Myth and Legacy 012: Sealed Away

Myth and Legacy

[Raul got sleep as soon as the huriicane was no longer needed. Then took shifts with Kate. There hasn’t been a lot of time with them both awake since then.] -01:50 Apr 16
[Kate isn’t above molesting a man when he’s sleeping, but half the time she was too exhausted and too busy to bother.] -01:54 Apr 16
Kate: In fact, she was at the helm dozing off already. In her whole life she had never made such a long journey, and never went this far up north. Shit was cold and the seas were a weird color, and it was so dreary compared to the carribean! -01:55 Apr 16
[Kate ] -02:10 Apr 16
Raul: Raul came up on deck, a skintight thermal jacket coreling his torso and another in his hand. In his other hand was a thermos of coffee. "Captain.." he said as he held out the Jacket and began unscrewing the thermos unhookign the mugs from his fingers. "We’re almost there, should see land in less than an hour." -02:13 Apr 16
Kate: Having been startled back awake, Kate was pretending like she hadn’t been dozing. She pulled on the jacket and zipped it up tight. Huffing and then huffing again just out of the amusement of seeing her own breath. "It’s fucking cold as hell! Who actually -likes- living up here?" -02:15 Apr 16
Raul: "Maybe he doesn’t thats why hes such a dick." Raul joked "I know I would be too if I was forced to prend centuries up here." He handed her a steaming mug and cluched his own on his hands. "Either way I’ll be glad to get out of here." -02:35 Apr 16
[Kate has timed out.] -02:39 Apr 16
Kate: Gratefully accepting the coffee and taking a sip, she leaned back in her chair and rested her feet up on the controls. "I keep expecting him and his grendals to rise up out of the sea like some sort of sea monster and swallow us up whole. …I think I dreamed that…" He wasn’t kidding about them getting close. In the distance she could see the faint outline of something solid. Greenland! Which ironically, wasn’t green at all. "How are we supposed to do this exactly? Sneak on in to his fortress and just… poke him with the swords or something?" -02:39 Apr 16
Raul: "That would be inamely stupid." he said "First off killing him with the swords would turn you into him, in the losest sence." he sipped his coffee. "And I don’t think either of us want that. But the only place we can defeat him is his temple so we go there and see what can be done." not the best of plans. -02:43 Apr 16
Kate: "I dunno, Kate King of the Sea sounds kinda cool." Of course she wasn’t serious. She knew the stories well enough to know that killing a god meant getting a curse one way or another. And curses were rarely anything pleasant to live with. Which meant what they had to do was seal him again… could it even be done in the same way? "How about we get some of those rockets and blow the place up?" -02:47 Apr 16
Raul: He shook his head. "Wouldn’t work, but I have a plan on that front." he said "By the time this happens again there will be laser canons and flying ships." he chuckled but it showed he knew it would happen again. -02:50 Apr 16
Kate: Kate grimaced. So even if they won, it’d happen all over again. "I guess if we don’t die today, the future will be better prepared." Land was coming up fast now, and Kate had to gulp down the rest of her coffee and get back to her feet so she could take manual control. Despite the cold and teh dreary look of the sea, Kate had to admit that the land was really pretty being all sparkling white with snow. -02:54 Apr 16
Raul: "It will be." he said "We’ll make fur of that." he set down his mug and went back into the cabin returnign with two packed bags. "You need to get the swords yourself ocne we land. Turns out I can’t even strap them to a bag." -03:00 Apr 16
Kate: "Who ever made those swords probably had no idea they were leaving humanity in the hands of totally inequipt people. I mean, how is the average human supposed to even survive during shit like this?" Kate was mostly voicing her own worries and insecurities about it. Raul knew what he was doing. His whole family was dedicated to this stuff… and she might know the legends, but in the end she didn’t have a clue what to do. But here she was, checking the horizon to see if anyone was sneaking up on them and pulling her boat up to what looked like an old abandoned village dock. Buried in the snow was derelict houses and crashed up on the beach were some old rotted boats. The village had clearly been wiped out ages ago, just barely preserved by the snow. -03:07 Apr 16
Raul: "We’re no ordinary people." he reminded her and Fowollowed the now riutine task of mooring the boat before grabbing hsi backpack… and somethign else! On close inspection it was obvious what it was, onr of the huge man-portable machine guns from the island. The find that could sink boats and were too big to fire standign up without a tripod. -03:11 Apr 16
Kate: "Speak for yourself, sea god! I’m still pretty normal!" As normal as she could be, anyway! Kate fetched the swords, and made sure she had her gunbelt on too. And a good pair of gloves so her fingers wouldn’t be too frozen to pull the trigger. Of course, Ru had to have the biggest baddest gun ever and she was half wondering why they couldn’t just blast everything to pieces THAT way. …aside from the curse. Kate was hopping off the boat in no time, ready for their trek in to enemy territory. -03:20 Apr 16
Raul: Raul had his hands full with machine gun, ammo, and assault rifle, and so handed the gps to Kate before snappign snow shoes onto his feet and looking inland. "I think thast the mountain we’re looking for, I’ve packed us skis for the track back down… you can use skis right?" -03:24 Apr 16
Kate: Kate looked at him like he was crazy. Skis? Really? "I can’t believe you just asked me that… No! But I’ll figure it out. It can’t be much different from surfing, right?" With GPS in hand and a direction to head in, Kate started walking. "Skiing, seriously… like there is snow in the bahamas." -03:28 Apr 16
Raul: "Didn’t stop me learning." he said "But then I’ve been training for this my whole life." he followed and soon they had left the docks behind. Raul seemed sure of the direction they needed to go in and only needed the GPS as a backup, in case his memorised data was out of date.. it probably was. "As soon as we… oh no…. I can feel him." he stepped up the pace almost pushing Kate towards the mountain. "He knows we’re here." -03:31 Apr 16
Kate: "Of course he does! This couldn’t go and be EASY!" she responded, throwing a look over her shoulder to see if anything was looming in the distance. She definitely wasn’t hesistating in speeding the hell up, even if all the snow make it a pain in the ass to get running. "Just don’t panic! Then I’LL panic and we’ll be in all kinds of shit!" -03:34 Apr 16
Raul: "I have a gun the thickness of my arm over my shoulder, if I panic I’ll fall and it will drown me in the snow." he said not needing to turn around to knwo that they were rising from the sea. "There that dark spok on the base of the mountain. That is our way in." Movign as fast as he could with all his equipment Raul still stopped to pull a smaller bag velcroes to his main bag loose and drop it near the enterence. "Strait as far as we can go." he kicked off the snow shoes and left them lying where they fell. "Throne room, go!" -03:39 Apr 16
Kate: "I’m goin’, I’m goin’!" Boy, he really knew how to make a girl feel secure about a situation. It was pretty clear to Kate that they were going to be bullshitting their way through it! In to the mountain they went, and though that urge to stop and explore the carvings on the walls or figure out where passages led, she kept her focus on following the little arrow of the GPS. The little thing was serious as shit, all the way down to the precise room of location, apparently. -03:42 Apr 16
Raul: As soom as they entered Raul dropped his pack, unfoldere the trippob and fed the amunition belt into the gun, then with it cocked he set up a spotlight on the ground pointing outwards. "Here comed the fun part…" he said getting behind the hurredly set up gun and turning on the light as hoorific howls and screams filled the corrridor. "I hope my ancestor has more tips for you." -03:47 Apr 16
Kate: "Help would be really nice right now, yeah!" Hell, she was even hoping to spot something. Anything. So far, though, there was nothing of use. Kate near tripped over the broken and smashed up pieces of wood that used to be a door when she stumbled in to the throne room. It was…. kind of surreal to be there. Red splotchy stains were across the floors. Human bones scatted to corners. Even the throne itself seemed to be partially made of bone. A scene straight out of hell. All it needed were fresh bodies, and here she and Ru were offering themselves up. "Okay…! Now how did all that shit go last time..!" -03:51 Apr 16
Raul: "I thi… Fe…. But I cam’t be….neved been a full god." His voice was drowned out by busts from the heavy gun. Thew were still a ways down the passage but this baby had a long range and a lot of ammo. "There was soemthign about the amulet in the book but I don’t think Ferius knew the details himself." Another burst and inhumen screams of anger and pain from down the passageway. "Theres more than I thought…." -03:55 Apr 16
Kate: "Hey Kate, lets go in to the den of an evil sea god and not have a clear idea how to destroy him! Sure, Ru! I’d love to be suicidal and offer myself up as a sacrifice to ancient demons! Best honeymoon ever!" He should know these things! The amulet was important, at least she knew that much. The amount of stories it appeared in even before Raul’s family legends stated, was a LOT. The southern sea god was always at odds with the northern sea god and…. Damnit, it was really hard to think with all of that gun fire and hellish screaming! "What else! I need tid bits or.. something I can work with!" -04:02 Apr 16
Raul: More gunfire, a long burst. Raul was biting his lip. Vardri had made his appeearence and the bullets were doing nothing against him. "A bone spearhed, a bone blade.. " he was naming artifacts, artofacts they should have or…" Check the throne." He could see adn ehad the bullets thuddign into Vardri’s chest but the the god just grinned and advanged, Raul had to ignore him adn focus fire on the Grendels around him, but Vardri’s massive massive body was actin liek a sield for them.. "Uhh KAAAATE." Raul watched as Vardri raised hsi axe and threw it. Raul dove to the floor and the axe smashed itno the gun cutting in clean in half!. "Kate we’ve got problems." Raul was rolling to his feet and unslinging his looted rifle. "One big one and lots of little ones." -04:08 Apr 16
Kate: "I’m working on it!" Dread, hellfire, piss and shit. Kate’s head was going through more curse words than ideas, and Raul’s freaking out wasn’t helping HER not freak out! Then Vardri himself showed up, and Kate was leaping at the throne to shove bits of old bone away, look for markings or anything useful. …that spearhead! She dug around in her pocket until she pulled it out. Delilah Red unleashed Vardri when she opened a box and took out the spearhead, right? So it could reseal him, surely! ….if she could figure out how! "Don’t die, I almost got it!" -04:15 Apr 16
Raul: "NNNGRRAAAAA. -04:17 Apr 16
Raul: "NNNGRRAAAAA." Raul was firing wildly with on hand and brandishing his sword with his other, Vardri however was more interested in Kate. "Now so fast asshole." raul jumped on him back from behind. "You want my wife you’re going through me." He spoke, his voice made from the very nature of hate "Worm….. You family is nothing to me.. chosing mortality." he reached back and threw Raul to the ground like a ragdoll before turning to Kate. "All I need is the blood of a woman and I will have eternity to torture you." He reached for Kate as Raul struggled to his feet, then the entire chamber was filled with blue light as Raul again tackled Vardri sendign lightnign coursing through the god. "Well I’m not done with you… You never, ever turn your back on an Emidio." -04:24 Apr 16
Kate: "Hoooly shit." Don’t panic Kate! You got this! She was trying to ignore the scuffle and the fact that god’s voice sent all the wrong soft of shivers down her spine. Wait, blood of a woman… Ah ha! She might have almost laughed if she wasn’t frantically kicking around looking for just what she needed. Those grendals were seeping in, getting in her way. The fact they weren’t jumping to attack her immediately was more than a little alarming. Kate spotted what she wanted, some old chipped clay jar on the floor. Dodging one of the creepers she snatched it up and went running back to the throne. …all she needed was a few more minutes…! -04:31 Apr 16
Raul: While Kate was being ignored by the grendals Raul, wasn’t. He wasn only saved but the face that he was fighting with Vardri and they seemed to be afraid to get in his way. "Its useless to fight me…." Raul had to dodge, he had gotten Vardri’s attention and was almost regretting it. Almost. "Kate how are we doing?" Raul had lost his weapons and was now grappling Vardri thier faces inches apart. "Give me good news.." Vardri picked raul up and hurled his across the room where he landed in a heap of bones. "Watch girl as I kill and worm that claims to be your husband… then its your turn…" -04:41 Apr 16
Kate: Jar on the throne. Spearhead in her hand. Now what the fuck did she do?! There it was, the help she needed…! The amulet burned against her skin again and she could see that faint shape. It felt more like a memory than an apparition. Bone cutting across the hand… Kate took the spearhead, as sharp as ever and drew it across her palm to cut it. Wincing and cursing in the process, it left a dark red slash against his skin. That seemed to send the whole room of beasties in to a frenzy, be it just from the scent of her blood, or what she was trying to do. Kate covered the spearhead in her blood and held it over the jar. "Guess what, asshole! You’re not gonna do shit!" ..and before he came charging across the room or something else jumped at her, she dropped that spearhead in to the jar. Snatching up the lid and sealing it up tight. Kate just prayed that was enough! -04:49 Apr 16
Raul: The scream that filled the chamber was deffening and Raul who was staring up as an axe from the pile of bones on the floow had to cover his ears. Its wasn’t just Vardri streaming in rage but all the Grendels screaming in pain as thier ties to the mortal plane were cut…. it lasted longer than a minute but when it was over Raul uncovered his ears and struggled to his feet. "You.. did it." -04:56 Apr 16
Kate: Kate barely heard him. Her ears were still ringing from the screams, and she was still clinging tight to that jar trying to keep the lid on it, as if she were afraid everything was going to start popping out like some sort of creepy jack-in-the-box. Even her eyes had been squeezed shut and now she was peeking them open. "…are you sure?" -05:01 Apr 16
Raul: "Still alive arn’t we?" he asked moving to pick up a weapon with speed that sugested he still wanted to be safe. "Thats it… Don’t ever open that in fact…" he reached for his pack and retrieved a roll of duct tape handing it to her. "We should make sure no one ever does… then we can get back to were its warm, move into our new home… start living.." -05:08 Apr 16
Kate: Kate took the tap and was immediately wrapping the blasted thing up so tight that it was probably waterpoof. She practically used the entire roll. At the very least, it wasn’t going to open by accident unless someone smashed it. "Can we bury it here? Kill the entrance and make sure no one else can ever get in here?" -05:11 Apr 16
Raul: "You read my mind." he said with a grin and pulled somethign else from his bag. A detonator just liek tha one he had used to blow up her boat. "We’d best be getting out of here." he picked up his sword but before going for his bag closed the distance between them and kissed her cheek. -05:14 Apr 16
Kate: She was rocking on her feet. Still a little unbelieving that it was done. Over. Everything was silent and still. No more evil god, grendals, and even if there were more cultists, no one was getting back in this place once they were gone. Before he broke away she was tossing her arms around his neck for a hug. For the first time, that’s all she wanted! "Then lets trash this joint, and go have life!" -05:17 Apr 16

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