Your Starr 011: Classic Day After

Your Starr

[Drake is in Maddie’s kitchen with a mixing bowl and a wooden spooin his briefs and shirt. The pancake mix is not cooperating.] -09:51 Aug 13
[Madeline has a HUGE headache! And something smells both delicious AND burned… huh…] -09:53 Aug 13
Madeline: Maddie might not have woken up at all, but something… almost smelled good. When she rolled over to peek at the clock and then stare at the ceiling, she was trying to remember the last thing she did before going to bed. It’s not like she was drinking, she was pretty sure Drake was over and they watched his new video and…. It was still a little fuzzy. Maddie sat up with a small groan. Yeah, something didn’t smell quite right, which had her curiously peering over the side of the bed to see his shoes on the floor and then at her bedroom door. Cooking, maybe? That was sweet! -09:56 Aug 13 Madeline
[Drake enters.] -10:04 Aug 13
Drake: Cooking wasn’t exactly the words for it, there was batter splattered on his face and shirt and he didnt even know how a bancake could be burned on the left and slightly raw on the right. At least the other side of it was even, if a bot crisp too. Scooping the mess off the pan he frowned at it and then started stirring the batter again, ready to plop more in. -10:06 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: She was peering around the corner with her hand on the door frame, half confused, half… totally amused! Pancakes were not rocket science. How did he even get that all over himself? Maddie almost snickered, but at this rate he was going to burn things and – oh crap she really didn’t want her place burned down. "That’s um…! You’ve got the pan in the wrong spot for one… and the temperature isn’t right…" Maddie skittered in quick to rescue her stove, slightly nudging him out of the way. She also hadn’t realized she was buttass naked. She fixed the heat setting! -10:17 Aug 13 Madeline
[(Timeout) Drake got too distracted for their own good…] -10:25 Aug 13
Drake: Nudges out the way from prepairing his own suprise he was about to say something but… "Well.. um… I’ll just stand back here" he placed the bowl down and retreated tilting his head at her back. "I was expecting you to put a gown on or something… and to be asleep for another hour…" he was starting to grin at her, getting an eyefu; while he could "Not that I’m complaining." -10:25 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: "A gown? I don’t think I even own a nightgown…" Weird, what was this, the 40s? Maddie gave the contents of the bowl a stir. Okay, this was all wrong… She fussed with adding ingredients until the batter was the right consistancy. It wasn’t until after she had everything all furiously whisked up that she caught a glimpsed downwards. A small clatter of her spoon was played off and Maddie forcefully kept a straight face. "It’s hard to sleep with a headache, I’m still… a little fuzzy about that…" She eeeaaased away from the counter to pluck an apron off the wall. Clearly she used the thing for painting more than she did for cooking, as it was splattered with colorful blotches. -10:30 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: "You hit your head in the shower." he said. "It was partly my fault." he explained as Maddie slipped the apron on. "Okay now all you need id high heels, stockings, and a frowwy short black dress." he teased taking in the effect of Naked except for aprons… "I should go to the lounge…" if Maddie wanted to get any cooking done he would have to not be in the room with her dressed like that. -10:34 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: Hit her head in the shower, yep.. that was starting to sound familiar! Maddie groooaaaned softly, rolling her eyes softly as she tied the apron around her waist and rinse out the mess he made in that pan so she could make some -proper- pancakes. No wonder he needed a Nanny. "No, no, that tears it! I totally give up on trying to be hot and sexy. I can’t even molest a hottie in a shower without Maddie-ing it up!" -10:38 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: He paused and turned. "You’re being plenty sexy right now Maddie, I’m just more hungry than horny." he gave her a mischevious grin and a wink. "Seems to be somethign about a girl in an agpron… or maybe it’s just you." he crossed the distance between them to put his hands on her waiste and turn her to plant a kiss on her lips before retreating. -10:43 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: "What, really…?" Mystified and tinglie, she watched him retreat. Turning back to her bowl and pan to make a proper breakfast. Maybe he liked the whole maid, nanny, chef stuff…? Even though she had claimed to never try again, Maddie was already plotting potential seduction scenarios… Red-faced and frowning as she cooked. She couldn’t believed she botched last night! SHE wasn’t more hungry than horny! "You are completely weird! But at least now I know you’re not safe alone in a kitchen. I wish last night hadn’t ended with me unconcious though. We’re not going to get any time together before the trip." -10:50 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: "Would habe ended with you unconscious either way." he said leaning against the wall with hsi arms folded. "Besides, you’re ute when your delerious. You feeling alright today? Any dizziness? Nausia?" -10:57 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: "I’m fiiiiiiiine. I feel unbelievably stupid and my head kinda hurts, but fine." Maddie was trying not to laugh at his joke, but wound up smirking anyway. She confiscated a plate, so when she had perfectly golden pancakes flipped, they were slid on to the plate. "You’ve got to be the first boyfriend ever that’s thought Maddisms are cute. And oh my god, I am so much worse with yooou!" She was glancing up at the ceiling with a sigh. If she looked at HIM while he was staring at her, she’d be so done in. "I like you… really really like you, and apparently that means I turn in to some sort of walking tornado of dumb." -11:01 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: "I’m sure I don’t need to tell you about the time I fell off of stage, it was published enough and maybe you were even there. We all slip up sometimes to just… forget about it. Not like I’m going anywhere… except after breakfastz when I need to go to work for last-minute preperations…" -11:10 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: "I’m pretty sure you falling off of stage is a little different from the dating life of Madeline King." she cast him a big cheeky grin, then held out a plate of perfectly non-burned pancakes for him to take. "Yeah, no, it’s okay. I’m just being weird and paranoid I guess? I don’t want to mess this up, or mess us up and I am totally over thinking it and blah blah. I’m going to miss not seeing you every other day, though." -11:14 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: He took the place and raided her bubboards for syrip and cutlery before steeting it down on a counter to eat. "Stop overthinking then and just be Madeline King. That’s who I come here to be with anyway, sex or no sex." he steffed a good half of a pancake into his mouth and chewed. "These are good." -11:20 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: "Nanny McBadass isn’t the only one who can’t cook! I gotta feed myself after all." Just be Madeline King, he says! That was easy enough. When she wasn’t bumbling around feeling stupid. Once she had her own plate, she leaned on the counter next to him. On the bright side, being naked in the kitchen with him was a lot easier now that she had already gotten through the shame of bathroom-knockouts. Maddie was never going to fear being naked again. "Better not tell her, though. She’ll think I’m trying to replace her.." -11:23 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: "You don’t have the posture, grammer, accent, or wardrobe she has, bur that just means it’s not wierd to hit on you." he stole one of her mancakes and folded it up to push into his mouth. "Besides she can’t exactly cook breakfast for me while I’m here." -11:34 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: "Although if you’re here enough, she might think you’ve moved in with me!" Another grin as she shifted so her plate wasn’t in grabbing reach. A girl needed to eat too, especially if she had to keep her strength up for the next enormously embarassing escape. -11:44 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: "I thought we talked about this, my neighborhood is better." he picked up his place and started heading for the table in the lounge, is MAddie wasn’t going to let him steal then he wanted to sit down. "Speaking of… can you get this batter out of my shirt? Your reward is being able to take it off of me." -11:53 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: "Are we sure that’s safe, after the last time I had you naked?" She followed, vaguely wondering if she should put ON some clothes. Walking around in her paint apron and being naked was what weirdos did! She slipped in to a seat anyway to eat, eyeing him and imagining all the ways to take off his shirt and make him forget about pancake batter! "Dunno if your nanny will like feeding an extra person full time…" -11:56 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: "You can’t take much looking after, you already cook and clean for youself." he said, sticking out his tongue before sitting and slicing up another pancake, his last. "Besides that’s future talk. I don’t want to steal your independence too early. : -12:04 Aug 14 Drake

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