Genetic Bride 026 010: Public Exposure

[Baldor is on a movie date.] -06:15 Nov 11
[Khloe loves going to the movies! And now she is behaving like a good non-rapey girlfriend!] -06:18 Nov 11
Khloe: The back of the theater was always the best place to sit. Not just because no one can see you consumating, but because you had the best view of the screen! She was happily in her seat with her arms wrapped around his and her head resting against his shoulder. -06:22 Nov 11
Baldor: He had his arm around her and his eyes on the screen. THe movie though was dissapointing and there was something stuck in the back on his mind, something about sex in the back of a movie theatre… and revenge for eatign in a diner where everyone hed hears Khloe from the bathroom. He glanced at her and placed his other hand on her knee before loking back at the screen. He was going to have fun watching HER. -06:25 Nov 11
Khloe: Khloe hugged his arm tighter and gave a happy sigh. It was nice having him touch her and not be afraid to. She liked touching and snuggling like this! She was focused on the movie though. It was exciting, flashy… how did they do all that stuff without people getting hurt? -06:29 Nov 11
Baldor: She had her eyes glued to the screen and thatmade him smile, but he still wanted his revenge, and so see if she could manage sex in the back row. Sliding his hadn up her leg halfwat to her miniskirt and back down as his eye drifted abck to the screen. Then his hand travels back up her leg almost reaching her skirt before turning around. -06:31 Nov 11
Khloe: Now she was a little bit more aware of the touching. Shifting slightly in her seat and giving him a quick curious glance before her interest was on the screen again. He already said consumating in public wasn’t allowed, but this… was a bit of a mixed signal! Khloe decided it had to just be her, and that she needed to behave. Chewing on her lip, she tried to ignore it. -06:39 Nov 11
Baldor: He looked back at her when she looked at the screen, then he leaned down and kissed the cirner of her mouth right as his hand slipped under her skirt and felt it’s way up her thigh to her folds to brush agaist then before he pulled away to look at the screen fis hand going the thirt distance back dowh out from under her skirt before sliding between her thighs. -06:42 Nov 11
Khloe: There was a soft squeaking sound from her. That struggling attempting to not squeal and have people turn around. She held her breath. Was it a test? Of course she wanted to jump on to his lap and dispell that sudden tingling feeling, but maybe it was a lesson? Either way, she was squirming a little more in her seat. Clinging to his arm tightly, and trying to pay attention to the movie. No consumating at the movies, that was a rule! -06:49 Nov 11
Baldor: He leaned his head against head and watched the screen while listening to her as his hand traveled upwards again. "You’ve already has sex with me once in public today." he said softly. "Don’t you want to again?" he touched her folds again not taking his eyes off the movie as he started to rub his lips. "Don’t tell me you’ve suddenly decided to listen to me." -06:52 Nov 11
Khloe: Ooooh, this was mean. Or really nice! He was always so shy, this was so very much the opposite that it almost had her senses reeling more than the touch of his fingers. Khloe squirmed. "You said not at the movies…?" she mumbled, her face burning hot. Khloe refused to look at him. If she did, she would pounce! -06:57 Nov 11
Baldor: "I also would have said not at the diner if you had asked before you made me want to tear your clothes off." he said slowly. "If I habe to take your top off I will but I’d much frefer you just got into my lap or something however you were planning to do this. Really I have no idea how people would." -07:00 Nov 11
Khloe: He wanted to tear her clothes off? That made her smile wide! And then he proposed a challenge… Khloe was still unsure if this was a test or not… but now it didn’t much matter! As silent as could be, she shifted out of her seat and straddled his lap. The trick was pushing the armrests up and out of the way so she could spread her knees. Khloe had his face in her hands as she gave him a gentle kiss. "There are many ways for consumating in small spaces…" -07:04 Nov 11
Baldor: He kissed her back and then looked at her in his lap. She looked perfect, but then that was how she was made. "You know if I were more contrloing I’d make you wear underwear all the time." he chuckled. "But that would make this harder…" not that we wanted to make a habbit of this! Still with his hands pushing her shit up tp rest on the bare skin of her sides he wasn’t complaining. -07:07 Nov 11
Khloe: "I would do anything you asked me to. I am yours." That had so much more meaning when she was grinning the way she was. Shifting over his lap quite deliberately to press herself against him in every way possible. Another soft kiss was follow by a tease of her fingertips at the back of his neck. -07:11 Nov 11
Baldor: He was almost taken in.. almost. "What I have been trying to teach you since I found you is you are yours. If you do something it shouldn’t be becaues I tell you, but because you want to, okay?" he leaned forwards to kisee her deeply his hand running up and down her sides. "So right now, do what you want to do, it’s okay with me." -07:14 Nov 11
Khloe: What she wanted was to make him happy. He made her happy. And it wasn’t hard to figure out what he wanted. …he initiated after all! Khloe looooved it. "I want you." she murmured, nipping at his lips, his jaw, and finally whispering in to his ear. "I want to feel you and nothing else. And I will try not to scream…?" She giggled! -07:21 Nov 11
Baldor: He brushed his lips against hers and ran his hand up her back as he mover hi hips under her. "That would help, there are people everywhere after all." he flicked his tongue against her lips and looked up at her. "You can have me, since I am yours too." -07:31 Nov 11
Khloe: "You are mine…?" That was a new concept. One that made her stomach churn in all of the best ways. Khloe wasn’t sure how to express that feeling with words. She merely grasped his face in her hands and gave him a deep kiss. Affectionate and sweet.. which didn’t match the way her hand was stealing down between them to tug at his belt. He made her want to do this all the time! -07:37 Nov 11
Baldor: His hands tightened as he kissed her back, hard, his lips moving against hers. She was so sweet in her own way and he loved that about her. he owuld be sweet to her to in his way. He had so many things he wanted to do with her too, but right now all hr could think about was where her hands were going and what would follow. mabe she was turning him into an adict. -07:40 Nov 11
Khloe: They were in a big room full of people, for his sake she had to be quiet… and fast! He would be upset if they were seen or caught. Almost the very second she pulled him out of his pants she was sinking down on top of him. Her breath coming out as a slow hiss in his ear. She did not realize she would enjoy consumating so much…! Khloe returned his kiss with ferver, pressing his head up against the back of the seat as she moved. Rising and falling with a gentle twist of her hips. -07:48 Nov 11
Baldor: He make a sound against her and his arms slipped around her pulling her closer his lips pulling back to allow his teeth to nip and pull on her lips desperatly, encouraging her. He was aware of where whey were, how could he not be but he couldn’t resist her. Hell when they got home he wous prbably going to pull her into the shower! "I love this." he whisered, he really really did. -07:51 Nov 11
Khloe: He had no idea how much it pleased her to know he loved it. That was… making it really hard to stay quiet and subtle! A small moan might have escaped, thankfully eclipsed by the sounds of the movie, and by her ravishing his mouth like he had all the oxygen she needed to breath. Pressed tight against him, she moved as quick as she could without making her breathing to audible. Which really just made it sweetly, agonizingly slow! -07:59 Nov 11
Baldor: e gripped her, crushing his mouth against hers to keep imseof quiet, hip shifting and squirming beneath her as he moved with her. He could feell himself building but it was so slow he could swear it was burning. He started moving faster ender her, slowly taking control as he trust his tongue into her mouth. -08:02 Nov 11
Khloe: She could taste that faint sweetness of syrup, and it was so deliciously intoxicating. Warring his tongue with hers kept those soft hums and squeeks to a minimum. Up until she could feel her body starting to tense, and the blood rushing through her so quick that her heart was pounding against her chest. Khloe’s fingers dug in to the fabric at his shoulder’s, clinging as she desperately tried to stay silent when all she wanted to do was gasp and squeal! -08:12 Nov 11
Baldor: He held her against him as he controlled the pace, faster than she has had it and edging closer. He placed a hand on the back of her nack and pulled her her lips harder up against hers as if he were drinking every sound she made. This helped him keep quiet too and he needed all the help he could get, small gasps and groans muffled by ther presense of her mouth on his. -08:15 Nov 11
Khloe: It was strangely intense trying to stay quiet and contained. It made the pit of her stomach coil even tighter, and that moment her body clenched she didn’t dare take her lips off him. Khloe shivered and twist in his arms. Tugged hard at his shirt before a hand released, only to slap back down on his shoulder and dig her nails in. A physical exclamation of that tidal wave of feeling she couldn’t scream out in the dark! -08:24 Nov 11
Baldor: He couple more thrustd and his hips twisted under her and he was done his hanrd squeezing her tight and toungue curling as he whimprered against her and breathed heavily. They had done it… -08:27 Nov 11
Khloe: Khloe kissed him still, though now it was less frenzied and hard, and now soft and affectionate. Slowly she was catching her breath and ever so often she would still tense up, followed by a very contented sigh. If she could wrap around him and take a nap right there, she might have. Instead she was rather busy nibbling at his lips. "You are happy?" she mumbled softly. -08:33 Nov 11
Baldor: "Very." he whispered returning every touch and gesture with one of his own. "Are you?" she was tauht to mke other people happy, but he wabnted her to be too. He wanted to make her happy like she did him. -08:36 Nov 11
Khloe: "Yes." The smile she was was wide and bright, and Khloe couldn’t resist kissing him again. A sweet soft touch of her lips. Even though he said no, he did this anyway. Because he wanted her and cared for her. It made her feel so warm and fuzzy. "We missed a lot of the movie." she giggled, nuzzling against his cheek. -08:40 Nov 11
Baldor: "We’ll get it on dvd/" he said softly holding her. "Then watch it together at home, I have thay and so many other boyfriend girlfriend thing to show you. It will be fun." -08:42 Nov 11

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