Your Starr 013: The Bribe

Your Starr

[Madeline will always be a hopeless fangirl.] -02:32 Mar 18
[A knock at the door is heard, early in the morning at the time Drake usually shows up.] -02:34 Mar 18
Madeline: Maddie is as awake as she could get, full of more caffiene than any human being should be taking. She hadn’t even had a cup of coffee yet. Maddie just made sure to swallow a few caffiene tablets to be sure she’d stay awake and on her toes all day. Already dressed, she was bouncing over to the door, more than pleased to swing it open and greet the expected object of her affection. -02:38 Mar 18 Madeline

The face that greeted her was not Drake’s but the stern visage of his mother, either side of her were two en who worked with the studio. “Take her.” she said before they stepped forwards and each took one of Madeline’s arms and dragged her out into the hall. “You’ll be getting a ride with me today.” -A knock at the door 02:51 Mar 18

Madeline: Well, crap. It was sad that was always the first thing she thought when she saw his mom. But today it was followed by a more alarmed vocal squeak when she was grabbed. Maddie did the wise thing and didn’t struggle or make a scene. It’s not like the woman was going to have her shot in the parking lot and shoved in to the trunk of a car. …Maddie was pretty sure, anyway. "Um…! And good morning to you too? The grabbyhands aren’t all that necessary." She tried smiling at the assumed body guards in hopes that’d melt them. -02:55 Mar 18 Madeline
[A knock at the door is now known as: Mary] -02:57 Mar 18
Mary: "Then Mark, you get us coffee and meet back at the limo. Ron, keep atight grip." they marched though the hotel and into the elevator where Mary turned to look intently at Maddie, not saying a word. -02:59 Mar 18 Mary
Madeline: One less guy holding on to her was better than nothing. Thank goodness she got dressed quick this morning, otherwise she’d have been dragged through the hotel in her pajamas. Maddie tried not to look intimidated by the women. This was clearly just a big show to freak her out. "Are we going to be meeting Drake? Or is this.. um… bonding time for us?" Please don’t let it be bonding time! Maddie doubted she wanted to be alone with the woman! -03:04 Mar 18 Madeline
Mary: "You could call it that." she said, no warmth in her voice or the smile on her face. As soon as the doors opened she started walkign through the foyer and out to a waiting car that she got in and Madeline was "Helped" into. Then she sat, her eyes on Maddie and clasped her hands together, agains not saying a word. -03:08 Mar 18 Mary
Madeline: Maddie supressed her crestfallen expression. Or it might have been a horrified expression. She sank in to her seat, twisting up the edge of her shirt in her hands, and finding a great deal of interest in looking out the window instead of at HER. "Aaaand what did you want to talk about? I think the tour is going really great." -03:11 Mar 18 Madeline
Mary: "My son." she said her gaze not shifting. "And what you want from him." she continued. "I know I don’t look like the best mother but I love Drake and since you’re not going anywhere…" she paused to examine Maddie again. "I need to know that you’re not going to break his heart." -03:17 Mar 18 Mary
Madeline: Was that all..? Maddie very visibly relaxed. She never wanted to think the worst about his mother, the woman was just naturally terrifying. If all she really wanted was what was best for Drake, then Maddie felt a lot more confident. Though she was still twisting up the edge of her shirt in her hands, now she was sitting straight and grinning at the woman. "I’m definitely not going to break his heart. I don’t think I have ever loved somebody this much." -03:20 Mar 18 Madeline
Mary: Mary didn’t relax. "He’s a celebrity. A lot of girls would take advantage of that and some have… If you hurt him I will make life very difficult for you." -03:36 Mar 18 Mary
Madeline: "I understand. I don’t want to hurt him or take anything from him." Maddie crossed her arms around herself, tilting her head to the side as she chewed on the tip of her tongue in thought. "I am a fan, and I do really love everything that he does, and it’s all amazing. But it’s not why I am still with him. None of that stuff is why I like him so much." -03:40 Mar 18 Madeline
Mary: The door opened and two plastic cups were handed to Maddie before the from passenger door opened then closed and the car started. "If it’s money then you can have one million rght now so long as you never see him again." this was the test. A shiney million all to themselves wouls send many girls running to the bank. She even pulles a briefcase into her lap and opened it. "I would make excuses for you abcense but if you ever went near him again…" -03:46 Mar 18 Mary
Madeline: Holy crap, was that actual real money? Maddie didn’t doubt it. With a cup of coffee in her hands, she chugged a few quick swallows. Finally she sighed and shook her head. "I really don’t want any money and I don’t WANT to leave him. I told you, I love him and I care about him." What would she even do with a million bucks, and no have Drake? Lots and lots of art, but she wouldn’t get pizza on the couch and snuggling. "How many girls have you paid off to leave? Do they actually do that? Take the money and run?" -03:59 Mar 18 Madeline
Mary: She closed the case and placed it on the seat next to her before openign the door next to her and got out. "The driver will take you anywhere you want to go." she said before closing the door, the case still on the seat as Mary walked towards another car, none of the questiosn answered. -04:05 Mar 18 Mary
Madeline: Maddie blinked in confusion, leaning in her seat to watch the woman switch to a different car. So she was just going to leave the money in there and hope she took off? Maybe? Maddie ran her fingers through her hair and huffed. "I guess I want to go back to the hotel!" She announced to the driver. Hopefully it wasn’t too late to meet with Drake. Otherwise she was going to have to try and catch up to him! -04:14 Mar 18 Madeline
[Mary the driver looked back. "Miss, we never left." he pointed out hands on the wheel. "I was meant to take you to the set to meet drake?"] -04:19 Mar 18

the driver looked back. “Miss, we never left.” he pointed out hands on the wheel. “I was meant to take you to the set to meet drake?” -Mary 04:19 Mar 18

Madeline: "R-right…!" Dammit, she was so wound up by all that caffiene and Drake’s mother freaking her out, she hadn’t even realized they never left the parking lot! With her face red, she took another sip of coffee, and cleared her throat. "Of course, um, yeah. I’d like to go meet Drake, please… I didn’t know he already left without me." -04:23 Mar 18 Madeline
[Mary The driver nodded and the car pulled away heading for the staduim where preperation would be being made, it wasn’t far and the only thing that happened during the drive was the brifcase falling off of the seat and onto the floor, but they were soon pulling into the parking lot and being waved into the crew’s parking.] -04:28 Mar 18

the driver looked back. “Miss, we never left.” he pointed out hands on the wheel. “I was meant to take you to the set to meet drake?” -Mary 04:31 Mar 18

The driver nodded and the car pulled away heading for the staduim where preperation would be being made, it wasn’t far and the only thing that happened during the drive was the brifcase falling off of the seat and onto the floor, but they were soon pulling into the parking lot and being waved into the crew’s parking. -Mary 04:31 Mar 18

Madeline: Maddie eyed that briefcase during the whole ride. One the one hand, it was kind of insulting to be offered money to leave. Like she would actually do that. On the other, she could totally see where his mom might’ve had the wrong impression. She was a fan from a contest and things moved really fast. She wasn’t exactly pop-star-girlfriend material and definitely not fiance material. They hadn’t even had sex yet, not for her lack of trying… and now that she thought about it, that might’ve just been to prevent her from having his love-child and running away! Now Maddie wasn’t sure if she was mad, depressed, or what! She shifted in the limo to grab that briefcase. If it really WAS full of money, she couldn’t just leave it there. She would give it to Drake. -04:34 Mar 18 Madeline
[Mary is now known as: Drake] -04:37 Mar 18
Drake: He was in the middle of things, as usual, making sure everythign was ready for the night. Right now he was sitting on his haunches while one of the roadies shecked the elecricals for the stage. As the door opened he stood. "Great, you’re here put ot over there with the… Maddie?" he looked surprised for a second before smiling. "How many times to I have to tell you you don’t need to help me. You can sit over there and I’ll be with you in a minute?" -04:40 Mar 18 Drake
Madeline: With a briefcase in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other, she probably looked like a lawyer or something! The thought almost made her smile. Instead, she rocked on her feet, giving Drake her best disapproving look. "You left without me! I bet you thought I’d sleep in and not be underfoot, huh?" At least she didn’t think HE sent his mom over. Although now her head was swimming with a bunch of stupid doubts again. Why did that woman always stir those up! "Did you have breakfast? I could go fetch something." -04:45 Mar 18 Madeline
Drake: "I’ll eat at lunchtime." he said before looking over her shoulder and pointing someone who had arived behnd her in the right direction. "And you keep tiring yourself out so I let you sleep. I’dlike for you to make it to the end on my concerts you know." he was teasing, obviously. "What’s in the bag? You bring papers from the hotel?" -04:48 Mar 18 Drake
Madeline: "I don’t need any sleep, I’m fine, see?" She bounced once or twice on her feet to prove it. "And breakfast is theeeee most important meal of the day, you should totally eat." Maddie looked down at the briefcase and frowned. She held it up a bit to shake it. "Your mom ambushed me with security and tried to pay me off like she’s some sort of mobster. This is full of money, I think, so I thought I would give it back to you and not leave it lying around." -04:52 Mar 18 Madeline
Drake: He rolled his eyes and took the handle. "You’re meant to leave it in the car, then she comes and ses if there’s any missing. I’ll handle this." he pushed past her with the case and disappeared outside to walk towards the second car. -04:58 Mar 18 Drake
Madeline: Maddie blinked again, watching him leave. There was rules to the whole bribery thing? That just proved how little she really understood about the famous world of famous people. Huffing again, she rest her now free hand on her hip, tapping a foot on the ground as she waited. She was almost tempted to follow and shout at them both just out of princical. Things did not need to be this kind of complicated. You liked a guy, you stay with the guy. …giving in to curiosity, she found up following after him anyway. -05:01 Mar 18 Madeline
Drake: Maddie’s delay in heading out made her miss the encounter and Drake was already walking back minus the case. He looked irritated and didn’t say anythign as he passed Maddie adn reentered the backstage area. -05:09 Mar 18 Drake
Madeline: She hated that look. He already had so much to worry about. Maybe she shouldn’t have mentioned anything at all about his mother… Maddie tossed her empty cup in the trash as she followed behind him, then quickly caught up. "It’s okay? Forgeting all of that stupid crap, breakfast is still a thing! I CAN go fetch something since you are so busy and I could bring it back for us." -05:13 Mar 18 Madeline
Drake: "It’s fine." he said dismisivly before throwing himself back into the fray signing a form and marching towards the stage itself to make sure everythign way on schedule. -05:18 Mar 18 Drake

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