At least two of them were familiar… Was that what I was meant for?" -10:43 Sep 03
Jayden: "What the fuck…?" Summoned a demon and killed it. Jayden moved to lean over the wall again, counting the floors to the apartment. …they -would- be familiar. She knew who lived there. Now she was imagining them summoning up little Mcboobs and…! "I’m glad they’re dead then." -10:48 Sep 03
Cupio: He could smell her anger. "I need to get off the street." he said "And clean.." he reached up and turned away from her, not wantinf her to see him pry a small lump of lead out of himself and drop it to the roof. "Home?" -10:53 Sep 03
Jayden: If they were not already dead, she would kill them herself. How many were there at their little summoning party? All of them, she hoped… if not, she was going to make really good use of their mob friends. Jayden almost hadn’t heard him. "Yeah, you should be clean…" she turned away from the wall to trail after him. Had he not been bound to her by accident, he could be dead now! -10:56 Sep 03
Cupio: He reached the fire escape and started down it stopping oposide her window for her to get her to climb onto his back for the jump across. Twice now he had killed humans in thier world. "You don’t have a problem with me killing your kind, do you? I think you’ve just seen I would if you killed mine." -11:01 Sep 03
Jayden: "I don’t have a problem with you killing people that deserve to be killed." An honest answer… which, was a little surprising to herself when she thought about it. She really didn’t have an issue with murder. That was insane wasn’t it? Jayden was clearly insane! And -that- was what had her unsettled. Not holding on to him as a demon and covered in blood, or the fact he murdered people. It was her being okay with all of it. -11:05 Sep 03
Cupio: He leaped and pulled himself through her window pausing to let her off and then moved closer to the bathroom before he stopped. "Good, because as I said before, we a sensual creatures. I am not always in control of my actions. The same is true for any demon. If that had been you they were after it would have been demons I’d have been killing, and I’d be a lot worse off." -11:10 Sep 03
Jayden: And just like that, her unease was turned off like a flip of a switch, in favor of that warm pleasure of knowing he’d slaughter people for her. …which was also crazy. But a kind of crazy she could get behind. Without saying another word, Jayden crossed the room to take his head in her hands and pull him down for a hard kiss. -11:14 Sep 03
Cupio: There was blood on his lips but if Jayden didn’t seem to mind he certainly wasn’t going to. He grabbed her hair and kissed her back his body against hers tranfering blood onto her too… "Looks like I won’t be showering alone." he mused running hand through her hair with a grin. -11:17 Sep 03
Jayden: Tasting blood should have bothered her too. Not satisfy whatever twisted little part of her that almost seemed to crave it. She pushed that thought aside too. "Ruining more of my clothes, Coop. I’m not gonna have anything left at this rate." Yet she was still circling her arms around his neck to draw herself closer, nuzzling against his cheek. -11:21 Sep 03
Cupio: He gripped her back with his claws and ran them up fo her neck the thought of showering rapidly evaporating from his thoughts. He sighed against her before wrapping her in his wings. "I’m starting to think you can control my feelings with your scent." he said softly. "That or you’re sexy enough for a demon to never be able to get enough of you." -11:27 Sep 03
Jayden: Cradled in his wings enough to shut out most of the light… it seemed to mirror how she felt. Getting drawn in to the dark and there just being her and him. Jayden grinned, tightening her arms around him and it was definitely insanity that made her lick his cheek, blood and all. "If I am controlling you with my scent, what do you supposed I want from you right now?" she mumbled against his ear. "We were interrupted…" -11:31 Sep 03
Cupio: "I don’t need to smell your emotions to know that." he said with a chuckle. "My little Jayden wants what she was promised, she wanted me inside her thrusting and making her moan. Thats what she wants." he nipped her ear pulling it between his teeth. "She want the exact thing I want." -11:35 Sep 03
Jayden: "You’re pretty confident." she was being contrary on purpose. Despite the fact, it was pretty clear by the way the held on to him and the soft sound of her voice, it was exactly what she was after. "I think the plan was making you scream my name again? Maybe this time have neighbors beating on the door…" -11:41 Sep 03
Cupio: He moved to bite her lip. "No… pretty sure I promised to tie you up.." he said before licking her lip. "So… shower sex then bondage sex?" there was a low chuckle to his voice. "Either way I’ll still love every minute of it." and if she did press her makinf him scream he was more than ready to change forms. -11:45 Sep 03
Jayden: Bondage sex… that had her pausing and giving a wary, but interested look. But first… "Showering first." A clean Cupio was a happy Cupio. And a happy Cupio always made for very nice days. …and Jayden rather liked the idea of washing him off and getting her hands on him. She broke away to grab his arm and pull him off towards the shower. -11:48 Sep 03
Cupio: He folloowed movigh to the other side of her so that the arm of the hand she was holding was resting across her back. "Mmmmm soap makes everything slippery, I like spillery." he leaned to flick a tongue against her ear and grin before lingring to straiten the towel on the rail, and move the handwash to the correct side of the sink. Why was this place so untidy? -11:53 Sep 03
Jayden: Jayden laughed under her breath, leaning against the wall to turn the shower on and making sure the temperature was nice and hot. She liked it hot. Then it was a matter of peeling off her blood stained pants and shirt… and with that same, irksome tease she always did, just dropped them on the tiled floor. With a finger and a sly smile she was beckoning him in to the shower. -11:59 Sep 03
Cupio: He grabbed up the clothes and hung them over the shower wall before stepping in with her spreading his wings to catch the water and be cleaned. "I know you like them." he said gesturing to them. "Do you want to wash them? They’re very sensitive…" he was ginning at her. "Or are we skipping forplay?" -12:05 Sep 04
Jayden: "If I wanted to skip all the fun parts, we’d be in bed right now." Jayden did like his wings. That was probably her favorite part of having a demon boyfriend. She made sure to lather the soap up in her hands real good before she was touching and exploring. More curious touching than cleaning. He took up almost the entire shower like this and gave her perfect excuse to be close to him. -12:08 Sep 04
Cupio: H eput his hands around her as she explored closing his eyes and smiling as he felt her toutch. They were sensitive and founf twitch when she touched a joint or the leathery span between the ribs. "You know I wouldn’t let any other demon toutch them. They heal slower than the rest of me and without them I’m significantly less mobile." -12:16 Sep 04
Jayden: "You need to quit saying things that make me wanna skip the fun stuff and just fuck your brains out." she chided him, amused with the way just little touches could make him respond. And very, very pleased she was the only one who could do this to him. Once she was satisfied that his wings were free of blood, she was after bare skin. -12:21 Sep 04
Cupio: He folded his wings but they remained in place as he rubbed little circles on her back with his hand. "You do that to me all ther time Jayden, and you’re way past playing any kind of innocent. I’d just sex it right your of you as soon as your tried, and yes that is a promise." the bullet wound was already little more than a red scab covering new skin. "Even though I do love the way you touch me." -12:26 Sep 04
Jayden: "I could totally play innocent." she muttered with a wide grin. …yeah, even she knew that was utter bullshit, but it’d be fun to try. Jayden had her hands lathered up again so she could massage the soap in to his skin. Lingering in places in ease tension in the muscle. …and lingering in other places very deliberately to cause tension. Jayden and innocent didn’t seem to go together. -12:31 Sep 04
Cupio: It was becomign harder and harder to resist taking hold of her and pushing her against the wall. Not every mortal could wind a demon around her finger but somehow… "Dammit Jayden." he grabbed her shoulder and shoved her back against the wall. He was horny, he was a demon, and he was getting impacient. -12:34 Sep 04
Jayden: The shower wall was ice cold compared to the hot water, but Jayden was laughing loud! "What happened to the foreplay! We’re not done washing yet." Even when she said it, she was pushing her hands up his chest to find rest against his neck. Pulling him close and rising on her toes to nuzzle against his cheek and bite at his jaw. He always somehow took over all her thoughts, there was a satisfaction in knowing she did the same to him! -12:38 Sep 04
Cupio: "Wash after, sex now." he said his lips pressing into hers and his hands running down her sides. "You’re too aluring for waiting." he was already lifting her leg to put it around himself and holding it there with a tail wrapped around her ancle. -12:41 Sep 04
Jayden: That tail of his sure had it’s extra uses! Jayden was laughing against his mouth. Stealing kisses and sharp nibbles amidst snickering. She reached between them, running her knuckles down his stomach until she dipped low enough to grip his shaft with no amount of shyness. -12:47 Sep 04
Cupio: He glanced down and then grinned at her taking his hand and rollinf her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. "And what are you going to do with that?" he asked trying to keep his voice level. "Nothing.. sinfull.. I hope." -12:50 Sep 04
Jayden: "If sex is sinful, when I die Hell is going to be a very fun place with you." -12:56 Sep 04
Jayden: "If sex is sinful, when I die Hell is going to be a very fun place with you." she almost purred. There were a lot of things she wanted to do with him, but picking just one…! Her hand stroked, a maddeningly slow caress of fingers. The smile she wore grew wider. -01:00 Sep 04
Cupio: "Eternity with you?" he nipped her lip. "I’ll finally be able to show you ‘my place’ and all the sun things there… I wonder how long it would take for you to decome a demon…" he chuckled and kissed her hard hushing his hips against hers before his ahnd sipped down to return her caress with a light rubbing to her lips. -01:04 Sep 04
Jayden: "Not long… I think I’m a little crazy…" It was hard to think about that now, though. Jayden released him just so she could brace her hands at the back of his neck and left herself to wind her other leg around him. It left her looking down at him, brushing wet hair from his face and drawing her tongue over his lower lip. "’Course we have plenty of fun here too…" -01:10 Sep 04
Cupio: And as soon as he was released he was guiding himslf with his thumb to push against and into her biting her lip as he did so. "Theres always fun when you’re around." he siad pulling her other leg up and around him. "If this carries on we’ll never do anything except fuck eachother’s brains out." -01:14 Sep 04
Jayden: "No complaint here, Coop." the response came out as a sigh as she rest her head against his. Her eyes fell closed and she savored the moment. Screwing McBoobs was entertaining, but it wasn’t near as fullfilling as this! Her nose brushed down his before she captured his mouth with a deep kiss. -01:21 Sep 04
Cupio: He kissed her back pushing her head against the wall as he did the same to her hips. He tried to think of Jayden the first few days he had been here and how she had been activly avoiding sex with him and playing with his need for tidiness and now they were in danger od starving ebcausr they were having sex instead of going shopping. But with her willing body against his there was nothign else he’d rather do. -01:26 Sep 04
Jayden: With the wall as leverage, her limbs wrapped around his body and nothing but hot water and soap between them, it was simple work to move. Rise and fall against him, delighting in that friction of skin against skin. Jayden bit his lip, sucking on it gently. He had no idea how much he made her feel, and just how strong it was! -01:33 Sep 04
Cupio: He pushed harder his hips moving with her as he grabbed and pulled her hair. Jayden as a demon. Jayden as a demon. Jayden as a demon. He couldn’t get that though out of his head and it was driving his wild. He was pushing harder and faster and some of the changes she had seen earlier were occuring, the slight redening of his skin, the spines, the stronger, thicher tail, and animalistic drive to keep her pinned and the spines… Jayden… as a demon. -01:39 Sep 04
Jayden: There was a shift, almost like she could taste it. One of her hands pulled away from him, before coming back to rest on his shoulder. Fingers dancing over the skin and a spine too. There was a slight hiss of breath from her as she opened her eyes. Regarding him first with curiosity then heavy lidded desire. She liked demon Cupio. Really, really liked demon Cupio… Jayden took his mouth in a hard, demanding kiss. Grazing teeth against his lips and invading with her tongue for a taste. -01:48 Sep 04
Cupio: He lips parted, eagerly taking her in and the tognue that greeted hers was thick and sinewy. His wings pressed against the wall his added leverage as he pushed ever harder a hiss of pleasure esaping into her. His tongue seemed to reach all the way to the back of her thoat as he pulled her in deeper. He hadn’t used her this hard since she had passed out. -01:52 Sep 04
Jayden: Jayden was on the brink, intoxicated with the scent of him and every little touch that seemed to have her blood on fire. She didn’t pull away until she was forced to gasp for breath, and even then while breathing hard and still gasping she was nuzzling against his cheek and down his jaw until she was sinking her teeth in to his neck. She had to! For it hit her so suddenly, she might’ve been screaming otherwise. Her groan came out muffled against his neck and shoulder as she tensed and locked around him. -02:01 Sep 04
Cupio: He kept pushign if anything only encouraged by her climax to go faster, harder. He licked her ear the pain from her bite sending a tingle down his spine. "Bite harder." he whispered his grip on her tightening. "I want you to taste blood." and he wanter the pain, and pain of her bite with the pleasure of her tensing around him. She was so much like a demon it was easy to imagine her as one. -02:05 Sep 04
Cupio: He kept pushign if anything only encouraged by her climax to go faster, harder. He licked her ear the pain from her bite sending a tingle down his spine. "Bite harder." he whispered his grip on her tightening. "I want you to taste blood." and he wanter the pain, and pain of her bite with the pleasure of her tensing around him. She was so much like a demon it was easy to imagine her as one. -02:07 Sep 04
Jayden: Biting harder was not an issue. He was still pushing, and she was still climbing! Nails digging in to his back and shoulder as she clung. And when she did taste blood, smelled it even, it was with such a strange thrilling jolt of satisfaction! -02:11 Sep 04
Cupio: He clenched his teeth as he chought himself to the edge and held himself there pushing and flexing against her as he groaned and nuzzled aainst her.. then he was shaking as he tasted his own orgasm, his claws jus puncturing her skin. -02:16 Sep 04
Jayden: Jayden was still gasping for breath, it falling over his skin in soft puffs. She licked over the spot she bit, kissing it softly before her head fell against his shoulder. Getting lost in him was intense… and she hadn’t quite pried her fingers off him yet. -02:21 Sep 04
Cupio: He kissed the side of her neck and nipped the skin before nuzzling against it and sighing into her. She had the best of both demon and human in her… "One one a kind, Jayden, thats what you are… now how clean do we need to be for round three?" -02:25 Sep 04
Jayden: Her smile was felt against his neck, and though her hands hand open to pull her nails out of his skin, she was still clinging tight to him. She loved being wrapped around him. "Clean enough not to stain my expensive sheets…?" -02:28 Sep 04
Cupio: He didn’t let her go, instead he took the soap and laning back just enough for the water to hit her chest lathered his hands and rubbed the soap into her chest. "I can make that happen." he was smiling at her and caught ehr chin with his hand. To tilt her head up towards him. "I’m happy you’re taking this so well." He was talking about her carrying his child, assuming once again that she knew. -02:31 Sep 04
Jayden: "What being well sexed and pampered afterwards? Or the part where I’m not unconcious?" she teased. Not unconcious… tired! But definitely enough stamina to test his to-do list. -02:36 Sep 04
Cupio: He rinced the soap off of her and leaned forwards to kiss her. "Everything." He pulled away from the wall and brought her with him, his tail releasing her leg and his hand turning the water off. "Drying time, then we’ll use your expensive sheets." he was still looking demonic but not as much, just how he usually did. "I can’t wait for this." -02:40 Sep 04
Jayden: There were so many benefits to being carried around. For starters, she could nuzzle his cheek and nibbled his ear without having to worry about anything more than keeping a good grip on him. Jayden was grinning again. "You have been excited about ‘this’ all morning, you’ve got me curious." -02:45 Sep 04
Cupio: He grabbed a towel and handed it to her while he kept his arm around her and leaned forwards to kiss her. "You’ll find out, but I did say what it was earlier." he pulle on her lip when he pulled away and started drying her slowly. -02:48 Sep 04
Jayden: "Hmm… I vaguely recall something about bondage before you screwed every thought out of my head." she mumbled, deliberately not being helpful at all and amusing herself with running her fingers through his wet hair. "Going to make sure I don’t run away, Coop?" -02:56 Sep 04
Cupio: "If that was my ownly goal there are funner ways to make sure you can’t walk." he said with a mischevious look on his face as he continued to dry her as best he could. "Like making you pass out. Or just holding your in place. Or fucking every though of escape out of your head." he hand glided over her stomach. "Besides, I think I know you’ll stay." -03:01 Sep 04
Jayden: "I’m glad you’re confident." Jayden pulled herself tighter around him again to nuzzle his cheek and plant a soft kiss over his mouth. "You’re mine. I’m not ever going anywhere. And if I run it will be for fun, and I fully expect you to come chasing." she smirked wide, with a suggestive quirk of a her mouth. -03:05 Sep 04
Cupio: "So you like the though of being leaped upon my a winged horror from hell and fucked mercilessly however you fall?" he teased returning her kiss and taking her though to the bedroom where he lowered her onto it and then started drying his own hair. "Those poor witnesses." -03:08 Sep 04
Jayden: "After a very public production in a demon club, I doubt I’ll be too embarrassed about anywhere else." Jayden flopped back in to bed and sighed. Stretching her arms and legs out, and every other little muscle that had previously been coiled tight around him. She was rolling in bed like an over-pleased cat and with a grin to match. "And I doubt you give a damn about witnesses either!" -03:12 Sep 04
Cupio: "They’d think it rape how I’d go about it." he said "But no, real rape would have more blood." he dried himself off, cheating with the wings ba making them vanish, brying his shoulders, then making them re-apear. "Now Jayden, what toys have you been hiding from me? What do you have that might help me keep you ties dowm or am I going to have to use your wardrobe?" -03:19 Sep 04
Jayden: "Toys, huh…" The first thought that came to mind was the nice little vibrating monstrosity she had stashed in a drawer. That, though, wouldn’t exactly keep her tied down! She sat up and braced her hands behind her, just giving a shrug of her shoulders. "Poor demon, afraid you’re gonna have to get creative. I didn’t exactly bring drunken screws back here to my place for kinky fuckery." -03:23 Sep 04
Cupio: He grinned at her. "We’ll have to fix that. Maybe we should go shopping this afternoon." he pulled his belt from the floor and held it one hanb on each end looking at her. "Anything I get for you you could always use on the othr me." -03:29 Sep 04
Jayden: Jayden looked a little dubious about that! "Don’t count on that! Little Mcboobs is a tiny demon princess. You don’t tie up and fuck the hell out of princesses!" …well. SHE didn’t. That just wasn’t the way she seemed to respond to Mcboobs! -03:39 Sep 04
Cupio: He stalked up to her and placed the belt down across her stomach adn headed for her drawers. "’Little McBoobs’ is a demon, and demons can take a hell of a lot of mistreatment Jay, but then so can mortal girls I’m learning." he opened her drawers and pulled out a scarf, and thinking of McBoobs spied some of her underwear and turned to flash her a grin. "You wouldn’t be afraid of pushing my buttons, would you?" -03:46 Sep 04
Jayden: "Pressing your buttons is the last thing I am afraid if!" she responded with a mild huff. Seriously? If that’s what he thought… It’d be a piece of cake to take Mcboobs on a wild ride, it was only that she didn’t want to do mean things to Mcboobs! "Mcboobs is my girlfriend and I take care of my girlfriends. …you on the otherhand I am thinking about smacking around a little!" -03:52 Sep 04
Cupio: He sat on the bed next to her and rubbed her stomach with his palm. She thought his forms were so different and they were both him. It puzzled him. "Well you’re a lot more fun when I’m like this then." he said before taking the belt and looking it around both her legs and tighening it. Then he too her wrist and brought her finger to his mough to nip her fingertip and flicj his tongue against it. "Now we should go for round three, maybe in your four you’ll get your chance." -03:59 Sep 04
Jayden: "Get my chance to smack you?" Not that she really wanted to. But he tended to stir up a darker side of her that she really never thought she had. Jayden twist her legs a bit, testing the belt. Only tugging her wrist away from him when his tongue tickled a sensitive spot. "You’re a lot more fun too, when I’m not worried about someone trying to steal you.." -04:10 Sep 04
Cupio: He pulled her wrist back and down to the mastess where he pinned it eith his knee and tied one end of the scarf around it then reached over for the other pulling the first by the scart to loop the scarf under the balt arounf her legs and tie her other wrist to it. "No one is going to steal me Jayden. Especially not now. You have me for as long as this works out." -04:14 Sep 04
Jayden: Now she was testing out how tight the scarf was tied. He had very often pinned her down and to things, but being tied up was a first. A kinky, delightfully erotic first… but now she was wondering how she was going to get her hands on him! "Sweet things have such a weird new tone when said while being tied up." she muttered with a smirk. -04:21 Sep 04
Cupio: He tickled the bottom of her foo with his fingers. "Well this meant you can’t run from your feelings." he teased before his other hand reached around and kneeded a breast. "But you should already know what I just said, so when you’re snuggling ‘McBoobs’ tonight just remember neither her not I are going anywhere." -04:25 Sep 04
Jayden: He was doing it again. Saying those things that immediately stirred that part of her that made her want to pounce on him. Jayden squirmed against the bindings a bit, now a little frustrated with them… but ever so slightly placated by being fondled. "That’s good to know…. because I’mma give chase to if you’re gone! You’re mine. All of you." -04:31 Sep 04
Cupio: That made him grin and he rewarded her by bending down to kiss her thigh, and then grin at her having an idea. "All of me?" he asked a shit eating grin plastered across his face. "Give me an example of what is yours." -04:34 Sep 04
Jayden: "What? Really?" So she sounded a little suspicious. Why wouldn’t she be, that was a wicked look if she ever saw one! Jayden was squirming again, but took up the bait! "You mouth is mine… wings are mine. And your…" she cast that wide wicked grin right back at him! "All mine." -04:37 Sep 04
Cupio: "My mouth…" he moved to kiss her… right there. His wings moving forwards with his hand to hold her legs in place as he wiggled the tip of his tongue against her clitoris. "Yes, I have to agree." He kissed and sucked on that spot before bringing one of his hands down to circle it lightly with a finger. "And this is mine." -04:41 Sep 04
Jayden: It wasn’t what she was expecting, so she wasn’t able to supress that yelp of surprise! Those few moments between shower and bed clearly weren’t enough to calm her senses down, and she found herself chewing on the inside of her cheek until she could not focus so much on how his finger was making her tingle. "uhm… um… Right. Mine. Yours." -04:47 Sep 04
Cupio: He was grinning. She was melting to his hand and he loved it. Taking a breath he blew across her and brushed his finger over her clit before leaning down to rub his lower lip against her and then running his thick tongue over his lip. "You’re wet Jayden, this is going to be fun." he put his lips to hers and his finger still circling issed her as hard as he would if it had been her actual lips. -04:52 Sep 04
Jayden: Holy shit. This was not going to be good. Well, no, it was going to be totally awesome. But she could only squirm in his grasp and couldn’t tug on his hair and… She flinched when she gasped and groaned. "you… hum.. learned something from me last night, huh…?" -05:01 Sep 04
Cupio: He pulled back and licked his lips. "Maybe. Or I’ve been wanting to do this since we met but just love having my dick in you too much." he eased his tongue out of his mouth and ran the tip over her right from the bottom to the top and then in a circle around ehr clit, then back down dipping inside her, lapping against her and then his finger went being to it’s circling. A demon giving without recieving… what did you do Jayden. -05:05 Sep 04
Jayden: There was no hiding her moan that time. A low plaintiff cry from the back of her throat. Her toes were curling and she was grasping on to the scarf bound around his wrists. Her snappy comeback was lost somewhere amidst her futile squirming, and ever increasing gasps of breath. That tongue had been in her mouth earlier, and she had a pretty good idea how far it could reach! -05:10 Sep 04
Cupio: He dipped it again, pushing it in deeper and then withdrawing it. Then again, the tip finding and tasting the frons wall inside her. He was pushing in gradually further each time before in a rush he pushed his lips against her using then to spread her and pushed with his songue as it’s entire wriggling slippery mass moved into her, curling, probing, feeling, exploring as he pushind his finger into her clit to grind it itno her. -05:14 Sep 04
Jayden: "Coop..! Holy hell!" she cried out with an arch of her back. She was burning with it. And worse being so conciously aware of every tiny little flicker inside her to the point he had her writhing and whimpering in her hands! -05:28 Sep 04
Cupio: He found it, the small spongy area that signified where she was lost sensitive, or so they said, and he attacked it without mercy rubbing against it while keeping her immobile. He was going to make her cum like this, and share the taste with her as he took her again. Never enough, he could never get enough of her. -05:31 Sep 04
Jayden: "Coop..! ….stop! …no don’t stop!" Jayden whimpered again between shakey gasps. Twisting her body and finding no respite, but wanting that release so, so bad! How could he get so deep with just his… The fact that she was open and unable to just wrap around him made it that much more intense. When she came she was almost howling a groan. And if anyone were in ear shot it might’ve sounded like she was being tortured! -05:45 Sep 04
Cupio: He grinned and pulled his tongue out, he was soaked in her juice, it seemed Jayder had a lot of it left to give. Still grinning he pushed her legs onto thier side and crawled up to push his lips into hers and push his tongue into her mouth as his hands moved her hips and his tip to rub against her. -05:50 Sep 04
Jayden: She was still giving soft whimpers, even when she lift her head off the bed to return his kiss in kind. She could taste herself when his tongue invaded her mouth, that subtle scent of sex filling her senses and it was completely insane. His rubbing up againt his while she was still twitching, was almost too much! -06:01 Sep 04
[(Timeout) Cupio has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:27 Sep 04
[Cupio enters… yes, yes he does.] -06:27 Sep 04
Cupio: He pushed in and bit her lip in the same instant and groaned with the feeling of her around him and still so wet. "I like you wet… but then I loke you all the time." -06:30 Sep 04
Jayden: Oooh hoo… Jayden could feel herself clench around him. And compared to the twisting of his tongue, this was smooth and filling… but no less tormenting! Her head fell back again as she groaned. "I think… I like you fucking me until I see spots..!" -06:37 Sep 04
Cupio: He pushed again. "I like that I can too." his hands and wings moved to grip her, holding her in place as he pushed up against her. "I like a lot of things about you Jay. I don’t think I could leave you if I wanted to." -06:39 Sep 04
Jayden: "Oh gods, don’t say nice stuff right now…!" Jayden was still hovering on the edge. Biting in to her tongue as she sucked in a breath every time he pushed and left her reeling. He had her tied up and pinned to the mattress, yet she still felt like her world was spinning! -06:44 Sep 04
Cupio: The sound of her voice! So full of feeling! It drove thought from his mind and made him push faster. "Keep using that voice and you’ll make me fill you to bursting." he whispered in a hiss as he listed her hips to pushe her down against the matress. -06:49 Sep 04
Jayden: "Cupio…!" She groaned in exasperation. Jayden couldn’t comprehend what voice he wanted, all she knew was that he was driving her mad! She was building all over again, and more her held her still the more she tried to move. Twisting her legs and her hips. Hitching her breath when a thrust caught a tender spot, or murmuring his name between shaking gasps! -06:58 Sep 04
Cupio: He held on firmly and pounded his hips against hers, he was losing himself rapidly and growled. He wanted it to last longer… but… "Come Jayden… I can’t held on…" -07:01 Sep 04
Jayden: Can’t hold on was such an understatement! Almost as if she had been waiting for his permission, she let go. His name slipping out as a sigh when most of her body went slack, aside from the convulsing around him. There were the spots… fuck, she loved those spots…! -07:06 Sep 04
Cupio: He rocked agaisnt her and shook as he released before he let her hips fall to the bed and dropped down next to her his hand immediatly going to the back of her neck as he kissed her and picked one of the knots on the wrist loose. "Damn if I don’t love it when you scream my name." -07:10 Sep 04
Jayden: As soon as her hand was free it was going to his face to stroke against his cheek. The spots were vague and she felt like she had been drinking some wine and just freefell in to bed. The smile she gave him was nothing short of blissfull. "I love it when you make me…" Jayden was pretty sure he said the exact same thing to her last night… -07:13 Sep 04
Cupio: He was grinning against her and sliding his arms around her. "Good because I plan to do it again, and again, and again…" he chuckled nuzzling into her. "And again, and again… I’m yours.. all of me." -07:16 Sep 04

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