Myth and Legacy 010: The Moira’s Gloom

Myth and Legacy

[Kate is a married woman. She thought she’d feel different or more… wifey-like. But no. She’s still Kate.] -01:54 Apr 13
[Raul Has discovered wedding night sex is better that I can’t believe you fucked my sister sex… ] -01:55 Apr 13
Kate: Kate was only half dressed. Tired as hell and making sure she didn’t crash her new boat as she was pulling it in to the dock of Raul’s…wait no… THEIR island. "Hahaha… Kate’s Island." she mused to herself out loud. Course it was probably cursed with the souls of the dead, but hey. Can’t be picky when your hotass new husband gives you a permanant home, right? -02:00 Apr 13
Raul: Raul was at the bows ready to jump off onto the docl as soon as the fender made contact. Rope in one hand his feet his the dock adn he imediatly grabbed hold of the gunnel and brouh the boat to a stop before moorign her properly. "Welcome home." he said brightly. "Lets hope theres no uninvited guests waitinf for us." -02:03 Apr 13
Kate: "Welp. That pretty much seals the deal for an ambush." she muttered in response. She was grabbing for a shirt to pull over that bikini top. She was already wearing a pair of capri pants. If they were going to get attack, since Raul was nice enough to jinx them, Kate wanted her clothes on. Stepping out on to the deck and resting her hands on her hips, she admired the island view again. "So what do we need. Just some old stuff?" -02:07 Apr 13
Raul: "Swords, those that can kill a god. They’re on this island somewhere and we’ll need them. They were Delilah’s you know." he knew that would make her want them even if they were useless. "Before that I’d like to get some more modern weapons for the cultists and those… things." -02:12 Apr 13
[Kate enters.] -02:16 Apr 13
Kate: "Yeah, we can’t just keep calling them things. Or assholes… what the fuck are they?" Blasted monsters looked mostly human, but blew in to town like the apocalypse. Kate would be happy to never see another one again. Kate hopped on to the dock, the promise of antique swords from her very favorite story definitely more interesting than waiting around for Raul to get back. -02:18 Apr 13
Raul: Raul knew exactly where the weapons were, he headed up the path towards another hidden vault and before long would have Kate’s boat loaded with enough firepower to level a large city. "Demon zombies… Dembies… Zomons… I don’t know.." -02:21 Apr 13
Kate: Kate snickered. "Wow… How about you stick with saving the world, and I’ll work on clever names for the stories." Remaining on his heels, this time Kate was making a conscious effort to know exactly where they were going. It’s HER island now, after all. Soon she’d be hiding stolen treasures in hidden vaults here too… or more amusingly, seeing what was -in- those hidden vaults. "…shit, this is harder than I thought." -02:30 Apr 13
Raul: He stopped at a cliff face, adn stared at it for a few seconds. "Theres a lot to do once this is over." he said walking over to the stone face and and running his fingers across itthen putting his eye to a small, barely visible crack. There was a beep and part of the cliff slid back. "One of those is adding you to the security database." he pushed the secret door open further and threw the light switch. Greeting that was a room that looked like that scene from the matrix. Shelves and shelves of guns, rocket launchers, grenades, tripod-mounted machine guns. "Welcome to the stock room Kate. this is what my family sell." he grabbed a dufflebag from a shelf near the door and began gradding guns and ammo, then another buffel bag and we walked deeper into the room. "If theres anythign you want, take it now I’d rather not hand around." -02:37 Apr 13
[Kate has timed out.] -02:43 Apr 13
Kate: For all of her bravado, Kate was not keen on the idea of gun fights. Sure, she could shoot. Didn’t mean she liked it. …but she also wasn’t stupid. He grabbed whatever he needed and Kate was choosy. Making sure she had a solid belt and a moderate sized weapon in her hand. She practiced aiming by pointing it at him. "You know the story about Grendal, right? They kind of remind me of what’d happen if Grendal went on a raping spree and had a twisted army of babies… Might just call them grendals." -02:43 Apr 13
Raul: ‘Or course I kneo the story." he said walking back towards her with two full bags and a mac-10 slung over his shoulder. "Ready to go treasure hunting?" he asked "The journal doesn’t say where they are, it does however say they’re not to be moved from where they were left, that means the last person to toutch them was him or Delilah… and since gods, nor thier children can carry them… that only leady one person who could have hidden them… and it means you’re going to need to hold onto them. -02:47 Apr 13
Kate: "Well fuck. I am seriously starting to regret promising to help…" Kate didn’t really mean it, but… she already had a pretty big target on her back already without being the one to cart around a couple of Godslaying swords! She might as well just invite their enemies over for a Kate-killing party. "…can’t we just hire an army?" -02:52 Apr 13
Raul: "The only army for hire in the area is trying to kill us." he pointed out. "And besides once we find these swords we’re not sticking around, we’re going far, far away, just like you wanted.." he left the store room and began heading back down towards the boat. -02:55 Apr 13
Kate: "Yeah, far, far away in to the belly of DOOM to find an ancient sea god by ourselves! Which, by the way, totally sounds like an awesome story – but living it is a tooootally different matter!" Kate knew he was determined to do it anyway, but that wasn’t going to stop her from complaining about it. If she didn’t bitch, she’d probably freak out, take the boat and run away to Africa like she intended in the first place. It probably -was- the smarter option… she just… wouldn’t feel right about it now. Kate was on his heels again, scowly as ever. "Remind me how great and amazing our life is going to be if we actually survive?" -02:59 Apr 13
Raul: "Money, guns, boats, this entire island ours, babies, hired help! We’ll live like royalty!" his tone was sarcastic. "And beside it will be sun, seeing new places, shooting Zomons, taking in the sights, eatinf soup out of a can. Fun!" -03:02 Apr 13
Kate: "Shooting grendals. And I don’t know where you keep getting this babies idea." Kate hit him in the shoulder when she caught up to him. His sarcasm… though oddly attractive what the hell… was not helping at all. "I’m serious Ru! -You- have a whole lifetime of, whatever the fuck you’re trained to do. The only reason I’m not pissing my pants right now is the promise of seeing two very shiny mythic swords. After that, you better have a damn good Kate-distraction." -03:08 Apr 13
Raul: "Well theres always sex." he said giving her a grin. "lots and lots of sex, so long as you don’t get bored of it." he climbed aboard and began stowing the bags but held onto the smg. "Now to head off to a part of the island I’ve never been…." -03:11 Apr 13
[Kate ] -03:14 Apr 13
Kate: "Me bored of sex… pff." Not where he was concerned. Kate was pretty sure Raul was the most unboring person she ever sexed up. She remained on the dock, her hands on her hips again. "Do we need to take the boat around or are we walkin’ it?" And will she need a crate for stealing stuff with! Although, maybe it was a good idea not to steal from her husband. And herself. "…wait, you’ve never been there before? I thought you weirdos would all know the ins and outs of your island?" -03:17 Apr 13
Raul: "Sure we are but there are some placed just to inaccesablre to go to unless we need to. I’ve never needed to go there. It would probably be better to take one of the smaller boats though. Wouldn’t want you baby running aground… the hidden boatyard is this way." He jumped back on deck and started walking down the dock. "You thin you’ve seen boats… you havn’t seen my… our boats yet.." -03:21 Apr 13
Kate: That did the trick. Sending Kate from brooding about their inevitable death, to being overly interesting in a yard full of what promised to be badass boats. All for her! She followed after him a moment before leaping on to his back. "Boats! Ru, why didn’t you mention these boats before… How many boats? Sizes..? Any antique boats? Sail boats? This is very important." -03:26 Apr 13
Raul: "Most of them are small high-power speed boats for "business" we also have a couple of old fishign traulers, though what they catch isn’t fish its crates sunk for us to collect. It worked for 17th century smugglers so why not us." they were walking up a narrow path that looked like a hiking trail but a careful eye could see it was well-used and paved beneath the dirt. "I forget if its three of four luxury yatchs to impress political figures with.. and then theres the Diosa.. our pride. Antique sloop, no engine just sails… If you were hoping for the Moira’s Gloom…. thats what we’ll be looking for out in the jungle." -03:32 Apr 13
Kate: "The Moira’s Gloom, the most fearsome ship in the Carribean Sea…" There had never been such a dreamy, love filled sigh out of Kate. …not even for Raul. The man just did not appreciate the dozens of different little details in that story, and it was his own family! "You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to see that ship!" -03:38 Apr 13
[Kate has timed out.] -03:40 Apr 13
Raul: "With luck, today you will. For now…" the rounded a corner in the path and in fron of them was a hidden lagoon with one way in or out between the cliffs. "I hope you like our fleet." he continued on not knowign that this was where they were being waited for, the trap loaded and the hunters watching. -03:40 Apr 13
Kate: "Boooats!" The only thing that might’ve had her more excited was a giant pile of money, or the Gloom itself. Kate hopped off his back to go skipping forward. And had they not been on a time limit, she might have been throwing all her clothes off and tackling Raul to the sand for a very rewarding tussel. She almost pass through the natural stone walls in to the lagoon when she stopped. The amulet she wore was tingling hot, but that wasn’t what had her squinting out at the water. Someone pointing… a lady?… up at the cliffside with a fearsome scowl. "…I don’t think we should go in there." -03:49 Apr 13
Raul: "So you plan to hike over that mountain and search for a ship from the landward side?" he asked continuing on reguardless. "We’ll take the Hermes.. she small and can outrun anything short of a hydrofoil… And shes my old boat from before I left." -03:52 Apr 13
Kate: "Shuddup a minute, Ru, I’m serious!" She caught his arm and was dragging him back. "I just got a weirdass feeling about it! There’s somebody on the cliffs and out in the water." -03:55 Apr 13
Raul: He stopped.. "Where, I don’t see any…" the ground arupted a gew inches from hsu feet and the sound of a shot sounded a split second later, echoing in the confinds of the lagoon. A sniper from a long way off. This didn’t stop Raul from grabbing Kate and diving for cover. "He owuldn’t have givin himself away without you getting spooked and without kackup… SHIT…" -04:00 Apr 13
Kate: "I TOLD you!" Ha! Her smugness was short lived, seeing that now someone was trying to SHOOT at them, and Raul’s confidence there was probably an assload more. "Do your god thing and hurricane them or something!" -04:02 Apr 13
Raul: "Too dangerous without knowing where they are.. but.. I can take that sniper out of the picture…" he blew and a fog began to rise. "Can’t shoot what you can’t see…" he unslung the smg and began moving down the path, careful not to make a noise and stay at the edge of the path… he had been trained since he was ten in how to fight in a jungle.. For the first tile Kate owuld see Raul as a killer. Makign their hunters into his prey. -04:07 Apr 13
Kate: This was great. They were going to get shot to death by cultists. Kate wanted to vocalize her opinion about the whole thing, but she was wise enough to keep her mouth shut. She just hoped he really did know what he was doing and they hadn’t just been insanely lucky up until now. As an after thought she pulled out her own gun. Might as well be useful! -04:12 Apr 13
Raul: It was eerily silent in the lagoon as Raul, instead of runnign back the way they came went further and further. Cultists on other islands he could run from but this was his home… he faused a a figure appeared in the fog then Raul sunky into the undergrowth… if he had more time to prepare it would be eadier but all he had was his wits, and a gun that wouldn’t peirce a kevlar vest. -04:15 Apr 13
Kate: Kate was having a really hard time staying quiet. And staying close. And staying still. Her instinct to run like hell was in over-drive, and the silence was driving her insane. She had about a thousand crazy ideas in her head, everything from being a running screaming distraction, to shooting herself just to get it over with. "Ru, I am going back to my boat!" she hissed as quietly as she could get out! -04:19 Apr 13
Raul: "And I’m sure the men waiting there for you will be happy to see you." he hissed back. "Its a trap, they’re not reaving a way out of it… " he muscles tensed as the an got closer and Raul gestured for her to stay still and quiet and for god’s sake to stay down.. then just at the man was passign them Raul broke cover and barreled into him forsing the smg against the man’s chin and fired.. then he was letting the body drop and slinging the smg back over hois shoulder and picing up a gut that could pierce kevlar… "These are not cultists…" he said moving once again away from Kate’s boat. "They’re mercinaries." -04:26 Apr 13
Kate: "Fuck him, and fuck them worse if they mess up my boat." Now she was really wanting to turn back and protect her property. She didn’t care how many boats Raul had, it’d be her luck that the one made just for her would be blown to bits. …But she stayed trailing after him. No cringing at his shooting, and no looking at the dead. "…I still think a hurricane is a good idea. What the hell can a mercenary do in a hurricane." Kate was trying to keep her voice down, but the entire thing was nervewracking and batshit insane. -04:33 Apr 13
Raul: A hurricane would wreck all the boats here and smash yours against the dock. Then what would we do?" The fog was getting thicker and it was getting very hard to see, which make it all the more surprising when automatic gunfire sailed thought he fog from someone they could -04:35 Apr 13
Raul: couldn’t ever see. "I can see you you fanatical prick. a voice called out "Themal imaging and you smokescreen is useless." -04:37 Apr 13
Kate: Kate growled back. "Looks like we’re getting shot regardless." This was stupid. There was no way he could sneak around and take them all out. If these were the ones that managed to get his family… they were pretty screwed. If that damned apparition was going to help again, now would be a good time! Kate was squinting through the fog… and there was that feeling again. The feminine shape and dark red hair, backing slowly in to what looked like a solid cliffside, but beckoning with a finger. Kate swatted at Raul’s shoulder to get his attention, but she didn’t explain what she was up to when she started sneaking off towards the cliffside rocks. -04:46 Apr 13
Raul: Raul at the moment of the shoulder tapping was shooting back, the stolen guy was silenced, had good balance and had reflex sights on top of the fact that the cilinder under the barel could only me a granade launcher. If only he had searched the body for grenades… still it was a nice gun.. Raul night be falling in love… He continued ti fire busts into the fog as hr backed away after Kate… "Great, dead end.." -05:02 Apr 13
Kate: "That whole not exploring the whole Island until you -need- to thing is totally ending with us." Kate responded in a huff. She wasn’t fucking crazy. There had to be something here… A hand appeared again, at a spot cut out in the rock. Kate motioned at it, fully expecting him to see it too! But at his confused expression, she just growled again. Leaning to shoved her hand through the potentially hazardous indention in the rock and only pausing when her fingers ran in to what she assumed was a lever… Kate gave it a tug and the rocks in the side of the cliff shifted. Just enough for a person to duck and slip through. "Ha…! Dead end my ass." -05:09 Apr 13
Raul: Rau wasn’t waiting around for Kate to finish goating before he shoved her though the hole and followed right after, then pulling out a torch he found another lever and closed the door. "Those are the men who killed my family." he said "They know fow to fight us, how to… "I AM GOING TO KILL EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM." he roared "But not until you tell me how you knew that was there…" he didn’t for a second think that Kate had been playing him and was working wit the assholes outside.. but thats how it seemed. -05:14 Apr 13
Kate: Kate hadn’t seen him this pissed off since the day she met him. …and this time she actually cared that he was pissed off. So up her hands went in defense, just incase he got any crazy ideas that she was trying to kill him again and she backed up a step. "Whoa. Relax. I just… don’t think I’ve gone psycho, but she kinda show me it was here…" Kate didn’t look like she believed it herself, but she had already learned that it was just easier to accept the crazy shit for what it was. "I’m kinda thinking your dead ancestors haunt this island forever, or at the very least this amulet… She pointed out the creepers in the lagoon, and she pointed out this doorway, so I’M going to go walk my ass on down the corridor to safety and just trust it. ….Okay..?" -05:20 Apr 13
Raul: What she was saying made no sense "Who.. what ancestor?" he was still holdign the gun in his hands "Kate if you’re tellign me that the amu… the amulet is helping you…" now it make sense "Then we had better listen to it.." -05:23 Apr 13
Kate: Whew. For a second there she was worried he’d shoot her. Letting out a breath of relief, she took the lead and continued walking. If only because now that apparition was appearing more regularly and the burning of the amulet wasn’t stopping. There were a lot of turns and multiple passages, and Kate had no idea where she was going… she just… followed the feeling! "Man… I hope when I die I haunt this thing too. That’ll be badass." -05:26 Apr 13
Raul: "I hope you don’t find out if you do or not too soon." he said marking passageways in his mind, memorising the way. If there were passageways the family didn’t know about…. who knew what could be in them, he’d come back later. "At least I know where I’ll be after I die…" -05:29 Apr 13
Kate: "…Can we not make it sound like some horrible hell? Because I think this is actually pretty cool." Ancestors helping future generations to defeat great evil? That was a fantastic story, and made the future feel a little less… grim, maybe? The path seemed to dip, so at some point there were no longer walking through the cliffside but below ground level as well. Kate was getting ready to start cursing the size of the island when it started climbing back up again and she could hear the sounds of the ocean waves up ahead. -05:36 Apr 13
Raul: "My ancestors are helping me all the time." he said "Where do you think I get scary stormy stuff from. I was never this strong in Miami…" he shook his head "They’re all helping me, I can’t see or hear them but I feel thier power, thier heartbeats then I use them. They’re always helping me and I will help my descendents…. our descendents." -05:40 Apr 13
Kate: "There you go talking about babies again…" Although this time, she kinda like the idea. Continuing a legacy and knowing she helped create it… Those thoughts were quickly gone though as the passage opened up in to a huge sandy cave. Outside the opening was the view of another lagoon. An enclosed jungle and hidden patch of beach. But most eye catching was the ship. Beached for who knew how long and yet barely showing it’s age… The Moira’s Gloom. "Oh man… if I could fuck a ship…" -05:45 Apr 13
Raul: Raul stood and stared. Kate couldn’t understand, his entire lifepeople had spoken about the ship that his ancestor sailed is fevered whispered. This wasn’t finding an hierloom, or where a pair of swords might be hidden… it was areligious experience. His reply was one words before he began walkign towards it "Dibs." -05:49 Apr 13
Kate: "Oh HELL no! This is MY dream!" Once she snapped out of her confusion, Kate was taking off past him, even shoving him as she passed to throw him off balance and take the lead. It might be his family, but this was her life’s work…! All that studying ancient culture and local myth and legend! To get a chance at something like this! -05:53 Apr 13
Raul: He took off after her tackling her to the ground. "My ancestor, my inheritance. My family has been looking for this ship for three hundred years…" he pulled her up by her shirt. "Remember why we’re here, swords." he didn’t let her go, intead he threw her over her soulder and clamped his arm around her legs and walked toward the waiting ship. "We can argue when theres no gunships lookign for us." -05:58 Apr 13
Kate: "I found it – I have a right to explore it FIRST!" Kate could barely kick her feet, but she still had hands to beat on him with. "I just want to touch it! Find something shiny… Roll around in it! God damnit Ru, put me down!" This was completely ruining the atmosphere of her greatest discovery. -06:02 Apr 13
Raul: "If I didn’t know better I’d think having sex on the Moira’s Gloom would turn you on." he said as his feet thudded up the gang plank and he dropped her onto her feet on deck. "I mean This is Kate Emidio I’m talkign to.." -06:06 Apr 13
Kate: "….Could we?" Kate asked it with such a serious expression, there was no way in hell she was joking. There were mercenaries, cultists, zomon grendals and an anciet god out to kill them. But this was the sexiest pirate ship that ever existed. "…you know what, fuck your permission!" She was on him faster than a zombie after brains, crushing her mouth to his. Five minutes was all it would take! -06:10 Apr 13
Raul: He kissed her back his hands going to grip her arms tightly as he parted his lips ender hers and flicked with his tongue. It didn’t matter whose ship it was he wanted he on it’s decks if only because it would make her more eager. But she also made one very sexy pirate. "Now if only you had your outfit…" -06:13 Apr 13
Kate: "Don’t got time for clothes." she growled in response. Kate was serious. Grabbing at his waistband to pop the button and tug down the zipper. "Take off that gun. …no wait. Keep the gun. Take off my clothes." Kate had him by the hair, jerking him down to her level to ravish his mouth. -06:19 Apr 13
Raul: He undid her cargo pants and pushed them down withough breaking the kiss. "I like it when you’re demanding" he whisperedusing his feet to push her pants the rest of the way his lips locking on hers as he moved to pull timself out, already hard. -06:22 Apr 13
Kate: As soon as her pants were off, she was jumping on him. Locking her legs around his waist and curling and arm around his neck to hold herself steady. "Shut the hell up and show Cap’n Kate how a modern pirate takes a wife." She bit his lip, teeth grazing his skin as she nibbled down his jaw and nipped again at the sensitive spot below the ear. -06:29 Apr 13
Raul: He pushed in her hard, a lot like the first time he entered her. Pushing her against the wooden deck he bit her ear and pushed in harder "And you show me how a pirate queen takes being fucked on the deck of most famous ship in caribean history." -06:32 Apr 13
Kate: "Holy shit…!" She was taking it pretty damned well, if she even had the sense to think. Kate nearly came right then, just from the over-excitement and how damned sexy he had to make it sound. Her hands dug in to his shirt even while her hips were moving to greet his. "Gonna live up to your ancestors reputation, Ru…? Cause I don’t think you got it..!" she taunted in a rush of breath. -06:40 Apr 13
Raul: He pushed harder a growl escaping him "Well amor mío You’re about to learn what I got." he pulled her to him the hand grippign her hair hilding her face against his neck as he found the angle he wanted and his hips oushed against hers. His voice even now has laced with fiery passion at her taunt. -06:45 Apr 13
Kate: Kate sunk her teeth in to his skin, it barely muffling the sounds of her groaning and pleasured cooing. Her body met his with equal forced, her legs tightening around him like a vice. She was throbbing and the pressure was wound so tight it was like torture. Such, amazing, burning, delicious torture…! -06:51 Apr 13
Raul: He grunted in pain as she bit him but he didn’t stop, nothing douls stop him. "Gods Kate…" the pleasure wasn’t comig in waves it was rising steadily and it burned setting his skin on fire and his heart and breath racing. He selt as if they were in dnager of pushing fallign through the deck if they pushed harder and he did, giving it everything adrenline pounding in his veins. -06:56 Apr 13
Kate: She couldn’t take it. It was awful, it was amazing, it was so hard and so mind numbingly insane…! When she tenses and siezed up, it seemed to make it worse. Better. Her choked out cry almost sounded like she was in pain when her head tilted back and she gasped his name. Climax hitting her like a never ending torrent, that just kept quaking and rushing through her. -07:02 Apr 13
Raul: He pushed her pushed her down and held her there as he gave her a few more thusts his eyes on her face. So full of extasy. He stopped his hips shaking as his closed his eyes his brain seeming to freeze up as he felt the orgast right from his groin to his scalp… "Fuck… dammit Kate…" -07:05 Apr 13
Kate: Kate was still shuddering, soft whimpering between trying to catch her breath. "I don’t think… I have ever.. had something so good…!" -07:12 Apr 13
Raul: He kissed her hard and still. even now needy "You are amazing, I’ll give you that amor mio, he ran his hand down the side of her neck. "But we should find those swords." -07:15 Apr 13
Kate: "Whatever you want, Ru. Whatever you want." she sighed, still in that wave of bliss. "Swords, saving world… anything." Probably not the smartest promise in the world to make, but if he could do that again another day, she’d do pretty much damn everything! -07:18 Apr 13
Raul: He got her pants and helped slide them onto her, then picking her up he carried her brridal style to the great cadin. -07:20 Apr 13
Kate: She kept her arms around his next, eyeballing the cabin as they entered. Kate was itching to get her hands on everything…! Damned Ru and his incubus sexing! "All of this should be rotted away by now…!" -07:25 Apr 13
Raul: "You’re on a mythical island with a half-god on a ship shrouded in legend and a little magic surprises you." he said "I’ll show you more though, in time." -07:29 Apr 13

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