My Demon Roommate 012: Do You Love Me?

[Cupio has been spending a lot of time staring at his ring, and now in bed next to Jayden is doing it again.] -03:30 Sep 22
[Jayden is half asleep. Because that is what preggo, over-demon-sexed women do when they are exhausted.] -03:33 Sep 22
Jayden: Jayden was dozing and really had no idea if it was still night or if it was morning by now. Nor did she care that Cupio pulled another switch on her and she was snuggling a busty Mcboobs instead of a nice solid man. He was warm and she wanted to sleep for a week, that’s all that really mattered! -03:36 Sep 22
Cupio: He looked at her and then back at the ring. She couldn’t he stop looking at it? There was a plaintif sound as he snuggled back down and then poked Jayden in the ribs. “Jay?” His face was close to hers. Why did he want to talk to her most when she was asleep? Why did humans even sleep? -03:38 Sep 22
Jayden: She grunted, swatting that poking hand away. “Sleeping. Poke me again and loose that hand…” she mumbled with very little force behind it. Didn’t demons ever have to sleep? You’d think with all that sex they’d need to recharge -sometimes-. -03:41 Sep 22
Cupio: The next poke was to her stomach. “Jayden…?” then arms going arounf her and face burried in her chest where it was warm. “… ooo .. uv.. ee…” his voice was muffled but he didn’t repeat himself instead he turned his head and said the next part. “Because I think I love you.” -03:46 Sep 22
[Jayden enters.] -03:46 Sep 22
Jayden: There wasn’t the chance to swat him for another poke before he was snuggling her to death. Jayden just grumbled and wrapped her arms around him, and resettled. “Uh huh…” The sleepy reply was all she gave as she nuzzled against that mess of organgey red hair. Only vaguely did she ponder what he said. -03:50 Sep 22
Cupio: “Jaaaay…” he was baring his soul and she was doing that sleeping thing and it was frustrating! And hurtful! And… the the snuggling felt good. “If demons can feel love I mean, I want to be with your Jayden, forever and I care about you and what you feel adn what your think adn it’s not because of our daughter or the sex… mmm the sex… Are you listening to me?” -03:53 Sep 22
Jayden: “Yeah, hmm sex, together forever… we already talked about this…?” What the hell was he rambling on about? The sun was barely even up yet and Jayden was sleeping good! She grumbled, nuzzling in to him again, rubbing her hand up and down his back and petting his hair softly. Soothe the demon to sleep. -04:00 Sep 22
Cupio: “More than sex Jayden… I’m talkign about love… I love you. And all you’re doing is.” he nuzzled against her. “Aren’t you going to tell me if you love me too?” this was suddenly very important, for some reason, and he felt scared of what she’d say why was love to hard!? -04:04 Sep 22
[(Timeout) Jayden has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -04:14 Sep 22
Jayden: Love, really? A demon was having a temper tantrum about love. Were he not a tiny little Mcboobs, pouting at her in that ‘going to cry if you say the slightest thing wrong’ tone, Jayden might’ve just shoved him out of bed. She didn’t know a damned thing about love. …but at least she knew she’d kill for him. That was close enough? “Hmm… yeah, of course I love you… Can we go back to sleep now?” -04:14 Sep 22
Cupio: “You’re being such a…. guy!” he moved away from her and sat on the edge of the bed. “You didn’t mean that..” so Jayden didn’t love him. So cupio pulled the blanket off of her and war preapping himself up in it to be as far away from her as possible while still being on the bed. -04:20 Sep 22
Jayden: And there went her snugglie warmth! And she was just accused of being a guy, which not only was laughable it STUNG. Jayden was tempted to boot him off the bed, boobs or not now. She sat up and glared. “You want to have serious conversations at six o’clock in the morning, then get pissy at me when I’m not romantic and sweet? Give me that goddamned blanket and stop being such a chick!” Jayden snatched for it. -04:28 Sep 22
Cupio: He yelped as the blanket was torn away and then punched Jayden’s shoulder. “That’s it Jayden.” he gave her a shove towards the edge of the bed. “I’m going to stay like this and you’re not getting my other form for sex until I know how you feel.” -04:37 Sep 22
Jayden: Little pain in the ass was lucky that she’d never hit her girlfriend! Jayden wrapped herself in the blanket now, giving him a quirk of her eyebrow. So he was gonna play that game? “Ooohoho really? You think I’m not gonna sex you up like that if I want it bad enough? I’m not playing the no sex game, Coop! You’re the one that doesn’t want to believe me!” -04:43 Sep 22
Cupio: He was getting up and turning to her. “You made it sould mike you were only saying it to apease me. I can smell how you feel Jayden.” he put his finger to his nose. “Forget it. Demons arn’t meant to love and they’re not meant to be with humans!” he stormed out of the bedroom trying to pull the ring from his finger but it wouldn’t budge, then it was pulling on a shirt and sitting on the couch folding his arms against the cold of predawn. -04:49 Sep 22
Jayden: “Oh for the love of fuck!” Really, he was going to pull the demon smelling thing! When he was being an over emotional female! Jayden rolled out of bed, keeping that sheet wrapped around her as she stomped after him. “Lets play it then, Coop! Demons aren’t meant to love and be with humans! So then why are you making such a big deal about it? Maybe I don’t want to say I love you, because that’s going to make it suck ass for me when you decide you’re bored and want a nice young fresh human! Or maybe I don’t want to say it because I don’t believe in love! Or maybe I just fucking sleeping at 6am and getting ambushed kinda pisses me off!” -05:01 Sep 22
Cupio: “Go to sleep then Jayden.” he was kneeling on the couch now to look over the beck of it at her. “Demon’s don’t sleep so I’ll be here wondering what teh fuck I’m feeling if it can’t be love. Or maybe I’ll decide I’m bored of you and leave you and my daughter to find a demon lover who know how to treat a boobed, pissy, bitey, succubus because that’s totally something I’d do. So just go the fuck to sleep. I’ll rejoin you when the world makes sense.” -05:07 Sep 22
Jayden: Jayden stomped across the room until she was bracing her hands on the back of the sofa and leaning over him to scowl. “Oh no, pretty. We’re in this now. We’re gonna deal with it.” She leaned farther down until she was nose to nose, and lowered her voice. “So what do you want me to say? Three words? Or how I really feel. That I would kill anyone that hurt you or tried to take you from me. That my existance was nothing but going through motions until I met you and you gave me a life. Do you want me to say I love you? Or do you want me to tell you that you mean the world to me, and I can’t imagine a future without you, man or woman or demon or not?” -05:14 Sep 22
Cupio: He colapsed and lay on his back looking at her, his eyes getting wet. “I don’t want you to lie to me. I want to know what you fell. I want you to know that I’m not running off on you because I’m bored. THAT HURT Jayden. I would do it to anyone else, but not you.” inder the onslaught of her look and the confusing emotions he covered his face with a cussion. I don’t even know what love is but I feel that I love you. Maybe I’m wrong. Just please go to bed.” -05:20 Sep 22
Jayden: Tears! No, aaaargh… apparently Jayden was not only weak to his pouting, she was weak to tears. Sighing, she circled around the sofa. Sat on the edge to lean over him and took the pillow away from his face. “That’s how I feel, Coop… You are my world. And I [i]don’t want to lie to you. If being my world means I love you, then I do.” Brushing a hand against his cheek, Jay leaned down to kiss those blasted tears off his face. “But it would be nice if you’d stop forgetting I’m also a girl… I worry about not being enough for you, or you doing things just to keep me placated too.” -05:34 Sep 22
Cupio: Eyes closed he circled his arms around her and moved his head into her lap. “Demons don’t cry.” he said for no reason. “Demons don’t love and Demons don’t have babies with mortals, thats meant to be physically impossible. Everything is different with you and… Jayden I’m a demon and look at me. I’m crying and talking about love with my pregnant mortal girlfriend. We’re going to have a little girl together and I want to make sure we’ll both be here for her. Demons don’t get to meet their parents, even those that are born as demons. I don’t know who mine were, I don’t know thier faces, I don’t know their names… I could have fucked both of them and not known it. I want our girl to have parents that love eachother.” -05:40 Sep 22
Jayden: See, stuff like that just made her want to go out and kill the fuck out of every demon that ever even looked at him cross-eyed. Jayden brushed her hands through his hair, still frowning but at least now feeling a little less pissy. “That’s what she’ll get, Coop. She’ll have parents that are together and love each other and love her too. I’m not the poster chick for good girlfriends, but I care about you more than I can put in to a few short words.” -05:50 Sep 22
Cupio: He sighed and nodded and pushing himself up. and was then putting his arms around her and pressign his face into her shoulder. “We’ll be okay parents, our little girl will be alright.” he let go and brushed his lip against hers before leaning back on the couch. “Back to bed?” -05:59 Sep 22
Jayden: He was retreating, but Jayden was climbing after him. Leaning to kiss him, hard enough to have him pinned against the couch. Then tilting back with a grin. “No, I’m awake now. How about I take my pretty little girlfriend out shopping for baby things. We can get a headstart on being okay parents…” -06:15 Sep 22
Cupio: The kiss had him putting his arms around her and nuzzling into her neck. “Will they be open now?” yes it was nice to nuzzle adn know Jayden wouldn’t want to turn things dirty. A small sigh escaped him, the cry seemed to make him not want sex, and not wanting sex was weird. -06:32 Sep 22
Jayden: “By the time we have a shower and breakfast, I am pretty sure everything will be open.” Jayden circled her arms around his waist, and whether he liked it or not was pulling him up off the couch and on to his feet. It helped he was super tiny like this and she… well… Jayden was suspecting having a demon baby came with random awesome benefits. Having more strength than normal came in handy. “Do you want to make breakfast or do you want to shower with me?” And for once it wasn’t even a sexual offer! She was busy cradling him in her arms and hoping she had fixed that sniffling girlfriend problem. -06:38 Sep 22
Cupio: Shower sounds good. There was the problem of tried tears and just not wanting to let go to be concerned about. “I want to be clean and water sounds nice.” He was hopping up to cling to her his legs circled around her waist. The only way he could keep nuxxling behind her ear with her standing as short as he was like this. -06:42 Sep 22
Jayden: “oop!” Blast it, she was stronger but not by much! Jayden nearly toppled with him back on to the sofa before she caught her balance again. At least he wasn’t upset! It was tricky work carrying him off to the bathroom while still wearing a sheet. And by the time she got there, she was grinning and almost laughing. Especially because she was pretty sure he’d get girl-pouty if she mentioned his weight. “Now pretty, shower or bath?” -06:50 Sep 22
Cupio: That was a tough decision. “I don’t think we’ve bathed together before and showers are for sex, so bath.” he said removing his legs from around her and slipping back onto the floor to move away from jayden and grab his stool to stand on to look into the mirror. Ugh there was gunk in his eyes and that was easy enough to get out. Then he was taking off his shrt and hanging it over the towel rail. Do I look okay after crying? -06:59 Sep 22
Cupio: That was a tough decision. “I don’t think we’ve bathed together before and showers are for sex, so bath.” he said removing his legs from around her and slipping back onto the floor to move away from jayden and grab his stool to stand on to look into the mirror. Ugh there was gunk in his eyes and that was easy enough to get out. Then he was taking off his shrt and hanging it over the towel rail. “Do I look okay after crying?” -07:00 Sep 22
Jayden: Oh hell, what was the right answer for that? No wonder guys always felt like they were in the middle of mental warfare! Jayden opted from grabbing his face and giving him a quick kiss. “You are as beautiful crying as you are trying to rip the heads off asshole humans. Would you like bubbles?” -07:06 Sep 22
Cupio: That had him smiling. “You’re a charmer Jay.. and yes! Bubbles!” he hugged her around the middle, she liked him when he was trying to rip heads off! Then he was leaning down and kissing her stomach (one for the baby!) and then stealing the blanket to take it back to the bedroom. -07:10 Sep 22
Jayden: Score one for Jayden. She was grinning again, twisting on the hot water and the cold, and testing the temperature before plugging the drain. A nice hot bath for a nice hot demon. Another day she’d show Cupio that baths were for sexing too! -07:14 Sep 22
Cupio: Blanket stowed he was back and closing the door to keep the warmth and steam in the bathroom where it belonged, then he was jalking towards the bath grinning at Jayden before sitting down and dippin ghis tail into the water. “You really like it when I go kill move over you?” Because I would kill for you, and for our child. And I’ve killed a lot of demons, never met one I couldn’t if I wanted to, I’m nto letting anything hurt either of you.” -07:19 Sep 22
Jayden: “I’m not on board for senseless violence, but yeah… I am kinda happy you can kill the fuck out of anybody that hurts us.” Jay poured some of the bubble stuff in to the water before she straightened and thought about it some more. “…it’s kinda hot, actually. A primal instict sort of thing, I guess.” -07:23 Sep 22
Cupio: He was grinning again and brushing some of his hair down his front. “Nobody messes wirh my Jayden or my little girl, and if they do thier souls are mine. Mine to play with for all eternity.. or to give to jayden if SHE wants to play with them.” -07:26 Sep 22
Jayden: She leaned to kiss his forehead. “Souls aren’t quite my thing, you are welcome to them. Or maybe our daughter! She might like them.” Jayden moved and stepped in to the tub, using her foot to flip off the faucet when it was filled enough. Hot water was sheer heaven! Mcboobs made a good choice. -07:31 Sep 22
Cupio: He slipped in with her and sighed happily. “This is nice, your world is cold.” he sunk in and splashed water over his chest. The he was scooting forwards to use Jayden’t stomach as a pillow and curl up in the how water. -07:34 Sep 22
Jayden: “Maybe we should move to the tropics. Or somewhere warmer, anyway. Hmm… You think this kid is going to think it’s cold out here?” Something to think about…. there were a lot of things to think about, and the Mcboobs hissy fit meltdown kinda put it all in to perspective. The fact he might’ve screwed his own parents just because he didn’t know them, and all the crazy shit demons did… “…how DO demons grow up?” -07:39 Sep 22
Cupio: All I know is I was given to the wardens, like all other demon chldren. They’re demon’s who though punishment or contract have lost thier souls. They’re pretty mindless but they fed us and instructed us and waited for us to reach maturity. When we did we were released and were free to do what we wanted. It was boring, eight years of souless demons and children for company. I was happy when I reached maturity.” -07:43 Sep 22
Jayden: “Eight years? I suppose that’s crazy super fast demon aging years?” Reaching for the shampoo, she squirted a little bit in her hands before she was reaching down to run it through his hair. -07:47 Sep 22
Cupio: He moved his head to give her access and gave a long, happy sigh. “Eigh years and I looked like you see me now, only I had my hair redder and chose to be a bit taller. I really used to like red back then. I had a purple streak right down the middle, like a luminous violet. I had my eyes different colors too, I really wanted to stand out and be noticed. It didn’t take me long to change that though. I came to use my other form more after I matured…” he trailed off and closed his eyes to let her rub. “That feels nice.” -07:51 Sep 22
Jayden: “Hmm… so you started as a girl and decided to be a guy?” A little mcboobs wanting to be noticed was no surprise at all. It was hard -not- to notice him like this, and she didn’t even dig chicks as much. Jayden massaged her fingers in to his hair. She definitely liked it better like this and without purple… -07:56 Sep 22
Cupio: “I don’t know what I warted as.” he said, I could change even when I was a child, and was the only on there who could. But I left more fun as a girl, more free. So I spent most of my time as one. There was no sex, no relationships so it didn’t want much diference. Then things changed and were not so simple anymore. Don’t gat me wrong, sex is great. Very great but it came as a shock. And it took me a while to be comfortable with being a girl again, and even then I changed how I looked.” -08:00 Sep 22
Jayden: She paused for a moment, a slight frown coming across her face. Then it was back to rubbing, only slower more hesitant motions. Jayden didn’t like where this was going, and had a feeling she was going to not like it. ….but she really wanted to know more about the pre-summoning Cupio. “Lots of empasis on the sex there Coop…” she muttered. “Why was that such a shock for a lust demon?” -08:04 Sep 22
Cupio: You’ve seen a TAME demon club Jayden. You imagine being an eight year old virgin in the wildest one known. Buring haze night, with a look you designed yourself to be noticable and a collar on that locks your powers. Demon or not when you’ve never had sex before that is not something you want.” he listed his head to look at her. “Part of the reason we’re raising our girl ourselves adn shes not going into a club until I’ve shown her how to rip heads off.” -08:09 Sep 22
Jayden: Yeah. Pissed off wasn’t quite the right word for it. Jayden couldn’t even think of a word that worked. That feeling was going to have to be bottled and taken out on someone later. After a slow, attempting to still herself hiss of breath, Jayden placed her hands againsts his cheeks and leaned forward to kiss him softly. “No.. no one will ever do that to our kid. Even if I have to put her in a tower and then burn every man and woman on the planet. We’ll give her a sword and guns and teach her how to break someone’s neck just with a pinky.” -08:13 Sep 22
Cupio: He crawled up and lie on top of her and kiss her back. “I want her to be happy, and free, and as strong as me. She’ll be able to burn her own men if she wants to. I’m happy I have a strong mothing for her to help me. My deflowering was a long time ago but hers will be to someone she choses, when she is ready.” he pushed away from her and then turned aroung to rest his back agaist Jayden. “Our daughter will be happy.” -08:17 Sep 22
Jayden: “We’ll see if she meets someone good enough.” mutter Jayden with a grin. Nuzzling against his ear and wrapping her arms around him. Maybe she did love him after all. She wanted to fix everything that ever hurt him and make sure the rest of his life was nothing but joy. “We’ll be happy too, Cupio. That’s an easy promise to make.” -08:21 Sep 22
Cupio: It was easy to close his eyes and smile. “You already make me happy Jayden.” he said scooping water up and poaring it over himself delicious heat running down his skin. “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.” -08:23 Sep 22

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