The Demon and Angelle 009: To Forgive A Soul

Ten days passed and Virote fed Angelle, his wounds healing.. all but his wings. -Virote

[(Timeout) Angelle was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -06:41 May 13
Virote: The demon has been finding what lottle there was to eat in hell that wouldn’t kill her and had himself heaten apart from her, where she couldn’t see what. Sometimes he’d come back wounded but her kept healing… and spending the rest of the time with her… even though he seemed afraid to toutch her. -06:41 May 13
[Angelle enters.] -06:47 May 13
Angelle: Angelle didn’t know if she was better or worse. The burning under her skin was long gone. Now she just felt cold. Almost unfeeling in the way it settled over her. Virote kept her tethered and in the present, though there was always turmulous thoughts. A desire to pick up that sword and kill. Kill herself. To scream or cry or go insane. …Maybe the cold was for the best. For now, she sat in a high chair, the sword in her hands. Tilting it back and forth and watching the glimmer of metal. -06:47 May 13
Virote: He sat down in front of her and watched her. "No demon will give up something for no reward…" an odd opening to a conversation we had been wanting to have with her for a while. "I’m giving you your soul back and voiding your contract.. no trick this time. Ownership defaults to you." -06:53 May 13
Angelle: It took a moment before the words sank in and the tilting of the sword stopped. Angelle eyed him in confusion. "You can do that? Give my soul back…?" She felt… something about it. It was hard to pinpoint. -06:56 May 13
Virote: A peice of paper appeared in his hand, the same one he had made her sign before she ran. And then he tore it in half the halves catching fire and shriveling to nothing. "I just have." -06:58 May 13
Angelle: Angelle watched the pieces burn with interest, the sword tilting limply towards the ground. "I don’t feel any different…" She wasn’t sure what she was expecting. A flash or bang, or maybe anything at all. -07:01 May 13
Virote: ANd you didn’t feel any different when you signed it. But when you die you won’t belong to any one. I promised you heaven after all…" -07:05 May 13
Angelle: "We’ll see…" Angelle doubted that was a promise he could keep. Heaven didn’t accept murderers and it seemed she was where she belonged. "Thank you for my soul, though." Maybe she did feel better. She belonged to herself and not anyone else. That she could fight to keep. -07:09 May 13
Virote: "And so a demon gives up a rare soul for no reward. Promising her heaven while he only has hell." he shook his head "Sometimes I wonder if my mind is in this body or if I’ve lost it somewhere." he stood and turned to walk to leand against a wall. "I’m also not telling you what to do, you choose for yourself." -07:15 May 13
Angelle: "I know. This was all my idea. …Kinda." Well, the how part wasn’t her idea. But Angelle remembered being determined to change things for herself and him at one point. She was just trying to remember why! "I want to make us safe. So we could live and not be afraid of someone trying to hurt us…" -07:19 May 13
Virote: "And I forced you down this road because I was afraid to die. I’m not afraid anymore, your happiness if more important. I’ve been given over a thousand years and what have I done in them? Nothing to be proud of… except what I just did." -07:23 May 13
Angelle: She was silent. …but slowly her mouth curved up in to a smile. The first genuine one in weeks. All of the terrible things he had done, over so many lifetimes and to herself… and he chose to spit in the face of all that to do something good. Gave her soul back to her. "I forgive you. For everything you’ve done… I know I said before that I did, but I really honestly mean it now. I don’t know who you were when you were human, but I am sure you didn’t deserve to be here. And if I can, I will help you get away from here." -07:30 May 13
Virote: "This is where I belong." he said "Earth is the best I can hope for.. and you can’t forgive me for everything, not what I did before I met you but maybe one day I’ll forgive myself." he looked at her and smiled, but it froze when there was an unearthly wail from nearby… followed byt what sounded like a thousand growls. "Oh no…." -07:34 May 13
Angelle: The sound had her freezing. Slipping out of her chair to stay near him. Just by the tone of his voice she knew what it was… and she wasn’t sure if she were ready for this…! "What do I do?" -07:38 May 13
Virote: "I’ll keep him busy.. you look for an opening and.." he swallowed "Use the sword." he pus his arms aorund her briefly "He will underestimate you and focus on me. Keep the sword out of sight until you strike…." he kissed her forehead and let go.. howing she hadn’t heard the fear in his voice. -07:42 May 13
Angelle: Angelle took the sword and stepped away. She really wasn’t ready, but there was no getting around it. She eased herself back against the wall, out of direct line of sight, holding the sword down, hoping to keep it sheilded with her body. She was going to have to kill another demon, and this time Angelle was hoping she could do it without thinking… -07:48 May 13
Virote: He walked out into the center of the room so that he woulf be the first thing seen. "Remember Angelle… after this.. its over." he waited.. ti was all he oulf do while fear flooded him. This couldn’t end well. -07:51 May 13

It didn’t seem to come from a single doorway. The darkness that crept and oozed it’s way in to the room. Eating up every ounce of light that it touched. Vaguely there seemed to be a shape or form in the midst of it. Huge and incomprehensible. Out of the blob of dark popped a smaller shape, a head most likely. There was the faint outline of eyes glowing gold, the shape of a nose and mouth and long horns. “You took a soul from me. That was a mistake.” -Angelle

Virote: He looked at the face. "Does it look like I have a contract of yours on me?" he asked "I have nothing of yours adn I am not yours. If you want to argue that… show yourself and he’ll do it the way its always done. And I’ll kill you." -08:14 May 13
Angelle: She remembered this feeling. The darkness and everything about it. How it filled and consumed a room and all of the things it could do, and had done to Virote. She remained silent, not drawing attention to herself and pulling the sword closer. -08:15 May 13

The darkness never faded, the form didn’t shrink. “I will not waste my time with you again.” Shooting out from the black was a heavy fist. Striking against Virote so hard that it sent him crashing against the far wall. Without hesitating a moment, that same giant fist grabbed the demon and slammed him down on the ground. “You think that because your demonsire is dead that I do not own you. That too is a mistake.” He was feeding the blackness pouring it over the demon to drown him in it. -Angelle

Angelle: "Stoppit!" She screamed, knowing it was stupid but feeling compelled. He would die like this, after he had worked so hard to change everything. Angelle moved away from the wall, she didn’t know what she was doing and when a better moment would come. She just couldn’t let Virote be murdered. Rushing at the black, she shoved the sword through the side of what looked like the thickest part. The whole bit of metal sinking in all the way down to the hilt. -08:23 May 13

Something hissed, burned even! The metal having instant effect on the demon. Snarling, blackness dripped away to reveal a dark, more solid and more managable sized form. “My human soul… You returned her soul.” The oddly shappened mout churned up in to a smile. Showing rows of greyed teeth. “That does not matter. You are in hell.” The sword fell from her hands when the demon grabbed her face with a large hand. A obsidian spike forming in his other hand. With a sharp motion it went right through her chest. Drawing a satisfied smirk from the beast as he tossed her body aside. “Doesn’t matter at all.” -Angelle

Virote: He struggled against it his head turned to the side, to couldn’t win, he couldn’t even hurt it like this…. "ANGELLE NO!" it was too late she made her move and was now … "DIE!" he leaped on the demon driving him to the floor and plunged his clasw deep into him he mouth opening at he bit into the demon’s throat and pulled back gore comign away in his mouth. Then he slashed his claws across the wound, grabbed the handle of the sword and pushed it though the demon’s chest not even noticing that he had been able to use it… "Angelle…" He scrambled to her body and placed his hadn on her cheek. There was no life in her eyes… no colour to her cheeks… "Nooo…." He raised his head… her sould would be nearby.. and others would want it. -08:36 May 13
Angelle: This is strange… SHe had felt it. The blackness that pierced through her chest. Hitting the floor. Everything past that had felt so dim, so dark. She was looking down at herself now. So eerie and strange…. but it didn’t feel bad at all. For the first time in her entire life she felt peaceful. Angelle reached out her hands, placing them on Virote’s shoulders. He was so sad… he didn’t have to be sad. "Don’t cry, please…" -08:40 May 13
Virote: He turned, his cheeks wet and threw his arms around her. "I’m so sorry." he said "I’m so so sorry… now you’ll never get to go home.. I failed you…." -08:43 May 13
Angelle: Angelle was a little surprised that he saw her and could touch her at all. She hugged him and pulled away, resting her hands against his cheeks. Angelle smiled softly, brushing the tears away with her thumbs. "You don’t have to be sad, now. You kept your promise." This wasn’t right, she didn’t want him to be sad. After all that he fought through. "Let me give you my promise." Angelle murmured, pulling his face down. She brushed a kiss over his mouth. Gentle and sweet and genuine. -08:49 May 13
Virote: He kissed her back his arms holding her tight against him. "I didn’t keep you safe.. you… you’re dead.." he was shaking and his kiss was desperate … he didn’t notice the changes taking place, the horns disappearing, the fags receeding, the broken wing reforming and spreading out, another sprouting from his outher shoulder, feathers growing from both… "I’ll take you to where I promised…" -08:55 May 13
Angelle: All Angelle had was smiles. No fear, no worries. Brushing her hands against his cheeks and meeting his desperation with soothing kisses. "You can come with me now. If you want to come with me…" She reached over her shoulder, threading her fingers of feathery wings with interest. Turning her head to glance over her shoulder. They were there there too. Angelle turned her smile back to him. "Come with me?" -09:00 May 13
Virote: He blinked at her wings and her touch on his… but plasing his hand in her cheek he looked into her eyes and nodded. "Gladly.. You’re and one who showed me…. theres and angel in all of us." -09:05 May 13

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