Since You’ve Been Gone 010: Haunted by the Past

[Yvaine has been doing interviews all week, which started out well enough… but the past few days more and more uncomfortable topics have been coming up. ] -12:40 Apr 09
[Hans hsasn’t ahd time to sleep most of the week. Hes tired and knows Yvaine isn’t boing much better, but he has a plan.] -12:42 Apr 09
Yvaine: Here she was sitting alone in an interview with some woman named Anna Cheshire. The majority of it has gone all right so far, and Yvaine was looking forward to ending the day and leaving with Hans. -12:43 Apr 09

“Miss Baldwin, your story about how you met his Majesty is quite sweet. A true romance to be sure. Yet it seems that romance has a darker side to it as well. His Majesty was one of the suspects for the Douglas killings, wasn’t he?” -Yvaine

Yvaine: Yvaine kept her composure, even if on the inside she was groaning. “He was, but they realized later that they had the wrong person.” -12:47 Apr 09

“Of course. Though, the evidence that implicated him was never used or discredited in court… Many find it odd that His Majesty was so close with a young woman who wasn’t even yet 16. I believe you, yourself, were also one of the kidnap victims? Isn’t that an odd coincidence? Many claimed that his His Majesty might have an a second accomplice. Someone that could continue while he was in jail.” -Yvaine

Yvaine: She should have been expecting those kinds of questions, but they still caught her by surprise. Yvaine shifted in her seat, unable to hide that uncomfortable expression. “…Wouldn’t it be better to speak about the present?” -12:54 Apr 09

“Miss Baldwin, you can’t deny how suspicious it looks for our King to have been involved in an investigation where half the evidence was never brought to surface, then later chooses to marry a girl that was involved. It’s quite possible that you are a brainwashed individual or suffering from Stockholme and now about to marry a man who has tried to r-” -Yvaine

Yvaine: “And I am done! Thank you for your time. I wish I could say that it’s been pleasant.” Yvaine was never so brisk, but she didn’t want to hear another word out of that woman’s mouth. She was already out of her chair and leaving the room. Yvaine had forgotten just how sneaky press people could be! -01:01 Apr 09
Hans: He wasn’t even meant to be at the interview, but who was going to stop him? As soon as Yvaine stepped off set he hand his arm around her and was walkign with her. “I’ve packed you a bag.” he said quietly. “We’re goign on a trip away from this for a bit.. just us again. But this time no one will follow. I’ve made sre of that. -01:09 Apr 09
Yvaine: Yvaine was so eternally grateful that Hans was there. She might have spent the way back fretting and brooding about the entire thing. She looked a little surprised about the trip, though! “Really? …and I am definitely not complaining. I’ve had enough interviews to last a life time. Do you know what that woman said? She said I might be brainwashed by you! I can’t even count how many ways that was insulting!” -01:12 Apr 09
Hans: “I heard.” he said, he wouldn’t say it but he had been getting the same kind of questions and needed to get away too. “Somewhere far away, you’ll need this.” he slipped her her passport as they left the studio and got into the car, her bags on the back seat. Hans was driving himself for once. -01:20 Apr 09
Yvaine: She cast a wide smile. Without a driver or big car. Or anyone at all with them! “Hans… are we running away from home?” Yvaine found it amusing… and so sweet! Just her and Hans without any bodyguards, or handlers or coworkers would be so nice! -01:23 Apr 09
Hans: “Only for a little while.. Until I sign my power away.” he grinned “And besides ifts not really running away if no one can stop you.” he put the can in gear and they pulled away towards the airport. “We’ve answered enough questions. Time for us to enjoy our relationship for a little.” -01:26 Apr 09
Yvaine: “Running away with my Fiance. I think I like this trip already.” Yvaine leaned over in her seat, planting a kiss against Hans’ cheek as he drove. “Thank you for this.” -01:32 Apr 09
Hans: He slimed wider keeping his eyes on the road. “You’re not the only one who needs to get away, far away. Think of this as a pre-wedding honeymoon.” -01:36 Apr 09
Yvaine: They arrived at the airport in no time, and Hans was very good about keeping their destination a secret. No matter how many questions Yvaine asked, or how many times it almost slipped… Yvaine didn’t discover their destination was Paris until they landed in the Paris airport. …It was so amazing! Yvaine had only been able to visit Paris once before and that was during a Ballet Tour so brief that she didn’t even get to see the sights. How Hans knew the best places to take her, she would never know. …Now at a gorgeous Parisian hotel, Yvaine was leaning out the window to check out the evening view. “I can see almost the whole city from here! It’s no wonder they call it the City of Lights.” -01:41 Apr 09
Hans: :they also call it the city of Love.” he said puttign his arms around her from behind and kissing her neck. “And I can almost see why.” he grinned, it half reflected in the glass of the window. -01:46 Apr 09
Yvaine: Yvaine laughed, leaning backwards against him. “You know, there are thirty seven bridges in Paris and they say if you kiss on the right bridge, your love will last forever. Do you think we should try them all?” -01:49 Apr 09
Hans: “Wouldn’t that mean we get all ther wrong ones too?” he asked “But I don’t see why not, would alow us to see the city… and do a lot of kissing. Its a win-win…” -01:53 Apr 09
Yvaine: Giggling, she turned around to hug him. “I don’t think there’s any wrong time and place to kiss you!” She leaned up on her toes to confirm the point, brushing a soft kiss over his lips. “What would you like to do tonight? The evening is still early and I would love to go somewhere with my fiance.” -01:56 Apr 09
Hans: “He kissed her back, short and soft. “Well I didn’t choose this hotel by accident.” he teased. “We’re in the middle of the teatre district. Theres dances and shows we could see.. None as good as yours, but you’d be next to me.” -02:00 Apr 09
Yvaine: “A Paris show! That’s a ballerina’s favorite, you know.” Yvaine through her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. “I will have to change my clothes. It won’t take long at all.” -02:03 Apr 09
Hans: “I know.” he said “Somehtign great to unwind before we get back here tonight.” he grinned and nodded. “I’ll be here. Wpuld be nice to finally SEE a show WITH you..” He let her go and get ready, glad that she was as happy as he was. -02:08 Apr 09
[Yvaine is on a vacation with her fiance. Nothing is going to ruin her evening!] -01:08 Apr 10
[Hans Has takes her to Paris! No press or worries here!] -01:11 Apr 10
Yvaine: Yvaine stopped near the closet, turning to grin wide at Hans again. "If you go and get the show tickets and meet me at the theater, I can surprise you with something pretty…" Hans was so sweet to arrange everything, Yvaine was going to make sure it was worth the effort. -01:14 Apr 10
Hans: He grinned. "And I could get you a surprise of your own." he teased as he finished pulling on a suit jacket to complete his outfit. "Don’t take to long I’ll get us tickets for the half past show." he steeped up to her and made sure to give her a small kiss before he lest. "I’ll see you soon love." -01:17 Apr 10
Yvaine: "I like when you call me love…" and it showed on her face, the way she smiled so smittenly. Yvaine waited until he stepped out the door, then she was rushing through her closet. She made quick work of changing her clothes. Slipping in to a cream and gold colored dress and a simple pair of ballet flats. Yvaine wrapped a light scarf around her neck… clothes were the easy part! She skipped to the bathroom to do something about her hair. -01:21 Apr 10
Hans: He left via the elevator and through the lobby. The street was light and crowded as well dressed peopel filed to and from the theatres and in the distance the tower shine like a becon. They were really here. He walked along the street right to his chosen show. He saw what he was looking for too, plush bears in fancy outfits.. on in a tux would do for Yvaine.. Her groom until thier big day.. -01:27 Apr 10
Yvaine: Yvaine brushed through her hair, fussing with what she wanted to do. Finally she plugged in a curling iron and while waiting on it to heat up, she posed in the mirror. She wasn’t wearing any jewelry besides the engagement ring on her finger… and it was so much fun watching it sparkle in the light. Yvaine practiced her ‘come hither’ look, then giggled at herself. Better to not scare Hans with that one. -01:31 Apr 10
Hans: The bear tucked under his arm he stood in linr for the tickets hummign to himself. He was so glad to be doing somehting with her again He didn’t know he had been seen and that The person was lurking, waiting for Yvaine. FInally at the fron he bought two tickets.. all that was left ws to wait.. -01:36 Apr 10
Yvaine: It didn’t take too long to run the curler through her hair and get just the soft look she was after. Yvaine debated makeup, but decided she wasted enough time already. She tugged the plug out, and paused when there was a soft click that sounded like door. When she stepped out of the bathroom the entire room’s lights were out! Yvaine inched to the room, squinting in to the dark to figure out where that light switch was. "Hans…?" -01:46 Apr 10

“I’m not your sweetheart, sweetheart.” the voice was definatlt not Hans’ it lacked his accent, and was low and deadly. Then a hand clamped itself over her mouth. “Come quiet and I won’t have to leave you looking in ways that will make your lover shudder.” -Hans

Yvaine: She froze. The sound that escaped her was a muffled scream – once she immediately silenced before desperation kicked in. Yvaine swung an elbow back as she tried to break away. -02:02 Apr 10

His hand tightened and alother grabbed her forearm twisting it behind her back, further and further … “I’ll tear it out if I have to.” he growled “Now you and I are going on a little walk. Make a sound and no one will ever find whats left of you, got it sweetheart? Friends of mine want you alive, for now. But how alive and in how many peices is up to me.” -Hans

Yvaine: There was a faint recognition of voice. Which sent the moment from frightening to pure terror. Yvaine squirmed from discomfort and tried not to squeak another sound as she nodded her head stiffly. …this couldn’t be him. It couldn’t! He was in prison…! -02:10 Apr 10

“Yes…” he whispered as he begand pushing her from the room. “Good to know you hadn’t completely forgotten me. Try to run sweetheart and you won’t make it three steps, unless you have forgotten last time.” he chuckled darkly as he led her not to the elevator but towards the back of the hotel. “I don’t much care if you see your loverboy again or not.. but we’ve got a score to settle.” -Hans

Yvaine: Yvaine wish she had forgotten. She tried to! But it was all just as clear now as it was then. She walked, her movements tense and ready to take off the moment she had opportunity. But when opportunity seem to come, she was too scared to make a sound or take the chance! Once his hand was moved from her mouth, she was taking in a shakey breath. "Where are we going…?" Yvaine could barely even get the words out above a whisper. -02:18 Apr 10

“Somewhere to be alone, catch up on the last decade. I your you’ve grown hings and flutter across stage. Maybe I’ll tell you what I’ve been through.” Down the stairs and out the back where a car waited. “So sorry sweetheart.. but I have to..” the blow came without warning strait to the back of her head and as soon as it did he pushed her onto the beck seat, tying her hands and feet and gagging her. “When you wake up we’ll have all the along time you can handle.” -Hans

Yvaine: Yvaine awoke to her head pounding. Opening her eyes was only met with more darkness as something had them covered. She shifted, finding her ankles tied and legs pulled apart. Her knees not being able to raise higher than an inch or two. Tugging her arms down was met with the same resistance. It was like waking up from a good dream and finding herself back in a terrible nightmare…! Yvaine tried to scream as she struggled against her bindings. She couldn’t do this again! She just couldn’t..! -02:31 Apr 10

footsteps on the concrete floor, right next to where she was tied. “Shhhh Sweetheart, I’m here. Snugglings useless.” A finger slipped under her blindfold and pulled it down and his face came into view, the last ten years had not been kind on him, he was thinner, older, but across his lips was plastered a manic grin as he held up a knife. “Now I’m going to start cutting, and if you so much as complain I’ll switch to cutting you..” the tip of the blade slid down her neck. “And I’ll cut of all those looks that won you your king. Your eyes so that you’ll never see him again, your ears so you’ll never hear him again, your fingers, one by one… You get me? And it you try to espace I’ll cut your lips off.. both pairs.” -Hans

Yvaine: His face was so different, but despite the years the familiarity was still burned in to her senses. That grin… Yvaine still struggled to move away, but the feel of cold steel against her skin had her freezing again. There was a choked whimper from her, but she was nodding again in compliance. -02:42 Apr 10

His lobsided grin returned as the knife slid under her dress and the fabric began to part. “You’re suprised to see me sweetheart..” he grabbed he dress and ripped it baring her chest “I should thank you for the last ten years of my life, but I’m about to to do just that…” he pricked her skin on purpose, drawing blood, then he pulled her gag down “Don’t you have anythign to say after you took my life from me? You’re so lucky those asholes need you alive… but don’t worry sweetheart.” his hand grabbed her breast roughly. “I’ll still have my fun.” -Hans

Yvaine: Yvaine gasped for breathe again, her mouth and throat dry. She was trying to shirk away from his hand and the knife. "Please let me go, please…?" she pleaded, the pricking of her skin making her wince and blink away the swelling of tears. -02:53 Apr 10

He slapped her “Is that all you have to say? Sweetheart, you’re disappointing me.” he wiped the bloody tip of the blabe against her lip as he hend her head still. “Now you have a choice to make. Do you want a knife of a dick inside you. Do you want he be slowly cut apart and never see your sweetheart again, or do you want to me my sweetheart, sweetheart?” -Hans

Yvaine: She cried out, chest heaving with fear. Yvaine struggled against the bindings again, trying to pull her feet or hands free despite his threats. "I want you to get off me! she finally screamed. She had to fight him, had to get away! If she didn’t he’d..! "You can go to hell…!" -03:02 Apr 10

He struck her again and then his hand closed over her throat. “Do you know what its like to be stabbed?” he asked “I do, because of you.” he pushed the knife into her skin, slowly, cutting it. It only want in an eighth on and inch but it must had felt like more. “How about an arm, I could take the joint apart layer by layer and finally pull the bone for the socket or..” he moved his hand to her shoulder and held it down, stabbing it. The knife dug into her collar bone, a carefully aimed strike to hurt but not do too much damage. “Rethink your answer sweetheart or I’ll take both.” -Hans

Yvaine: Yvaine screamed again, a startled cry of pain as her whole body siezed still from the shock of it. "I just…! Want to go home..!" Her eyes squeezed shut as she turned her face away, tears streaming down her cheeks. But she had stopped pulling at the ropes and was terrified to move again! -03:15 Apr 10

“You’re doign that in one of two ways. A blind, deaf, fingerless mute or after you’ve let me have my fun.” he placed he hand on the side of her head and slid the knife under her ear. “If you want to stay looking like a princess you’ll beg for my dick.” -Hans

Yvaine: Unable to mask her shudder or her frightened whimper, Yvaine nearly shook her head and refused. But she was so, so afraid… and it hurt so much! "O-..okay..!" it was the only word she could drag out the courage to utter, and even it was in a small croaked whisper. -03:26 Apr 10

He tore her dress more, all the way down to her bottom hem then slid the knife over her stomach. “I said beg for it Sweetheart. Tell me you want it. Every time I have to ask you again will cost you a finger.” he was already loving up between her legs and pulling himself out. “Come on, don’t be shy.” -Hans

Yvaine: Her hands balled in to fists, some instinctual movement to protect her fingers despite the futileness of it. So disgusted, and wanting desperately to scream back at him that she would never…! But the fear had her gripped so tight, she wouldn’t dare. "P-please…?" she choked out between a sob. "I… want you…" She didn’t. She didn’t! And muttering the words made her feel sick! -03:34 Apr 10

“There now Sweetheart, isn’t that better?” he asked in a voice filled with gloating trimph. The knife slid down the cut her panties off and pull the scraps from her thighs. “Now you’re going to be still for me, just liek last time, and don’t be mistaken that I wouldn’r fuck a corpse.” The he lpushed inside, his dick penetrating her. “Its so much better when its taken and not given.. I’ know you in ways your spoiled king never will.” -Hans

Yvaine: Yvaine was still as she could be, but she couldn’t stop herself from squirming at his invasion, or the way her legs tried to jerk up and close. It hurt and she was tossing her head to the side as she cried. "’re a bastard…!" she couldn’t help it, the curse just came out and she immediately and fearfully regretted it. -03:45 Apr 10

Once again the blade bit her skin “And you’re moving too much..” he thrust again hin hand going to hold her hip down “I bet you’ve given yourself to that playboy too, while hes seeing your friends behind your back..” he was pushign her hard and without mercy, his cock pushing deep. He wasnted her to stuggle in spite of his words, it made it better. “Little whore, I’m going to enjoy telling him anout this.” -Hans

Yvaine: "No..!" Hans…! She couldn’t think about him now, not when some other man was…! Knowing he made her ask for it! With a choked cry, she was thrashing again. Panic and desperation sinking in as she struggled against the bindings, ropes cutting in to her skin. "Get off me! Get off…!" -03:55 Apr 10

He slapped her hard knockign her silly, then hald her hips with both hands thusting deeper into her. “You asked for this.” he reminded her he he felt pressure building. “The more you struggle the more it hurts.” He was getting close , but she hadn’t had enough, not by his standards, not after what she put him through. He stopped and pulled out his grin returning to his face. “Guess what sweetheart, you’ve qualified for round two.” -Hans

Yvaine: Yvaine was dizzy. Her head was spinning from the strikes and the bloodloss. His sudden pull out had left her body feeling tightly wound and throbbing. A sickening dread pooling at the pit of her stomach as she moved to jerk on the ropes again. She just had to get loose…! -04:04 Apr 10

the grin remained on his face as he reached down and pulled more rope from the floor. “Struggle and your Sweetheart will be getting a mutilated body.” he reminded her as he looped the rope under her midsection tieng it tightly, then cut one of her legs free makign sure to cut the skin too to remind her not to struggle. Then he pushed her leg up to her stomach and tied it close and then starting on the other leg. -Hans

Yvaine: She almost kicked him… almost…! Yvaine wished so desperately that she had the courage to do it! Her frustration was clear by how hard she was breathing, and she was trying to ignore her fear of what he was doing to focus on twisting her wrists free. If she pulled a little harder and caught him by surprise… -04:13 Apr 10

He jabbed her side “Now now Sweetheart, wouldn’t want you tightning those and cutting your circulation..” he turned her hips on thier side and pushed his dick against the soft rind of her butt hole. “Unclench or I’ll cut it open and rip you up inside. And you’ll have to wear daipers for the rest of your life.” -Hans

Yvaine: "What do you expect me to do…!" she cried out in frustration. Being tied and the position so awkward coupled with requests that had her body flushing red with embarrassment and shame. He had her so afraid she was shaking from the fear. -04:22 Apr 10

He pushed against her forcing his way inside his ahdns holding her still. “I expect you to take this so that I don’t have to make you bleed anymore.” he thust again, and again pushinh a little further each time, her virgin ass was tight, too tight, if she struggled something would rip. -Hans

Yvaine: It hurt. It hurt so much that rush of pain swept through her so quickly she was seeing white spots in front of her eyes. Every bit he moved left her squeaking out a pained cry. And when her body fell limp it wasn’t because she did as he requested or gave in. The sharp pains just gave her such a dizzying rush that she nearly fainted. -04:32 Apr 10

Faster, harder “You’re better like this, you’re tight where no ones been.” Deeper. He was puttign more energy into it his hands on her hips and legs holding her where he wanted as he started building up again. “I should have done this last time.” -Hans

Yvaine: She hated this feeling..! The burning, seering sensation running through her blood. Making her so sick that she forgot all thoughts about struggling and was just trying to keep conscious as he pounded in to her. With every bit of movement she whimpered, soft pleading sounds for him to stop..! -04:39 Apr 10

He either didn’t hear her pleas or he didn’t listen as he pushed against her now all the way inside her as he let loose his seed into her. “There we go Sweetheart.” he said as he pulled himself out “If I don’t hear back from your Sweetheart I’ll be back for more.” he leaned down and hand hilder her head in place licked all the way from her chin to her forehead covering her face with his spit. “Try not to bleed on my sheets.” He stood and gave her ass a slap. “Sweet dreams.” -Hans

Yvaine: He was gone and Yvaine couldn’t keep her senses anymore. Finally the emotion overwhelmed her, and though she had the moment to renew her attempt for escape, she fell in to unconciousness. -04:50 Apr 10
Hans: The phone in the hotel room rang and Immediatly Hans picked up, it had been four hours since he had left Yvaine and he had bome back looking for her. "Hello? Yvaine?" The note was still cluched in hsi hand as he strained his ears listening. -04:59 Apr 10

“Oh shes fine loverboy, I just had some on one one time with her, went places you havn’t been yet.. She asked me to.” -Hans

Hans: "If you’ve hurt her I’m going to find you and there won’t be prison again, you’ll be tried for treason, that still carries the death penalty." -05:01 Apr 10

“Now now don’t get your panties in a twist, shes still alive isn’t she?” he leaned over and slapped Yvaine’s cheek with the flat of the knife. “Your lovers on the phone hes askign in theres anythign you need..” he held the reciever to Yaine’s mouth for a second, and only a second before snatchign it away. -Hans

Yvaine: Yvaine was startled awake and had little time to squeak out more than a frightened gasp. The phone was gone was gone and she hadn’t even heard his voice… for all she knew it was a lie and she was left sobbing again! -05:04 Apr 10

You hear that crying, thats because she knows she liked it better than you and her little fairytale is over. Now your crown, you renounce it and she lives, you don’t and I have more time with her until she begs me tio kill her, and I will. Slowly. Fucking every new hole I make in her. Now…” -Hans

Hans: "Wait… let me talk to her, ten seconds.. then you’ll get what you want." Hans sounded desperate and the reciever was held out to Yvaine again. "Yvaine, I want you to know you’re the most important thing to me. And I don’t care if I live in poverty, so long as I live with you." -05:09 Apr 10
Yvaine: His voice, she still wasn’t sure if it were a trick or not to toy with her. "Hans..! I am so… so sorry..! I can’t..!" She couldn’t keep doing this. This was her fault. He would hate her…! Yvaine was near delirious with the trauma, feeling numb and mindless all at the same time. "I’m so scared…" she muttered when her eyes fell closed. -05:14 Apr 10
Hans: "I’ll see you soon, I plomise just…" Time was up apparently and the phone was snatched away. -05:15 Apr 10

“You hear that? She knows she enjoyed it and now shes wracked with guilt, before you give up your crown I want my accounts unfrozen and one million u.s. fatter… You know what happens otherwise.” He hung up the phone. No matter what happened Yvaine would die, Screw those political fools and thier games. -Hans

Hans: "Did we get him?" Hans asked and recieved a nod. The hotel room was filled with men from the Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale, the GIGN. Hans had pulled in every favor he had to get them, and now sitting in body armor and an MP5 next to him he smiled taking the offered helmet. "Are you sure you want to go in yourself?" "More sure than anythign else right now." he stood and exited the room, most of the men trainign after him. There was a van out the fron with and entire squad awaiting his orders. The armor he wore might not shine but he was riding to the rescue. -05:22 Apr 10
Hans: Mere minuted later and the dark figures were movign from cover to cover outside the delapidated building as more scaled the walls. Hans himself was prepairing he lead the charge through the front. "I see the target, ground floor. The girl is there too, room 3, the rest of the floor is clear." That little robot was amazing, Hans would have to rememebr to get himself one. "Room C, right wer’re moving. Team two you have the south door, three you come down the stairs, tell me when you’re in position. -05:27 Apr 10
Yvaine: Hearing Hans’ voice should have given her the will to keep going, but her will had run out. So tired from the abuse and loss of blood, and the trauma, Yvaine was slipping. It was like ten years ago all over again. Trapped, alone and lost in a nightmare she couldn’t break free from..! "Untie me,.. untie me…" she was murmuring weakly. -05:31 Apr 10

“I’ll untie you when you’re dead Sweetheart.” he chuckled. “You just rest easy and I’ll calle your loverboy in a couple hours.” he leaned agains the wall blowing smoke from his cigarette. Then a light appeared int he window and the sound of a helecopter sounded overhead. “Calm yourself that ain’t for you.” -Hans

Hans: He lead his team though the dark corrodors and to the door, signalling for the two with the ram to get ready, the door looked like a single blow would do it. "Team three in position." "Team two, we’re ready. Hans checked the moad on his gun. "Three, two, one…." A helecopter flew overhead. "Crist who told the press about our party, target was turned eat and it looking out the window. We’re still good." "Breach!" -05:33 Apr 10
Hans: Three teams from three different directions, all at the same time, laser sight converging on the kidapper, and shouts in both english and french for his to put his hands up and the armored men rushed him. Shock tactics, the man didn’t even have tiem to react before three men were wrestling him the the gound and binding his hands… One of the men however was move interested in the person on the bed… "Yvaine…?" -05:36 Apr 10
Yvaine: No one would come to get her, maybe they never did and she had been with him the whole time…! Just having a delerious dream of some other life only to wake up like this! Yvaine couldn’t even recognize his voice at first, her body and mind having slipped in to shock. "I don’t want to…! I don’t!" she hissed through clenched teeth. -05:38 Apr 10
Hans: "YOU BASTARD!" Hans was standing with his laser sight playing over his face "Open your mouth and it will be the last them you do…" "SIR!" One of the men stepped in front of Hans "We got him sir.. you take care if your girl.." -05:40 Apr 10

He turned as he was dragged off “I hope you like the improvements I make Loverboy.” Then he was punched in the gut and drageed from the room. -Hans

Hans: "Yvaine…?" Hans and the men who remained cut her ties and wrapped a dirty blanket around her. "I’m so sorry.." he lefted her from the bed and cradles her in his arms.. "Its me, I’m here for you. Like I promised." -05:43 Apr 10
Yvaine: She covered in blood and shuddering so hard her whole body was shaking. At first she was quite tense in his arms. Only after a moment did she curl against him, burying her face at his shoulder. "You’re not real… I was dreaming." She respondedly softly with a tearful sniffle. He had never been real and she had been in that room the whole time. She wasn’t so lucky. -05:46 Apr 10
Hans: He carried her though the building and out into the open, the news helecopter having landed and the camera rolling. "No, I’m real. We’re engaged, we’re going to be married…" he was angry, angry and upset… whoever did this would pay. There was an anbulance waiting and he carried her inside Keepign hold of her hand and kissing it and the doctors took over with ehr on the bed, the doors slammign shut and the siren sounding "I’m not leaving your side." -05:50 Apr 10
Yvaine: "I dreamed this before… but you weren’t there." she was still mumbling about the dream, almost uncooporative with the paramedics when she would swat or shove them away. At some point they gave her a sedative which did wonders for the pain, and gave such a strange fuzzy awareness to what was -actually- happening around her. "Hans, this room is too small…!" She was squeezing his hand and trying to roll herself off the cot. -05:55 Apr 10
Hans: "Its the ambulance." he said removing his helmet "We’re takign you to hospital… We got him, again. Hes goign to a french jail this time." wetness was visible about his eyes but his have had a hardness to it that was hard to describe. -06:22 Apr 10
Yvaine: Her hand reached out, brushing at the corner of his eye with her thumb. "Don’t be upset, Hans… I’ll wake up in a moment and we’ll be getting married." She was still speaking strange and in her haze reality and delerium was starting to piece everything back together. "I’m okay…" she tried to mumble out reassuringly as she lost consciousness. -06:29 Apr 10

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