Breaking Delilah 012: It’s Only Just Begun

Breaking Delilah

Ferius: Ferius entered the great cabin after havign the stitched on his shoulder remived by the ship’s surgen. The air was warm enough here for him to be wearign nothign more then a shirt and light jacket. They had been lucky that no perminant injuries had been suffered and their ordeal was over. “Well they’re out.” he said grabbing a glass of mulled wine from the side table. To warm him up of course and not simply because he felt like it. “How are you doing?” -07:06 Mar 26
Delilah: “Hmm. Living.” Delilah sat in bed, if only because the temperatures still too cold for her liking. Having come out with nothing more than a cracked ribbed from the escape, she considered herself lucky to even be alive. …but that wasn’t what had her sitting there with her back against the headboard, rubbing her head with a hand and staring at the blankets in deep thought. “It could have been worse.” -07:10 Mar 26
Ferius: “Yes it could have been.” he agreed sitting on the bed and offering her the glass. “I don’t want to say it but you seemed off you game at the start, good thing you pulled through…” He glanced out of the stern window. “I wonder if we shouldn’t have packed that temple full of powder casks and blown it to hell…” -07:14 Mar 26
Delilah: She reached out to take the glass, but retracted her hand. Shaking her head in refusal. Delilah resettled, crossing her arms over her chest. A slight curve of her lips softened that serious expression, but it hadn’t compltely faded. “Did you think I face every evil god with perfect composure?” She tilted her head, mulling over his words. “If we had, would it stop him from rising again? We should have killed him.” -07:18 Mar 26
Ferius: “I’m not sur it would even be possible. I tried destroying the other temple when I was first there but no matter what happened none of our cannons could hit it.” he raised an eyebrow at her refusal but didn’t comment. Instead he rested agaist the pillows next to her and put his arm across her shoulders. “Its not possible for us to kill him. Its not like lifting a curse. The throne said he can only be killed by his own family, but true gods don’t have any…” -07:22 Mar 26
Delilah: “The Other died at your hands. …yet with the curse, I wonder if he hadn’t truely died at all until we broke his hold.” There was a futility of it all that angered her, yet she knew it couldn’t be totally impossible. Vardri had been seal by someone before them. They sealed him. And if he could be sealed, surely he could be weakened and killed… “When he’s freed again, who is to say there will be someone to stop him? If someone else had opened that box, would he have been stopped this time? I don’t like knowing that one day he’s going to be out again, plaguing… people.” -07:28 Mar 26
Ferius: Ferius remained silent as he thought for a moment. “We know how to defeat him, so we must make sure that knowledge is presurved. Make sure future generations know what we know. Can do that we did.” -07:32 Mar 26
Delilah: “It’s our obligation to do so.” she muttered, thoughtfully. “There’s a lot of evil in the world, Ferius, and we’ve been a part of it… But I don’t ever want that man or his demons to come again. I won’t have it.” Delilah spent her entire life avoiding attachment, fleeing from responsibilities, caring for nothing more than what would amuse her for the moment. It wasn’t a declaration made easily. “There will always be someone that remembers and will do something about it.” -07:36 Mar 26
Ferius: “Everythign we know, everythign we’ve done will be written down and kept. But one thing worries me Delilah. It needs the blood of both gods. I won’t be alive the next time it happens.” he looked at her “Not without the curse.” -07:42 Mar 26
Delilah: “Ferius, I’m pregnant.” …she just blurted it out. It wasn’t quite the way she intended to bring it up, not that she was even sure she would tell him in the first place. But it was said and she was taking in a deep breath and saying it again. “I’m pregnant.” -07:45 Mar 26
Ferius: He was sure at first he had misheard. But then she said it again. “You … are…” it wasn’t a question. She wouldn’t say unless she was sure. “Well then captain we have a course to set.” he said “When I catpured the Moira’s Gloom part of the cargo was a gold-leaf cradle for the owner’s nefiew. I think its liek I went back to get it… Our child will carry the knowledge to defeat Vardri. and pass it on with the blood needed to defeat him.” -07:50 Mar 26
Delilah: “You are far more receptive to this than I was.” she mused out loud. He accepted it just like that. When she had spent the past two weeks wondering if it might be the stupidest thing she had ever done. “We’re going to be terrifying parents.” -07:53 Mar 26
Ferius: “And we’ll have a terrifying child. Menace to the seas and terror of the oceans.” he chuckled. It was a big step but if Delilah Red could accept they were havign a child…. “Just like it’s mother.” -07:56 Mar 26
Delilah: Delilah remained silent for a few moments. But finally her thoughtful expression turned up to a wicked smile. “Hmm. Then by all means, Captain Ferius. Set course for this treasure. Find me an island to raise our children and let the world quake in fear at our Legacy.” -08:00 Mar 26
Ferius: “As my captain commands.” he said leaning over and giving her a long lingering kiss. “One island and a lifetime of treasure hunting. Staying active is important during pregnancy.” -08:03 Mar 26

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