Since You’ve Been Gone 012: The Truth in Betrayal


Yvaine: At least Yvaine could walk now, even if she was still a little weak on her feet. Having Hans carrying her around had been amusing for the first day or so, but after that, Yvaine was antsy to move or dance or anything! Now she was seated in a very fine room… with only Gunther for company. Conversations with Gunther were never pleasant and lately… Lately something was just really bothering her and she was struggling to remember or figure it out. She was staring down at a book, not even reading the pages. -05:16 Apr 11

The bodyguard ketp his eyes on her, she was behaving eraticly, maybe understandable… still. He didn’t say anything, as usual, only speaking when spoke to. And besides Hans would be back soon. -Hans

Yvaine: Silence seemed to be even worse than not talking. Yvaine closed her book and huffed. Looking a little surprised to find Gunther watching her like a hawk. "…Gunther I understand you’re supposed to take care of me, but you really don’t have to literally watch me the entire time…" -05:21 Apr 11

“Just making sure you’re alright.” he responded “It is after all not long before rulership changes hands and your fiancee has no real power. And you still want to marry him. Comendable.” -Hans

Yvaine: …comments like that were exactly why she avoided talking to Gunther now. "I love him whether he’s ruling the country or not…" Yvaine went silent. They couldn’t keep doing this. She didn’t trust him, and he obviously didn’t trust her. …if he was going to be her guardian, they couldn’t kept that up. Yvaine shifted in her seat to face his direction. "…Gunther, I don’t understand what I did for you to dislike me so much. We could be friends if you gave me the chance. We both love Hans don’t we?" -05:29 Apr 11

“I have protected him for most of my career in the guard. It is my job to safeguard the throne. To keep the true ruler in it and uphold the traditions of the royal family. Personal feelings don’t come into it.” -Hans

Yvaine: There was that phrase again. True ruler, true heir… He never spoke about Hans directly. It just… didn’t sit right and her wheels were turning again. "But they do come in to it, don’t they? You wouldn’t swear your loyalty to someone you didn’t love. So you have to admit that you care about Hans…" -05:35 Apr 11

“I have known him since he was a child I was his mentor in the trainign program. I have been there for him even when his father could not. Of course I care but I cannot alow that to cloud my duty to the throne. If anyone, king, qhueen or commoner undermines the throne in any way it is my duty to have them… removed..” it was a rare outburst.. one of a kind and he quickly regained himself. “We all have our duties.” -Hans

Yvaine: Removed. That hit a chord and Yvaine was slowly rising to her feet. She needed to pace a bit, the conversation was making her tense. "Your duty is to the person on the throne. The person. And a person’s wishes or way they rule is going to be different from every one… So what are you trying to say? That you don’t trust Hans to be on the throne…? Because I haven’t forgotten how close you seem to be to his Uncle…" Yvaine didn’t mean to be confrontational, but maybe it was better than they got this all out now. -05:43 Apr 11

“The throne is bigger than the man under the crown…” he said finally standing. “I’ve never had children, Hans is the closest I’ve got to a son. I hope you will rememebr that.” he turned his back on her and looked out the window his hand never far from his gun. -Hans

Yvaine: "That didn’t answer my question." She paused in the middle of the room, crossing her arms uncomfortably. Frowning at his back. "Do you trust Hans to be the King of this country? He is turning it over to Parliment because he feels he has to. Because he’s believes it’s what’s best for everyone. If you’re concerned about, you could tell him not to do it. He would listen to you. ….but that is IF it’s what you even want…" Yvaine was very quickly realizing that she didn’t believe it. Gunther always spoke about taking care of the throne, but where was Gunther when Hans needed him? Where was Gunther when paparazzi took pictures of them. And where was Gunther when someone tried to blackmail them. And where was Gunther when someone breached Hans trust and let slip they were in Paris… and… !! Yvaine stilled in surprise. That cold, eerie realization washing over her. Where was Gunther ten years ago too, when she wanted to help Hans… "You…" -05:55 Apr 11
[Hans enters.] -06:15 Apr 11
[Hans has timed out.] -06:22 Apr 11

The gun was in his hands. “Me.” He turned “I did question Hans, I was so close to getting him to change his proposal, there would be a parliment but the throne would be in control. Make the final ruling… But then you came in.” his face was unreadable “I never wanted to work with him uncle, not this time but I didn’t have a choice. Because of you. And now… now I’m running out of options. I never meant for that to happen to you, if Hans hadn’t beaten me to it I would have shot him myself. So unless you want to help me change Hans’ mind you’re in my way…” -Hans

Yvaine: "You are the one he was talking about… the one that let him out. I trusted you… HANS trusted you!" Yvaine felt sick… and more strongly, she was angry. Without even thinking, Yvaine was across the room swinging her hand with a surprising amount of force to slap him. "You bastard…! How could you do something so horrible!" Yvaine moved to hit him again, shaking with the fury. -06:32 Apr 11

He grabbed her and pushed the gun into her head. “It wasn’t meant to go the way it did..” he was sounding less in control now “That bastard got greedy and phones himself. You should have left on the plane when you had a chance, it would have all worked out for everyone. Even Hans.. Now…” The door burst open. -Hans

Yvaine: Yvaine gave a surprised yelp, but she was still so furious that any fear was well buried. She was still trying to hit him. "You sent me to his HOUSE back then..! And then you let him at me again! For what?! Because you can’t trust Hans…?! You hurt him and me for that..! There’s no excuses! NO excuses, you bastard!" -06:41 Apr 11
Hans: Hans was in the room a gun pointed at Gunther. "What is gong on here.. Yvaine… Gunther…" He circled his eyes and gun steady, his finger on the trigger obviously ready to fire. -06:44 Apr 11

“Hans…” gunther hugged Yvaine to him using her as a shield “You are under arest for treason and conspiracy to undermine the authority of the throne. Put down your gun.” -Hans

Yvaine: Yvaine stopped trying to beat on Gunther, and now she was crying in angry. "You’re his guard and he trusted you and you betrayed him!" she was still shouting, and though she wasn’t trying to hit him she was still trying to get out of his grasp. -06:49 Apr 11
Hans: "The only one I see commiting treason here is you." the peices were falling into place now, who had been around at the summer castle, who had known about the trip? Hans’ blood was begining to boil… "And you have bene all along…" -06:52 Apr 11

“I’ve done my duty to the throne nothing less. I’ve fought hard to save you from yourself and you had to forget it all the moment she walked in the door. One of three things is going to happen. You’re turning yourself in to the guard, to me, you’re stoppin ghtis signover ov I’m pulling the trigger.” -Hans

Yvaine: If she could strangle him she would have. Yvaine had tired herself out and was reduced to trying to push that gun away from her head. "You haven’t done anything but hurt people..!" -07:00 Apr 11
Hans: "Gunther you don’t want to do this." Hans said "Even if you shoot me theres the rest of the guard, give up and no one needs to die here tonight." his tone was calm but his eyes darted to Yvaine.. "But if you hurt her I will kill you." -07:03 Apr 11

“You’re wrong. If I shoot you I win even if I die. You uncle will get the throne and even though I hate him as much as you do he’ll make sure he keeps it instead of handng over all the power to commoners. I’m sorry it came to this but I tried to warn you.”” -Hans

Yvaine: Yvaine was trying not to panic. Everything was so tense, and even with her anger she wasn’t near as calm as Hans. But he was there, and he promised nothing would happen to her. Yvaine sucked in a deep breath, hitting Gunther hard with her elbow before she broke away and stumbled out of his grasp. -07:11 Apr 11
Hans: As soon as Yvaine was clear and before Gunther could recover, as if he had been waiting for it Hans pulled the trigger, bang. bang. bang three times. Gunther went down and Hans rushed up to him, kicking the gun away from his ahnds and feeling then going to Yvaine as more guard came running to investigate the shots. Hans had his arms around Yvaine even before that got to Gunther. "Hes alive…" "Get him to hospital.." Hans walked with Yvaine towards teh door getting her away from the scene. "Gunther… was the mole?" -07:16 Apr 11
Yvaine: He eyes had closed the minute she heard the gunshot and she kept them closed even as Hans walked her away. She didn’t want to see blood or anyone dead, even if she was thinking deep down that he might deserve it. She nodded quickly. "This whole time… even then! I thought something was strange, I heard him talking to someone and your uncle… but I… I knew I should have told you. But I didn’t want to believe…" If only she had said something sooner! -07:19 Apr 11
Hans: "i should have seen it." he said "No one knows him better that me.." he sat down with her "Maybe now it will be over." -07:21 Apr 11
Yvaine: "When you were in jail and I asked him how to help, he gave me that address… He told me that if I wanted to help you I should go there. And I never remembered that…!" Yvaine was so dizzy, she had to lean against him. "All this time he would tell me things and send me places and then everything would get bad… I don’t know why I never remembered…" -07:25 Apr 11
Hans: Hans kissed her cheek "Well its over now. He’ll be in jail and I still kept my promise to you father to shoot anyone responsable." he put his hand on her cheek and turned her head to face him. "Nothing can stop us getting married now." -07:30 Apr 11

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