Cassius gets the big idea of challenging MacBeth to a bet of who gets the prettiest girl and a kiss, so he can discredit him and steal the spot as first mate. Duncan runs off on his own to have a strange adventure! Bronwen, finding herself annoyed with the whole bet business sticks with working and digging up information about Brennen’s wereabouts. Duncan ends up chased around town by weirdos and meeting a cute furry beast. Cassius has some luck and bad luck with girls until he finds a pretty lady. MacBeth plays it cool and chats with a local friend! After getting the information she needed, Bronwen did some supplies shopping. She decided if her boys were going to get all fancy and meet some women, there’s no reason why she couldn’t dress up all pretty and possible pick up a hooker too! She arrives dressed to perfection at Mystique’s before Cassius and MacBeth get there. Cassius arrives next with his lady, not even recognizing his sister is there. MacBeth arrives – alone! Cassius taunts him, but at the very last minute – MacBeth’s dates arrive. A Pair of sisters and Cassius exes. With Cassius’ date realizing she was there just for a bet, she punched him in the nose and left! MacBeth left with his dates, while Bronwen nearly died of laughing! Cassius realized his sister was there the whole time, and with his bruised ego cut her down with an insult. So she punched him in the nose too and stomped out. Bronwen returns to the ship, annoyed by Cassius comment of her not getting a date. Duncan runs in to Cassius on his way back and shows him the critter he found. Cassius starts sceeaming about a demon and doubts Bronwen would let him keep a monster!

[MacBeth appeared at the bridge after they\’d landed in one piece.] -02:28 Jun 15
[Bronwen is ready to get busy!] -02:30 Jun 15

Duncan: *Leaned back and threw his arms up as he stretched.* Another successful landing. *He swerved the chair to face the Cap’n and grinned sheepishly.* Okay, not as successful as you would have liked … but still! *He jumped out of the seat and twisted in another stretching exercise.* So, how long do we get for this uh … shore leave?

Cassius: *Cassius appears, and lookin’ mighty fine if he does say so himself. He managed to dig up some nice threads, and he plans on putting MacBeth to shame with his latest little plan. He’s a cat-grinning!*

Bronwen: One night if I’m lucky, to at the most. *Where the hell did Cassius get those clothes? Why doesn’t she get any new clothes?* I’m going to do the snooping so my boys can have some fun for a change. ….Fun, Cassius. Not anything stupid. Or dangerous. -02:32 Jun 15
MacBeth: If it isn’t the playboy. *Said, looking Cassius over.* Ready to be slapped senseless by a woman so soon? -02:33 Jun 15

Duncan: *Looked Cassius over and whistled.* Nice outfit. *He nodded.* Alright then. I guess I’ll see everyone later?

Cassius: Fun is exactly what I had planned, little captain. That is… if MacBeth isn’t too chicken to take up a challenge. If you’re so uppity about the ladies, how ’bout we see just who the better ladies’ man is?

MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* If anyone knows what "uppity" is, it’d be you, Cassius. What are the stakes? -02:35 Jun 15
Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked at the two, and sighed at Duncan.* Go on, before they drag you in too. -02:36 Jun 15

Cassius: How about we see who ends up with the prettiest girl by the end of the night, and gets himself a good kissin’? Without paying for her. When I win, I’m first mate.

Duncan: *Grinned sheepishly.* Yes, Cap’n. *He gave one final wave and walked off. When he first left the ship, he looked around. He found the entrance to New Venus, since the ships were parked in a large cleared off area, and began to wander around aimlessly.*

MacBeth: *Raised an eyebrow. Cassius could only be putting up these kinds of stakes to humiliate him. He always did.* Alright then. You win, you’re first mate. I win … you call everyone by a fancy title as long as you’re a crew member. We meet at Mystique’s by the end of the night with the lucky females. -02:49 Jun 15

Cassius: *A cat-smirk. Cassius nodded!* Agreed. Hope you like scrubbing floors, MacBeth, cause that’ll be your new job.

Bronwen: Gee, I’m slow glad I have a crew full of men. *Sarcastic Bronwen. Of all the stupid ways to make a bet. Fooling around with women. They’re a right couple of whores.* I’m going to work. *She mutters to herself as she leaves!* -02:52 Jun 15
MacBeth: *Chuckled softly and gave Cassius a mock salute: two finger to his forehead. He turned and followed Shadowstar out of the ship.* -02:53 Jun 15

Duncan: *Truth be told, he’d never been to New Venus. Sure, he liked to boast that he had but that was just a harmless, empty boast. He just stuck his hands in his pockets and tried not to look like a bum.*

Bronwen: *Prancing around in those dumb clothes of his, maybe she’d do something girly and go shopping? For now she was decidedly ignoring MacBeth. Shouldn’t he be busy girl-scouting?* -02:57 Jun 15
MacBeth: *After Shadowstar left the ship, he wandered off on his own. He wasn’t in a particular hurry. Cassius wanted to win and so did he. He had no intention on letting Cassius be first mate.* -02:59 Jun 15

Duncan: *While digging around in his pockets after his stomach growled, he found himself a few credits. He considered going back to the ship to eat but decided against it. He’d just gotten here. It’d be a shame to go back so soon. It wasn’t because he was lost. Far from it. He knew exactly where he was going. He just … didn’t want to go back yet.*

Cassius: *Cassius did what Cassius did best. He was in New Venus in record time and chatting it up. Just chatting! Maybe a little flirting. After all, he has to check out the ladies first and see who is the best looking!*

“Get your hot, fresh bachenstrudels here! Hot, fresh bachenstrudels! The best in New Venus–no, the galaxy!” Over the din of the crowd, the voice roared. Not too far was a stand. Just a couple of large windows with a round man and his bald, shining head leaning out of it. His clothes were greasy and sweat-stained but the smell coming out of the kitchen behind him–Divine!

*(large windows) on the side of a building

Duncan: *Stopped. He didn’t know what bachenstrudels were but they smelled delicious! Sure, the guy looked like he hadn’t bathed in a month and one never knew what the cook did to the food before it was served to him but … surely he could try it out just this once! He approached the man.* I’ll take a bagen–batenstrudel!

Bronwen: *Bronwen stopped by a fueling station, and asked the workers a few questions. Meet any interesting people? How many sweet ships fly in through here? Hey, seen any Shadowstar ships lately? Perfectly normal conversations!* -03:07 Jun 15

“It’s bach-en-strudel, kid,” the man growled but sank back into the stand. He disappeared and reappeared a long time later with something wrapped in shiny foil. It was the size of and roughly the shape of the cook’s fist. He offered it to Duncan but quickly pulled it away. “That’ll be ten credits, kid.”

MacBeth: *Took his time. He found a rather nice bath-house to soak in for awhile. He wasn’t going to get anywhere if he didn’t at least smell nice. Fortunately, the bath-house also ran a cleaning service. With the credits he had, he got himself a nice bath and his clothes a nice wash, along with a complimentary polish for his boots.* -03:11 Jun 15

Sure! They meet all kinds of people that come in to New Venus! They ramble on a list of blahdedah names, talk about all the kind of rigs they see fly in through here. Shadowstar ships? Man, since old Mad Morgan took over they don’t see much of them. Course, they don’t usually refill here… they stop over at the trade posts dropping off cargo!

Duncan: *Got his credits out and showed it to the guy.* Um … I only have seven.

The man’s hands moved awfully fast for a man his size! He seized the credits, broke off a good chunk of the foil–along with whatever food was in it–and tossed it to Duncan! “Heh. Enjoy, kid.” And then he was gone!

Bronwen: *That was informative enough for her. She chatted a little bit a longer for some gossip, before thanking them and headed for the trade posts. Hmm, she’d be more recognizable there. Well, if Cassius could spiff himself up with pretty new clothes, why the hell couldn’t she? She intended to!* -03:16 Jun 15

Duncan: *Barely caught the bachenstrudel!* Hey, that’s not–*The old pieces of wood that functioned as the windows’ shutters slammed shut with a BANG! He flinched.* … Fair. *He looked down at the foil and went over to a nearby alley to sit down. He started opening the foil.* I sure hope whatever is in here tastes as good as it smelled …

Far above Duncan, on the edge of the roof, hunched a small figure with large, glowing yellow eyes. As it watched him, its tails flicked. Then it suddenly jumped off of the roof in a pounce, claws unsheathed!

MacBeth: *Felt a little better once he’d actually taken a bath. He probably could have saved some credits if he’d taken a bath on the ship but then he wouldn’t have had an excuse to chat with the bath-house keeper about the whereabouts of an old friend of Cassius’ …* -03:21 Jun 15

Cassius: *Speaking of Cassius, he was playing a rousing game of backyard bouncy ball with the showgirls of Hanibal’s Heaven! Maybe he should take himself a whole group of pretty ladies? Hahahaha!*

CLANG! The sound came right from behind Duncan!

Duncan: *Quickly turned and peered into the darkness. He couldn’t see anything really but those trash cans hadn’t fallen down themselves. Or had they …? He leaned forward. Forward. Just a bit more forward … Then, suddenly, a pair of large glowing yellows eyes–No, three large, glowing yellow eyes flashed open in the darkness!

MacBeth: *He thanked the bath-house keeper and tipped her for the service. He still had some time to kill before he was supposed to meet Cassius so he might as well start looking.* -03:25 Jun 15
Bronwen: *…Shopping wasn’t neat as fun as her mother had made it out to be. Especially when crazy staff wanted to play dressup, and didn’t pay attention to the needs of the client! No, she doesn’t want a dress. No, she doesn’t want to look like a Fera Whore. No, pink is NOT her color! It took a gun pulled to get people to realize she didn’t want anything flashy, she just needed something she can WORK in! …Then again wouldn’t it just make Cassius piss his pants if she were all dolled and picked up a hooker! That was sounding better by the minute!* -03:26 Jun 15

Duncan: ACK! Please don’t kill me! *Instead of moving backwards into the busy street, he shrank back against the side of the building, clinging to his bachenstrudel for dear life!* YOU CAN TAKE MY BACHENSTRUDEL BUT DON’T TAKE MY LIFE! *He paused.* Yeah, now I say it right. *He muttered.*

“GRREOOWW!” the thing hissed.

Duncan: *Remembered the creature about to eat him and curled up into a ball, holding out the bachenstrudel! He covered his face! He didn’t want to see what happened to him! Better to be taken by surprise! If he was lucky, maybe it’d kill him quickly!*

Cassius: *After his thrilling game, Cassius was off to the massage palor! Because oooh his poor throbbing muscles! He made sure to show them off for the sexy massage ladies!*

“Grreoow …?” A soft mew?!

Duncan: *Slowly lifted his head and looked around. What happened to being eaten? Where had that thing–He looked down in front of him.* Uh … Hello.

Bronwen: Hahaha! *~This~ was perfect! After she took care of business, she’d just drop by the ship and clean herself up. For now, some good old fashioned fighin’ clothes that don’t look like she dug them out of Duncan’s closet – and because that reminded her of Duncan, some clothes for her boys too. Always getting shot up and in trouble, they needed them. She had everything sent to meet her at the ship!* -03:36 Jun 15

“Greeoow!” the little creature mewed a bit louder now. It looked like a cross between a cat and a fox and a skunk, or from what pictures his mother had shown him anyways. It was small like a cat with the ears of a fox and the long, bushy tail of a skunk! Wait a minute … make that three long, bushy tails. The creature had a face like a cat, soft, silver fur, and a pair of large yellow eyes. Hm. Instead of the third eye, he’d seen there was a dark blue jewel in its forehead instead.

MacBeth: *Instead of heading into a night club or a bar or some whore-house, he went into a lounge instead. A place for people to get some drinks and enjoy fine entertainment.* -03:40 Jun 15

Duncan: *Blinked and looked closely at it. The creature looked awfully familiar. Had he seen it somewhere before? He certainly hadn’t seen it in real life so … maybe his mama had shown a picture to him once or twice.*

Bronwen: *With a little changing of her hairstyle and some perfectly inconspicuous clothes, Bronwen was at the trade docks for a little more chatting. Here, there was a lot of handy tips and gossip! She was hearing things about Morgan’s ships, local bandits, and just what she needed. Whereabouts of Othello. Before she left, she spread a few tidbits herself. Some evil gossip about Cassius and where that Shadowstar girl is!* -03:45 Jun 15
MacBeth: *A large room, dimly lit, with a bar to one side and tables scattered elsewhere. The dim light came from the centerpieces on the table, small, fancy lamps customers could turn down or make brighter. Toward the front was a clear area for dancing and beyond that, the stage. At the moment, it was occupied by a single female singing the blues, accompanied by an old fashioned grand piano.* -03:48 Jun 15

The creature mewed again and appeared to be studying Duncan as hard as he was studying it. “Greeooww …” It mewed again and this time raised one of its four paws.

Duncan: *Realized it was holding its paw up at his bachenstrudel.* Oh. You smelled it, too, huh? *He sat back and began to open the foil.* I was feeling awfully hungry so I got one … I wouldn’t recommend buying it from here, though. That guy is an asshole. *A bachenstrudel looked like baked bread filled with pieces of meat and cheese. He broke off a piece about the size of his thumb and placed it down on the ground in front of the creature.* Here you go. Let me know how you like it.

Cassius: *He spent a great deal of time at that massage parlor, but once he was all cleaned up and bid his lady friends goodbye, Cassius needed to visit the flower shop. Yes! The Gardenia Shop of Exotic Flora! His favorite little flower girls always graced him with a smile!*

The creature didn’t move while he was putting it down but once he had, it leaned forward and sniffed it. The creature looked like it was wondering if it should eat or not when it suddenly opened its mouth wide–much wider than should have been physically possible–and swallowed the bachenstrudel piece whole! “Greeoow,” it mewed.

Bronwen: *The time, the time… She was checking the time as she reached the ship. Meeting those delivery boys with moments to spare. Having things put away, Bronwen had herself a shower. Should get get a male hooker or a female hooker?* -03:57 Jun 15

Duncan: *Blinked.* Whoa! *He scratched his head.* I guess you need this more than I do. *He took off most of the foil from the bachenstrudel, leaving some behind to act as a plate, before putting it down. He sat back and watched as the creature devoured the bachenstrudel whole.* Man, what kind of creature are you?

The creature only made a “Greeoow” sound again. Its tails flicked around lazily. It doesn’t seem to be in much of a hurry to do anything.

Duncan: *Leaned forward. And who can resist petting something with such soft, beautiful fur? Even if that something did just devour something whole? He reached out slowly and slowly placed his hand on the creature’s head, ready to snap back and run at the slightest hint it was going to devour him, too!*

Cassius: *POP! SLAP! Cassius went staggering out of the flower shop! Well, that hadn’t been the happy reunion he was expecting. But that’s okay! He straighted his clothes, deciding he’d make one last stop over at Snarglpuff Racetrack before he got down to serious business.*

MacBeth: *Got a drink and waited until the woman had finished singing. He applauded with the rest of them and when the woman went into the crowd to mingle with the customers, he waited until she was within earshot.* Today, Moonlight Lounge. Tomorrow, the galaxy, eh, Sylvie? -04:13 Jun 15

The creature watched Duncan carefully but even when he’d placed his hand on its head, it didn’t move. In fact, it closed its eyes and rubbed the top of its head against his palm.

Duncan: *Smiled slightly.* You’re a strange one. *He petted its head for a little while more before he looked up.* I bet it’s nearly time to go back. *He took his hand away and stood.* Well, nice to meet you. See you around … whatever you are. *He waved and disappeared into the crowd to continue his journey.*

The creature watched him disappear and tilted its head. “Greeoow?” It stood and followed after Duncan!

Bronwen: *A refreshing shower, a little fixing of her hair, and a nice little something to wear. Perfect. She leaves to head for Mystique’s. She wanted to have a drink before Cassius and MacBeth showed up with their trophies. A good strong drink.* -04:17 Jun 15

Duncan: *Stuck his hands back into his pockets and continued down the street, unaware of his little furry stalker. Now that he was broke and hungry, returning to the ship was beginning to sound like a better idea.*

Cassius: *Cassius made a bet at the track and lost. Bummer! But that didn’t dimish his good mood! Oh no, ho! For he had met the most enchanting little lady! All legs, curves, big beautiful eyes, pouty lips and more than willing to do him the pleasure of taking her for dinner this evening. Cassius was all grins.*

The silver-haired woman with the dark green eyes and the drop-dead gorgeous figure turned. She looked sexy in her long black gown, low-cut with slits up the sides. “MacBeth?!” She turned from the people she was talking to and went over to him. “I can’t believe–Oh God, it’s been ages!”

As Duncan started to enjoy his tour, he heard a commotion behind him. At first he thought it was nothing and merely moved over to the side. Then he realized the men running his way were running toward him! “Hey you! Stop right there!” They were dressed in uniform which meant getting caught would result in big trouble!

Bronwen: *Early enough she beat the whole lot of them, which was just perfect for her, Bronwen slid on to a stool at the bar and ordered herself something cold and strong. She briefly wondered if leaving those boys alone was a bad idea. Hmmph. Well, it’d serve them right. Duncan was probably the only one not doing something stupid right now.* -04:34 Jun 15
MacBeth: *Blinked!* What? Huh? Me? *He pointed to himself but the men didn’t seem to be in the mood to answer questions–or to slow down so he did the only thing he could do–he ran! Of course, he was unaware of his furry little stalker also running behind him!* -04:35 Jun 15


Duncan: *Blinked!* What? Huh? Me? *He pointed to himself but the men didn’t seem to be in the mood to answer questions–or to slow down so he did the only thing he could do–he ran! Of course, he was unaware of his furry little stalker also running behind him!* –

MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Finally in the neighborhood and decided to drop by. I see you’re still drawing the crowd. -04:36 Jun 15

“He’s getting away!” “Someone stop him!” “Freeze!” the men yelled behind him. There had to be at least six of them. Unfair odds to be sure!

Sylvie chuckled softly. “It depends on what you mean by crowd.” She sighed. “I swear, with Morgan running about, business is suffering. Our customers are more worried about if they’re going to be struck next than where to have a good time.”

Cassius: *Cassius and his new lady friend were having a grand old time! Why, wouldn’t she like a pretty new dress before this evening? He’ll get her a dress!*

Duncan: *Running for his life!* What the. Hell did I. Do. This time?! *He was so busy looking back at his pursuers that he didn’t watch where he was going and tumbled right down a flight of stairs!

MacBeth: I’m sorry to hear that. *He paused for a moment.* Sylvie, I need to ask you something. Is Anya in town? -04:50 Jun 15

Sylvie blinked and went thoughtful. “Why yes, she is. Why do you ask?”

Dum! Dum! THUD! Duncan slams right smack into a door so hard that he breaks down the door and right into the middle of a basement!

Duncan: *Every part of his body ached. No, worst than ached. He was pretty sure they were broken.* … Oooohhh … *He groaned as he lay there, on his back, staring up at the ceiling. Who would have thought being dead could hurt so much?*

Cassius: *Cassius makes sure his lady friend gets a hot little dress! Sure it’s more naughty than it is classy, but if she doesn’t look hooo-ooot. Boy, he almost wants to keep this one as he offers his arm to escort her out!*

MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* I’m not the only one in town. -04:57 Jun 15

Sylvie blinked again. “You don’t mean …?” She saw Mac raise an eyebrow and grinned wickedly. “I’m sure it’d be her pleasure.”

Something jumped onto Duncan’s chest! “Greeooww!” it mewed loudly!

Duncan: *Slowly lifted his head to look down at what was sitting on his chest.* Oh … You again … Are you dead, too?

“Greeooww!” It mewed again and this time it made a sound like coughing. It convulsed and jerked and finally spat out a large wad of spit-covered foil onto his chest!

Duncan: … *Looked at the foil and then up at the creature.* I guess not. *He slowly sat up as the creature hopped off of his chest and sat down beside him.*

“Greeooww!” the creature mewed.

Duncan: *Looked down at the stain left after brushing off the foil!* You realize you owe me a new shirt, right?

The creature just studied Duncan. From on top of the stairs, he heard running. “Hey! He’s down here!” “We’ll get him for sure now!” “Be careful! He’s dangerous!”

Duncan: *Blinked!* You can buy me one later! *He grabs the creature and scrambles to his feet, then darts toward the back of the basement. Fortunately, there is another door he easily kicks down that leads to a flight of stairs that go up and back into the busy streets!

Bronwen: *Bronwen sipped her drink, thinking maybe she should have picked up a hooker after all. But then she’d be just as bad as Cassius and stupid MacBeth making out with girls for some bet! ..Speaking of the devil, there was Cassius walking in the door with some hot little blond. He was pulling her out to dance, and Bronwen about gagged to herself. * -05:12 Jun 15

Cassius: *Cassius looked around, and not a MacBeth in sight. Haha! He probably didn’t even find a woman yet! He didn’t seem to recognize his sister as he pulled his smokin’ lady friend out to the dance floor. Might as well enjoy the night while they’re here!*

The creature had no objections to being picked up and run with! It poked its head over his shoulder to watch the men running after them!

Duncan: Ohshitohshitohshit! The Cap’n is gonna have my hide! *He muttered under his breath as he dodged people, ducked into alleys and ran into shops! But the men are awfully persistent and are behind him every step of the way!*

MacBeth: *Walked into Mystique’s and sat at the bar. Alone! He ordered himself a drink and waited.* -05:20 Jun 15

Cassius: *Cassius spotted MacBeth as soon as walked in. He and his pretty little lady friend made sure to greet him!* Why, if it isn’t my good friend MacBeth. Mac, I’d like you to meet Lizzie. She works over at the tracks. Isn’t she just a vision of beauty?

Lizzie giggled, swatting Cassius’ arm! He’s such a flirt!

MacBeth: *Turned and smiled.* It’s a pleasure, Lizzie. Cassius, you’ve outdone yourself. *He raised his glass in a toast and took a sip from it.* -05:24 Jun 15
Bronwen: *Bronwen had a perfectly good seat a good ways down the bar, and not a damned person noticed her. She grinned in to her drink. Cassius sounded sure of himself, but MacBeth wouldn’t show up alone unless he was plotting something…* -05:25 Jun 15

Cassius: Now, I thought we were going to have a double date tonight, MacBeth? But I see you’re here not hmm… 4 minutes left and not a date in sight.

MacBeth: *Looked at the clock nearby, seeming unfazed.* What do you know, it is. My date is running late but she’ll be here in time. Perhaps I could get you and your lovely companion a drink while we wait. -05:28 Jun 15

Lizzie giggles her pretty little face off! “Oh you’re boys are both so gentlmanly! I would love a drink!”

Cassius: Sure, why not a drink? Hey Lizzie, did I tell ya that MacBeth to be my janitor? I’m about to be promoted to First Mate.

MacBeth: *Ordered Cassius and his date a drink.* Yes. In about … 3 more minutes. *When the bartender came by, he also ordered a refill for himself.* -05:33 Jun 15

“Oh wow!! On your sister’s ship right? Cassius is such a sweethart, he said he’s teaching his little sister how to run a good crew!”

Bronwen: *Is that what that sonofabitch said? She had half a mind to waltz over there and let miss Lizzie know a little more about Cassius but… Hmm. Who WAS going to win this stupid little bet anyway?* -05:35 Jun 15
MacBeth: Is he now? *He turned and smiled.* Cassius is so modest. Truly a leader to be respected. *Anyone who didn’t know Mac wouldn’t have been able to detect the sarcasm in his voice. It was slight but it was there.* -05:35 Jun 15

Cassius: Aw, you’re gon’ make me blush. You know how I don’t like to brag about all my good deeds. *He very obviously glanced at the clock, with a big wide grin.* 2 minutes. You know, Lizzie, I think we might be having dinner alone tonight.

“Teehehee! Oh, but what about the three of us? We’d have such a good time!” Lizzie was so delightfully perky, and two men were always better than one!

MacBeth: *Was watching the clock, too. He finished his drink.* You know … you two might be having dinner alone tonight after all. *He turned in his chair slowly and moved off. 1 minute. He walked to the door.* Because I promised my dates I was going to take them to a real restaurant. *He turned to face Cassius and Lizzie.* Isn’t that right, ladies? -05:41 Jun 15

The door opened and in stepped Sylvie and her twin sister, Anya, both of whom stopped on either side of Mac. “Hello, Cassius,” Sylvie purred. “It’s been awhile,” Anya remarked.

Both women wore long gowns and looked like they’d stepped off the stage. The only difference was that Sylvie wore the black gown and Anya the red.

MacBeth: *Bowed.* May I introduce, the beatiful Reed twins, Sylvia and Anya? -05:44 Jun 15

Cassius: *Cassius was… stunned! But that quickly wore off and was replaced with an angry twitch in one of his eyes as he pointed an accusing figure!* MacBeth, you cheating bastard! You know damned well exgirlfriends are paid in revenge and don’t qualify for this bet!

“Exgirlfriends?… BET?!” Lizzie was admittedly a very silly girl, but it didn’t take a moron to figure out what was going on! “You sleezy bastard!! I knew I should have listened to my sister!” She reared her fist back and socked him in the nose, and man! That little hottie could hit! She stuck her nose up in the air and marched out!

MacBeth: *Was about to tell Cassius that Sylvia and Anya were here for the friendly dinner and not in revenge but … watching him get socked in the nose was somewhat more satisfying.* -05:47 Jun 15
Bronwen: …. Bwaaahaha!! *Bronwen nearly choked on her drink she started laughing so suddenly! And loudly enough to cause quite a few people to turn around and stare at the lady with dark red hair pulled back on her head, and a dark midnight dress with shimmer. Oh… this was all worth it indeed! She kept on laughing!* -05:48 Jun 15

Cassius: Ow! GAW! Lizzie…! *His nose! Ragh, fucking MacBeth, wait was that Bronwen cackling?!* Fuck!

MacBeth: *Offered each woman an arm.* Shall we, ladies? It looks like we’ll be the ones having dinner alone tonight. *And he disappeared out the door with the twins!* -05:54 Jun 15
Bronwen: *Snickering…! That was brilliant! Perfect! She finished her drink and slid from her seat.* How’s that nose, Cassius? Little sore, I imagine. -05:56 Jun 15

Meanwhile Duncan was still on the run for his life with the creature in his arms and those blasted men still after him! Didn’t anyone give up on chasing people anymore?!*

Cassius: Arg… *He leaned against the bar, twisting his to make sure it wasn’t broken, and scowled at his sister.* The hell are you smiling about? At least we had dates.

Bronwen: *She stopped grinning. And taking a lesson from the girl before her, she laid a fist to his nose! And she did break it! Bronwen turned on a heel and left him to howl in pain by his lonesome! …Asshat!* -05:59 Jun 15

Cassius: *CRACK..! RAGH…! He should never have taught Bronwen how to swing a punch!*

Duncan: *Skidded to a halt as he came up against a dead-end! And the walls surrounding him were too tall and too slick to climb!* I’mdeadi’mdeadi’mdeadi’mdead! *He gulped as they drew closer and curled himself into a ball. He couldn’t believe it would end this way! Papa and Mama Hessing would never forgive him!*

The creature wiggled out of his grasp … Duncan heard a fierce “GRREEOWW!” like he’d heard in the alley, a roar too deep to come from such a small body … followed by a large chumping noise and then the sounds of screaming and running!

Bronwen: *Bronwen was going back for the ship. She didn’t NEED a date. If she wanted one, she could have gotten one! There was plenty enough she work on while everyone else was out having affairs.* -06:06 Jun 15

Duncan: *It was … awfully silent now. He slowly opened his eyes and lifted his head, looking around.*

The men were gone except for a single boot. One of them must have dropped it while he was running away. The creature is sitting near a splotch of red on the ground, grooming itself.

Duncan: Hm? That’s … weird. *He slowly got up and walked oer to the creature.* Did you scare those guys away? *He picked it up and stroked its back.*

The creature only made that “Greeooww” mew but just lay in his arms.

Duncan: *Walked out of the alley and past by Mystique’s. He spotted Cassius inside.* Hey, Cassius, have you seen the Cap’n?

Cassius: *He was holding a huge icepack to his nose.* Aye, I saw the witch. Fuckin’ socked me in the nose. Hope she gets mugged wherein’ that damned short dress lookin’ like a damned girl.. *He was still muttering a few other unpleasant things!*

Duncan: *What had he missed?!* Um … Okay. Do you think she’ll let me keep it? *He held up the creature for him to see.*

Cassius: Keep wha-ARGG GAWD! WHAT THE SHIT?! HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND! *Cassius practically hopped backwards up on to the bar, and for the first time… ever!… he looked pretty damned scared!*

“Greeooww?” the creature mewed.

Duncan: *Lowered his arms to turn the creature to look at it.* What are you talking about? It just followed me around and I want to know if I can keep it. *He scratched under its chin.* It’s actually rather cute, don’t you think?

“Greeeooww!” the creature closed its eyes as it was scratched and seemed content.

Cassius: *A facefault!* Do you have a bloody fucking clue what that is?! It’s a fucking death trap with fur!

Duncan: *Looked offended!* Is not. I’ve spent the whole evening with it and it’s been nothing but sweet. Sure, it’s got an apetite but who knows when it last ate?

Cassius: Ha! HA! Go ahead and ask her if you can make it back to the ship in one piece!

Duncan: *Shrugged! What was Cassius’ problem anyways?* Okay. *He turned and walked away, cradling the creature to him.* Don’t worry about him. He’s just drunk or something. *He told the creature as he walked back to the ship.*

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