In harassing Cassius, at a bar MacBeth teaches Bronwen to dance and sings for her. Bronwen and Cassius have a fight and she leaves. Cassius starts a brawl at the bar, while Bronwen is elsewhere and meets up with the Alien she beat in a drunken shooting game. They try another bet, of which she wins again, but due to being drunk, she lets her name slip and a Fishman bounty hunter manages to grab her. Her boys come to the rescue while Cassius kills the Fishguy and leaves angry. MacBeth takes Bronwen back to the ship, where he tells her about how her brothers couldn’t deal with him. She says she’ll always listen to him, but will still be mighty pissed when he gets hurt. He tells her he’d like her to live after that final fight with Morgan! But a small misunderstanding has them both thinking they’ve insulted the other! Bronwen asks Duncan for some lessons in manners, so she can avoid running her mouth again. Duncan volunteers a “place he knows” outside the city.

The next day, the Briar Rose was docked and situated on the planet Orlu, in that nice little city of Gamnen. It wasn’t a flashy place, but it was busy with all kinds of riff-raff looking to make a quick buck and resupply.

Bronwen: *Bronwen was glad to be dressed in normal clothes, and her wrist hurt like hell. She was looking forward to a few drinks just for numbing things down again. Cassius was back his usual self, and Duncan was being peculiar. ..Peculiar for Duncan anyway.* -05:09 Jun 07

Duncan: *Usually the first one all for setting off and seeing the sights, he’s nervous as hell and looks like he has something to hide. He keeps looking all around and never stays still for more than a moment.*

MacBeth: *Studied Duncan and raised an eyebrow. He could only imagine what him and Cassius had been bonding over on the way there. He just hoped it didn’t land them in trouble here of all places.* -05:11 Jun 07

Cassius: *He was leading the way in to what he called a “fine establishment”!* I could use a drink. How about you, Duncan? There’s a lot of good men in here, eh? *He elbowed the man in the side.*

Duncan: *Jumped! Then he cracked a nervous grin!* Yes, of course! Good men! Uh … a drink then?

Bronwen: *…If Cassius was trying to find Duncan a boyfriend, she wasn’t sure if she’d point and laugh or try to rescue the poor guy. Bronwen just shook her head, sliding on to a stool at the bar and ordering herself a drink. A drink and then plans. That sounded good!* -05:13 Jun 07

Cassius: *Chuckling, he ordered something good and strong for Duncan.* We’ll meet plenty of people playing cards, don’t you worry. Maybe some nice girls too.

MacBeth: *Doesn’t know what’s going on but he’s damn well sure, he doesn’t want to be part of it. He took a seat next to Shadowstar. True to his usual self, he’s nearly as good as new. He decided to pass on a drink for now.* -05:15 Jun 07
Bronwen: *She learned cloer to MacBeth to whisper.* He’s up to something devious. Duncan’s a wreck. -05:17 Jun 07
MacBeth: Hmm hmm. Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out what, though. I mean, he mentioned "good men". It’s obvious Duncan doesn’t lean that way. Which, out of all of us here, would benefit from finding such a man? -05:19 Jun 07

Duncan: Heh heh … *He grinned sheepishly. He did love the ladies! But how he was going to do that when he had to find the Cap’n a good husband?!*

Bronwen: Cassius is kind of fruity, maybe he’s switched sides. *As amusing as the thought was, it was far from likely.* That jackass is up to one of his pranks. -05:22 Jun 07
MacBeth: The women of this galaxy aren’t quite so lucky. Maybe, like you, he’s discovered the joy of screwing with Flyboy’s head. -05:23 Jun 07
Bronwen: *A slow mischevious grin.* You suppose our little revenge will also convince Duncan? -05:25 Jun 07
MacBeth: With how deeply your brother is screwing with his head, we’ll be lucky if he even notices. -05:26 Jun 07

Cassius: *He pat Duncan on the back roughly.* I know what you need, a good date for the evening. I’ll go have a chat with my lady-friend over there *He pointed to a pretty little blond across the room who was chatting it up with a few female friends.* and we’ll have a good old time. *The Shadowstar moved across the room like a hunting wolf!*

MacBeth: *Glanced over his shoulder and smirked a bit. Watching Cassius at play should be entertaining.* -05:29 Jun 07
Bronwen: Time to find out… Hey Duncan! Wanna have a dance with me? -05:30 Jun 07

Duncan: *Coughed when he got pat on the back so roughly! He had to down his drink and nearly gagged on it. Man, that stuff was strong! It took several moments for it to settle back in. He looked up at Shadowstar and gulped!* Um … I uh … I um … I think my legs are cramping! Ow ow! *He leaned forward and touched his leg.*

Cassius: *Cassius was already in a chair with a girl on his lap, seeming to be having a fun little conversation! He caught a glance across the room at Duncan, and his smirk widened! He returned to chatting!*

Bronwen: You’re kidding. *She eyed him skeptically.* But if you don’t dance with me, I’ll have to dance with MacBeth. Sure you don’t wanna go for a spin? -05:33 Jun 07
MacBeth: *Record time. It seemed the old dog still had some tricks left in him. He finally ordered a drink, not a strong one, it only had a mild kick.* -05:34 Jun 07

Duncan: Um uh … No, you uh–you better dance with old Mac there! I’ll just sit this one out and uh–grab a dance with you later! *He grabbed his ankle, only too aware of Cassius’ gaze on him!*

Bronwen: *Stunning! She leaned back towards MacBeth again.* He won’t even dance with me. We’ve got to rescue him. -05:40 Jun 07
MacBeth: He is in deep. *Has to agree.* But like you said, Cassie is devious. You’ll have to work fast and without your brother distracting you. -05:41 Jun 07
Bronwen: I had no idea it took work to flirt with someone. *She reached out and gently tugged on his sleeve.* You’ll have to dance with me. -05:45 Jun 07
MacBeth: Flirting is not work. Breaking a Shadowstar’s conditioning is. *He smirked a bit.* Why not? But, allow me to be the one to ruffle your brother first. *He turned around to face Duncan.* Well, Flyboy, if you’re not going to do it, I guess I can show you how to dance with a woman. *He moved off the seat and turned to face Shadowstar.* May I have this dance? *He even did a half bow and offered his hand, palm up.* -05:48 Jun 07
Bronwen: I’m one fo those Shadowstars. *She muttered. ..and blinked at his bowing. Bronwen bit her bottom lip and refrained from grinning!* Fancy prince manners. i’m almost impressed. *She took his hand and slid off her chair.* -05:51 Jun 07

Cassius: *He wsn’t watching. At least, not watching hard, as he was still smiling and chatting. Dancing with his little sister is no big deal, she couldn’t even dance that great! Let her embarass herself!*

MacBeth: *Smirked.* You ain’t seen nothing yet. *He led her to the small cleared area reserved for dancing and left Shadowstar there while he went to talk to the two musicians strumming along on their old stringed instruments. He slipped them some credits and as he joined Shadowstar, the two began a slow song.* Stupid question but … do you know how to dance? -05:58 Jun 07
Bronwen: I can do plenty of things. Of course I can dance. *She grimaced.* …Mostly. -06:01 Jun 07
MacBeth: *Grinned a bit. It’s a lop-sided grin that makes him seem younger.* Let’s see if I remember a thing or two about teaching. First, hands up like so. *He stepped forward and positioned her arms. One arm up with her elbow bent and her fingers upward. The other arm at chest level with fingers relaxed.* You might know the basics but humor me. *He stepped forward and slipped the arm at chest-level around him while clasping the hand of the raised arm with his own.* Now, you have to actually feel the music. There’s a beat to it. One-two-three … one-two-three … one-two-three … Do you hear it? -06:05 Jun 07
Bronwen: Of course I hear it. *Stepping perfectly with it was a whole different story. Once she let him lead, she found it a lot easier! She was muttering one-two-three under her breath.* -06:08 Jun 07
MacBeth: Just checking. *He smirked a bit and heard her counting under her breath. He didn’t pressure her into doing anything fancy. One-two-three. One-two-three.* -06:10 Jun 07

Cassius: *Cassius still wasn’t watching. Well, he was watching, but he wasn’t staring. He was just commenting to his lady friend about how nice the music was, and trying not to scowl.*

Bronwen: *Confident she could move without toe-stepping or getting lost, she finally relaxed and grinned up at MacBeth.* It’s not so hard. -06:14 Jun 07
MacBeth: *Didn’t realize it but he was beginning to hum softly under his breath. He stopped humming when Shadowstar spoke and grinned wolfishly.* Time to really get under Cassie’s skin. Just keep it up and let me do the rest. *He winked and started to hum again. It wasn’t long before Shadowstar heard him … singing?!* "Once upon a broken heart, I was walking alone in the dark, Looking for a way to start again, what I wouldn’t give for a friend …" -06:18 Jun 07
Bronwen: *She blinked.* Have you lost you mind…? *Bronwen laughed! How could anyone take a singing man seriously, especially when it was such a pretty song!* -06:21 Jun 07
MacBeth: Comes with the territory, Captain. *He smirked a bit, still keeping Cassius in his sights but oh so casually.* -06:24 Jun 07

Cassius: *Cassius was doing just fine up until he heard MacBeth singing and Bronwen laughing He choked on his beer! MacBeth didn’t sing, and Bronwen should have socked him in the nose by now. Cassius was scowling hard.*

Bronwen: You’re a multitalented man, MacBeth. Don’t know what sort girl would fall for that sllyness, though. *She was grinning anyway.* -06:29 Jun 07
MacBeth: When I find one that will, I’ll let you know. I’ll list it as an added bonus that Cassie is about to have space cows right about now. *He smirked a bit.* -06:33 Jun 07
Bronwen: Space cows? That’s pretty good. Maybe he’ll shoot milk too. *She rest her head against his chest, at least having the decency not to smirk as bad as he was!* -06:36 Jun 07
MacBeth: He’s never gonna let me hear the end of it. It’s like having a conscience screaming in your ear. -06:40 Jun 07
Bronwen: At least he didn’t beat the daylights out of you last night. -06:41 Jun 07

Cassius: *Though he might be ready to beat the daylights out of someone today. Cassius excused himself from his lady friends to return to the bar and order a drink. A good strong heavy drink. He was thinking hard.*

MacBeth: He was going to. *Glanced at Cassius at the bar.* I’m torn between respecting his wishes and screwing with his head. I think you’re starting to rub off on me. *He smirked again.* -06:44 Jun 07
Bronwen: I happen to be a stellar influence and genius mind. You’d do well to follow my every command. *She moved to examine his face.* If you’re more loyal to Cassius, I won’t hurt you for it. They had you first… -06:48 Jun 07
MacBeth: *Looked down and met Shadowstar’s eyes.* True … I owe them my life. But everyone has to stand on their own sometime. *He gave her a genuine smile.* I was their man. Now, I’m yours. -06:51 Jun 07
Bronwen: *That was not the sort of statement that should make a girl blush. Especially not a Captain. Now she should be saying something haughty but she found herself speachless.* Good. Just…. good. -06:54 Jun 07
[Bronwen struck speechless. Inconceivable!] -03:49 Jun 08
[MacBeth pretends to not notice the fact the Captain appears speechless.] -03:51 Jun 08
MacBeth: Looks like we’ve managed to piss off Cassius again. -03:52 Jun 08

Cassius: *Cassius was sitting there with his jaw wide open and looking about as mad as a bull seeing red. It seemed the only reason he hadn’t jumped up out of his seat was because of the girl in his lap!*

Duncan: *Blink blinks! He’d never danced like that with a woman before. Maybe Mac could teach him a few things after all!*

Bronwen: *Bronwen tore her stare away from MacBeth long enough to catch a glimpse of her brother. Which quickly brought her back to her senses. That haughty self satisfied smile.* You’re lucky I’m your body guard. Then again, maybe you shouldn’t alone tonight. -03:57 Jun 08
MacBeth: *Chuckled softly.* My luck has a habit of running out faster than I can use it. *He stopped but didn’t release her.* I’ll figure out a way to make peace with him. -04:00 Jun 08

Cassius: *He had enough of this nonsense. Cassius, with a lot less tact than normal had excused himself from his lady friends to cross the room and butt in.* Mind if I cut in? *Without waiting for a reply, he pushed MacBeth back out of the way.*

MacBeth: *Smirked a bit and sits down at the same table Duncan is at.* … And that, is how you dance with a woman? *He finished, taking Duncan’s drink and downing it in one gulp without needing to choke for breath.* -04:08 Jun 08

Duncan: *Watched silently as Mac sat down and finished his drink.* So … that actually works …?

Bronwen: Damnit Cassius, I was having fun. *She’d dance with Cassius.. and stepped on his foot on purpose!* -04:09 Jun 08
MacBeth: *(minus the ? at the end of "woman?") -04:10 Jun 08

Cassius: *He didn’t wince, he just frowned.* You can have fun with your big brother. Since when do you dance when you’re not smashed, anyway? And laughing like a girl.

MacBeth: *Sighed softly. Man, Cassius had gotten to him good. What the hell had happened to the idiot too full of himself to worry what other people thought?* -04:12 Jun 08

Duncan: *Leaned forward. He wanted to have fun with girls like how Mac was having fun with the Cap’n. He missed having fun with them. Where had he gone wrong?!*

Bronwen: I am a girl. You’re not jealous are you, Cassius? Cause no one can replace my Cassie! *She reached up and pinched his cheeks! It was better than clogging him in the nose!* -04:15 Jun 08

Cassius: Gah! *He swatted her hand, still very much scowling.* You know, MacBeth and I used to play around at the local hussy houses. He’s got girlfriends in every trade city. Real ladies man, like your brothers.

MacBeth: … I’m going to need a drink. *He stood and went to the bar. It was going to be a long night …* -04:17 Jun 08
Bronwen: Next you’re going to tell me that Duncan wants to get married. Which, by the way, I know you’re screwing with him and you need to stop it. I can’t run my crew if you’re threatening and terrorizing them. -04:19 Jun 08

Cassius: But Duncan would make a wonderful husband! *He cracked a smile then, tilting her in a dip so she could get a good look at the bar.* Look at him there, all alone.

Bronwen: *Upside down and blinking at her boys at the bar, it dawned on her! So that’s what he’s been doing to Duncan? Talking about marriage!* But he’s not my type. I’d marry someone like… like MacBeth. -04:23 Jun 08
MacBeth: *Turned to Duncan, with two drinks. One of which, he puts in front of Flyboy.* First off, why don’t you tell me what’s wrong with you? -04:26 Jun 08

Duncan: *Blinked.* What’s wrong with me–??

Cassius: Like Mac- *He dropped her unceremoniously on the floor and pointed an acusing finger!* Over my dead body! You’re not gonna marry anyone, if I have to lock you in a damned tower and throw away the keys! You’re going to be a pure innocent untouched virgin for the rest of your damned life!

MacBeth: You heard me. The first I met you, you were a notorious flirt who loved to drink. Now someone’s whipped you. What happened? -04:27 Jun 08

Duncan: Well, I uh–*He broke off at the sound of someone falling and turned.* !!

Bronwen: Oomph!! *Argh! He didn’t have to drop her! Oh christ, and he didn’t have to go shouting all that garbage at the top of his lungs either! On the plus side maybe Duncan would see Cassius was jerking his chain.* Can you say that a little louder, I don’t think the people on the Moon could hear. *Sheepishly she got back on her feet and dust herself off.* -04:29 Jun 08

Cassius: You’re my baby sister, and I know what men do with women! Nobody is going to put their dirty paws on my sister. *And he made that statement clear by crossing his arms and glaring around the room at anyone fool enough to stare!*

MacBeth: *Sipped his drink. Shadowstar can handle this one. He turned to Duncan.* You were saying … -04:34 Jun 08
Bronwen: I see. *She muttered, straightening her clothes to perfection.* Why don’t you throw me in a freezer too, save you the rent on a tower. -04:35 Jun 08

Duncan: *Glanced between what’s going on with Cassius and the Captain to Mac and back again.* Um … well … I … *Mac nudged his drink over to him and this one he had to gulp down in one shot before he could find the words to continue. The drink Mac had gotten him wasn’t as strong as the one Cassius had but it left a warm trail down to his belly.*

Cassius: I- That’s not the same thing. I’m just lookin’ out for you. You’ll get mixed up with the wrong types, be all heart broken and uh…

Bronwen: Right. I’m already well aware of the wrong types. In fact, I think I’ll get away from the wrong type right now! You can take your concern and go to hell, Cassius! *She made sure to get her point across by picking up the nearest bottle and slinging it for his head, before she went marching out!* -04:40 Jun 08

Cassius’ lady friend stalked up to Cassius and slapped him across the face! “Treating your little sister like that! And I thought Shadowstar men had class!” She slapped him again for good measure before leaving with her girlfriends!

Cassius: *Cassius had ducked that flying glass, but getting slapped – twice! – came as shock! He was standing there dumbfounded trying to figure out exactly where all of that went wrong…*

Duncan: Shouldn’t we uh … shouldn’t we go after her …? *He looked unsure of himself, though.*

MacBeth: Best give Shadowstar a few moments to herself. *He sipped his drink.* -04:43 Jun 08
Bronwen: *Oooh, she was. But at least she wasn’t mad enough to go do something stupid. Gambling towns had plenty of places to drink, so she picked one, dropped in to a seat and ordered… something mild. She’d save getting drunk for when she wasn’t so pissed off.* -04:47 Jun 08

Cassius: *Cassius shambled to the bar, still looking stunned.* What the hell did I say? A man tells his sister he cares about her, and all the damned women get pissed off.

Duncan: *Blink blinked! He still couldn’t believe what had happened himself! He only ordered himself another drink!*

MacBeth: *Doesn’t know if he should answer or not. Chances were he was still public enemy number 1 in Cassius’ eyes. He might enjoy playing tricks on the man but he respected him enough to not want to start something.* -04:51 Jun 08

Cassius: *He took Duncan’s drink and down it in a split second.* Men only want one think, especially men like us. And Y’know, she knows just as well as any of us! Comparing me to Mad Morgan, where the hell she’d get that from anyway…

Duncan: *Watched Cassius down his drink but decided not to mention it. That’s alright. He didn’t … really want to drink … anyway …*

Cassius: And y’know, despite what she thinks if she found a good man I wouldn’t complain! One that can fly and fix a ship, that ain’t fooling around with any pretty skirts, and can shoot pretty good! The depenable type. Someone like MacBeth would be all right! But she’s here dancing around with you guys!

MacBeth: … Gee. Thanks. *Muttered as he waved off another drink. He remembered what had happened the last time he had gotten himself good and drunk. Squidpirates.* -05:07 Jun 08

Suddenly the doors burst open! There was that pretty little lady that Cassius was flirting with. Along with her big, brawny brother and a few of his best buddies. She points across the bar at Cassius. “There he is! Not only did he ditch me, but was a real asshole to his sister!”

Duncan: *Noticed a woman in a low-cut gown sashaying by. Oh, how pretty …*

MacBeth: *Doesn’t even turn. Not Squidpirates but still, pretty bad.* Have fun, Cassie. -05:09 Jun 08

Cassius: *Cassius was about ready to knock Macbeth right off his chair – and then Petunia was back. With her brother.* I.. uh… Damnit MacBeth, give me a hand here!

Meanwhile, a very familiar figure stalked into the same bar Bronwen is at! “THERE, YOU ARE! YOU CHEAT, YOU STOLE MY KEY!”

Bronwen: *Iced tea with liquor. She could get used to this! She stirred the ice around with her straw. Apparently someone was getting accused of being a thieving cheat. — Then she realized he was talking to her!* …Me? Don’t know what you’re talking about. I didn’t steal anything. -05:12 Jun 08
MacBeth: *Is about to demand to know why should he until he remembers that Cassius is well … Cassius. He and his brothers raised him and if that’s not enough, Shadowstar will kill him if something happens to him. Oh, and it’d been awhile since he’d last gotten into a fight.* Fine. Can’t have you stealing all the fun. -05:13 Jun 08

“Nobody ignores my sister. Or gets my sister mad!” The guy had a real way with words. Luckily, his fists and strength made up for it! He was grabbing Cassius within moments and slinging him across the room! And since Cassius wasn’t going to be fighting alone, his goons jumped in to pummel anyone dumb enough to try and save him!

The big, swaggering thing goes up to the bar. “That drinking contest where you drugged my drink! Then when I was out cold, you stole my key and ran off with it!”

Duncan: *Blinks!* Holy crap! *He disappears over the bar before Cassius hits the wall–or whatever piece of furniture breaks his fall!*

MacBeth: *Was never one to rely on fists alone. During the time it took for the brother to grab Cassius, he’d pressed something in his palm and wrapped a bandage around it. When the first goon comes charging in with a swing, he answers with his own. His punch packs quite a wallop!* -05:18 Jun 08

Cassius: Oh shi-! *Cassius went crashing up against a wall and took out a table along with him! But he was up on his feet quick, swinging a chair, followed by some punches! And a dangerous grin to match! Nothing like a bar fight to get things moving!*

Bronwen: I didn’t drug your damned drink. I’m pretty sure I shot you before I took the key card. *Another sip of her drink. Make that a swallow. She really wasn’t in the mood for a fight right now!* -05:19 Jun 08

“You poisoned me, you did! You no good cheat! I’ll have you lynched for cheating or you torn limb from limb! Now hand over my key or I’ll shoot you instead!” He whipped out a firearm and waved it around threateningly.

If Cassius and his men (apparently man!) could play dirty, these boys would play dirty too! They had some good fancy smancy fighting weapons like brass knuckles and electroshock guns! They tried the shocking one out on Cassius first, and made sure MacBeth got the front end of one o the bar tables!

Cassius: Gruh!! *He could feel his brain tingling, but if they called that a shock gun, they obviously didn’t know their way around a good weapon!* That it? My sister packs a meaner gun! *He greeted them with a boot to the face!*

Bronwen: Uh huh. *Boy, that was threatening. She tried not to roll her eyes.* Why don’t we just play another game for it? I’ll give it back if you win. Otherwise, you can bugger off so I can finish my drink. -05:26 Jun 08
MacBeth: *Saw that bar table coming in time to jump up on the edge of the bar! The bar table goes slamming into the bar beneath him. The impact jarred the men holding it. He grabbed a nearby bottle and gulped down some of the drink before smashing it over one guy’s head. The other he grabbed by the hair and slammed his face into the table.* -05:28 Jun 08

Cassius: *Cassius grabbed someone by the arm and slung them in circles until he released and let them go flying off with the momentum!* Hahaha! This is what happens when a woman storms off! She misses the fun! Ain’t that right, MacBeth?!

Duncan: *Poked his head up but as soon as he saw that table coming, he’d ducked back down again–only to find he suddenly had company. Beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed company.* Why, hello …

He blinked. But he’d had this wonderful threat planned out and everything! However, no one else is paying attention to him so he just swaggers forward and drops into a seat. “Fine. One more game.”

Petunia giggled at Duncan! “Hello thee, handsome.” Teehee!

Bronwen: I’ll even give you advantage and let you pick the game. Of course… If ~I~ win, I want whatever new ship you managed to get here in. -05:34 Jun 08
MacBeth: Don’t think she could truly appreciate the fun though, Cassius. You’re doing pretty well for a guy who’s been locked up for quite awhile. *He jumped off the bar and clotheslined the guy Cassius just swung around who came flying at him!* -05:36 Jun 08

Duncan: *Shrugged when he has nothing else to say–but then a glass and a bottle falls into his hands.* … Drink …?

Hey! They were being made fools of! That was out of line! So a whole mob of them tackled Cassius armed to the teeth!

Petunia had a better idea – which was attacking Duncan with kisses! With the boys away, the girl shall play!

“A drinking game. This time we’re going to start drinking right here and now. The bartender will serve us straight from the bottle so there’s no chance of you poisoning the drinks again.”

Cassius: *Cassius was burried under a pile of bodies! But not for long, he was laughing hard as he flung men out of his way to get out! HE was having a grand old time!*

Duncan: *OOoff! He fell backwards on the floor! He was taken by surprise but he wasn’t complaining!*

Bronwen: I didn’t poison your da-.. Fine! Whatever. *Like it’s going to make a difference, she sat back in her chair and singled the bartender for drinks!* I hope you have a pretty ship for me. -05:47 Jun 08
MacBeth: *The moment Cassius got buried under bodies, he did the only thing someone in his position could do … He sat back.* -05:48 Jun 08

Them boys were fighting a losing battle, and it seemed Petunia had already gotton bored and ditched them. That brother of hers, after getting a couple of his teeth knocked out and Cassius throwing him in to the corner table, had decided the honor of the girls had been avenged! He grabbed himself a bottle and high tailed it out of there!

“Let me see that card key. I won’t be staking my ship on a key you don’t have.” He’s going to make sure that key is genuine, too, or no game!

Petunia made sure to ravish poor Duncan to heaven and back behind the bar, before she abandoned him. A little straightening of her hair, picking up the giant barrel of beer… and crashing it over Cassius’ head! She marched out of the bar with her nose held high and a big smile on her face! “See you later, Duncan! You’re a sweetheart!”

Cassius: *Cassius hit the floor like a ton of bricks! THWUMP! So much for not getting taken out!*

Bronwen: Forget it. You’re just gonna try and take it from me. I got it, and I don’t need to show it off. …Of course, if you’re afraid of trying again… *Bronwen slid out of her chair, aiming for the door!* -05:54 Jun 08

Damnit! She’d forced his hand! “Fine. I’ll beat you at the game and be given your humiliation for a prize if not my card key.” He drummed his fingers against the bar. “Quickly now. I must be back at my ship very soon.”

Bronwen: *Bronwen flashed a grin as she sat back down. She took the first shot!* Cheers! To your defeat! *A quick and easy game, and she wasn’t gonna play any this time. She’ll drop him quick!* -05:59 Jun 08
MacBeth: *Managed to not snicker like he really wanted to. He covered his mouth with his hand and coughed. He raised an eyebrow. Duncan …?? He turned to look behind the bar.* -06:00 Jun 08

Duncan: *Poked his head above the bar. His face and neck was covered with lipstick and his hair was ruffled and he looked drunk.* … Bye … *He grinned and fell over!*

Cassius: *Cassius sat up slowly, rubbing his noggin.* …damned sneaky women.

“To yours!” He roared. He also took down the first drink and promptly takes a second and third!

MacBeth: Welcome to my world. *Muttered under his breath.* -06:05 Jun 08
Bronwen: *Taunting was usually the fun part about these things, but in the name of getting it done fast, she didn’t talk – she drank! 27 shots later, or was it 72? There’s no way she drank 72 already! She was feeling pretty good, if not a little spinning and having to prop herself up on the bar.* …Heeey… how are we gonna do the shootin’ if we can’t walk? -06:07 Jun 08

Duncan: *Behind the bar!* … To women!

Cassius: YOU’D say that, you stole my girl! *He noticed all right! Luckily, all was fair in love and ladies! Aw, she was a mean one anyway. Cassius dropped in to the only standing chair left at the bar.* Reckon I shouldn’t have shouted to the whole world about her being pure and innocent and all.

MacBeth: Speaking of her, we better find the Captain. *He reached over the bar to grab Duncan by the collar and haul him over the bar.* Get moving, Flyboy. Don’t tell me you’re ready to call it quits, Cassius. -06:14 Jun 08

He can barely talk! Then again, he wouldn’t have been able to form words anyways! He can still gesture, though, and he keeps gesturing for more drinks!

Cassius: She’ll get over being mad at me like she always does. I just hope she ain’t picking up a whore like Dion does every time he’s pissy.

Bronwen: *She’s drinking, she’s drinking! And laughing hysterically! Idiot can’t even talk anymore, he’s just pointing and grunting! She’s snickering so hard, she nearly chokes on her drink!* -06:18 Jun 08

Duncan: Bu … we just got here … and Petunia … *Of course, he was reluctant to leave!*

MacBeth: … Her being mad at you is the least of my worries. The only thing standing between her and Morgan are the three of us. Haul ass, Flyboy, or the undertaker will be hauling yours for you. -06:19 Jun 08

Duncan: *There was no mistaking the threat in Mac’s voice! He quickly got over his lovesickness and shot to his feet!* Le … let’s go!

She was losing it! She was looossinng it! He’d get his key back and be able to fly his ship again! Oh, how he’d missed his ship! His nice, beautiful … ship …

Bronwen: *Coughing, she stopped snickering long enough to catch her breath!* An the.. an the best part is.. Ah dun even know where ah left tha key card! *Another drink and she was cackling all over again!* -06:22 Jun 08

Cassius: I hate it when you’re right. *Cassius grunted, and made sure he was leading the way out the door to find that fool sister of his.*

He is suddenly sitting upright! “Wahh … Whaaaatt?!”

Bronwen: *Bronwen shrugged, the motion of it nearly taking her out of her chair.* Why carry aroun’ a key for a ship I ain’t got? ….Prolly left it back on the boat! *Haaa! he still couldn’t talk! She was pointing a finger at him and snickering!* Your face… should see it! -06:30 Jun 08
MacBeth: *Lets Cassiuis go first and followed! Flyboy comes right behind!* -06:31 Jun 08

“You–you–!” He waved a finger at her and nearly toppled over! “You … you …!”

Bronwen: Cheatin’ thieving, Shadowstar? Aye! *She saluted with her glass and down with another shot!* I win! -06:34 Jun 08

He finally does topple over! “A … a … Aaa …!!” No one helps him though. But Bronwen has just won herself an entire audience!

Bronwen: *Bronwen slid out of her chair, barely keeping herself up on her feet.* I’mma let you keep your ship seein’ as I have one an all. *She gave a low bow, with that dreadfully cocky grin.* Pleasure wiping the floor wit you again! -06:39 Jun 08
MacBeth: "You … you …!" is all he can say from the floor! He can’t even raise his hand so he’s just staring up at the ceiling, yelling! -06:45 Jun 08
Bronwen: Jeeze.. not even fun gloating… *She righted herself back up, taking staggering steps for the door. Now if the door would stay still!* -06:47 Jun 08

“Would that be… Bronwen Shadowstar?” someone says as they block her way to the door.

Someone next to the bar says, “We heard there’s a hefty reward out for you …”

Bronwen: Yeah th-… Oh… *It suddenly occured to her, that she might’ve blurted her name out in a crowded room of sleezebags and scumbuckets. She was having a hard time figuring out if that was a whip in is hand or a giant snake.* I meant to say… Hollowstar…? Jus a lil bit drunk.. sluring my words! *Oh, fuck it, she pulled her gun and started shooting at the one blocking the door!* -06:54 Jun 08

Cassius: *Being the genius that he was, Cassius hit his comlink to call his sister.* Bronwen, where the hell are you?

People scatter! Guns are pulled! Bronwen isn’t the only one packing heat!

She had it right the first time! It was a whip that cracked, wrapping around her feet and yanked! She hit the floor quick and was being dragged across it!

Everyone is shouting to tie her up! They’re going to deliver her to Morgan and claim a huge reward!

Bronwen: ow..! sunofa-!! *She answered the com link, trying to fish out her other gun!* can’t talk…! call you back! *She aim for ahead! …was that a head? he kinda looked more like a fish or maybe a… well she shot at him anyway!* -06:58 Jun 08

Her aim was pretty bad, or maybe she was too drunk to see straight! Wrestling a drunk Shadowstar was all too easy, even if one of his fins was lost while he tried to tied her up! “This one is MY bounty! I caught her first!”

“No way!” says someone else! He’d seen her first! And he tackles the fish-face!

Cassius: *…he let out a heavy sigh.* So Bronwen’s in trouble. Sounds like a mob.

Bronwen: *Bronwen rolled herself out of the way once the fishy guy was tackled, and on to her knees trying to chew off whatever nonsense was painfully wrapped around her wrist.* -07:03 Jun 08

Fishface refuses to let HIS bounty get taken by some bar-town riff-raff! He throws the guy right out the door with a sticky-bomb stuck to his chest! “Anyone ELSE wanna take my bounty?!”

MacBeth: You two are vying for Most Popular, aren’t you? Sounds like there’s some shots coming from over there. *He points further ahead.* -07:07 Jun 08

Whoa! This fellow is serious! Everyone else sort of backs off, hands raised!

Bronwen: *Bronwen resisted raising her hand and saying "Me!" especially seeing as she couldn’t get that binding off. It was unchewable! So she did the sensible thing and snuck for the door by route of crawling on the floor.* -07:10 Jun 08

Cassius: *Cassius scowled as someone went flying out the door of the place, and ‘exploded’ out in the street. Yep, that’d be the one. He charged the way, guns a ready!*

Oh no she doesn’t! Fishface manages to spot his bounty escaping and grabbing her up before she crawls out! He hauls her out the front door before anyone else gets any bright ideas about stealing his money-maker!

Bronwen: get off me..! god you smell like baked fishsticks…! *It was making her sick! She should have been more worried about bounty hunters… but that fishy smell was about too much to bare!* -07:15 Jun 08
MacBeth: *Watched as Cassius goes running off, weapons whipped out and ready for anything! Oh yeah, never a dull moment …* -07:17 Jun 08

Cassius: *And Cassius didn’t like someone grabbing on his sister! So much so that he was shooting before he even bothered to say anything like “Drop the girl!” or “Unhand my sister!” As long as she’d quit moving, he wouldn’t hit her!*

What the! Fishface was under attack, and apparently using the girl as a shield had no effect~! That maniac was gonna kill em both! So Fishface did the logical thing… he threw out one of his stickie-bombs and started running with his catch!

Bronwen: *She shouted! Morgan’s men were after them! Wait… That was Cassius! That idiot was trying to kill her!* Bloody maniaaac..! *At least Mr. Fishy knew when to run! Bronwen stuck her feet to the ground and tripped them both! It was not a very pleasant trip the ground!* -07:24 Jun 08
MacBeth: *Chased after Cassius and the Fish-thing that had Shadowstar. He was practically dragging Duncan!* -07:26 Jun 08

Cassius: *Lept over the sticky bomb, making sure to land fists first on Fishy. He wasn’t taking any prisoners. …On second thought- he hauled he the fishface and started dragging him around a building corner. Fishy wasn’t going to grab another sister again!*

Bronwen: *Bronwen had to roll herself out of Cassius’s way as he lept on to Mr. Fishy. She didn’t bother commenting as he drug the guy away, either… Poor Mr. Fishy. She pushed herself back on to her knees, hoping that if she held still long enough she wouldn’t hurl.* -07:30 Jun 08
MacBeth: *Shot the sticky bomb out of his and Duncan’s path! The sticky bomb ricocheted off a wall and into a barrel. He stopped beside Shadowstar where he dropped Flyboy. He noticed she didn’t look too well and went to work getting her free.* -07:31 Jun 08
Bronwen: Mac… I… i’m too drunk to fight a fish…! *She was either laughing, or horrified! It was hard to tell!* -07:33 Jun 08
MacBeth: … The fish is the least of your worries. *He finally got her free.* Why the hell did you start drinking? -07:36 Jun 08

Cassius: *There was a loud POP followed by what sounded like a muffled explosion from around the corner.*

Duncan: *Sitting on the ground, he looked up when he heard the POP and the explosion.* Um, what was–

Bronwen: ‘e wanted his key back so we drank for it. Won fair and square but ah drank so much… I can’t even fight a fish! -07:38 Jun 08
MacBeth: Don’t ask. *Muttered.* -07:38 Jun 08

Cassius: *Cassius was out from behind the corner looking no worse, besides a few bite marks up his arm. He was still looking pretty pissed off.* Get a room and put her to bed before she gets in anymore trouble.

Bronwen: *That had her growling and shoving herself back up on wobbly feet.* Take yourself to bed you overbaring old cow…! -07:42 Jun 08

Cassius: You can bite my head off later. I’ve got some things to do. *Cassius marched down the street, leaving that damned fool sister of his behind!*

Duncan: *Is speechless! It’s obvious he’s wondering what just happened.*

Bronwen: *Bronwen forgot there wasn’t a wall to lean on, and it ended up being MacBeth.* …it wasn’ my fault. -07:51 Jun 08
MacBeth: Yeah … I know it isn’t. *He said, starting to get used to serving as substitute for a wall.* You do need some rest, though. Can you walk at all? -07:56 Jun 08
Bronwen: *She thought about it for a moment.* Not particularly… Mac… I want another drink. -07:58 Jun 08
MacBeth: *Raised an eyebrow.* Shit. What do you want to drink? -08:03 Jun 08
Bronwen: I wanna be unconcious for the next three days… that kind of drink. *She hadn’t decided whether or not she was serious, espcially when she could feel her legs deciding they weren’t going to hold her up anymore.* …or maybe bed! -08:06 Jun 08
MacBeth: Yeah. Bed. Come on. *He caught her before she hit the ground and picked her up.* Might be safer if we stick to the ship, though. -08:09 Jun 08
Bronwen: *She was being overly dramatic and limp..* my ship… ‘m not a bad captain am I? ‘m better off in a freezer… -08:11 Jun 08
MacBeth: *Started back for the ship.* You’re a competent captain who’s saved our asses more times than I can count and the only woman I know who’s gone toe to toe with Duff and lived. -08:17 Jun 08
Bronwen: but I can’t fight a fish when ‘m drunk… *She slide her arms aroud his neck so she could bury her face at his shoulder and sulk.* Cassio thinks ‘m trouble..! -08:20 Jun 08
MacBeth: He’s a Shadowstar. You all love trouble, remember? -08:24 Jun 08
Bronwen: Thought it would be different now… just ’cause ‘m not one of the boys… *She muttered… And it was going to be so much worse when they busted out the rest of them! She sighed!* I give up! He can win! -08:28 Jun 08
MacBeth: They’ve gone a long time without you, Bronwen. But they’re family. They’ll adjust. -08:29 Jun 08
Bronwen: Hrmph… they can have the ship, but I got you fair and square. Kick him in the face if he tries again… Why are you making sense anyway. Should be yes cap’n have a drink cap’n. -08:32 Jun 08
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Guess that’s where the trouble started. You got me. -08:34 Jun 08
Bronwen: Dunno why they’d want you anyway… You hardly ever do what you’re told, and always gettin yourself hurt. -08:37 Jun 08
[Bronwen is too drunk to fight a fish.] -01:02 Jun 09
[MacBeth was carrying Shadowstar back to the Briar Rose.] -01:03 Jun 09
MacBeth: Would you believe me if I told you that individually your brothers couldn’t handle me? -01:05 Jun 09
Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked… then laughed!* Because why..? too good at your job? -01:06 Jun 09
MacBeth: Could have just been bad timing. I had my own ideas of how to do things. And like you said, I didn’t listen and I was always getting hurt. -01:08 Jun 09
Bronwen: They don listen either. I’ll listen to you. …but I’ll still be pissed off when you get hurt. -01:11 Jun 09
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* I had to learn that the hard way. So, that’s why it didn’t work out with your brothers. Not with them as my captains, anyway. -01:12 Jun 09
Bronwen: We’ll make the wholelot of them cry and wish they thought better of us when they had the chance. -01:15 Jun 09
MacBeth: Yep. Just as soon as you get some rest. So, going to beat the crap out of Morgan or free your brothers first? -01:20 Jun 09
Bronwen: One more bottle of rum and I’ll go kick the shit out of Morgan right now. *A grin and what might very well be a serious threat!* -01:22 Jun 09
MacBeth: Minus the bottle of rum and replace with a good night’s rest and you got yourself a deal. *Still smirking.* -01:25 Jun 09
Bronwen: *Physically sulking, she was a limp captain once again.* Wars are not won on good night’s rest and being sober..! -01:26 Jun 09
MacBeth: Might come as a surprise, Captain, but I’d much prefer you survive after the fight. *They finally get to the Briar Rose and he walked inside.* -01:29 Jun 09
Bronwen: I can fight anyone drunk… except fish… Apparently I can’t fight fish. if you can’t fight a fish drunk, you dun deserve to live. -01:31 Jun 09
MacBeth: Correction: fish with stink bombs. Stink bombs make a hell of a lot of difference. -01:34 Jun 09
Bronwen: you’re just trying to make me feel better. There is no use in a captain that can’t fight a fish.. I demote myself and make you new captain! -01:36 Jun 09
MacBeth: Hell no. I tried the captain thing a few years ago. *Shook his head as he lowers her down on Flyboy’s bed.* -01:37 Jun 09
Bronwen: You don’t have a choice, I’m ordering you as captain. *Bed was much too inviting. Weren’t they supposed to be doing something useful and making some money? Bronwen sat back up.* I need some coffee, there’s work to be done.. -01:40 Jun 09
MacBeth: Just take my word for it. I do not make a good captain. Hell, I’m not even a competent one. -01:41 Jun 09
Bronwen: You practically half captain this ship, you don’t know what you’re talking about. *Blech.. forget coffee. She grasped ahold of his shirt and jerked him down suddenly to sit with her.* -01:44 Jun 09
MacBeth: *Dropped down beside her and combed his hair back.* You’re insane, Shadowstar. -01:47 Jun 09
Bronwen: And you’re my first mate. Says a lot about you doesn’t it. *Contented with company, she flopped back to sigh and suffer with the pains of getting sober.* You should sing me another song. -01:50 Jun 09
MacBeth: Point taken. *Muttered. He gave her a sideways glance.* Sing? I think that was less singing and more trying to sound like I’m singing. I’m surprised you didn’t smack me in the back of the head or something. -01:53 Jun 09
Bronwen: Oh, but it was ever so pretty, why would I do a think like that? *That wicked teasing smirk of hers was splashed across her face as she moved her fingers and hummed the song!* …so romantic! -01:55 Jun 09
MacBeth: … I’m never gonna hear the end of it, am I? *Raised an eyebrow.* -01:56 Jun 09
Bronwen: How did it go again? I woke up and fell in to this dream, and happily ever after just took time? That was my favorite part. I think you should sing it again! -01:59 Jun 09
MacBeth: Someone … used to sing it to me … that’s all. *Said slowly, as if he didn’t want to admit it.* -02:04 Jun 09
Bronwen: *She sat up on her elbows to eye him carefully.* Hopefully someone pleasant if they’re singing fairy tales. -02:06 Jun 09
MacBeth: Yeah … What I remember about her is pleasant, anyways. *Shrugged a bit.* -02:09 Jun 09
Bronwen: *There’s a look she didn’t like…* I’m not good with stories, but I bet I could make one up. -02:12 Jun 09
MacBeth: *Studied her for a bit, wondering what’s on her mind.* If you’re that into it, be my guest. -02:13 Jun 09
Bronwen: I do like stories, but I was more worried about you. *She was trying not to look offended, just that usual Bronwen high and mightiness.* Besides, it was going to be about dinosaurs. -02:16 Jun 09
MacBeth: *Snorted and grinned a little sheepishly.* Sorry. Comes with the territory. *He raked his hair back and scratched the back of his neck.*( -02:19 Jun 09
Bronwen: *It was much better when he was smirking. With a satisfied smile, she gave a dramatic sigh.* Armed dinosaurs with lasers, part of the Vampire Queen… Morgana’s personal army. Very intense, but if you’re not interested… -02:22 Jun 09
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Now what kind of friend would I be if I wasn’t interested in one of your stories? *He nudged her in the shoulder playfully with his own.* Hurry up and start. -02:28 Jun 09
Bronwen: *All that booze had her feeling warm and fuzzy with his nudging!* You’re lucky to hear something as amazing as this. Vampire Queen Morgana was probably the meanest, ugliest, most hidious person in the whole universe. And she’d send her laser-packing dinosaurs to crush anyone that didn’t agree. Especially… the prince! Who was the rightful ruler of the universe. -02:32 Jun 09
MacBeth: *Is of course listening. He sat up while holding onto the edge of the bed.* -02:36 Jun 09
Bronwen: He was pretty much a goner once the laser dinosaurs went after him, and everyone was pretty sure he was dead. But then.. hmm… He found a knight! A beautiful, brilliant, and very skilled knight who saved him right before he was cooked dino-chow. -02:38 Jun 09
MacBeth: *Didn’t even realize that he’s leaning a bit against Shadowstar. Or is she leaning against him …? He’s just enjoying the story.* -02:48 Jun 09
Bronwen: It was clear they needed to get rid of the Vampire Queen and her Lasersaurs, so they went on a quest for the… shiny crystal inside a planet. But, it was guarded by more Lasersaurs and they had to use the knight’s really dumb sidekick as bait to lure them out. They barely managed to escape before the sidekick got them all exploded. *She’d tilt her head back to watch his face to make sure her story telling prowess was top notch.* -02:52 Jun 09
MacBeth: *A faint snicker. A slight grin and the fact that his eyes have drifted closed. It’s obvious he’s definitely enjoying the story.* -02:55 Jun 09
Bronwen: *She was a genius. It was definitely much better when he smiled… and then she realized she was watching more than talking.* ..and then the sidekick was captured by the Vampire Queen and SHE used him for bait, so the Prince and the Knight had to go save him in a spectacular gun fight. They were nearly killed, mostly because of her long winded speech about being ruler of the universe, but the Knight saved the day by shooting her good and dead. The Prince was eternally grateful and offered a nice reward. The end. -02:59 Jun 09
MacBeth: *It wasn’t until she said "the end" that he opened his eyes. When he did, he chuckled softly.* I never took you for a storyteller, Shadowstar. -03:03 Jun 09
Bronwen: I’m generally amazing. I’ll tell you a secret, though… I made it all up. -03:05 Jun 09
MacBeth: *Slight grin.* I don’t know about you. But I’m ready to make some quick cred. You up to it? -03:08 Jun 09
Bronwen: Hmm. I don’t know… you need lots of rest, and I’m hardly sober… *And she was content to just sit there with him, but that sounded sort of weird!* -03:11 Jun 09
MacBeth: *Slight shrug.* Point taken. Anyways, I still have to recover a bit from that brawl Cassius got us into. -03:13 Jun 09
Bronwen: You got in to a brawl? *She was scowling now, pushing him back to check on his bandaging.* You have broken bones and you get in to a bar fight? -03:16 Jun 09
MacBeth: Ooff! *He was on his back on the bed before he could even think of protesting.* It was only for a little while … and they were amateurs. -03:18 Jun 09
Bronwen: Amateurs against someone beaten head to toe with bruises on bruises and broken bones, and apparently all the sense knocked out of noggin. *Well, he wasn’t bleeding anywhere and looked well enough. She considered socking him, and her expression said the same!* -03:21 Jun 09
MacBeth: *Shut up. He knew he couldn’t talk himself out of this one and he couldn’t yell himself out of it either or stalk off.* I’ll be fine with some rest. -03:23 Jun 09
Bronwen: Clearly I can’t leave you alone ever, you just get yourself clobbered by squidpirates, and kidnapped, and in to fights. Who is supposed to fix me if you get knocked in to a coma or your brains bashed in? I’d be a fish’s bitch. -03:27 Jun 09
MacBeth: *Coughs when she says a "fish’s bitch" that’s probably the weirdest and funniest thing he’d ever heard of.* Damnit, Shadowstar! -03:33 Jun 09
Bronwen: Don’t you dare laugh. *She examined his head, looking for where he was prolly clobbered by a bottle of booze.* He smelled like old fishsticks, and I was totally helpless. -03:35 Jun 09
MacBeth: *Pounds his chest for a bit.* I am … not going to laugh. *He stopped pounding his chest.* See? Not laughing. -03:36 Jun 09
Bronwen: Because you beat all the air out of your lungs! You think it’s funny to be a fish’s bitch? I’ll remember that next time we stop by a water planet and I’ll make sure you know how it feels! -03:37 Jun 09
MacBeth: I didn’t say it was funny so you can accuse me of thinking it’s funny all you want when you damn well know it’s not true. *Growled softly.* You know what, I don’t even know why we’re arguing about this in the first place. *He sat up and stood.* I’m going out for a bit. If you need anything, you’ve got Flyboy right here. *And then he was gone.* -03:40 Jun 09
Bronwen: I… well what the hell?! *Sheepishly she dropped back in to bed. He can do whatever the hell he wants, she didn’t care! Just like a man to be unpredictable!* -03:44 Jun 09

Duncan: *Swerved his pilot’s seat around just in time to see Mac storm off! He blinked! Things had been so quiet back there! He scrambled to his room and poked his head in.* Um … Cap’n …?

MacBeth: *Stalked out of the ship, muttering under his breath. This. This was why he didn’t get involved with women anymore. They took things the wrong damn way and then they turned around and made you feel like an ass. Then you become an ass trying to make things up to them.* -03:47 Jun 09
Bronwen: What’s the matter, Duncan. *He was the one willingly getting in to bar fights with Cassius, when he knows she didn’t want him out getting hurt. She had a right to be pissed off! Bronwen sat up again.* Duncan, am I compltely indelicate? -03:50 Jun 09

Duncan: *Blink blinked!* Erm … Sorry to sound stupid, Cap’n, but um, what would you mean by that …?

Bronwen: Unladylike? Offensive? obnoxious? No, I’m not obnoxious… But I’m probably fairly rude and mean, right? -03:55 Jun 09

Duncan: *Gulped.* Um … When you have to be, Cap’n. But I see you as being erm … passionate and erm … determined.

Bronwen: But when I don’t have to be, I still say things completely out of hand. …Would you be upset if I threatened to make you a fishes bitch for snickering? -03:59 Jun 09

Duncan: Heh … Excuse me for erm, saying this, Cap’n but … I wouldn’t take too kindly to being anyone’s … bitch.

Bronwen: *She opened her mouth to explain that he was already HER bitch – and then realized that was exactly her problem. She fell back over again.* …I’m worst than my brothers. -04:03 Jun 09

Duncan: *Tilted his head slightly.* Why would you say that?

Bronwen: All the bad habits of the Shadowstar men, and the brains of a stupid girl. Hrmmph… Wanna switch bodies with me, Duncan? -04:06 Jun 09

Duncan: *Grinned.* As flattered as I am, Cap’n, I think I’ll keep mine. If I had a body like yours, I probably wouldn’t do anything er … wise … with it.

Bronwen: *Ick…! That drew a yucky look from her, but she did finally laugh!* Yes, I better keep it out of your hands. But you’ll have to teach me some manners, Duncan… Apparently I don’t know when to shut up. -04:10 Jun 09

Duncan: *Blink blinked and scratched his head.* Hm … I’m probably not the best with manners. But I know someone who is. And you can trust her. I trust her with my life.

Bronwen: Someone closeby I hope? *She eyed him…* …Exactly who would you know that’s up for teaching manners? -04:16 Jun 09

Duncan: *Sheepish grin!* Yeah, she lives not too far away. Right here on Orlu. Outside the city, nice and quiet, no one will look there. It’d be a real vacation.

Bronwen: *Bronwen thought about it for a few moments. …They really did need a vacation, and there wasn’t going to be any rescuing until every single one of them was all healed up.* … All right. I think it’s a great idea. We’ll just tell Cassio and MacBeth that we found a place to hide until we’re fit to leave. -04:24 Jun 09

Duncan: *His face lit up!* She’ll be glad to have some company! It’s been a real long while since!

Bronwen: *Now she was suspicious.. Maybe it was one of Duncan’s girlfriends? That would be pretty interesting…* We’ll go in the morning. First thing. -04:29 Jun 09

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