My Demon Roommate 014: Making a Demon God

[Jayden is going to try this shopping thing AGAIN, now that she’s rested and Cupio isn’t full of mocha.] -03:21 Sep 25
[Cupio if heading right back for the coffee stand, ready for another treat before getting down to shopping! And mayne revisiting that sex shop to look at human sex toys.] -03:23 Sep 25
Jayden: "No. No more mocha." Grabbing him by the shoulders, Jayden directed him -away- from the evil stuff and onwards down the street. "You can have it on the way home! That way, we don’t lose daylight and crazy sex Cupio can keep me up all night." -03:24 Sep 25
Cupio: "Fine but we’re also visiting that shop on the way back there were things in there I want a closer look at." he captured one of Jayden’s arms and held onto it tight. "You’re much more efective at putting me in the mood anyway. -03:27 Sep 25
Jayden: "And which mood is that? Adorable baby shopping mood, or carry Jayden off for instant sex mood? Cause at this rate, we’re never gonna get the stuff we need!" She was amused, anyway. Amused and… really thinking it was going to be hard to get everything done in just a few months! It’d be easy enough to delegate it to someone else, but what was the fun in that? -03:31 Sep 25
Cupio: "Both, I’m affected by your moods, by your smell. Did you know I can smell when you’re turned on, and when you’re angry, or afriad. You human really do put out more smells than you realize, like when you plsured yourself and I was in your living room. One of the best smells I’ve ever encountered is your skin after you’re had and orgasm, or your cum Jayden. Oh, is that a baby clothes shop?" he let go of her arm and dashed forwards clearly not having learned his lesson! -03:34 Sep 25
Jayden: Lame! He knew what she was doing before they hooked up? That’s kind of embarrassing! …well… Bah. He really knew how to talk things up, though. Jayden wondered if she could just go ahead and have sex all the time, and forget about everything else. She followed with her arms crossed and that scowl again. "I don’t think we’re going to be able to raise a kid if all we do is fucking. …not that I mind at all, but it might be weird for her." -03:38 Sep 25
Cupio: He tunred to walk backwards facing her. "That would be something." he said. "Tuck her in, while fucking, make her breakfast, while fucking, bathe her, while fucking, take her to school, while fucking. I don’t think you have the stamina though." he turned back and pressed his face against a shopfrone peering inside. "Oooh Jayden there’s….. things in here." He didn’t know what they were but they had wheels and pedals and looked fun. -03:43 Sep 25
Jayden: "Yeah, lets not do that. Well just keep it in our special sexy room." Jayden stopped next to him to peer in the window too. "Bicycles. …..I do too have stamina." Frowning again. There was a kid in her eating up all her energy, her usual stamina was way better than this! "She’ll be too small for these for a while though. We should be hunting clothes and plushies. A furniture we like." -03:48 Sep 25
Cupio: "Not for her…" Cupio said palcing back hands on the glass and staring. "What are they for? What do they do? Are they like cars?" he licked the glass window and used his siliva to clean the glass for a better view, adn it got rid of an annoying smudge that did not sit well with his OCD. -03:50 Sep 25
Jayden: Jayden smirked. This was sickenly cute. …and disturbingly sexy with all that licking! There were better ways to put that tongue to use. Grabbing his shoulders again, she turned him to face the street, waited a moment, then pointed when she caught someone riding by. "Works like that. Have you not been paying attention when you flounce around town?" -03:55 Sep 25
Cupio: "You’re very distracting…" he said ducking under Jayden’s arms and moving again a slight sway to his walk as he watched the cyclist and then looked at the next shop window. This one was boting just rows of computers and people using them, then he turned to Jayden and put his hands behind his back and legs crossed as his tail swished slowly. "Do you know what I like most about you Jayden?" he smiled sweetly, ot what was trying to ne sweet but came out naughtier. -04:01 Sep 25
Jayden: "Is it my clever wit and totally awesome sense of humor?" Sweet and naughty, that was her Mcboobs. They were seriously -never- going to get anything done when they were together! Maybe getting a computer and doing all their shopping from bed would be a more productive idea. "What is it, then?" -04:04 Sep 25
Cupio: "You care about me." he said simply. "You’d tear the guts out of anyone looking to hurt me, ot our daughter, and then fuck me in thier blood. You’re a lot like a demon Jay, but you’re also a lot like a human. If we were to get you a demon body that could take being fucked non stop week in and week out then we really would never get anything done." Stepping up to Jayden he hooped up to brush his lips against hers and then took her hand and started walking forwards. "But which shop are we looking for?" -04:13 Sep 25
Jayden: "The one with the crazy disturbing looking bears all over the front windows." Pulled along without resistance, Jayden was smiling again. Yeah, she didn’t regret saying she loved little Cupio Mcboobs. This was a good feeling. "What do you think we’ll cover her room with? Ducks? Frogs? Zombies?" -04:20 Sep 25
Cupio: "Demons?" he grinned back at her and slapped her leg with his tail, by accident or not it was impossible to tell. "We’ll see what looks good, I’d like something nice for her, better than the stone walls I had. OOOH purple, I like purple, I had purple everywhere when I came to rule my little section of hell, purple and gold." -04:23 Sep 25
Jayden: "Purple and gold are excellent colors for a little demon princess." Jayden tugged on his hand to pull him close, leaning to smell his hair before laughing to herself and kissing his temple. "Any colors would be good. We can paint every room of the house with different colors." -04:27 Sep 25
Cupio: That… that would clash horribly with Cupio’s sense of enviroment, but having Jayden pull him close and smelling and kissing was heaven and it was very easy to just close his eyes and sigh happily. "We’ll see, I’d be happy to live anywhere if you live there with me." -04:31 Sep 25
Jayden: "Uh huh… ‘we’ll see’ is Cupio-speak for ‘fuck that shit’." Grinning, she nuzzled against his head before she was throwing her arms around him from behind to hug and walk at the same time. "I promise, every room will be a perfectly amazing and well put together environment. Whether you want one nice and relaxing for snuggling, or one all fired up and stiiiimulating." Jayden made sure to purrrr that last word. Mcboobs wasn’t the only one who could be distractingly teasing. -04:37 Sep 25
Cupio: Arms around her it was hard not to clench with her purr. It was unfair! Jayden was a human, and humans seemed to be satisfied after sex but demons… always horny all the time and it made him giggle. "You don’t need a room to stimulate me." he said "But if we did put together you have no idea what that would tdo to me. It would be like the club, but more because it’s just ours." he had had one, and when he was in it when he wasn’t sexing he was masterdating. It had been like catnit… demon nip and the memory of it was doing things, making his all warm and not wanting to shop anymore. "We should talk about baby clothes." And sounding breathless! -04:43 Sep 25
Jayden: "I like when you’re a girl, Coop. It’s very easy to rile you up." She mumbled, kissing his ear and stiffling another laugh. She had never cared for girls before, but Cupio being adorable was apparently the exception to the rule. Jayden did pull away, though. At least one of them had to have some sort of self control! "Baby clothes, then! I want to see you and her in cute matching outfits. Little dresses with lace and stuff. That would be pretty cute." -04:50 Sep 25
Cupio: He was letting go of her and looking away towards the shop front, both hands swinging at his sides as he tried to think of anything but his own smell, and few smell. She smelled like a sexy Jayden adn he smelled like on hella turned on demon, a wet hella turned on demon. But there was a distraction. "YES! And we could take pictures, and don’t think you’re getting out of the latching outfits, even if you do were the guy versions of them." he turned to stick out his tongue at her and then turne back. "Creepy teddy bears 11 o clock!" -04:55 Sep 25
Jayden: "I’m sure as hell not wearing any frilly dresses… and I’m not dressing like a guy! …Unless it’s a nice suit. I do like suits." He was all bouncy again, and that was good! Jayden snatched his hand to drag him through the doors and in to the shop. Thankfully these sort of stores were the least sexy thing ever! All pastels and that baby powder smell. Jayden probably never felt more out of place. "Well this is going to be interesting." -05:00 Sep 25
Cupio: If Jayden elt out of place it was nothing compared to Cupio, sudenly plunged into a world of soft smells and delicate things he drew closer to Jayden and even wrapped his tail around her leg to that it didn’t break anything. "They’re so small." he said lookign at the selection of baby pajamas. "I don’t think I was ever that small…" -05:03 Sep 25
Jayden: "I don’t think she is going to grow as fast as a demon either. Doesn’t seem to be. She’ll be small like that for awhile." Weird… she was actually going to have one of those things. …But Cupio was being so cute! Resting an arm around his shoulders, she puuuussh him onwards to go snooping. He was going to be far more thrilled and entertained with this stuff than she was! "She’s happening though. So shopping it is!" -05:10 Sep 25
Cupio: Cupio was shoved away from the wamth and comfort of Jayden! And was now standing awkwardly in the middle of the shop eying all the little things and afraid to touch any of then since small things were delicate, and usually he had no problams with breaking things but this was thier daughter! -05:14 Sep 25
Jayden: "It’s too late to panic now." she whispered in his hear as she passed him by. The first thing she did was browse a shelf, then she plucked off a tiny little infants dress and promptly handed it over to him. Along with a squeakie bath duck and a plush giraffe. "This stuff is made to be thrown and dropped and chewed on. You’re not gonna hurt anything." -05:18 Sep 25
Cupio: Chewed on… that got his attention, he opened his mouth slowly and tilted his head, fangs clearly visible and he held up the giraffe. It didn’t smell very appitizing but… the investigation og the dress would have to wait until aftre the taste test of the giraffe! -05:20 Sep 25
Jayden: It was kind of like watching a slow motion train wreck. Jayden was laughing out loud and getting the attention of the whole shop before she quickly covered his mouth with her hand to stop him. "…how about we buy things -before- you shred them with your teeth?" -05:22 Sep 25
Cupio: He looked at her over her hand, then flicked his tongue against it and closed his mouth nodding. Then he held up the dress and tried to imagine a little Jayden in it. "What do babies mool like?" he said finally examining the distorted proportions of the garment. "I only know a little about demon babies since someone I knew had one and had it taken away but I’ve never seen one." -05:25 Sep 25
Jayden: "Like um… " Jayden moved away again, browsing a big shelf of books until she found one that had plenty of pictures. One of those lame coffee table books with baby photos in it. …sometimes Jayden was pretty sure she was better off a demon too, cause it was kind of ridiculous. She opened up the book and handed it to him. "Those are babies. Human babies, anyway. They’re kinda squishy." -05:32 Sep 25
Cupio: The book was almost dropped with the dress, a det of pajamas, tiny slippers, the giraffe, a plush cat, and it all in his arms. But the soind he made could inlu be describes as an ‘Awwwww’ "We’re having one of these… They’re squicky but Jayden will beat up any squichers, and I’ll get her a suit!" he grinned at her, Jayben in a sexy suit would look great. Then the book was put down and a plush dog added to the growing armful, and a plush dophin that actually kinda looked tasty. -05:37 Sep 25
Jayden: Better. Jayden knew once he got past the small and squishy hurdle he’d be all over everything. …and before there was a disaster, Jayden grabbed a shopping basket and was taking things out of his hands to put inside it. A basket full of adorable things. How the hell were they going to pull off being parents? Maybe he could, but… "Beating up people will probably be the one thing I’m good at." -05:41 Sep 25
Cupio: Arms free he was able to rifle through things and find a cute little outfit that he held up to try to imagin a little thinkg inside, then that was tossed into the basket along with a baby blanket. "You’ll make a great role model too Jay, and I know you’ll dote over her and spoile her just as much as I will. Now… thich of these do I give to Jento make in adult sizes for pictures?" he held up two outfits. "And I’ll need your measurments!" -05:46 Sep 25
Jayden: Jayden pointed to the one she liked, but then she was frowning. "I don’t have measurements, and I don’t do matching! It’s cute for you and a baby, but not for me. Pictures and me don’t get along." Ooo, the blanket was soft. Why did baby stuff always feel better than adult stuff? -05:52 Sep 25
Cupio: "If I wanterd to sneak a dress for you I’d change into you and get them that way. No I have something else in mind." he was grinning and thinking back to the sex shop. "Maybe I’ll do it that way anyway." he tossed her choice into the basket and looked around. "That’s about everything I like in here…." which was most things, good thing it was a small shop. -05:55 Sep 25
Jayden: She was going to have to give him a cash card and set him loose in the city. ….after she found them a house! Otherwise, Jayden was sure she would come home one day to find herself unable to even set foot in the apartment. She took a moment to brush her hand against his cheek and give him a soft kiss. "Good. Any more and the cashier would be stuck ringing us up for hours. I’ll pay for this…" -05:58 Sep 25
[Cupio enters.] -06:15 Sep 25
Cupio: There was a soft "hmm" with her kiss and he smiled. "Well that would give me time to go and get my present for you." he said grinning and reaching into his pocked to pull out a small wad of money, then bouncing up to Jayden and kissing her cheek. "I’ll be right back honey then we’ll go home and have all that sex we were talking about." without waiting for permition or giving Jayden time to veto the idea he was heading for the door! -06:18 Sep 25
Jayden: Now she was a honey, huh? And a present too. Jayden was smugly pleased that her day out did exactly what it was meant to do. Make him stop worrying so much about everything. She took the basket up to the cashier and went through the arduous process of ringing up and paying. An evening of sex and snuggles did sound like a nice way to wrap up the day. -06:23 Sep 25
[(Timeout) Cupio got too distracted for their own good…] -06:29 Sep 25
Cupio: The moment Cupio exited the shop he was being followed, and blissfully unaware he reached the sex shop and started pokign though the coursets, something to make Kayden feel like a sexy woman. One in the right size wasn’t hard to find either and no eyebrows were raised when he said it was for his ‘little girlfriend’. People who worked at these palces were the best! -06:29 Sep 25
Jayden: Thank god for huge bags. At least this stuff wasn’t heavy. Had Cupio gone nuts about furniture, it would have been a pain in the ass. Jayden took her sweet time too. So long as Mcboobs wasn’t off trying to sneak another mocha without her, then Jayden wasn’t all too concerned about being in a rush. …Except wondering what that present was. Knowing Cupio it could be something insane… -06:33 Sep 25
Cupio: Boxed up and bagged the courset was in his hand as he exited the shop. It was an understated paper bag whos was odd, it should have a picture of boobs, or a penis on it since it was from a sex shop. Still he was on his way back to Jayden with it a wearing a wicked grin today was great! -06:37 Sep 25

two of them came, a wall of flesh that parted before Cupio and then they each had an arm pripping his. Cupio hissed but almost instantly something was pressed into his shoulder and the world haded from his mind, everything going weak and tail, arms and legs going limp. Holy water, the undoing of any demonm and Cupio was loaded into a waiting van, the box “To Jayden <3" magic markered on the side abandoned on the sidewalk. -Cupio

Jayden: Distracted with several bags, when she stepped out of the shop, she was waiting on the sidewalk for a bit mumbling about maybe needing a car. When she glanced up and down the street, looking for an overly bubbly demon, she sure wasn’t thinking of vans speeding away. Only the absense of a female boyfriend. Figuring he probably did run off to get that mocha, she started down the sidewalk. Only pausing when she nearly tripped over a box. With her name on it too! A narrow eyed stare glanced up and down the street again. A Cupio trap? Pickup the box and get sexed in the street? Jayden warily stooped to pick it up, and ready to dodge if he jumped out. Nothing! …now she was -really- suspicious! -07:10 Sep 25
Cupio: The van was dark and Cupio was so weak he couldn’t even list his own arms. What he did know what his clothes were beign cut away and blood was ben painted on him, the smell sugested a mix of human and demon. He tried to move but was pushed back down and groaned, feeling symbols being drawn on him. "Enough, we’ll do the rest on the altar, this one is powerful adn will make a suitable god." -07:15 Sep 25
Jayden: Jayden was clearly someone who did not like surprises. Maybe it was just because she had a really eerie feeling. One that kinda made her feel quesy and twinging in her stomach. When there was no Mcboobs at the mocha stand, Jayden went straight home. Depositing bags on the sofa and scowling at the empty apartment. He wasn’t there either, and that feeling was strong enough to make her nauseous. Jayden scowled and patted her tummy. "No, I don’t like it either.. can’t do anything about it if I feel sick though." she muttered. Of course she was just talking to herself and the speck that couldn’t hear her, but it made HER feel better. …almost. -07:21 Sep 25
Cupio: The van stopped and the demon was dragged out and pulled into an abandoned appartment building, he couldn’t tell hos far he was carried before he was laid upon a ston smad in the center of a room, and as soon as he was he could feel the room, the enviroment, everything about it was focused roght above the slab, right into the space he occupied. "No…" he sobbed "Shhhh." the room was full of people, all of then whispering. He could hear evey whisped, feel every symbol, the smeel of blood. Blood, delicious blood. He was surrounded by food, food and souls reaby for the taking. He lifted his hand and licked some of the blood painted on it. Definatly some demon in there, so intoxicating! -07:32 Sep 25
Jayden: With arms crossed, standing in the middle of the apartment with a dark expression, she waited all of fifteen minutes before that feeling was too much to bare. Something was wrong, and she didn’t care how she knew it was wrong, she just wanted to fix it. And Jayden’s brand of fixing things was going to involve violence. In fact, Jayden made sure she had her new little pistol and a jacket before she stepped out the apartment door. She wasn’t concerned how she would find him. Cupio had a way of drawing attention to himself, all she had to do was look for signs of chaos! -07:38 Sep 25
Cupio: Blood, blood, blood, eveywhere. Cupio could practically sing. It was on the walls, it was on the floor where he lay soaking in it among the bodies of this who were not fast enough. The police had known about htis little cult for a while and now were forsed to act. Shots had been fired but those were boring details. There were still some cultists alice, this who had been smart enough to try promise serviture for thier lives but they were boring nad hed been told to keep the cops busy. Cupio was perfectly happy in his pool of blood abscently laping it up off the floor. Every inch of his skin and hair covered in a thick layer of it. -07:44 Sep 25
Jayden: At least Jayden found solace in the fact that Cupio was predictable! Where there was trouble, there was him. The moment she heard sirens she followed, and the moment she heard gunshots she was almost freaking out. What she -wasn’t- expecting was to run around a corner and find crazyass cultists waging some sort of hell battle with cops. But she knew this was the right place because… well… she could smell him! What THAT meant, she didn’t think on. Jayden took the long way around, completely circumventing the chaos to find another way in to the building. She was going to grab her too-pretty boyfriend, yell at him for three days, and probably ban him from ever leaving home again! -07:53 Sep 25
Cupio: Covered in blood and with all the hearts of the dead eaten out he was back on his altar, abscently licking at the blood on his arm. There was so much of it. He threay his head back and laughed in pure dilight. Maybe he should go and see how the battle was going, maybe enslave a few police officers. That sounded like a good idea so he hopped off of the altar and stepped over the bodies towards the gunfire. "Blood…. blood dripping … mmmmm." there was someone in the ahllway, someone…. "DEAD!" his tail whipped around the corner and wrapped arounf the cop’s throat choking them befrore the barb shot though thier eye into thier brain, then Cupio peeked around the corner to watch them fall. Then he freed his tail and sat on the body and sloly started licking the blood and brain from his tail. -08:04 Sep 25
Jayden: Holy shit, there was goddamned blood everywhere. The sickening part was that it kinda smelled both really appetizing but really sickening all at the same time. Jayden blamed the kid. She had that gun out and ready to start shooting, fully expecting stabby cultists or summoned demons running loose. What she wasn’t expecting to see was a tiny little Mcboobs Cupio, covered head to toe in blood and chewing… on what she hoped wasn’t human body parts! "Cupio…! What the bloody fuck!" -08:09 Sep 25
Cupio: There was a hiss and the demon turned to the new threat, the desecrated body abandoned in favor of a new snack. He leaped adn caught hold of the wall and climbed it, claws tallons and winfs all doing thier part to get him to th ceiling nad crawl along it towards Jayden. But this himan didn’t smell like good… no.. her scent shut down the need for blood and to consume and instead started and itch between his legs. She smelled like sex. -08:13 Sep 25
Jayden: Okay… That was actually seriously creepy. Like, horror movie creepy. Jayden kept standing there, though. Lowering the gun and scowling at him. "Cupio. We need to go home. There’s a mess outside and if you get caught in here like this it’s not going to be pretty." -08:16 Sep 25
Cupio: "Stop talking." this human’s first command. Right before the full wieght of this demon fell onto her with as much force as it could generate in a single leap, then his tongue was running up her cheek as his claws tore open her top. -08:19 Sep 25
Jayden: Jayden hit the floor with a shriek and was too surprised to shove him off her! She did, however, raise up on her elbows and grip his shoulder with a scowl. "What did I say, Coop? We’re not screwing around in here! There’s dead people everywhere and if the cops catch a demon covered in blood, the shit’s gonna hit the fan!" -08:25 Sep 25
Cupio: Strength, every demon hat it and he pused it to pushe down her shoulders and then srcape his fangs down her throat. "You are mine." a possesion, a fuck toy. And to prove that he ran his tongue up between her breasts before ripping her top open further and running his claws hard over her breast. "I’m going to fuck you my little pet. Right here, in all this blood." -08:30 Sep 25
Jayden: "Have you lost your goddamned mind?!" Something here definitely wasn’t right! He didn’t even sound like her normal perky Mcboobs. He was all… demon succubus crazy woman. If she wasn’t concerned about the potential of trouble, it might have been really, really hot… This time Jayden did slap a hand away and shove at him. "No. Are you listening? No sex here. You want to sex, we can do tons of sex. But my kid’s daddy isn’t getting carted off by cops or cultists if I can help it. We’re going home." -08:35 Sep 25
Cupio: He struck her back then tore at her pants rilling the front clean out of the crotch. "I’m going to fuck you." he repeated. "Don’t ever say no to me." he punned heer hands to the floor with his and hel her down beofre his tail came up and ran against his slit bringing forth a soft sounf from his throat, then it snaked down to her to rub against them both, -08:39 Sep 25
Jayden: "You crazy jackass…!" Nobody freaking hit her, not even Cupio in the middle of hot sex! Jayden struggled and hissed and… oh, sweet hell. That felt really, really good and… Damnit! This was serious, what the hell was wrong with him? "I SAID NO, I’M SAYING NO, AND YOU’RE GOING TO GET THE FUCK OFF ME AND TAKE ME HOME IF YOU WANT A FUCK OR I’M GOING TO BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU AND DRAG YOU BACK BY YOUR GODDAMNED TAIL." And she had to scream it, because if she didn’t she was going to cave like an oversexed bimbo! -08:46 Sep 25
Cupio: He pushed his lips into hers and pushed his tail into her , it’s length rubbing against him and the tip wriggling inside her. There was no more talking, this wasn’t a distussion, he’d rape her if her needed to. Her scent, her feel, it drove him wild. She was his and he wasn’t going to let her prevent that. It was sex, right now, right here. Fuck the danger, in fact that made it more exciting. "Cum for me pet. Then I’ll take you to our safe place." -08:50 Sep 25
Jayden: Jayden could kill herself for enjoy this, especially when timing was so important! The worst time -ever- for sex! "You can take me there now, damnit!" Jayden was still trying to wretch her hands free and pull her legs closed. This was not good for her adorable little image of Mcboobs! -08:56 Sep 25
Cupio: He moved down to bite her breast and run his tongue across it as his tail continued to service them both. "You’re enjoying this." he whispered. "I can feel it, I can smell it. Why do you fight me pet?" he kissed her nipple nad sucked it into his mouth before releasing one of her hands to grab her other breast. "You are my chosen." -09:01 Sep 25
Jayden: There was no hiding that hiss of breath she let out through clenched teeth. What could she say? Cupio knew how to hit her buttons, and it was pretty obvious she was a freak. …but there was still a time and place! Jayden took the opportunity to grab his hair and jerk his head back. "I’m your chosen, but I’m not your pet. I would love to fuck you from dusk till dawn in every way imaginable, but we can do it at home where you’re safe." Most of that the had to growl out through her teeth between squirming. He was driving her nuts! -09:06 Sep 25
Cupio: He sucked in a breath and tel out a moan. "Pull it more…" he practically cooed the words as he pet go of her other arm that was then pinned in place by a wing so he had both hands free to knead and pull in her breasts. "Hurt me. Pull it out." -09:09 Sep 25
Jayden: What?! No! She wasn’t trying to be sexy! Jayden growled louder, losening her grip only to pull his head down and give him a hard kiss. "Cupio, I love you. But you’re scaring the shit out of me and I’m not gonna have any part in crazy bullshit!" He liked the fight. So she had to do the hardest thing ever. Jayden dropped her arms and forced herself to go limp. No participation, no fucking back, no nothing! She might not have the physical strength to tussel with him, but she could definitely take all the fun out of it. -09:15 Sep 25
Cupio: Like a mouse playing dead to a cat it only changes the rules, not end the game. He pulled his tail out and moved down to lick her lipsturning around to rest his body on top of hers. This helf her hands competely free bu it was his slimy tongue dipping into her nad his fingers rubbing her lips and clit as he had his tail all to himself, the tip pushing into him and making his knees either side of her squeeze her. -09:18 Sep 25
Jayden: Jayden’s fist hit the ground, because if it didn’t it was going to hit him and for all her threatening, she was still having a hard time wanting to hit Mcboobs! Staying limp now was even harder. A flick of his tongue, wet and eerily cool made her tense for a moment, but she willed herself to relax again… thing of something that -wasn’t- sexy! Old people! Kittens! Dead babies! …that one was actually kind of sad, and Jayden was giving a very strange mix of pleased but sad whimper! -09:23 Sep 25
Cupio: Fingers dipped inside her as he raised hsi head to moan. "You have no idea how you taste to me, I want to taste it all, cum for me I’ll share it with you. The flaster you cum the faster I take you away." it was all one string of words loaded with need and mounting desire, then his tongue rejoined his fingers but the fingers remained, she really did taste like hevem, and hell and all things in between. -09:26 Sep 25
Jayden: Fuuuck, he had no idea how hard it was to take and not touch. To not move or wrap herself around him, or shove his ass to the floor and screw the demon out of him. Her teeth dug in to her lip for a moment, until she could taste her own blood. Then Jayden was giving another frustrated growl! "Hrrmmragh! OKAY…! Tell me what happened here and you can have me, christ!" -09:31 Sep 25
Cupio: He grinned and turned back around to push his lips into hers and push his tail back into her. "They changed me pet. Though out the side I was before I came here." there was an evil chuckle. As he nipped her throat his tail working furiously on both of them. "I love the way you smell, you feel. I’ll tell you all if you cum, your sweetness I need it. Cum and I’ll show you everything s you can pleadge yourself to me. I…" he gasped as his own feelings mounted and he stated clawing at her chest. "You, me and our sire will rule this world I will give you anything you’ve ever dreamed of." -09:39 Sep 25
Jayden: Putting the pieces together while he was setting her blood on fire was was near impossible. For a moment Jayden very nearly almost gave in. Her head tilting back and forth as she struggled to keep it under control. She finally grabbed at his hands, tugging him down hard until she could throw her arms around him. Hugging him tight and burying her face in to his neck. "I don’t want the world, I just want you." She muttered against his skin, almost in a pained hiss. He was getting what he wanted, just this one thing! Her arms tightened around him and her hands dug in to his hair when she toppled with a whimpered cry. -09:45 Sep 25
Cupio: Sweet, so sweet and delectable. There was a slow purposful moan as the end of which he sheddered against her then slid up against her to bite and pull on her lip. "Follow." he sparng up his tail going to his mouth to suck her from him as he went through the door into the altar room. -09:52 Sep 25
Jayden: Fucking hell. Dating a demon was rough. Jayden rolled, cursing all sorts of things under her breath as she snatched up the shredded bits of her clothes and finally just gave up! She just ended up snatching the blood covered jacket off a dead cultist and pulling it on. Almost stumbling as she followed through the doorway. Her body was shot! "Cupio, you got your sex. We need to go home. I’m not hearing the guns anymore." -09:57 Sep 25
Cupio: He was stepping over the dead and then sitting on the altar. "This is where they did it. They used holy water to weaken me, then plainted me in blood and said thier words. Now…" he tood a long lick of blood from his arm. "I can’t get enough. You are not my high priestess, this is my church, you are home." -10:00 Sep 25
Jayden: Jayden cast a cool look around. Maybe cool wasn’t the right word… it was good that all the cultists in the room were already dead. There were symbols everywhere and it wasn’t hard to get the jist of things. They were either trying to summon something or bind him. A god or a warrior or some other insane cultist bullshit. Whatever it was, HER Cupio was bow a blood thirsty maniac! "…I see." …what the fuck was she going to do about this?! "…but this isn’t OUR home. This place is a trashed mess filled with assholes. If you want to make a church, Cupio. OUR home is a better start. In my bed where we belong." -10:03 Sep 25
Cupio: He gestured her closer. "Come on pet, these men failed to devote themselves to me fast enough, that is why I ended thier pathetic lives. You don’t want to make their mistake do you? Now when you so obviously enjoy my attention." there were several loud bangs and a scream close by but Cupio dismossed the sound. If they came, they would die. -10:07 Sep 25
Jayden: "I’m not your pet, Cupio. I am your girlfriend and the mother of your kid. If you want me, it’s not going to be in some shitty abandoned building with hordes of cracked out minions." She was speaking calm, but she really wasn’t calm at all. Jayden was freaking out! She was ready to drop, she was starving, the blood was driving her nuts for totally contradictory reasons and any second a swat team was going to come piling in there and probably kill both of them! "Coop, I can’t do this! I want to go home, with you and not be afraid you’re gonna get taken away from me or that my kid is gonna die before it’s even born! I want to GO. And I’m not going without you." -10:11 Sep 25
Cupio: He stood and stepped up to her and placed an ear to her chest. "Be calm, nothing can hurt you as long as I am here, you are always safe with me. The door bust open and in an instant he was standing apart from her the unshots lighing up the room, but none of the touched jaybed and with a shake the bullets fell from his wings. "Interlopers…" he hissed before looking back at at Jayden. Killing them would put her in danger. -10:18 Sep 25
Jayden: Jayden pressed her hand to her forehead. The gunfire had actually made her cringe, and unlike taking on a couple mobsters at a club, this was so far out of her league… she was almost to the point of tears, and she never fucking cried! She could fix it! There was that fancy ass knife of his! That had to do something useful, right? "Take me home. Before THEY decide to use more than guns. Baby Mcjaycoop isn’t happy and neither am I!" -10:30 Sep 25
Cupio: He was on her and picking her up before heading out the large window on the far wall. "Nothing will ever happen to you my pet, my love." he soared over the roofs and landed on the fire escape on the side of her building before collapsing against the wall. "Safe." he said before throwing his arms around her and nuzzling into her chest. -10:37 Sep 25
Jayden: Jayden held he breath the entire time, until they were back on solid ground and she was curling her arms around him and resting her chin against his head. "Not safe, not yet." Jayden muttered, running her hands over his hair for a moment. "We’ll go inside and get your new knife. Afterwards I’ll know what to do about the police, then you and I can be alone." -10:44 Sep 25
Cupio: "My knife…" there was a dark chuckle and he slipped from her hands and pried open the window and climb into the bedroom and moving towards it’s hiding place to draw it out. "High priestess.. you know what this knife is. Why do you want it." his tone was suddenly suspicious. "I would trust you with my baby but with my knife that could do so much against me. What do you plan to do?" -10:48 Sep 25
Jayden: Jayden near fell in to the room. This was tiring. Between baby, and him, and guns and sex… she was fucking tired! Jayden didn’t pounce on the knife, he was too edgy and she was too frustrated to put up a fight. She just pulled off that bloody jacket she wore and tossed it to the floor, then wandered towards the bathroom to fetch a towel for all the blood. "I plan to make sure my Cupio has everything he really, honestly wants. And I need that thing to do it." -10:51 Sep 25
Cupio: He followed her into the bathroom. "ANd I can trust you? You swear you’ll never do anything against me or my wishes? I want to trust you. You are my favorite and I really don’t know what I would do without you. Other than burn it all, useless creatures." -10:55 Sep 25
Jayden: "Cupio, I love you and you are my world. I would kill everyone on this planet to keep you safe, and if you wanted me dead too, that is what I would give you. But I will need your knife to give you what you need." Jayden was so tense that it was starting to make her head hurt. She ran some water in the faucet to soak her towel then was scrubbing blood from her face. -11:00 Sep 25
Cupio: He took her hand and placed it on the handle of the knife. "Ever betray me and baby or not I will suck your soul out of the gaping wounds I leave in your body." he said gripping the handle with her. "Only to my hight priestes would I give the honor of holding this." He let go. "Now about that alone time…" -11:02 Sep 25
Jayden: "I love you. You can trust me." The moment her fingers were wrapped around it… it was like tapping in to something she never knew she had in her. Of course she believed it was her child that helped. Showing her how to tap in to what she needed. And all of it seemed to happen in a split second. Without another word she thrust it foreward right in to his gut. She would have HER Cupio back, by any means necessary…! -11:09 Sep 25
[Cupio has never felt more betrayed in his entire existance.] -03:26 Sep 26
[Jayden hopes she was right, otherwise she’s pretty dead!] -03:27 Sep 26
Cupio: Pain, so much pain! He cried out even as the sensation made him tighten in all the right placed. He lokked at her, anger and betrayal in his eyes. "YOU BITCH! I’ll cut my baby out of you and carry it myself!" claws were raised and he was ready to strike, the knife in his stomach humming, waiting to know what to sever, physically, emotionally, metaphorically. -03:32 Sep 26
Jayden: "That’s not what you want, Cupio!" How did she even know what she was doing! This felt instinctual! Jayden knew exactly what to zero in on. The power binding spell that seemed to have every other part of him locked away save for blood thirst and power craving. It was that she focused on when she ripped the knife free to make the cut! -03:38 Sep 26
Cupio: Tears welled up, tears of pain, tears of anger, tears of sadness. The next sound that came from him was a whimper and he fell to his knees colliding with Jayden’s legs and sank to the floor clutching his stomach. The wound would be a mortal danger to a human, but on Cupio it was already closing, the blood only adding to that already there, his eye were closed not in pain, but in tears. -03:42 Sep 26
Jayden: Jayden sank to the floor too, setting the knife down on the tile before reaching out to pull him to her and wrap her arms around him. She ran her fingers through his hair and mumbled softly. "Say you’re better now, Coop. I don’t know if I can do that again." -03:47 Sep 26
Cupio: His arms reached around her and cling to her. "What happened." he mumbled pressing his face against her shoulder. "I don’t want to go back to that Jayden, I.." he moved closer to her his hands and arms gripping her tightly. "I don’t want to go back to how I was in hell. Earth is different, it changes us. I don’t want to go back." he was scared, he had wanted to kill Jayden and now, that seemed like what he wanted to do the least." -03:51 Sep 26
Jayden: "Cultists happened. Can I really not leave my little pretty alone for ten minutes?" She was making light of it, but Jayden was so relieved she was almost shaking. Not once in her life had she ever been so afraid of something! She buried her face in his hair. "I told you that you were my world Cupio." -03:55 Sep 26
Cupio: Melting into her embrace he clung to her, then moved to kiss her softly. "Thank you Jay." he whispered. "Your present…" it seemed trivial now but he needed something else to focus on. -04:01 Sep 26
Jayden: "In the other room scattered with crazy adorable babythings. We can worry about it in a minute." First, she was going to make sure he was actually healing. She did stab him, after all. Brushing a hand against his cheek, she moved him back just far enough to run her hand down his side. "Hmm, we should get rid of all this blood too. As hot as you are in red, you’ll feel better clean." -04:10 Sep 26
Cupio: There were parts cleaning themselves of blood, his eyes and he looked away. "I killed a lot of people today." he said it as if he were surprised more than regretful. "For no reason… Jay…" he slowly moved to stand as the mast of his skin knitted itself together. "Stay with me in the shower?" he wanted her there, didn’t want her to be more than a few inches away from her. -04:14 Sep 26
Jayden: "I’m sure as hell not letting you out of my sight for awhile." Despite being worn, Jayden was up with him. Guiding him to the shower and reaching to flip the water. Nice and scalding hot, just a step shy from being too hot for herself. Then she was pushing him in and stepping in too. -04:19 Sep 26
Cupio: He held onto her more for confort than stability. Just when the water hit him he sighed with the warmth and leaned back welcoming it and shaking himself. There was another sigh as he started working it into his hair with one ahnd, holding onto Jayden’s shoulder with the other. -04:29 Sep 26
Jayden: She was teetering on her feet, which left her leaning against the wall. Jayden reached out for the soap and in a few moments had a nice lather going. Her hands brushed gently over his skin, washing away any bloody spots he missed, and only ever so slightly because she wanted to make sure he was completely unharmed by those assholes. -04:34 Sep 26
Cupio: There was a soft ‘mmmmm’ sound as she started to wash him and he stilled, leaned forwards to give her better access. And hten moved up to her and was placing his hands on her stomach. "I never wanted you to see me like that." -04:38 Sep 26
Jayden: Jayden didn’t stop her washing of him, she just frowned a bit. "It was bound to happen sometime or another. I was just hoping it’d be rage murdering our kid’s first boyfriend or something." -04:40 Sep 26
Cupio: He wanted to touch her, feel her, make sure it was over but he was shaking and half wanting to hide from her. "Maybe she’d be better of with girlfriends." it was a half joke. "I know I love mine." -04:43 Sep 26
Jayden: "If she is anything like you and me, I’ll have to hide her for a thousand years." Jayden slid her arms around him to draw him close, and then she was burying her face in his hair. She didn’t think it would be this hard pretending to be fine and calm, when she wanted to go raise hell and wipe every cultist off the planet. Or drag him to bed and never leave it. -04:50 Sep 26
Cupio: He pressed his face against her shoulder and cling to her, finally letting the tears flow and his shoulders shake. "I want her to have a better life than me, I want her to be happy, adn safe, and to never be raped, ot bound, and for her to find a love as sweet as my Jayden. I want her to be loved and happy and secure and not have to deal with…" what followed was a sob and his jumping up to cling to her with arms and legs and burry his face where her neck and shoulders met. -05:00 Sep 26
Jayden: Oomph..! That was just one step far than than her body could take! Her back hit the wall and Jayden slid to the shower floor, cradling a sobbing demon on her lap. Petting his hair and rubbing his back. Ever so often brushing a kiss against his temple or cheek or mouth. "I know baby. She won’t have to be afraid of anything, I’ll make sure. You won’t have to either. I’m always going to take care of you Coop…" -05:10 Sep 26
Cupio: He took her head in both hands and kissed her hard. "I’m never afraid when you’re here Jay." he said softly and then moved off of her to curl up at the bottm of the shower with his head in her lap. "I’ll protect you too, any way I can, nothing will harm you ever again." -05:14 Sep 26
Jayden: Jayden grinned, resting her hands on his head and stroking his skin with her thumbs. "Big promises for a tiny little wench. Maybe I’ll just keep you tied up in bed where I can keep an eye on you." -05:27 Sep 26
Cupio: "Bed, that reminds me of your present." he said lifting his head and sitting up to rub more of the blood of of himself then, standing to turn off the water. The changing form he gripped Jayden’s shoulders and lifted her off of the floor to brace her against his sholder and grab a towel. "I’ll show you in the bedroom." -05:30 Sep 26
Jayden: "At least I know it’s not another mocha meltdown." she was smirking. Jayden was pretty curious about the present, but she was also missing the nice heat of the shower and would definitely kill for something to chew on. And now he wasn’t a tiny and fragile Mcboobs anymore. Which was all the permission she needed to wilt against him. -05:38 Sep 26
Cupio: He turned off the water and started drying her as he carried her into the bedroom. When she was mostly dry he sat her on the bad and started drying her front, then he stopped to look into her face and smile. Smile still in place he wrated drying her hair and then leaned forwards to kiss her forehead. "Thank you for coming for me Jay. And for being here. That’s what I would be like if I had never met you." The he was taking her to the head of the bed and pulling the blanket over her. "I’ll be right back." -05:42 Sep 26
Jayden: Jayden didn’t realize just how mentally and physically exhausted she was until her head hit the pillow. Even sex didn’t wind her down so bad. And worse, she was pulling a total Mcboobs and wanted to grab on to him and cling before he left the room. Jayden resisted that impulse though, and just threw her arm over her face. He had crazy demon issues to deal with, she couldn’t fall apart the first time he went manic. -05:50 Sep 26
Cupio: He dried homself and left the room entering the living room adn quickly finding th emound of shopping. Then it was a simple case of returning to the bedroom and sliding in next to her. "Jayden I know I’ve been changing forms a lot on you lately, and I can’t really help if, you make me feel secure no matter what I look like and like how I did when I was a child. But you are and the woman in this relationship, and you are drop dead sexy in a lot of ways, so to reling you that I an your boy friend I picked this out for you." he placed the box in her lap and then put his arm around her. "I love you Jay, and that’s never going to change." -05:55 Sep 26
Jayden: "I didn’t think I was complaining about you changing forms on me…" She didn’t know why the hell she was embarrassed. Because sometimes he hit the right button at the right moment, when she didn’t have the energy to put up a front? Before tackling the box, she was wrapping her arms around him to hug him. That pungeant smell of blood was gone now, replaced by just him and that was so much more comforting than he realized. She finally pulled away and was carefully opening the box. -06:06 Sep 26
[Cupio enters.] -06:09 Sep 26
Cupio: He nuzzled her hair briefly as the box came open and a red sating an leather courset was revealed. It was exactly Jayden’s size, just as he has threatened. "To the most sexy woman in my life, something to wear when you’re feeling as sexy as you look." he whispered into her ear. -06:14 Sep 26
Jayden: This wasn’t what she was expecting! Jayden was expecting some crazy, kinky maybe. Or worse, something frilly and lacy since he was threatening to dress her up all matchy-matchy for pictures. This was a much more fun surprise. Her fingers brushed over the satin and then she was tilting her head to brush a kiss over his mouth. "You realize, this is now what I’m going to be wearing with my mobster suit instead of that cleancut white shirt…" She cast him a wicked grin. -06:21 Sep 26
[(Timeout) Cupio doesn’t post enough.] -06:27 Sep 26
Cupio: "You do want to ever get out the door without being pounced on and fucked don’t you?" he asked putting both arms around her and smiling and nuzzling into her hair. "I just want my Jay to feel girly and loved. And for ehr to have something tight to wear as I fuck her brains out. -06:27 Sep 26
Jayden: "I don’t think feeling well loved is something I lack." She had been spending too much time with Mcboobs! Now all she wanted to do was snuggle him and grin, and chirp happily in that completely oboxious way! Jayden just opted for sliding her arms around him again and burying her face against his skin so all she got was the sound of his heartbeat and the smell of his skin. "You can fuck me in to a coma as long as you’re here." -06:35 Sep 26
[Cupio enters.] -06:47 Sep 26
Cupio: He rubbed her back masaging along the lines of muscle and smiled down at her. "We’re going on a date tomorow, and I’ll be like this in my favorite leather jacket and boots. A nice lunch and a look at baby furniture, then house hunting. The fucking into a coma thing can wait until the evening." -06:51 Sep 26
Jayden: "You know, I don’t think we’ve ever been on a date either." she mumbled. There was always a whole lot of sex and a little bit of going out… but dates were not something they did. In fact, Jayden was having a hard time trying to remember going out on a date ever. Jayden leaned back with a slight frown. "Cupio, I have never been on a date." -06:58 Sep 26
[(Timeout) Cupio got too distracted for their own good…] -07:05 Sep 26
Cupio: He furrowed his brow. "Never? I thought that was something humans did… Then I guess we’re both going on our first dates together." He brushed his thumb against her lip. "Since demons don’t date. I just hop I can get through an entire day without sexing you up. Or we can at least find someplace private. -07:05 Sep 26
Jayden: Jayden grinned wide. "I got drunk and had a lot of sex. Lived more like a demon than a human I guess." Jayden caressed his cheek before she was digging her hand in to his hair and pulling him down for a soft kiss. "We’ll do a date our way. All the cheesy date stuff, with sex snuck in between." -07:10 Sep 26
Cupio: Only today had she seen how demons truly lived in hell. And she still acted like she lived like a demon. That was kind of a dorable when she was trying to be flat out sexy and he had to spress his urge to make an awwing sound. "Sex all dat and date all day it is." he said kissing her back. "I’ll be carrying you at the end of the date if I have to be." he glided a hand down the side of her neck and nipped her lip. "You know I miss having a dick when you’re around and holding me." -07:15 Sep 26
Jayden: "I didn’t realize how much I missed being held, myself." she muttered, looking almost embarrassed by it. She had gotten so used to coddling and cuddling a tiny Mcboobs, having him hold her now was a pretty big reminder of how much she liked it better that way. And how much she liked touchy him and thinking about all the dirty things she could do to him. -07:24 Sep 26
Cupio: "I missed this too." he admitted. "If you ever want me to change you can ask you know." he said rubbing the back of her neck. "No matter what I look like, or what parts I have I’d do anything for you Jay. Yes, even stick around for decades and raise a baby with you, staying in one form instead of running of to fuck and kill my way into the history books. I choose you over the world." -07:34 Sep 26

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