Genetic Bride 026 011: Date

[Baldor is about to go on a date… though he isn”t feeling very smily.] -08:16 Apr 11
[Khloe is nothing BUT smiles! And wearing what she is now calling ‘super cute maid-like lunch date bai-bait’ dress for the occasion!] -08:18 Apr 11
Khloe: Wearing cream and yellow, lots of lace and a little bit of ruffles… and a skirt that might have been a little -too- short, Khloe bounced in to the room clasping her hands behind her back, impatient to get going. Dates with Bai were way better than when she tried it with others. Especially now that the no-touching rule was abolished and she officially belonged to him. "I’m reeeeeadyyyy!" -08:22 Apr 11
Baldor: He was pulling on his sneakers when she entered and… well… now he was feeling under dressed. "It’s just lunch." he said standing and jingling his keys as he picked them up. No, it wasn’t her fault and he couldn’t be mad at her. It was his and now he had to make sure she wasn’t hurt. Still seeing her made him smile. "I think it’s time you discovered pasta." he said "Not just any pasta, Enconi’s pasta." always helped him when he was feeling down. -08:28 Apr 11
Khloe: "It’s lunch with my boyfriend, I should look extra nice!" Khloe tuuuurrned on a heel to show him, tempted to give a flash of what she was wearing underneath but… Surprises were good! He liked surprises, and she liked giving them. "Is Enconi pasta made of something special?" It was starting to get difficult to keep track of everything new she tried or discovered! -08:32 Apr 11
Baldor: He looked at her and then put as arm around her to hold her against him. Why did she have to be so adorable? "Elconi’s is a resturant, a fancyer resturant that the ones we’ve been to and the one you work at. And by that I mean it’s a family resturant that has good pasta so that’s where I’m taking you." -08:37 Apr 11
Khloe: "So it IS special pasta!" Even fancier than where she worked? A family place. Khloe circled her arms around him and nuzzled in to his chest. Only pausing for a moment when a perplexed look crossed her face. "…what exactly is a family? Are we one of those?" -08:41 Apr 11
Baldor: He blinked at her and then deflatedlooking away and rubbing the back of his neck. "No, we’re not… families are husbands, wives, brothers, sisters and cousins, and aunts and uncles…. like if two people are married, they are a family, and if they have children then all together they are a family… given what I know about genetics… which isn’t a lot… you might be the only person I know that isn’t related to me…" he looked at her and then hugged her back. "A family resturant just means that we need to behave… and that that dress might be a little short." -09:12 Apr 11
Khloe: "You are must husband now though. There is even proof." In fact, to make sure he was reminded of said proof, she took a step back to pull up that short skirt and show him the barcode on her inner thigh. It made HER happy to see it, anyway. A short skirt made it easier to look! "Hum… would you like me to change my clothes then? I can if you want me to." -09:15 Apr 11
Baldor: "I’m not your husband, at least not according to law, or the culture we live in. I’m pretty sure from a legal standpoint a case could be made that I stole you." he didn’t look. "Families stay with eachother forever. Do you really want to stay with me forever?" he took a deep breath. "You don’t have to change if you don’t want to, it’s your choice. Just don’t pull it up in public." -09:18 Apr 11
Khloe: "Of course I want to stay with you forever. You make me happy." He, on the other hand, didn’t look so happy. He had looked a little off all morning, and super cute outfit didn’t seem to of shaken that mood of his. Khloe frowned. "I’ll change, I don’t want you to worry about me while we’re on a date. It should only take a second… unleeesss…" she tugged gently on his arm and took a step backwards towards the bedroom. "Unless you want to help me change?" -09:23 Apr 11
Baldor: He looked at her then pulled her towards the door. "No I said it’s fine. You don’tneed to change and if you should it should be for you not for me. You don’t have to do everything in your life just for me." he pulled open the door and waited for her to take the mead stepping out. He really didn’t need to dig his hole any deeper by having sex with her AGAIN. -09:54 Apr 11
Khloe: "Okay…" Khloe wasn’t so sure. Especially since her whole existance was just supposed to be for him! Well. For someone. She was silent when she did finally step out the door and lead the way down the hall. What on earth would she do if she didn’t do things for him? "Is going out on a date for you? Because I like dates too." -09:59 Apr 11
Baldor: "dates are meant to be for doth people." he said after locking the door and sticking his hands into his pockets. "If you don’t enjoy a date you can say so so something different can be done." he was meant to be looking out for her, making sure no one took advantage of her and now he was doing exactly that. These dates would maybe help her learn though. He stopped walking. He would help her learn, then he’d let her down gently and then she would never see him again… maybe he desurved that end. He was a cheat, as good as a liar, and she did desurve better than that. He would just have to not have sex with her. -10:07 Apr 11
Khloe: "I’ve already done that with other guys. But you’re waaaay different!" Lots different! Doing things with Bai always made her happy, and more than once gave that twinge in her stomach. Khloe was skipping ahead until she realized he had stopped. Then she was turning to eye him curiously. "And you do want to go on dates with me? Because we are boyfriend and girlfriend?" -10:15 Apr 11
Baldor: He smiled at her and caught up takign her hand. "If I didn’t I wouldn’t. It would let when little money I have left go a lot funrther. Facy family resturants don’t come cheep." he moved down the stairs and headed up the street intent on waving down a cab to take them across town. -10:30 Apr 11
Khloe: "I thought we agreed that you don’t have to worry about paying for things until you have a new job?" Khloe was placated, for the time being. All it ever really took was a smile or a touch. Now she was back to grinning again, lightly bouncing on her feet. -10:36 Apr 11
[Baldor is taking a girl out on a date and feeling terrible about it.] -02:22 Sep 06
[Khloe is wearing her cutest outfit for date night with Baaaiiii!] -02:24 Sep 06
Baldor: He gave her a look and set off down the street. "But I still should, It’s my appartment and you’re my guest…" yes it would be better if she was just his guest. "We should also talk about something else while we’re out." somethign that wouldn’t make him want to bash his head against a wall would be nice. -02:31 Sep 06 Baldor
Khloe: Holding his hand and smiling like she was in the best place in the world, Khloe was perfectly content and pleased with life. …It was Bai she was a little concerned about. He was worried about something. "But a girlfriend is not just a guest, she is a partner! I am your partner and I can take care of things." Khloe walked along with him and swung his hand back and forth. "…but all right! Do you like fish? I think a fish bowl would be fun thing!" -02:34 Sep 06 Khloe
Baldor: "Fish need to be looked after, and fed, and thier tank cleaned…" he said. "I’ve never had the time with work and everythign else for pets." she was saying the girlfriend word again. "Khloe… why do you like me? I did a bad thing." -02:39 Sep 06 Baldor
Khloe: She blinked back at him, confused! "Have you done a bad thing?" Just in case she missed something she looked behind them and around at the street. Didn’t seem like he did. Khloe squeezed his hand and latched on to his arm. "You make me happy. I tried dates and they were okay, but they didn’t make me happy or make me feel the way I feel with you… Like my tummy is doing flips! Or tingly feelings! I like those." -02:46 Sep 06 Khloe
Baldor: He took a deep breath. "I cheated on my last girlfriend with you and probably made her very sad, especially with the way she found out. I hurt someone and I am a bad person… maybe I’ll hurt you too." -02:50 Sep 06 Baldor
Khloe: Oh. Her. Khloe was devoloping a very distinct feeling about this faceless woman, and it was not a nice one. She at least TRIED to keep from scowling as she talked about her. "She hurt you first. Didn’t you even notice? You told me people are supposed to be with each other, and take care of each other, but she was never hear. You never talked to her. If she was a girlfriend she would be with you. I won’t ever leave you or let you be lonely." -02:54 Sep 06 Khloe
Baldor: "That’s not how it always works. We have different lives and she couldn’t alwasy be here with her university being so far away. That’s just how life works sometimes. It wasn’t her fault." he kept walking though. "You’re too cute and niave for a guy like me, for a cheater." -02:58 Sep 06 Baldor
Khloe: Khloe was completely indignant about the whole thing. She was understanding the concept of cheating more and more, but it still wasn’t quite right. "You have to be with someone to cheat. You were not with her. No one is at fault, because nothing bad has happened. She isn’t here, and I am… and I make you happy, don’t I?" ..that is what she was most concerned about. He had said he was happy, but here he is…. not happy, again! "I choose you, that is enough?" -03:01 Sep 06 Khloe
Baldor: He glanced at Khloe. "She was my girlfriend, that was together enough for it to count." he stopped to draw her into his arms. "You’re fun, your wonderful and you’re adorably niave and you make me happy, but right now I’m not making me happy. It’s not your fault." he kissed her forehead lightly. "Now talk about happy things so we can enjoy our date." -03:06 Sep 06 Baldor
Khloe: Khloe slipped her arms around him and clung on tight as she glanced up with a grin. "Would you like to consummate in a bathroom again? It made you very happy last time." -03:09 Sep 06 Khloe
Baldor: There was a sigh. "Sex doesn’t solve everything Khloe, and that should really wait until we get home anyway. Let’s just eat and talk for now, okay? You’re really sweet for wanting to make me happy but save that for surprises too…" -03:24 Sep 06 Baldor
Khloe: No touching..? She frowned… but only a bit. He told her that she didn’t have to always obey orders, and could do what she wanted to do. So she was grabbing his hand and pulling him around the first corner she saw, off of the street and out of the "public". This could count as a surprise too! She immediately pounced and threw her arms around his neck and nuzzled against his cheek. "No consummating, then, but I won’t leave this alley until you are smiling! Real smiling!" -03:29 Sep 06 Khloe
Baldor: He put his arms around her to stop her falling down and stood there. "Khlooeeee…" she was being adorably sweet again. "Talk to me and be yourself and eat. That will make me smile." Carrying her like she was he walked out of the alley and started towards the resturant again. Why did dhe have to be so sweet? -03:36 Sep 06 Baldor
Khloe: Eep! Her feet dangling, off her went with her straight as planned. Not accordingly to HER plan of using appropriate seduction techniques she was conditioned to know. Apparently that was not her strength. She held on to his neck, though! "But… I am already being myself? Myself wants to give you stomach butterflies too! Then every time you look at me that is all you will think of, and not keep worrying about things?" -03:41 Sep 06 Khloe
Baldor: "Give me time." he said. "You’re a very sweet girl and I like you, but nothing can be fixed instantly. You’re really sweet, absurdly sweet. And if you keep doing what you’re doing we won’t go to the resturant at all and and up bakc home instead." -03:48 Sep 06 Baldor
Khloe: Khloe couldn’t figure out if that meant they’d go home because he was upset, or because he wanted to consummate in private. She also wasn’t sure what she was doing besides bickering with him at this point. Huffing, she hopped a bit so she could wrap her legs around his waist and be able to lean backwards to stare him in the face. Better! "You always say I am sweet or naive. Maybe I didn’t know many things when I came out of my box, but I’ve learned plenty fast. You worry too much about everything, Bai." He might worry about the world at this rate. With a resolved sigh, she leaned and kissed his forehead. "What would you like to talk about, if you won’t let me kiss you?" -03:55 Sep 06 Khloe
Baldor: He didn’t get very far carrying her, partly because he was tired and partly because he didn’t want to walk into a family resturant carrying his date so instead he sat down on a bench and held her. "I want to know about us, Khloe. Why, other than feeling you chose me… I like you, I really do but right now I feel like no one should like me… and that I’m taking advantage of you in some way." -04:06 Sep 06 Baldor
Khloe: She looked surprised at the comment. Surprised and confused, so when he sat down, she unlocked her legs from around him so he could sit back, but did not leave his lap. She smoothed her thumbs over his mouth with a frown. "You told me what I should be wary of when dating. No men that just want to have sex with me, men that I like to talk to, men that are nice to me and don’t ask for anything from me. You wouldn’t consummate me at all when you could have so many times! You’ve taken care of me when you had very little money. You are always nice to me, and teach me things. You are nice to strangers you meet on the street. And when I am with you, I don’t care about anything else?" -04:13 Sep 06 Khloe
Baldor: He sighed and rested his head on her shoulder. "All of those things a friend would do too." he said closing his eyes. "I see all the ways a person could take advantage of you and I worry about you. I just want you to be protected and happy and be able to make your own decisions. It’s not your fault you don’t know how the world works and I want… If I hurt you you have toi break up with me, okay?" -04:33 Sep 06 Baldor
Khloe: "You won’t hurt me. I will never leave you." He called her sweet and naive… Khloe was starting to think that was him and not her. He had been hurt, and did not realize he was hurt, now he was so afraid it was all his fault. Taking his face in her hands, she leaned forward and gently brushed a kiss over his lips. "I chose you. I will stay." -04:37 Sep 06 Khloe
Baldor: He didn’t want to move, he wanted to stay right there and he wanted to not feel what was threatening to spill over into guilt. "You’re a better person that I am… in your own way." he said turning his head so she couldn’t kiss him again. "We should go eat. I’ll feel better after food." He moved her off of his lap and stood to turn towards the resturant. -04:45 Sep 06 Baldor
Khloe: Khloe didn’t want to have dinner. She wanted to pull him down to a soft patch of grass and pet and stroke all his fears away. But he was determined to refuse her. Taking his hand, she walked at his side again. "That is a good idea. You can’t be sad after good food! Food has not made me angry yet. We’ll have pasta?" -04:48 Sep 06 Khloe
Baldor: He looked at her. "You’ve never had a camzone and I’m going to pic that." he said. "And you can have pasta if you want but have a look at the menu first. There’s so many things you havn’t tried and this place makes better food that the diner." he looked better already, but looks could be decieving. -04:54 Sep 06 Baldor
Khloe: "I’ll be very selective." He was always excited about food. This made Khloe smile. She was still smiling when they walked in to the resteraunt. It was definitely a different sort of place.. they had to wait a few minutes before being seated. When they had a table, Khloe made sure to slip in to the seat right next to him. There might not be consummating, but she wanted to touch and be touched. "It smells different from the diner… maybe you can work in a place like this?" -04:57 Sep 06 Khloe
Baldor: "I’d like to." he said. "But these places like cooks with more experience and training than I have." he looked around. "I should apply anyway…" he stood. "Keep our table, I’ll be right back." -05:09 Sep 06 Baldor
Khloe: Khloe nodded, watching him as he left the table. He liked to cook so much, and he needed to learn more? Maybe he could go to a school, they had schools for everything it seemed. Khloe had her elbows on the table and was tapping her chin with all ten fingers as she thought about it… She could work and he could go to school, then he could have a nice place just like this. Then he would be happy! -05:11 Sep 06 Khloe
[Khloe knows just how to cheer up Bai!] -11:39 Sep 08
[Baldor is enterign the resturant and asking for a table!] -11:39 Sep 08
Khloe: She already had it all planned out. Or at least… a good idea! Bai would have to tell her how the details worked for schooling and running a business, but Khloe figured it would all work out just fine. Like when he found her! Now she was bouncing and grinning with that usual look she got when she had ideas. -11:40 Sep 08 Khloe
Baldor: He wasn’t lookign at her face though, he ws leading her though the resturant after the waitor and helping her into her seat before sitting down. "So what will you have to drink?" the waitor asked and Baldor looked at the menu. "You cheepest bottle of red wine for both of us… I promise you’ll ge tot try other drinks soon but Ive always wanted red wine on e date." -11:44 Sep 08 Baldor
Khloe: For a moment she was distracted from her plotting and looked interested! "Wine is an alcohol things, right? I have not been conditioned with a tolorance for alcoholic beverages. Does that mean I am going to stumble and fall over a lot?" -11:47 Sep 08 Khloe
Baldor: "Not if you only have a little, which is all you need really and you can order water after that." he turned to the food and looked at the menu. "See anything you like? I’m tempted to order pizza." -11:57 Sep 08 Baldor
Khloe: "You said today we try pasta, so I am going to try pasta!" Khloe made a note of only drinking a little wine to avoid stumbling around like silly. While looking over the menu, she was baffled by the choices. There were a lot more different sorts of foods than at the diner. "There are a lot of things… Do you know how to cook all of these things?" -12:01 Sep 09 Khloe
Baldor: "A lot of them, I’ve worked in more places than that one diner." he said. "But that’s why I want to go to school for this, so I can learn. Okay if we’re going pasta I’ll have the beef lasagna. You can try some of it from my palte if you want." -12:04 Sep 09 Baldor
Khloe: "I will try Alfreeeedo, it sounds like a man’s name. And I will try yours too!" At the mention of school, Khloe was beaming. Closing up her menu and tapping her fingers on the table. "Woud you like to try school now? You could! I can work and you can go to school. And if you are worried, you could work part time too when you are not at school? We could have a place like this and I would be your waitress!" -12:07 Sep 09 Khloe
Baldor: He shook his head slowly. "I’d love to go to school but I would have to work part time… it’s a good dream but it’s not realistic. Unless I get into some sort of aprentership programme which I’m nowhere near good enough to do… I don’t think it’s going to work. I’ve thought about this. A lot." -12:14 Sep 09 Baldor
Khloe: "You have thought about it when it was just you, though? Now you have me and I can help with things. And how do you know if you’re not good enough? Have you tried it? You can try it now! You tell me to try things." Khloe was pretty determined about it. It’s what he wanted, so why would it be unrealistic? "And while you’re at school, we can plan the kind of place! It could be Bai’s Bistro, or Bai’s Buffet, or… Bai’s Bar and Grill! Or maybe we should think of a different kind of name… I heard of a place called Fishstick Skipper’s and thought that was pretty funny…" -12:21 Sep 09 Khloe
Baldor: He looked at her. "Fine I’ll look for cheep night schools with cullenary courses." he said. And I’ll apply here. We’ll see what happens." She was ridiculously optimistic… he was almost jealous of her world view. And worried it would cause them problems. -12:39 Sep 09 Baldor
Khloe: "Good! And if it doesn’t work out, we can try something different." She reached across the table to grab his hand. "Right? Do you want to be a head chef at a fancy place, or have your own place?" -12:44 Sep 09 Khloe
Baldor: "Is it’s work I’ll take being in charge of garnish." he said. "But having my own place would be nice. I wouldn;t have to worry about anyone not allowing me to experiment at little… or using the kitched to cook for myself." he looked at her and tilted his head. "Whya re you asking?" -12:47 Sep 09 Baldor
Khloe: "Because we should do things that make us happy. If I am supposed to do things for myself, then you should do things for you too." Khloe shrugged as she rest her chin in her hands and grinned. "I think a restaurant sounds like a lot of fun. I like being a waitress at the diner and getting to talk to all of the people that come in. If we had our own, I could a cute uniform for us. And paint the walls with a nice sunny color!" -12:50 Sep 09 Khloe
Baldor: "That doesn’t really sound like a bistro." he said with a small chuckle. "Before you plan anything you should find pictures online and show them to me for approval. We won’t be opening a cocktail car." -01:05 Sep 09 Baldor
Khloe: Khloe grinned and giggle. "The sunny walls or the cute uniform? I’ll find you lots of pictures though, you can pick your favorite things… And I would like a fish tank! But not the ones where you know you’re going to eat the poor fish in them!" -01:08 Sep 09 Khloe
Baldor: "You mean an aquarium then." he said, you look after the fish then.. and we’ll get all our seafood frozen and shipped." he looked around. "We might also need to hire more waitresses if we get a big place." -01:15 Sep 09 Baldor
Khloe: "Yes! Because I can’t work every night. Sometimes I want to stay at home to rest my feet or go out on dates with you." An aquarium, that’s what she wanted! She liked all the little fishies. "And we could have a small fish bowl for at home? Non edible fish." -01:18 Sep 09 Khloe
Baldor: "Most fish are edible, but we just won’t eat them. And we can be closed mondays, that’s a good time for resurants to be closed after the weekend rush." -01:21 Sep 09 Baldor
[Baldor is on a proper date with his girlfriend.] -03:36 Sep 22
[Khloe is sitting on a real date with Baaaaiii!] -03:37 Sep 22
Khloe: And for once, not trying to pounce on him! This conversation about the future is nice. Khloe never really got to consider the future beyond "just being happy". There were a lot of details to consider. "Yes, closed on Mondays would be good. We could go see movies on mondays and eat at the restraunt competition!" -03:39 Sep 22 Khloe
Baldor: "So you don’t want my cooking?" he asked, teasing her. "If we have the money and nothing in the kitchen needs to be eaten, sure." he said looking at her with a tilted head. "You really want the quiet, simple life? Never being more than well off, at best. Having to work for the rest of your life until you can’t anymore? Can you even have children?" -03:44 Sep 22 Baldor
Khloe: "I cooould be lost in the woods, or with someone I don’t like very much. I like working! Um…" Children! That was a new and interesting question Khloe never considered before! Her chin was in her hands again, staring at him with a wide-eyed, thoughtful expression. "I can be enabled to have children, but was not conditioned to be a mother. I never thought I would have babies. What do you do with them when they are so tiny?" -03:48 Sep 22 Khloe
Baldor: "Simple, you feed them, clean them, and play with them." he said eying her. "You know I still can’t believe you’re here." he said… "You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and I’ve acted wierd since we met. I was jealous and I didn’t have a right to be but you’re here on a date with me talkign about future dreams. How did I get so lucky?" -03:53 Sep 22 Baldor
Khloe: "People who do good things and work really hard are rewarded with good things in return?" Khloe griiiinned. She loved knowing she was that good thing for Bai. He was definitely hers. There was a whole world open to her now and he gave her that. "I might like to have kids one day. In a few years! It will be nice learning things and starting a business. We can save money for a nice house? One with a yard so we can grow food in the garden." -03:56 Sep 22 Khloe
Baldor: He shook his head and looked at her. "You really believe that?" she was talkign about karma, or something like that. "Anf yes, maybe. We’ll have to see. It might not be as easy as all that but we can certainly try." She was so new to the world… "If we’re willing to fight for that." -04:01 Sep 22 Baldor
Khloe: "We can do anything we want to do. You showed me I could." She was still grinning the waitor arrived with dinner and the wine she reminded herself not to drink too much of. And she was more than happy to give Bai a bite of her food to try. "The important thing is that we’re happy right now, yes? If we’re happy, we’re doing things right." -04:10 Sep 22 Khloe
Baldor: He tried her food, then he tried his, then picked up the salt ot sprinkle some on and try again. "Excuse me for one second." he said before standing and heading over towards the waiters’ station to talk to them. Then a mna in a dress shirt came out and Bai spoke to him too, then left and then Bai was given a peice of paper and walked back, then entire thing took about ten minutes. -04:18 Sep 22 Baldor
Khloe: She watched him curiously when he left, and was still curious when he returned. Her head tilted as she tapped her mouth with her fork. "Are you giving secret chef tips to the competition?" -04:25 Sep 22 Khloe
Khloe: She watched him curiously when he left, and was still curious when he returned. Her head tilted as she tapped her mouth with her fork. "Are you giving secret chef tips to the competition?" -04:25 Sep 22 Khloe
Baldor: "No, the food tasted different, turns out thier head chef just died recently so they’re searching for a new one and I got an application." he said. It was your idea for me to try and work here." he looked at the form and then patted his pockets. "Do you have a pen?" -04:27 Sep 22 Baldor
Khloe: "Oh! See! Lucky!" Very lucky. Khloe decided she must be good luck for him. Were genetic brides infused with luck? She fumbled in to the tiny purse she brought with her and pulled out a small, but totally functional little pen. Khloe passed it over the table. "This is a nice place too, I bet they will appreciate your work a lot more." -04:33 Sep 22 Khloe
Baldor: "I hope so, but it will be harder work." he said putting his name down and starting to fill out the form. "Hows the food though? maybe I’ll make you my versions of these dishes soon and you can see the difference. I really hope they give me a chance. Maybe I can cook for them and show them I can make this stuff better. -04:38 Sep 22 Baldor
Khloe: "It’s good, but I bet you will definitely make it way better." As far as she was concerned, Bai could cook anything. Khloe switched between taking bites and leaning over the table to peek at his application. "You could make some at home and bring it in… or maybe they have chef try outs? That’s what I would do if I was looking for a head chef…" -04:40 Sep 22 Khloe
Baldor: "Well maybe they’re not as smart as you." he said. "And that could use a lot of ingredients that would then be wasted." He finished the form and then held it out for her to read as he got back to his food. "And they might not hitre me as the head, but even a cookign job wou;d be good. -04:49 Sep 22 Baldor
Khloe: Khloe nodded, reading over the application. Not that she really could give any advice on it, she just wanted to see! "That is true. Any job is fine for now since you’ll want to be going to school. But I bet they like it when you have lots of experience in something, right? That’s always how things work." It’s brides were educated while in conditioning too. Some things they needed more experience in than others! -04:52 Sep 22 Khloe
Baldor: He took back the form adn stood. "Hopefully enough." he said before walking back towards the station and handing in the form, exchanging a few words and walking back to sit down. "Have something for desert too! I think I might be getting a job soon." -05:06 Sep 22 Baldor
Khloe: Khloe classped and nearly bounced in her seat. When that drew a few curious glances their way, she settled down. Back to that ridiculously wide grin. "Good! Are you going to be hired and have to start today like I did? That’d be nice… but I think I would rather have one last free date with you before you have to start working. Maybe we could take dessert home and watch a movie?" -05:10 Sep 22 Khloe
Baldor: He shook his head. -05:18 Sep 22 Baldor
Baldor: He shook his head. "No not today, they said they’ll let me know but I have a good chance, they’ll call tomorrow. I want waffles and icecream for desert and you can have whatever you want." he was smiling. "And takign them home sounds nice." -05:20 Sep 22 Baldor
[Baldor is openening the door to the apartment with his key!] -05:22 Dec 01
[Khloe has icecream waffles and is quite pleased about it!] -05:22 Dec 01
Khloe: Dates were nice, especially dates with Bai. And more especially because they had future plans. Not even just for herself, but he was thinking about future things too, which Khloe felt was especially important because he deserved being happy. With bag of sweet contriband in hand, Khloe bounced straight to the kitchen counter to set it down. Humming as she fetched a couple spoons from a drawer. "Waffles are the weirdest things, I think you can make them for any kind of meal. Do you think we should serve waffle everything at your restaurant?" -05:28 Dec 01 Khloe
Baldor: "Waffles are easy." he said placing the keys on the table after locking the door up tight behind them. "But you can’t ahev them for everything. They’re a sweet cnack with icecream or cream and syrup. Save the putting other things on it for frozen waffles at home… which we could get." He watched her and placed a hand on the table… thinking as his eyes slid down to her short dress, where in ended tantilizingly close to… she was supportive and nice and she made him happy. Not just because of sex… -05:34 Dec 01 Baldor
Khloe: "But they aren’t always sweet? Sometimes the diner serves chicken and waffles. …although I guess people put syrup on that too…" Khloe was putting far too much thought in to those waffles, but decided what kind of menu he’d serve at a cafe would be just as important as her uniform! She pulled one of the takeout boxes from the bag and popped it open. A spoonful of ice went directly in to her mouth as she turned to lean against the counter and grin. "Maybe if you make them and then we freeze them? I like what you cook the best." -05:40 Dec 01 Khloe
Baldor: "I like to do things from scraatch. It takes longer but waffles don’t been much prep and with an industrial moxer it’s not that much longer. Even a cheepass foor procerssor or mixing wand thing would work on a small scale. If you’re talkign about home though get a waffle iron and I’ll frow you the difference between frozen and fresh." he moved away from the table towards her a half smile on his face. She was a dreamer… unconstrained by means or practicality adn maybe that’s what he had been needing all along, to relearn how to dream… -05:45 Dec 01 Baldor
Khloe: "Yes, for at home! We’ll be busy running a place, so we might be too tired to cook things at home too. We can make bunches and put them in the freezer, and then I can fix you breakfast sometimes so you don’t have to rush." Another bite went in to her mouth and once he was within reach, she held out a spoonful for him to eat. "This is very good too though. I’m glad we brought it home." -05:50 Dec 01 Khloe
Baldor: Without touching the spoon with his hands he took her wrist in his hand before taking the peice for the spoon with his mouth and then taking the spoon with his other hand and putting it down in the box hefing her as he swooped in and pressed his lips against hers. "You do enough fro me already…" he whispered before hsi hands slid down her sides and slipped under the dress to rest on her hips that had in their own way be teasing him the entire date. -06:00 Dec 01 Baldor
Khloe: Oh! That was sudden. Leaving Khloe dizzied and flushed, and completely enchanted. It was so rare when he’d kiss her without her trying to charm and coax him, and rarer still when it was unrelated to the conversation. Her grin was probably silly and smitten as she rest her arms around his shoulders. "I don’t, not yet. You take care of me and I want to take care of you too." -06:07 Dec 01 Khloe
Baldor: There was another kiss. "You do." he said before kissing her again. "More than you know Kloe." His voice was barely above a whisper as his inexperience betrayed him and he froze for a moment… what did he do? Slowly he staarted rubbing her hips as he kissed her again and again, his crotch pressing against her and pushing her back against the counter. -06:13 Dec 01 Baldor
Khloe: He was being so shy and so cute, Khloe wanted to grab him and drag him to the sofa and kiss him silly. It took a lot of restraint not to jump on him, to the point of her chewing on her bottom lip as she nuzzled against his cheek and tightened her arms around his neck. "You make me feel all fuzzy, Bai." …A little bit of touching wouldn’t break the spell, would it? Cause she couldn’t help but run her fingers through the hair at the nap of his neck. -06:24 Dec 01 Khloe
Baldor: "I hope that’s from this…" he said kissing her again. "And not neckfuzz." he pulled away to look at her and move a hand up to brush the hair out of his face. "Sorry… I wasn’t taught to… sex like you were… I’ve only ever with you…" -06:33 Dec 01 Baldor
Khloe: Khloe giggled, retracting her arms so she could brush her fingers against his mouth. "If this is not knowing, and you make me melt with just a few kisses then I can’t wait to see what you can do to me years from now." Rising on her toes her fingers were replaced with a soft kiss and a gentle nibble. She smiiiiled. "I’m glad it’s only been me. You are all I ever want to know." -06:39 Dec 01 Khloe
Baldor: He moved his hands to her head to grip it and drive his lips hard against her. She was amazing and her words were… how did he ever get so lucky as to find her, literally. His lips parted to capture hers between then as his hands slid down her neck to puc under her shoulders and lift her up onto the counter… then he paused. "We should put the waffles in the fridge…" -06:42 Dec 01 Baldor
Khloe: "No…" the plaintiff sigh was soft and breathless. If he let go, he would stop and she absolutely didn’t want that. Her fingers curled in to the fabric of his shirt, clinging tight and making sure he didn’t leave her. To garuntee it, she was nuzzling against his cheek again. Nipping gently at his jaw until she was nibbling at his ear. "Stay with me?" -06:48 Dec 01 Khloe
Baldor: He ran his hand through her hair and then kissed the corner of her mouth softly. "Just for a second." he said. "Khloe… you could always go and wait for me in the bedroom… or right here. and then after… sex… we can finish them." -06:51 Dec 01 Baldor
[Baldor is happier thna he has been in a long time.] -02:39 Apr 02
[Khloe has the peeeeeeerfect life!] -02:39 Apr 02
Khloe: Khloe had changed in a whirlwind of quickness, choosing a cute little nightie instead of her super sexy seduce Bai outfits. It may have barely been considered a shirt, but was nice and soft and silky. She jumped on to the bed, bouncing on her knees for a moment trying out different poses to decide which would make the best come to meeee look. But in the end she was too happy to stay still and was just waiting and bouncing. -02:43 Apr 02 Khloe
Baldor: The sounds of runnign water reached the bedroom as he splashed his face and made sure that his hands were clean… the other times he hadn’t been expecting sex but this time he wanted to do things right… if there was a right way tod do this. When he reached the bedroom door he paused just smiling as he put a hand on the doorframe. "You look… happy." -02:56 Apr 02 Baldor
Khloe: "You are very responsible." It made her giggle again, gripping his head and planting a quick kiss on his nose. He was thoughtful about everything. "Okay, I will go and wait for you." He wanted to take the time, and Khloe wanted more than anything for him to do things his way. She would be thoughtful about it too and put on something very cute. Khloe slid off the counter, and ever so reluctantly untangled her hands from his shirt. -07:00 Dec 01 Khloe
Khloe: She laughed, bouncing a bit again as she tilted her head and shrugged her shoulders. "I’m very happy! We get to plan a future, it’s really exciting and today was so much fun." And she was getting time with Bai, that was the best part. She could make him smile and laugh too! Khloe held out her arms making grabbyhand motions at him. -02:59 Apr 02 Khloe
Baldor: He stepped forwards, taking her hand and pulling her across the bed to him. "I like you choice of clothes." he said before givig her a quick kiss to the corner of her mouth, then a longer deeper one as he sunk down to first sit om the edge of the bed, then to lie across it, bringing her with him. -03:02 Apr 02 Baldor
Khloe: Khloe giggled, scooting closer to him and nuzzling in to his cheek. She threw a leg over his and while nuzzling, was plucking gently at his shirt and trying to remove it as subtly as possible. "Do you? I picked it out because it’s your favorite color!" Subtly was not working well for Khloe, as it never seemed to do. She was already pushing his shirt up. -03:32 Apr 02 Khloe
Baldor: He took her hands in his gently and gently pushed them away before grabbing the hem of her nightie and pushing up up above her chest and sliding down to gently kiss a nipple, his tongue flicking against it. "I do, butI still prefer your skin. -03:56 Apr 02 Baldor
Khloe: She sucked in a breath, which was quickly followed by another giggle and her squirming. Her always made her feel so tinglie! Her hands weren’t going to behave though, and they were already returning to run through his hair and then pluck at the fabric covering his shoulders. "I like yours Bai. I don’t ever want to see anyone else’s again, even that strange guy that flashes me when I work the late shift!" -04:01 Apr 02 Khloe
Baldor: "What?" there was surprise and anger in his voice right before the door crashed open in the next room and voices filled the tiny appartment. "Dammit who…" "Here, in the bedroom." -04:05 Apr 02 Baldor

SHE entered first. A small woman with a delicate frame and silvery blond hair. The dress she wore made her look several years younger than she actually was, and across her face was the most disapproving frown. She didn’t look sad or upset, just inconvenienced and very put out. “I didn’t want to believe it, but I had to see for myself. Did you want to hurt me that bad, Baldor?” -Khloe 04:11 Apr 02

Khloe: The sudden intrusion was confusing and a big surprise! Especially with Bai so confused too. Worse, Khloe recognized the uniforms of the men behind the pretty, cranky woman. She sat up quickly tugging her nightie back down (Bai insisted that clothing was the proper thing), and tried not to look too alarmed. "Bai, those people…" she didn’t even want to say it! -04:13 Apr 02 Khloe

“You were right m’am. You will get the reward promised. Now you four reposess company property.” they flooded into the room, grabbing Kloe roughly and yanking her off the bed. -Baldor 04:16 Apr 02

Baldor: "Denise… HEY HANDS OFF HER." he didn’t waste time in springing from the bed at the men but only to be caught in mid air by another and punched in the gut before a pair of plastic cuffs was tightned arounf his wrists and ancles. -04:17 Apr 02 Baldor
Khloe: "Wait, wait, wait, you can’t take me! I belong to him!" Poor Bai, they shouldn’t be hurting him! She struggled and kicked trying trying to weasel her way out of their grip and rescue Bai, but it wasn’t working. Denise stepped aside from the doorframe to let them pass, not even giving Khloe a second glance. "Baldor, you don’t seem to understand how embarassing this is for me." She held up a hand to instruct the men not to take him just yet. "I never imagined you would result to theft…" -04:36 Apr 02 Khloe
Baldor: "We’ll leave him with you, we have what we came for." She was dragged away as the leader sneered. "I didn’t steal her, I found her and gave her a home, found her a job. KLOE!" he tried to follow, bounds as he was. "Don’t take her… Kloe. I love…" a kick to the gut sent him down again. "Makes ure he doesn’t follow. -04:51 Apr 02 Baldor

Denise nodded and waited patiently for them to leave, her hands clasped in front of her. She didn’t say another word until the front door slammed close. Once the room fell silent and they were alone, she wandered aimlessly about, plucking up things that obviously belonged to that girl and giving them her critical frown. “You realize, they should be taking you to prison right now. That genetic toy is worth millions and belongs to someone else. I do so much for you Baldor, I can’t believe this is how you repair me. What do you have to say for yourself?” -Khloe 04:58 Apr 02

Baldor: He coughd several times before he looked at her, it felt like a rib was broken. "She is not a toy, she is a personand if she had wanted to go back I would have taken her… how she was born is not her fault. Don’t you think everyone has a right to decide how they live thier lives?" he closed his eyes, trying to calm his breathing, then he rolled onto his stomach to rise to his knees and try to stand. -05:01 Apr 02 Baldor

“Oh darling, I know you did not get a lot of education, but do you really think she is a person?” Denise clicked her tongue, now looking very sympathetic and pitying. She stopped her snooping to pause in front of him, leaning slightly so they could be eye to eye. “They pieced her together like a puzzle, gave her that body and that personality at the designs of someone else. Grown in a glass tube and then her brain programmed to obey and love the very first thing she saw. It’s just like little baby ducklings…” She shook her head sadly. “She wanted to stay because she saw you first. I am so sorry I’ve neglected you Baldor and let this happen…” -Khloe 05:06 Apr 02

Baldor: He shook his head. "She dated others before me, I…" was she right? HAd he just been babysitting a sex toy? It couldn’t be true. Kloe was a real person. "Maybe that’s what they told you, but I spoke to her. she’s a person with dreams and likes and dislikes and… she’s just been sheltered… She cares about me, she’s been paying for everything since I lost my job. Would a puppet do that when I told her she shouldn’t?" -05:18 Apr 02 Baldor

“Did you tell her to date people? Did you tell her she needed to think for herself? Of course she did it all, she was told to. They are obedient and will do anything their owner asks.” Her bottom lip poked out with a sympathetic pout. “You should have called me and told me you lost your job. Haven’t I taken care of you all this time? I have been a terrible girlfriend to you, I am so sorry Baldor. I told them you were confused and had no idea she was a Genetic Bride. They won’t arrest you and take you to prison now. But Baldor, this looks very bad for me… we will never be able to get married like this. I am going to help you go to school, okay? After you have humiliated me to my friends and family, I know you won’t object…” -Khloe 05:23 Apr 02

Baldor: He had been hopping to the kitched and was now trying to saw a steak knife against the cuffs on his hands to break free and go after Kloe, but when he heard a van driving off his heart sank. "Embarressed you? That’s the only reason you care about this? Not that there is an innocent person being carted off to be someone’s sex slave? Or that we’ve had five minutes on the phone every coupe of months and that hasn’t been because of me… is that really a relationship, Denise? Do you even care about me. Kloe does." -05:31 Apr 02 Baldor

“I know you don’t understand these kind of things, Baldor. You didn’t grow up educated, but you have to know the risks I am taking for you!” she was still pouting, following him where he hopped and making no motions to help him out. “My family’s reputation is at stake, my future on the line. OUR future even as man and wife. Don’t you remember all of the promises you made me? That you would wait until I was finished with my schooling? Promises, and you are trying to break those because you found some thing lying on the side of the road that was made to pleasure. You are so foolish and naive…” -Khloe 05:36 Apr 02

Baldor: The tie gave and he bent over to cut the one around his ancles. "YOu made promises to Denise, and if you expect me to waste my life waiting on you to make good on them when it’s convenienve to you while I am here in this trashy appartment. I’m going to be a chef and I’ve already applied to for a new job. I don’t need your pity." -05:44 Apr 02 Baldor

“You are very indignant for someone who was just caught cheating on his girlfriend with another woman.” she clipped with irritation. “For several months and you never once tried to tell me. Who is the one in the wrong here? I have done nothing but been supportive of you and here I am even trying to spare you from jail and even willing to forgive you for humiliating me and you just throw it in my face? Don’t you love me, Baldor? Don’t you have any sense of honor?” -Khloe 05:48 Apr 02

Baldor: All the guilt he had been feeling welled up inside him and he closed his eyes, tears runnning down his face. "I should have told you… I didn’t want to end up with her… " bang the knife penetrated the counter top. "I’m sorry for that but that changes nothing else." -05:53 Apr 02 Baldor

Denise stared at him in silence for several minutes. That judging, unhappy stare she was so famous for. Finally she stuck her nose up in the air and shrugged her shoulders. “I suppose you want to break up with me and be with her? I’m afraid that isn’t an option. She is being shipped back to her real owner as we speak. IF he doesn’t report the product as damaged and returns her for a proper refund. They destroy damaged product you know. ….Baldor… I know you are upset with me, but you shouldn’t ruin your whole life over this. I am giving you once last chance to make the right decision. This doesn’t have to ruin our relationship.” -Khloe 05:57 Apr 02

Baldor: "Our relationship was already ruined when I became your lowest priority." he shot back pushing her out the way and grabbing his jacket as he headed for the door. "And if they have killed her I will blame you." he had no idea what he was going to do. Run after the van? Finding out where thier facility was and then takign the bus was probably a better plan… -06:15 Apr 02 Baldor

Denise let him storm out, however, SHE was not done with this conversation. As he stomped down the street, she stepped off the sidewalk in to an awaiting limosine. She didn’t run him down or try to stop him, she simply let him keep walking and wandering and come to his own conclusion that he was acting like a fool. Her driver was instructed to follow him at a far enough distance to not immediately draw attention. After some time, the limo pulled up along side him, slowly keeping pace as he walked. “Baldor, this is ridiculus. There is nothing that can be done now. Get in and let me take care of everything.” -Khloe 06:25 Apr 02

Baldor: He ignored her, tapping away on the GPS app trying to find where they were taking Khloe. Then he stopped and stared at the screen, there were no places nearby… they had to rent a warehouse from another company. "Your version of fixing everythign is to get everythign what way you want it without caring about what others want. Why do you even need me in your grand plan?" -06:29 Apr 02 Baldor

“We fit together, Baldor. We grew up together and made our promises. You told me that you wanted to run a restaurant. Did you think I forgot? I promised you that when I was finished with school we would make your dream come true too. We could start you in school now. It’s a little sooner than planned, but you can have your studies, and then when we both are settled in new jobs we can finally get married.” -Khloe 06:35 Apr 02

Baldor: He kept walking, not replying until he started to slow down, fatigue taking it’s toll… then he sank to his knees, he had failed her. Both of them, he had cheeted on Denise and let Kloe be taken. "I’m sorry…" -06:41 Apr 02 Baldor

Denise was pleased. “I forgive you. You were lonely and weak. But I am here for you now. Here, get in to the limo and I will take you home. We will pack up all your things and I will get you a new apartment so you never have to think about this again.” -Khloe 06:45 Apr 02

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