My Demon Roommate 013: Demon on Mocha

Jayden: A good big breakfast made for a much less pissy Jayden. Especially when she was teetering on the thought of becoming a demon slayer and ending all demonkind for being a bunch of assholes was still a big thought on her mind. At least a bouncy, cheerful, over excited Mcboobs Cupio was really distracting! “You know, we really are going to need a new place if you’re going to want to buy everything adorable that you see…” -08:40 Sep 22
Cupio: He looked at her. “The only shiny I got was a knife, a very important knife… and the rings.. and… fine we’ll get a bigger place but you have to admit having money is nice.” he was dressed in his mall clothes and ready to go out with Jayden, his girlfriend, the best one ever. “And you’re taking the money!” he stood up from his chair and grinned drinking the last of his juice and placing his cup down. “I don’t think we should get a puppy though. They’re small and helpless… and smell delicious. Not good for babies!” -08:48 Sep 22
Jayden: “Yeeeaaah, so not giving a half demon baby anything easy to eat…” -That- hadn’t even occured to Jayden. Holy hell, what was this kid going to try to eat? Taking the money didn’t seem to be a problem for Jayden. Neither did spending it. In fact, it was pretty damned awesome not having to worry about money. Space on the other hand… Damnit. One thing at a time! “Get a coat. And spending rules means clothes and toys… no furniture until I work out where we put it.” -08:51 Sep 22
Cupio: He grabbed a jacket with wing holes and pulled it on. “Little clothes that are good for a little Jayden… We’ll see what we find. And we should look for a bigger place if you want one. I want somethign with a lot of air, and a big window. You don’t know how great it is having a SKY that you can SEE. Oh and can we get some mocha from the corner stand?” -08:57 Sep 22
Jayden: “Maybe we are safer with a little Mcboobs Cupio. I am not so sure a mini me is the greatest of ideas.” No doubt she would be a little terrorist and impossible to handle. Cupio seemed to have a much better temperment… Jayden led the way out, making sure to lock up the door behind them. Then it was off down the street for his mocha. It was a good day for a walk! -09:01 Sep 22
Cupio: “Come one Jay, our daughter will be great and I hope she looks just like you. I don’t want purple streaks in mu daughter’s hair.” he stuck out her tongue and rabbed Jayden’s arm. “This will be fun. Thank you for making me feel better by doing this. I know I can be a handful sometimes.” -09:08 Sep 22
Jayden: “I’d say you were a handful and then some.” Jayden gave him a wicked look. It wasn’t often she cracked a dirty joke at Mcboobs, but he was kind of asking for it now. “I like it when you’re smiling. Even if that means you’re driving me nuts. …Besides… I kinda like the idea of shopping for baby things. The whole mommy business is growing on me.” -09:13 Sep 22
Cupio: He kissed her shoulder and let out a soft giggle. “You’d know Jayden I can’t think of a place your hands havn’t been. And good, if I can be a father, you can be a mother, and you’ll make a great one.” he nuzzled into her shoulder again “And I like you smiling too, not angry Jayden looking like she wants to rape me, unless she actually rapes me then I like that too.” -09:18 Sep 22
Jayden: That was a weird enough comment to give her pause, and then she couldn’t help but start laughing! “So I get rape face, huh? Well, I guess I’m glad I know how to control some impulses… But I’ll keep your rape permission in mind…” That might actually be kind of fun. -09:20 Sep 22
Cupio: “You wouldn’t.” he teased. “Not your delicate little Mcboobs. Who is a demon. And can take punishment.” the idea of Jayden getting rapey actually had him tensing in all the right places. Good thing a distraction popped up before an alley did. “Theres the mocha… its like chocolate and coffee combined. Where are we shpping anyway?” -09:23 Sep 22
Jayden: “I think you know damn well there’s very few things I wouldn’t do. Even to my delicate and precious little demon girlfriend.” That was a challenge if she ever heard one. Jayden was almost tempted to show him right now, but she wasn’t quite in the right frame of mind for that at the moment. Besides… the element of surprise was more fun. “There’s a lot of shops on Main street. We might as well look at everything we see since we’re getting a new home and making life together. Things we both pick out.” Jayden really liked the thought of that. Building an actual family. Not the demon chaos he had to deal with, or the absence of everything she had… -09:30 Sep 22
Cupio: Building a life together that had him putting his hadns wither side of her head and pulling her into a hard kiss and then skipping off to stand next to the coffee thand to place his order. “Just looking bow then? And buying a little. I want to see eveything. Everything Jay. And maybe we can grab apartment listings on out way back to read at home?” -09:34 Sep 22
Jayden: Jayden was grinning wide. It was very easy to make Mcboobs Cupio happy. She was pulling out cash and ordering something for herself too. “Maybe even something bigger than an apartment? Maybe a nice glass and steel tower and I’ll fill all the floors with booby traps and giant spiders.” -09:39 Sep 22
Cupio: “Giant spiders? I remember them. No, I don’t want them near out daughter!” he sipped his mocha and grinned, it was delicious. “I house might be nice though, with a yard and a tree and a hot tub… I read about them. They sound like the perfect thing for this climate, and bubles tickle. ” he took another sip and started walking slowly. “And a baby room, and a… no if they’re getting a baby no sex room.” -09:43 Sep 22
Jayden: “Locks, Cupio… we can put locks on doors. If you really want a sex room…” Because hey, that actually sound really inticing. What the hell would go in a sex room? Jayden had some fun ideas! She fell in to step next to him, occasionally brushing her hand through his hair or just touching his back. “We could -build- a house. Something close to the city, but with a good and tree and hot tub. Hmm, with lots of windows.” -09:48 Sep 22
Cupio: He grinned and put and arm around her. “That sounds nice. Out own little castle, complete with dungeon.” he glances at her with a wicked grin. “I may look sweet Jay, but all domens are capable of tying a mortal down and incoving carnal sins that would make grown woman cry, or cry out. Or so we like to think. He also like to think that such human things as love is beyong us. But we both knw what’s not true.” -09:52 Sep 22
Jayden: “You realize, it’s really hard for me to take you seriously as a sexy demon of lusty goodness, when you look so damn adorable.” If he had been a man and said it, Jayden would probably hit the sidewalk face first from slipping in her own drool. But Mcboobs? A kitten growling. Snickering to herself, she leaned to kiss his temple. “I’d say we’ve prove a lot of demony impossibilities wrong.” -09:58 Sep 22
Cupio: With a mischevious look he hopped up to bite the side of he hack, hard, then slipped away ahead of her taking another sip of the energetic brew in his hand. “We have and I feel free. And happy, and…” he spun and walked backwards in front of her. “I’d be more than happy to chase you down and fuck you in the street if you’d do my the favor of turning around and running right now.” it wasn’t McBoob’s voice, it was Cupio’s male voice coming from McBoobs’ mouth. Then there was a very wide grin and a wink before the coffee cup was emptied of the last of it’s contents. -10:03 Sep 22
Jayden: Oh no… maybe giving him coffee was a bad idea. But his little tease did the trick and Jayden nearly tripped. She was frowning again, but it was a real frown, as she followed after the beast she just created. “And if we spend all of our time fucking, we’ll never find a place to raise this baby! I’m probably going to spew out a thousand babies at this rate, Cupio!” -10:06 Sep 22
Cupio: “My very own legion? Glorious!” He threw up his ahdn and turned to walk forwards. “A legion of demons at my call… Hey Jay, want to be the demon queen of earth?” The empty cup was tossed in a bin and Cupio was skipping off towards the shops. “We’ll need uniforms for them! Something bullet proof and produced in bulk!” -10:09 Sep 22
Jayden: Demon Queen of Earth. That had a nice ring to it… Jayden wasn’t quite that ambitious though. And sure as hell not popping out babies to make him a legion of demons! She was still sipping her own coffee and debating whether or not her little mcboobs would ever get any again. “Uniforms sound so… conforming…. how about we not have a million babies and just stick with one super cute demon princess?” -10:14 Sep 22
Cupio: Wings folded out to full size adn he turned a perrfect SQUEE face and he looked like he might pounce Jayden. “I don’t want to rule the world if you don’t want to Jayden. I just want you, and our baby and… This shop looks good.” he turned and tstepped intide the bell on the door ringing and he blinked. It didn’t look like a baby clothes shop… it looked like a … he stepped abck out of the sex shop and grabbed Jayden’s arm. “I’m distracted, you lead the way. You smell good.” -10:19 Sep 22
Jayden: How cuuuute! Overly energtic and totally going to be trouble, but he was so cute! Jayden was smirking as she led the way down the sidewalk. “The only sex shop this side of town and you manage to walk right in it by accident. What am I supposed to do with you…” Her tone was teasing, and that earned him another kiss to the forehead. She would love a daughter that is adorable like this! …maybe less hot, though! -10:24 Sep 22
Cupio: “I know what I like.” and right now it was next to him and warm and had a hilt of the bubble bath smell still clinging to her. CUpio let go of her arm and in a second was jumping onto her back and locking his legs around her waist and arms arounf her nck, his awings closing around both of them like a bat’s as his tail whipped around and pushed down thte front of her pants and his teeth latched onto her neck. -10:28 Sep 22
Jayden: Holy shit! Jayden didn’t shriek often, but this was one of those moments! In a split second she had a wicked horny demon on her back, and she had to precariously regain her balance, not spill her coffee, nor throw him off her back just out of reflex! “Cupio…!” She had to stop walking, otherwise they’d end up in the middle of the street. “…as asmused as I am… not the time and place?” Oooh… though, biting was always nice… -10:31 Sep 22
Cupio: A long, rough tongue was run over where she had been bitten before the winges stretched out and beat down wardsm flapping furiously to lift them both into the air. His lags were still locked arounf her and his hands were gripping his shoulders as he soared out over the morning fraffic. Somewhere private… he needed somewhere private. A rooftop would do! -10:35 Sep 22
Jayden: “Heeeeeeeey! Flying and me don’t mix…!” At least not when she had coffee! Okay, maybe tiny little mcboobs was hella stronger than she looked, but this was still nervewracking! -10:38 Sep 22
Cupio: He set her down on a flat rooftop adn was stripping his jacket and shirt off, there was no underwear so once shoes, socks and jeans were off he changed into his male form and was pulling her shirt off too. -10:42 Sep 22
Jayden: “Cupio, you-” Damnit! Before her shirt came off, Jayden chugged the rest of her coffee. She paid for it, she was going to drink it! After that, she was just fine with being stripped, and was even laughing almost hysterially. “What happened to happy snuggly shopping morning..!” -10:44 Sep 22
Cupio: “Sex happened.” he said undoing her pants and pulling them down and pulling her into a deep kiss his weight pushing her over and bearingdown on top of her. “This is what you would have gotten if you had run.” he said grinning against her lips. “Not an aborable little McBoobs.” -10:47 Sep 22
Jayden: Man, he could take her mood from pleasantly cuddling a bouncy mcboobs to wanting to fuck the hell out of him in about three seconds. Jayden dug her hands in to his hair to pull his head back. Might as well put up a fight if he’s going to be feisty! “Did you want me to run, Cupio? Instead of taking my girlfriend out for a nice morning?” Now she was the one smirking. -10:53 Sep 22
Cupio: “This isn’t a nice morning?” he asked pulling her head up to him to claim her mouth as his other hand pushed down her panties to rub her lips. “I want you Jay, I want to fuck you hard and when I’ve bruised you to the point where I can’t held back then we had continue our morning.” -10:56 Sep 22
Jayden: This was definitely a good morning. A hot, toe curling, now squirming under him at his touch, good morning. Jayden was gasping for a breath, but that didn’t stop her from giving him a hard kiss of her own and making sure to give a good bite while she was at it. “How about hard enough you have to spend the day carrying me on your back and maybe I’ll let you do it.” -11:02 Sep 22
Cupio: He grinned and his claws tore through her panties tossing the torn slip of fabric aside, her punishment for that remark as he pulled her hips closer to his and pushed… ho that wasn’t the right word, He slammed into her, thier hips meeting with enough force to send a physical shock up his spine as the electrical one that made him growl and then whimper against her lips. She had a demon inside her, a demon baby, she could take him, even when his harns were growing and tos tongue pushed into her mouth all the way to the back of her throat. -11:07 Sep 22
Jayden: That was enough to send her shrieking in surprise again, and slap a hand against his shoulder to shove him. But just as quickly dug her nails in to his shoulder. She wasn’t worried about being too rough… in fact that never seemed to be an issue with Cupio! He tasted like that mocha coffee and she was more than happy to suck hard on his tongue before sinking her teeth in to it. -11:11 Sep 22
Cupio: She bit and he pushed claws penetratig the skin of her side as he held her in place, the smell of her blood reathing his nostrills and making his eyes flicked as his hips slammed into hers again. The intensity of the moment and his cafien fueled drive caused the world to simply cease to be. His other hand dug it’s claws into her hips, there thrust causing them to scrape against her skin before they found purchace. To him she wasn’t a demon, or a mortal right now, she was a lover to be fucked to the delicate balance of life and death. This was demon sex, the kind that not all survived. -11:18 Sep 22
Jayden: The subtle difference of how he treat her didn’t register, Jayden was so caught up in the moment. She might have winced and her body tensed in response to the pain, but it was such an exquisite feeling mixed with the rush of frantic movement. Jay was groaning, her head falling back against the rooftop and tilting listlessly as the pressure started to climb. -11:27 Sep 22
Cupio: He hifted her hips up to get better leverage and pushed her to HIS limit. A hand pulling her head up so that his wings slipped under her to cradle her so that none of her was toughing the roof. There was a growl as he felt himself edging closer to climax, his head pulling away to look at her, his tongue still in her mouth. -11:35 Sep 22
Jayden: A yelp was followed by a long sigh, rather loud sigh. Her legs curled around him like a vice, and were he not holding her so tight she might have been bucking against him. This was almost a new feeling, so white hot that she was already seeing spots. Her fingers dived in to his hair again to both pull hard and hold him tight. Especially when she was on the brink, and her every limb seemed to be sizzling from the charge. -11:44 Sep 22
Cupio: He crushed his lips into hers and moaned into her. Claws moving up to grip her scalp he pushed ahrder than he ever had before, then he climaxed and stiffened pulling her against him. He was breathing hard, tired after one round, but not too tired to keep kissing her and whispering sweet nothings against her lips. -11:51 Sep 22
Jayden: It was like smashing a night of endless Cupio sex in to one far too brief moment! When her body stop quivering and shaking, and when she could finally seem to draw herself out of swimming in that sea of bliss, she returned his kiss with a soft grin. “I dun wanna go shopping anymore…” she grumbled. -11:55 Sep 22
Cupio: He collapsed on top of her and held her tight. “I want to be back in bed.” he said “Get dressed and I’ll fly you home.” -11:59 Sep 22

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