Your Starr 012: Flight

Your Starr

[Madeline is going through AIRPORT NIGHTMARE SCENARIO. And she hasn’t even been able to make it through the gates yet! She is currently sitting in the security office, really annoyed, and also a little violated!] -11:36 Sep 03
[Drake has been waiting for Maddie for well over an hour, time is getting short but at least he’s had the presence of mind to ask around and he’s sure things will be resolved very soon.] -11:47 Sep 03
Madeline: Who gets mad about tweezers in a carry on bag? And why do unmarked metal water bottles show up as a suspicious item list? But at least those things shouldn’t have been too much of an issue. It was the fact that, despite having a ticket, she is apparently a suspicious person and lying about trying to get through security on to the plane! And the worst? A totally unwarranted strip search by what Maddie was SURE had to be the most worst security officer EVER. She was never going to make it on that plane! -11:50 Sep 03 Madeline
Drake: With his Maganger at one shoulder and his nanny at the other the security officer didn’t stand a chance. A national icon threatening to sue with his lawyer hovering in the background it was better to just let the man into the security office… And Drake opened the door slightly to poke his head in and make sure it really was the right Maddie. "Hey!" he called out before openeing the door fully. "I was worried about you." -11:55 Sep 03 Drake
Madeline: "Drake." Screw these dumb security guards! Maddie was out of her seat in a heartbeat, throwing her arms around Drake and clinging for dear life. If they wanted to take her to prison, they’d have to pry her off him! "These guys are just… I don’t think this is how airport security is supposed to work at all!" -12:01 Sep 04 Madeline
Drake: "In a sane world it isn’t that’s one of the advantages of having a fully qualified lawyer as your nanny. Now are we going to get on the plane or not? I managed to convince them you weren’t smulling nytroglisarine in your watter bottles." he hugged her back and smiled down at her. "You’re free to go, or come with me anyway. We’re going to Germany! I much less totalitarian state then it comes to security." -12:07 Sep 04 Drake
Madeline: "I am staying with you." She should have just met him in the morning and stayed with him the entire time in the first place, but Maddie wanted to stop by her work first and run some errands and she figured meeting him at the airport would have been a peace of cake. She was absolutely not letting him go, he was going to have to walk like this. "With my luck, the plane is going to crash right in to the Atlantic." -12:13 Sep 04 Madeline
[(Timeout) Drake was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -12:40 Sep 04
[Drake has been waiting for Maddie for well over an hour, time is getting short but at least he’s had the presence of mind to ask around and he’s sure things will be resolved very soon.] -12:40 Sep 04
Drake: "With mine it’ll soar to the stars and we’ll have an unforgettable and wonderful adventure. We’ll balance out somewhere in the middle." he pull her around until she was next to him and walked out into the cramped coridoor and headed abck the way he had come. "Your luggage is already being laoded and your handluggange is with Nanna so we’re all set to go. Ever traveled first class?" -12:43 Sep 04 Drake
Madeline: Maddie was clinging on to his clothes with no shame about it. At this point after being practically molested by security, she didn’t care who saw her being clingy. She shook her head! "I’ve never been on a plane before. Normally when we went on family vacations we’d just drive. And when I did trips by myself I took the bus. I blew all my money on the concert tickets!" -12:47 Sep 04 Madeline
Drake: He shook his head. "So you have it to my producer." he said shaking his head. "I’m starting to think you’re the biggest Preston Starr fan I’ve ever met." he chuckled. "Do you want the window?" They exited the corridor and made thier way into the departured lounge where Maddie’s handluggage and the rest of Drake’s enterage was waiting. "Iced tea Miss King?" an intern offered. "Still half an hour before boarding starts." -12:56 Sep 04 Drake
Madeline: "Maybe not the biggest Preston Starr fan in the world, but definitely the biggest Drake fan ever." Maddie cast him a big wide cheeky grin before she blinked at the intern. Maddie forced herself to detached from his clothes, and was now nodding about the tea. "Um, yes, please! A cold drink would be great right about now… And I would loooove the window!" Now that she was out of that disaster, Maddie was slightly bouncing on her feet. Trying to keep most of her excitement well contained, but not doing the best of josb at it. -01:02 Sep 04 Madeline
Drake: Drake sank into a seat and picked up a bottle to drink from before looking at the departures board and patting the seat next to him. There were a few guards around to keep fans away but to him they were in the background. "Everything on schedule the other side? I don’t want to have to rush the rehersals like Houston." -01:15 Sep 04 Drake
Madeline: Maddie plopped down in the seat next to him, surprised at how exhausted she already was just dealing with silly things all day. Mentally exhausted anyway. She was really itching to get up and go! Fly! See another country! A foreign Preston Starr Concert! It was impossible to quit grinning, and she curled her arms around his and grasped his hand. He could talk business with his dozens of assistants, while she sat there grinning like an idiot. Totally okay with her! -01:18 Sep 04 Madeline
Drake: "Last I heard everything was on schedule Mr. Starr." Drake didn’t even bother to correct. "Good, I’ll get a bit of sleep on the plane and we’ll see." he looked at his manager and then gave Maddie’s hand a squeeze. "After a movie or two." -01:25 Sep 04 Drake
Madeline: "I’ll be okay if you have to sleep, you know. Pretty sure I’m not afraid to fly, and if something goes crazy I’ll probably wake you up with my screaming." The grinning wasn’t turning off, even with Mother Manager lurking around and looking surly as hell. Maybe Maddie was getting used to the sour old woman? It was more likely she was just too ridiculously excited! Maddie was nearly bouncing in her seat again. "It’s an entire night on a plane, that’s really really cool!" -01:28 Sep 04 Madeline
Drake: He was shaking his head with a bemused grin. "Someone is having thier first international flight." he said glancing at her. "I don’t think I bounced this much and I was fourteen." he squeezed her hadn again and leaned over to kiss her cheek. "You’re not going to sleep are you? I would if I were you since I’m sure you want to come and watch the preperations. Your own backstage pass… is in my pocket. I wanted to give it to you when you arived but you had to get detained." -01:44 Sep 04 Drake
Madeline: "Hey, I sure didn’t get my ass grabbed by some handsy security douche on purpose!" By now, all that was completely out of her head… at least the being annoyed part. He was amused with her being excited, and she was too pleased to try and subdue it. Instead she was giggling and beaming, and probably every bit of the fangirl she was always accused of being! "Sleep is totally not going to happen! Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I’ve had a chance to go to a concert? And this one is in a different country too! Those always get the really stuff that people pitch stupid tantrums over in America! I’ll be in the front row for everything, yeah? The whole concert!" -01:49 Sep 04 Madeline
Drake: "Yes." he said. "Front and center." he pulled out her pass and hung it around her neck with on hand before picking up his bottle and taking another gulp. "That’s what I promised, isn’t it?" he glanced back at the board and then looked at where they’d be heading through. "And no I have no idea, I thought you went to all of them." -02:01 Sep 04 Drake
Madeline: "I would have, if I could afford it… I went to all of the local ones and the ones close enough for me to drive to and not miss more than a day at work." Maddie was immediately letting go of his arm to examine her pass. Her name and her face – how did they get that picture! – and all the import bits for getting backstage unmolested. At a Preston Starr concert. At least Maddie had the sense enough not to start squealing. Especially since it was still HOURS before they were even in the country for the concert. Once they were there, though, all bets were off. …bouncing was still on the table. She nearly hopped out of her seat to throw her arms around his neck and kiss his cheek. "You are amazing! You have no idea how amazing this is! I think I’m going to die!" -02:04 Sep 04 Madeline
Drake: "And you needed convincing you could." he reminded her. "Didn’t want me to pay for it…" his arm was around her shoulder and he was leaning against her with a smile on his lips. "It’s nice that I can get you like this by just taking you to work with me." -02:21 Sep 04 Drake
[Drake is walking thgough the passageway to the plane while his luggage is taken care of by the stage crew.] -07:11 Dec 30
[Madeline has never been on a plane before, so this is almost the coolest thing ever!] -07:17 Dec 30
Madeline: Maddie would always be a hopeless fangirl, and there was no trying to subdue it at this point. Even walking down the narrow corridor and holding Drake’s hand came with a half-bounce at every step. "Is it a private plane or a public plane? I don’t think you have a private plane, I suspect you’d rather spent that money on million dollar cars." she griiiinned, bumping against his shoulder. -07:22 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: "ANd you;re right." he said as they trooped up the gangway. "Cars a much cooler." his hand pulled out of hers and instead went arounf her shoulders to held her against him. until they reaached the plane door and the smiling flight attendant who greeted them and asked them to follow, through aa set of curtains itno the first class are. It looked more likt the interious of a tatch than a plane with huge seats the folded down into (almost) full size beds and there wee already several people there. "Well fellows." Drake said as most of them turned to look at him, a long-haired man, in a leather jacket, a a bald man with a goatee and trademark sunglasses… all of them famous musitions. "I’d like you all to meet Madeline King, she’d my plus one for the tour." -07:30 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: There was no telling what she was bedazzled by more. The fact that this so didn’t look like the insides of a plane, at least no First Class flight she had ever seen, or the fact there very famous, very rich people that Drake so casually introduced her too as if he knew them. Not that she doubted he knew famous people, but it was the first time she had been introduced to them. "Hiiiiii." It was a starstruck squeak, accompanied by a tiny little wave. -07:36 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: They all greeted her in thier own way before they were shown to thier seaats, or booths as they moreclosely resembled and Drake sat down to lean back with his hands behind his head. "Welcome to the last 12 hours of relaxation we’ll be having for the next few days." he said turning his head to look at Maddie. "Well I will anyway." -07:40 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: Maddie dropped in to her seat, but she was the very opposite of relax. Immediately she was poking at every button she could find to see what it did. Light. Sound. Little tiny tv. Summon button, which she assumed was for the stewartess. She squeaked in surprise when one of the buttons made her seat move, which then had her turning to inspect the back of it. "Don’t worry, I’ll be as helpful as I can while you’re working. I absolutely won’t be in the way." -07:43 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: "Good, because the show is for you to you’re needed in the crowd." he was obviously familiarwith the layout of the butting since he inclined his seat back and sighed. "And you should try and get some sleep on the flight." -07:47 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: "I would miss this concert for all the money in the woooorld." she chirped. Getting sleep though, was definitely not going to happen. Maddie was sitting on her knees now, peering over the back of her seat to get a good look at the rest of the cabin. How could a plane be so… fancy! All of the seats may as well of been thrones. Decked out in lush fabrics and shiny trim. There was a woman in the back that looked like a forgein Queen. "I can’t see, I want to see when we get over the ocean!" -07:54 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: He sat up and pusshed the button uner the screen to purn it on, then a few gestures on the touchscreen and there was a menu to select external cameras. Then he was pulling the entire screen out of the chair and handin it to her like a bablet computer. "Have fun." he said. "But after dinner I’m definately getting some sleep. I’m going to need it." pullung her over for a kiss on her cheek he sat back down and started fiddling with his own screen, looking for music. -07:57 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: "What on earth…" This was the most high tech thing she had ever seen. Maddie had no idea they could actually put cameras on the ouside of the plane and let people inside see what was going on. …she imagined that could be seriously terrifying if they were crashing. At the moment, their plane hadn’t yet taken off. Maddie slid back in to her seat the proper way, fiddling with the tablet to see what other angles she could see and what other programs would pop up on the screen. She griiiiinned right before she pounced to throw her arms around him and kiss his cheek back. "This is so, soooo cool, you have NO idea." -08:04 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: He laughed and smiled. "Yes I do. I’ve been on planes like this before." He gave her a raised eyebrow annd then went back to searching. "Have you ever flown before? -08:14 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: "Nope. And now you’ve pretty much spoiled me for any other normal flights. This is grand." There was that signal going off about people taking their seats and putting on their seatbelts. Which was the only reason Maddie wasn’t climbing on to his lap to chirp about how neat everything was. She settled back in to her seat, strapped herself in and made sure her screen was ready so she could see what the take off looked like. "You do this all the time though, so I bet you have forgotten how crazy stuff like this for us normal people. Even a typical first class ticket doesn’t come with security cam screens." -08:18 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: "Well then you’re going to enjoy the flight, right?" he asked, doing up his own seatbelt aned smiling at the steawdess as she care to help them. "Bet you’re plad I insisted on paying now." -08:28 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: "I don’t know. If I had gotten my own ticket I would be in a tiny budget seat somewhere at the back of the plane smushed inbetween two weird people. …but I wouldn’t have gotten molested by a TSA thinking I was a Preston Starr stalking weirdo either." With the tablet resting on her lap, she leaned over her armrest so she could pluck gently at his sleeve. "Have you fooled around in one of these planes before?" -08:35 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: "Fooled around?" he asked looking at her. "As in sex…" there was a smile and a hands brushed across her cheek. "Maybe one day you’ll find out the answer to that." a mischevious grin and he was taking her hadn in his. "Come on Maddie I can[t tell you absolutely everywhere I’ve done that…it might take too long." -08:47 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: She grinned back at him, if she was jealous at all, she controlled it pretty well. Even SHE knew that a rock star was going to have tons of ‘experience’ under their belt. Maddie squeezed his hand. "You realized I pretty much just imagine the hugest sex spectacle I can. With crazy after show sex parties and threesomes in bathrooms and people tied up in hotel rooms. Not telling me is just feeding my over active imagination." -08:49 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: "wel I’ll continue to not tell you then so you can find somethign you like the idea of and let me know." he said smoothly. "Just… no threesomes. Bad idea. Truust me." he gave her a look ang then took a deep breath. They hadn’t done it hey and he knew they both wanted to… so why hadn’t he…? Maybe it was because she remonded him of how he used to be… -09:03 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: Maddie stuck out her tongue, leaning back against her seat, but still holding his hand and his arm hostage. "I don’t think I could get in to a threesome anyway. That’s so.. um.. impersonal! Although I guess sex is just sex and people have it for the fun of it, but I like it so much better if it’s special." She was saying it even knowing how much she wanted to pounce on him and rip off his clothes a vast majority of the time. But it was still truth. Maddie wouldn’t want it if she didn’t love him, even if he WAS her most worshipped idol. The plane had started moving, and she squeezed his hand tighter. Maddie wasn’t afraid to fly, but apparently that didn’t stop her from suddenly being anxious about it. -09:10 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: It was awkward having her cling to him with the dividing wall between them but he didn’t say anything. "It will be special, trust me. With you how could it not be? Bit we’ll talk about that when we’re int he hotel in Germany." he squeezed her hand and relaxed as the plane took off. He was happy to be on thier way and almost forget to look at maddie’s screen for the cameras. "Smooth, we seem to have a good pilot." -09:25 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: She was trusting his word that the take off was safe and smooth. Clinging to his hand with hers, and her other was tilting up her screen so she could see what it looked like to soooooar. It wasn’t the same as a window, but it was really neat. Maddie imagined looking out the plane’s front windows would probably be kind of nauseating. Then again, she really liked fast rides! "I betcha we’ll be way too busy to talk about sexy things. I can’t waaaaait for the concert. It really has been forever since I’ve been able to go to one. And listening to you in the studio and at home has been super awesome, but it’s not the same as a full all out stage presentation with the lights and the booming sound." -09:31 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: "Wait until you see this presentation." he said a gleam in his eye. "And hes I’ll be busy, you’re on holiday." another seeze of his hand and he was leaning back, closing his hand. "I’m happy to be doing a concert, they’re much more fun than recording albums." -09:41 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: "Seeing you on stage is amazing. It’s why I have so many accidentally creepy paintings of you performing. Every time you’re on stage you come alive, and I just love painting those moments. Hrrm. I should have packed some of my paints…" Not that she couldn’t work from memory as soon as they were back, but sometimes it was best to get something out, right then when the image was fresh in her head. Maddie was still having a hard time settling, this was too exciting. The moment that seatbelt light was off, she unbuckled hers so she could lean over her armrest and be in his space bubble. "Are YOU excited then? About the new show and new songs and everything?" -09:48 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: "Well now that you’ve gotten to know me maybe you can see that I’m alive all the time." he teased. "And yes, I always am. Singing is what I do and even the chaos of backstage doesn’t change that. It’s different when you’re in front of the crowd too and can see everyone and know that they’ree there for your music. It’s what makes my job worth it. And before you talk about singing for the joy of singing I could do that without it being my job. I’m probably rich enough to retire…" -09:53 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: "Don’t retire!" she squeaked. She might of even had a look of horror on her face at the thought. And then just as quickly she realized that was the crazy fangirl coming out and she had to force herself to relax and shove her back in a closet. "I mean, you love music and you love performing, so retiring would suck. Do it less would be good for you though. Everyday is like a tornado for you, and I swear the only time you ever get a few hours of peace is when you’re hanging out with me. You don’t have to work so hard all the time." -10:01 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: "I like my job." he said. "I like singing, I like my team, I like coming up with songs and music. It’s not really a job. It’s what I do. Relaxing with you is just how I remind myself I’m still a person and that… well you’re wonderful." -10:07 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: "I’m wonderful?" It was when he snuck those comments in out of nowhere they had the brainmelting effect the most. Maddie’s smitten grin was wiiiide as she reached over to gently poke his cheek. "You’re wonderful. You’re taking me to another country for an awesome concert and a sweet vacation. You don’t know how much I appreciate it." -10:15 Dec 30 Madeline
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[Drake ] -10:54 Dec 30

The flight passed smoothly even with Maaddie almost successfully fighting sleeping pills and it wasn’t long after touching down that they dropped everythign off at the hotel and Drake immediately headed to the staduim that would hold the concert. It was huge and tickets had been sold out for months, and as soon as he got out of the car he was surrounded by a mix of press and crew leaving very little room for maddie… the day passed in a wrirlwind that only stopped when he was in the makeup chair and he was tellign Maddie she should take her seat in the crowd. -Drake 10:59 Dec 30

Madeline: Despite her excitement almost ruining sleep, she had plenty of rest. Which made for a very energetic Maddie through the whole process of the day. Rehersals were so much fun to watch. Seeing the stage crew tweak things for sound and light. And Drake directing things the way he wanted. Maddie didn’t even get perturbed by his Mommyzilla scowling about. Makeup was also fun, because apparently being the fiance of a popstar meant you also had to look fabulous even though all your were going to do was jump up and down screaming in the audience. She almost pounced and gave him a good luck kiss, but that would have made the job harder on all his face-painters, so instead she was waving goodbye and practically skipping along with her Backstage Security escort to find her way to her spot. Maddie didn’t even care that she had no idea what half the people were saying in German! -11:06 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: It was always the same when he stapped onto stage. The screams, the roars, all the faces, jumping fans, waved banners. He smiled as he walked up to the microphone. He was in his element but today was slightly different… he seemed slightly nearvous, or maybe it was shy. "Good afternoon Frankfert…" the introduction went all according to the script in hie head, right up until the first song, Tresspassing. And then the second, and the third… then… it was time for a short intermission. "But first…" he said looking at the crowd. "There have been a lot of rumors going around about me and the winner of the winadate competition, Madeline King." he glanced at the crowd. "Before the intermission I want to dispell those rumors, because they’re true! Maddie..come up here." He sat on his haunches aat the edge fo the stage and held out his hand. -11:18 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: Maddie danced and sang along to every song she knew. Hopping and squealing and clapping and probably making a total ass of herself for someone who was supposed to be dating and seeing the guy on a regular basis. Maddie didn’t care! His concerts were stunning and she could die happy here today andomgdidhejustannouncehernametothewholedamnedstadiumandaskherupthere? A deer caught in headlights. Worse, a tiny meek, stupid bunny who was currently having a heart-attack and going to faint and die and be trampled by screaming fangirls. Ooooh, but how could she refuse an open handed invitation. Even if the whole world was staring, he made her kneeees weak. Using whatever was left of her sanity, she took his hand and tugged her way on to the stage. Now really. really glad his makeup crew had so much fun dressing her up. "What are you dooooing?" she questioned in a surprised whisper. -11:25 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: "I don’t like rumors." he whispered back. "And I don’t want to hide you…" he put an arm around her and looked at the crowd…. he had planned to have the crowd cheer for her but now he had a better idea. Taking her chin in his hand to swooped in and planted his lips on hers gently but firmly… and Maddie got her cheers. -11:29 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: She was going to faint right there in front of thousands of people and there was no way out of it! Maddie could already feel her knees trying to crumble and had to make herself lock them them before she went all limp noodle. Totally didn’t stop her from sighing soft and almost melting against, or grinning with that silly lovesick smirk. A kiss on stage from her starr and cheering and lights. Who needed fanfiction? "Am I still asleep on the plane?" -11:36 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: "No you’re not. Now you’re going to come backstage with me and I’m going to have somethign to drink." Then he spoke into the microphone. "Thank you we’ll be back in a few monutes." he walked towardss the stairs at the back and as soon as he got there water was ahnded to him and he headed for a couch to sink down into it. But he didn’t get a moment as a makeup artist sat next to him to make sure everythign was in place and soneone was talkign about the night’s scedule being a few minutes off, and that the new album had finally arived in the stalls around the staduim. -11:46 Dec 30 Drake
Madeline: Maddie sunk in to the seat next to him and she was still beaming. What she wanted more than anything was to huge and kiss on him, but this was only the intermission and she didn’t want to delay things anymore, especially if someone was fussing about the schedule. He looked worn out already, but he never showed it on stage. And that made her itchy fingers want to run through his hair and pet him even more. Maddie settled for sitting close and tapping her fingers gently on his leg. "You didn’t have to bring me on stage, but you do know that you’ve fullfilled about a million of my dumb Maddie fantasies and now I am going to love you forever and ever for doing it? Your show is amaaaaaazing." -11:51 Dec 30 Madeline
Drake: "No fantasies are dumb Maddie." he said his eyes on her. "If I hadn’t dreamed I wouldn’t be here, if you hadn’t you wouldn’t. They’re what make us take chances in life… Now I really need this water or my throat is going to suffer later." -12:01 Dec 31 Drake
Madeline: "Yes, right, drink! No more talking to Maddie until the concert is over!" If she could help him drink that water, she would have. She was chewing on her lip and watching him carefully. He really did work really hard. All of that running around in the studio and doing interviews was nothing like the energy put in to doing a concert. …and it was only half finished so far! "Tonight when everything is done, I will take care of you, okay?" -12:03 Dec 31 Madeline
Drake: "You always want to take care of me." he said. "But this is what I do" there was a small rub of his nose against hers and he then stood. "I need to get back, see you tonight." -12:12 Dec 31 Drake
[(Timeout) Madeline has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -01:08 Dec 31
[Madeline DOES always want to take care of him!] -02:10 Dec 31
Madeline: Was it the BESTEST DAY EVER? Yes! Yes it was! The concert was perfect and awesome and amazing. Afterwards there was a first show after party with all of the crew and ridiculously famous people she had no idea would be there, and pictures, and a whirlwind of activity. Maddie found it impossible to keep her enthusiam under control, but at least she didn’t pounce on, paw at, or otherwise molest anyone she was totally starstruck over. And without missing a beat Drake would be himself, alive and interesting and entertaining. He was a professional, a strong and amazing professional. She really was too impressed. Because the after party went so late, they were now directly back at the Hotel where Maddie was tugging him along. Once through the door, she pulled him to the sofa and made him siiiiit. "Stay! I already called ahead and ordered room service so you can get something realy to eat. Although, the party snacks were reeeaaaally good." she did all the talking as she dropped to the floor on her knees to go tugging off his boots. -02:20 Dec 31 Madeline
Drake: He collapsed onto the couch and sighed, it took him a moment to figure out he was being undressed. "Maddie?" his first thought were dirty… was she really going to…? No not with room service coming. "Food would be good." he was tired, he had barely had a chance to sit down since they had gotten off the plane and it was a full day again tomorrow. "Going to look after me?" he asked looking at her. "You’re not allowed to until you give me a kiss. Because that’s all the reward I really need for the day." -02:32 Dec 31 Drake
Madeline: "You shouldn’t even be talking with how much singing and stuff you did today. Shush!" Off went the boots and off went the socks too. Then she was standing again, leaning over him as she tugged off his belt, bits of costume and accessories he never had to time to take off before the party, and made sure his jacket was pulled off to. "I’ll you a kiss if-" A knock at the door announced room service. Perfect! She timed that really well. Maddie bounced away to answer the door. It was a long day, but she seemed to still have plenty of gusto. -02:38 Dec 31 Madeline
Drake: "I do this all the time and you didn’t complain about me talkign at the party." she was off and he was ordered to staywhich was fine by him. He was tired and had to be up early. It was like this on tour. Sleep hard, work harder but the rewards were worth it. He loved it more not that it was his own music he was performing. "What did you order?" -02:41 Dec 31 Drake
Madeline: Talking to the server went reletively uneventful. Maddie was kinda worried she’d need to know a lot more German than the few handy phrases she tried to memorize before the trip. She pushed in a cart aaaaall the way to the couch and uncovered a couple plates. "You know, I’m not really sure WHAT it is but sounded good and it smells really good. I also got some hot tea with honey and lemon. Which you should drink riiiight now." She even poured him a cup real quick before she stepped back and disappeared in to the bathroom! -02:45 Dec 31 Madeline
Drake: He knew that smell. "Sauerbraten? You got sauerbraten?" he couldn’t help but chuckle at that. "It comes with potatoe dumplings right?" He sat up to reach over and take the mug and blog over it. "YOu know you don’t have to wait on me hand and foot Maddie. You should relax too." he took a sip and sighed. the tea was dood but then this room cost more than most peoples’ rent. He eyed the bathroom door… what was she doing there? -02:50 Dec 31 Drake
Madeline: "I don’t have to, but I want to!" she called from the bathroom. There were sounds of running water before she reppeared in the door way, giving him a quick staring look to make sure he was actually drinking some of that tea. "All I had to do was jump up and down and scream all day." She had a washcloth in her hand as she crossed the floor. Carefully she took the cup from his hand to set aside, then she was straddling his lap and sitting. Brushing his hair from his face with one hand, she gently tried to get some of that makeup off his skin with the cloth. "You were working really hard. I didn’t know how much went in to a show." -02:55 Dec 31 Madeline
Drake: "All I had to do was jump up and down and sing all day." he countered "And there was a little big of screaming… but it’s what I do, it’s my job I enjoy it. It’s normal for me." he spead his arms out over the back of the couch and sighed melodramatically. "You have a job too." -03:05 Dec 31 Drake
Madeline: "I have never seen someone fuss so much about being taken care of! Aren’t you used to this with your Nanny McFurious?" She cleaned off as much of the makeup as she could, then leaned in and brushed a quick kiss over his month. "In my job, I just sit around and paint. It’s really not the same thing at all." -03:07 Dec 31 Madeline
Drake: "Yes, if I wanted to be taken care of I’m get nanny fussypants in here." he said triumphantly. "And you need to think and be very careful all day, I just stand and use my voice." he acaptured her shoulder and kissed her back. "But fiiiine, it it maakes you feel better." -03:11 Dec 31 Drake
Madeline: Maddie giggle and nuzzled his cheek. "If it makes you more comfortable I could shamelessly take advantage of you and molest you." Her nuzzling and soft nipping went as far as his neck before she straightened and leaned back again. "But, really, you should eat and get in to bed. You’re gonna wake up early tomorrow and I will be there and help aaaall day whether you complain about it or not." Maddie slid off his lap to sit next to him on the couch and pulled the food tray closer. -03:16 Dec 31 Madeline

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