Genetic Bride 026 012: Done

[Baldor has been in chef school, all paid for by the woman he doesn’t love anymore. Resigned and defeated he thinks he’ll never see khloe again.] -12:13 Apr 06
[Khloe is a product for consumers, and that is not a nice thing to be.] -12:14 Apr 06
Khloe: Khloe is in the crate. The cold and terrible crate. Still in the nightie she wore for Baldor and clutching the coat she managed to grab while she was being dragged right out the door. Technically she should not even be awake in the crate, so when her eyes opened and she realized she was still sealed in, she panicked and started kicking and screaming! -12:23 Apr 06 Khloe
Baldor: The door slammed shut and Baldor sunk into his favorite… no his only chair, checking his phone, and placed his head in his hands. It had been a hard day and he was tired… but he hardly ever slept anymore. If he had been stronger … if he had been smarter. Nw Khloe was dead… -12:30 Apr 06 Baldor
Khloe: She couldn’t get it open. It wouldn’t open from the inside. The thing was like a sealed coffin, and the thought had her choking on her own tears. There was a slight buzz of the machinery at work and all her limbs felt tinglie. She could even see her breath, just barely in the eerie glow cast by one of the status lights. Khloe quit shoving and clawing at the lid, her fingers curling in to her coat and clutching it tightly. This was bad, this was very bad. She didn’t know how long she had been in stasis or where she could be. -12:41 Apr 06 Khloe
Baldor: He sat there, beating himself up as the minutes ticked by, then he picked up his phone to check the time… hold on… maybe. THey wouldn’t be that stupid, would they? He brought up Khoe’s number and stared at it. Her phone was probably somethwere around… he hadn’t found it but it had to be somewhere. Maybe he shuld find it. Her having it would be… no too far fetched bu he hit dial anyway. -12:46 Apr 06 Baldor
Khloe: Khloe felt a bit delerious, sliding in and out of awareness. And now there was a ringing in her ears, or music, or… phone? The silly ringtone she chose for Bai. Assuming she had fallen in to a nightmare, she almost ignored it completely, until she realized the sound was coming from her slightly vibrarting coat. Her hands fumbled in the small space to shove it around and dig in to the pockets. The battery was almost dead and there was almost no signal but it was ringing! "Bai! Bai…" she could barely croak out his name. -12:52 Apr 06 Khloe
Baldor: He was pacing, listening for the ringtone then there was a beep, then hollow bumbing, then a weak voice. "Kloe?" he asked… "Where are you?" his voice was a mix of disbelief and excitement. She was alive? -01:00 Apr 06 Baldor
Khloe: "I don’t know…" Baaiii. She sniffled and suddenly she found herself at a loss for words. That woman was his real girlfriend and she had been sent away. Sent to her real husband, sent back to the company, where she was supposed to belong. "I’m sorry Bai.." she mumbled in a barely audible whisper. -01:03 Apr 06 Khloe
Baldor: He was thinkign fast… quickly getting the location of her phone and running out the door, not even closing it after him. "Khloe I’m on my way just stay there…" the dot was moving.. this wasn’t good. "You’ve got nothing to be sorry for. I’ll find you and then we’ll be happy.. Kloe I want to be happy with you." -01:09 Apr 06 Baldor
Khloe: She shook her head, not that he could see it. Didn’t he understand? She hasn’t his. She wasn’t going to be happy. That wasn’t the live she was made to have. There was a heavy jostling of the box, and whatever the jolt was it must’ve kicked the cryosystem back in to gear again. Her toes were feeling numb. "I didn’t get to say goodbye. But I love you. I hope I remember you." The battery was going out, and she was so, so tired.. -01:14 Apr 06 Khloe
Baldor: It was travelign along the road towards him and he ran out into the middle of it. "No goodbyes. You’ll see me again Khloe." the signal went and he didnt know if she heard him… it was a good thing he had to dress well for his new school he couldn’t imagine flagging down a truck with hos he used to dress and trying the bluff he had in mind. -01:17 Apr 06 Baldor

The driver blared it’s horns at the idiot in the middle of the street and was then forced to slam on his breaks. The truck just barely skidded to a stop a few inches away from hitting Baldor. Now he was leaning out of the window, shouting obscenities and ordering the guy to get the fuck out of the way! -Khloe 01:25 Apr 06

Baldor: "That is no way to taljk to me." he hissed, drawing on every ounce of pent up anger he had to make it convincing. "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA OF WHO I AM? Of course you don’t you just drive trucks for a living. The only reason why I’m lowering myself to talk to you is that in the back of yours you have something of mine." He waved his phone. "Just spoke to Patrick Conworth himself and he has his aid send me where I could find you. Give what is mine back to me now or I’ll make sure you’re fired." -01:29 Apr 06 Baldor

That driver had no idea what the fuck was going on! But it was hard to ignore when some rich douchebag was threatening your job, again. He sure was sick of these jerks always complaining about the shipments. He stormed out of his seat, leading the way to the back of the truck. “Aye, whatever! Can’t make up your damned minds about what’s going to the burner and what’s not, don’t know how that’s my problem.” With a key, he opened up the back. There were lots of metal crates in there. -Khloe 01:33 Apr 06

Baldor: "What was that tart’s name? Kloe… yes. You’ll find wer well marked." it was a good thing the driver wasn’t facign him because he couldn’t keep a strait face. This was insane… even if he got kloe where could he go? He wouldn’t be able to go to school anymore… he still had that job openign though… -01:39 Apr 06 Baldor

He muttered, climbing up on the back of the truck and snatching up a clipboard. He went down the list until he found the right name, then he had to shuffle crates around to pull the right one out of the back. “Here, take it! I’m not making any house deliveries, I have a schedule to keep.” He was prepared to shove the crate right off the back, but now his was squinting and trying to see if the guy even had a way to transport the crate. -Khloe 01:43 Apr 06

Baldor: He spat. "I have no use for a box. Open it up and give me the product… and if it becomes a problem again I’ll dispose of it myself." he did his best to glareat the crate indicated… Was this actually working? -01:48 Apr 06 Baldor

He looked ready to argue, but that was probably because he wanted to punch the guy in the face. Muttering under his breath, he pressed a few buttons on the box and pushed the lid open. He looked a bit confused at the thing having clothes in there – they usually didnt – but hell, HE wasn’t the dumbass that screwed this one up. “That better, your highness? The right one? You want me to carry it for ya too?” -Khloe 01:56 Apr 06

Baldor: He stepped forwards to pushe the man out of the way and throw the girl over his shoulder and stepped away. "You’ll nocite there isn’t a car, that’s so you don’t see any licent plate. I value my privace and if you tell anyone what hppened here…" he started walking towards a side streep, quickly before Kloe woke up and they just had second thoughts. He was almost expecting to be stopped anyway and then he’d probably just run. -02:01 Apr 06 Baldor
Khloe: The driver didn’t follow, but he did have a perculiar expression as he watched the guy walk off. Maybe he wouldn’t call it in. Khloe was frosty cold and very limp, but without the crate’s effects she was slowly coming around and very, very confused. -02:08 Apr 06 Khloe
Baldor: He got just ut of sight before moving her down into his arms to look at her. She wasn’t movign muck. "Hey Kloe…" he said. "I told you I’d come for you…" he walking into a diner, it was all he could think to do. SHe was freezing and could probably use some food. It was a good thing she had her coat. -02:14 Apr 06 Baldor
Khloe: "You’re different…" She wasn’t sure if she were awake or dreaming, she was too cold and her body was still all numb. Real or dream, Khloe curled up against him anyway. If she was headed back to the company, this was a cruel thing to do to her before she was recycled! That had her sniffling! -02:19 Apr 06 Khloe
Baldor: "No I’m npt." he protested before pulling her up off the bench to sit her next to him and put an arm around her. "I just had to act a little differently so they would give you back to me… now… we’re going to have to figure out where we’re going to hide… -02:22 Apr 06 Baldor
Khloe: "Hide?" Khloe didn’t understand what he was saying, but now that feeling was coming back to her limbs and her brain was a little less fuzzy, she was realize this was the real Bai. She was not in that awful create. Khloe threw her arms around his neck and clung on for dear life. "What did you do…? You’ll go to jail! They’re going to come and take me away again.." -02:28 Apr 06 Khloe
Baldor: "I don’t care." he said firmly. "You’re a real person and desurve to live… now what do you want to eat? Are you hungry? Are you hurt?" he put his arms around her and rested his head on her shoulder. "I’m not ever letting you go again." -02:33 Apr 06 Baldor
Khloe: She shook her head and clung tighter. "Your girlfriend won’t like it. She won’t let me stay." Khloe remembered her face very cleary. All it would take was another call and Khloe would be gone again. And next time Khloe doubted she would be so lucky to have him find her! How long had it taken this time? His hair was a bit longer when she ran her fingers through it. -02:42 Apr 06 Khloe
Baldor: "And why won’t you like it?" he asked. "Now that I have you back I’m calling her to break up tonight. I don’t care what she thinks. I won’t mention you but U want you to be my girlfriend. Not herIf you want to." -02:46 Apr 06 Baldor
Khloe: "Baaaaaiii. I want to stay with you forever. I want to have a restraunt and get married and have a house and golfish. But if they look for me again? I don’t want you to go to jail. They have strange problems with soap in jail!" she nuzzled against his cheek. Kloe knew she was going to stay, despite all comments. She could never stand to leave him! They would have to drag her kicking and screaming all over again. -02:51 Apr 06 Khloe

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