After time to heal up, Bronwen tests out MacBeth’s reflexes. If he can fight with her, he could handle whatever Morgan throws at them! They have a nice scuffle and were about to draw guns when Duncan interrupts and says everything is almost ready to leave. Ma Hessing sends them off with many, many gifts. A pocket-dimension basket, a nice special gun for Bronwen. The Briar Rose is getting awfully crowded, and Bronwen remembers about that snatched Keycard for the other ship. Cassius and Bronwen get in a fight over who is commanding the ship, and Cassius tries to pull rank by telling the boys he is the new captain. MacBeth flat out refuses. And so does Duncan! Cassius isn’t happy about it, but he takes it like a man for the time being. Bronwen sets the new destination of getting their new ship!

Bronwen and MacBeth go through the basket from Ma Hessing, and Bronwen is sure that she must be one of the Toru Princesses. That also means that their Duncan is a prince! They finally arrive back at the planet where they first met Duncan! Cassius stays on board while the others head out. Duncan drags MacBeth to go looking at ships while Bronwen deals with a Parking Goon asking for sexy-time as a bribe to not call in goons after them! Bronwen “agrees” which is really just her way of finding the ship and then killing the guy. But the previous owner had been waiting for an ambush with a freezer to store her in! Without thinking she reacted recklessly until MacBeth and Duncan showed up as backup! They take care of things quick! MacBeth notices she’s acking strange, and doesn’t let her dodge answering his question. She confesses that she seems to have developed a fear of being stuffed back in the freezer box. MacBeth mentions that at least her fear makes sense, but before she can ask, Duncan and Cassius return. She sends them to wash up their new ship so she can be alone with MacBeth. They discuss what to do about Brennen before she brings up the fear business again – and he knows he can’t dodge cause she always tricks it out of him! MacBeth says he’s afraid of a someone, but he isn’t sure who. They talk about Brennen again, as well as Aaron, and Bronwen mentions he should be most afraid of her! She manages to get him to sing her another song. She makes tough negotiations about getting herself some future songs, much to MacBeth’s surprise! Cassius interrupts and they tease him a bit.

In the engine room, they find out their new ship was stolen direct from Morgan’s fleet. MacBeth goes to fetch Duncan. Cassius shows up trying to harass Bronwen by mentioning MacBeth is in love with a girl named Arasia, and Bronwen nips that by revealing she already knows. Cassius realizes “something” and starts acting peculiar.

[Bronwen snuck up on MacBeth. And took a swing at him with one of those garden hoes! Let\’s see if he\’s on his toes!] -02:56 Jun 11
[MacBeth turned slightly and caught the hoe in mid-swing!] -02:58 Jun 11
MacBeth: … You’re insane. *Was all he said.* -02:58 Jun 11
MacBeth: *But he didn’t let go of the garden hoe. Oh no.* -02:58 Jun 11
Bronwen: There’s a method to my madness, you know. *And she pulled out a gun to aim at his foot!* -02:59 Jun 11
MacBeth: Yeah. Sure. *He moved the foot she’s aiming it and grabbed her wrist to move her aim away from him.* And you’re not showering Cassius or Duncan with this kind of attention, why? -03:07 Jun 11
Bronwen: I came to the conclusion, that if you’re well enough to fight with me, then you’re well enough to tackle whatever idiot Morgan throws at us. *She let go of the garden hoe, and smiled sweetly!* Brilliant, isn’t it? *She swung up her hand crack his nose in to his skull!* -03:11 Jun 11
MacBeth: *Tilted his head slightly so that her hand meets with thin air!* Allow me to return the favor. *He dropped to the ground and swung his leg out, to sweep her ankles out from under her.* -03:13 Jun 11
Bronwen: *She jumped and flipped backwards..even making sure to put her gun away in the process! On her feet again she cracked her wrists.* Feels fine to me. Just a little stiff. You on the other hand- *She sprang for a rake leaning against a wood pillar, and swung it down on him in a single fluid movement!* -03:17 Jun 11
MacBeth: *Was suddenly not there anymore. He’d rolled away a short distance, pulling his gun out at the same time and breaking the rake with one shot.* Now I owe the Hessings a rake. -03:21 Jun 11
Bronwen: You’re cheating! If pulled my gun on you, you’d be dead. *Having a broken rake didn’t phase her in the least. She snagged the other peice, swinging for the gun, while she busy busy trying to jab him in the chest with the other!* -03:23 Jun 11
MacBeth: … You pulled your gun on my foot. *He put the gun away and his foot under the garden hoe’s handle. He kicked it up, caught it, and used it to block the jabs. Then he stopped blocking to briefly stop the swing before going back to blocking the jabs.* -03:32 Jun 11
Bronwen: I wasn’t actually going to start shooting at you. *His is longer than hers! …She swung both her peices down to thwack him in the head and then brought up her foot to kick him in the chest!* -03:35 Jun 11
MacBeth: Neither was I. *He jumped backwards when he saw her swing which put him out of distance of her foot.* -03:39 Jun 11
Bronwen: The point, is that if this were a gun battle, I’d win hands down in three seconds flat. *Out of distance for kicking but… not out of distance for her to throw herself on the ground and do a sliding swing of her legs to take out his knees!* -03:43 Jun 11
MacBeth: But we’re not talking about a gun battle. *He saw her coming and quickly turned. He ran a short distance away, straight to the wall of the barn which he actually ran up briefly. Then he jumped off of it and landed a short distance behind Shadowstar.* In case you haven’t noticed, the people who want you dead are packing serious firepower. -03:49 Jun 11
Bronwen: Well if you want me to start shooting at you- *She was on her feet in a second and pulling her gun to shoot.* -03:50 Jun 11
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit as he pulled out his gun again.* -03:52 Jun 11

Duncan: *Walked out, eating an apple and paused.* Um … am I … interrupting something?

Bronwen: *Bronwen dropped her gun arm as she rest a hand on her hip. She sighed.* Duncan, do you make a habit of walking in to the middle of gun battles? -03:53 Jun 11

Duncan: *Took another bite of the apple.* Um … Guess so …? I came to see if y’all ready to leave yet. Cassius looks real eager to go.

Bronwen: Cassius can go sit on a cactus for all I care! *But, away went the gun.* Hmph… I didn’t want to kill MacBeth, anyway. -03:57 Jun 11
MacBeth: *Made a noise that sounded an awful lot like a snort but he put his gun away as well.* -03:59 Jun 11

Duncan: Mama says if you’d like anything special for lunch before we go. She’s already packing some meals for the trip. *He grinned sheepishly.*

Bronwen: If you want to pull guns onboard the ship, Mac, I’m all for putting you in your place. *With a smile she brushed past MacBeth.* I hope she’s giving me the secrets to her damned cellar. -04:03 Jun 11
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit but didn’t say a thing.* -04:07 Jun 11

Duncan: *Blinked.* Her cellar …? You guys never did tell me what was down there. What’s it like?

Bronwen: Apparently it’s where your mother sends people to be punished. She must really love you, Flyboy. -04:08 Jun 11

Duncan: *Obviously can’t figure whether to believe the Cap’n or not. But he pointed to the house.* Well, you know where to find her if you’re looking for some small talk. I have to go see how Cassius is doing with the Briar Rose. *And that he was gone.*

Bronwen: *Bronwen crossed her arms and headed towards the house.* I have a feeling he just wanted to make sure we didn’t kill each other. -04:10 Jun 11
MacBeth: Can you blame him? With the two of us gone, he gets stuck with Cassius. -04:11 Jun 11
Bronwen: Hmm. Next time we’ll make Duncan play too. *Bronwen was admittedly wary of walking in that house again, knowing Mama Hessing’s wonderful skill of traps. But she did want to say goodbye!* -04:14 Jun 11
MacBeth: He does need to learn how to fight. -04:16 Jun 11

Mama Hessing was busy in the kitchen, humming and dancing around. Her skirt swirled around her. She was hard at work making something but her back was to them.

Bronwen: *She stepped in to the kitchen, arms still crossed and fingers tapping on her arms. That woman was a bundle of sweetness and light, but it was perfectly clear to Bronwen that she was a devious little fox!* Mon petite Madam Hessing… We’re getting ready to leave. -04:19 Jun 11

Mama Hessing turned with a picnic basket as large as she in her hands. “Why hello!” She smiled brightly. “Duncan said you were about ready to go. I hope you’re all rested up for your journey.”

Bronwen: *She she put a whole cow in that basket…?* Hmyesss, and grateful to still be alive too. I wanted to thank you for your hospitality, in anycase. -04:23 Jun 11
Bronwen: *Did she! -04:23 Jun 11

Mama Hessing giggled softly. That basket had to be quite heavy the way it hung so low to the ground! “We must all be grateful for something. I should thank you for taking such great care of my Duncan. I packed lots of goodies for some of your trip. Please make sure Duncan eats his vegetables.”

Bronwen: I’ll be more than happy to force feed him, if he won’t. *A huge wicked cat grin from Bronwen.* Would you like me to take that, Madam Hessing? *She pointed at the basket… half wondering if she won’t have to get those boys to carry it for her.* -04:31 Jun 11

Mama Hessing smiled. “I can hold onto it until one of the men gets here. I wanted to make sure you had plenty of goodies. It might be awhile until you get another vacation.”

Bronwen: Didn’t have to sneak in a nice little toy for me to tinker with, did you? Make my own little pocket cellar? -04:35 Jun 11

Mama Hessing giggled and leaned forward. “A nice toy or two and you’ll probably recognize what they do right away. Oh, and I couldn’t help but notice your gun. What model is it?”

Bronwen: *Oh good! Toys! Bronwen was much more amiable!* Kerigan 440. Snatched it right up out o’ one of Morgan’s shipments with a whole bunch of other pretties. -04:40 Jun 11

“Oh, perfect!” Mama Hessing suddenly swung the basket around and planted it on the counter. She reached into the pocket of her apron and pulled out a small wooden box. She handed it to Bronwen when Bronwen opened it up, she found a clip filled with several bullets that looked like it was just perfect for her gun. “Before I came here, someone very special to me had a Kerigan 440. He made these but … passed away before he could use them. They’re just collecting dust here.”

Bronwen: What did he make special bullets for? *She opened up the box and took a peek to see why they’d be so special! Looked rather normal, though…* -04:50 Jun 11
MacBeth: He called it "his thing." I’m not exactly sure if these are it but he always dreamt of perfecting the "anti-matter bullet" and he was convinced the Kerigan 440 was the perfect gun to do it with. Oh, Duncan, just in time. Come and carry this for Bronwen, will you, sweetie?" -04:53 Jun 11

“He called it “his thing.” I’m not exactly sure if these are it but he always dreamt of perfecting the “anti-matter bullet” and he was convinced the Kerigan 440 was the perfect gun to do it with. Oh, Duncan, just in time. Come and carry this for Bronwen, will you, sweetie?”

Duncan: *Blinked from the door.* Sure thing, Ma. *He grabbed the basket and nearly fell over!* Waahoooa ….

Bronwen: *A crazy mans bullets! That’s the perfect thing to shoot Morgan right in the face with! She’ll have to keep these safe and sound! She leaned over to peer down at Duncan.* Do you want some help? -04:55 Jun 11

Duncan: *Obviously struggling but he won’t admit it. Instead of holding it by the handle, his arms are wrapped around it and he’s swaying from one side to another.* Um … No … I uh–I got it!

MacBeth: Mama Hessing sighed softly. "Oh, Duncan …" -04:58 Jun 11

Mama Hessing sighed softly. “Oh, Duncan …”

Bronwen: ugh.. Annnyway, we appreciate your kindness, Madam Hessing! We’ll make sure to stop by again reasonably soon. *She didn’t try taking that basket from Duncan, but she did stand behind him to keep him propped up and from falling over!* -05:00 Jun 11
MacBeth: Mama Hessing smiled brightly. "Alright then. Take care!" She waved and watched them go. Duncan was so lucky to have found such great friends. -05:03 Jun 11

Mama Hessing smiled brightly. “Alright then. Take care!” She waved and watched them go. Duncan was so lucky to have found such great friends.

Duncan: Ugh …! Okay, bye, Mama! Ugh …! *Huff. Pant. Huff. He managed to somehow not drop the basket but it wasn’t easy.*

Bronwen: Can you even see where you’re going around that thing! *She had her hands propped up on his shoulders as she tried to peer around him.* -05:06 Jun 11

Duncan: *Oooff! What had she packed in here?!* Of course, I can see where I’m going! We’re … right by the chickens! *He paused.* Aren’t we?

Bronwen: I don’t see any chickens. *At this rate he’d walk them off a cliff! Bronwen turned him around and had him walking backwards as she pulled the back of his shirt!* There we go. The ship is right over there. -05:15 Jun 11

Duncan: *Now stuck trying to walk backwards and not dropping the basket!* Erm, so … what did Mama pack in here? A ship?

Bronwen: I heard of cows and a farm full of vegitables for you to eat! *Just a little farther! Ahah! Now how was she gonna get him up there backwards.* Hmm. *She tapped her chin.* -05:24 Jun 11

Duncan: *Blinked and adruptly stopped!* Vegetables?! Why’d she pack those in there? They taste horrible!

Bronwen: What’s you problem with vegetables, anyway? CASSIUS! HELP! -05:27 Jun 11

Cassius: *There was a mass of banging around inside the ship followed by Cassius apearing in the doorway armed and alarmed!* What i- …The hell, Bronwen! *What the shit was Duncan holding? A house?*

Duncan: I don’t have a problem with vegetables! They have a problem with me! *He tried to glance over his shoulder.* Cassius, help me out here!

Bronwen: *She pointed over her shoulder.* It’s a heavy present from his mother. -05:31 Jun 11

Cassius: *Grumbling to himself about false alarms, Cassius marched down to help Duncan out with that basket. At first he tried to take it from him, but apparently the damned thing was a billion times heavier than it looked and he opted for just helping to carry the load!* …what is with that woman!

Bronwen: *They could take care of that, she was pretty certain. Bronwen boarded the ship and took her little present box to… Well where was she going to put it! Duncan’s room was still Duncan’s room and there wasn’t exactly a lot of space on this damn thing. Bronwen lurked in the kitchenette, plotting.* -05:35 Jun 11

Duncan: *With Cassius helping and the Cap’n directing, he managed to get the basket into the ship. Of course there was a good question on where to put it until the Cap’n told them to put it in his room.*

Bronwen: Between that basket and Cassius’ fat head, there’s no room for anything else on this damned ship! -05:38 Jun 11

Cassius: *Cassius checked his head in the first mirror he came across.* Well unless you got us another ship, you’re just going to have to live with my head.

Bronwen: Where the hell am I supposed to get anothe- Hmm. *For the moment she slid her box in to a pocket, and then she was squeezing her way in to Duncan’s room.* Gonna be in here somewhere. -05:44 Jun 11

Duncan: *Was just glad to have the basket off his hands!* Phew. I need a drink. *He went searching for one.*

Cassius: …I’m not going to ask what you’re looking for. Instead, I’m give that pilot the next coordinates and make plans with MacBeth about Brennen.

Bronwen: You’re not the ones giving the orders around here, Cassio. *She was crawling in the floor and digging under that mess of a bed… Aha! She pulled out the key card! She knew she had it around here somewhere!* -05:50 Jun 11

Cassius: Don’t make me pull rank, Brownie, I don’t wanna make you cry.

MacBeth: *Was sitting in the control room, in the chair opposite Duncan’s. He looked up as Flyboy came in with a beer.* What are they up to now? -05:55 Jun 11
Bronwen: *Bronwen scoffed, sliding the keycard in her pocket and squeezing her way back out of Duncan’s room.* It’s my crew, Cassius, and if you don’t get that in your head, you’re gonna be the one crying. -05:56 Jun 11

Duncan: *Dropped into his chair and took a long swig of beer.* I think they’re arguing about who’s in command.

Cassius: *Cassius was frowning, puffing out his chest now and crossing his arms to look as intimidating as possible. It was about time Bronwen figured out who the boss was around here.* It was cute playing dressup and digging Mac out of trouble, but we’re playing with the big guns now, [i]Bronwen[/i], and it’s about time someone older and wiser took command.

MacBeth: *Grabbed a beer.* … Crap. -06:00 Jun 11
Bronwen: You’re right. I don’t know what I was thinking… I mean, I only busted you out of Morgan’s highly armed and dangerous fortress of doom only aided by an idiot and a wounded man. -06:02 Jun 11

Cassius: Dumb luck you even managed to get in there and one of your boys got captured too, didn’t he! So let’s cut the shit and start getting serious! This is my crew now, and you’re going to stay out of trouble while I fetch our brothers!

Bronwen: *She hissed! Of all the high and mighty assinine things!* By all means, go command your crew, Cassius, if you’re the big bad ole’ captain. -06:05 Jun 11

Cassius: Glad you’re seeing reason! *Cassius dropped his arms to his sides and went marching to the control room!* So, men. There’s been a change of command.

Duncan: *Blinked!* Change of command …? Like what?

Bronwen: *Bronwen followed, sliding in to the control room and tucking herself in the corner with hands on her hips and fingers tapping.* -06:08 Jun 11
MacBeth: *Sipped his beer.* -06:08 Jun 11

Cassius: I’m your captain now, and you’ll be taking orders from me. That all settled? Good. *He didn’t bother casting Bronwen a smirk, he wasn’t going to add insult to injury.*

MacBeth: … No. -06:09 Jun 11

Duncan: *Speechless!*

Cassius: Don’t screw around, MacBeth, we’ve got shit to get done.

MacBeth: And we will. Just as soon as you recognize your sister is the captain here. -06:11 Jun 11

Cassius: You can’t serious sit there and tell me that little girl *He pointed at bronwen!*, despite being the firecracker I love, is going to be able to command a full crew and deal with the shit that Morgan is going to throw at us? Men cry at that old hag’s feet. I’m the captain, here.

Bronwen: *A taptapping of her fingers, and a very vcold scowl. Little girl, huh…* -06:15 Jun 11
MacBeth: I trust her. *He glanced at Duncan.* Duncan …? -06:17 Jun 11

Duncan: *Blinked!* Um … uh … I … *Gulped!* I trust her, too! *He nodded firmly.*

Cassius: …You ran on my crew, MacBeth. It doesn’t matter if you trust her or not, I’m the more capable captain.

MacBeth: Trust means everything on a crew. You could be the most capable captain ever born but that’s nothing without trust. I love you like a brother, Cassius. That was then and this is now. I’m on your sister’s crew. -06:22 Jun 11
Bronwen: If we’re done, I’ve got coordinates for Duncan. *She didn’t smile, smirk or grin… She just blinked and tapped her fingers.* -06:25 Jun 11

Cassius: …son of a bitch. *A severe blow to his ego, but he’d take it like a man.* …Then I’ll go seeing about those repairs and modifications, Captain Shadowstar. *He clearly wasn’t a happy camper when he stomped down the halls.*

MacBeth: *Finished off the beer and swerved the chair around to face the right way.* … -06:28 Jun 11
Bronwen: *She moved and patted Duncan on the head.* You remember where we met, right? We’re gonna pay that place a little visit and pickup something nice and shiny for you. -06:29 Jun 11

Duncan: *Still can’t believe what just happened.* Uh, yes, Cap’n …

Duncan: *Cracked a grin!* Seriously? Gee, thanks, Cap’n!

Bronwen: *She then… fell in to MacBeth’s lap, slinked her arms around his shoulders and gave him a big kiss on the cheek!* Have I mentioned how much I love you and how you’re the most wonderfully awesome and best first mate a captain could ever have? -06:31 Jun 11
MacBeth: *Suddenly had a Shadowstar in his lap! He smirked a bit.* Try telling that to my last captains. But you’re welcome, Shadowstar. -06:35 Jun 11
Bronwen: I intend to! What sort of idiots are going to pass you around- and that’s a rhetorical questions, I know they’re idiots. *She moved only slightly so she could take a look at Duncan and make sure he wasn’t side tracking them anywhere weird.* -06:40 Jun 11
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* You’re insane, Shadowstar. -06:44 Jun 11

Duncan: Don’t worry, don’t worry … *He said as he got her started and away they went!* I’ll take us back quicker than you can say, ‘Duncan, you’re a monkey’s uncle’. Which is funny because I’m not an uncle … not that I know of anyways …

Bronwen: Insane, but you still love me, don’t you. *She pulled that key card out of her pocket and dangled it in front of his eyes.* Because I’m ever so resourceful. *Refrains from telling Duncan he’s just a monkey!* -06:47 Jun 11
MacBeth: *Raised an eyebrow at the key card.* And I assume the prize this key belongs to is in our next destination? -06:51 Jun 11
Bronwen: It belongs to a ship, and if it’s previous owner didn’t exagerate how big it is, it could swallow up Briar Rose and still have room to spare. -06:53 Jun 11
MacBeth: Never hurts to be optimistic. *He tilted his head slightly at her.* You just remembered you had it? -06:57 Jun 11
Bronwen: *She gave a sheepish look.* ..I…sort of forgot about it, up until the guy accosted me at the bar. He probably planned on shooting me, but I tricked him in to gambling again. Then I had to go a blab my big mouth and get Fishface’s attention… -06:59 Jun 11
MacBeth: Might not just be a fancy after all. If the owner wanted it back so badly. Guess we’ll just have to find out. -07:06 Jun 11
Bronwen: I look forward to not sharing Duncan’s bed anymore. You suppose the four of us could handle an obnoxiously large ship? -07:08 Jun 11
MacBeth: At the rate we’re going, we need a large ship. It would be nice not to have to sleep in a chair or on the floor all the time. -07:12 Jun 11
Bronwen: *She pinched his cheeks!* I’ll give you your very own room. Would you like any more presents? -07:13 Jun 11
[Bronwen was sitting in the lap of her first mate, and hardly found that strange at all.] -02:16 Jun 12
[MacBeth shook his head, smirking a bit.] -02:20 Jun 12
MacBeth: So off to grab us a new ship then. But what about Brennan? -02:20 Jun 12
Bronwen: If we don’t get a bigger ship first, there’s not going to be anywhere to put Brennen. It’s cramped enough as it is. -02:21 Jun 12
MacBeth: Point taken. We could do with some supplies, too. We didn’t get a chance to earn some creds on our little vacation. Given how trigger-happy you get, we’re going to need them. -02:22 Jun 12
Bronwen: *She cast him a stern look.* Trigger happy, am I? I think we’ll have to be more worried about medical supplies, considering your track record with damages. -02:23 Jun 12
MacBeth: Heh. Touché. *He gave her a sideways glance.* But you’re still trigger-happy. -02:25 Jun 12
Bronwen: For that, I might not get you a present one we claim our ship! -02:28 Jun 12
MacBeth: … And I was so looking forward to a pony when we got there. -02:29 Jun 12
Bronwen: Uh huh. You didn’t think, did you. Now Duncan will be the only one getting a present, and you’ll be jealous. -02:30 Jun 12
MacBeth: There’s only one thing I want left in this world, Shadowstar. And we haven’t gotten there yet. -02:36 Jun 12
Bronwen: If that’s Morgan’s head on a platter, I was going to give you that, anyway. -02:38 Jun 12
MacBeth: *Chuckled softly.* That’s very gracious of you. *He said, obviously meaning it.* -02:41 Jun 12
Bronwen: Now would you like to help me dig around in that giant basket, so we can figure out what to do with it? -02:43 Jun 12
MacBeth: Why not? *He shrugged a bit.* After seeing the Hessing cellar, I’m expecting anything. -02:45 Jun 12
Bronwen: *Bronwen hopped off of his lap, stuffing the keycard back in to her pocket and patting Duncan on the head on her way out.* There might actually BE a cow in it. -02:46 Jun 12

Duncan: *Looked up.* I’ll keep you posted if anything happens! *He called out after her.*

MacBeth: *Followed her to where they’d put the basket.* Did you two make up before we left the farm? *He asked, meaning Shadowstar and Mama Hessing.* -02:50 Jun 12
Bronwen: We came to a mutual understanding, yes! *Bronwen climbed on top of Duncan’s bed, so she could get a real look inside that basket.* She’s a kindred spirit. -02:51 Jun 12
MacBeth: *Moved to the opposite side of the basket. He won’t admit it but he’s curious about what’s in the basket, too.* -02:53 Jun 12

Mama Hessing was a clever woman! The basket is a lot larger than it appears inside and that’s when Bronwen and Mac realize she’s somehow created a pocket dimension inside of the basket! There are tons of things inside of the basket, canned food, packages, and some boxes.

Bronwen: How does she do this! *Bronwen leaned over the edge of it so she could dig around properly, peeking under box lids and reading over cans. There was more than enough supplies for the four of them, plus her other brothers for two months at least!* -03:00 Jun 12
MacBeth: *Reached into the basket to pull out a large white box bound by red string. On the box was a label that read: "IN CASE OF INVASION, OPEN BOX".* Hm. -03:02 Jun 12
Bronwen: This is going to save so much money… *She had nearly tipped herself head first in to the damned thing, hopefully there was a way out if someone fell in!* If I could recreate this thing… what a lovely little toy! -03:07 Jun 12
MacBeth: … You could just go visit her again. *He suggested as he set the box aside. He was beginning to think they should’ve visited Duncan’s family’s place a lot sooner!* -03:13 Jun 12
Bronwen: Once a month! Maybe sooner! …all though next time I’m not going to ask her any damned favors. *Bronwen had found a freshly baked muffin, of which she quickly snatched up and plopped on the bed to eat.* -03:15 Jun 12
MacBeth: *He placed the box back into the basket, thinking it unwise to leave it just lying around here.* No wonder it looked so damn heavy. -03:19 Jun 12
Bronwen: And she could carry it without huffing a breath. I seriously think she’s one of the lost Toru Princesses. -03:22 Jun 12
MacBeth: One of …? *Somehow the fact that there could be other women just like Duncan’s mother was not encouraging.* -03:29 Jun 12
Bronwen: *She looked devious!* You’re so young I don’t suppose you know anything about the Toru Princesses… My mother told me all sorts of stories. Said Fa tried to run off with one and near got himself killed. -03:30 Jun 12
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Guess I am. Nearly got himself killed? By the Toru Princess? -03:31 Jun 12
Bronwen: Yes.. because apparently Toru Princesses have no tolorance for men, especially flirty obnoxious men… And Fa was most certainly that.. -03:35 Jun 12
MacBeth: So, no tolerance for men. What else were they famous for? -03:36 Jun 12
Bronwen: Hmm… let me think. … They had this brilliant knock for technology that really borders on supernatural. I mean, really… How do you make pocket dimensions? That’s practically impossible. -03:37 Jun 12
MacBeth: I see what you mean. Seems weird she’d hook up with someone like Duncan’s dad, though. -03:39 Jun 12
Bronwen: I’m sure even a Toru princess falls in love. They were really sickeningly sweet… -03:41 Jun 12
MacBeth: Much like Duncan’s mother. So, these Toru Princesses they just upped and disappeared? -03:42 Jun 12
Bronwen: Something like that… They have a home planet somewhere, but no one really knows where it is. And most people probably don’t even think the exist. But if I ever saw someone that would be one, it was surely Madam Hessing! -03:44 Jun 12
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Hmph. What do you know? Well, I’m just glad she’s on our side. -03:45 Jun 12
Bronwen: You know what this means though, don’t you? Duncan is a Toru Prince! -03:46 Jun 12
MacBeth: … So I suppose we can’t just throw him in the face of danger whenever we feel like it now, hm? -03:47 Jun 12
Bronwen: Not without his mothering hunting us down and throwing us back in to her cellar. -03:48 Jun 12
MacBeth: Point taken. These Toru Princesses. I guess they aren’t human then. -03:50 Jun 12
Bronwen: She sure didn’t seem human… -03:51 Jun 12

Duncan: *His voice came over the intercom.* Okay, everyone, now approaching our destination. This humble little rock where I first met you all. Well, two of you and I didn’t meet the other you until much later. But you know who you are! Anyways, back to your regularly scheduled flight! Thank you for flying Duncan airlines.

Bronwen: Tie yourself down, MacBeth before he tries landing. -04:02 Jun 12
MacBeth: *Doesn’t have to be told twice! He remembered far too well what happened last time. He strapped himself down and made sure he was nice and secure.* -04:06 Jun 12
Bronwen: *Bronwen made sure she did the same, and oh… seemed to forget to give a call to Cassius and tell him! …He’d figure it out the hard way!* -04:15 Jun 12

Duncan: *Started flipping switches, pressing buttons, etc.* Alright, girl, let’s show ’em what we got! *He grabbed a can of beer and popped it open before taking a huge swig!* Yeeeeeeehhhaaaawww! *He cried as he started to bring her in!*

Cassius: *Cassius did indeed learn the hard way, as the whole damned ship decided it was going to jostle him around and bang his head in to things! He was up and cursing Duncan’s name in twenty different languages!*

Duncan: *Swig of beer. Went back to humming to himself.* What’s that, baby? Are you enjoying your little engine?

It took much jostling and shaking of the ship before Duncan finally landed the Briar Rose. It seemed like ages until he gave the all clear signal.

Duncan: *Talked over the intercom.* And that, folks, brings us to the end of our little journey. Enjoy yourselves, have a pleasant stay, and thank you for flying Duncan Hessing airlines aboard the beautiful Briar Rose.

Cassius: *Cassius was pretty damned sure someone delibertly forgot to tell him something, so when he was marching out from the back he looked ready to fight a bear.* Bronwen!

Bronwen: *Bronwen was already up, making sure she was well armed! She only smiled at Cassius!* I’m off to fetch us a bigger ship. Course, I have to find out what hanger it’s parked in. So if you want to go run off and make a quick buck I don’t mind. -04:31 Jun 12

Cassius: Where the hell did you find time to do shit like that?

Bronwen: A captain has all sorts of resources, and I happen to be a very brilliant captain. *That cheeky cat-eat-canary smile, and that superior Bronwen attitude. She was in fine form now!* -04:35 Jun 12

Cassius: *Cassius snorted.* I’ll wait here. When shit hits the fan, you can give me a little call and I’ll come to the rescue.

Duncan: *Was all ready to go! He was practically bouncing all over the place. Mac found it hard to restrain him.*

MacBeth: Down, Flyboy. *He muttered as he and Duncan waited for the Shadowstars near the exit.* -04:42 Jun 12
Bronwen: *A smirk.. that she very likely picked up from MacBeth.* If that’s what you want. … All right Duncan! Let’s go find your present! -04:42 Jun 12

Duncan: I can’t help it! *His face lit up when she mentioned a present.* Yay! I haven’t gotten a present since I got a corn husk doll for my birthday!

Bronwen: That’s… horrible! This is way better than a doll! *A wave over her shoulder at the ever brooding Cassius, and Bronwen led the way off the Briar Rose and in to the docking area. Now it was going to get tricky.. She needed to find out if the ship was going to be in here or in a private hanger. And she knew who to ask! Time to find one of the Parking Goons!* -04:48 Jun 12

There we so many ships in the hanger, it would have been silly indeed to try and inspect every single one! A the huuuuuuuuuuge doors was a few men, the Parking Goons that made plans and arrangements for ships that planned to stay docked longer then the day. Most of them were haboring big clipboard screens, some occasionally clobbering a person and taking what was owed to them.

Duncan: But I asked for that doll … *He murmured under his breath. When they got to the hangar, he looked around in silent awe.*

Bronwen: Ahem. *Bronwen interupted one of the goons when he was finished with a ‘client’.* I was wondering… have you any ships docked for an unusual amount of time? -05:21 Jun 12

The Parking Goon looked down at her from a long nose, bleepin’ at his clipboard. “Aye, so there is. I’m going to assume you’re the ‘Filthy bitch that tricked me out of my ship’, as someone had recently complained. If you don’t want me calling in his boys, maybe we can make an arrangement…’

Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked. She supposed that idiot had did lots of complaining and wanted to be ready for her when she came back for his ship… But she didn’t expect this guy to flat out ask from a bribe!* O… kay. I assume you want gobs of money? -05:32 Jun 12

“I don’t want money.” smirked the goon, as he tucked his clipboard under his arm. “See, I reckon I’d like to be a little famous and have some fun while I’m at it. Dreams you see. Maybe foolin’ around with the only chick Shadowstar… worth way more than cash.”

Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked again. …Was he serious? Bang a Shadowstar? Maybe if she dressed Cassius up as a girl…* That’s a stupid idea. Let’s go back to the money. -05:41 Jun 12

No, no, he could get plenty of money here doing his job. He wanted the pleasure of a Shadowstar, and if he didn’t get it, well he was just going to call in everybody under the sun and make his fame by shipping her off to Mad Morgan!

Duncan: *Pulling Mac along on a little tour of his own. As long as he doesn’t touch the ship or cause trouble, he should be fine!*

Bronwen: Hmm. …Okay! We have a deal! You show me the ship, and I’ll make crazy Shadowstar style loving with you! -06:15 Jun 12

That’s exactly what he wanted to hear! “This way.” He led the way through the hanger past several very nice looking ships. Some only big enough for one person, and some huuuge! He finally stopped infront an impressive looking beast! Black and silver, Big enough for a crew of ten or more, and it definetely looked like it had been sitting there awhile. “This is the one.”

Bronwen: *Bronwen pulled the keycard out of her pocket and examined it. Hmm… Looked about right. She neared the ship and- Ahah! That’s what she wanted. She inserted the keycard to an opening in the back… the doors opened up wide. There was room for Duncan’s ship in there for sure! Bronwen gave her cat-eat-canary grin again.* Well, well. Thank you very much doorman. Care to join me inside, and I show you my stuff? -06:24 Jun 12

Without a second thought he followed Bronwen inside! Shortly after there was a POP and a BLAM!

[Bronwen is no stranger to shooting people!] -02:29 Jun 13
[MacBeth was taking Duncan on a tour–or was it the other way around?] -02:29 Jun 13
MacBeth: *Folded his arms and waited as Duncan looked at all the ships in awe. He was wondering how long until Shadowstar found the ship and they could leave.* -02:30 Jun 13
Bronwen: *Bronwen exited, pushing a crate full of.. well no one needed to know what was in it. She just stuff it out of the way, and looked at her shiny new ship again!* …Now where did my boys get off to… -02:30 Jun 13

Duncan: *Had to clasp his hands behind his back. He’d been yelled at for touching one of the ships earlier and didn’t want to find out what the guy had met “Or else …”* These are sweet rides.

Kachink! “I knew you’d be back for it. Sneaky bitch!” It was that damned alien guy again, pointing a gun to theback of her head. It seemed he had been waiting the whole time for an ambush!

MacBeth: *Figured it’s been long enough. Shadowstar either found the ship by now or she was in trouble. He finally grabbed Duncan by the elbow–it was either that or his collar and he didn’t want to owe him a shirt.* Let’s go, Flyboy. *He started to backtrack the way they’d come.* -02:33 Jun 13
Bronwen: You sure are persistant. *Bronwen crossed her arms, not bothering to move.* You really wouldn’t want to shoot me when we could play another game? -02:35 Jun 13

Duncan: *His eyes were for the very large ship, sleek and dark blue.* Bu–but … Maybe that’s the one! *He pointed to it.*

Ha! He’s not falling that line twice! He signals his men! It seems he came prepared with a freezer!

MacBeth: Sure it is. *He glanced around. Now where the hell was–! He stopped and pulled Flyboy along with him behind a crate. Shadowstar had company and company had brought a freezer.* -02:38 Jun 13
Bronwen: *Then she moved! Bronwen ducked to the side, pulling her gun and fired at will! She’d rather get shot than get stuck in a freezer!* -02:38 Jun 13

Duncan: *Wasn’t paying attention to what was going on until shots rang out! He lifted his head.* Cap’n! CAP’N!

Men that were shot dead on the spot scattered! Except for big giant bossman who took a distracting opportunity to dodge behind fleeing bodies and.. kick her towards the freezer!

Bronwen: *Bronwen tipped on her toes and flailed backwards to avoid getting anywhere near the damned thing! In fact, now seemed like a briliant time to turn tail and run away! She dropped and slid right under the guy to get away!* -02:47 Jun 13
MacBeth: *Wasn’t in the habit of shooting someone who wasn’t shooting at him but in this case, he was willing to make an exception. He shot for the man who seemed to be in charge, the large thing determined to get Shadowstar into that freezer.* -02:48 Jun 13

The big bloby alien man tried to grab her as she dashed under his legs until- BLAM! He rolled over head first, and kept on rolling until he crashed against the freezer! There was a great deal of unintelligble moaning!

Bronwen: *Bronwen was back on her feet, and she should have been shooting the jackass good and dead. She seemed to be standing there thinking about it!* -02:53 Jun 13
MacBeth: Shadowstar, hurry up! *He yelled as he grabbed Flyboy by the collar of his shirt and dashed for the door.* -02:54 Jun 13

The alien’s men were lost for a moment with their leader knocked outcold and shot somewhere in that blubber of his, but with two men running and one Shadowstar standing, they figured they might as well finish the job with gun fire!

Bronwen: *It seemed to dawn on her that someone important might get shot, and she quickly jumps back to her senses! No games, just good old fashioned shooting to kill! Picking them off like flies!* I suggest grabbing your boss and running before every last one of you are dead! -03:01 Jun 13

Nobody wanted to die, but nobody wanted to go grabbing the boss either with some madwoman shooting at them! They abandoned the mission and took off, even leaving their bossman behind!

Bronwen: *She put her gun away, a peculiar look across her face. Oddly still for someone who had just been shooting and being shot at.* … weird… -03:10 Jun 13
MacBeth: *He came out from behind the ship he and Flyboy had been taking cover behind.* More weird than the other stuff that’s been thrown at us? -03:11 Jun 13
Bronwen: Not them. I wasn’t thinking… *She said sheepishly, shaking out her fingers… That thing gave her the willies! Was she actually afraid of a freezer? The hell is wrong with her?!* -03:15 Jun 13
MacBeth: *Looked over to where she was pointing.* No one could blame you. *He released Flyboy.* Come on, Flyboy. We’re getting this thing out of here. *He went over to the freezer and took it by one of its handles.* -03:16 Jun 13

Duncan: *Blinked.* Wha … But … *He saw the look Mac gave him and sighed.* Oh, alright. *He went over to the other side of the freezer and together, the two of them took it away, disappearing around a ship. That’s probably where they dropped it off because not long after disappearing there, they returned.*

Bronwen: *A grown woman afraid of a freezer. She completely ditzed out for that whole little scene and might’ve gotten her boys killed. She looked pretty damned pissed off about it now!* -03:20 Jun 13
MacBeth: *Returned with Duncan in tow. He looked at Shadowstar.* What’s the matter? -03:23 Jun 13
Bronwen: I’m an idiot, that’s what. *She didn’t elaborate as blinked at Duncan.* You can go tell Cassius we found your present and get the Briar Rose. -03:26 Jun 13
MacBeth: Shadowstar … -03:27 Jun 13

Duncan: (Damn thing ate my post!)

Duncan: *The look of confusion disappeared and his face lit up!* We did?! Sweet! *He didn’t need to be told twice. He dashed off and out of the hangar.*

Bronwen: *She didn’t look at him, just headed to board the ship.* MacBeth.. *She replied mimicing his tone.* -03:31 Jun 13
MacBeth: Oh, I see. When it’s time to get my shit out into the open, you’re all for it. Then when it’s your turn, you get all pissed. I guess all that talk about crew mates not having secrets from each other means absolutely nothing. *He said, watching her head into the ship.* -03:33 Jun 13
Bronwen: *Bronwen stopped! Raaghh! Why’d he have to go and use her own damned words on her! That was an unfair advantage! She slowly turned around to frown at him.* It’s no secret that I’m an idiot, I’m sure Cassius already told you. -03:35 Jun 13
MacBeth: Cassius says a lot. Doesn’t mean I take it at face value. *He said, not smirking in the least.* You weren’t born an idiot, Shadowstar. Why are you an idiot now? -03:36 Jun 13
Bronwen: Cause a Shadowstar isn’t afraid of anything. At least… not anything stupid. And definitely not so afraid to just completly blank out putting life and crew in mortal peril! *Bronwen growled with the frustration of even thinking about it, turning to march back on the ship again!* -03:39 Jun 13
MacBeth: *Watched her go and figured she needed some time to herself. But then again, maybe that was the problem with the Shadowstars, the reason they fell in the first place. They weren’t afraid of anything. He waited several moments before he followed her into the ship. That would give her enough time to get the space she needed to cool off.* -03:42 Jun 13
Bronwen: *Bronwen had made herself busy examining what her new ship have to offer, and pretending that she wasn’t still annoyed with the whole damned thing. She had found the cargo list and was going over it.* -03:45 Jun 13
MacBeth: *Just checking out the ship in general. It seemed like it had enough space to acommodate everyone, including the Shadowstar men. After awhile, he went outside to wait for Cassius and Duncan.* -03:57 Jun 13
Bronwen: *It’s such a shame those poor goons couldn’t clear out their stuff before she took their ship… But at the moment she wasn’t feeling particularly empathetic! Once she knew what was on board she join MacBeth outside.* Do you know, that the entire was just a blur and the only things that stood out were Freezer, Runaway and you yelling at me? -04:01 Jun 13
MacBeth: *Leaning against the ship. He looked over at her.* I do now. If I’d gone through what you did, I’d probably feel the same way you do now. But is it the fact that the freezer scares you that pisses you off or that you blanked out when you saw the freezer? -04:05 Jun 13
MacBeth: * minus the second "now" -04:06 Jun 13
Bronwen: Both. There’s plenty of actually frightening things for me to be afraid of, like gatorbats or water and neither of them have me logging off and running on auto pilot. -04:08 Jun 13
MacBeth: … At least what you’re afraid of actually makes sense. *He looked up and saw Duncan and Cassius.* -04:20 Jun 13

Duncan: *Waved over to them!* Hey! I told Cassius about the sweet ride we got! So, can I drive her? Can I drive her?

Bronwen: *Hmmph. Not a discussion she’d have around those to.. MacBeth was off easy!* You are the pilot, Duncan. -04:22 Jun 13

Cassius: *Cassius was still angry, but he did seem pretty impressed with the looks of the new ship.* Not bad… ’bout five years old. Good upgrades. Guess my hat’s off to you, Captain Shadowstar.

Bronwen: *For some reason that sounded a lot like sarcasm rather than a compliment! She tilted to bump MacBeth in the shoulder!* The crew is getting uppity, first mate! I think we oughta punish them. -04:26 Jun 13
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Sounds like a plan, Cap’n. Mind if I take the boys to give our new home a good cleaning before we’re off? Never know when’s the next time we’ll get a chance. -04:27 Jun 13
Bronwen: That’s a fine idea, first mate! Don’t forget to give them the really tiny scrub brushes. -04:29 Jun 13

Cassius: Hardy har har. You two are a real riot.

Duncan: *Blink blinked!* Awh, come on, Cap’n!

Bronwen: Tisk. Don’t disobey your first mate, he has full rights to clobber you if you get out of line. *Oh the wicked grin she gives.* -04:35 Jun 13

Cassius: Yeah? I’d like to see him try it. *Cassius matched with a ferocious smir of his own!*

MacBeth: I guess he’s not up to it, Cap’n. A shame, too. Weren’t we stopping off at that place … New Venus on Questia? The best booze and female company this side of the galaxy. -04:39 Jun 13

Duncan: *His face lit up!* Were we, Cap’n? Were we? Were we?

Cassius: *A face-fault. …Wait! He shook his head! He’s not going to fall for that bull-* ..I uh… Suddenly have this urge to get to work. Yeah, a good clean ship is a must.

Bronwen: I gueeess would could stop there. If everything looks all nice and shiny. -04:42 Jun 13

Duncan: So do I! *He dashed off and returned–with a bucket of water and soap and hand brushes!* I got the front! *He streaked off. The sooner they get this over with, the sooner they were on their way!*

Cassius: ..Hey! *Now Cassius wasn’t going to run just at the promise of women, especially with his damned sister and Macbeth being so damned high n’ mighty! But…. he did walk fast. No reason to meet the ladies with an unimpressive ship!*

Bronwen: *Bronwen rolled her eyes.* We might as well makes the plans about Brennen while they’re punishing themselves. -04:47 Jun 13
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Indeed. *Cassius might be able to beat him when it came to fists but he could never resist the ladies. Somehow, he had a feeling that would come back to bite them in the ass.* Where should we start? -04:51 Jun 13
Bronwen: *She snagged him by the collar to drag him on board the ship. Mostly because it’s so nice she wants to stare around while she’s plotting! And secondly… because it’s so much easier to pull information out of MacBeth without Duncan or Cassius getting in the way.* You tell me where he is, and I give you brilliant ideas. -04:53 Jun 13
MacBeth: *Got dragged on board the ship.* Brennan is tricky. Morgan found out how useful he was as a navigator and stuck him all over the place. Last I heard, he was under the watch of Morgan’s left hand man. -04:57 Jun 13
Bronwen: Great… a game of hide and seek. He would have to be the pain in the ass, wouldn’t he. *She finally released him in one of the crew rooms, she had decided it’d be his. She straightened his shart back to normal.* And who is her left hand man? We can find him, and hope he’s still with Brennen. -05:00 Jun 13
MacBeth: Morgan’s men have a habit of stabbing each other in the back. Who’s there today could be gone tomorrow. The best bet would be to track down the ship. Aaron said it used to be his before Morgan’s attack. -05:07 Jun 13
Bronwen: Off to find the good ship Othello, then. I guess it’s a good thing we’re picking up some whores first, that’s always a nice place to ask about that sort of information. * She cast him a wicked smirk.* -05:10 Jun 13
MacBeth: Not to mention some credits. With Duncan’s mother’s gifts and whatever you found on this ship, we’ll have to worry about fuel. -05:15 Jun 13
Bronwen: Easily taken care of. Of course we’ll have to work out this fears business too. What was that you were afraid of, again? -05:17 Jun 13
MacBeth: Can’t remember. I better go check on Flyboy and Cassius. *He turned to walk out of the room. It was a nice room and he briefly wondered if she’d brought him to this room for a reason. Was this going to be his room?* -05:19 Jun 13
Bronwen: *Bronwen snagged him by the back of the shirt.* There is no escape, MacBeth. You can tell me now, or I’ll trick it out of you later. -05:22 Jun 13
MacBeth: *She was tricky that way. He sighed in that silent, "under your breath" type of sigh.* Ever had those moments when you’re not sure if something is real or not? -05:28 Jun 13
Bronwen: Everyone does at some moment or another. *She released his shirt to sneak around him, and move his arms for a dance. She had it compltely backwards! But she had the idea that it was a good distracting way to talk.* You’re a afraid of a ghost? -05:31 Jun 13
MacBeth: *Frowned a bit but one couldn’t be sure if he was frowning because of what she said about a ghost or frowning because she’s in the mood to dance.* Are you gonna lead this time, Shadowstar? -05:33 Jun 13
Bronwen: Is that what I’m doing? *She grumbled and switched it the other way.* You were going to continue… Or would you like me to go next and take turns. -05:36 Jun 13
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* If you’re going to go next, feel free to take as long as you like. *He made that sigh again.* Truth is, I’m afraid of someone. I just can’t remember if she’s real or not. -05:42 Jun 13
Bronwen: The great thing about being afraid of someone, real or not is that a person can always be killed. I’m horrified by deep water, so if we ever crashland on a water planet we’re pretty screwed. -05:45 Jun 13
MacBeth: I’ll keep that in mind. My fear sounds stupid now that I actually tell someone. -05:50 Jun 13
Bronwen: Still not stupider than a freezer. Would you like to trade? -05:51 Jun 13
MacBeth: Sure. I could use a break. Back to Brennan. If he’s still on the Othello, we’re going to need a hell of a plan. -05:55 Jun 13
Bronwen: If there’s enough fire power on this ship maybe we could invade. I there’s not, Cassius might be able to spiff it up a little bit. -05:57 Jun 13
MacBeth: Aaron said your dad designed each ship specifically for the child he had in mind. What made Othello so special? -06:03 Jun 13
Bronwen: Aaron was going to be head of the business, being the oldest and all. I suppose it’s like a monster ship. -06:08 Jun 13
MacBeth: That makes sense. I never set eyes on Othello although Aaron did show me the schematics. He really missed you. -06:11 Jun 13
MacBeth: *misses (not missed) -06:12 Jun 13
Bronwen: *She grinned!* He’s like a big giant kitten. Except when he calls me Erika, then I know he’s really pissed off and it’s a good idea to back up… -06:13 Jun 13
MacBeth: *Smirked.* Big, giant kitten? Maybe to you. He scared me half to death when I first saw him. -06:15 Jun 13
Bronwen: You should be more afraid of me! I’m a much scarier than Aaron! -06:16 Jun 13
MacBeth: You would have been a sight for sore eyes to a 9-year-old boy. -06:18 Jun 13
Bronwen: *She made a face!* I forget I’m so old… -06:20 Jun 13
MacBeth: If it’s any consolation, you’re at the top of my ‘Women to be feared’ list. -06:27 Jun 13
Bronwen: It’s too late. I’m all kinds of depressed now, and it’s your fault! You’re going to have to make it up to me. -06:29 Jun 13
MacBeth: As long as it doesn’t involve one or more males and me being naked … *Raised an eyebrow.* -06:31 Jun 13
Bronwen: … *She laughed!!* There’s an idea. But I was thinking more of a song performance. But that naked idea is sounding pretty interesting now… -06:33 Jun 13
Bronwen: * strike a but! (in a non dirty way!) -06:34 Jun 13
MacBeth: Oh, no you don’t. Under no circumstance will I go along with anything that involves what I just said. -06:35 Jun 13
Bronwen: Maybe even a naked song performance. That’s even better! -06:36 Jun 13
MacBeth: Like I said, no. I’ll give you the song performance but hell if I’m not doing it fully clothed. -06:39 Jun 13
Bronwen: *A big grin!* As you wish. I get a song and you don’t have to be naked. -06:40 Jun 13
MacBeth: … Fine. One song. Fully clothed. And private. -06:43 Jun 13
Bronwen: Private, hmm? I guess you better start singing before those two are done! -06:45 Jun 13
MacBeth: Any song? -06:48 Jun 13
Bronwen: Any song you want. I’d just like to hear you sing it. -06:49 Jun 13
MacBeth: *Took a deep breath and made sure the door was closed.* "Prison gates won’t open for me, On these hands and knees I’m crawlin’, Oh, I reach for you, Well, I’m terrified of these four walls, These iron bars can’t hold my soul in, All I need is you, Come please I’m callin’, And oh I scream for you, Hurry I’m fallin’ …" *He sang it from start to finish and kept time by himself. When he was done, he cleared his throat.* -07:04 Jun 13
Bronwen: *She was listening silently, smiling even. It really was nice to hear him singing, he had no idea! She was grinning wide by the time he cleared his throat.* …so if you sang the same song again, would it still count as one song, or would that be cheating? -07:11 Jun 13
MacBeth: *Looked surprised for a moment before he raised his eyebrow. He couldn’t possibly be good at this singing.* Guess it still counts as one song. -07:15 Jun 13
Bronwen: Then theoretically… I could tell you to sing it again later, or maybe tomorrow too. And it would still count as one song? -07:17 Jun 13
MacBeth: You actually like my singing? -07:21 Jun 13
Bronwen: I did say I did, didn’t I? You sound surprised.. *She found his surprise amusing, but then again she doubted anyone else demanding songs from him!* -07:24 Jun 13
MacBeth: You’re insane, Shadowstar. But sure, if you tell me to sing it later or tomorrow, it’d still count as one song. -07:28 Jun 13
Bronwen: But if you get in trouble, next time it’ll be naked! *A cheeky grin!* -07:29 Jun 13
MacBeth: That’s awfully specific. Trouble. *Muttered under his breath.* Like hell if I’m going to be naked for anything. -07:30 Jun 13
MacBeth: … Except for that promise I made to you earlier. -07:30 Jun 13
Bronwen: See, you near forgot your promise, that sounds like trouble to me. I might just get two songs. -07:32 Jun 13
MacBeth: You didn’t say what kind of trouble. My promise was to stay alive and out of your brothers’ troubles. -07:34 Jun 13
Bronwen: So it just means if you get in any trouble other than brother-trouble, I get another song. Perfectly fair punishment. Unless you’re extra dreadful, then I’ll sing to you, and you’ll wish you chose the naked option. -07:37 Jun 13
[Bronwen is a tough negotiator.] -01:59 Jun 14
[MacBeth was learning that the hard way.] -02:01 Jun 14
MacBeth: You’re trying to turn me into a law-abiding man, are you? -02:02 Jun 14
Bronwen: As long as they’re my laws, sounds about right, yeah! -02:03 Jun 14
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* You’re insane, Shadowstar. But fine. I get into trouble and you get a second song. -02:05 Jun 14

Cassius: *Cassius had a mop in his hand as burst in through the door!* Which of these damned rooms are you i- ….What’s going on in here, eh? *To swing the mop or not to swing the mop…*

Bronwen: Don’t you know how to knock? Mac could be naked in here. *A perrfectly serious face.* -02:08 Jun 14

Cassius: With you in here too, I reckon. *He’s still thinking about taking a swing.* I came to let you know we’ve got it good and clean, oh little Captain of mine.

MacBeth: No privacy. *He tilted his head slightly at Cassius.* Well, the next time I get naked, I’ll be sure to invite you. The more, the merrier, eh, Cap’n? -02:13 Jun 14
Bronwen: A nice little naked party. If you’re done, we should get going then! Those girls at New Venus aren’t going to flirt with themselves. -02:15 Jun 14

Cassius: *Trying to distract him.* I’ll let Duncan know to get off his ass an get moving. I take it you won’t be in here long, with MacBeth being quick at the draw and all.

MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* You were always quicker than I was, Cassius. Or so the girls often shared with me. -02:19 Jun 14
Bronwen: *It took her a second to figure out what the hell he was talking about, and MacBeth answered the question for her! She wasn’t sure if she were going to laugh or gag!* -02:21 Jun 14

Cassius: *Cassius made sure his reply came clear in the form of swinging that mop at the BOTH of them!*

MacBeth: *Figured Cassius would do something like that but he just took a step back. The room is large enough for that and he’d much rather not get into it with Cassius about now.* -02:26 Jun 14
Bronwen: *Bronwen stepped quickly out of the way, and laughed!* Careful Cassius, you’re going to mess up up Mac’s room. Then you’ll have to clean it. -02:28 Jun 14

Cassius: *He raised the mop against looking about ready to take another swing at her, but rest it on his shoulder instead. He had to be going about this all wrong… He was being baited and falling for it like a big dumb jerk.* Claimed the biggest one for himself, did he? Thought this here was supposed to be the captain’s quarters.

Bronwen: My room is across the hall. I’ll be in here shouting at him enough anyway. If you want a good one, you better go claim it before Duncan does. -02:33 Jun 14

Cassius: *THAT was something serious! He needed a good room for all his projects. That flyboy wasn’t going to claim his space!* Guess I’ll stop bothering you then, oh captain. MacBeth and I can work it out later over some chick at New Venus, like the good old days. Eh, MacBeth?

MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Soon as we find someone who doesn’t have male relatives who’ll want to kick our asses. -02:41 Jun 14
Bronwen: *She set her hands on her hips. Stupid men.* Good old whore chasing, maybe I should try some of that. -02:42 Jun 14

Cassius: *With a good rotten smirk, Cassius turned and headed for the door.* Course, I can’t imagine a man interested in a little pipsqueek like you, Brownie. Better stick to being a pain in the ass.

Bronwen: *A twitch of her fingers.* Shows what you know. The parking goon said he’d rather have a go with me than a bribe. -02:47 Jun 14

Cassius: *He stopped in the doorway.* Huh… must have been a fruit. You do look a lot like Dion.

Bronwen: Son of a bitch! *Bronwen pulled her gun, fulling intending to shoot her damned brother deader than dead!* -02:49 Jun 14

Cassius: *Wisely, Cassius was already running and out of sight! Howling with laughter all the way!*

MacBeth: *You had to hand it to Cassius. He knew when to run.* Care to check out the bridge with me, Cap’n? The sooner we get this started, the sooner we can get Brennan. -02:52 Jun 14
Bronwen: *She put her gun away. …only because she knew where Cassius would be sleeping.* Aye, to the bridge. *She led the way, muttering some fairly vicious things about Cassius under breath.* -02:54 Jun 14
MacBeth: *Followed Shadowstar to the bridge. It was quite a set up they had here. He wondered if the engine came close to the mercury-class engine Cassius had stolen from Duff.* -02:59 Jun 14
Bronwen: *She dropped in to a chair, looking particularly cranky as she pulled out her keycard and pushed it down in to an appropriate slot. The control panels came alive with lights and bleeps, and Bronwen was already pressing a screen looking things up.* Hmm… I think this thing was stolen. -03:03 Jun 14
MacBeth: *That made sense.* If it was, can you tell from who? -03:07 Jun 14
Bronwen: Logs, logs, logs… Oh. Ohohoho. That’s nice, very nice. *What ever she was reading, it had cheered her right up. She was snickering to herself as she scanned over the logs.* -03:08 Jun 14
MacBeth: *Moved over to Shadowstar.* So …? Are you going to tell me this thing was stolen from Morgan? -03:11 Jun 14
Bronwen: Uh huh. And not just one she stole from someone else. One of Morgan’s actual ships. It’s named Ghost or something like that… I can’t translate the word. -03:17 Jun 14
MacBeth: Fitting. An actual ship of hers. And here I thought she stole everything she had. -03:19 Jun 14
Bronwen: I’m going to have so much fun bragging about it, next time I see her! -03:20 Jun 14
MacBeth: *Looked over her shoulder.* What’s the ship’s name again? -03:26 Jun 14
Bronwen: *She pointed at the word on the screen.* I think it’s Ghost… or something close to that. -03:26 Jun 14
MacBeth: I’m game for seeing if it lives up to its name or not. -03:28 Jun 14
Bronwen: I don’t know wh-… Ooooh. You know, they don’t usually have names like that unless they do, huh? *A little bit of screen tapping while she looks for ship schematics! * -03:30 Jun 14
MacBeth: *Watched Shadowstar.* I’m not saying it has a name like that for a reason but … it makes sense to pick a name that fits the ship. -03:33 Jun 14
Bronwen: Tell that to Dion. He named his Penelope. *Scanning, scanning. Oh… there was a nice cloaking system, but it looked entirely too complicated for her to figure out. And that was saying something!* -03:39 Jun 14
MacBeth: … There’s an exception to every rule. *He glanced around. Morgan’s ship, huh? And she wasn’t on a man-hunt for it? Maybe she’d presumed it was destroyed and didn’t bother to check for its scraps.* -03:40 Jun 14
Bronwen: It has a cloaking system. A mad complicated cloaking system. Cassius would know how it works. And… a really nasty pair of guns. Not big, just mean. I can see why some goons would steal it. -03:46 Jun 14
MacBeth: Sounds like a treat. Mad and complicated is Morgan’s game. *He stood and looked around.* I better find Flyboy. -03:52 Jun 14
Bronwen: I hope it didn’t get himself capture for feeling up people’s ships. I’d really hate to start putting a leash on him. -03:55 Jun 14
MacBeth: Yeah. We still need him to fly this thing. *He disappeared and found Duncan wandering around the ship. Apparently, Cassius had beaten him to getting a sweet room.* -03:59 Jun 14
Bronwen: Hmm. *He was out and she was still searching over logs. A nice little ship indeed!* -04:04 Jun 14

Cassius: *Cassius entered the bridge still grinning from his earlier win, and minus a mop.* Still pissed?

Bronwen: You hurt my feelings, you jackass! Of course I’m pissed! *She turned around in her chair to scowl at him. She might still shoot him.* -04:22 Jun 14

Duncan: *Huffed!* Awh man. I can’t believe he got the sweetest room of all …

MacBeth: Better luck next time, Flyboy. Shadowstar’s at the bridge. Ready to fly this baby? -04:24 Jun 14

Cassius: Boo, Brownie, you’re all touchy over a little teasing. If you’re trying not to look bad in front of MacBeth, you’re wasting your time. There’s this other girl…

Bronwen: If you’re talking about Arasia I already know about that. Try again. -04:33 Jun 14

Cassius: You KNOW about that? How the hell did you-… *Damn! That really put an entirely different perspective on the whole damned thing. Now Cassius had the most peculiar expression!*

Duncan: *Sighed!* I … guess? I’m really going to miss the Briar Rose. A lot of good memories I had in her.

Bronwen: Uh huh. I know quite a bit. And if you weren’t such an ass all the time, you might know some stuff too. -04:41 Jun 14
MacBeth: *In a rare moment of sympathy, he patted Duncan on the back.* You’ll always have the memories. And you can always make new memories … just as soon as you get us to New Venus. -04:44 Jun 14

Cassius: *Cassius was scratching his head with befuddlement. Boy was she right. …Not about him being an ass, but about needing to know some stuff. And what better place to find out than on New Venus where he can test it out?* Aye. What’s your orders, captain?

Bronwen: *…Okay, what the hell was wrong with Cassius? Skeptically she eyed him…* This ship has a cloaking system. Would be nice if you figured it out for us. See how it works and all. -04:47 Jun 14

Cassius: Cloaking system, eh? That’s some fancy shit. I’ll get right on it. *He even saluted his captain before he left!*

Duncan: *His face lit up.* Oh yeah, New Venus! Let’s get to it! *He dashed off before Mac could say another word and nearly stumbled onto the bridge.* Sorry about that, Cap’n!

Bronwen: What were you doing, licking the ship clean? *Cassius had her wondering now, but there was more important things!* -04:55 Jun 14

Duncan: *Grinned sheepishly.* Just trying to get me a room. I’m here now, though! *He jumped into the pilot’s seat and wiggled his fingers.*

Bronwen: *Bronwen sat back in her chair and crossed her legs, twitching her foot. She couldn’t help but grin back at Duncan. He was an idiot. But he was HER idiot.* Good. So if you’ll quit playing around, let’s take off. -05:03 Jun 14

Duncan: *He glanced over his shoulder and flashed her a grin.* Will do, Cap’n! *He starts pressing buttons and throwing switches.* Okay, ship, let’s see what you’re made of!

Bronwen: *…A buckled seatbelt was a good idea! She did so, and hope Duncan knew how to figure out the size differences between ships!* -05:20 Jun 14

Duncan: *Did, indeed, figure out the size difference between ships–it just took a few … dozen … tries! But at least he apologized each and everytime and had them on their way soon enough!*

Cassius: *Somewhere in the back, Cassius was banging his head on everything again and mentioning all the different things he was going to do to Duncan.*

Duncan: See! I told you I’d get the hang of it! *He got on the intercom as they neared New Venus.* Attention, passengers, we will soon be landing at our destination the fabulous New Venus on Questia. Please make sure your seat belts are buckled and your trays are in the upright and locked position. We will be landing in roughly 5 minutes and we ask that everyone keep your arms and legs inside of the aisles. Thank you for choosing to fly Duncan airlines.\”

Bronwen: *Oh, she loved her captain’s chair. She could supervise Duncan, and work on things all at the same time! She was humming a nice little song, perfectly ignoring Duncan’s sillyness.* -05:39 Jun 14

Duncan: *Of course there was the small matter of actually landing! That took some getting used to as well! But at least he actually landed them in one piece! When the ship stopped moving, he turned and grinned sheepishly.* I’ll get the hang of that, too!

Bronwen: I hope so, Duncan. Would suck if you broke your new toy. *She was up out of her seat, ready to get going.* You boys can have your fun. Anything you like. -05:51 Jun 14

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