Tower’s Calling 010: It Takes Two

Tower's Calling

[Corona doesn’t feel right. Something is wrong. But she has not said a word about it…] -02:08 Jul 12
[Athos has to get them into the tower before the god frees himself but Corona seems to be sick.. of all the timing!] -02:16 Jul 12
Corona: "This needs to be done as soon as possible." she muttered. Her skin was still crawling and she had thought it was just because those marionettes irked her so much. Now it just felt like something was trying to slither it’s way under it which was far more nauseating than the smell of blood or morning sickness. Still, she wasn’t mentioning it. For some reason she just couldn’t bring it up, depsite wanting to! -02:22 Jul 12
Athos: He clamped hsi arms around her and took them back to the tower where the rune was already cracking. "Isealed him awau but it wont last long… Corona we have to hurry." he grabbed the shard and got ready to use it is nesisary. "Get a sword.. you know what you’re doing right?" -02:26 Jul 12
Corona: "I know exactly what I’m doing." she broke away from him to cross the room. Somewhere in the middle she hesitated, like she wasn’t quite sure where she was going. But it was gone in an instant and she fetched what she wanted. The bone dagger that she stole from the vault. ….that’s not what she wanted! She needed one of the swords to kill a god with, not seal it. She pulled one of the swords. -02:34 Jul 12
Athos: He didn’t have time for this, but whatever she was the one who did the studying. He god ready and prepared his magic. He knew how to kill this guy he just never to live through it. -02:36 Jul 12
Corona: A sealed god could come back. A dead god could have it’s power stolen. That was good to know. Corona braced a hand on her desk, leaning with a wince as she wrapped her other arm around her waist. These weren’t her thoughts. They weren’t even from the amulet. And no words about it would come out of her mouth. "If it escapes the wall before I am done, you will have to keep it distracted." That’s not what she wanted to say! -02:43 Jul 12
Athos: He looked at her. "I killed it on my own last time, I’m sure I can keep it busy.. are you sure you’re okay? I…" the seal cracked further and Athos turned his back on Corona ready to defend them. "Don’t worry. I won’t die this time.." -02:48 Jul 12
Corona: "I’m not…" She clamped her mouth shut and was near grinding her teeth together. Almost like flipping a switch that wave of nausea was gone, and she seemed to be totally in control. Pray that he realizes something wrong. Because what he did to you will be nothing compared to what I’ll do. That is no way to talk to your father, dove. What will my grandchild think? There was no restrait on Corona’s magic now. As if she had been casting these sorts of spells with ease her entire life, she was waving a hand, drawing on the runes in the tower. It was no sealing spell. Definitely the killing kind, and every intention of drawing the power in the process. -02:55 Jul 12
Athos: He wasn’t facing her, he crouched low and got ready to act… then he felt it, building behing him and turned. Instinct prickled on the back of his neck and he sent a wave of ice creeping along the floor to freeze her feet to it. "What are you doing?" -02:58 Jul 12
Corona: There was no effort in dispelling the ice to water. Corona had tapped directly in to her child’s gifts to do it. "That god has to be killed, doesn’t it? And we do not want to be cursed in the process. We can take it’s power without being cursed when done right. You have to trust me." The spell resumed, drawing on the tower to increase it’s potency. Tap my son again and see what happens. I fucking dare you. Be wise, daughter. Or it will be three gods drained by one spell, instead of two. -03:05 Jul 12
Athos: There was something off and he could feel it. "Thats not what we agreed to." he said "You didn’t want to drain him, whats changed?" he looked down at the shard in his hand and then at her. "I need you by my side for this we kill him and thats it…" he gripped the shard and then turned back to the seal. "I won’t see you or my son corrupted by power." -03:11 Jul 12
Corona: "It’s my choice what I do with my son. And my son will have a great legacy." With a quick cut to her hand, the spell was ready. And she was drawing on her child to cast it. Stepping forward with that dagger and ready to drive it in to his back between the shoulder blades. But she stopped. Inches away with her shaking with the struggle to push it forward. Mistake. Very big mistake. Corona dropped to the floor on her knees. And with the worst timing, the seal on the demon in the wall was falling to pieces. Smoke pouring out of the rune. -03:19 Jul 12
Athos: "Hes OUR son." he turned just as the seal broke and was thrown across the room. He coughed and got to his feet. He recognized the magic she had prepaired. "HAve you gone crazy?" he asked before putting himself between her and the god. "Fine I’ll to this like I did last time…" -03:25 Jul 12
Corona: "You are horrible at paying attention![/i] she shouted at him. Still on her knees on the floor, bracing both hand and knife against the stone. Corona was struggling to keep her mind where it belong, the power spell from being unleashed and now focus on a released god as well! You are too inexperienced, little dove. Let me take the godling and you can have your god. "Sonofabitch, fuck you!" Forget it. She was going to let that power spell happen. And Corona knew exactly where she was going to aim it. "Let the star god out of the seal!" -03:31 Jul 12
Athos: He was getting mad. "Fine.." he broke the seal and let the god out but immediatly contrained up and tried to hold it down. "Unless you’re going into labor kind of have more important things to pay attention to here." -03:38 Jul 12
Corona: The star god was pissed off. So much that it was trying to grow in size, snarling, flailing, snapping teeth and claws, and crunching stone. But Corona was more pissed. Bone dagger in hand, made a quick slice down her arm, from elbow to wrist. The first blood to drop wasn’t even red! Falling to the floor black as tar, taking shape… human shape as it crawled and inched across the floor. The moment her blood was running red, her hands were splayed on the floor again. Every single rune in the tower lighting up. "Release him and step away…! Don’t let him near me, and for fuck’s sake don’t let him near you either!" -03:47 Jul 12
Athos: Athos released him but keps a barrier around it and backed away his magis feeding on the realm around them… the blood.. he didn’t like the looks of it but another barried was all he could do. "I know what you’re going to do.." he said. "And I know what I want to do.. so you first.." it was all he could do to hold the god back. Life after this had better be good or he was going to be pissed. -03:53 Jul 12
Corona: "I don’t think you know, but you’re gonna…" she growled. She wasn’t mad at Athos. All of her rage was focused on the black tar form that was picking itself off the floor, jerking and twisting, taking shape in to the Sorcerer. Corona activated his built spell, the power sapping, power draining spell. Exactly the way he designed it. But instead of it taking from Athos and the Star God, it was the Sorcerer and the Star God! And instead of drawing the power in to herself, she was pouring it to a central point in the room. A swirling black gem, dark as night. The Sorcerer wailed trying to cling and remain, but was quickly consumed in to the gem. …the star god was not as easy! She pulled it, tugged it and for every bit of power she drained he seemed to have that much more! "I can’t take him…!" -04:01 Jul 12
Athos: Athos scowled… "I can." He surged forwards the barried disolving and slammed into the mass of the other god shattering the wall and sending him spinning into the cast nothingness of the sea of magic. Once he was out of the protective wards of the tower the magic consumed hima nd he became what he was before he was a god. One with magic. But this mean that as they toutched Cononas’s spell affected Athos too for the briefest moment. -04:05 Jul 12
Corona: He didn’t listen and the spell was trying to drain his power too…! But he was lucky. Lucky that she had no strength left and the majority of the spell had run it’s course. Corona cut the tethers, when it began to pull him and tug back towards the gem. The runes going dim and out, nearly every one smoking from the spell. The black gem in the center of the room no longer swirling, but in it’s very core was a bright, fuming soul. Then she was falling forward, the loss of blood and over use of magic becoming overwhelming! -04:11 Jul 12
Athos: The drain hurt him and he almost joined the god in the sea, but instead he fell to his knees and almost filled the gem. He took a breath he steady himself before he heard Corona fall and turning stumbled to his feet and over to her, rolling her onto her back and brushing the hair from her face. "Corona.. are you…" he placed his hand on her cheek feeling her blood and letting his energies melt into her to stop the bleeding from her arm. -04:17 Jul 12
Corona: "I told you not to go near him…" she mumbled. Corona couldn’t open her eyes yet, but it was a relief to feel him there, and the tension from trying to hold everything together was slowly fading. "I couldn’t have healed without you… That’s why there is always two to fight a god…" It seemed she had just enough in her to give him that smug grin. -04:21 Jul 12
Athos: "You said you couldn’t handle him so I had to do something… if its a choice of you and me, I choose you." he brushed his hand against her cheek as he cradled her head in his lap. "But I would come strait back from the dead to heal you if I had to." -04:24 Jul 12
Corona: "Such a reckless man, when will you learn better…? I hope our son has more sense." She was smiling, a pleased almost blissfull look. Which was surely mostly attributed to pure exhaustion. But it was done. No more Sorcerer. No more Star God. There would be other evil in the world, but they had met their own destiny and were done. …and still alive! "You are going to have to fix all the holes in my tower. And build me a city…." -04:28 Jul 12
Athos: "And get you a crown? And a golden carpet stretching from here to the horizin lined with heralds and courtiers? One step at a time Corona. I may be a god but we have a dynasty to build" he leaned down to kiss her cheek. "Together." -04:31 Jul 12
Corona: "I am a sorceress, what do I need with a crown and coutiers…" Her laugh was soft, and with only the slightest wince she reached her arms around his neck. "Just give me you, Athos. I’ll be content to watch our twelve children rebuild the world…" -04:34 Jul 12
Athos: "Planning ahead are you?" he asked leanign down to kiss her and crable her in his arms. "You already have me or havn’t you been listening? Not falling back in hate with gods are you?" -04:38 Jul 12
Corona: "You did say dynasty.. a dynasty needs many, many children. One for every place in the world and beyond." Returning his kiss with a sharp nip, she grinned against his cheek. "I hope you’re ready to deal with a dozen screaming godlings." -04:44 Jul 12

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