Tower’s Calling 009: The Sorcerer’s Marionettes

Tower's Calling

[Corona is sitting at her desk with her newest book. If anything is going to help with the proper destruction of evil gods, it’s a ancient grimoire about Magical History and Theory.] -04:11 Jul 11
[Athos enters.] -04:16 Jul 11
Corona: The grimoire was so old, it recounted events predating common knowledge history. So old that most didn’t even think humans or otherwise existed during those ages. Corona was completely fascinated with it. Turning the pages delicately and writting down notes on papers beside her. From gods to magical beings, there was so much that no one ever knew! -04:20 Jul 11
Athos: Athos was resting. Transporting the tower to the learm of gods had taken a lot out of him and he wasn’t yet back to full strength, but that might be a good thing as it mean the other god wasn’t either. "I could use something to drink.." he said sitting up and looking around. "Want somehting?" -04:24 Jul 11
Corona: "Do I get to request anything in the world again?" she teased, not even looking up from her book. There was a chapter specifically about the birth of new gods she wanted to go over. If she were going to have one, she wanted to know what she’d be dealing with. "Hot tea would be nice. I could use something hot." Now if she could apply the knowledge from this book with what she knew about the Emidio bloodlines… This was going to take all night. -04:27 Jul 11
Athos: A mug appeared out od nowhere in his hand and he placed it besides her as it filled itself with aromatic tea. Seemed Athos would never stop showing off, then he got himself a milkshake and sipped it sitting oposite her. "Start at that book much longer and you’re going to dry out your eyes.. whats that in anyway? Arabic? -04:31 Jul 11
Corona: "Hmm, it’s almost Summerian but older than that… I don’t think your Emidio ancestor was the first to destroy and remake the world." She finally looked up to cast him a grin, and took her mug in to her hands. The warmth was nice. The little beast in her couldn’t decide if he liked things really hot or really cold. -04:38 Jul 11
Athos: "Thats what happened when god thinks the worlds gne too far… but it also means we’re no differnt from the otherswith what we can do. I’m I’m frank I do not fault her from what she did. If I lived in her time I might have done the same, even though it almosy killed her husband…" he trailed off "We’ve been killing gods so long but theres always more. Thats why we need to survive." -04:44 Jul 11
Corona: "If there is one god, there is always more…" She took a thoughtful sip of her tea, leaning back in her chair. "And if there was one family of gods, then there has to be others too. The Northern Sea God Vardri created his own bloodline. Who is to say others haven’t done the same?" -04:49 Jul 11
Athos: "The reasons I’ll leave you to ponder because to me they’re not really relevant. All I know is the world is a sack of crap and someone needs to fix it or Dakota won’t be the last Emidio to remake the world through fire." -04:55 Jul 11
Corona: Corona smiled at him with a shrug of her shoulders. "From the looks of it, that seems to be the natural order. The trick is whether or not it’s a good god… or a very, very bad one destroying the world…" -05:01 Jul 11
Athos: He lookes at her and stuck out his tongue. "I was talking about me but don’t worry it was a joke. I do make those you know." He placed his glass down and it melted away into nothingness. "Ww should have checked for my own body stone while we were in the vault… that way I wouldn’t have to summon food for anything but taste… if I could have repaired it." -05:06 Jul 11
Corona: "I doubt it would be any use to you now." Corona set down her mug, resituating in her seat to resume her reading. "You shouldn’t be showing off so much anyway. Unless you intend to summon up something reasonable for dinner." Another grin as she rest her elbow on the desk. -05:11 Jul 11

There was a sudden rumble, and the lurching of wards around the stone walls of the tower. As if something had slammed right in to the side and sent the entire structure shaking in it’s foundation! -Corona

Athos: Athos jumped to his feet and after a moment of readign the flow of magic around them swore. "Hes here.. that other god… shit how did he?…" energy was already crackling arounf his hands as he quickly prepared himself for a fight. "He need to get out of here… How…" -05:22 Jul 11
Corona: This was not a good moment to say I told you so, and Corona was fighting to bite it back, even while she was jumping to her feet and pulling out her wand. She could feel every one of her own wards snapping, like they were nothing more than a spider’s webbing. Magic shard…! Before she thought of anything else she was dashing across the room to claim that shard. -05:24 Jul 11

The crunching of stone almost sounded like footsteps with every crackling boom against the tower. A massive arm shoved it’s way through the tower window, tearing away a large chunk of the wall to make the hole big enough for it to enter. The god was larger than before, more monster than anything else. With gleaming eyes and a triumphant smile. -Corona

Athos: He pulled Corona out the way and out of sight. "I rememebr you.." he said wishing they could run without leaving behind all the things they had just stolen. "Didn’t I kill you already?" -05:33 Jul 11

“Cannot kill what is eternal… boy god.” it hiiiissssed, climbing in to the tower. It’s body so large it seemed to swallow up the room with both form and presence. “I neeeeeeed the summoner…” Tilting it’s head sideways and near upside down, it regarded them with curiosity. “But which soul, which soul is mine… Mother or chiiiiild…?” -Corona

Athos: "Nothing here is yours.." he hissed back a;ready a shimmering barrier in place between the god and Corona. "Leave before I kill you again…" he got ready to back up his threat too pathering the energies of the palne around him and prepairing to trow it at the god. -05:41 Jul 11

unseen though the scorceror, Corona’s father slipped into the tower. The distraction was working beautifly and Athos wasn’t pating any attention to his bride. Perfect… -Athos

Corona: Well fuck. Why did consequences have the worst timing. Corona shifted position to point her wand, and growled at the barrier through her teeth. "If you’re going to fight him, you’re going to fight him WITH me. That’s the way it’s meant to be!" -05:43 Jul 11

The god tilted it’s head the other way. Bemused. Unphased. Leaning forward on all fours, it’s mouth widening to grin with rows of teeth to a grotesque width. “To recreate a life, a sacrifice must be made… Too be soliiiiiid, I must have sacrifice…” Crushing stone beneath it’s feat, it lept at Athos. Not seeming to be specific or choosy about WHO would be it’s sacrifice! -Corona

Athos: Athos brought the barrier down, knowing Corona would attack, his ace in the hole.. then the let loose all his gathered energy at the god… "NOW CORONA!" -05:48 Jul 11

“Sleep dove…” the whisper, still strangly human and somehow not. The spell wound itse;f bubtly around her mind and pulls it into dreams as the sorcerer’s hand tightened around her and he clamped her mouth shut. “A daughter adn grandchild all in one day.. and a godling too. Today is my lucky day..” -Athos

Corona: A flick of her wrist and wand, she was casting to summon… but the words of the spell eluded her. Her grip on reality seemed to slip. Before she realized what happened her body went limp, wand slipping from her hand as she fell asleep. -05:53 Jul 11

Bursting through the boy god’s power, the star god crashed in to him. Both grinding against the stone floor to hit the wall behind. It’s laughter came out in smoke filled hisses! “Weak and stupid… years have not done you justiiiiiice.” -Corona

[(Timeout) Athos has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:27 Jul 11
[Athos enters.] -06:40 Jul 11
Athos: He was on his feet again and errecting a barrier around the god to try and trap him. "And you’ve just gotten uglier.." why hadn’t Corona dona anything? Whait… "NO! CO…" it was too late. -06:44 Jul 11

he slung the girl over his shoulder and was out of there slipping through the portal he came through and disappearing into nothingness. That half god would be taken care of and then… Corona would join him. -Athos

Feet away, the star god was regaining it’s footing. Content with toying with it’s pray, and having no agenda other than just being there. Anothing hiss of laughter. “All the power of a god and yet… alwayssss failure… alwayssss.” It was circling again, eying the barrier with only a mild interest. There was the sense of him pushing against it with an unseen touch of power of his own. “You should have ssssttaaayed dead…. you are weak… no true god…” -Corona

Athos: Athos grit his teeth and growled. Corona was in danger and this asshole was taunting him. "Guess what.. I am not a god. I’m an Emidio and that means I…" he planted his footing on the foor. "Kill." he concentrated summoning a spell and drawing on the power of the wards, both his and Corona’s. "Asshole." He dropped the barrier and pressed the spell in arounf the god, a sealing hex binding him to one of the runes on the wall. "Gods." -07:07 Jul 11

A snarl and a hiiiiiissss, the star god tried to keep a footing by digging it’s claws in to the stone. But the sealment was just enough to pull him back in to the wall. Even while sealed, his hissing howl could be heard. Smoke sifting through the symbol. It would not hold him for long. -Corona

Athos: Athos wasn’t sticking around, he traced the portal and followed, the binding spell he did on Corona and the child reading him on his way. There was no way he was going to let them be taken, no way on this earth. He would rather see it destroyed. -07:11 Jul 11
Corona: Corona awoke slowly. The groggy feeling being hard to shake off. Even her limbs felt heavy. As she shifted she found herself sitting in a chair at an empty table. Except she was not alone. Every single one of the chairs had a person in it. Those soulless, empty husks of people. All poised like they were at a meeting and listening religiously. Corona nearly jumped out of her own skin. "Sonofabitch…!" -07:24 Jul 11

“Now now… you don’t want to wake the others.. trust me on that.” the voice was close by but seemed to be in every direction. “Welcome home daughter, I’m so glad you could join me and join me you will. You;ve done so well raising two gods and another growing inside you. Our family will be the greatest to ever live.” -Athos

Corona: They weren’t at the his tower or hers. Which meant she had no freaking idea where she was, which did not sit well with Corona. Wearily she searched herself for her wand, watching those things and looking for the source of his voice. "I’m a stranger, I have no fucking idea what you’re talking about." He knew… he knew because she took Athos with her and they blew her entire cover. The man was a bad influence! -07:30 Jul 11
Athos: "Don’t lie to me…" small glowing light appeared all around her in the empty sockets of the figures. "Don’t ever lie to me. You know who I am or did you think you were the only think I took from your tower." her notes appeared on the table furthest from her. "You’re a promising student but I’ve been watching you longer than you realize or did you think me stupid enough to let a little girl wonder through my tower? When I noticed things missing I knew only someone of my blood could take them, so I learned what you liked taking and set my sernvants to watch for me." all the heads turned towards her at once. "So Corona, are you going to join me or will I be raising a god on my own?" -07:35 Jul 11

“Don’t lie to me…” small glowing light appeared all around her in the empty sockets of the figures. “Don’t ever lie to me. You know who I am or did you think you were the only think I took from your tower.” her notes appeared on the table furthest from her. “You’re a promising student but I’ve been watching you longer than you realize or did you think me stupid enough to let a little girl wonder through my tower? When I noticed things missing I knew only someone of my blood could take them, so I learned what you liked taking and set my sernvants to watch for me.” all the heads turned towards her at once. “So Corona, are you going to join me or will I be raising a god on my own?” -Athos

Corona: Holy shit, they really did move. She sucked in a sharp in take of breath, nearly falling out of her own chair in the process of scrambling out of it. She’d rather have a showdown with a tracker than those eerie things. "That’s grand, you are indeed the most powerful sorcerer the world has ever known. I’m not going to argue there…. but my mother was better. And YOU are a dick." She didn’t have her wand… that wasn’t going to be an issue. "You make one twitchie little move towards my child and I will make sure you suffer worse than anyone has ever suffered before." -07:42 Jul 11
Athos: She walked into his even though he hadn’t been there a second ago. "Worse than your bufoon of a half-god is right now? He stands no chance against his oponent. That was my deal with him. He gets the upstart who killed him. I get you. You could have anything you even wanted evna father’s love." -07:46 Jul 11
Corona: Corona backed away, her hands balling up in to fists. "Fuck. You. I never needed you before, and I don’t need you now. I have everything I want…. except you good and dead!" All of those years she spent studying to face him, and now here he was. She didn’t feel ready. It didn’t feel like a grand moment of reckoning. Corona was just pissed as all hell, and incredibly afraid that everything was all for nothing. On desparate impulse she pulled a lightning spell to strike him. And those blasted marrionettes too! -07:53 Jul 11
Athos: He caught the lightnign in his hand solidifying it into a radient crystal ring the he tossed onto the ground in ring of her. "Wear it, it will shine with it’s light until the end of time. Its your magic… the last you will ever cast." they jumped her, dozens from every direction as he hit her with a spell locking down her power and sealing away that of her child. "I’m sorry you chose this path but the only reason you’re not dad is I need whats inside you." -07:57 Jul 11
Corona: She was screaming. Both from frustrated rage and the horror of being surrounded by those empty minions. When she couldn’t summon a spell or magic, she was swinging a fist. Kicking out a heel. Scrambling to get that ring, in hopes it would be some sort of tether to her power and cursing him for taunting her with her. "You’re not getting my kid, even if I have to kill you with my bare hands!" she snarled! -08:03 Jul 11
Athos: "wrong. -08:04 Jul 11

“Wrong.” he directed his minions to grab her and hold her for him. “If you’re only going to be good for me as an incubator.. that thats what you’ll be.” he placed hia hand on her forehead and pushed her mind back into sleep, a perminany sleep that would keep her just alive enough for the baby to be born. “Such a waste.” -Athos

Corona: "No…! He’s mine…!" Corona fought it. Tried to jerk herself free. But it was all consuming, heavy… the last thing she remembered was pure fear and the tears sliding down her face as she succumbed to the sleep. -08:10 Jul 11
Athos: He arived just in time to see her fall… she was dead, he was too late. The only thing good in the workd and he had failed AGAIN! How many people were going to die because of HIM! ATHOS! HOW MANY? NO MORE! NO MORE DEATHS! If everythign was bad in the world then there would be no more world. "Noooo…." -08:16 Jul 11

The Sorcerer looked almost surprised to see him there. Almost. He stepped over to Corona, directing his puppets to leave her. Swooping to pick up the glowing ring from the floor. “This is the price a god pays to be raised from the dead, isn’t it? A life for a life. Her life for yours. Your child’s life for the god you could not slay…” -Corona

Athos: He balled his hand into a fist. "I guess yours is free then." ice like a dozen knives shot towards him. "Fist you, then that god… then every other asshole on this planet." -08:24 Jul 11

The ring slipped on his finger, he splayed out a hand. Lighting dropping from the air to split the ice to shards before it ever reached him. “More death. Is that what you want, Son of Emidio? I could bring her back to life. Her and her child. For a price…” -Corona

Athos: He wasn’t listening, Lightning, fire, ice, water, ANYTHING TO HURT HIM. Breathing hard he stopped attacking an glared at the sorceror. "I’m not going to trust you, you fuck. ANd I’m not going to make a deal with you." -08:31 Jul 11

The Sorcerer blocked, dodged, shielded, all without breaking a sweat. Where he drew his power source from, he didn’t even seem to crack the surface yet. What he did make sure to do was protect the body of his daughter. Not a spell, not a misfire, nothing. He needed her unharmed. “She is dead because of you. Because she raised your soul from purgatory. Because you draw evil to you. Because you destroyed my tower and led me right to her… You killed her. And you can’t even bring her back.” -Corona

Athos: Athos wasn’t even hearing him anymore… the gates between the material world and the sea of magic were cracking and an Emidio was directing the flow. "And you can? The do it.. do it or you’ll join her. Bow before your god and…." the burst and the pwoer overtook him, coursed through his viens and for the second time he was almost destroyed byt it, but his hait standign on end as he lifed off the ground his voice distorted at he looked on the upstart sorceror. "I will tear you away and flay your sould if you don’t talk now… NOW!" -08:42 Jul 11

The Sorcerer, to his credit, did not seemed cowed by a god’s display of power. He thought himself a god, with the powers and skills of all those he slayed. He stood in front of Corona, boldy not even summoning up a spell of protection as he cast a wide assinine smile to the god. So reminiscent of the one Corona always gave. “Would you destroy your savior? Your only chance? Do it. Destroy me. Seal yourself again, Son of Emidio, and watch as I come back stronger…” -Corona

Corona: The was a flicker. a spark. It wasn’t her own, or her son… that was sealed away so deep she couldn’t reach it. Something else was calling her name, deep in her slumber. "The child is always stronger than the father." Her child…? Or herself. [i]"There are times to destroy the world and there are times to rebuild it. And if you do not rise, you know where it will be headed…" God damnit. A woman had to do everything. Corona fought it, struggled against it. Was trying to pull apart the sleeping spell… she just needed the time…! -08:57 Jul 11
Athos: Athos’ power wrapped around the man lifting him up like a Giant’s hand. "You know what I’ve always said.. little mortal… Fuck the world. Once you’re dead… its next. You can’t bring her back so you are worthless to me." he energy forced it’s way into him, like hot knives ready to tear him apart from the inside out cutting both body and soul. "There will be nothing left of you, and no afterlife. Your soul is mine." -09:02 Jul 11

He was laughing. Maniacally laughing. Even when he felt himself being ripped apart. So consumed by his own delusion, he truely believed he was ascending to godhood. Become something grand, powerful. Every rip was unleashing more of his own powers, powers he stole. Souls he claimed. Flaring against the god’s power like rays from a super nova. -Corona

Corona: There was too much going on, she could feel it and it felt smothering. Corona was having to struggle against it just as hard as she did pulling apart the spell. But it broke, leaving her rolling and gasping on the floor in pain from the strain of trying to make her body move. Rising on her arms, there was chaos everywhere. Magic and power and rage and madness. "You stupid asses…!" Corona was sure she went unheard. Now she had to unlock her and her child’s magic before the two killed them all! -09:11 Jul 11
Athos: Cutting deeper and deeper, resnding, rooping, tearing, There was blood spraying in arcs as Athos crushed in on him hitting him with lightning and then reasing his arms tore the man the two both halves halling to the ground the innards spilling out but Athos kept him alive he hit him again, and again, and again and again. He was laughing even as tears ran down his face before the entire room filled woth arcs of lightning and then with two charred lumps of meat in from of him and smike rising from his skin he looked down as the sorcerer, still not allowing him to die. He reached down and tore the head from the rest and lifted it up to his level… First you… then the world…" summoning his strength he crushed the skull in his hands and let it fall to the floor… then closed his eyes. "Now for that god…" -09:19 Jul 11
Corona: "Athos." she growled out. Blood was never something that she had a problem with, but there was so much of it now that the coppery smell was making her sick. She was still trying to push herself off the ground. To push at those strands of the sealing spell. It wasn’t going fast enough, and she could feel a sense of urgency emanating from the amulet. Something here was wrong. -09:25 Jul 11
Athos: He stopped, the crackling power around him fading. "Corona..?" he swallowed… "You…" he was at ehr side in a second, wrapping his magis arounf her making sure she was real and really alive… "I thought you were dead…" -09:27 Jul 11

Blood scattered across the floor seemed to ripple. The marrionettes that had been motionless during the entire display were moving again. In jerky twisting motions to creep forward. The laughter and all sound had ceased, but the entire room was dreadfully cold. -Corona

Corona: "What did I say about you keeping your temper…?" she was unsteady on her feet, but alive. And was amused… for about two seconds before she froze and gripped his arm. She really fucking hated those things. "We can’t stay here. If we stay here we’re going to die." -09:30 Jul 11
Athos: He turned and a second later has a wall of ice between them and those things. "Your father.." he said… we shoudl ger out of here.." he picked her up if she wanted it or not and was carrying her upwards on a growing platform of ice to the exit and taking her away. "I don’t ever want to loose you." -09:35 Jul 11
Corona: Corona had her arms around his neck, without complaint. Looking down at the marrionettes that were watching from below with those hollow eyes and frozen in that position. There was a feeling still hanging over her. Had her skin crawling, and she couldn’t seem to grasp it yet. "You’re not going to loose me so easily. I intend to live for a very long time…" -09:39 Jul 11
Athos: "Good because out child needs a mother, and a father." he said holding her close. They had nowhere to go now but it was too late for preperations anyway. Its was sink or whim, or so Athos thought. -09:42 Jul 11

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