Myth and Legacy 011: Family Heirlooms

Myth and Legacy

[Kate and Raul are on the search for mythic swords. Except Kate has found -other- more interesting things…!] -01:28 Apr 14
[Raul is the more focused of the two it seems… except when it comes to having sex every time thier lives are in danger but thats not his fault.] -01:30 Apr 14
Kate: Kate was totally focused on the mission. She -was- looking for the swords… except… she stumbled over a trunk filled with much MUCH more interesting things. Clothes, a couple weapons, some jewelry… Journals! In between turning pages she was switching out her clothes. She didn’t give a shit if it was childish hero worship! -01:36 Apr 14
Raul: Raul was doign things the right waym searching the more hidden places first, there was gold.. but he’d go back to that, he wasn’t in fact in sight of kate at all. He had found a hatch reading down into a tiny storw room and was rummaging thought he chests in there… then he found them. He had to be them because his fingers fassed right through the handle when he tried to pick them up! -01:41 Apr 14
Kate: Ferius and I seem to have a disagreement in the proper education of our sons. I for one, don’t approve of kidnapping local girls when it’s just as simple to charm them with a pretty face. We’ll see how Ferius likes being kidnapped and locked up in the cellar. Kate had changed her clothes. Something Delilah herself wore hundreds of years ago. The best part though… the belt Kate was pulling around her waist and the very, very nice guns. They weren’t typical of the era, something clearly made special. They were never mentioned in any of the stories! Kate closed up the journal and tucked it back where it belonged. If she didn’t die, she would come back to finish it. "Ru, I didn’t find any swords yet. But I think I want to live here!" -01:48 Apr 14
Raul: "Thats because I found them." he said standing, the size of the room and his height bringing the flloor of the great cabin to halfway up his chest. "Live he.." he stopped looking at her. "If you had red hair I would think I’m seeing things.." he said though his raised eyebrow was not out of diapproval. "You look like you’re having fun." -01:52 Apr 14
[Kate enters.] -01:55 Apr 14
Kate: Kate posed, by pulling one of the guns and aiming it at him with a smirk. They weren’t loaded…. yet! "I figure if I’m gonna do that job of a pirate queen, should look like one, right? Asshole sea gods will fear the rule of Kate Emidio." -01:59 Apr 14
Raul: He pulled himself out of the hatchway and stepped closer to the bed. "Is that so Kate? Tell me am I one of those ashole sea gods?" he leaned forwards his eyes running over her as one hand closed over the hand holding the gun and the other closed aorund the back of her neck pullign her into a kiss." because your new swords are in the chest down there." -02:03 Apr 14
Kate: Kate pulled the trigger, the gun going off with an empty click. She was smirking. "You ARE a pretty big asshole. But I think I’ve got you pretty tamed by now." Kate was itching to get her hands on those swords. So kiss or not, she was pulling away to go claim them! -02:06 Apr 14
Raul: "Come back up here when you get them and we can test out those new chothes." he said sitting on the bed and watchign her disappear down the hatch. Then he looked around the cabin. "You know I think you’re right. We could live here." -02:09 Apr 14
Kate: Kate landed softly, immediatly moving to the trunk. There they were… just as shiny and brilliant as if they were brand new and freshly cleaned. So gorgeous…! She picked one up to admire it and then the other. They were probably worth a fortune. Priceless. Taking them up with her, Kate awkwardly climbed out of the hatch. And standing up straight once again she was testing them out in her hands. Raul made a good target to point at. She clearly had -no- idea how to properly hold or swing a sword. "It’s easy as hell to convert a ship in to a home. Why let it sit here ignored and abandoned?" -02:15 Apr 14
Raul: Raul watched her. "Do you know how to use those?" he asked standing with a grin on his face, going over to an obviously non-enchanted sword on the wall and taving it down. "Would you like to know how?" -02:19 Apr 14
[Kate has timed out.] -02:24 Apr 14
Kate: "I can shoot a gun, Ru… Swords aren’t exactly the modern day choice in weapons." She didn’t look too sure about it, but seeing as she was going to have to use these things to distract an evil sea god before he raped and murdered the universe. "Show me your fancy sword skills then. ….and I apologize in advanced if I kill you!" -02:24 Apr 14
Raul: "You think I’m going to just jump strait into swinging these things at you?" he asked "Someone whos only hand;ed replicas until now? Well you’re exactly right.." he pulled the sword from it’s sheath and grinned at her. "Try not to get blood on those clothes.. you look ravishing on them." -02:28 Apr 14
Kate: "I dunno how I feel about compliments and blood in the same sentence…" she mused. Okay, so… if he wanted to go all gung ho about it. He could handle himself. So Kate went swinging without warning to see how close to swatting his head off she could get! -02:30 Apr 14
Raul: He ducked easily and side steppedstrikign her hip with the flat of his blade. "What you wan is speed and misdirection… you need to think like a pirate…" -02:32 Apr 14
Kate: "Ow!" Thinking like a pirate wasn’t a problem. Handling a couple swords was just awkward for her! Huffing, she was swinging at him again. This time with both. "Don’t go swatting me, Ru!" -02:37 Apr 14
Raul: There was the ringing of steel a he deflected her blows upwards and dodged closer to her kissing her on the cheek oviously showing off. "You’re still being predictable. Wait for me to make a move, and set me up." -02:39 Apr 14
Kate: Kate kicked his shin out of frustration, then steps back. "This would be hella easier without using two of them." she muttered.. but did as instructed. She held the swords ready and waited for him. With no damned idea what she was supposed to do about it! -02:43 Apr 14
Raul: He grinned "Now Kate, don’t get angry… it makes me want to jump you." he stepped forwards and thrust, the tip of his sword driving a path through the air towards her. -02:46 Apr 14
Kate: Kate just moved enough so her arm was lifted up and the sword missed her side. Then she was catching his arm with hers, locking it against her side so she could poke the other one up at his chin. It was less like fancy sword play and more like cheap self defense movements… but it worked! "I’m not angry, I’m -annoyed-! I’m not gonna learn this shit in fifteen minutes, and ‘Come at me bro!’ is so totally not helpful!" -02:50 Apr 14
Raul: He lifted a finger to toutch the blade under his chin. "Then what is this?" he askedpushign it away. "Quick, simple, no energy wasted in frair. That is what kills. Well done." -02:53 Apr 14
Kate: She looked a little surprised, but then was scowling and letting him go. "It’ll be hella different when someone is actually trying to kill me and not BE killed by me." Sheepish and still annoyed she reverted to trying to hassle him and poke at him with that sword. Not necessarily trying to hurt him, but definitely being an asshole and seeing how he responded to the swords. -02:58 Apr 14
Raul: He was clearly not liking tose swords coming towards him but in the interests on giving Kate experience with them went on the defencive blocking her blows.. until one did connect and just broke the skin, but to Raul it was like dipping his shoulder in acid. He let out a cry and put his hand over the cut, it was small bu tit would refuse to close for days. "Now you’re getting the hang of it." -03:02 Apr 14
Kate: Kate winced, she hadn’t meant to actually hurt him. ….this time! But it was also, really damned badass. It put her on an aaaalmost equal footing with him. Almost! Now she was deliberately trying to press her advantage on him. "I got a bit of a one up on you, but hey… I’ll take the compliment and kick your ass!" -03:08 Apr 14
Raul: He pushed back changing hands so that he was fighting with his left hand, always disconcerting fo ran oponeny not used to it. He pushed back thrusting and slashing but never actually trying to hit her. "Might want to try getting behind me sinch thats where my ass is." -03:17 Apr 14
Kate: Just when she thought she had the hang of this shit, he was doing something different… now here entire balance was thrown off! In her frustration, she finally just growled and rushed at him to tackle him. No one said she had to use swords the entire time! -03:19 Apr 14
Raul: He could have let her impale herself on his blade but instead went down into his back his sword knocked out of his hand by the force of his landing. But he wasn’t giving up. He grabbed her wrist and rolled his other forarm across her colorbone. If it had been a real fight it would have been on her throat. "Fighting dirty? Theres the pirate I married." -03:23 Apr 14
Kate: "Well…. I don’t wanan hurt my fragile husband.." she huffed, breathing heavy and trying to blow her hair out of her face. She got the feeling she wasn’t winning this playfight at all, but that never stopped Kate from bullshitting her way through it. "I’m pretty sure you’re dead now. Win for me!" -03:27 Apr 14
Raul: He leaned down and kissed her, hard his hand tightning on her wrist and his forearm pressed down of her harder. "The way I see it I get to see you in that outsit and work up a sweat with you, I don’t fee lik ei’ve lost. -03:30 Apr 14
Kate: God damned, he could make the stupidest things feel sexy. Kate wasn’t sure if she wanted to throw him off an hassle him a bit more, or give him a hard time if a whole different way..! "You’ll think different when I tie you up in this boat’s brig… I bet there’s a whole buncha chains." -03:34 Apr 14
Raul: "You don’t know the half if it." he chuckled "But theres a bed right here and we havn’t broken it in yet." there came a problem, he was literally unable to hate the swords from her as he pulled her up and over to the bed, but it really did complete the outfit. "And besides, you know what bed this is.." -03:37 Apr 14
Kate: Kate cast a look at the bed, that sly expression coming across her face again. He really did know exactly what she liked. "And who says we have time for that, Blood Pirate Raul? We have a world to save." -03:42 Apr 14
Raul: We have to wait until nightfall to sneak out of here anyway." he said sliding his fingers down her neck then pushing her down onto the bed. "And did you really think you could dress like that and not make love to me?" -03:44 Apr 14
Kate: Kate plopped on the bed, giving a thoughtful and coy look as she knocked his hand away with one of the swords. "I’m not trying to seduce you this time, Ru… Maybe I’ve decided to take you prisoner and not give you any as a punishment!" -03:49 Apr 14
Raul: "Prisoner?" he asked. "You husband on his home island." he grinned "I think you’re trying to get me riled." he grabbed her wrist with the sword and pushed it down only the bed. "Either way you though reconsider who is taking who prisoner." -03:52 Apr 14
Kate: "Might be your home island, but I’m Captain Kate and I’m the boss of this little operation. Who has the big bad swords huh?" Okay, he pinned -one- of her wrists, but she had two of the things! She slid it up between them, pressing the flat of the blade against his chest. "You are my MY prisoner, and what I say goes." -03:56 Apr 14
Raul: "The boss of this operation?" he asked. "I though I was the one who hired you." he corrected sliding his hand along the blade against his chest. "If I hade to get forcful with you I will, though I thing that might be what you want.." his other hand closed around he wrist. "Me forcing you on the same bed as it happened to her…. Do Kate’s fnatasies really go that far?" -04:01 Apr 14
Kate: Her grin was cheeky and wide. And completely unapologetic. "I’m no Delilah Red. …and you aren’t nearly as forceful McMean pirate as you think you are." How far her fantasies went when it came to the Gloom and his family stories was pretty damn far. He really had no idea! "I think you love me too much, Ru!" she cackled, shifting her weight to try and shove him away from her. -04:10 Apr 14
Raul: He bared his teeth. "A little les love then…" he twisted her twist and pushed onr of the the swords against the matress in an attempt to get it out of her grip. "I like where you are.. right there. I think I’ll take you there." -04:13 Apr 14
Kate: Kate gave a yelp and released it. Huffing and swinging up a leg to knee anywhere she could strike. "Don’t think it’s gonna be so easy! You get everything way too easy!" -04:16 Apr 14
Raul: Again, with the other wrist before undoing his belt and pulling it out to wrap around her wrist and pull it towards her other. "Then make it hard, show my how you can fight. Either way I’ll still be on top." -04:19 Apr 14
Kate: "We’ll see about that..!" Without the swords in her hands, she was less concerned about actually hurting him. So Kate had no problem jerking her other hand out of his grasp and slapping him pretty hard with a laugh. Then she was trying to get her other arm back, belt or not, so she could scramble away. -04:24 Apr 14
Raul: He brought his wieght down on her giving ehr a backhand of his ownthen closing his hand around her neck. "Still too easy?" he asked moving to sit on her hips. "Now I’l going to belt your arms together. You got a problem with that?" -04:26 Apr 14
Kate: Oh man…! She hadn’t expected him to hit her back, and never did she think she’d find something like that hot! It had her thrown off a bit, but she was quickly recovering her bravado. "Go ahead and tie me up, if think that’ll work..!" she dared, kicking a leg up again trying to hook it around him and toss him off. -04:30 Apr 14
Raul: He did get knocked off but still managed to secure the belt with her wrist to the corner of the bed. Then he was afte her other wrist and pulling on her belt from her pants. "I intend to and then I’m going to work you until your wrists are raw." -04:35 Apr 14
Kate: Kate was scooting backwards until her head and back hit the headboard. Swatting at him with her loose hand before she managed to brace a foot against his shoulder and shove him away again. There was that loud laugh of triumph. "You’re gonna have to land me first, Ru, and you can barely do that!" -04:38 Apr 14
Raul: Once her had recovered he grabbed her ankle and pulled her back across the bed. "I’m not playing anymore." he said grabbig her loose belt and pullling it free. "Just like you tied me up, its time for revenge." -04:40 Apr 14
Kate: Oh yeah. She almost forgot about that. Kate had him pretty good then,…which meant she was in a hella lot of trouble. Suddenly there was a whole new thrill! "…you know that was all in good fun, right! Revenge totally isn’t worth it!" Kate rolled trying to reach up and undo the other belt around her wrist before he got her! -04:42 Apr 14
Raul: He grabbed her shoulder and rolled her back onto her back then put his knee on it as he grabber her wrist and looked her belt around it. "Not worth it for who. I’d do this with or without the revenge… it just makes it all that sweeter." -04:45 Apr 14
Kate: "Kinda think you’veIt was uncomfortable and awkward, and so unbelievable erotic that she was actually getting kind of annoyed he had her wrists cause it meant she couldn’t tackle him to the floor and do unspeakable things to him. Kate was struggling to get loose for a whole new reason! "I’ve half a mind to think you’ve been waiting for a chance to tie me up, just like a pirate!" -04:51 Apr 14
Raul: "Its in the blood amor mio." he said as he finally got her other wrist tied to the other corner of the bed. "Now how abut I get you out of some of those clothes and finally show you how Emidios get wives.." -04:54 Apr 14
Kate: "Kinda already got yourself a wife, Raul… whacha got left now?" she taunted. Kate twist, seeing if she could slip her hands loose from the belts. …he had her pretty tight! It was lucky she wasn’t one of those delicate girls. …and she definitely didn’t like the idea of not being able to get her hands on him! -04:58 Apr 14
Raul: He opened the pants and pulled them down her legs. "I got you, and I’m goign to take you like this." his hands where on her thighs trying to push them apart. -05:01 Apr 14
Kate: And she wanted him to, she really really wanted him to. So much so the anticipation was killing her and her heart was already beating too fast. …but there was a part to play! Kate held her legs together, moving to twist out of his grasp. Trying not to snicker while she did. -05:06 Apr 14
Raul: He growled his eyes travelign up to her face. "Come now Kate you don’t want another slap do you?" He grabbed her knees and again tried to push them apart his hips comong up in anticipation . "Because you’re goign to be fucked like you never have before, that is a promise." -05:09 Apr 14
Kate: He was always stronger than she could keep up with and her legs came apart… but it might’ve also been because he made it sound like such a nice promise. Despite the fact her face was flushed from desire, her expression was just as haughty as ever. "Dunno Ru, I think you already burned yourself out today. Nothings gonna top that." Her voice was even, but it was laced with a breathy purring. -05:13 Apr 14
Raul: "I’ll take that as a compliment for earlier." he said a gloating tone coming to his voice. "But you’re wrong." his hips slid to hers and he looked down at her triumph written in his his voice and on his features. "I still have prenty to give." Then he pushed in his hands holding her hips still at he thrust fast right from the start his hands holdign her hip off of the bed and at the right hight for his to push her against the matress to that she only toutched the bed halfway up her back." -05:17 Apr 14
Kate: A smug Raul was a very attractive one. Kate was gasping when entered her. She was already so wet and still a bit sensitive from before. Kate found herself groaning and curling her fingers around the leather binding of the belts. She dug her toes in to the sheets, but wasn’t yet going to give him the satisfaction of her pushing back! -05:22 Apr 14
Raul: She was being dificult, and why was that so hot? With her not moving he had to do all the moving himself and tha hands on her hips tightened as he pushed harder hip hipa pushing against hers. The looke on her face was the cherry, defiant but flushed, it made his hungry grin widen and his tip get pushed deeper. -05:25 Apr 14
Kate: "Gods damn…!" Slowly she went from just take it, to uncomfortable squirming… to full on thrashing about. She twist under him, her legs coming apart further. Her head tossing as she groaned out loud when he seemed to thrust against her in just the right spot to send a rush of feeling soaring through her. Kate strained to fight it, but that just seemed to make it so much stronger…! -05:32 Apr 14
Raul: He gripped harder keeping her right where she was, she could thrash and squirm but her hips stayed. the only movement he allowed them was that which helped him. He sounds and exclimation wowever were making his brain oveloadm everything was focused on her and driving deeper that there was nothing left to cight the feeling, sooner rather than later he would finish. -05:36 Apr 14
Kate: "Stop..! Stop! …no, don’t stop…!" It was way too soon, and not soon enough. Kate pulled hard against her restraints, wanting to desperately to touch him and make him crazy. Dig her fingers in to him and make him kiss her…! But she was already screaming, her inner muscles contacting tight around his member while the rest of her body writhed and twist from the overwhelming wave. -05:43 Apr 14
Raul: He felt her around him.. it wasn’t like any time before… He couldn’t helo on, nor could he stop himself, and when he exploded into her it was a happy face tha looed down at her… he was panting as he put her hips down and glided his hands against her skin and bent down to kiss her. -05:49 Apr 14
Kate: Kate was still riding that euphoria, soft whimpers and stiffening when he moved over her. She returned his kiss, with a soft languid sort of passion. Moving her mouth against his until she finally muttered against his lips. "You are some kinda god…" -05:53 Apr 14
Raul: He reached over and released one of her wrists before hsi ahdns slided over her neck and shoulders as he continued the kiss. "About time you realized that." he said. "And theres not a lot of women who can take what you can, nor give it back. I love you Kate." -05:55 Apr 14
Kate: Finally..! Her hand was immediately in to his hair and curling at the back of his neck. Holding him close as she kissed him again, longer, breaking away only because she needed to breathe. "I love you, Ru. And every crazyass thing about you… especially the crazy things about you.." she murmured soft. -06:02 Apr 14
Raul: He leached over and relaeased her other wrist as he nipped her skin. "I hate to spoil a good party but.." he couldn’t not continue kissing her. "… Its getting dark." -06:04 Apr 14
Kate: "We ought to stop doing this before big escapes… I’m really damned tired." Kate grumbled. With both hands free, she had a hold of his head and kissed him one last time. Then very reluctantly she was letting go to sit up. "I guess everything gets serious now..?" -06:08 Apr 14
Raul: "Pretty much." he said handing her her pants and retrieving his belt. "Don’t worry though there will be plenty of time alone on our trip north." -06:10 Apr 14
Kate: Kate made a face. A trip up north was clearly not enjoyable for her. Especially since it was coming with a side order of evil. "There’s my honeymoon in Africa." She pulled on her clothes and had belt back where it belonged. Her body was a bit sore now. They would -have- to stop screwing around…! "How the hell are we gonna get back to my boat?" -06:13 Apr 14
Raul: "They’ll be waiting for us but They won’t be expecting us." he said cripticly "You’ll be safe on your boat and out in the ocean before midnight, but we’re not going back by the tunnel, I’d put somehting practical on." -06:16 Apr 14
Kate: "Are you saying Delilah Red didn’t dress practical?" she retorted with a smirk. Kate was keeping these clothes! If she were going down in a fight, it’d be with style. She did make sure to get HER gun though. Modern weapons were a better idea. And the swords, couldn’t forget the most important part. After tugging on a pair of boots, she was as ready as she was going to get. "I am almost afraid to ask what you have in mind. Do I get the hurricane now?" -06:22 Apr 14
Raul: "Maybe a little one." he grinned and headed further into the ship. "We need to fing the cargo hold… I’ve always wanted to try this." -06:24 Apr 14
Kate: "Yeeess…! Hurricane!" Never in her life would she be hoping for a hurricane, but she married a sea god… this was going to be worth it! Kate followed, beaming good mood despite the nature of their escape. -06:25 Apr 14
Raul: "This should be it…" he said as they enterer the gun deck, the canons gleaming in the fading light as if they had been polished the day before. Raul was walkign quickly as if he knew the ship be heart.. and one had to think back on his words that his ancesters were helping him, always. They were right on the keel when he sound what he was looking for. "Sailcloth.. spare topsail and rope. Help me get this out on beck." -06:29 Apr 14
Kate: Kate had no freaking idea where he was going with all this. So with a shrug, she just did as asked. It was just easier that way! Still, everything looking like the boat had just been marooned yesterday was really disconcerting… and really really awesome. -06:33 Apr 14
Raul: It was as if he could read her mind. "Its Ferius’ temple. Or the closest he ever got to one. Temples to true gods don’t age or colapse, and this is to him and our family." he dumpred the sail on deck and unrilled it immedtatly tying the roped around him like a harness and tying her one too, then tying the ropes to the sail. "Ty yourself in tight, theres a storm coming and its time to see if gods can fly." -06:36 Apr 14
Kate: "That’s pretty amazing, a family temple and all. And this ship too..!" Kate had herself tied good and tight…. before she realized what he was getting. "Wait what?! I don’t want to fly…!" -06:38 Apr 14
Raul: It was too late, Raul was lifting the sail above his head and a wind blew up catching it and pullig them upwards. Out over the trees raul’s feet brushign the leaves of one of the taller ones. Then the sky began to darken and rain fall, through luck or care on Raul’s part none of it came their way. But there was no doubt about it, they were flying and gaining hieght. "My first time flying.. and conguring the strorm too… tonight is going to be fun.." -06:42 Apr 14
Kate: …and all at once Kate realized there was something out there more horrifying than facing down sea gods! She had a death grip on her ropes and her feet pulled up as if the ground was going to bite them off. "Holy shit..! No. no no…! This was a stupid idea…! I want back on the GROUND!" First time? Fiiirst time? That made the entire thing worse! Kate was going to kill him. -06:45 Apr 14
Raul: "You can hold onto me you know." he said as they crested a ridge adn the dock came into view. "Besides anythign else they’d expect it. And you get your hurricane." He pulled on the ropes turnign them and headed for the docks "Actuall u’m going to need you to hold onto me when we land." -06:48 Apr 14
Kate: "No! Fuck you! You’re never getting another Kate touch again! …oh shit." Her threat lasted all of two seconds before she was latching on to HIM with a grip that could strangle an amazon anaconda. By now she was squeezing her eyes shut and muttering all kinds of curses at him. -06:51 Apr 14
Raul: The ground was barely disible as they cam in, stil the storm was providing cover. As they got closer Raul drew the sword he had claimed and put his other arm around Kate, then he cut the rope. The dropped the last couple of feet tot he dock adn immediatly Raul was pullign her towards her boat. "Perfect landing, now lets get out of here." -06:55 Apr 14
Kate: "I take back everything said, I think I still hate you!" she shouted at him, though still running. Now that she was back on the planet again, she could breathe! Were they not in a rush she’d have been beating the shit out of him. Instead, Kate was climbing up on to her boat and heading for the controls. "Get us unhitched, I’ll have the engines going!" -06:58 Apr 14
Raul: It was quck the slash the rope and jump on board his new favorite gun stowed and the wind starting to howl. "Hurry we’ve been spotted." -07:00 Apr 14
Kate: "Lemme just wave my magic wand and get everything going for ya, then!" she bit back sarcastically. it was a very nice boat with an engine that actually worked like it should. Getting it reving didn’t take long at all. She already had them moving out of the docks and heading for the sea. "Oh baby, you’re a good little Vixen, aren’tcha… Mama won’t neglect you for those other shiny boats." Kate pat the helm with affection. She was gonna take care of this one! -07:03 Apr 14
Raul: "Toutching…" there was the sound of other engines but Raul stopped talkign and lighting flashes as outside of the docks hugs waves began to pitch and role. -07:05 Apr 14
Kate: "Don’t knock it! I love my boat almost more than I love you!" Kate was unconcerned about the ones following. At least…. she trusted that Raul could handle them. As long as they didn’t have a giant frigate and Raul didn’t get any ideas about blowing up her new boat. -07:08 Apr 14
Raul: Raul was grippign the railing as once again they were spared the main fury of the storm. "Dammit what now?" he could feel the storm fighting him, treatening to swallow the up as well. Somethign was resisting his controll. "Somethign not right.." -07:12 Apr 14
Kate: The mercenaries were being left far behind and Kate’s vision was focused forward. Out in the mess of the storm a sillouette could be seen…. and Kate was curisng herself for jinxing the whole thing. "There’s a ship out there…! And I swear to go if you try to ram it, it’ll be the last thing you ever do!" -07:15 Apr 14
Raul: He squinted. Lights, but not moving with the swells, large windows.. "Kate, its him." he said "Its that bastard…. get us close." he was pulling one of the bags out from under the bench and zipping it open pulling our a stunted looking tube flared at one end and with a tripper in the middle, then he pulled out a rocket and fitted it the front end. "Time to give him somehtign to think about." he swung it aroudn and braced his leg against the bench. -07:21 Apr 14
Kate: "I’m NOT ramming him!" she reminded… but she was swinging them close. Way closer than she ever wanted to get with her shiny new vixen. "….what the fuck is that thing!" -07:24 Apr 14
Raul: He steadied himself against the waves and flipped up the site. "You’ll see." with a roar of flame and a woosh the rocket shot over the ro of the waves and exploded against the side of the ship spitting molten copper clean though the other side. "Right get us out of here, lets finish this." -07:26 Apr 14
Kate: "HA! Hahaha! Sonofabitch is probably pissed as shit! ….oh hell." yeah, that guy was going to be REALLY mad. Kate spun the helm hard to make a sharp turn, and gunned the gas to get their speed going as fast as it could reach. There was no way in hell she was gonna stick around to find out! -07:29 Apr 14
Raul: He almost fell overboard with the sharpnss of the turn. Almost. Grabbing hold of the side of a cabin he saved himself and dropped the launcher to the deck. "We did it.." he said as the wounded ship disappeared into the gloom. "Just one thing left to do." -07:31 Apr 14

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