Since You’ve Been Gone 011: A Father’s Promise

[Hans is not deep in the GIGN heaquardters with the man who raped Yvaind bound to a chair.] -01:03 Apr 11
[Yvaine is still in the hospital, having to stay through a 24 hour watch… just in case!] -01:03 Apr 11

“So the big bad king is here to avenge his innocent flower. Sorry to break it to you loverboy, she did ask for it, ‘I want you’ here her words.” -Hans

Hans: "I’m a practical man, come might call me a pragmatist. I like simple solutions to things." He raised a hand "I’m not going to toture you like you did to her, that is a complication. But I have a problem: A life sentence isn’t enough to stop you from toutching Yvaine. The solution I have is simple." Hans held up the gun he was carrying. "Very simple." -01:07 Apr 11

“You’re bluffing. You’re int he middle of the frenchies’ police headquarters. You ain’t shooting me.” -Hans

Hans: "Diplomatic immunity, I’ll want out of here scot free, and before you ask how thy let me in here with a loaded gun.." he aimed and shot with one fluid motion, the body stifning, then slumping over in the chair. "Explaining that is a complication I don’t need." He put the gun down on the table and moved to the door. Explaining it would also incriminate his friends in the GIGN…. "Problem solved." He would be back at the hospital before Yvaine woke up, and before Her father arived. What he had just done would be in the news. But he wasn’t bluffing about diplomatic immunity. -01:12 Apr 11
Yvaine: Yvaine had been at the hospital for at least a day, in and out of consciousness thanks to painkillers and sedatives. The few moments she did wake, it was a very good sign that she could answer questions and not panic or freak out. So they were going to allow her release as soon as someone signed for her. For the moment she was dreaming again. A strange hodgepod of memories that all followed the same theme. …there was something really important there. Something she needed to piece together… when she woke, those phrases were still swimming in her head. -01:18 Apr 11
Hans: "Hey…" hans was standing over her a soft smile on his face, the smile seemed to hide somehting else it was impossible to say what. He took her hand in both of his and squeezed it. "You feeling any better?" -01:20 Apr 11
Yvaine: "I was having a weird dream…" Do you want to help him? Go to this address. …I will do anything to protect the true heir. Her fingers curled weakly around his hand, as her free hand to brush against her forehead. It paused midway as she eyed her engagement ring. "I’m still a little confused… How long have I been asleep?" Yvaine tried to brush that dream away and recollect herself. Put herself back in the present. -01:24 Apr 11
Hans: He checked his watch "About a day. I had the doctors keep you under a little longer while I took care of somehting." he sat on his haunches next to the bed. "They say theres no major damage and that you’ll be physically fine in a week. You just need to rest." -01:27 Apr 11
Yvaine: "Everything is a little numb. I guess it could be much worse." she mused, tilting her arm to see the bandage around her wrist and getting a sharp twinge in her shoulder. …okay, maybe not entirely numb! Yvaine tilted her head to glance at him. Everything was still hazy, but at least she was well aware of where she was now. "You look upset. I don’t think I have ever seen that expression before…" There was something different about it. Even those brief moments he had been stressed or frustrated… this look was so different! Yvaine’s hand released his, so she could brush her fingers against his cheek. "You don’t have to be so worried." -01:33 Apr 11
Hans: He kissed at her hand as it brushed his cheek. "I know.. its not going to happen again, I’ve made sure of that." He wanted to get onto the bed next to her but she needed her rest. "It shouldn’t have this time, And I’m sorry it did." -01:41 Apr 11
Yvaine: "It’s not as bad as it seems. You really don’t have to worry." She didn’t want to think about it. In fact, she really didn’t want to be at the hospital at all. Yvaine shifted to try and sit up. "Actually, I’d really love to get out of here. We can go and get a crazy French dessert or for a walk." -01:45 Apr 11
Hans: "You need rest, you fathers on his way and if he knew you waned to walk strait out of hospital he’d kill me for letting you." he held onto her hand again, seemingly afraid to let it go. "I’m getting you transfered though, back to Rhineland." -01:48 Apr 11
Yvaine: "You called Dad?" Yvaine was both delighted and…. full of dread! This really wasn’t the way she wanted to see her Dad and tell him about her engagement. That look on Hans’ face though… She squeezed his hand and pulled it close. He needed the comfort and were there any room in the bed she would have asked him to sit with her. "I don’t have to stay in the hospital, though, do I? I promise you I’m fine. I just hurt a little bit." -01:52 Apr 11
Hans: He looked away and sighed. "Look theres something. You’re going to see it on the news anyway because I’m not hiding it. Whiel you were asleep I went back and I shot him. While he was tied to a chair. I needed to make sure he’d never be back." -01:54 Apr 11
Yvaine: "You…" Yvaine wasn’t sure how to process that. Hans shot a man? Killed him…? But it was Charles Douglas… he would never be in the world ever again. Yvaine thought she would be relieved to hear it, yet it just… she still felt so numb. After a moment Yvaine tilted. Not saying a word as she leaned and slipped her arms around Hans’ neck, burying her face at the crook of his shoulder. -01:58 Apr 11
Hans: He hugged her and hissed her cheek as best he could before the doctor came in. "I have the papers here if…" he stopped. "Transfer papers are on the bedside table." he knew when to make a descreet exit. -02:00 Apr 11
Yvaine: "I didn’t know what to do.. I was so scared…!" Yvaine was trying not to cry, and she couldn’t hold on to him nearly as tight as she wanted to. That haze of medication was wearing off, and his sudden confession just seemed to open up the whole floodgate of emotion she was trying to surpress. -02:04 Apr 11
Hans: "There wasn’t anything you could do." he said "Nothing is your fault.. and its over, its not goign to happen again." he moved to sit on the bad and hold her tight. "This shouldn’t have happened." -02:08 Apr 11
Yvaine: "I could have run away, I could have fought more… The things he said to me…" Even now it made her shiver, and she curled against him. Just so glad he was there and real. -02:14 Apr 11
Hans: "None of that matter now." he said softly rubbing his ahdn up and down her back. "I’m just glad you’re ok. I was worried…" -02:18 Apr 11
Yvaine: "I was afraid you’d hate me… It’s so much trouble for you…" And he killed the man… something like that she make her concerned. But Hans came to rescue her, and he got rid of the man that hurt her too… She loved him for it. "I don’t want you to worry about me." she mumbled. -02:23 Apr 11
Hans: "To not worry about you I’d have to stop loving you." he teased "And I can’t do that." he rested her against him "And so I can never hate you. You’re going to be queen some day soon. Better get used to it." -02:26 Apr 11
Yvaine: Yvaine cast a small smile. No matter what happened, knowing she was marrying Hans and he would be with her made it all better. "When would you like to get married…? Since my Dad will be here soon we could plan the date." -02:33 Apr 11
Hans: "Three months from now, the second saterday of the month, its tradition." he said "If we’re still following traditions." he pulled back and wiped his thumb under her eyes. "To think, us in a royal wedding…" -02:37 Apr 11
Yvaine: When he touched her, she felt safe. There was no awkwardness and fear involved. Yvaine had been worried that she would be afraid… Her smile widened. "I like your traditions. I always thought about meeting you again and us getting married… really silly fantasies. It’s so hard to believe it’s real!" -02:40 Apr 11
Hans: "Well it is, and we’re here." he leaned forwards to kiss her softly "I’ll have to get and planners planning… theres a lot to do…" -02:43 Apr 11
Yvaine: Her returned kiss was tentative, but afterwards she gave a small relieved sigh. Yvaine hadn’t meant for it to be visible. She was still smiling as she tugged gently on his shirt sleeve. "I will try not to be a picky bride. …I remember you wearing armor and having a gun. Where does a King learn to do those things?" -02:48 Apr 11
Hans: "When he puts himself through the same training as the royal guard." he explained "Not traditional but something I wanted to do. In case somehtign liek this ever happened." He said softly "Of course I didn’t have the scecial forces experience required but I went through that training too… I had to do somethign to keep myself busy while waiting for you." -02:51 Apr 11
Yvaine: "My King is multitalented." Yvaine laughed softly, returning her face to the crook of his neck. "I will try to keep up with you. You could show me how to shoot a gun too?" -02:55 Apr 11
Hans: He shook his head. "DO you really think thats a good idea?" he asked. "Hows this, if you get through the same training I did, I’ll get you one.." -02:58 Apr 11

“That will be unnecessary. She will be going back to the States.” came a voice from the doorway. Ron Bardwin was an imposing figure. Looking haggard from a nonstop flight and worry, it seemed to make the scowl on his face all the more prominant. It was taking all his self control not to gross the room and snatch up Hans by the back of his neck and throw him head first out the window. -Yvaine

Yvaine: "Dad!" Yvaine was so happy to see him… and then there was that look on his face. This really, really wasn’t the way she wanted to bring up Hans. "Daddy, you remember Hans…" she said softly. -03:06 Apr 11
Hans: "Mr. Bardwin." he stood but his hand stayed clasping Yvaine’s hand. "I’m glad you came so quickly.. The doctors say she’ll be alright and I’m tranferign her back to Rhineland. We have the best doctors there and an entire contingent of royal guard.." -03:10 Apr 11

“Where was your royal guard when my daughter was kidnapped and tortured. Or did you think I would not catch the news the moment I stepped off that plane?” He narrowed his eyes, crossing the room in several wide strides. Ronald grabbed Hans’ arm and held the grip tight until he released Yvaine’s hand. Then he ‘moved’ him out of the way with a controlled shove. “This is the second time something has happened to Yvaine after getting involved with you. She is coming home with me, where I know she’s going to be safe.” -Yvaine

Yvaine: "That wasn’t his fault…" Yvaine was shifting in bed again, now reaching out to grab his father’s arm. She knew he was going to be upset, she just wished she had enough time to prepare for it. "We’re going to get married. I’d like to stay in Rhineland with him." -03:18 Apr 11
Hans: "They were in Rhineland, where I ordered them to stay. No one was meant to know about this trip and this is either one hell of a coincidence or I’m going to personally interogate everyone who knew about this trip but Mr. Bardwin either I or my personal bodyguard will be at her side at all times. If you want to stay too thats you’re welcome to." -03:18 Apr 11

Ronald glared hard at Hans. As far as he was concerned, it was just an excuse. “You’re not marrying my daughter. I don’t want you to even SPEAK to Yvaine.” He knelt by Yvaine’s bed, taking a far more gentle tone with her. “You’re hurting and scared, Yvaine. You don’t know what you want right now. Once we get back home, you’ll be thinking clearer.” -Yvaine

Yvaine: "I’m not fifteen years old anymore, Dad… I can think for myself." Yvaine was a little exasperated. She didn’t have enough energy to argue it, but she was a little afraid her father would wind up dragging her out kicking and screaming if something wasn’t resolved. "Can you please just stay and talk to Hans for awhile…? I want to marry him. All that’s happened is just…. just bad luck." -03:27 Apr 11
Hans: "I think she can decide what she wants and where she wasnts to be, you and I want the same thing, to kepp her safe. And if you watch the news tonight youll see that." -03:28 Apr 11

The man was absolutely unconvinced. The only thing that gave him any hesitation was his daughter’s request and the fact she would need time before he took her back. “Fine. A week, Yvaine. I will go with you to Rhineland, and if I am unsatisfied, you are coming home. There will be no argument about it.” -Yvaine

Yvaine: A week would be enough and Yvaine visibly relaxed. "We’ll see about the argument… but I’m glad you’re coming! I really missed you. I wanted to tell you days ago about us getting married, but there has been so much to do, I’ve barely had time to think…" -03:37 Apr 11
Hans: Hans had moved to the other side of the bed and was filling out the forms even before her father agreed. "I know you’re tired from your flight, we leave this afternoon theres a bed ready for you if you need if, though once in Rhineland you’ll be staying in the palace, I know you’ll want to be as close as possible to Yvaine." he was back in charge of the situation. "Do you know how to use a gun?" -03:41 Apr 11

He was eyeing Hans again. “I can. The fact I might need one is a strike against you.” Ronald was clearly aiming to make it all as difficult as possible. He sat on the edge of Yvaine’s bed. “He’s too controlling, Yvaine. I don’t like it.” -Yvaine

Hans: "You won’t need one." he said "But I think having one would put your mind at rest." he wasn’t going to take the bait "I will do anything to keep her safe, modlize the military if I have to, but I don’t think thats needed. I failed her once it will not happen again." -03:50 Apr 11
Yvaine: Yvaine laughed! The first time actually sounding as cheerful as normal. "Sounds so very familiar… You’re both so serious. I wish you would relax and stop worrying so much. Can’t we just go home, to Rhineland, and find something more pleasant to talk about than you both glaring at each other? Daddy, I really am very happy…" -03:53 Apr 11

Ronald had a biting comment for Hans, but Yvaine’s laughter and smile seemed to soften him up quite a bit. He was almost quirking up a smile himself. “I do want you to be happy, Yvaine. IF he is good to you, that will be one less worry on my heart. Your sister is going to demand a lot of attention…” -Yvaine

Hans: Hans let out a breath and placed the finished forms back down "Thats what we both want." he had to admit most of the reason he was tense was because he blamed himself, and had only a couple of hours ago murdered a man who couldn’t defend himself. -03:59 Apr 11
Yvaine: "He IS really good to me. I’ve never ever been so happy in my entire life. Hans makes me feel special and safe, and he’s so kind and so smart, and I know it looks a little awkward right now, but I love him. I loved him for a very long time. …you understand don’t you?" Yvaine was leaning forward, not meaning to ramble. But she really did want her father to approve of Hans and give his blessing. Her father was her second favorite person in the world, and it was important for her. -04:07 Apr 11

Her father didn’t look too happy with the speech, but it was that huffy, unsure way a father would get when he didn’t want to conceed to his grownup daughter’s wishes. Yvaine was all grown up after all. “I’ll decide in a week. …for now I will let you rest. I will speak to…. your fiance…. in the hall.” -Yvaine

Hans: Hans nodded and took Yvaine’s hand gave it a sqeeze and gave her a smile, then picked up the clipboard and gave it to the first nurse who walked pastin the hall. There were sho of the guard in the hall but Hans signalled them for privacy and they moved further along the hall. "I know you have things you want to say, I would too, so let’s talk." -04:19 Apr 11

Ronald made sure the room door was closed before he finally spoke. “Yvaine was 15 when you met her. A Prince from another country is enchanting to a little girl. I understand what happened back then was not your fault – but my daughter is fragile. Trusting. Easily broken. …and if you are manipulating my daughter I WILL kill you. King or not.” The way he spoke was not as a threat. It sounded like a promise. -Yvaine

Hans: "And you’d be well within your rights to but I’m not manipulating her." Hans’ tone was calm and slow. "I know ten years ago left you with a bad taste in your mouth when if comes to me but I love her and would do anythign for her. Even give up my kingdom. In a week I’m giving up my power. I just want a quiet life with her, or as quiet as it can get for me." -04:27 Apr 11

Silent for several moments, his tense stance didn’t seem to drop. “It might sound noble to give up country and crown for a woman you love. But if you do, you will not have the means to protect my daughter. You’ll have a quiet life, but where will your military be? Your pull and sway? There’s no sense in being a fool about it.” -Yvaine

Hans: "I won’t be giving up my crown, and I’ll retain the royal guard in my personal service. And I personally spent three years in special forces training an another two in the guard training over and above the aftermath of my father’s death. I have Gunther who has been at my side since I was thirteen. I have the means to keep her safe. She won’t be my prisoner in a tower. Who will be a queen and be guarded as one." -04:42 Apr 11

He didn’t look convinced. But it was hard not to be impressed with the man’s credentials. “Yet here she is in this hospital. I suggest you start keeping your word.” -Yvaine

Hans: "I’ve already told Yvaine, so I’m telling you too. Two hours ago I put a bullet through the skull man who did this. He will never toutch her again." his face was set "Any man tries to do the same again, and when I find out who let out we were comign here the same will happen to them. That is a promise." -04:50 Apr 11

For the first time, Ronald looked truely surprised! But slowly a grim, oddly approving expression came across his face. “I should have put a bullet to his skull ten years ago.” His countenance relaxed and he turned to walk down the hall. “That’s a promise I will hold you to. I expect results, [i]son[/i].” he called over his shoulder. -Yvaine

Hans: It was Hans’ turn to be suprised.. then smile. Without a word he re-entered Yvaine’s room and gave her another smile. "That went… well." -04:58 Apr 11

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