Your Starr 014: Going All the Way

Your Starr

[Drake is eading for his hotel rool after a long day, but only a couple more and he gets a holiday.] -01:41 Jun 14
[Madeline was told to leave early, because apparently everyone thinks she is worn out! But it’s okay, this is giving her a chance to surprise Drake when he gets back to the hotel room!] -01:41 Jun 14
Madeline: He thought all her cleaning and cooking was cute, and Maddie had a vague memory of him liking costumes. …Maybe! Well, she couldn’t quite remember when and how she got the idea, but she was rolling with it. Dress in the cutest sexy French Maid outfit she could find, Maddie prepared the hotel room for a romantic seduction! Staring HER as the seductress! Dinner was already brought up, the room was lit with a dozen candles. And she was posed in her most sexiest of poses on the bed, ready for when he opened the door. …somewhere between trying the best pose for showing off her legs and trying to move a pillow to the right spot, Maddie fell asleep! -01:45 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He enetered and… first thing he notices was maddie sprawled across the bed in typical sleep pose, the second was that several candles were in danger of voiding the room deposit! He dropped his bag with a thump and hurried around the room blowing them out and then stood over the bed with a smile spreading over his face before he say down onthe bed and gently put a hand on her shoulder to give her a small shake. "Maddie." he said softly before shakign again. "I’m starting to think you want to have sex with me." -02:02 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: "Hmm..?" Maddie swatted at his hand, still mostly asleep, but apparently so deeply determined to enact her scene, she was still mumbling about it. "would you like me to take your clothes… hmmm, offsir?" Her nose twitched a bit when she smelled smoke, making her finally sit up and rub her eyes. "Did you blow out my candles? How am U suppose to serve you in the dark?" -02:07 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: "Thyey were getting low and this is an expencive hotel, deposits aren’t cheep." He reached out to turn on a bedside lamp and get a good look at her. "You’re adorable, you know that? I don’t think I’ve ever had a girl do this for me before." -02:11 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: Maddie gave him a dubious look, leaning forwards on a hand towards him. "You’ve never ever had a girl try to seduce you in your hotel room? I don’t believe it! I am pretty sure you’ve been molested a few times and had your clothes ripped right off you. …at least that is what I was intending to do!" He called her adorable though, which was making her pout and flush just a bit. She was going for sexy, not adorable! -02:14 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: "Not putting this much effort into it anyway." he pulled on the outfit. "Where did you even get this? And why arn’t you trying. I really want to see that." she stood and started walking towards the door. "Let’s start again, this time with you awake, hmm?" -02:17 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: "I snuck it in with my luggage." He actually wanted to try again from the start. "It won’t be as good without the candles!" She was already bouncing back on the bed and getting ready to take her position. The whole point of this was to try and take him by surprise, now he was expecting a performance! Maddie swallowed her anxiousness about it, she really really wanted this! "Okay, go out and count to ten and walk back in again!" -02:22 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: "Sure thing Maddie." he said with a wink before he stepped out the door and it closed. "ONE!" he called out to let her know he’d started and then counted the rest of the way silentl. Two, three, four, five…. Maddie was cute and she actually cared for him , he was the one taking things slow? Why? He liked her, a lot. He was sure of that… maybe he was afraid of ruining things with her… ten… the door opened and Drake leaned against the door frame, arms crossed. -02:26 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: Maddie was sitting there on her knees in bed, cheeks a little more flush meaning she probably slapped herself a few times to wake up. Her hair fluffed up and smoothed out. In one hand she had a fancy looking feather duster ticking back and forth. "Welcome home, Mister Starr. Your bed has been turned down, would you like to be turned on?" She was struggling to keep a straight face with that line and her best suuuulty lips smile. The corner of her mouth was twitching. -02:30 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: She was obviously nearvous and he decided he wouldn’t point out that he was dead tired too nor would he make this hard for her. "Actually, Mediline." he said in his best faux english accent. "I think I would like some coffee first. You may serve it to me however you wish." there had to be coffee on the roon service cart, right?" -02:38 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: However she wished, huh? That wicked grin came out before she could hide it, but at least she managed to quell a giggle at his silly accent. Maddie slipped out of bed, as gracefully as she could. Took a wide arc, so she could pass by him and tickle under his chin with her feather duster, and then waltzed over to the service cart making sure to give that foxy french woman sway to her hips. "Coffee, tea, or a glass of champagne. Master Drake? The champagne is good with strawberries." Maddie planned well. The cart had a whole manner of things that’d keep well just in case he was late. And lent for fun playing. She held out a strawberry for him. -02:46 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: he grabbed her wrist and puled it just enough for it to twinge before biting off the strawberry leading the stalk in her hands. "Coffee, I need to staw awake." he said his eyes meeting hers as a grin spead across his lips. "Then champagne and strawberries." He drew a deep breath. "But first I want you to take my jacket, my shoulders are sore from work…" this wasn’t exactly true, he had showered before coming. -02:56 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: She was supposed to be the one doing the seducing, but dammit he was really sexy! It took some effort to stay in character. There might have even been a twitch of her nose giving away her struggle, a she turned towards the cart and tried to decide which came first; coffee or jacket. Maddie settled for pouring him a cup, just the way he liked it. Then moved back to him to push his jacket off his shoulders to take it from him. She made sure to give a great deal of gratuitous touching along the way. "Would you like me to rub your shoulders, Master Drake? Oooor anything else?" -03:02 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He eased himself into a chair and looked at her. "You’re meant to be feeding me coffee, but while it cools you are wemcome to help my shoulders. His skin was ringling where she had touched it and he was hoping she would sit in his lap. Would she? That would be bold for her… this was her show though and he was very curious to see how she would handle it. -03:06 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: Feed him the coffee? Oooh, she loved that idea! She also seemed to be debating her next move. She could stand behind him and rub his shoulders properly, but then he wasn’t going to get the full effect of her very low collar line. She could sit in his lap very daintily… or go sex goddess with it. Maddie chose sex goddess. Her feather duster came with her on her way to his chair. She straddled his lap and set her duster down on the side table. Maddie looked really pleased about her choice, to the point of trying to hold her grinning back by biting her lip. SHe rest her hands on his shoulders and squeezed gently. "Better?" -03:11 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He had been expecting the dainty laidy approach and to have her in his lap with her skirt open to him and…. that neck line. "I still don’t taste coffee." he teased as he put both ahnds on her waiste and forced his eyes up to her face. "But that’s okay because you’re meant to be giving my shoulders all your attention…" would she unbutton his shirt? would she…He squeezed her sides. She was going to be a naughty maid, either way… -03:17 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: "All of my attention might require more than just my hands." He was so, so sexy, and she couldn’t help but squirm on his lap when he squeezed her waist. Her head was screaming at her to just rip all his clothes, but she had a PLAN and was determined to stick with it! This was a seduction, not a molesting! Maddie rubbed his shoulders once or twice more, but then the opened the collar of his shirt wider. Unbuttoned one button so there was enough room for her to slip her hands under the fabric, and rubbed them again. And with that extra skin exposed, she leaned forward to brush a soft kiss against his neck. -03:22 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: She was squirmign and miving against his lap and he was more than aware what that was making happen downstairs. His hips twitched and he moved a hand to rub her lowr back. "What maid kisses thier master there?" he asked slipping back into his own voice in a soft tone. "I havn’t even had my coffee." -03:28 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: A giggle slipped out, but she managed to muffle it against his neck. When she sat up straight again, she had a very serious expression. "You’re right. You should have your coffee first." Maddie turned without getting off his lap, and reeeeaaaaached. It was a bit of a stretch but she managed to hook the cart with her finger and tug it closer. She picked up the coffee cup and made sure it wasn’t too hot. She was a little tempted to pour it down his shirt and pull the thing off him, but instead she held it gently to his lips. -03:32 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He drew the coffee into his mouth and smiled at her. "Thank you Madeline." he said with a smile as he moved his arms to the tam rests and kept them there. "Just the way I like it… is that french press, there’s a hint of almond too?" He eally shouldn’t be having coffee this late, he had work to do tomorrow… though this late in the tour people mostly had the routines down… -03:40 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: If he didn’t stop being so adorably casual, she was going to lose it and start giggling. She was already chewing on her lip again trying to not smirk. "I didn’t make it, Master Drake. I only serve it." she chided. And she giggled… and she spilled! Just a little bit, and maybe just a bit on purpose too. "I’m sorry! Let me get that for you." She set the cup aside and use her thumb to brush away the bit of coffee from his chin. Then she was leaning to lick the corner of his mouth. There was that wickedly pleased Maddie grin again. -03:45 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: His eyes slipped closed and he turned his head to press him lips into hers, parting them slightly to allow her tongue in… before he pulled away. "Now look what you made me do…" he said. "Such scandal…" he grinned and leaned forwards again to run his tongue across her lower lip. "How about a strawberry?" -03:50 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: A soft sound escaped her and she almost cracked. Her hands were already curled in to his shirt, tugging gently and she was all dizzy from holding her breath. Maddie pried her fingers opened, but only one hand, and reached to pluck a strawberry off the plate. She held it close to his mouth, her face still barely an inch from his. "You probably shouldn’t do that again…" At that point it wasn’t clear if she meant it in character, or because she’d molest him! -03:56 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He leaned back and tilted his head at her. She was really turned on by that and he was really tempted to do it again just to see what she would do. "Sorry, Madeline, I couldn’t help myself… we should finish that mug of coffee…" his hands were gripping the arm rests hard to keep himself fro lifting her and throwing her oneo the bed so her could see if there was underwear under the skirt or not. -04:00 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: Maddie wasn’t sure she could hold that cup of coffee without her hands shaking now! And when he leaned back, she tilted forward just a bit. That strawberry went in to her mouth instead. It was the only way she was gonna keep it busy long enough so she could seduce him properly! The hand clutching his shirt accidentally unbuttoned another of his buttons. She finally had sense enough to reach for the mug again, shifting slightly on his lap when he turned. "Are you sure you want to drink this? I bet I could keep you awake!" -04:07 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: "Are you… hitting on me?" he said in mock surprise as he looked at her and his eyes slid lower. The way the outfit shapped her cleavage was… he he gotten a good look af that before not counting the shower incident? He wasn’t sure. "Because I’d like you to… keep me awake." His hands moved back to her sides and his eyes settled on hers. "How do you plan to?" -04:12 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: By throwing his clothes off, dragging him to the floor and screwing him in about seventy different positions. But she had to play this cool. She was cool, sexy Maddie, and he was supposed to be the one wild with carnal desire! Thinking all of this was not helping her keep on her sultry face. She set the mug back down again, and smoothed her hands over his shoulders. Straighted his collar a bit. She leaned forward, her lips a hair’s breath from his ear and whispered. "I would give you a bath. With my tongue. Until there isn’t a bit of you that hasn’t gotten my full service." -04:19 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He moved his hand to take the mug from her and place it down on the floor next to the chair before straitening back up an dlooking at her. He didn’t say anthing as his hands started at her sides and moved up to squeeze her breasts and run back down, onof then sneaking under her skirt to rub her thigh. "Really… Maddie?" he asked softly grinning as his eyes moved up to hers. Then his hands were moving again and he gripped her watste. "Hold onto me." that was all the warnign she got before her was slipping off of the chair and, holding her against him setting her own on her beck of the floor before nipping a line down the line of her jaw, the side of her neck, and to her shoulder as his hands repeated the mothough of squeezing her boobs again and sliding back down to disappear under her skirt and squeeze ehr butt… time to test for panties. -04:26 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: She was squealing in her head and it was miracle she wasn’t doing it out loud too. He had gone from Madeline to Maddie and now his hands were roaming everywhere, making her squirm and coaxing out a giggle. She definitely wasn’t wearing any panties, and seemed to be proud of the fact by the way she grinned smugly up at him. Oooh, she couldn’t help it now. That shirt of his was coming OFF and she was quickly working the buttons loose. -04:32 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He helped get dir of the shirt before he looked down at her and flipped the skirt up to lie against her stomach, then he wes running her inner thigh as he lenaed down tot take the p top of her dress in his teeth and pull it down befire he nipped along the line of newly exposed skin. Then he was troking her hood with his finger and letting out a pleased sigh before moving away and taking her hand in his and palcing it on the clasp of his belt. "If you really want to have sex maddie, then I want you in that outfit while we do it.. but firt, in character… I want to know how you’re react to what I just did…" -04:37 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: In character! Maddie was barely able to think about herself when her whole body was aching and throbbing where he touched her. And there too. Maddie tugged hard on his belt, looking a bit frustrated about it not coming off and flustered with trying to use words when she just wanted to sink her teeth in to his bare shoulders..! "hum…! I think my character would be tearing your clothes off with a steak knife, and I am so so soooo about to do that myself…" Yep, she was already undoing his belt. And if he didn’t like it, well then he could just call the police on her! -04:47 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He leaned down to nip a line doen her throat as she bussied herself with his belt and he kicked off his shoes. "Wait…" he whispered before moving away and standinf, his pants being kicked off as he moved towards the room service cart. "Did you order a condom?" she had wanted to seduce him right? She’d have one… becuase he didn’t! Dammit he really didn’t want to have to order one and then wait. -04:50 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: Condoms, what? It was too late for that now! Maddie shook her head, and wasn’t apologetic about her lack of foresight either. Because she wasn’t thinking about condoms and consequences at the moment. Not when she had him undressed and had gotten this far! She snatched his arm to turn him back to her, then was grabbing his head to drag him down in a hard kiss. Her hands tangling in to his hair and her body pressing up against him. "Shut up and get in bed with me please. Or the floor, or the table, the wall, now..!" That came out in a hushed mutter before she crushed her mouth to his again. -04:58 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: "Mmmmmfff" that kiss… "I hope you’re on the pill…" he muttered before he pushed her down to the floor again and kissed her back, just as thouroughly, his hadn moving down and pulling his pulsing member from his boxers. Even his own hand holding it made him shiver, and he couldn’t not then move forwards and push the tip against her slit until it parted and he was in her, his hand moving to grip her thigh as his hips moved to meet hers. This was it, they were finally doing it… -05:04 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: Every bit of her clenched. From her toes curling, to her hands tightening in his hair to the point of her nails digging in to his scalp. She let out a soft cooing whimper against his mouth, barely being able to take in a breath before kissing him again. Thrusting her tongue in to his mouth with all that pent up energy she had been holding back. She mooooved and purr, wrapping her legs tightly around his waist. She had waited so long for this and imagined it a thousand times and it was still even better than that! -05:11 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He trust again, taking her tongue with his and letting out a keep groan. He had no idea why he had waited this long… now they were going to get to do this all the time. He thrust again, finding his gri[ and the traction he needed against the carpet to move faster and faster. He couldn’t help himself, Madeline that dress… he was desperate to feel it all with her, not havign had sex in a while factored in too and she was obviously loving it. -05:14 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: It felt so good it was almost most painful! And still she wanted more of him. Her hands stroked down the back of his neck. One down his shoulder and under his arm around wrap around him and hold him close. Maddie’s fingers would flex and grip against his shoulder blade, trying so hard not to dig her nails in to him, but doing so anyway every time she twist just the right way and groaned. Her other hand cupped his face, thumb stroking against his jaw as she kissed him feverishly. Nibbling and biting in to his bottom lip before her kiss turned softer and more tender. He had no idea how he made her feel! -05:23 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: He held her lower lip between his teeth gently before he pulled on it and trust at the same moment. "Meddie." he mumbled before he pushed his lips ahrd against hers, his rythm reaching a fever pitchm his hand positinging eher so he could trust in deeper. Her small touches drew him deeper under her spell as he tried to male it last. He wasnted her to come first after all. She was just… "Wonderful…" -05:32 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: Wonderful? She didn’t think he could have said anything better than that! Her whole body melted, and all of her tugging and clinging was replaced with pets and soft stroking. She captured his mouth in a long sweet kiss, nuzzling his cheek when she broke away to gasp for breath. "I love you, I love you…" Maddie couldn’t remember if she had said it before then, but sure as hell meant it now. She was hopelessly and completely in love and she wanted this forever. -05:38 Jun 14 Madeline
Drake: "I love you too." he whisppered ruturnign her kiss and agressivly invading her mouth with his tongue. "I love you too." he held her against him, his pounding growing more desperate. He was gone completely and he didn’t care. -05:43 Jun 14 Drake
Madeline: Loved her. Loved her and made her feel like she was in heaven. It couldn’t be lies because she could see it on his face as she caressed his cheek and took his mouth. She wanted to keep this all night, but her own limbs were working against her. Her hips rising to meet him and her thighs squeezing tight against his hips. "Hmm, Drake…!" She couldn’t hold on any longer! Her head fell back against the carpet as she gasped. Hands griping in to his shoulders and arms sliding around his neck to hold him to her. Maddie buried her face in to the crook of his neck as her body shook and clenched around him. -05:54 Jun 14 Madeline
[(Timeout) Madeline was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -06:28 Jun 14
Drake: He welf her go, like the tipping scales and for a moment that’s all he was aware of. The feeling of her around him and the looke of passionate bliss etched on her features. He didn’t even realize he had come too until he felt the post orgasm rush and he fell on top of her, his lips nuzzling against ehr cheek. "I’d say your plan worked…" he whispered before kissing the corner of her mouth. "Let’s do tht again… real soon." -06:28 Jun 14 Drake
[Madeline enters.] -06:29 Jun 14
Madeline: "All the time, forever." she murmured. Everything tingled and twinged. Her stayed around them, but it was clear they were about as useless as noodles. Maddie turned her head so she could kiss him again. Smiling ridiculously wide, and ridiculously infatuated. "I do love you." -06:34 Jun 14 Madeline

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