Breaking Delilah 011

Breaking Delilah

[Ferius Curses the cold as he trudges through more snow then hes seen in his long life.] -03:00 Mar 26
[Delilah hates the cold, hates the winter, hates the snow, hates greenland, is thinking about hating Ferius for getting her in to this mess, and hates the world in general.] -03:01 Mar 26
Delilah: Her usual attire was layered up with a wool coat that apparently wasn’t near thick enough for Greenland’s weather. She was still muttering all kinds of curses at Ferius, but with her hands near frozen there was no way she’d get her fingers around his neck. At least they had arrived and there was no sign of Vardri’s ship out on the sea or his disturbing demons. They would arrive at the temple first and be able to prepare. -03:07 Mar 26
Ferius: "There she is." he said pointing to a frozen cliff there a rough passageway could be seen leadign into it. "There used to be a sizablr town here but they were wiped out the last tiem Vardri rose for not worshiping him hard enought. "Ferius was dressed in furs and woll undergerments with his face almost hidden under a thick hood. "It in there that we’ll be able to send him back." he continued towards it.. anything to get out of the wind. "Its will be warmer inside, trust me…" he wouldn’t mension that was because of a fissure under the temple full of lava leadign strait to the underworld… -03:11 Mar 26
Delilah: "God damned fucking better be." she’d light his on fire to make sure. The landscaping was so vast it made her feel almost insignifigant. She’d never seen so much land. Delilah checked her waist where she had both of her stolen swords. Though she told Ferius she would follow his plans, she was still prepared to kill that creepyass bastard, curse or not. The consequences of failure were grim. -03:15 Mar 26
Ferius: He led the way inside and pushes a loose stone on the wall. Stones on the cielign of a passage began to glow with an erie light but Ferius didn’t hesitate. Ferius’ plan wasn’t really a plan. It was to head strati to the main chamder with the amulet and the bone blade and see what could be done once there. He had a rough idea but no definitive facts. "Welcome to the den of the beast. Now just to take care of the beast." he shed his outer layer while walking. The furs being too restictive to fight or work in. "I for one don’t want to take too long about it." -03:21 Mar 26
Delilah: "That won’t be an issue." Delilah would be SURE it didn’t take too long. At least neglecting to bring herself a thicker coat meant she didn’t have to bother pulling hers off. The way these ancient gods like to treat woman, the more layers between her and it the better. Delilah followed him wary of the surroundings and ready to pull a sword at the slightest of sounds. She was surprise how much the tempurature shifted the farther in to the cliff they walked. -03:25 Mar 26
Ferius: The outside was a speck of white in the distance by the time they reached the first intersection. Who passages beanchign off in an X, but Feius kept going strait the scratching sound comign from the other passages sendign chills down his spine. "Nothing should be living in here." he said. "Not while the god still lives." he said without stopping and his sword comign to his hand. -03:29 Mar 26
Delilah: "Hmm. Not bringing the best of thoughts to the consequences of his potential success." She had already seen first hand how quickly Vardri could wipe out a town. And how brutal it could be. The thought of anything in the passages waiting and lingering were unpleasant. Delilah had steeled herself to face Vardri himself, not a hoard of his beasts. She just left her hand remaining on the hilt of a sword. -03:35 Mar 26
Ferius: Deeper and past several more branches before they were met with a solid door. Ferius pus his ear agaist it an listened, then gave it an experimental push. It swung inward without resistance and this worried Ferius more than if it had been locked. But they ywere there, the empty throne before him and skeletons strewn across the floor, intricate runs and carved statues. "I’d advise drawign that if you plan on using it." he said before causiously stepping in and lookign around. "Closing the door behind us might but us some time…." -03:40 Mar 26
Delilah: "Don’t get bossy, Ferius, I’m not a battle virgin." she quiped, though she did pull one of her swords. Once they both stepped inside and she cautiously watch the hall to see if they had been followed, Delilah used her back to close the door, so she could keep herself facing the great expanse of the room. Nothing but skeletons about… which meant the god was either out maiming people on the sea, or he and his band of freaks like to chew the bones clean. Delilah wouldn’t doubt it for a moment, -03:48 Mar 26
Ferius: Ferius retrieved a beam from the floor and slid it into position to hold the door shut. It was only then that he had a look around. He didn’t like the looks of this room, not one bit. Everythign screamed at him that he didn’t belong here. He was tresspassing. A final gift of his curse he presumed. "The amulet please." he said holding out his hand. If Delilah wanted to argue politeness this close to the big fight…. he didn’t get to finish the thought. From the other side of the door came the sound of slow, purposeful, heavy footsteps. -03:55 Mar 26
Delilah: Fear was not something Delilah handled well. As it were, her first instinct was to run like hell when potentially facing something impossible. Ferius effectively blocked the door on that. Delilah pulled the amulet off from around her neck, handing it to Ferius and surprised her hands weren’t shaking in the process. That was good. She could conquer this. She conquered Ferius, she could conqure this. Delilah moved in front of Ferius, if only because she was the one with god-killing swords. "If this doesn’t pan out, I just want you know that I will be a very unpleasant ghost." she muttered. -03:59 Mar 26
[Ferius ] -04:00 Mar 26
Ferius: "if this doesn’t pan out weather we get to be ghosts or not is not up to is.. its up to.. him." Ferius’ voice was shaken but determined as he moved to the center of the center of the room just below the throne and behand to match up the ruens ont he amulet with those on the throne and walls, then he swore. "The blood of both gods is needed…." there was a thud the shook the entire room and splintered the door the bean benting but not breaking. The blade of the axe retreated beck into the wood as Vardri prepared to take anotehr swing. "Two rats in a trap… you couldn’t have made this easier for me if you tried." -04:06 Mar 26
Delilah: "Thank our lucky stars you’re close enough. …You better fucking be close enough!" she shouted. Delilah pulled her other sword. If Ferius didn’t need that damned amulet, she’d be demanding it back. It was the only thing that had prevent Vardri from getting a better grab at her before. For now she was going to have to make do the old fashioned way. Which left her cringing every time the door splintered and cracked. "…I could have been in fucking Jamaica right now!" -04:10 Mar 26
Ferius: Ferius stabbed his sword into the throne where he could retieve it easily as the sword shook again and the beam cracked. "Almost there!" he said. Except for the fact he needed Vardri’s blood, and his own, on the amulet. There was another thud and the bean fell to the floor… That was going to help concentration… -04:13 Mar 26
Delilah: "Almost indeed." she snarled. Of all the places in the world to be, standing in between Ferius and an evil god was the last place she ever expected to be. And actually willingly doing it. …and to make matters worse she had the sudden urge to want to hurl. THAT was great. So worked up she was nauseus. Delilah Red had never been sick with fright in her entire life. -04:22 Mar 26
Ferius: The door crashed open and Vardri strided in axe ready. He saw delilah and smiled. "Such a pitty I need you alive… put down the swords and I’ll mak eit quick." Ferius was muttering to himself, then stopped. He knew what he had to do! -04:26 Mar 26
[Ferius has timed out.] -04:30 Mar 26
Delilah: Delilah wasn’t smiling. In fact she had never even given Ferius such a dark look. She merely shifted her stance with the swords. "Why don’t you just try to take them from me, and see what happens to you, asshole." -04:30 Mar 26
Ferius: The axe, heavier but slower then the sword was fas from slow in Vardri’s hands as he swung."You killed my rival give up his power, then deliver yourselves right where need you. You’ve done everythign I need you to excpt die. Take the last step…" He swung again the axe making stanks fly as it struck her sword. "I have it Delilah… I just need his blood." -04:35 Mar 26
Delilah: "Finally, il mio amore, a request I can fullfill!" Fucking hell, the stregnth behind that god’s swing nearly had that sword flying out of her hands. She could feel the jolt all the way up her arm. But she had teh advantage of two weapons, smaller and faster. …and furious speed to back it up. Delilah ducked a side-stepped his second swing, waiting for the opening before she went stabbing towards unguarded areas. -04:39 Mar 26
Ferius: Vardri was fast. Blocking what his axe could not with the thick iron of his bracers and dodginf arounf him only gave him the opotunity to kick out with his armored boots. He was strong, fast and experienced but above all untiring. He struck back with axe, mailed fist and boot. If Delilah thought two swords alone woulf give her an edge… she was wrong. -04:47 Mar 26
Delilah: Her frustration grew more an more apparent with every moment she narrow had her head lobbed off, a sleeve cut, or that close call that nearly left her one of those peg-legged pirates. The worst was that he fucking wasn’t breaking a sweat, where she was struggling to catch her breath between exertion and nausea. She had no chance to pay attention to Ferius’ progress, and in her frustration her movements were getting wilder, less predictable and more risky! -04:52 Mar 26
Ferius: There was his opening and even before he took it he grinned. His boot slammed into her chest and knocked her down. Then came down on her knocking her silly. Both hands on the haft of his axe her raised it above his head and prepaired for the finishing blow. Am overhead swing too strong to be blocked. "No amulet to save you now…." A blur slammed into his and Ferius burried his sword in Vardri’s stomach all the way to the hilt. A useless gustire but still one to knock Vardri off balance. "Pust someone with the amulet." Ferius spat a moment before Vardri recovered adn swung. The blow caught Ferius on the shoulder and sent his flying landing in a heap, Vardri grining at the blood on the adge of his axe… -04:59 Mar 26
Delilah: She couldn’t breathe. Which was the only reason why she wasn’t shouting a thousand curses at Ferius for being a stupid fuck. But it was Vardri’s grand mistake to turn his back to her. The swords were back in her hands withing seconds and she was on her feet faster than she could catch her breath. Snarling as she came up from behind, she rammed both swords up through his back. The metal crossing together with an audible shiiiiink on the otherside. And just to drive it home she twist both blades with every intend to turn his insides to gibblets. -05:05 Mar 26
Ferius: Vardri bellowed a reached over his shoulder grabbing at Delilah, then turned sharply pushign the blade back though himself with a combination of the flat of his axe and the motion of his turn. He was free, but slowed. Vardri’s attention back on Delilah, Ferius struggled back onto his feet and saw his chance Vardri’s blood was all over the floor. If he could get to it… -05:10 Mar 26
Delilah: Holy shit. That should have killed him. It really, really should have killed him. So when Delilah backed away, raising her swords to try again, she didn’t think wanting to vomit and black out was so odd anymore. She just pissed off an ancient unkillable god. "COME ON THEN." she shouted, against all common sense. "Whose blood covers the floor now, asshole! Cause it’s sure not mine! Try me again! " -05:16 Mar 26
Ferius: Finally Ferius had Vardri’s blood smered on the amulet, and was wiping it agaist the wound on his shoulder as Vardri aproached Delilah. It wasn’t the overconfident stand he had before but more guarded. "Playtime is over girl… now you’ll see what a god can do." From outside the room howling and cackling was heard, along with the sounds of hundreds of faaen and hands on the stone floor as Vardri grinned wind gathering around him makign ripples in the blood on the floor. -05:22 Mar 26
Delilah: "A testement to my skill and you’re fear. Summon your demons like a coward. Bring it!" Brave words for a woman who was running every single curse word, screaming it in her head. The minute those things poured in there, they were fucked. Quite literally. "Ferius." she growled out in warning. -05:27 Mar 26
Ferius: "I KNOW!" Ferius yelled back as Vardri laughed the blood beginging to drip UPWARDS from the floor. "I will enjoy watching you scream as your bofriend is torn apart and you yourself are torm open from the inside… then I’ll to that second one myself…" The sounds were getting louder adn the room was getting hotter. "Just a few more….." They burst into the room, some runnign alogn the floor, some crawlign along the walls and ceiling, many trampled in thier blind rush for blood. -05:33 Mar 26
Delilah: "Ferius, for the love of fuck!" Delilah screamed in her panic. No longer to remain taunting Vardri, her attention was immediately focus on stabbing the first beast that lept towards her. Blood went flying as she withdrew her sword from it’s head. With no time to pause or break in her movements, she was swinging at another. And another. -05:37 Mar 26
Ferius: Ferius was unarmed and they swarmed him, he was lost under a pressign mass of bodies as he reached the throne. Sothign couls be seen beyind them or heard over thier cries. Then the air shivered. That was the only way to describe it. The demons flew in all directions and Vardri’s face fell. The slowly, one by oen the demons seemed to disolve in the air, and with each one Vardri seemed to grow weaker and more horified, hei flesh seemign to begin melting as he watched in horror. Then the air shivered again and the door was filled hish blinding light. When the light faded Ferius sat, hurt and tired but alive in the throne… "Its not easy to cinvince a throne you’re its owner when you’re not you know." -05:43 Mar 26
Delilah: Delilah dropped to her knees. The two swords falling to the sides, though she didn’t quite trust letting them loose yet. Her chest was heaving as she regained her breath and her clothes were ripped and stained with blood from the fight. He so casually threw out the comment that Delilah looked cross at first… before letting out a weak, almost sarcastic laugh. "All hail the false god." she muttered. Delilah leaned forward, resting her hands on her knees as she cast him a side glance. "And he is sealed…? For good, Ferius?" -05:50 Mar 26
[Ferius enters.] -06:13 Mar 26
[Ferius has timed out.] -06:15 Mar 26
Ferius: "For at least a centure or more.." he panted. "I would say three hundred at least." he rose from the throne and walked up to Delila sitting next to her and placing the amulet in her hand… "Long enough for us to never see him again." -06:15 Mar 26
Delilah: Her fingers curled around the amulet. In impulse her arm rose up, hand grasping the back of his neck to pull him close as she kissed him hard without warning. When she finally released him, she smirked wide. "Then I will not have to worry about you being a stupid fool and near chopped clear in half?" -06:19 Mar 26
Ferius: He kissed her back his lips moving against hers and afterwards he smiled. "Not unless you lose your temper with me." he teased back. "Not many would go toe to toe with gods as often as you and still look to fo it again." -06:23 Mar 26
Delilah: "I never claimed to be sane, il mio amore. And I am definitely not." She cast a side glance at the chamber. Beyond the blood that covered the floors and the bones scattered, there was nothing left to suggest Vardri had been there before. And though he was sealed… he could still come back. That ill feeling had never faded and now she was exhausted on top of it. "Lets get the hell out of here before some other bullshit happens. It’s done and buried." -06:28 Mar 26
Ferius: He stood before taking her hand and pulling her up. The wound on his shoulder forcing his to use his left hand. "Back to the Gloom, back to warmer weather and familiar waters…. back to us….." -06:31 Mar 26

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