Since You’ve Been Gone 013: A Wedding Epilogue

[Yvaine is getting married today! ] -01:24 Apr 12
[Hans is wearing a red and white coat, black pants and white gloves, its taken since he woke up to get hs wardrobe together and everythign seem to be perfect.] -01:28 Apr 12
Yvaine: Yvaine had spent the entire morning feeling like she was walking around in a dream. Finally in her gown, all white silk and lace, with the crown sitting neatly on her head she felt like a princess! …or rather a Queen! And looked the part too. In a moment she could walk down the ilse and would finally be Hans’ wife. The funniest part was that it was Maria who was all teary and crying! Yvaine was laughing and trying to get her to stop! “Oh, don’t! You’re going to make your mascara run and then you’ll hate all of your pictures!” -01:33 Apr 12

Maria hiccupped as she tried to wipe her face before her makeup was ruined. “Shuddup, Yva! You’re about to fullfill every woman’s fantasy and marry a King! That’s one less single royal on the market! …and.. and you just look so pretty…!” -Yvaine

Hans: Everything was set, Hans stood next to the alter with Heinrich, the new head of the royal guard filling the role of best men. He had handed power ofer the the parmiment already but sill no expence had been spared. Though with the crown on his head he still looked as commanding as ever. Then the organist began to play and he stood up traiter. “I hope you have the rings, it would be bad to have to find them in front of half the world.” he whispered to the man at his side. -01:38 Apr 12

A knock at the door before it cracked open. Yvaine’s father, dressed in a dark suit held out his hand for her. “Ready? It’s not too late to come back to the States with me.” He grinned wide. There was a faint wetness to his eyes, as if he were ready to tear up too. -Yvaine

Yvaine: “Oh no… I am definitely getting married today!” she giggled, fussing Maria out of the chair and past her father. Yvaine picked up her bouquet, a bundle of pure white gardenias, and then was taking her father’s hand. Her sister, Millian was waiting in the hall too. Her and Maria her only bridesmaids. Out in the seats she knew her brother and her other family members were waiting. But when the doors finally opened up to main hall, all Yvaine could see was Hans. She was smiling wide. -01:45 Apr 12
Hans: The sound of the large door could be heard all the way at the alter and Hans looked, there she was in her dress, veiled and in pur white, he has to remind himself to breathe as the sight took his breath away, after aeverythign they were finally getting married… and it owuld mean more than he could ever say that it was her father giving her away. -01:48 Apr 12
Yvaine: Yvaine always thought those brides that got fainty were ridiculous, but she was understanding why! There was something about being so happy and excited that just left her dizzy. She held tight to her father’s arm for balance as they followed Maria and Millian down the ilse. Maria was no longer teary and cast Hans a bawdy wink when she stepped to the side. And when her father stopped at the alter, he almost didn’t want to let Yvaine go. He very reluctantly passed Hans her hand and stepped back. -01:54 Apr 12
Hans: As they aproached he only seemed to have eyes for Yvaine, butterflies making thier home in his stomach. “Hey.” he whispered as he took Yvaine’s hand and swallowed, it was thier bog moment, thier vows… and then he was handed the ring. -01:57 Apr 12
Yvaine: It may have been good that their wedding was so public and was preserved, because Yvaine didn’t hear a word of the ceremony. There was even a bit of embarrassment when she had to be prompted to quit her staring and actually remember to say Yes. Had they written their own vows, she never would have been able to speak! There was the exchanging of rings, and she never let go of his hands afterwards. -02:03 Apr 12
Hans: Everythign was going smoothly. The vows and rings exchenged, Yvaine seemed te have stage fright and Hans had to admit when the words finally came :You may now kiss the bride.” and he lifted her veil an slowly, moved in to kiss her he was red under his makeup too. But finally they could escape, until the reception, and he led her back down the isle. As husband and wife. -02:06 Apr 12
Yvaine: Yvaine probably didn’t breath until they were both settled alone in the back of the car. Leaving behind the flashing of photography and cameras on their way to the reception. …she laughed out loud nervously as she hopped across the seat to throw her arms around Hans’ neck. “…I thought I was going to faint! Hans, I love you…” -02:11 Apr 12
Hans: He put his arms around her too and brushed his lips against her cheek “Wel you can now, though I hope you don’t since its out pist private moment as husband and wife yet. And I’m enjoying it.” -02:13 Apr 12
Yvaine: “I think I’d like to be wide awake the rest of my life with you.” she grinned. Wrapping her arms tighter as she nuzzled against his cheek. “But I am glad that’s over… I am tempted to skip the reception all together and just escape to our honeymoon. I want to spend time with my husband.” she grinned. -02:17 Apr 12
Hans: “There will be plenty of time for that later, I promise but we should go. We only get on reception after all and I get to show off my brand new bride.” he grinned moving to kill her lips lightly. “And you get to show of the king you’ve just married.” -02:19 Apr 12
Yvaine: Yvaine laughed, kissing him again and lingering just a bit longer. “A ballerina with a trophy King husband. It might be fun… Maria has cried all morning that another handsome royal man is gone forever.” -02:21 Apr 12
Hans: “I think I have a way to make her smile again.” he said with a mischievous grin. “One of the guests is an old friend of mine. I wasn’t the only young prince you know.” he winked “That is if you don’t mind you husband playing matchmaker.” -02:23 Apr 12
Yvaine: “I like this wicked look..” Yvaine grinned, moving to brush her thumbs against his mouth. “I hope you are as good at finding romance for others as you were for me…” -02:27 Apr 12
Hans: “I didn’t find romance for you.” he said “I found you.” He put his hand on her cheek and smiled “And I’m so glad I did.” -02:28 Apr 12
Yvaine: Their car ride was over far too soon. Yvaine really just wanted to hide away with Hans for the rest of the day! But soon the car door was opened for them, and it was being ushered away to a giant reception party filled with more people than Yvaine even knew! -02:32 Apr 12
Hans: He never let go of her hand until they were inside and among the throng, he continued to hold it as various european royals were introduced to the new queen, even the brittish royal family. Hans was constantly whispering protocals and advice to Yvaine until it was over, and thery could mingle. -02:35 Apr 12
Yvaine: Yvaine was a quick study and seemed to naturally be able to pick it up… and the few times she made a mistake it seemed they thought it was so charming, no one seemed to mind. Though she wasn’t overwhelmed by the attention, she was wishing she could spend less time talking to everyone and more time with Hans. “I see Maria, and I think she is stalking that poor old Duke from England.” she tugged gently on Hans’ sleeve. -02:40 Apr 12
Hans: Hans nodded and Quickly kissed her cheek. “Alright..” he grinned again and winked “I’ll be right back.” he slipped into the crowd and found the tall, tanned man he was looing for, his mostly greek geatures prominant. Then with a sly looke he spoke “Kapriel, there theres someone I’d like you to meet..” he pulled the man over to Maria and with the same wicked look on his face slid up next to Maria. “Hey Maria, I heard you were sad about one less single prince in the world, so show you theres other king fish in the sea I’d like you to meet a frind of mine. Prince Kapriel of Armenia.” without another word he left them alone. -02:49 Apr 12

It was like handing Maria a diamond ring and telling her not to run away with it. She was surprised, but immediately turned on the charm. “Hey there, handsome prince… You can call me honey.” -Yvaine

Meanwhile while Yvaine was alone and their father was no where in sight, Millian was snatching her by the hand and trying to drag her somewhere out of sight. “…Yvaine…! I need your help!” -Yvaine

Yvaine: Yvaine hopped she hadn’t looked too startled when Millian pulled her away, because the last thing she wanted was her silly sister getting shot by guards by accident. “This is a strange moment to ask for help, did you get in trouble with Dad again?” -02:53 Apr 12

“Well then, Honey. Maybe you’d liek to join me for a drink. On my yatch in the middle of the sea…” Kapriel wasn’t going to be coy, he and Hans had done wild things back in the day and sometimes still did. “Or maybe we’ll start with one here, followed by another somewhere else when this is over.” -Hans

“Shh. He might hear.” Millian glanced around to make sure he -really- wasn’t around. “I’m running away. Dad has gone completely batshit bonkers. I told him I wanted to start a travel blog and he actually -forbade- me from leaving the town! Did you know he almost didn’t let me come to the wedding? He’s nuts! I’m leaving tonight and I’m going to start a travel blog. It’ll be SO cool… and you CAN’T tell Dad. …I um.. I also need to borrow some money…” -Yvaine

“Sweetie, you can take me anywhere and anyhow you like.” Maria didn’t even bother disguising the innuendo. No one ever said she was shy. “Lets have that drink and make this a real party, hmm…?” -Yvaine

Yvaine: “This really isn’t a good idea… Dad’s going to notice you gone.” Yvaine said slowly… Millian was only eighteen. This was kind of a crazy idea. Yet Yvaine found herself conceeding anyway. “Okay… you can get my credit card from my purse. And I won’t tell Dad -until- he asks where you’ve gone off to. So if you’re really going to do something so crazy, you better get a head start…” -03:01 Apr 12

“You’re the best sister in the universe! Name your first kid after me!” Millian hugged Yvaine and kissed her cheek, and just as quickly as she popped out… she was disappearing in to the crowd again. Ducking and weaving and making sure no one saw which way she went. -Yvaine

He grinned “I like your style, anythign you want just name it, then once we’re out of here we’ll see she gets taken where.” The grin said it all, he caught the inuendo and Maria was going to get lucky one way or the other. -Hans

Yvaine: “Oh boy…” At least she didn’t have to worry about Jonas doing something crazy. …Yvaine hoped! She was stepping out, finding Hans in the crowd and taking his hand again. There was a thoughtful look on her face. “Hans… can I ask for a strange favor?” -03:06 Apr 12
Hans: Hans was watching Maria and Kabriel hit on eachother shaking his head when Yvaine took his hand. “I can’t hardly say no to my wife on our wedding day.” he said “Though Maria seems to have found…. her match?” -03:10 Apr 12
Yvaine: Yvaine followed his gaze, her serious expression widening in to a smile. “…I hope he can keep up with her. She’s so…Maria.” Yvaine shifted to curl her arms around his waist. “My sister just told me she is running away from Dad tonight and going to travel around the world taking pictures. I don’t think it’s a bad idea… in theory… but.” she sighed. “I don’t think she knows what she’s doing? I gave her my credit card so she’ll plenty of money, but I don’t want her going alone…” -03:13 Apr 12
Hans: He turned to her and at the same time put his arm around her “You g..” he stopped himself that couldn’t be her plan “Someone from the guard..?” he motioned for one of the guard by the door. This was one of the days e was thankful he kept on toutch with the guard. “Yvaine’s sister is runnign away tonight… I want Maud to willow her, discreetly. Just keep her out of trouble.” -03:19 Apr 12
Yvaine: “Thank you so much..!” she breathed in relief, resting her head against him. “I would have talked her out of it, but she’s doing it to spite Dad… so I thought might just be easier letting her get it out of her system and come home on her own. It won’t be a problem sending one of your men?” -03:22 Apr 12
Hans: Yans smiled at her reasuringly. “Mauds a good kid, and hes not technically in the guard yet so no one will miss him. And hes close enough to her age so that no one would look twice if he has to say they’re touring together.” -03:25 Apr 12
Yvaine: “My husband is very thoughtful.” she grinned up at him. She married someone amazing… and they were really, truely married! “Will we be missed if we escape now…?” -03:27 Apr 12
Hans: “I don’t think so.. and If we are I’m sure people would understand we’re eager for our wedding night.” he grinned a different kind of mischief and began leadign her towards the door to the rest of the palace and towards teh private wing. -03:29 Apr 12
Yvaine: Yvaine giggled softly, casting only one last look at the party before she was gladly sneaking away with Hans. “They should have better things to daydream about than our wedding night! I’m so glad it’s just us from now on… no more craziness!” -03:31 Apr 12
Hans: “No more cazyness, just the life of the royal family with the parliment doing the actual rulling, I’ll be a stay at home dad…” it was of course a joke but the title of queen did bare with it the question of hiers. “Well besides public appearences, liek the giving of the park to the public next moth. But until then its just you and me.” -03:35 Apr 12
Yvaine: They were just stepping in to the bedroom, and Yvaine had thought she already daydreamed all of the amazing things she could think to do with Hans… but he put a new idea in her head. She was smiling wide again. “I think I like the sound of that… Taking vacations to the summer castle with you and our children. My stay at home husband coloring pictures of horses and knights with a baby…” -03:38 Apr 12
Hans: He closed the door and joined her at the foot of the bed closing his arms around her their wieght resting in the small of her back. “First we have to make the baby.. if you’re ready.” -03:40 Apr 12
Yvaine: Her expression was shy, and maybe a little nervous, but she was still grinning and giving a small laugh. She slid her arms up around his neck. “I’d like to make love with you Hans. As your wife, and practice for lots of children. Lots and lots of practice.” Her smile widened as she leaned up on her toes to brush a soft kiss against his lips. -03:44 Apr 12
Hans: “Lots and lots and lots of practice, as my queen commands.” he said against her lips before returning her kiss his hands sliding up her back. -03:45 Apr 12
Yvaine: “It’s a very handsome coat, but we’ll have to take it off.” she murmured with a grin, delicately moving her arms so she could pluck away at the buttons. He really did look so handsome dressed up in all his kingly finery! -03:48 Apr 12
Hans: He slid his hadn back around to her front and helped her slide it from her shoulders and down her arms he once again reveal her dress. “I would say you’ve never looked lovlier, but the forst time I was you after ten years, on stage and the night on the yatch are pretty close contenders.” he teased as his hands went to loosen her hair. -03:54 Apr 12
Yvaine: “Do you have a secret love for ballerinas, Hans?” she laughed softly, helping to take the veil out of her hair along with the crown. -03:57 Apr 12
Hans: He had to break away from ehr to place her crown on the sideboard along with his own. “It would be better to say I have a not-so-secret thing for you Yvaine. Always have, and not I’ve got you to marry me. He was standing back from her one my one popping the butting on his jacket. “I’d say it worked out well.” -04:01 Apr 12
Yvaine: “It wasn’t very hard to convince me, I think. After all, I’ve always been enchanted with you…” Yvaine flicked her hands at him, a grinning teasing motion to get him to remove his clothes faster. They had waited all these months for their wedding night to be intimate, and she was grateful for the time…. but now Yvaine couldn’t think of anything else other than getting to make love with her husband for the first time! -04:05 Apr 12
Hans: He pulled off his jacket and started with the shirt beneath leavign it on as he loved up to her and pulled on the tie in her back taking her hadns and puttign them on his chest. “Out fairytale ending, at last he kissed her neck as he puleld the ties loose and began pushing the dress down. -04:10 Apr 12
Yvaine: “Or a fairytale beginning?” She murmured softly, running her hands over his chest to feel his heartbeat.. and more importantly to remove him of his shirt. Her touch was soft and gentle, a faint blush coming across her cheeks as she chewed on her bottom lip. It wasn’t their first time, but tonight was something special… the start of their new life. -04:16 Apr 12
Hans: His fingers glided over her skin as he puehd her dress off of her slowly kissing her neck and smelling her hair. “All I know now is that nothing will keep us apart” he moved her with him onto the bed lying on his side next to her as he undid his belt. “Because I love you. Queen Yvaine..” -04:21 Apr 12
Yvaine: “And I love you, my King, so very very much…” A little shy, but not at all awkward, Yvaine was leaning on her elbow next to him. Tilting forward to brush a kiss over his mouth and reaching down to help tug away his belt. He made her feel safe in the present, and their future sound like a dream. All she really wanted was to have his arms around her and get lost in it. -04:25 Apr 12
Hans: He pressed his lips into hers and slowly rand his hand up and down her side tickling her skin. His lips slid sliwly against her as he waited for her to undo his pants, his shoes having alread been kicked off. -04:28 Apr 12
[Yvaine ] -04:36 Apr 12
Yvaine: Yvaine giggled softly, her stomach and side flinching from the tickling. His touch made her tingle, the sensations filling her with such a sweet, loving sort of desire. Her hand slipped down to unbutton his pants, a finger sliding down the zipper. There was only the smallest hesitation before she slipped her hand in to his pants to feel him. -04:39 Apr 12
Hans: His lips parted as he felt her hand on him his eyes opening and his hadn pausing before his lips curled into a smile. “You make me feel amazing.” he said as his hand lets her to push his pants down, slowly as if waiting to see if she’d object. -04:41 Apr 12
Yvaine: “I hope I can make you feel amazing the rest of our lives.” she responded, barely above a whisper. Yvaine sat up and shifted, pulling his pants down and away, doing the same with underwear. She was biting her lip again as she admired him like this. Naked and serene, and the faint expressions and movements he made when her hand would graze his inner thigh, or fingers dance over his stomach. She loved to see him like this and knowing she could make him feel that way! -04:48 Apr 12
Hans: His smile never left her face as he sat up, legs apart, letting her see and feel him as he reached befing her and unded the clasp on her bra, his fingertips tickling her skin as he pulled the strap over her shoulders, and down her arms, thne he gently pushed her down and pulled her underwear off, stripping her naked. He fell next to her and ran his hand up her side, his cupping her bare breast and then sliding back over her shoulder to the back of her neck. “You always will.” -04:53 Apr 12
[Yvaine has timed out.] -04:58 Apr 12
Yvaine: Yvaine inched closer until the entire length of her body was pressed up against his. That warm comfort of his skin heating hers everywhere they touched. She slipped one of her legs between his knees as she nuzzled against his shoulder. Brushing soft kisses against it, up his neck and then nipping gently at his jaw. Her hands had found their way against his chest again, drawing soft tapping circles over his collarbone. -04:58 Apr 12
Hans: There was a soft sigh of the tention of everything that had happened melting away, and the uncertainty that she was ready evaporating. He caught her lips in another kiss his chest pushign against her until it was on top of her and his soft kisses and nip were training down her neck his hand gliding over her stomach to her hip. -05:02 Apr 12
Yvaine: “Hans…” it wasn’t anything more than a soft sigh of his name. More than relaxed, she was swept away… reveling in the feel of him and the serenity of the moment. One of her hands rose up caressing and squeezing his shoulder until it continued up it’s path to get lost in his hair. Her head tilted, cheek resting against his head. Her breath falling against his skin every moment he hit a ticklish spot and she giggled. -05:07 Apr 12
Hans: “I love you..” he whispered his hips following his shoulders rolling on top of her. His kisses traveled down her chest until his tongue flicked her nipple his elbows supporing his weight on the covers as his legs slid against hers. -05:10 Apr 12
Yvaine: That wet feel of his tongue was enough to send her nipples peaking, and a rush of heady desire soaring through her so quickly that it nearly made her dizzy. Her faint mewl of approval was mirrored by the way her hand tightened and relaxed in his hair and how her body seemed to rise to meet his. -05:14 Apr 12
Hans: He moved his attention to the other nipple kissing and licking it gently, the nipping and pulling it between his lip sucking and rubbign the tip of his tongue against it as he shifted his weight freeing his hand allowing it to rub and circle the first nipple. His breath pressed his stomach against her hips with a steady rythm before his legs opened up alowing his to balance and sip up looking down as her, his and running up and down her stomach passing lightly over her breasts each time. He was already hard and there was no way to hide it, nor was there a way to hide his grin and the look in his eyes as he ran his gaze over her. -05:20 Apr 12
Yvaine: It was sweet heaven…! Yvaine was sure her entire body was flushed. She felt so hot and mostly needy.. almost giving a sound of protest when he sat up. But that expression on his face…! Yvaine was sure she fell in love all over again. So clearly she could see his desire for her, and more importantly his love… If there had been any doubts they were long gone as she leaned up, bracing her weight on her hands. Yvaine matched his grin, with an unexpected alluring smile as she reached a hand up to cup his cheek and pull him back for a kiss. -05:29 Apr 12
Hans: “..!” her grin was the best part, her eyes a close second. He arms closed around her as his lips parted to allow his tongue to slid over her lips. He needed her and it showed as he slid his hips up against hers. His tip finding her but just not entering… “Yvaine..” he needed to ask, once and for all… “May I..?” -05:34 Apr 12
Yvaine: “Please do, Hans..” she murmured in a whisper, kissing him again and drawing his lip in to her mouth for a quick nibble. “Make love to me and don’t ever let me go..?” -05:37 Apr 12
Hans: It was all he needed, pressign his lips hard into hers he pushed his hip her hers and his shaft pushed inside her. The arms arouns her held tighter as he felt ehr open he her and he would have spoken again but he was still pulling her lip with his as his hot body pressed against hers. -05:39 Apr 12
Yvaine: No pain, no fear… just a rush of need so strong, Yvaine was left sighing against his mouth. Her body was ready and wanting, wet and accepted him with ease. She curled a leg around his hips the moment she was wrapping her arms around his neck. She wanted him closer! Deeper! Even softly murmuring those thoughts against his mouth in whispered pleas. -05:43 Apr 12
Hans: He nuzzles into her cheek as he pushed harder into her, moving faster. They hadn’t done it in months and all that waiting, all his love went into this simple act. He shifed his hips changing his angle and he whispered her name… and moaned into her ear. -05:46 Apr 12
Yvaine: Yvaine shivered in delight. Her toes curling with the mounting passion that coursed it way from her dizzied head all the way down between her thighs. Her hands clinging to him so hard that her nails were digging in to his skin. With every bounce of her body a soft mewl would escape. And soon those sounds went from soft coos to gasping, pleading exclamations! -05:55 Apr 12
[Hans has timed out.] -06:18 Apr 12
[Hans ] -06:18 Apr 12
Hans: Thier movement in time he held her to him his face an expresion of pure passion as sweat began to rll off his skin. His shuddering breath blew across her neck and in her her hair as his nerves tingled arounf where her nails dug in. “Yvaine.. you’re always so amazing…” -06:23 Apr 12
Yvaine: She wanted to laugh, but all she had was a long sighing of his name against his ear. He made her feel precious and loved… and so good! Both of her legs wrapped around him. Herhands drawing over his shoulders to clasp either side of his face and draw him in to a kiss. She couldn’t say the words but she put every bit of her passion in that kiss with the nibbling of his lips and the flick of her tongue. -06:35 Apr 12
Hans: He kissed her back his frenzied movelents reaching a peak. One of his hands freed from the task of supporting his wieght explored her soft skin between them runnign the softly pinchign her skin. -06:41 Apr 12
Yvaine: All of the feelings were surging at once, churning at the pit of her stomach. “Hans, I’m…!” Yvaine gasped out, her body rising off the bed as it grinded up against him. The sudden euphoria was such bliss, that her eyes were squeezed shut as she all but purred while her head listlessly tossed. -06:48 Apr 12
Hans: He psuhed harder his grip on her tightining further. The presure was undearable as he held it back, His skin was on fire and her body against his felt just as hot. “Oh god Yvaine..” his voice was masked with despiration and burning passion. The he gasped his hips slaming into hers and pushign her up against his as his stomach tightened and his back bent driving him still further into her. In a rush it escaped him, the fluid of his climat filling her as he panted against her.. then moved to kiss her softly. -06:53 Apr 12
Yvaine: Yvaine was still trying to catch her breath. Pressing her lips against his in soft, weary kiss. She smiled, resting her head against his. Curling against him with her arms tucked between them. “You have.. no idea how much I appreciate you… and love you so very much.” she mumbled softly. -06:56 Apr 12
Hans: “I think I do..” he whispered running his hands through her hair “I have a feeling it as much as I do you.” -06:58 Apr 12
Yvaine: “I hope you show me for a long time, husband.” she grinned, leaning to brush a kiss at the corner of his mouth. “Cause I will show you every day, for as long as you hold me like this.” -07:03 Apr 12
Hans: “the rest of out lives then.” he said softly leaning over to kiss her hair gently. “Because I will never stop holding you like this.” -07:06 Apr 12

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