Breaking Delilah 010

Breaking Delilah

[Ferius Lights the last candle in the great cabin and strategicly unbuttons the top two buttons of his shirt. Two classes of wine on the table next to him and the bottle ready to poar more… it was time to show Delilah how a lady could eb treated if she wasn’t so shouty all the time.] -02:02 Mar 23
[Delilah was definitely proving she was a forminable and capable captain, despite all of her craziness.] -02:05 Mar 23
Delilah: Organizing the crew and making sure the Moira’s Gloom was in top condition was Delilah’s priority. Though it seemed their tangled with Vardri would more likely be on land, Delilah didn’t want to take any chances with HER ship. Supplies were counted, weapons were prepared. Anything broken was fixed and she made sure those men were ready to fight and not die. When she stomped back topside, she was all but ready to scream at the cold. There was snow. SNOW falling and out in the distance she could see a country covered in the stuff. It was probably the most wretched and uncomfortable thing she had ever seen in her life. -02:08 Mar 23
Ferius: Curtains closed, the thickest blanket on the bed… the chairs mover to exactly the right place. He heard her footsteps apoaching and turned grabbign the glasses from the table and stepping into the middle of the room. Bathed in the soft light and with the curtains closed the only sign they were not in a secluded lodge was the shape of the cabin itself. "Theres my captain." he said softly when the door opened. He slid one of the glasses into her hands and kissed her cheek closign the door behind her. "If you’re done leading the men maybe its time someone took care of you." -02:14 Mar 23
Delilah: This was… unexpected. There was a brief look of surprise on her face, but it was quickly followed up by suspicion. She held the glass under her nose for a moment, testing to see if she smelled any poisons… "They’re all too new and untrained. If any of them actually live through this nonsense they will be lucky indeed. ….What game are you up to this eve, Ferius." -02:17 Mar 23
Ferius: He smiled at her and sipped his wine. "Drink up, its a great vintage. I’ve been saving it for a long time. You’ve been doign so much, running the ship, training the crew. You need to relax, tomorow we go ashore and I want to make sure that my captain, my love, has at least one night where she doesn’t have a care in the world, instead of carryin it on her shoulders." -02:23 Mar 23
Delilah: "You make it sound as if I’m a philanthropist and not a murdering Pirate." What the hell was he trying to do? Delilah remained where she was standing, more than a little bit wary about the entire thing. But she did at least take a chance at the wine. It didn’t taste drugged and the warmth it gave was a relief after being out on deck getting pissed at the weather. -02:28 Mar 23
Ferius: "See I’m not trying to poinson you." he teased. "I’m just trying to show you how much of a captain I think you are. You have the Gloor running better than I did and that takes sharp skill and a sharp tongue." he slipped his arm behind her and gestured at the room with his glass. "And I never thanked you for lifting my curse." -02:33 Mar 23
Delilah: "I’m sure there was at least one thank you." Delilah remained suspicious even while sipping the wine. His sudden shift had her feeling a little off kilter, so she focused on something that was less… strange! "I don’t care for these nothern seas. The oceans are tempermental, the water never quite looks right. And all of this blasted cold. We may as well be in frozen hell." -02:41 Mar 23
Ferius: "Never been tis far north before?" he asked his hand rubbing up and down hir back. "The ferocious and terrible pirate queen prefers climates a hot as she is?" he chuckled sipping more wine. "I thought you could handle anything." -02:45 Mar 23
Delilah: "I like to be able to feel my limb when I’m killing someone." Delilah finished her wine quickly, handing him the empty glass as she stepped away from him. The entire thing was making her feel awkward, but she was attempting to play it all off and remain impassive. She WAS a pirate queen, and she shouldn’t be getting nervous just because the stupid man was suddenly being affectionate. "Did you want to -discuss- something, Ferius?" -02:52 Mar 23
Ferius: He placed her glass on the table and poared then each another. Taking her hand and leading her to sit on the bed. "We both know what we need to do, theres nothing left to discuss unless my captain has something new. If not I’m simply having a quiet evening with my wife. Somethign we havn’t had the chance to have. Just liek I haven’t had the chance to say how ravishing you look, and thats as ravishing as you are deadly. And you’re deadly enough to be the only person to ever best the dread pirate Ferius." -02:58 Mar 23
Delilah: Delilah sat, but it was stiffly and she was of the distinct horror that she might be flushing. She still hadn’t gotten used to the idea of their unorthadox marriage, outside of flippant remarks and teasing. So hearing it said without sarcasm and with all seriousness, felt so odd for a woman who swore she would never marry. His blasted compliments weren’t helping. "There is nothing to say, no…" Beyond her questioning why he was acting so strange. "I don’t deserve so much praise, though. You aren’t nearly as impressive as you think you are." She baited him. -03:03 Mar 23
Ferius: "Impressive enough to win your hand." he said as he took it and laised it to his lips kissing it lightly, then his lips still barely a hairs breath from her skin he looked at her and smiled. "And really thats all the impressign I feel I need to do…" he kissed her wrist, then just past in on her arm allowing his breath to vlow over her skin. "Since you’re the one doing the captaining now mien Liebling." -03:09 Mar 23
Delilah: "German is not a charming language, il mio amore…" Once she realized she was sitting there with her mouth gapping open like some sort of fool girl, she clamped her mouth shut and frowned. He was definitely playing a game with her, but she couldn’t seem to drag up the will to snatch her arm back. "….pity is often a precursor to marriage. You give me too much credit." -03:13 Mar 23
Ferius: "Good thing I’ve had time to learn more mon amour." he said with a smile "Though if I knew I’d tangle with you I would have learned them all." he pulled her closer by her arm and put his hand behind her neck. "A very strange thing has happened Delilah. One that can only be described as this." he pushed his lips into hers and held them there a moment before he spoke agaist her lips softly. "I love you." -03:22 Mar 23
Delilah: Shit. Shit and damn and hell lot more curse words. Why did such a simple leave her feeling like she just jumped off the edge of a cliff. …and coming from HIM! "…and you are sure there is not something wrong with that wine?" Delilah was damning herself now too as her voice came out far too breathy. -03:27 Mar 23
Ferius: He laughed his lips brushing agaist hers again and his arms closed around her. "I’ve felt like this long before uncorking the bottle. When I say you’re a remarkable woman. I really mean it." -03:29 Mar 23
Delilah: "Do you." It wasn’t a question, just a statement. She told herself it was simply because he was so warm and it was a nice contrast to the freezing weather that she leaned in to his embrace and rest her head against his shoulder. "You can stop with your flattery now, Ferius. I am too weary to wage war with you today." -03:34 Mar 23
Ferius: His hand ran through her hair and down her back. "Why fight?" his voice was soft and quiet and soon his hands alighted on her shoulders to run them gently. "Not everythign has to be a battle. We’re working together to get this ship ready… so lets be together." his bite was gentle on her lip and followed by a soft but pasionate kiss. "Love doesn’t have to be a war." -03:40 Mar 23
Delilah: Lingering at his mouth was probably a bad idea. Her instinct was suggesting she flee as quickly as possible. "Funny you say this now… when weeks ago you were trying to bend and break me." she muttered. Deliberately bringing it up to try and break the odd spell he seemed to be casting. -03:54 Mar 23
Ferius: He shook his head. -03:55 Mar 23
Ferius: ((oops)) -03:55 Mar 23
Ferius: He shook his head. "Just goes to show how much you suprised me. Wekks ago I thought of you and nothhing more than a pirate woman to be subjegated and controlled. You resisted me and showed me you’re stronger than that…" he placed his hands either side of her head and looked into her eyes. "All those times we could have killed eachother… we still happened.. You are I are still married and fighting side by side. Now think about what we could do if we stopped fighting eachother. Nothing would be able to stop us. You, me… and the world would be ours. All we need to do is stop it being destroyed…. and love eachother." he pushed her back and kissed her hard his lips locking with hers. -04:00 Mar 23
Delilah: Delilah fell back against the blankets, her escape only being stopped by a kiss that left her mind spinning. He spoke of things that sounded amazing. Glorious. She may have off handedly offered it all to him when she broke his curse, but she never actually believed it possible. Delilah was still leaning on her elbows and broke the kiss. Eyeing his face in confusion. "You know me. You know how quickly I can turn and -will turn on you on a whim. And you still want this…?" -04:13 Mar 23
Ferius: The grin he gave her was confident and definatly toutched by evil. He leaned down to kiss her chest over her heart. "I’ll take my chances, I’m confident I’ve wormed my way into here…" he kissed again, then moved up to her thoat his fingers grasping at the buttons of her shirt. "And when you’re in love, you take risks. Are you really going to turn on me?" -04:18 Mar 23
Delilah: "Arrogant. I might yet…" Her breath caught, and she had to chew on her bottom lip just to keep from having that slack-jawed expression again. If she were honest… she was fond of him. There was no one else that had commanded her respect even despite her fury. No one else that made her want to see beyond what was on the surface. Or even consider the future farther than a few weeks. Even now he had her questioning what she really want. "…and you believe you have something that will make me stay?" she asked turning her head to whisper it in his ear. Delilah was curious to hear the answer. -04:24 Mar 23
Ferius: He continued undoing her buttons then opened her shirt sliding his hands anderneath to leasurly explore her curves. "Over a hundred years or knowledge of currents, winds, islands, reefs, navigation, how to her the most of of the Gloom no matter the weather…" he nipped her lip "A collection of journals and charts to more hidden treasures than you could find in a lifetime and the knowledge of thier makers before I slit thier thoats. But thats not why you’ll keep me around." his voice was a whisper in her ear, so soft it would be lost if there were any noise at all. But in the silent far north wis words could be heard. "This is.." he mover to push his lips into hers. Taking the risk of closing his eyes and letting what he felt guide his togue into her mouth and his hands as they made their slow progress up and down her body. -04:31 Mar 23
Delilah: It was true that all the things he list would be valuable. …but it was also true that she could have those things without him. His kiss was what caught her, and the gentle touches. So unlike their previous encounters, or anything else Delilah had ever wasted time with, that she was swept away by it. Romanticism wasn’t in her nature, but perhaps this one moment as she sighed against his mouth and lift a hand to brush against his cheek, she would make an exception. -04:45 Mar 23
Ferius: He pulled back to smile down at her a hand coming up to gently run through her hair. "You truly are beautiful," he said bending down to kiss her agaist his tongue searching for hers. Even he had to wonder if the wine had soemhting to do with this. The hot feelign in his chest at it pressed itno hers was a mix of need and love, not anger and lust… it didn’t really seem to matter just who had captured who… -04:51 Mar 23
Delilah: "You do not want a spoiled wife, Ferius…" she muttered against his mouth. Delilah doubt she ever had this feeling before. That butterfly in the stomach sensation of being pleased. It was so different from wanting to strangle a man, or quick tumble just to relieve pent up tension. She curled her hand to the back of his neck and slipped under his shirt collar to squeeze his shoulder. Her returned kiss being unusually tender for her. -05:07 Mar 23
Ferius: "I want a wife who can direct a broadside and read a chart, fight gods and still show me whats under her shell." He pushed her shirt from her shoulders and moved his kissing there his tongue softly caressing her skin as his hand trailed down her stomach to pull on her waistband. "I want you." -05:13 Mar 23
Delilah: Any minute she would start purring like a blasted kitten. In such a moment, to have her heart pounding so hard while being so relaxed was quite strange. Despite the oddness of it, she allowed herself the opportunity to just let it all go. She fell back against the blankets when she moved her other arm. Brushing her hand in to his arm just for the sake of petting. No tugging, no pulling, just an amused, soft petting. "You confound me." -05:19 Mar 23
[Delilah enters.] -05:30 Mar 23
[Delilah has timed out.] -05:58 Mar 23
[Ferius enters.] -06:10 Mar 23
Ferius: He opened her pants and then, slowly, unbuttoned his own shirt. "You’re a mystery too." he chuckled. "You’ve made an old pirate fall in love while threatenign to kill him constantly…" Another kiss, long and lingering as he finally meade to remove her pants. This slow unhuried pace was new but no less exhilerating than what they had had before… it had to be because of love. But all Ferius knew was her hot embrace was all he could think about. -06:16 Mar 23
[Ferius has timed out.] -06:25 Mar 23
Delilah: Delilah was amused with the undressing…if only because she was so used to him ripping and tearing and generally ruining most of the things she owned. Once his shirt was unbuttoned she was pushing it off his shoulders. Leaning up on her elbows again to bury her face at the crook of his neck and nuzzle against his skin. He smelled like the sea and bit like smokey candle wax, and it was frustratingly divine. "Do you know what I love, Ferius…" she murmured against his neck. -06:39 Mar 23
Ferius: Freed from her clothes and his shirt he circled his arms around her his fingertips feelign every bump of her spine as he trailed them down her back. "Hmmm……?" the scent of her hair reached his nostrills as he nuzzled into it. The sea, black powder, the galley, she must have inspected every inch of the ship. "Pray tell…" -06:43 Mar 23
Delilah: "That," she brushed a kiss against his skin. Murmuring the words just barely above a whisper. "you gave me a choice…" Delilah bit in to his shoulder with her teeth, flicking her tongue over the spot to sooth. "Despite being a fool." -06:54 Mar 23
Ferius: His muscles tensed umder her teeth the there was a hiss as he sucked his breath through his teeth. He wasn’t angry, in fact there was a smile on his lips as he looked down at her. "Heres another…." he flicked his tongue agaist her ear and began to grind his hips agaist hers. "Do you want to free me from the last of my clothes?" -06:58 Mar 23
Delilah: "I fear this freeing you from things will become a common problem with you." Delilah laughed, though it was cut short by the sucking in of a breath. Balancing on one elbow, she pressed a hand against his chest to push him. Not with any real force, but enough to have him moving off her and standing again. Delilah sat up, slipping the fingers of both hands in to the waistband of his pants and tugging. -07:04 Mar 23
Ferius: He stood looking down at her with a grin. "Are you objecting?" there was a slight chuckle to his voice as his hand petted her hair, simply enjoying the sensation of it agaist his fingers. "I did after all free you from yours." -07:08 Mar 23
Delilah: "I am merely thinking about our illustrious future." she mumbling, tilting forward to softly nuzzle her nose against his stomach. And with a wicked smirk flicked her tongue over his navel. His pants only took a second to unhitch, but she wasn’t yet pushing them down. -07:15 Mar 23
Ferius: His stomach tensed.. It seemed like Ferius, rapist, dread pirate and hier to the curse of an evil sea god was slightly ticklish. "I’m enjoying our present." he said as his hands glided over the back of her neck. "Very much." -07:18 Mar 23
Delilah: Delilah smiled wider, having discovered a vital piece of information, indeed! Her hands circled to his waist, slowly pushing his pants down from his hips. Letting her fingers only slightly brush against his skin to see where else he was so sensitive. In all of their tussels, it was rough and violent… never did she think Ferius would react so sensitively to her fingertips. -07:24 Mar 23
Ferius: His hands moved to her shoulders to grip them as her fingertips caused muscles to tense and shiver especially on his back. "Having fun?" he asked in a slightly teasing way his face smiling down at her. -07:27 Mar 23
Delilah: "Hmm, you have no idea." Delilah didn’t look up to see his smile. Once his pants were pushed down to the floor her hands glided back up his legs. Knuckles brushing the inside of his thighs until she had one hand cupping his balls, and a thumb gently massaging them. There was that flick of her tongue again, hot and wet against the sensitive skin of his stomach and drawing a trail lower. -07:32 Mar 23
Ferius: She was teasing, gaining control as usual. It seemed he would always let her espacially when his legs twitched as he rubbed them and then… "Mmhmmm" he couldn’t stop the sound as he realised where her line was going. No not her Delilah would never…. it was so unleke her to put her mouth on someone’s.. "Delilah..?" his tone was questioning but his mind was electrified… always full of surprises…. -07:37 Mar 23
Delilah: "Yes, Ferius…?" She enjoyed his surpise, reveled in it. Delilah was not one for beautiful words or declarations, but she could show affection through actions. And there was no man on the world that ever had her like this. She left a wet trail down his torso, not stopping when she reached his cock. Hilt to tip she flicked her tongue. Drawing him in to her mouth. -07:44 Mar 23
Ferius: His eyes almost rolled back… it was amazing how a simple action from her could make him feel like this. There was only one word for it. "Fuck…" his nails bit into her as he suched in a breath. He had never reacted liek this before to anything and he’d feel embarresed if it wasn’t ovewhelmed by the feelign of what she was doing. -07:48 Mar 23
Delilah: Perfect encouragement in a single word. Delilah swirled her tongue around his head, sucking it deeper in to her mouth before pulling back to the tip again. Her thumb worked magic on his sack, gently massaging and never failing to caress when while her mouth was busy. -07:56 Mar 23
Ferius: His eyes closed and he bit his lip her attentions making his mind float and spin. For a secind he was worried his legs owuld give out but he held them steady as his mind raced. "I never thought…." there was a wimper in his throat "Delelah Red would ever… mmmm." Dammit it was like she was playing him like a flute. -08:02 Mar 23
Delilah: Delilah pulled away, just long enough to shift her position and nuzzle against his stomach again. She relased him, resting her hands at his hips as she kissed and nipped his stomach, hoping to draw across that ticklish place again. "Delilah Red will do unusual things for the man she loves… if that is not what you want, Captain…" she murmured with a grin. -08:05 Mar 23
Ferius: His hand cuma up to rub the back of her neck and head. "There are many things I want…" she found it again and his stomach twitched… then he pushed her back and slowly ran his hands up her stomach to her breasts his hips moving to hers as he sqeezed them his mouth going to nip the skin just below her ear. "One of them is to lake love to you… not rape you, or fuck you, or have revenge sex with you. To make love." -08:11 Mar 23
Delilah: "To make love." she repeated, her voice low and light… with a tone that suggested she didn’t quite believe such a thing existed. But his hands felt like heaven, and while she curled an arm around his shoulders, finding herself caressing his back with more tenderness than she had ever felt, she thought she might humor the idea. She tilted her head so her cheek was pressed against his. "I could give it a try." Her smile being felt against his cheek. "For love. For you…" -08:19 Mar 23
Ferius: He turned his head to kiss her cheek, then her lips as his hand slipped down his stomach to guide the throbbing member still slick from the time in her mouth to her lips and slowly, thrust inside her. "I love you Delilah…" -08:22 Mar 23
Delilah: No urgency, no vengeance, no anger, or taunting sarcasm. How such a primal thing could be so different with just a change of intent was a mystery to her. Delilah groaned, her other hand coming up to place against his cheek as she returned his kiss. Soft and unhurried, and she moved her mouth against his. "You know I love you.." she uttered in a sigh. Gods alive, she was so hot and throbbing and they had barely started…! -08:27 Mar 23
Ferius: His legs braced and thier hips met his tongue slowly sliding against her lips. She felt so good around him… he lost cntrol of his hips readily and shey slowy grinded agaist her his ands pullign her closer. "Amazing…" he whispered against her lips… it truly was. -08:31 Mar 23
Delilah: Delilah watched his face and expressions. She found, this was something that she loved too… that honest, nothing held back, pure and simple pleasure. Her head tilted back as her eyes fell closed. She moved as he did, so swept away that every part of her was singing with sensation. -08:49 Mar 23
Ferius: HE moved agaisr her his movements encouraged by hers. His entore body given over to the act he thrust deeper as he nuzzled into her. It was hard to stay silent and her name slipped out… but he was so lont in her he hardly noticed. -08:53 Mar 23
Delilah: He was the only man in the world who could say her name and it feel like an enchantment. Every thrust left her soaring. Her legs twisting and sliding up as she dug her feet in to the bed to drive her hips against him. Delilah could hear herself whimpering, having to clamp her mouth shut and bite her own tongue just to still the sounds. -09:03 Mar 23
Ferius: His teeth gripped her skin for a moment as he thrust deeper his hands sliding agaist her with increasing despiration. He wanted to hear her whimpers, her cries, her breath. "Let it out…" he whispered. "I want to hear…" his own breath was fast and hot agaist her as his toes curled and uncurled against the bed… -09:08 Mar 23
Delilah: Her response was a half laugh, half cry as her head tossed listlessly back and forth. Delilah’s hands had long since released him. Dropped to her sides where her fingers grabbed fistfulls of fabric, only to let go again and spread wide with each jolt of electricity that shot up her spine. -09:18 Mar 23
Ferius: He was braced agaist her his movements feverish he pressed his face agaist her his mind realing with the sensation running though him. It was everywhere, his entire body alight with it… he was getting close and he nipped her shoulder in an attempt to her her know. -09:23 Mar 23
[Delilah enters.] -09:37 Mar 23
Delilah: Another whimper hissed out through clenched teeth was followed by a sensuous cooing. It wasn’t enough… she wanted so much more time! But there was not even any delaying her own body. That rising torrent as she came, gripping her so hard that she squeezed her eyes tight as she gasped out loud. Her back arced, pushing him deeping inside as her body clenched around him. -09:44 Mar 23
Ferius: He pushes against her his hands gripping and muscles straining as he climaxed. His panting breath washed over her and he did nothing but savor the moment and her hot body agaist his. "Delilah Red…" he chuckled… "I’d say we just made love…" -09:49 Mar 23
[Delilah has timed out.] -09:58 Mar 23
Delilah: "You needed brag, Captain Ferius." she muttered against his ear. Spent and feeling as if every bone in her body had turned to mush, all Delilah could do was drap her arms around him and nuzzle his cheek. -09:58 Mar 23
Ferius: His hands slid down her body before he pulled her with him under the thick blankets. "When I have you in my arms Delilah, its very hard not to." -10:01 Mar 23

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