My Demon Roommate 010: Demon Shopping

[Cupio has left jayden alone in med still semi tied up and is now in the bathroom witht eh door firmly closed!] -07:07 Sep 05
[Jayden woke up in bed alone and with her feet still tied by a belt. Good thing sex makes awkward sleeping positions a non issue!] -07:11 Sep 05
Jayden: Uuurrg… how many times was she gonna wake up feeling like she had a hangover? Or at least waking up wanting to throw up. And Coop wasn’t in bed so she could sulk and make him fetch her some juice. Jayden rolled out of bed, forgetting her feet were tied and nearly landed in the floor before getting that belt off. Then it was off to the bathroom where… the door was locked. Jayden leaned against it and thwacked on the door. "Opeeeeeen." -07:14 Sep 05
Cupio: H was in front of the mirror stanfing on a stool to get a good view od everything. Smaller boobs, more defined cheeks to break the heart shape of his face and hair a duller orangy red… but with the wach on the door where was a clatter as the stool fell over and Cupio caught himself on the sink. "Don’t come in!" he shouted in reply deciding to hide in the shower even though the door was locked. "I’m… busy!" -07:18 Sep 05
Jayden: He was back as mcboobs again. And there was a clattering in there. Jayden was really in no mood to battle another woman for her bathroom! Jayden banged on the door a little louder! "What the hell are you doing? Get out of there!" -07:21 Sep 05
Cupio: Well fine if she wanted in… a wing streatched out and unlocked it and was quickly withdrawn back into the shower and the curtain was cows as the wing disappeared all the way into his back. His horns were nowhere to be seen either. This was a form jaden could walk around with and not have to worry about… hopefully. -07:24 Sep 05
Jayden: Jayden pushed her way inside and he was nowhere to be seen. Hiding in the shower? Seriously? Now if it were man Cupio, she’d not think anything of it. …but this was Mcboobs. And girls were completely insane. Jayden would know… So she stepped over to the shower, and stood there. With her arms crossed and not pulling the curtain. …Yet! "So what exactly are you doing in here?" -07:27 Sep 05
Cupio: "Nothing!" he was backed up against the back wall. "Just… trying a new look. Its not done yet!" he regrew his wings and hid behind those too. "I just don’t want you to worry about me when we’re in public." -07:30 Sep 05
Jayden: Jayden shove the curtain out of the way. Now staring at him hiding behind wings. "I’m always going to worry about you in public. It doesn’t matter what you look like." Jayden resumed staring. "…oh for fuck’s sake, let me see!" -07:32 Sep 05
Cupio: He moved the wings and kept his eyes in the floor before the wings disappeared entirely. "No one will see I’m a demon and they won’t try and grab me." he glaned at her and then looked away again a hand going to grip her own forearm. "And this way I won’t look better than you." -07:34 Sep 05
Jayden: Her hands were resting on her hips as she leaned forward, scowling. "Demon or not, assholes try to grab cute girls. And me being jealous doesn’t mean you change yourself. That’s MY problem to deal with, not you." She could strangle little Mcboobs! In fact Jayden had to drop her hands to squeeze his shoulders instead of shaking him to death. "I don’t want you to be anything other than what you are! Even if that means you are a super hot, sexier than me, mcboobs that all men want to fuck!" -07:40 Sep 05
Cupio: He looked at her and a glimmer of a smile passed over his lips. "I want to be your equal in this… relashionship and I don’t want you to feel underpreciated. I know the different ways you act arounf the different mes and I sometimes wonder if you even like McBoobs." he shifted back into his usual girly form. "I just want you to be happy with me." -07:49 Sep 05
Jayden: Stupid stupid girl Cupio! Didn’t get it at all! A very exasperated Jayden kissed his forehead, even though wanting to shake him was still a big desire. "I don’t think you understand how much I love Mcboobs. Yes, I am jealous. But that’s not stronger than my care for you. That’s a completely different problem that has nothing to do with you." -07:56 Sep 05
Cupio: He shrugged off her hands and put his arms around her pulling himself close. "I want you to be happy Jayden. As happy as I can make you. Even if it means I have to do silly things and try and surprise you with them." he nuzzled into her neck. "Sorry I made you frown so much." -08:01 Sep 05
Jayden: Jayden rest her chin on top of his head and gave him a few reassuring pets. "Then don’t try to be or do something other than what you are. Just ignore me and my stupid moodswings… I just haven’t felt well lately and it’s making me weird." she muttered. On the brightside, she didn’t want to throw up anymore. Now she was just plain starving, and Cupio smelled good enough to eat! -08:06 Sep 05
Cupio: He slimed then moved to kiss her lips lightly. "I know you have and part of this is me trying to make it easier for you. So… Do you want to go to the new section that were talking about on the news in the mall. The one where they keep all the things demons like to have?" -08:08 Sep 05
Jayden: "I suppose…" That DID sound interesting. Jayden wouldn’t mind seeing a demon store just for the sake of sating her curiosity. "And we may as well get groceries while we’re out. Too much sex and not enough food makes for a cranky Jayden and a potentially beaten Cupio." She gave little silly Mcboobs a very tight squeeze. Cupio was so different when he swapped genders, for a small brief moment Jayden wondered how different if she were a guy herself. -08:19 Sep 05
Cupio: "Are you going to beat me?" he asked tail giving a twitch. "I’ll get dressed while you do what you wanted to here." he ducked out of her arms and headed back into the bedroom moving right through into the lounge stealing some of Jayden’s underwear on his way past… well panties anyway her bras were too small, and then getting a box out from under the couch. They was a surprise for Jayden. Cupio in jeans, ancleboots, and t-shirt modified for a tail and wings. He wasn’t really meant to be showing them, but since he was getting pictures published in a magazine he was being spoken to by soe in charge demon types about being a spokesdemon and they were relaxing they rule for him! So long as he was in Mcboobs form. -08:26 Sep 05
Jayden: It didn’t take Jayden long to finish up in the bathroom. A couple rounds of sex and she was as flimsy as a twig. She was seriously gonna have to see if Cupio was like an incubus or something, cause this was getting ridiculous. When she stepped out to fetch her clothes, she was eying the new little outfit he was wearing. Damnit, her girlfriend was such a typical model bimbo! That shouldn’t make her smirk. "Where did all that come from?" -08:31 Sep 05
Cupio: "This came from a shot, and then I had Caroline at the modeling agency fix them up for me. Its a little surprise for you so I don’t have to keep stealing your clothes whenever I want to go out like this. And these ones fit!" he turned for her to see then grabbed her hadn adn started pulling her towards the door. "We’ll get coffee on the way, my treat!" and he did have a healthy amount of money, enough for a ring, and one for Jayden if she wanted and a car if Jayden could drive.. or they could get one of the men at the club to drive. But Cupio liked the appartment so he wasn’t going to move to another! "And you can name anything you want to eat too." -08:35 Sep 05
Jayden: Jayden was now not so sure if shopping with mcboobs was such a great idea, but he was so enthusiastic… It was aaaalmost cute. "I think I could eat a person at this point and still be hungry." she muttered. "I guess we can get you more Mcboobs clothes too since it will be the mall." -08:40 Sep 05
Cupio: "You’ll get to eat me later, or the other way around, but if you don’t choose breakfast I will." he opened the door and pulled her through and closed it, taking a nervous glance up and down the corridor out of habit before closing the door and then heading for the stairs. "I wasn’t planning of going out like this too often, but when I do it would be nice to have a choice of what to wear.. and you get to help me pick!" -08:45 Sep 05
Jayden: Sarcastic Jayden was thinking Oh yaaay, life sized demon barbie! But less cranky, amused Jayden supposed that might be at least a little bit entertaining. She made sure their door was locked before following, running her hands through her hair and coming to that slow realization that money was no longer an issue for them! That was a nice feeling! "Then choose breakfast, Coop. I’m not picky. I just want to eat." -08:48 Sep 05
Cupio: He was out the appartment door and waking for a cab before she was and pulling out a wallet with a skull and the unuin jack on it to make SURE he had money on him. "We’ll see what there is as the mall, I…" mortal food… mortal food. Moooortaalll foood… "Pancakes? Or maybe.." a cab stopped and he pulled open the door to get in and just wait to tacklehug Jayden as soon as she was in too. "What is good breakfast food?" -08:54 Sep 05
Jayden: "Right now, I am thinking about extra rare steak or burgers with lots of pepper." The thought of sugar-sweet breakfast foods was making her queesy again. So when pounced by an over-excited bouncy demon, instead of simply hugging him, Jayden was burying her face at his neck and clinging to him like it was a floatation device! -08:57 Sep 05
Cupio: He told the driver where to and to stop watching two girls hug in the back of his cab. Then he was pulling Jayden down to rest her hair in his lap and btuch her hair with his fingers. "Rare and bloody?" that was making him lick his lips and salivate. "Fresh almost raw meat… I’ll have that." -09:00 Sep 05
Jayden: Hmm. Now she knew why guys liked this so much. A girl’s fingers were wonderfully soothing through the hair. Jayden almost laughed at him. "I think you’re drooling, Coop… that’s not attractive on girls, unless you’re filming a porn…" -09:04 Sep 05
Cupio: He swallowed and looked down at her keeping his fingers gliding through her hair. "Your fault for talking about raw, delicious meat.. and that made me think of yours." he was leaned over so he could whisper low enough not to be overheard. "I promise, next tme you seem me drool I won’t be a girl." -09:16 Sep 05
Jayden: Raw delicious meat was so not sexy mental imagery! ….but the thought of an almost drooling masculine Cupio definitely was. "Any more sex from you, Coop and I am probably going to die from exhaustion." Jayden didn’t bother lowering her voice. That cabby could thing whatever he liked. This WAS her girlfriend! -09:19 Sep 05
Cupio: He turned her head and kissed her lips. "There will be more sex. There will always be more sex. I’m -that- kind of demon." now he was talking louder. "I need it as much as I need food, or air. Well maybe not but I don’t do well without it." -09:23 Sep 05
Jayden: Jayden grinned up at him. "Then you’re gonna have to sex me up without leaving me laid up in bed all week. I have a club to run now, and I hate letting you go to shoots alone…" Although after that last incident, they might not ever let her back there again! -09:28 Sep 05
Cupio: "You’ll heal up fast enough." he said cradling her cheek in his hand as he looked out the window to see where they were. "Or are you setting a limit of three times a night on me? You know I want to do at least five withough you passing out at some point… also we’re pulling into the parking lot…" -09:30 Sep 05
Jayden: "Hmm, we should take a weekend vacation." Jayden was really regretting leaving the apartment now. Snuggles with Mcboobs was quite comfortable. Reluctantly, Jayden sat up and ran her hands through her hair again to straighten it out. "Besides, I wouldn’t dare put limitations on your sex drive, Coop…" -09:34 Sep 05
Cupio: He grinned wildly at her and then handed her his wallet. "You are in charge of that. Knowing me I’d just buy everything and then we wouldn’t be able to get a car to came one of the guy at the club drive us around." he cupio wanted that. "And thats a very good thing Jayden, because right now it all focused on your. Which is why today I’m getting a ring." -09:36 Sep 05
Jayden: Jayden used the money out of his wallet to pay for the cab, then she was climbing out and grabbing his hand to help him out too. "A ring, hmm? That special, "i’m a spoken for demon, back the fuck off’ ring?" She was grinning at first, finding that mental image hilarious. …of course, then she was realizing the commitment of it! "…are you sure you want to do that…?" -09:44 Sep 05
Cupio: He put an arm around her once he was out and leaning against her pulling her arm around him and looking up at her. "Yes, that kind of ring, and yes I’m sure, I wore one for you one already and today we might find one that can change shape with me. They’re rare even down there and not used often but I’m staying with you Jayden, and I know you want me to. So I’m getting a ‘Property of Jayden’ ring. And if you want you can get a ring too, if thats okay for your culture." -09:48 Sep 05
Jayden: Usually a ring meant getting engaged or married…and Jayden just… wasn’t quite ready for that idea yet! But she did know she’d freaking kill anyone who tried to get her Cupio. HER Cupio. A ring didn’t sound like such a bad idea. Jayden leaned to nuzzle and kiss his cheek. "Okay, a jayden-property ring for you, and a ring for me too. If you wear one, I wear one." -09:51 Sep 05
Cupio: He beamed up at her and walked with her into the mall looking for the signes and not looking for picketers, they had been taken care of by the police but there might still be one or two anti-demon straglers. "Steakhouse!" Food for Jayden, then rings and browsing! -09:53 Sep 05
[Cupio has devoured lunch and now has a bag of clothing to be modified, all picked out with the help of Jayden.] -01:24 Sep 07
[Jayden guesses you can change the form of the demon, but not their ravenous toothy mauling of fresh meat.] -01:27 Sep 07
Jayden: Dressing up Cupio as a girl was totally weird. But on the bright side, Jayden managed to pick him out some clothes that wouldn’t make him look like a trashy bimbo! She wasn’t gonna get dragged around by a bimbo. And now that she had eaten, she was feeling worlds better. Sorta. Weird, though that she couldn’t shake that feeling. -01:32 Sep 07
Cupio: He was standing there looking at it. The barrier that seperated the mall from the new section, and a security guard standing there with a scanner. This was problematic. If Jayden had to be a demon to enter… Well that wasn’t going to stop them trying! He pulled her along and then stopped in front of the scanner and held out his hand. The machine buzzed and the guard nodded. "Can I bring my girlfriend?" he asked the gaurd who sighed. "Everyone who enters has to pass the scan, those are the rules. Hold out your hand ma’am." -01:40 Sep 07
Jayden: "Fancy." Jayden muttered. She got the general idea, though. Letting humans in to a demon section could cause all sorts of problems. Jayden held out her hand, fully expecting the rejection, but willing to try it just so Coop wouldn’t make the pouty mcboobs face at her. -01:45 Sep 07
Cupio: The machine buzzed and the guard nodded. "Right, you’re both clear to enter." Cupio blinked and then grinned and put his arm back around Leslie. "That was easy.. Come on I want to show you everything." -01:48 Sep 07
Jayden: "Really?" Jayden might’ve question the guy further, but Cupio was already leading her off. That WAS a demon scanner, right? "Hrm… right, shopping… We’re not gonna see bodies strung up on display are we? Or is this gonna be more like those crazy sex or smoke shops?" -01:54 Sep 07
Cupio: "No bodies… those have to be fresh." he said looking around and then stalking towards a shop of random clutter to search for rings. There were no promises that it wouldn’t look like a sex shop inside though. -01:58 Sep 07
Jayden: Now that they were there, Jayden was very interested in looking around. She made sure to capture Coop’s hand so he didn’t wander away like this and get in to trouble. There was the spiking moodswing again. The want to carry him off and lock him away while he was like this. Buuut… they were shopping for rings. That was a moment of being placated. "What kind of rings will we get, Coop?" -02:03 Sep 07
Cupio: "Theres only really one kind here." he said. "Wrackstone, its what everything that needs to change shape with the wearer is made out of. But you can get something else if you con’t like it. I’d be suprised if we even found one. They’re not very common and I may have to ask someone to search." He stopped to let ehr get closer then hung on her arm with both hands and entered the shop… yes, defineatly like a sex shop, crossed with a medievil armory, crossed with a pawn shop, crossed with a meat deli. -02:11 Sep 07
Jayden: The sad part, was that Jayden was sure she had been in a shop like this before. She almost laughed! Instead though, she was yawning and then groaning about it. Food should have helped! Hrmm… her wheels were turning again. "I dunno what wrackstone is. Fancy demon stone or metal?" she mumbled. -02:14 Sep 07
Cupio: "Both, with a few other things mixed in. I once made some myself but none of my things were brought with me when I was summoned." he pulled her along and then let go of her arm to lift a katar from the shelf and examine it before putting it back down and edginf along to a display case and looking inside… "Ooooh I want that…" -02:19 Sep 07
Jayden: "Have you thought about going back to get your stuff?" Jayden didn’t really have anything personal that she cared that much about… Which, she really didn’t think was so sad until just now! She leaned over the case to peer inside, eyeing the contents with a frown. "What the hell is that thing?" -02:25 Sep 07
Cupio: "If I go back then I won’t be able to come back here very easily." he said still staring at the dagger under the glass. "This is the Rulebreaker. Its not very good as a weapon but it can cut anything else. Contracts, bonds, idioligies, memories, feelings, obligations. Jayden.. I want it." he slid his fingers against the glass and then looked around for anyone watching, there were so he backed away. "I’m going to have it." -02:28 Sep 07
Jayden: "You’ve got that mad psychotic look of a woman who just saw shoes on sale…" she muttered with amusement. …at least until she realized he probably intended to steal it had nobody been watching! Jayden promptly grabbed his shoulders and turned him around to such pushing him away and towards something else to look at! "If you want it, you can buy it! Fuck knows, I don’t wanna see what happens when demons steal from each other!" -02:32 Sep 07
Cupio: "I don’t even want to think how much it will cost…" it was a genuine one of a kind deal and if this wasn’t the mortal realm Cupio would subjigate the shop owner and take it, and his business. But there was a pretty outfit… pretty if you liked a lot of heather and sharp hooks and what looked like bear traps for restraining the wearer’s wings. "I haven’t worn one of these in ages… this ones been used though. I don’t want a used one." -02:36 Sep 07
Jayden: "Looks more like a torture device than an outfit!" She was trying to imagine him in it. But that was just one road her imagination didn’t want to head down! On the brightside, he wasn’t thinking about that knige dagger thing. They had one too many close calls that week. "Focus, Coop! We’re after rings. Shiny rings!" -02:40 Sep 07
Cupio: "I’m after that dagger. If I can get it then I’ll be able to unbind demons and even seperate out dimentions if I have to. I can’t stand around and let power like that be sold. It will be mine." He turned to her and then took her hand and pulled her to another display case and looked inside. "That is a nice pendent though and…. dammit I want that knife!" he dodeged past her and walked up ot the display case and pressed a finger into the glass. "I am taking this, how much do you think you can get in exchange?" -02:46 Sep 07


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[Cupio WANTS THAT BLADE.] -12:33 Sep 09
[Jayden can’t shake the blahs and is really starting to wonder why!] -12:33 Sep 09
Jayden: One minute Coop was standing next to her looking in to a display case, and the next…? Ran off to get his ass in trouble, probably. Just frustrated in general, she ran her hand through her hair and stepped out of the shop to wait for him. She wasn’t familiar with how demons worked when it came to stealing and killing, but she definitely didn’t want to be involved when it happened. …And now that she was thinking down that road, why did they scan her but then let her through? She wasn’t a demon at all. And unless sexing the hell out of her left plenty of Cupio in h- …… -12:37 Sep 09
Cupio: It only tool a minute but Cupio was bounding out of the shot with a newspaper-wrapped bundle and a big grin. Then he was grabbing the back of Jay’s nack to pull her into a hard kiss and slipping something into her hand and then showing Jayden his own ring. "They had two, and I got the Rulebraker. I didn’t even have to steal anything. Things are so much easier when you do business like demons. Now… lets go home and have all that sex we were talkign about." -12:42 Sep 09
Jayden: Jayden was still stuck in robot mode, even after a kiss she’d normally be all over. In fact, she was slipping the ring on her finger and examining it even as they were walking out of the demon section. She wasn’t just sick. They didn’t let humans in here. She sure as hell wasn’t a demon. By the time they walked out in to the main hall, Jayden cracked! "You got me pregnant?!" Probably not the sort of thing to be screaming in the middle of the mall, but she was stopping and staring at him in disbelief! -12:48 Sep 09
Cupio: Cupio stopped and turned his hand instantly taking Jayden’s. "Yes…?" His hand went to her neck and he pressed up against her. "Didn’t you know? Didn’t you.. choose?" Cupio was confused. The thought thay Jayden could be pregnant and not know it… "Didn’t you smell it? I though you wanted…" -12:51 Sep 09
Jayden: "No I didn’t choose! Humans don’t just know these things! …well -I- don’t know these things. It’s–" Choose! Demons could do that? Did he choose to knock her up? She was still working through the shock when she took his shoulders and backed him up a step. "There’s a demon baby in here!" she pointed at her stomach. Holy shit, what was she going to do about that?! What if they popped out like aliens! -12:57 Sep 09
Cupio: He put a hand on her cheek and pouted slightly. she was distraught and he had really though she wanted a child with him and it ahd been the sweetest thing ever. "Jay…" he looked into her eyes. "I’m here… Your bidy has adjusted… if you want I’ll take the abby and carry it?" -01:01 Sep 09
Jayden: "What? No. That’s insane." Cupio Mcboobs carrying the baby! And Jayden thought she couldn’t get any more jealous! Before she could tell Cupio exactly where he could shove that idea, a couple people approached. Busy body anti-demon picketors from the looks of them. Jayden let out an exasperated huff. "We over heard you have a -problem-. Do you need help with this… demon?" Jayden grit her teeth and nearly rolled her eyes. "No, you can mind your own business." The taller male shook his head sadly. "Having a demon’s child is an abomination. There are clinics to have it remo-" He didn’t get any farther than that, because Jayden was swinging a fist hard enough to knock him to the floor. She shook out her hand. "It’s MY kid! You can fuck off!" -01:09 Sep 09
Cupio: Cupio had staepped away from Jayden just in tilme to avoid get caught in the swing. But Someone had threatened him baby. He was livid and his wings were spread in thier full glory, eyes appearing on the surfacr stare at everyon else, yellow and unblinking as he pounced the man’s chest and extended his claws. "No one threatens my Jayden or my baby." the ribs of the wings extended into tentacles each tipped with a talon that hovered in the air keeping the crowd at bay. This was HIS kill. -01:18 Sep 09
Jayden: Jayden was turning to Cupio to finish their one-sided discussion, but now he was pouncing that idiot. ….on the one hand, Jayden was pretty sure the asshole deserved it. She sure as hell wouldn’t regret seeing him dead. But on the other? There was a mall full of people staring, and the last thing they needed was to get arrested for murder. "Coop…! ….first of all, you look fucking creepy as shit! Second, I am SO not gonna be a fucking single mom because your stupid ass murdered somebody in public!" Man, he really did look creepy like this. Jayden was a little off-kilter seeing tiny little Mcboobs all ragey monstrosity! -01:24 Sep 09
Cupio: He let loose a low growl and narrowed his eyes at the man. It would be so easy… So easy… He even had a long black tonge ready to strangle him from the inside out… but he stood and in a second was back to usuall McBoobs and pushing Jayden awya from the scene. "Hes lucky…." he hissed heading for the nearest exit. "I would have taken it slow." -01:29 Sep 09
Jayden: "As sexy as that sounds, there’s a shit load of more important things to deal with." She was getting pushed around by Mcboobs. Normal Mcboobs. Jayden just kept walking, hoping her brain would catch up. "You thought I knew I was preggo? Exactly how long…!" -01:32 Sep 09
Cupio: "I first smelled it on you the mornign after the club." he said taking her arm and putting at arounf himself and putting his around hers. "I thought is was the most touching thing ever that you had chosen to have my baby.Humands don’t choose to have babies?" he was looking up at her as they stood near the exit. "Do you want to have my baby, have a baby with me?" -01:35 Sep 09
Jayden: "If humans could choose, I think there would be less babies in the world." He had no idea how weird it was having a girl asking her about having her baby. DID she want to have a baby? …she was going to be a horrible mother! All she ever thought about was sex, drinking, and sleeping! "I don’t know how I feel about it yet. I’m not exactly mom material. But it’s ours and as long as it doesn’t come bursting out of my stomach with guts flying everywhere, we’re having it." -01:39 Sep 09
Cupio: "They usually come out of…" he pus his hand over her and gripped her rither there. "Hornless so you don’t have to worry abou tthat eother. Demons are not meant to even be able to have babies with humans so I have no idea what will happen. But I can tell you this. She smells like a girl to me." he kept walking towards the exit and then remembered the knife. "Do you want to put this in your purse? It’s now the most expensive thing we own." -01:42 Sep 09
Jayden: Hornless. Jayden hadn’t even -thought- about horns yet. For all she knew, she’d be having a tentacle monster baby! She eyed the knife though, as it was a pretty good distraction from wondering what she was gonna do with a demon baby. "MOST expensive? What exactly did you trade for that knife, anyway?" -01:45 Sep 09
Cupio: He grinned at her mysteriously and then rested his head against her shoulder. "The soul of the previous owner of the club, and those assholes in the appartment, and the promise of eight more to be payed over the course of the next century." he sighed leanign against her more. Really I only got it so cheaply because I’m a lot stronger than the owner and he knew it. But I really didn’t feel like having a demonic war in the same mall that has my Jay." -01:49 Sep 09
Jayden: "Your Jay appreciates not being in the middle of a demon war, when she apparently has preggo moodswings and will either kill people or barf at a moment’s notice." …well, at least she knew why she was so weird lately. And he was going to have to pay for his new toy in souls! Why did Mcboobs have to be so perky and cute! It made the whole eight soul thing not sound nearly as bad. "….did you want rings just because I’m pregnant?" she suddenly asked. -01:53 Sep 09
Cupio: He looked at her. "No, that woulf be entrapment and demons don’t react to entrapment by getting rings, they react by killing whoever tries." his voice had taken on a different tone, but now it reverted. "I wanted rings because you are mine and I am yours. I don’t want demons thinking they can mate with me, or with you while we’re together. Thats like a normal human couple right? Ones that feel things for eachother?" -01:57 Sep 09
Jayden: Jayden nodded. Feeling things for each other! She didn’t even have -that- worked out in her head yet, and here they were going to have a baby. She finally leaned to plant a kiss on the top of his head. "…so you think demons find me super hot?" she teased. -02:00 Sep 09
Cupio: "I’m a demon and I do. -02:01 Sep 09
Cupio: "I’m a demon and I do." he said grinning up at her. "And if ay demon did try ti take you away from me a demon war is exactly what you would get. Like troy, although I’l sure Helen wasn’t nearly as good in the sack as you are. Speakign of which we should get groceries before heading but for sex… or…" he jumped up without warning and wrapped his legs around her to grab her head and push his lips into hers. Strait from violence to sex. The pattern wasn’t hard to spot. -02:04 Sep 09
Jayden: She gave a muffled complaint as she wrapped her arms around him and nearly toppled to the ground before catching her balance. Mcboobs wasn’t exactly heavy, but Jayden only had so much in her! After a moment of savoring the sudden kiss, Jayden was scowling. "I’m not sexing you in the middle of the street. And we need food at home. I wasn’t kidding about that sudden desire to eat people, and I really don’t want to find out if I will…" -02:09 Sep 09
Cupio: He dropped back down to his feet and looked dissapointed. "I’d sex you in the street. I guess thats going to have to wait until we’ve been home and I’m the taller one." he looked at her "I suppose I’ll be thinking up things to do to you while we’re etting food." -02:12 Sep 09
Jayden: "I’d sex you in the street too, if I wanted to find out what happens to demon-preggo humans in jail!" Jayden took his face in her hands to give him a quick kiss. Pouty Mcboobs was terrible. "I’m sure you’ll think of something brilliantly interesting that will leave me rolling in bed for a week." -02:17 Sep 09
Cupio: "You show up as a demon now of the scanners so maybe you’ll go to demon prison with me adn I’ll eat the faces of whoever tries to mess with my Jay. Though I have no idea if we have prisons ehre, we don’t at home. Those who break the laws of those in charge are usually just enslaved which is a lot like being bound but a lot more restricting. I had a few enslaved to me before I was summoned. I’m sure they’re free now and made off with all my stuff. Thats how summoning works. It used to be a punishment, Demons would be put in the pool to be summoned by humans. I… It felt really wierd, I hope you know that." -02:22 Sep 09
Jayden: "I seriously don’t like the idea of enslavement. Even for assholes." Jayden cast him a weird, thoughtful look. "Were you in the summoning pool for punishment, or was it just the fun of sex roulette?" -02:26 Sep 09
Cupio: "SOMEONE said my name during the ritual." he said. "And since you were the one I was bound to it had to be you." he stuck his tongue out at her and pulled her into the groceries section heading towards the deli. "I could have been the next ruler of hell… but tons of great sex with a mortal is also good." -02:28 Sep 09
Jayden: "I’m not gonna complain if you still want to be ruler of hell, but raising a demonbaby and having sex with a mortal is definitely going to take up a lot of time." Jayden was so drunk that night, all she remembered was calling people stupidfucks for messing with magical artifacts and then offering naked cupio her place to stay. And now she was having a baby. When was -that- shock gonna wear off? "…we’re gonna need a bigger place." -02:34 Sep 09
Cupio: He grabbed a basket, seemingly having to do all the shopping while Jayden was fussing about babies. "I like your appartment." he said. "It could use a little redecorating but its nice. I don’t forget where the rooms are like my old place. And raising a baby doesn’t take more than a month or two." -02:37 Sep 09
Jayden: "…demon babies maybe. But it’s part human too. That’s years of raising!" She really was just following him like a lost sheep. He pretty damned calm about all this! "The apartment doesn’t have enough rooms… A girl should have her own room." -02:39 Sep 09
Cupio: Years…? YEARS? He stopped. "Yes, more room." and meat.. and milk and juice and chis and whatever that bottle had, the smell was good and a potato, and what was vinegar? Well he’d find out when he got home with it and… OOOOH BOOZE! Totally what a pregnant Jayden would need! -02:42 Sep 09
Jayden: Precious booze…! She was going to have to quit drinking! Holy crap, that was going to be hard! And little Mcboobs was… apparently terrible at food shopping. What the hell were they supposed to do with -one- potato. Finally shaking herself from her zombieness -at least- to get through shopping, Jayden occasionally dropped things in the basket to supplement whatever he grabbed on a whim. "Which means buying a new apartment or a house or something. …and then we’re gonna have to start acting like parents! I’m going to suck at this!" -02:47 Sep 09
Cupio: "How do parents act? No couch sex?" This was pretty neat… a peeler that doubled as a slicer… but they had both already… "Humans look after thier own babies don’t they…" this was unexpected so that means that yes being a parent was going to mean changes. "Thats it. Jayden tonight I am taking you out. Club, private room, we’ll talk over drinks and have great sex there also what are these?" she had found the pharmecy and a box of condems. -02:53 Sep 09
Jayden: Fuck that. She was still getting couch sex. Jayden blinked at the box. "…those are things we should have been using. But totally don’t need now." A private room at a club, alone with Cupio… that actually sounded grand! If her entire world was going to be upside down, might as well do it with a bang! "So demons -don’t- raise their own babies? How do they even survive hell?" -02:58 Sep 09
Cupio: He put them down again and looked at her. "I’m sorry. Demons can choose when they get pregnant or not its just… something we do. And… " he didn’t know what to do now.. he should have told her when he realized it. What if Jayden really didn’t want to be a parent? What if she wanted to leave Cupio but didn’t want to say… did this ruin everything between them? Suddenly Cupio was feeling very insecure and looking down at his ring. -03:02 Sep 09
Jayden: "Don’t make that face, Cupio. I’m not upset." She was a girl herself, she knew that stupid girl-look when she saw it. Jayden leaned to kiss his cheek and mumble in his ear. "I never do anything I don’t want to do. I might not have decided to make this kid, but I definitely choose to have it and keep it. So don’t get all emotional on me. That’s MY priveledge." -03:07 Sep 09
Cupio: He nodded and put his arm around her. "What are relationships meant to be like?" he asked ignoring her claim to the emotional side. "There are feelings right? And if we don’t have them then can we raise a kid together for YEARS? I don’t know what I’m meant to do now." -03:09 Sep 09
Jayden: "Plenty of people do it without feelings. But I don’t think that will be a problem for us." Jayden knew she cared about him. Enough to have his baby and kill somebody if they ever took him from her! So even if she was a little shakey on the idea of love, she at least knew she cared. Jayden took the basket from him to take over shopping. Otherwise they were gonna be there all day. "You just be with me, and we’ll figure out the rest. I’m not exactly the authority on relationships and families, myself." -03:14 Sep 09
Cupio: "Demons don’t do families. We let others take care of our young, those of us who can even have them. We never meet our parents unless they seek us out. Which hardly ever happens. I’m not good parent material. But I want to try with you." he was clinging to Jayden’s arm and had his eyes closed. "I want to be with you no matter what." -03:18 Sep 09
Jayden: "We’re going to be really weird parents." Jayden couldn’t even count on two hands all the reasons why. She just kinda hoped they weren’t going to birth the next apocalypse or something. Once she was sure they had everything they’d need, at least for the week, it was off to checkout and finally leaving a store without trying to kill someone. This was progess! -03:24 Sep 09
Cupio: Cupio didn’t talk again until after they left the mall had just held onto Jayden’s arm and nuzzled into it slowly until they were hailing a cab. "If we do birth a threat I’ll have to kill it." he said softly. "Or break it’s power bringing it down to size. Good thing I got that dagger." -03:28 Sep 09
Jayden: "I’m not even going to -start- thinking about having a psycho baby. We’re going to have a totally cool, non-evil, perfect kid. I’ll kill anything that tries to muck that up." …yeah it was a good thing he had that knife. It’d be good for killing demons? Nobody was going to touch her kid! Jayden leaned to rest her head on Mcboob’s shoulder once they were in the cab. And grinned wide. "If it’s gonna be a girl, though, I want a better name than Mcboobs Jr." -03:34 Sep 09
Cupio: Cupio pushed Jayden onto her back on the back seat and then snuggled up against her in an oddly non-sexual way. "I don’t think you’d like Cupio for her either with what it means. I think even from birth they knew what kind of demon I was going to be. I bet the constantly changing gender was a clue. And I don’t have a last name, so she’ll be getting yours." -03:38 Sep 09
Jayden: Oh nooo… Just the thought of a daughter getting in to random sex capades or being summoned for sex was enough for Jayden to decide her kid was -never- having sex! Ever! ….but she wouldn’t mention that to Cupio. When he was Mcboobs he always took things so personally! She hugged him instead. "We’ll think of a good name. Something pretty and sweet. ….or we could always be assholes and named her after how she was concieved. Alcohol Induced demon Orgy?" -03:45 Sep 09
Cupio: "Orgy is too common a name." he said nuzzling against her. "And Cage is too masculine, what if they can’t change? Hmmm…. this is why I’ve never had kids. Naming is difficult." -03:47 Sep 09
Jayden: "Orgy is seriously a name?" She really should have expected that…! Jayden started laughing. "If that’s going to be the hardest part, then we’ll have nothing to worry about. …I think I kinda like the idea of having your baby." Of course, the cabbie was looking pretty damned confused and interested, but Jayden wasn’t paying HIM any attention. She was busy petting Mcboob’s hair. -03:51 Sep 09
Cupio: "You really souldn’t be surprised with the circle of hell I used to live in Jayden. ANd thats probably where you’re going and I’ll be sure to be the one to take you there, then bring you back here if thats what you want. I get sex with you forever and you get to come back after you die. Seems fair to me." the hair petting was nice and made his sigh and press in closer to her. "This is good, might be one of the best parts of having a girlfriend." -03:57 Sep 09
Jayden: "Snuggling is a bonus, I have to admit…" To die, hell and back again. That was way way far in the future. Jayden could only focus on one thing at a time! And for the moment that was a very snugglie Mcboobs and a cab pulling up to the apartment. Jayden paid, then she was fussing Cupio and all of his new goodies out and in to the apartment. "Why don’t we take it one step at a time and deal with great sex in the mortal world!" -04:03 Sep 09
Cupio: He grabbed his bags and got out to wait for Jayden and head upstairs. "Sex with you, so much but never enough." He grinned back at Jayden. "I’ll just gave to get out of these clothes." -04:06 Sep 09
Jayden: "You’re such a girl!" For a brief moment, she wondered just how much practice he had at being a girl to do it so well! Of course that led to her thinking about other people getting their hands on her Mcboobs, and that made for a scowly, stompy Jayden. "I’ll deal with groceries and you deal with clothes. Or will we never make it out the door to go to the club?" -04:18 Sep 09
Cupio: "Fine I’ll go like this, I was going to go with a penis but I’ll help you with the groceries instead. I can always change once I get naked there if I feel like it." he placed the bags of clothes on the couch and then moved to help Jayden with the groceries. "Yes, I’ll go like this…" there was an all too evil chuckly that foolowed. -04:23 Sep 09
Jayden: "Yeah, you definitely got being a girl down…" Jayden narrowed her eyes at him when she set bags on the counter. Woman with an evil plan look if she ever saw one. He was more of a girl than she was! Which had her wanting to strangle Mcboobs again. Wicked female wiles was supposed to be -her- thing! "I think you enjoy driving me insane." -04:26 Sep 09
Cupio: "Technically I have no gender Jayden." he said opening the fridge to pack things away. "I an what I want to be, so naturally I’d be good at it. Is there really that much of a difference though?" -04:29 Sep 09
Jayden: "There’s a huuuuge difference. And I’m not even talking about the physical! It’s like… a complete change in how you behave and think and smell and these weird little…. trigger things I respond to." That part was the weirdest part and the hardest to explain. Being around each Cupio simply felt different. "…do you seriously not notice the differences?" -04:33 Sep 09
Cupio: "I notice that you act different, that you respond differently, that you’re a lot less attracted to me when I’m like this. But I feel more fun when I’m like this, more impulsive and…" wow… she was right ".. more worried about what you’re thinking, and what you’re feeling, and wanting your affection more, to touch and be touched. Not that I don’t feel that way with a dick its just… You are right." -04:39 Sep 09
Jayden: "HA! See!" A victory! ….Not that she actually won anything, or… there was any sort of argument about it. But Jayden felt vindicated. …and maybe a little smug. Thus the reason why she was leaning down to grin in his face. "See. Different. And It’d be nice if you -wouldn’t- be so worried about what I think of girl you. I adore girl you. I just like male you better when it comes to sexy stuff. I don’t want to sex Mcboobs, I want to snuggle and hold and protect Mcboobs… Which, by the way I haven’t ever felt about ANYone." -04:43 Sep 09
Cupio: That made him grin and swoop in for a kiss and with his prize secured close the fridge with his tail and then grin at her again. "Then you’ll love what I have planned once we get to the club. Its going to be all about you Jayden. I think its time I put some of my skills to work. And then put the skills you know me for to work." -04:48 Sep 09

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