My Demon Roommate 011: The Private Room

Cupio: The club. So inocuous on the outside but once through the door the music was audiable. Cupio, practically dancing with every step grapped the first waitress he found and yelled in her ear to get a private room for him and his “morsel” and no there would be no blood to clean up. There was a new song playing, one suned to be close to the resonance of demon bone so that every fluctuation in the tune could be felt in his entire sceleton. Being lead upstars he couldn’t help but grab Jayden’s hand bite her shoulder. No, Mcboobs couldn’t hold it together in a club. Inly the treat he had planned for Jay would make him wait until they got to the room. -04:57 Sep 09
Jayden: Jayden loved the music in clubs. She wasn’t always fond of a large crowd of people, but it more than made up for it with the music. The fact she could hear new subtle tones in it now made more sense. A benefit to being a preggo? Maybe! But Mcboobs was all fired up and fiesty, and Jayden was fine with playing hard to get. One little bite and she was inching out of the way, but never letting go of his hand. -05:11 Sep 09
Cupio: He they were swown into a room with it’s own speakers a bar, and a large window with a view of the party happening below and Cupio left Jayden’s side to walk once aroudn the room taking note of where everythign was and giving another evil chuckle as he notived he did indeed have what he needed. Then he was dragging jayden into a chair and sitting in her lap leanign against the side of the chair. “So what can I get you to drink?” he asked. “Since your butt is not leaving this chair until I say so. If you want to see everythign I have planned for you.” -05:16 Sep 09
[Cupio enters.] -05:18 Sep 09
Jayden: Jayden rest her arms around him, even as she was giving a raise of her eyebrow. Somehow, she felt she should be -more- worried when it was Mcboobs being all wicked. “I guess some kind of juice. Am I ordered to stay in this chair then, hmm little fiesty Cupio?” -05:21 Sep 09
Cupio: “Juice it is.. and yes, I’m your personal waitron tonight.” he got up and headed over to the mini bar to poar a glass of orange juise with ice adn the tiniest hint of rum before dancing his way over to Jayden and leaning low with a good view of everything as he handed her her drink. “A watron for no one but Jayden.” he snatched up a remote from the table and perrching on the arm rest placed it in Jayden’s lap. “Now would the sexy highroller parton of Club Cupio like a dance, one of those buttons should get a pole down from the ceiling.” -05:27 Sep 09
Jayden: The first phrase that came to mind was are you serious, but well… she knew he was! Now she just wasn’t sure if she was amused or exasperated! “Didn’t we already have the Mcboobs is not a sex object conversation?” ….But from curiousity Jayden was trying the buttons anywhere, even as she took a sip of the juice. -05:30 Sep 09
Cupio: He leaned down close to her and whispered. “Once I get naked I won’t be Mcboobs. You’re gong to have a male demon with all the accesories dancing just for you Jayden. With no ruled saying you can’t reach out and touch, or bemand a lap dance, or the pleasure of giving him one.” -05:32 Sep 09
Jayden: “I thought you said I have to keep my butt in this chair.” she smirked, very deliberately copping a feel when he leaned over her. Boobs and all! “So this means I get to be bossy Mob Boss Demon Lord, huh? That might no be such a good idea!” -05:37 Sep 09
Cupio: He glanced down at her hand then put his arms around her neck. “So you don’t like that I’m doing it for you?” he grinned. “Even if I like the sound of demon Jayden. All that sex and power, and getting to see you with wings.” -05:41 Sep 09
Jayden: “I can give you plenty of sex without needing power and wings.” She pulled him close enough to nuzzle his cheek with a wide grin. “I’ll take you present, though. And maybe if you’re really awesome you’ll get that whole five you’ve been gunning for.” -05:45 Sep 09
Cupio: That had him grinning and nuzzling against her “Then I’ll stop spiking your juice if you let me go so I can get started.” he sat in her lap obviously not wanting ot go anywhere just yet. -05:47 Sep 09
Jayden: “Spiking my juice is not the way to keep me awake and active, Coop.” It might’ve been the way to get more sex before, but… Jayden didn’t need to be fueled by booze when it came to him! He was back in her lap again and she took the opportunity to nibble on his ear. Two can play the seducing game, and when he was a girl, Jayden had the upper hand! -05:49 Sep 09
Cupio: He put a hand on her shoulder to rub it smiling nad wiggling his hips in her lap as his hand slid up to circle behind her ear. If he wasn’t still clothed he’d de tempted to change right then. “So are you going to strip me or an I going to do a striptease?” Really at this poing he could go for either. -05:52 Sep 09
Jayden: “Oh ho. I want the full strip tease.” He went through all the trouble of getting their private room, and insisting she stay in the chair. Jayden was going to take full advantage! “I want to see if you’re any good at stripping and if I need to lock Mcboobs away from men everywhere.” -05:55 Sep 09
[Jayden enters.] -06:00 Sep 09
Cupio: He moveed to nuzzlign into and then bite her neck before moving away an closing his eyes for a moment and then fell into beat with the music capturing the feeling in his bones and just going with it. Winge came out and fllowed with him as he moved to the center of the room and began the dance with a hip snap and a pose that turned into a bent over look down his top again and an evil grin at jayden. -06:02 Sep 09
Jayden: She leaned in her seat, resting an arm on the rest and her chin in her hands. Just because girly Mcboobs didn’t get her hot and bothered didn’t mean she wasn’t completely entertained with him dancing for her. And being such a damned bimbo about it too. That left Jayden smirking and trying not to snicker as she sipped her juice! -06:06 Sep 09
Cupio: Cupio was dancing for fun and was defineately having that, forst to go were his shoes and socks since they were the most dificult to get off withut draking rythm and then there was his top, pulls slowly upwards as his hips keps bouncing with the beat and he slowly turned so that his back was to Jayden and pulled it completely free and looked over his shoulder with one hand pullign his hair out of the way and the other undoing his pants his hips making little circles as he pushed the jeans down bending over as he did so. -06:11 Sep 09
Jayden: Now if she wasn’t order to stay put, Jayden might’ve hopped up just to pop little Mcboobs on the ass. That would have been delightfully wicked and amusing! Her glass was set aside when her juice was gone, leaving her tapping her fingers on the arm of the chair and watching him with that wide grin. “I see you’ve had a lot of practice, Cupio… I hope all the people you’ve danced for are already dead…” -06:14 Sep 09
Cupio: “Either way they’re in hell.” he said now turning with his hands covering what they could and swayed and wrythed to the music. “I told you I used to work in a place like this.” his winegs came forwards and Jayden’s pantied dropped to be stepped out of and then the wings rose slowly, very slowly the hand going with them all the way up until he was completely naked. “Another juice?” -06:20 Sep 09
Jayden: “Yes… and try not to get me drunk! It might be okay for demons, but I dunno how human this baby is going to be.” Even still watching a swaying Mcboobs, Jayden kinda liked the idea of having a daughter cute like this. …without all the sexy stuff! But a little Mcboobs might be really cute. -06:23 Sep 09
Cupio: He stepped over and took her glass back to the bar and filled it with pure juice and then walked back to sit in Jayden’s lap and place the glass in her hands. “The next dance will be move sexy for you.” he said using her shoulder as a pillow and kissing her neck. “Like this I might not be a sex object for you but the feeling is far from mutual, I hope you know this.” -06:27 Sep 09
[(Timeout) Jayden has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:35 Sep 09
Jayden: Jayden set the glass aside to quickly wrap her arms around him and hug him tight. “I hope you don’t think that’s some sort of insult to you, Coop. Because I do think you’re beautiful and sexy like this. I can promise, if I was a guy I’d be fucking the shit out of you like this night and day.” -06:35 Sep 09
Cupio: “You just don’t like girls. I het that.” he was nuzzling into her shoulder. “I’m still proud that I got you to…” his hips shifted as he clunched from the memory. Okay he was one horny demon and it was maybe time to get things moving. “Ready for the next dance?” -06:39 Sep 09
Jayden: “Got me to make you scream? That wasn’t too hard at all.” she smirked. She might not be in to girls, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t fine with screwing one. But she might spring that on him later. It was more fun as a surprise! “Yes, I am more than ready to see you dance again. But I’m not so sure guy Coop is going to move as well!” -06:42 Sep 09
Cupio: He was musking and he couldn’t help it. Nor could he really help kissing her on the lips. “Demons are powerful, flexible, creatures. I may surprise you.” he moved off of her lap and moved out of her reach before changing and looking at her tapping his foot and just as a new song started lanching into what looking like a choreographed routine a far cry from Mcboob’s on the spot dance. It included joint pops and even leaning back supported almost sentirely by his tail, and at no point did he try and hide any part of himself. -06:48 Sep 09
Jayden: A man dancing was never as sexy as a woman dancing, but she definitely loved this a whole lot more! Enough that she was slinkling lower in her chair with her chin in her hand again, trying to hide that dreadfully lecherous smirk that probably DID make her look like a creeper demon mob lord. Maybe because he looked both ridiculous and awesome at the same time. -06:52 Sep 09
Cupio: He moved closer and then stopped to steal a sip from her glass and stand over her. “You seem to be enjoying yourself.” he said with a grin fully aware that he was within reach of her. “If I didn’t know better I’d think you liked having your own personal shapeshifing demon.” -06:57 Sep 09
Jayden: “It does have it’s benefits…” she murmured. Close enough to touch, so of course she was taking the opportunity to reach out and run a finger down his thigh. “I can take a lady out shopping and for couch snuggles. Or take you… well. Just take you.” Jayden grinned up at him! -07:00 Sep 09
Cupio: I want to show you something.” he said moving behind the chair and pushing it forwards all the way so that she could see the club and then sitting in the arm rest. Its started, but up here, its just us. And I’m just itching to be taken. Without shyness or warning he reched down to put a hand down her shirt and prip her. “Its time for one of five.. or more.” -07:03 Sep 09
Jayden: He really wasn’t kidding about demon orgies being a common thing. And why the hell would something like that get her so hot and bothered just thinking about it, let alone getting the perfect birds-eye view without all the stress of dealing with grabby demons. ….nevermind! Here was a grabby demon! Jayden laughed out loud, and swatted his hand away. Twisting to lean away without getting up from her seat. “That’s a grave voice, Lust Demon Cupio… say it again with a little more fang and a growl.” Yeees, she was -so- going to play up this bossy thing! -07:07 Sep 09
Cupio: He leaned in low after withdrawing his hand. “You.. me.. sex pressed against the glass or on the floor, or maybe on this chair…” he ran a claw over the arm rest and straddled her lags facing her. “Sex. Fucking… Intercourse.”” -07:17 Sep 09
Jayden: “You sure know how to talk a girl in to things.” she teased, though her voice was low and now she was very delicately pressing her middle finger to his chest and drawing circles. He had her weeks ago, this was just a matter of how! “I don’t see why we can’t do all three and then some.” -07:24 Sep 09
Cupio: “You want ne to be seductive?” he slid into her lap and places a hand on her cheek his wings falling either side of him and pressing up against her. “Mortal girl, you are no strangers to the passion a denom can bring. I am here to offer myself to you in body so that you may be satisfied in ways you’ve never dreamed of. Physical pleasure eyond the reach of most humans. All you have to do is place your lips against mine.” -07:29 Sep 09
Jayden: Damn. She should really be careful what she asked for. Because seductive Cupio was near enough to have her squirming in her seat and all done in just from words alone. Something about tenor of voice, or maybe that very heady scent… It took several dumbstruck moments to stop her staring and tilt to brush her mouth against his. “Sometimes I wonder if you have me wrapped around your fingers, Cupio…” -07:32 Sep 09
Cupio: He grinned. “I’d like it if I did.” he pushed his lips against hers and started pulling her shirt up discarding it on the floor with his then copping a feel of her breast and nuzzling his lips against hers. “But you might have a demon around yours.” -07:35 Sep 09
Jayden: “Mutual infatuation?” Jayden had no problem with that. Smiles and all, she nipped at his mouth. Stealing the chance to run her hands up his legs. His skin was really really hot, which suited her already heated senses just fine. -07:47 Sep 09
Cupio: He grabbed her hair to pull her head back and push her mouth open with his to ley his tongue slip inside and claim her and his hand unduttoned her pants and slipped down the front. “Whatever you want to call it its a good thing we have it. It means a lot of sex and a home for our child. You’re going to be the sexiest demon mother on or off earth” -07:51 Sep 09
Jayden: She was shifting again, twisting her legs and curling her toes in her shoes. Jayden returned his kiss with another nip of her teeth at his tongue. Her hands slipping around his waist to run her nails gently down his back. She didn’t stop until she was getting ahold of his tail and giving it a gentle tug. Complete with smirk! -07:57 Sep 09
Cupio: He curled his taila round her arm and rubbed her panties with his fingers as he nipped ehr back his tongue playign across her lip and his other hand pushing her bra up to pull on and caress her nipple. It fels almost as good to touch her as it was to be touched but soon he knew that the need to be inside her would consume all else. -08:02 Sep 09
Jayden: Nothing was ever enough. She could give a little or take a little, but when it came to Cupio, she always wanted that much more. Her body arc towards him as she groaned. Another tug of his tail to draw him closer, enough to use her free hand to tease the skin of his inner thigh with the softest of touches. Gods, he could have her wet in two seconds and always she just wanted to shove him to the floor and take everything! -08:16 Sep 09
Cupio: He moved away, leaving ehr alone on the chair to turn and face away from her, then with a tug he pulled off her shoe, adn then the other, then took care of her socks as his taile took the place of his fingers rubbing her panties and he watched the party below. “You have no idea hoe sensitive my tail is do you?” he asked without turning. “Its sometimes like a second, longer, flexible penis.” -08:20 Sep 09
[Jayden enters.] -08:28 Sep 09
Jayden: It was impossible not to start laughing at long flexible penis. She just wasn’t a serious sort of girl. Of course any laughter would start getting choked up when he put that tail to use. Jayden was squirming in her seat all over again, now chewing on the corner of her mouth and at least trying to give him that narrow eyed stare. …that too was pretty difficult. There was something about staring at a naked man’s back that was just sexy as fuck. “So hum… how sensitive?” She had to ask! -08:33 Sep 09
Cupio: “I can tell when you clench through tha fabrib, then your hips shake and then your breath catches. And I can feel the vibration of your talking.” he turned and put a hand on her hip and pulled her panties down her legs and then pulled her up out of the chair to stand and push her front against the glass his hand comign around to knead her breast as his tail resumed it’s not unhindered rubbing. “Look down there, you see hte rampant fucking. I chose you over that. You’re a better fuck than a club full of horny demons.” -08:38 Sep 09
Jayden: He could feel all that. It definitely made her very self aware of every little twitch and response her body gave. From the coolness of the glass against her skin, to the tightening at the apex of her thighs. Jayden rest a palm against the glass just for the sake of balance, or maybe so she felt a little less like she was going to melt to the floor. He wanted her over all of that. A lust demon’s free heaven. If he hadn’t already knocked her up, that might’ve just been the deal maker right there! -08:48 Sep 09
[(Timeout) Jayden was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -08:52 Sep 09
Cupio: He turned her away from the view and pushed her back against the glass as he took hold of her leg to pull it around himself and pushed his lips into hers his hot body pressing her against the cold glass. Hit tail moved away only for his tip to press against her and then with a hard thrust he pushed in unable to wait any more. There was a deep breath and a soft sigh followed shortly by another thrust. She was much better than what was going on below, no matter what form he was in. -08:52 Sep 09
Jayden: Jayden yelped out loud from the sudden thrust, but just as quickly, she was wrapped around him. Arms locked around his neck for her hands to dig in to his hair. Jerking his head to just the right angle to give him a hard kiss and invade his mouth with her tongue. Both of her legs curled around him, squeezing his hips while she hooked her ankles together. Having everything hitting her senses, from a hoard of demons to just the smell of him… but knowing she had him all to herself. This was bliss! -09:01 Sep 09
Cupio: With her open to him he could thrust deeper and faster, not sparing her and using his wings for stability and wrapping his tail arounf her leg as his tongue responded sliding and wrapping around hers. If there was one thing he knew it was Jayden could take punishment and he was joing to take full advantage of that. -09:03 Sep 09
Jayden: There wasn’t a man on the planet that could wind her up so fast. She took his mouth until she could no longer breathe. Breaking away only to rest her head against his, gasping for air between those soft mewling sounds that slipped out. Hitting her hard was the best part. That coiling pressure building so tight she was almost whimpering at his ear. -09:11 Sep 09
Cupio: His hand came up to grip her hair to hold her in place as he pumped harder his head leanign down to bite her shoulder hard his tongue sliding over her skin as he sucked before pulling away tasking the minutest amount of blood. “Fuck Jayden, I think you’ve spoiled me.” -09:14 Sep 09
Jayden: Spoiled could have been an understatement for her… There couldn’t ever be someone else. But those words were lost another moan and a very loud sigh. Just a little bit of pain and she was tipped over the edge, far too soon for her wanting but oh so grateful for the flood of release. Even as it had her twisting limbs and gripping tight with dug in nails, to savor each little jolt. -09:22 Sep 09
Cupio: He kept going gripping her tighter and with his claw gripping the support bewteen panes of glass he pressed himself agaisnt her so hard a small alarm went off in his head about the strength of the glass but that was quickly pushed aside with the buildup of feeling. -09:26 Sep 09
Jayden: She wasn’t even holding on to him now, his weight keeping her pinned flush to the glass. Her legs had unraveled from him, feet now braced up against the glass too. Giving her the leverage to push against him or open wider. Both becoming the habit as her hips twist and she gasped in response. Even her hands released him, running through her own hair if only because touching him too much was almost overwhelming! -09:37 Sep 09
Cupio: His lips found hers and me whimpered into her his hips thrusting the twisting with hers it wouldn’t he long, and he grunted when he held backlig lips shaking with his breath as he supponed his wits. “Come… now.” and on the second word he emptied into her, maybe it hadn’t been enough to build her up again, but there was going to be more tonight. -09:40 Sep 09
Jayden: Coming on demand, this was becoming a habit too! Though it surely helped that it took so little for him to have her on fire and for her blood to be sparking. Jayden bit her lip so hard it was bleeding, but that was absolutely nothing compared to the tingle up her spine and the throbbing between her thighs. Her arms dropped back down to cling around his neck when her head followed to rest against his shoulder. -09:46 Sep 09
Cupio: He fell back onto the chair taking her with him and was soon brushing her hair with his fingers and holding her to him. “You are amazing Jay, I’m not stopping that when the baby arives, its a good thing one of us never has to sleep, I’m sure we’ll both find that useful.” -09:49 Sep 09

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